Amistad Project Donald Trump v Wisconsin Election Commission et al Emergency Petition for original action, Wisconsin Supreme Court Nov 23, 2020

Amistad Project Donald Trump v Wisconsin Election Commission et al Emergency Petition for original action, Wisconsin Supreme Court Nov 23, 2020

“We’ve Identified 450,000 Ballots that Miraculously ONLY have a Vote for Joe Biden”…Attorney Sidney Powell

“Trump’s not gonna win. I made f*cking sure of that!”...Eric Coomer, executive with Dominion Voting Systems

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”…Edmund Burke


156,807 illegal votes discovered.


This court should grant the Emergency Petition for original action and grant the relief sought because the Wisconsin election officials violated Wisconsin’s election laws in a material way which nullified a close Presidential race in Wisconsin.”

From Citizen Wells November 8, 2020.

“Administrative changes in Wisconsin election put tens of thousands of votes in question

From allowing clerks to fix spoiled ballots to permitting voters to escape ID rules, Wisconsin election officials took actions that were not authorized by legislature.”

From Citizen Wells November 19, 2020.

“Rudy Giuliani just spoke at the President Trump legal team press conference 12:00 today, November 19, 2020.

He spoke about their efforts in Wisconsin and the 2 counties they are concentrating their efforts on, Dane and Milwaukee.

He began by revealing that WI law is very strict about mail in votes.

Absentee ballots must be requested.

He then stated that absentee ballots in those 2 counties far exceeded the number requested.

That explains the high voter participation rate in Wisconsin and in Dane County.

Dane county had a 88% rate. Considered high anywhere.”



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15 responses to “Amistad Project Donald Trump v Wisconsin Election Commission et al Emergency Petition for original action, Wisconsin Supreme Court Nov 23, 2020

  1. “Coming out of the Democratic Chicago political establishment I know how they operate,” he said, pointing out Democrats control the political apparatus that counts the votes, the polling places, and the people who count the votes. “It’s a time-honored tradition” he said of Democratic election fraud.”…Rod Blagojevich, NewsMax Nov 6, 2020

  2. CW……
    ……….it is beginning to look as though a few judges may have finally been advised as to what the laws on the books REALLY ARE……and that if they try to circumvent the laws they themselves could end up being prosecuted.

  3. AND,
    ………..a couple of decades ago Rudy Giuliani went after the NEW YORK MAFIA FAMILIES. He realized that several judges were in the Mafia’s hip pocket. Rudy decided to work on the judges FIRST. He dug up everything he could find on them then he went after them with some pretty damning evidence. The judges finally decided to cooperate, and it wasn’t long after that that Gotti, and a couple of others were indicted. Several of the MAFIA WOPS read the writing on the wall and closed up their shops, and hastily purchased one way tickets back to Sicily.

  4. AND,
    ……….somehow I get the feeling that Rudy Giuliani might have had a part in getting the hearings. The first person who needs to be subpoenaed is Eric Coomer.


    Do not FB or twitter this…spread by email
    extremely important

  6. AND,
    ………..for clarity, John Gotti like Al Capone died from disease. Gotti died a lonely death while in prison. Al Capone died while under house arrest at his Florida home. Gotti allegedly died of cancer, and Capone died from complications of late stage syphilis.

  7. AND,
    ………..since early today a huge amount of circumstantial evidence has surfaced regarding the election fraud. FEC may soon be sued by Trump, because they have allowed the fraud to go forward. Trump is still POTUS, and he can legally initiate action against the Federal Election Commission.

  8. Americanthinker article by Debbie Georgatos:

    Syd Powell has received a lot of help from a firm called Allied Security Operations Group out of Dallas for the computational information.

    Have shown that
    1-“Actual tallies in Michigan’s public records show weighted numbers of votes received, showing vote tallies in fractional numbers — e.g. a tally of 1,615,707.52 votes for candidate X and 1,925,865.66 votes for candidate Y.

    These numbers are not vote total percentages for one candidate or another, which would logically include decimals. These are reports of vote totals. With decimals. There is no logical place for decimals in a system that is supposed to be counting one person, one vote. Vote counts with decimals establish that the system used algorithms.”

    2-“After election night vote counting was suspended (in several key swing states) and later resumed, public voting records in Michigan show, according to Mr. Ramsland, the tabulation of numbers of ballots after resumption of the counting to be at levels that are physically, functionally impossible for the actual machines in use. It could only have been done by what is effectively a manual stuffing of the electronic ballot box. This appears to be simply old school cheating implemented with new technology. ”

    The math is adding up to show that only a global math denier could be skeptical of the fraud that went on in this electronic voting.

    Also, another article i read said that Patrick Byrne, founder of is a major funder of Syd Powell’s entity that receives donations for her work on this. Byrne’s website with an article on the math is

  9. Global math denier!
    Love it.

  10. ANC TODAY……
    ……we learn that the lawsuit filed by Seth Rich’s parents against FOXNEWS has finally been settled. Sadly if there was any money paid to the Rich family it is not being made public. If there was money involved I have a gut feeling that it was PEANUTS. Most broadcasters follow a strict guideline regarding what they air. While individuals at Foxnews could have been held liable in the Seth Rich case it appears that they were not included in the lawsuit. Foxnews instead took the hit. To me it looks more like the parents of Seth Rich decided to capitalize from the death of their son. My guess is they probably got only enough to pay their lawyer.

  11. AND,
    ……one by one GRINNING JACKA$$ES are showing up in Joe Malarkey’s cabinet. Can’t help wonder if any of them have any skills at all.!!!!

  12. ALSO,
    …….we learn today that many folks are returning to test lines TWICE every day. These are people who have no concern for others. They think that they should have all of the attention. Being tested twice a day is a bit much.

  13. EVERYBODY…….
    ………have a Blessed Thanksgiving !!!

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