Wisconsin Assembly approves 2020 election investigation, WI Legislature and Supreme Court already declared illegal

Wisconsin Assembly approves 2020 election investigation, WI Legislature and Supreme Court already declared illegal

“¶23 The plain language of Wis. Stat. § 6.86(2)(a) requires
that each elector make an individual assessment to determine
whether he or she qualifies as indefinitely confined or disabled
for an indefinite period. A county clerk may not “declare” that
any elector is indefinitely confined due to a pandemic. This
conclusion is supported by two distinct, but equally important,
reasons.”…Wisconsin Supreme Court

“Administrative changes in Wisconsin election put tens of thousands of votes in question.   From allowing clerks to fix spoiled ballots to permitting voters to escape ID rules, Wisconsin election officials took actions that were not authorized by legislature.”...Just The News Nov 8

“Resolved, That the members of the Wisconsin State Assembly place the
redress to these and other election law violations and failed administrative procedures as its highest priority “...WI legislature Jan 4, 2021

The Wisconsin Assembly aka Legislature has finally resolved to investigate the 2020 election after the Legislature and the WI Supreme Court stated it was illegal.

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9 responses to “Wisconsin Assembly approves 2020 election investigation, WI Legislature and Supreme Court already declared illegal

  1. WordPress throwing some curves.
    Fortunately, I used to play catcher.

  2. AND NOW……..
    …………it appears that Kamala is NOW the POTUS. The VACUUM BRAINED Joe Malarkey has finally shown how insignificant he really is. When you fall UP THE STEPS…….THREE TIMES in QUICK SUCCESSION, it exhibits the presence of a serious health problem. This is compounded by a narrowing mental acuity of the POTUS. He is often UNABLE to retain a thought train, and ends up in totally idiotic, and pointless oral blabber. Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. California WALL NUT is in water which is way over her head……….even as VP.

  3. FURTHER……..
    ……China, Iran, and North Korea will continue to LAUGH OUT LOUD at the MORONS now leading America.

  4. AND,
    …….there is a strong possibility that all three will pursue limited actions which will cost American lives, but it is doubtful if Joe Malarkey will have the intestinal fortitude, or the GONADS to stand up to such POS.

  5. AND IF,
    ……….America’s presidential elections are FEDERALIZED we will NO LONGER HAVE MEANINGFUL FREE VOTING. Nobody seems to even care if America becomes a TOTALITARIAN GOVERNMENT. Far too many of our childish college grads now think America SHOULD BE A SOCIALIST government………they think SOCIALISM IS “C-O-O-L.” ONLY NOSE PICKING, LOW IQ NUMBSKULLS THINK IN SUCH TERMS.

    ………WHAT IF………AMERICA IS ATTACKED BY EITHER CHINA, IRAN, NORTH KOREA OR RUSSIA…..OR ALL FOUR TOGETHER? Do our troops have the ability to think on their feet without their electronic brain, or will every soldier need to stand down while he/she types in to their electronic brain what is going on then waiting for an answer from Joe Malarkey. They would never get an answer they would all be already dead……..a soldier doesn’t have the time to type messages into his electronic brain. The enemy will NOT be using electronic brains on the field of combat, and the few minutes our soldiers waste before responding with defensive action will cost all of them their lives.

  7. AND,
    ………..learning by losing is called the school of EDUCATION. Unfortunately it is also known as “learning the hard way”.

  8. AND,
    …….Dan Ball at OAN is really stealing Hannity’s Thunder. Dan is an EX MARINE who DOES KNOW UP from DOWN. If you have cable TV you need to tune in to OAN and Dan Ball at 8:00 PM. He tells it like it is. !!!!

  9. AND NOW,
    ………….Joe Malarkey has passed off his BORDER work on Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Harry. He is a REAL POS who is both unable, and mentally INCAPABLE of dealing with a PRESIDENTIAL ISSUE. Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Harry is in WAY OVER HER NITWIT HEAD……..and America WILL pay the price.!!!!!

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