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Hillary Clinton anti semite liar and lying media attack Trump, Star of David 6 pointed but not all six pointed stars tied to Judaism, Great seal of US and law enforcement badges 6 sided stars, Hillary anti semitic remarks ignored by press

Hillary Clinton anti semite liar and lying media attack Trump, Star of David 6 pointed but not all six pointed stars tied to Judaism, Great seal of US and law enforcement badges 6 sided stars, Hillary anti semitic remarks ignored by press

“Millions of cretinous and amoral Americans still admire Bill and Hillary Clinton, the two foulest amoral slimebags that have ever besmirched the White House. These two foulmouthed and lying psychopaths have been, and still are, blindly supported by masses of non-clinical morons, diehard Democrats, and whorish liberal journalists and their editors.

The Clintons’ habitual lies, gutter language, anti-Semitic outbursts, and anti-black slurs have been documented by reliable writers but have been — and still are — routinely suppressed by the so-called liberal media.”…Reinhold Aman, Ph.D.

“I watched her on countless occasions blatantly lie to the American people and knowingly lie.”…Linda Tripp

“the Democratic Party overlooked the ethical red flags and made a pact with Mr. Clinton that was the equivalent of a pact with the devil. And he delivered. With Mr. Clinton at the controls, the party won the White House twice. But in the process it lost its bearings and maybe even its soul.”…Bob Herbert, NY Times February 26, 2001


The Star of David is a 6 pointed star.

Not all six pointed stars are the Star of David and tied to Judaism.

Here is the image tweeted by Donald Trump.


Here is a typical law enforcement badge.


Here is the Great Seal of the United States.


From the NY Times July 4, 2016.

“Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Calls Donald Trump’s Star of David Tweet Anti-Semitic”

“Hillary Clinton’s campaign said on Monday that an image posted by Donald J. Trump on Twitter over the weekend that showed a photo of Mrs. Clinton against a backdrop of $100 bills and a Star of David was “blatantly anti-Semitic.”

The post accused Mrs. Clinton, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, of being the “most corrupt candidate ever.” But critics seized on the episode as the latest example of a longtime pattern of racially charged remarks by Mr. Trump, saying the post was meant to exploit stereotypes against Jewish people.

The backlash was swift enough to cause Mr. Trump to do something relatively out of character: He deleted the original post, later sharing an image showing Mrs. Clinton next to a circle instead of the six-point star.

The news website Mic traced the first image, posted by Mr. Trump on Saturday, to a message board containing anti-Semitic and neo-Nazi imagery, and to Twitter accounts that circulated the images.”

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What! No mention of Hillary Clinton’s anti semitic remarks and associations?

From Citizen Wells July 3, 2016.

“Former Arkansas State Trooper Larry Patterson, who was bodyguard to Bill and Hillary Clinton from 1986 to 1993, said he heard the first lady utter anti-Jewish epithets between 10 and 20 times over the course of his six years at the Arkansas governor’s mansion.

“If she disagreed with Bill Clinton or she disagreed with some of the Jewish community in Little Rock – or some of the ethnic community – she would often make these statements,” Patterson told WABC radio’s Sean Hannity Monday afternoon.

Patterson first went public with his account of Mrs. Clinton’s ethnic slurs in an exclusive interview with NewsMax.com’s executive editor Christopher Ruddy last September. (See:More Than Sex: The Secret Lives of Bill and Hillary Clinton Revealed!)

But Patterson’s story has gained new significance with the upcoming publication of “State of the Union,” a new book on the Clintons’ marriage that makes the same charge.

The one-time Arkansas state policeman said he stands by the story he told for the first time last year. “She would say ‘Jew Bastard’ or call her husband a ‘Jew Boy’ or an ‘MF Jew’,” he told the New York radio audience.”

““Hillary’s Israel-Hating Secret Advisor Comes Out Swinging”

“Max Blumenthal, who was revealed by the Hillary Clinton forced email dump as one of her secret sources and advisers on Israel and Middle East affairs, is one of the great Israel haters in America today.

A writer should avoid hyperbole. But when it comes to Max Blumenthal, son of longtime Clinton aide Sidney Blumenthal, it’s hard to avoid superlatives. Max is quite simply one of the most biased, anti-Semitic, terrorist-defending, Israel-has-no-right-to-exist haters out there.”

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