Sidney Powell on Parler @SidneyPowell,  “Please make any contributions for our work there”, “continue to fight for #WeThePeople”

Sidney Powell on Parler @SidneyPowell,  “Please make any contributions for our work there”, “continue to fight for #WeThePeople”

“We’ve Identified 450,000 Ballots that Miraculously ONLY have a Vote for Joe Biden”…Attorney Sidney Powell

“Attorney Sidney Powell recently stated her cases were being “slow walked” by the SCOTUS. Justice Roberts should be recused.”...Citizen Wells

“Sidney Powell in her Alpharetta GA speech, mentioned NC as having voter fraud.”...Keep America Free Rally


From Attorney Sidney Powell on Parler.

Only the site is correct. Please make any contributionsfor our work there. Contributions are NOT tax deductible because it is a C4 … read more


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Defending The Republic

“Dear Patriots,

We THANK YOU for your support.

Please know we will continue to fight for #WeThePeople who make this country work, who love God, family, freedom, and all who believe in the good that makes America exceptional.

We are getting organized so please sign up for our updates below.

We are STILL working on your behalf.

Thank you for trusting us.

We must simply work harder now.

-Defending The Republic Support Team”


6 responses to “Sidney Powell on Parler @SidneyPowell,  “Please make any contributions for our work there”, “continue to fight for #WeThePeople”

  1. Sidney Powell is from Durham County NC.

    Durham county went 81 % for Stein.

    It is also the most liberal county in NC and one of the most suspect for voter fraud.

    Neighboring Wake County, location of Raleigh and the seat of NC government went 63 % for Stein.

    Does Sidney Powell know something?

  2. CW,
    ………..apparently it helps with navigation, and with connections to be from the same county, or state.

    ……..Arizona PASSED law giving legislature legal authority to subpoena state election materials.!!!!!! Now the legislature can order the immediate confiscation of all election related documents, and machines. If anyone tries to stop them the person(s) can be legally arrested.

  4. CW,
    ……..does NC legislature have full legal right to subpoena state election material? If so Mr. Stein might soon begin sweating profusely.

  5. Christopher urbina

    When will the military step in and take control and when will President Trump be inaugurated I believe that it’s time too many people are hurting and it’s just like we’re getting to a point through when you go on and there’s no going back

  6. The donation links don’t work on DefendingtheRepublic.Org
    Please email me the link

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