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John Kerry ignored pre 9/11 warning in May 2001, Logan Airport and nationwide screening issues, FAA special agent Brian Sullivan, Why NY Post article removed?

John Kerry ignored pre 9/11 warning in May 2001, Logan Airport and nationwide screening issues, FAA special agent Brian Sullivan, Why NY Post article removed?

“With the concept of jihad, do you think it would be difficult for a determined terrorist to get on a plane and destroy himself and all other passengers?” he warned. “Think what the result would be of a coordinated attack which took down several domestic flights on the same day. With our current screening, this is more than possible. It is almost likely.” The toll from such an attack would be economic, as well as human, he predicted with chilling accuracy.”…NY Post March 15, 2004

“His warning now looks like prophecy: At least 82 Kerry constituents were murdered aboard American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175.”…WND March 19, 2004

“The past, he reflected, had not merely been altered, it had
actually been destroyed. For how could you establish, even
the most obvious fact when there existed no record outside
your own memory?”…George Orwell, “1984″


Robert Mueller is being criticized for his cover up in the 9/11 investigations.

However, in a very much under reported and scrubbed story, John Kerry was warned of likely terrorist success at Logan Airport and airports across the country due to minimal screening of passengers.

From WND March 19, 2004.

“Official: Kerry failed to act on pre-9/11 tip

A third federal aviation-security agent, one still with the government, has stepped forward to say he also warned Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry about security lapses at Boston’s Logan International Airport before the 9-11 hijackings there.

Earlier this week, two former FAA agents said the Democratic presidential hopeful failed to take effective action after they gave him a prophetic warning that his home airport was vulnerable to multiple hijackings.

Brian Sullivan, a retired special agent from the Boston area, advised Kerry in a May 7, 2001, letter (page 1page 2) that Logan was ripe for a “jihad” suicide operation possibly involving “a coordinated attack.” He cited serious breaches at Logan security checkpoints exposed by an undercover investigation he and another former agent helped a Boston TV news station conduct.

Sullivan says he had a copy of the undercover videotape hand-delivered to Kerry’s office.

It turns out the person who delivered it was a senior FAA agent in Washington who’s now with the Transportation Security Administration. The agent, Bogdan Dzakovic, headed covert testing of airport security across the country before TSA took over aviation security from FAA after 9-11.

In an exclusive interview, he says he gave the tape to Jamie Wise, a Kerry staffer at the time.

After the office visit, “I received no feedback from anyone there,” Dzakovic told WorldNetDaily.

Kerry boasts in campaign ads he “sounded the alarm on terrorism years before 9-11.”

But he waited three months to reply to Sullivan’s letter. And his July 24, 2001, letter, a copy of which was obtained by WorldNetDaily, merely offers to pass Sullivan’s warning on to the Transportation Department’s inspector general – even though Sullivan had made it clear in his letter that going to his old agency was a dead end. He and other agents, including Dzakovic, had complained about security lapses for years and got nowhere.”

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The NY Post also had an article about this story posted on March 15, 2004.

It no longer is available on the NY Post site.

A search on the Wayback Machine finds the article saved on April 2, 2004.

The article can be viewed here.


The next saved version on Wayback is June 6, 2004.

However, it yields the following:

“Page Not Found The page you are looking for cannot be found or does not exist on NYPOST.COM.”

What happened to the NY Post article?

It was an election year.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons for this.

NY Times September 15, 2004.

“Five Widows of 9/11 Attack Endorse Kerry”


Perhaps some of the victims of 9/11 who are part of the lawsuit against Saudi Arabia will read this and direct some of their outrage against John Kerry who ignored the clear and present danger.

Brian Sullivan’s letter to John Kerry.


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