FBI caught in Seth Rich records lie, Ty Clevenger October 11, 2019 court filing, FBI records subpoenaed again, US Attorney Deborah Sines: “the FBI was looking into that”

FBI caught in Seth Rich records lie, Ty Clevenger October 11, 2019 court filing, FBI records subpoenaed again, US Attorney Deborah Sines: “the FBI was looking into that”

“The FBI clearly has records pertaining to Seth Rich, and it has withheld those
records in bad faith.”…Attorney Ty Clevenger October 11, 2019

Mueller, as a matter of determined policy, omitted key steps which any honest investigator would undertake. He did not commission any forensic examination of the DNC servers. He did not interview Bill Binney. He did not interview Julian Assange. His failure to do any of those obvious things renders his report worthless.”…Craig Murray

“We are being lied to on a scale unimaginable by George Orwell.”…Citizen Wells


From the


Filed by Attorney Ty Clevenger on October 11, 2019.

“On July 3, 2019, the Plaintiff served a subpoena duces tecum on the FBI that
commanded production of information related to Seth Rich and Aaron Rich:
1. Produce all data downloaded from all electronic devices that belonged to Seth
Conrad Rich (born on or about January 3, 1989) as well as all data, documents,
records or communications indicating how the devices were obtained and who was responsible for downloading the information.
2. Produce all data, documents, communications, records or other evidence indicating whether Seth Conrad Rich (hereinafter “Seth Rich”), his brother Aaron Rich, or any other person or persons were involved in transferring data from the Democratic National Committee to Wikileaks, either directly or through intermediaries.
3. Produce all documents, communications, records or other evidence reflecting
orders or directions (whether formal or informal) for the handling of any evidence pertaining to Seth Rich’s or Aaron Rich’s involvement in transferring data from the Democratic National Committee to Wikileaks.

4. Produce all documents, records, or communications exchanged with any other
government agencies (or representatives of such agencies) since July 10, 2016
regarding (1) Seth Rich’s murder or (2) Seth Rich’s or Aaron Rich’s involvement in transferring data from the Democratic National Committee to Wikileaks.
5. Produce all recordings, transcripts, or notes (e.g., FD-302 forms) reflecting any interviews of Aaron Rich or any other witness regarding (1) the death of Seth Rich or (2) the transfer of data from the Democratic National Committee to Wikileaks.
6. In an August 13, 2018 letter from Assistant U.S. Attorney Kathleen Mahoney
(EDNY) to Ty Clevenger pertaining to Ty Clevenger v. U.S. Department of
Justice, et al., Case No. 18-CV-01568 (EDNY), Ms. Mahoney wrote that she had
conferred with the FBI (her client) regarding whether it assisted the Seth Rich
I subsequently ascertained from the FBI that as part of the search that it
conducted in response to your FOIA request, the Washington, D.C. Field
Office was contacted. They responded that they did not open a case or
assist in the investigation and have no records.
In an August 22, 2018 letter from Assistant U.S. Attorney Kathleen Mahoney
(EDNY) to Magistrate Judge Lois Bloom in the same case, Ms. Mahoney wrote as
Plaintiff then inquired by email on August 16, whether the FBI had
searched for records with the Computer Analysis and Response Team
(“CART”). On August 20, the undersigned responded by email that the FBI
had advised that it did not reach out to CART because the FBI had not
assisted in the investigation (the D.C. police declined the FBI’s assistance)
but that the searches that the FBI did conduct would have located any
CART records.
Produce all records, documents, data, or communications (e.g., text messages or
telephone records) identifying the person or persons who offered FBI assistance
and the person or persons who declined it on behalf of the D.C. police. Also
produce the full contents of any such communications wherein the offer of
assistance was made or rejected.
7. Produce all data, documents, records or communications obtained by the FBI’s Computer Analysis and Response Team (“CART”) regarding Seth Rich and/or Aaron Rich.
8. Produce all data, documents or records (including texts or emails) that reflect any meetings or communications from July 10, 2016 until July 10, 2017 between
former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and any and all of the following: (1)
Seymour Myron “Sy” Hersh (born on or about April 8, 1937); (2) Washington,
D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser; and/or (3) former Democratic National Committee Interim Chairwoman Donna Brazile.”

“1. The FBI clearly has records pertaining to Seth Rich, and it has withheld those records in bad faith.”

“In August of 2019, Michael Isikoff of Yahoo!News published the fifth episode of
“Conspiracyland,” a podcast series about the murder of Seth Rich, and in that episode he interviewed former Asst. U.S. Attorney Deborah Sines. The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia had assigned Ms. Hines to investigate the murder of Mr. Rich, and a full copy of the interview can be found at https://tunein.com/podcasts/News–
Politics-Podcasts/Conspiracyland-p1231856/?topicId=132591823. In Episode 5, Mr. Isikoff discussed a Fox News report that the FBI had copies of communications between Seth Rich and Wikileaks:
Isikoff: “As soon as she heard the [Fox News] story, Sines reached out to the FBI.”

Sines: “Of course I did. Of course I did.”

Isikoff: “And what did they tell you?”

Sines: “No.”

Isikoff: “No.”

