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Hillary Commercegate Chinagate role, First lady conceived scheme to sell seats on Dept of Commerce trade missions in exchange for political contributions, Compromised nation’s security, Theft of government resources for re-election bid

Hillary Commercegate Chinagate role, First lady conceived scheme to sell seats on Dept of Commerce trade missions in exchange for political contributions,  Compromised nation’s security, Theft of government resources for re-election bid

“the Democratic Party overlooked the ethical red flags and made a pact with Mr. Clinton that was the equivalent of a pact with the devil. And he delivered. With Mr. Clinton at the controls, the party won the White House twice. But in the process it lost its bearings and maybe even its soul.”…Bob Herbert, NY Times February 26, 2001

“My staff and I agreed that we needed to focus on the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), which appeared to be running out of control. By the time we came to the subject, investigations by the General Accounting Office (GAO) and congressional committees had already indicated that the White House used the INS to further its political agenda. A blatant politicization of the agency took place during the 1996 presidential campaign when the White House pressured the INS into expediting its “Citizenship USA” (CUSA) program to grant citizenship to thousands of aliens that the White House counted as likely Democratic voters.”…David Schippers

“I think that it was Hillary all the way. I think that she’s the mean-spirited one. She’s the ideologue, she’s the flaming left-wing socialist liberal. She’s a bad person with a criminal mind.”…Jerry Falwell



Hillary Clinton’s role in  Commercegate and Chinagate was revealed by Judicial Watch and included in the House Judiciary Committee Evidentiary Record December 1998.




Transcript of October 5, 1998 presentations of David Schippers and Abbe
Lowell, and debate on H. Res. 581, beginning an impeachment inquiry.
Committee Print, Ser. No. 8, December 1998″

“Mr. Barr. Mr. Chairman, I also ask unanimous consent to
insert the Judicial Watch Interim Report dated September 28,
Mr. Hyde. Without objection.”
“Judicial Watch Interim Report on Crimes and Other Offenses Committed by
President Bill Clinton Warranting His Impeachment and Removal from
Elected Office”

“Through discovery in its civil lawsuit against the Clinton Commerce
Department, Judicial Watch also has found evidence that President
Clinton condoned and participated in a scheme, conceived by First Lady
Hillary Rodham Clinton and approved by the President, to sell seats on
U.S. Department of Commerce trade missions in exchange for political
contributions. Bribery is specifically highlighted in the U.S.
Constitution as an offense warranting impeachment.
In President Clinton’s push to sell taxpayer-financed government
services to raise money for his political operations, national security
likely was breached by his Commerce Department appointees and those
involved in his fundraising scheme, such as John Huang. While Judicial
Watch is at an interim stage of investigation in this sensitive area,
the breaches of national security uncovered at the Clinton Commerce
Department raise real questions of treasonous activities by the
President and members of his Administration.
To cover-up this illegal fundraising and likely national security
breaches, President Clinton’s top two staffers, then-Chief of Staff
Leon Panetta and Deputy Chief of Staff John Podesta, ordered late
Commerce Secretary Ron Brown to obstruct justice and defy federal Court
orders. The evidence also indicates that Secretary Brown personally
consulted with President Clinton in furtherance of this cover-up.
In addition to the illegal sale of taxpayer-financed services, such
as seats on government trade missions, for political contributions, the
President and Mrs. Clinton have illegally solicited and received monies
directly from private citizens and others. The creation and use of
legal defense funds is not only prohibited under federal law, but they
have proved to be a means whereby lobbyists, influence peddlers and
foreign powers have tried to influence the Administration, contrary to
U.S. national security interests.”

“part iii
Crimes and Other Offenses Relating to the Illegal Sale of U.S.
Department of Commerce Trade Mission Seats for Campaign Contributions
that Warrant Impeachment and Removal from Office of President Bill

“In January 1998, Judicial Watch uncovered a witness, Nolanda Butler
Hill, a close confidante and business partner of late Commerce
Secretary Brown, with whom Secretary Brown had shared key details about
the campaign-contributions-for-seats-on-trade-missions scheme, as well
as the Clinton Administration’s efforts to stonewall Judicial Watch’s
lawsuit. Secretary Brown had even shown important documents to Ms. Hill
that detailed this unlawful sale of taxpayer-financed government
services. With Ms. Hill’s uncontroverted testimony providing the
capstone to its investigation, Judicial Watch has proven beyond all
reasonable doubt that not only was the Clinton Administration engaged
in an unlawful scheme to sell seats on Commerce Department trade
missions in exchange for campaign contributions, but that a criminal
cover-up was ordered by President Clinton’s top aides to thwart
Judicial Watch’s Court-ordered investigation and to hide the
culpability of the President, Mrs. Clinton, the Clinton Administration
and the DNC for their use of Commerce Department trade missions as a
political fundraising vehicle.
Ms. Hill testified that then White House Chief of Staff Leon
Panetta and Deputy Chief of Staff John Podesta ordered Commerce
Secretary Brown to defy Court orders and obstruct the Judicial Watch
suit until after the 1996 federal elections. Ms. Hill’s sworn testimony
implicated the President’s top staff members in obstruction of justice.
Ms. Hill also tied the sale of trade mission seats directly to
President Clinton. In both a sworn affidavit and Court testimony, Ms.
Hill explained that:

The First Lady conceived of the idea to sell the
trade mission seats in exchange for political contributions;
The President knew of and approved this scheme;
The Vice President participated in this scheme;
Commerce Secretary Ron Brown helped implement the
illegal fundraising operation out of the Clinton Commerce
Presidential White House aides Harold Ickes and (now
Labor Secretary) Alexis Herman helped orchestrate the sale of
the Commerce trade mission seats;
The President’s top fundraisers at the DNC and his
reselection campaign (Marvin Rosen and Terrence McAuliffe)
helped coordinate the selling of these taxpayer resources in
exchange for political contributions;
Presidential Chief of Staff Leon Panetta and Deputy
Chief of Staff John Podesta ordered the cover-up of these
activities; and
The President’s appointees at the Commerce
Department have committed perjury, destroyed and suppressed
evidence, and likely breached our nation’s security.”

