Parler update Jan 21, 2021, “recent personal attacks on our CEO John, his wife Alina, and their family”, More reminders of Nazi Brownshirts and Stalinists 

Parler update Jan 21, 2021, “recent personal attacks on our CEO John, his wife Alina, and their family”, More reminders of Nazi Brownshirts and Stalinists

“Stalin had eliminated all likely potential opposition to his leadership by late 1934 and was the unchallenged leader of both party and state. Nevertheless, he proceeded to purge the party rank and file and to terrorize the entire country with widespread arrests and executions. During the ensuing Great Terror, which included the notorious show trials of Stalin’s former Bolshevik opponents in 1936-1938 and reached its peak in 1937 and 1938, millions of innocent Soviet citizens were sent off to labor camps or killed in prison.”…Library of Congress

“The Components of Hitler’s Propaganda Machine
To poison German attitudes toward Jews, the Nazis built a tremendous propaganda machine. But what were its components? Hitler and
his henchmen persuaded German citizens to destroy the Jews in three
principal ways: (1) through pervasive hate rhetoric from leading members of the Nazi power hierarchy; (2) through coordinating all hate
speech activity via creation of the Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda (Propaganda Ministry), helmed by Joseph Goebbels; and (3) through eliminating independent print media.”...Nuremberg Propaganda Prosecutions

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”…Joseph Goebbels


From January 21, 2021.


Over the past few weeks, Parler has been repeatedly mischaracterized and treated unjustly. But the recent personal attacks on our CEO John, his wife Alina, and their family are reprehensible.

Alina, whose working-class family lived in the former Soviet Union, came to America to start her own multi-racial, interfaith family with John. To subject them to baseless accusations that their marriage is part of some twisted espionage scheme—all because she is an immigrant—is precisely the sort of “racism, nativism, fear, [and] demonization” President Biden urged us to reject in his inaugural address.

The Entire Parler Team stands behind John and Alina. Our new President called for unity: “We must end this uncivil war that pits red against blue, rural versus urban, conservative versus liberal. We can do this, if we open our souls instead of hardening our hearts.” The smears against John and Alina are exactly the sort of tactics he is imploring us all to abandon. Let’s all commit to working together toward unity and healing.


We are disappointed by the judge’s ruling against our request for a preliminary injunction in our suit against Amazon AWS. We remain confident that we will ultimately prevail in the main case. We also remind everyone that this litigation is still in its early stages and that the resolution of this case will have broad implications for our pluralistic society.

Parler is gratified that the court refused to uncritically accept Amazon’s argument – widely repeated in the media – that the Parler platform was somehow used to plan, coordinate or execute the despicable January 6 riot at the Capitol.

Based on the evidence of which we are aware, the Parler platform was not used in that manner – even though competing platforms clearly were used for that purpose. We are grateful the court refused to join the dishonest attempt to make Parler the scapegoat for the riot.

At the same time, Parler is disappointed that the court’s ruling ignored the reality that every social-media platform – including Amazon’s own online store – sometimes unwittingly hosts content that incites violence or is otherwise inappropriate. In fact, our analysis shows that the incidence of such material on Parler is far lower than on competing platforms. Parler has developed an artificial intelligence-based enforcement system that we believe will reduce the incidence of such content still further.

Parler looks forward to working with old and new partners to reestablish an alternative social-media platform that not only avoids the unnecessary censorship that has become increasingly popular with its competitors, but is also more protective of public safety.”



