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Disclose Act, June 24, 2010, Nancy Pelosi will schedule a vote, Pro gun organizations, Harry Reid, NRA exempt

Disclose Act, June 24, 2010, Nancy Pelosi will schedule a vote

I just received this from Dudley Brown of the National Association for Gun Rights.

“Reports are that Nancy Pelosi will schedule a vote tomorrow (Thursday, June 24) on the DISCLOSE Act, so you must act now to protect your gun rights.

Disclose would silence almost every pro-gun organization in America… Except the NRA.  In fact, the DISCLOSE Act was dead in the water until the NRA cut a deal to exempt itself (and a few big liberal groups like AARP and probably MoveOn.org) last week.

Please contact your Congressman right away and again Thursday at (202) 224-3121 or by email.

The goal of this draconian legislation is to make pro-freedom groups – like the National Association for Gun Rights – shut their mouths.   And without politicians who are held accountable, there’s almost no way to defend our gun rights.

As of early last week, this bill had a dicey future, but Pelosi, Reid and Schumer agreed to exempt the NRA (who is no longer opposing this bill because of their special deal).  That backroom deal made the bill much more likely to pass (which is, of course, why Dem leadership exempted the NRA).

In fact, Capitol insiders say Harry Reid may be the driving force for this exemption. Reid is in a very tough re-election race in Nevada, but the NRA has all but endorsed him (see the latest NRA magazine, with many flattering pictures of Reid).  If he’s held accountable for his bad votes on the gun issue, he will almost certainly lose – which is why he’d like to silence all of the pro-gun groups except the one that’s supporting him.   But that’s another story for another time.

You must act today to defeat this fiasco.

Your actions have stalled this bill, and made Democrat leadership delay the vote (in an attempt to avoid the maelstrom of conservative activists who have loudly voiced their opposition to this bill).

But now they’re emboldened by the calm in the storm.

We can’t let that happen.

You must call your Member of Congress today.

Yes, the NRA’s sell-out on this issue is epic.  But it seems they’re going to defend their deal until the bitter end.   It should not be forgotten, but we must put the heat on members of Congress.

Call your member of Congress today at (202) 224-3121 and/or send him/her an e-mail and tell him/her to oppose the DISCLOSE Act, regardless of the deal.

Also tell them that you will consider a vote for disclose as a vote against your gun rights (it is – what will we use to defend our gun rights with, if we don’t have the first amendment right to free speech?).

Call or e-mail their offices today, and send this to everyone you know.

Thank you for your activism,

Dudley Brown
Executive Director”