“According to what Secretary Brown told Ms. Hill, the trade mission
seats were being sold in part because of “panic” by the President and
First Lady induced by their Democratic Party’s loss of Congress to the
Republicans in 1994:

[Ron Brown’s] discussion with me centered around the panic
of–or his perception of panic–with the President and First
Lady, after the loss of Congress to the Republicans, and that
that was going to–they were afraid they wouldn’t be able to
raise money, and they were really worried about

Ms. Hill testified that Secretary Brown told her that it was
Hillary Rodham Clinton who ordered that the trade mission seats be

Q: And did he not say to you that–and I am kind of
paraphrasing–Hillary believes that every thing is politics and
politics is driven by money; correct?
A: He did say those–close to those words, as I recall. . . .
Q: And he told that you that, in fact, it was Hillary’s idea
to use the trade missions to raise money; correct?
A: He initially believed that she was very instrumental, and
he gave her a lot of credit.(150)

Secretary Brown told Ms. Hill that he was “[j]ust doing my chores for
Hillary Rodham Clinton” and he complained, “I’m not a mother”–
expletive deleted–“king tour guide for Hillary
Importantly, Secretary Brown told Hill that the President himself
was involved in the sale of seats on Commerce Department trade

A: Ultimately he believed that the President of the United
States was, at least tangentially.
Q: Involved?
A: Yes sir. It was his re-election that was at stake.
Q: Ron believed that the President of the United States knew
the trade missions were being sold, and their purpose was being
A: Yes, sir.(152)

In fact, Ms. Hill testified that Secretary Brown resented the Clinton’s
involvement in the misuse of the Commerce Department trade missions,
which he believed had become nothing more than a “street level
protection racket.” (153)
Ms. Hill also testified that, in addition to the President and Mrs.
Clinton, high level Clinton Administration officials were also directly

“Documents uncovered by congressional investigators demonstrate the
nexus of money, access and China at the Clinton Commerce Department:

A key ally [of Trie’s], according to the documents, was Jude
Kearney, a deputy assistant secretary in the Commerce
Department’s International Trade Administration.

In October 1993, Trie helped shepherd Kearney, a fellow
Arkansan, around China.

“It was very helpful to have someone around who knew the
ropes,” Kearney wrote Trie after the trip.

In June 1994, Kearney joined Trie’s business associates and
guests at a table at a Democratic National Committee fund-
raising dinner while Trie sat at Clinton’s table. That fall,
according to the documents, Kearney supported a request by Trie
to host a party for the participants on a U.S. trade mission to
China. Kearney said last year he couldn’t recall whether Trie
actually ever hosted the party. In February 1995, Trie sat at
first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton’s table at another Democratic

The documents show that in September 1995, Kearney asked the
U.S. Embassy in Beijing to invite Trie to events with Mrs.
Clinton during her trip to China. Upon Trie’s return to the
United States, he attended a White House dinner with other
large Democratic givers, including postal union leader Moe
Biller, Miramax Films co-chairman Harvey Weinstein and oil
executive Roger Tamraz, who was raising money for Democrats
while being wanted in Lebanon on bank fraud charges.”

“A reasonable analysis of the documentary and testimonial evidence
unearthed by Judicial Watch would indicate that President Clinton and
First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton were heavily involved in the theft of
government resources to sell for contributions for President Clinton’s
re-election bid. This fundraising push, to the degree it involved
individuals such as Clinton-hire John Huang and policies such Clinton-
approved hi-tech transfers to China through Commerce, compromised our
nation’s security. The President’s two White House deputies, then-Chief
of Staff Leon Panetta and Deputy Chief of Staff John Podesta, ordered
the late Commerce Secretary Ron Brown to cover-up these crimes.
Clinton’s agents at Commerce and the Department of Justice did their
level best to accomplish this.
If it were not for Judicial Watch’s exposure of John Huang; if it
were not for Judicial Watch’s refusal to walk away with $2 million in
taxpayer dollars offered by Clinton’s agents; if it were not for
Judicial Watch’s investigations that have uncovered key documents and
witnesses such as Nolanda Hill, and if it were not for a diligent and
alert Court, then the President, his appointees, and agents might have
gotten away with this criminal enterprise.
The overwhelming evidence of President Clinton’s illegal activities
related to the Commerce trade mission sales are now before this
Congress. We respectfully request, in the context of expected
impeachment proceedings on other serious issues, that Congress consider
whether the actions of this President and his appointees in this matter
also warrant his impeachment and removal from office.(403)”

Commercegate Chinagate illegal sale of US Department of Commerce Trade Mission Seats for campaign contributions, Judiciary Committee evidence, Judicial Watch interim report on crimes and other offenses committed by President Bill Clinton, December 1998

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