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18 responses to “Parler update Jan 21, 2021, “recent personal attacks on our CEO John, his wife Alina, and their family”, More reminders of Nazi Brownshirts and Stalinists 

  1. “Citizen Wells bans Twitter for crimes against Americans and humanity not unlike Nazi Germany, Vilifying Trump and supporters instead of Jews”

  2. CW………
    …………and soon we will be seeing a more intense “Kristallnacht, simultaneously with “Rohm Purge”. Fortunately we don’t yet have a lunatic like Hitler at the helm. However I do not doubt that somewhere in America lurks a CARBON COPY of the Nazi maniac, who will move into the leadership of America, and will be CHEERED ON by a crowd of foaming at the mouth ,low IQ, stinking assed, nose picking POS. The present demented leader compares roughly to the Chancellor of Germany who Hitler succeeded. The rest is History. Sadly too many American students slept through their History, and Social studies classes, and others are so stoned on drugs they can’t even remember their own names. Look for the torching of libraries across America

  3. AND WHEN,
    ………..states get enough of the Chief Sh-tting Bull they might begin considering SECESSION from the union. Reality is what it is……..bullsh-t is what it is. You can’t bullsh-t the public forever.

  4. AND NOW……
    ………the CRAZED FEMALE “TALKMEISTER” has ascertained that the BULLSH-T trial will go forward. President Trump is now out of office and he would be justified in giving her a BIRDIE, along with a GO TO HELL verbal response. The CRAZED SPEAKER NEEDS TO BE IMPEACHED HERSELF.

  5. AND,
    ………the CRAZED FEMALE Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Behar is a classic example of MENOPAUSE. = INSANITY!!!! She needs to look for a psychiatrist.

  6. AND,
    …………Chuckey Baby was giving a speech recently. As he read the speech he came to the word “INSURRECTION”, but said the word “ERECTION”. This is probably closer to the truth than anyone really knows. I would say that this condition has existed since 2016 where Trump is concerned. All of the raging male lunatics have had a continuous ERECTION for Trump from day one. Some probably even had orgasms as they salivated regarding the upcoming impeachment INSANITY. TELLS A STORY ABOUT THEIR MENTALITY!!!!!!

  7. AND,
    …………with Austin as the new Pentagon chief……..God help America if we have to fight a war with Austin in charge of the Pentagon.

    ………..if it is a war of the magnitude of WW2.

  9. AND,
    ……..the last two days have confirmed all of my fears regarding the direction Chief Sh-tting Bull is taking America. This NINCOMPOOP has already ended over 50,000 high paying jobs, ten thousand of which were at the Keystone Pipeline. Investors are preparing a class action civil lawsuit against the (ahem) administration. It will not be adjudicated on grounds that the plaintiffs do not have standing.(which is HORSE MANURE).Lets see what happens when 75 million highly incensed, armed citizens converge upon the tepee of Chief Sh-tting Bull.

  10. Social Security 2100 Act…..
    ………to be modified soon. Some cuts in benefits expected. This for the purpose of giving benefits to ILLEGALS. In other words the money everyone paid in will no longer return the amount guaranteed. How long will the people of America tolerate having the money that they worked for, and paid in to SS given to some bastards who cannot or will not work to earn their own living?
    Hell is coming !!!!!

  11. Oldsailor85+++
    Wonder if the Trump haters are now happy?
    They now have what they voted for. It will be interesting what happens in the next six months.
    Guess they need to be told “Welcome to Socialism”

  12. AND NOW……
    …………..McConnell censured by his own in Kentucky. I have a feeling that he is in HIS FINAL TERM.

  13. Ingraham mantel clock assembly

  14. Disregard above, was meant for another website

  15. hapnHal……..
    ……….people who live in their TRA LA LA fantasy land bubbles have themselves well insulated from the real world. They won’t know anything is different until a rifle bullet bursts their little bubble…….at which point they will AGAIN TRY TO IMPEACH TRUMP, for having incited the person who fired the rifle even though he has been out of office for years. REAL IMBECILES.

  16. hapnHal…….
    ……….the lunatic left are so badly WARPED with HATRED they can’t even see what their one after the other failed impeachments of Trump is doing to themselves. The more impeachments they try the more stupid they look. Soon they will have ZERO credibility.

  17. Does anyone here know what is happening..what has happened???

    If you need to know, I have many videos that explain it.

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