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John Brennan outed as Russian hoax architect in 2016 by former FBI DHS employee Capt Joseph R. John USN(ret), ” fake “intelligence” from Brennan”

John Brennan outed as Russian hoax architect in 2016 by former FBI DHS employee Capt Joseph R. John USN(ret), ” fake “intelligence” from Brennan”

“CIA Director John Brennan appears to have tried and failed to take out Donald Trump. It is his Agency that spread the lie that Russia made it possible for Trump to win the Presidency. This was not the idle opinion of some underling. Someone was given permission to tell elected Legislators a lie. A bald faced lie. Brennan, and no one else, bears ultimate responsibility for this lie.”…former CIA and State Department employee Larry Johnson December 14, 2016

“It’s a Brennan operation. It was an American disinformation, and the fucking President, at one point when they even started telling the press — they were back[ground]-briefing the press, the head of the NSA was going and telling the press”…Seymour Hersh

“Why John Brennan, Peter Strzok and DOJ Needed Julian Assange Arrested”…The Conservative Treehouse November 3, 2019


We were warned in 2016 about John Brennan and the fake Russian collusion hoax in 2016.

Why has it taken 4 years to get documents released?

From Capt Joseph R. John, December 16, 2016.

“Podesta, Jones, and Morrell worked with John Brennan, the Director of the CIA to join in a Hillary Presidential Campaign conspiracy, to release intelligence reports from “unnamed” sources that Russia used cyber activities to favor Trump’s election, and to try to persuade the members of the Electoral College, and that Donald Trump knew about Russia’s cyber activities in his favor.

The truth of the matter is that Russia has been trying to negatively affect every Presidential campaignsince President John F. Kennedy was elected, not to favor one candidate over the other, but in order to try to make the Americans lose faith in the election process for President every 4 years (they are making progress).

In a parallel effort by Van Jones, John Podesta, Mike Morrell, Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign, members of the left leaning Hollywood community releasing TV ads, the left of center liberal media establishment, and as of today even Obama’s Press Secretary, Josh Earnest (speaking for Obama), are promoting a massive last ditch effort to convince 538 electors of the Electoral College not to vote for President Elect Donald J. Trump on Monday, December 19th.

Some of the electors have reported receiving as many as of 48,000 E-mails, texts, and phone calls at all hours of the night, harassing them, and threatening their lives if they don’t vote for Hillary.  Those activities by radical left democrats progressives, threatening the lives of electors, trying upset the will of the American people in a Presidential election are federal crimes.  Yet Obama’s inept US Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, has done absolutely nothing to enforce US Federal Voting Laws, charging radical activists and progressives with making threats against the lives of electors.

With the encouragement of John Podesta, John Brennan led the effort at CIA to promote speculation that Russia favored Trump over Clinton in the 2016 election.  It is rather interesting that John Brennan has more of an connection with Communists than President Elect Donald J. Trump.  John Brennan, recently disclosed that he voted for a Communist Party (CPUSA) candidate in an election, even though he knew that the CPUSA was funded by Moscow and is known to provide cover for Soviet espionage activities in the United States. ”

“John Podesta, and Brennan, came together to develop a “Soft Coup” to create doubt in the election of President Elect Donald J. Trump’s, by initiating a disinformation campaign, working closely with the left of center liberal media establishment, and with some very junior new liberal Intelligence Analysts in the CIA (the “old guard” at the CIA oppose the new Intelligence Analyst who strongly support Hillary).

Their collective agreement led Brennan to release unfounded stealth information that it was the CIA’s judgement that Russian entities hacked both Democrats and Republicans, but only the Democratic information was leaked to WikiLeaks (the Republican National Committee said their computers were never hacked, and disagreed with that assessment).

That is all of it—-fake “intelligence” from Brennan, that was supposedly CIA based, in reality, it is the dishonest and flawed judgment of Brennan submitted by his liberal CIA Intelligence Analysts who support Hillary.  Put it in prospective—-it is John Brennan’s, “Fake Intelligence.  Brennan, Podesta, Jones, and Morrell are carrying out this aggressive disinformation campaign to delegitimize the election of Donald J. Trump and affect the electors votes on December 19th; they should be prosecuted for their actions by President Trump’s new US Attorney General.”

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