Sines: “No. No connection between Seth and Wikileaks. And there was no
evidence on his work computer of him downloading and disseminating things
from the DNC.”

Isikoff: “As it turned out, there was one sliver of truth in the Fox story. The FBI
had been examining Seth’s computer, not for any ties to the DNC emails or
Wikileaks, but because they saw unusual activity by a foreign hacker after his

Sines: “There were allegations that someone, maybe more than one person, was
trying to invade Seth’s Gmail account and set up a separate account after Seth was murdered, and the FBI was looking into that. I presumed they were trying to
create a fake Gmail account or get into Seth’s Gmail account so they could dump
false information in there.”

Isikoff: “So just to be clear, the FBI had only investigated an attempt to hack into
Seth Rich’s email when they saw activity after he died. When we contacted the
Bureau’s Washington Field Office, a spokesperson said it had never opened an
investigation into the DNC staffer’s death, pointing out that the FBI had no
jurisdiction over local crimes. Andrew McCabe, the Bureau’s acting director at
the time, told us something else. He had personally reached out to his agents
when he heard the Seth Rich conspiracy stories and was informed there was
nothing to them. There was no ‘there’ there, McCabe said he was told.” (emphasis added).
Transcript of Excerpt, Conspiracyland, Episode 5 (emphasis added).2

In other words, Mr. Hardy’s claim that the FBI had no records about Seth Rich was false. And the fact that the FBI refused to search in CART, the place where responsive records most likely would be found, is strong evidence of bad faith.”

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16 responses to “FBI caught in Seth Rich records lie, Ty Clevenger October 11, 2019 court filing, FBI records subpoenaed again, US Attorney Deborah Sines: “the FBI was looking into that”

  1. “Fox News news analyst Ellen Ratner relayed information from Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to Texas businessman Ed Butowsky regarding Seth Rich’s role in transferring emails to Wikileaks, according to an amended lawsuit that I filed this morning on behalf of Mr. Butowsky.”…Attorney Ty Clevenger

  2. Somebody(s) is lying.
    A lot of bodies.

  3. The fbi will never answer the question truthfully. The consequences to the whole deep state are too great. And they pay no price for lying. The judges don’t do anything about it. And the left half of the country and the media think it’s cool to lie about the whole thing.

  4. Bingo!

  5. Here’s some real quid pro quo:

    • Lisa Page’s ‘Quid Pro Quo’ With State Department Over Hillary Email (DM)

    An FBI employee who texted with her in-house lover about blocking Donald Trump’s presidential ambitions wrote in 2016 of a ‘quid pro quo’ with the State Department to hide the fact that an email found on Hillary Clinton’s home-brew email server was considered classified. Lisa Page fretted in the closing days of the presidential campaign about a pending Freedom of Information Act disclosure of a discussion between top State and Justice Department officials about the potential trade. Under the arrangement, the State Department would have given the FBI more legal attachés for its overseas division in exchange for altering the basis for keeping one of the Clinton emails from the public.

    At the time, the email in question was exempt from FOIA requests because it was classified – a fact that was ultimately made public. The FBI had asked the State Department to ‘change the basis of the FOIA withhold [decision] … from classified to something else.’ The plot was never consummated. But Page, an FBI lawyer, was worried enough about it at the time to alert her colleagues that other employees had told investigators about it. One of those colleagues was Peter Strzok, the married FBI agent she was having an affair with.

    The email came to light on Monday as part of a raft of material released by Judicial Watch, a conservative government transparency group whose standard practice is to sue government agencies that slow-walk the disclosure of public records. Page and Strzok became poster children in 2017 for conservatives’ claims that the Burean was biased against Trump and took actions to tilt the election in Clinton’s favor despite the national security threats posed by classified material found on her unsecured private email server.


    Just more evidence of real criminality that will be ignored by the media. They’ll probably call it a conspiracy theory.

  6. AND TODAY…….
    ………….I have concluded that soon there will be an attempt by the LIBERAL LUNATICS to legally remove President Trump from office via a concocted psychiatrists statement which will indicate the POTUS is mentally unfit for office. This will be a 25th Amendment usage and it will reflect hundreds of recordings of the President at his rallies right up to the latest in Lousiana. In such an action he will at least have the right to face his accusers. In reality the attempt will fail because the 1st Amendment sits squarely in the way. The paid crooked psychiatrists will have to prove that Trump is mentally incompetent. They will use the hundreds of recordings of Trump as evidence he is insane.
    The incarceration order will come from a Federal judge who has colluded with at least two alleged mental health experts…..all of whom will have been paid huge sums to state that the POTUS is insane. Watch for it this will be coming soon from one of the bastards who are holding jobs as federal judges.

  7. The REPUBLICAN Senate Intelligence Committee has released a report accusing Russia of interfering in the ’16 election in a major way to help Trump. It is being called a rebuke to the Trump admin who “won’t admit” that Russia helped him win the election.

    This, even though a federal judge threatened Mueller against continuing to blame Russia for social media attacks because there was no evidence provided, and, the evidence that Russia hacked the DNC was based on nothing more than a draft report from a shill firm and the DNC refused to let the FBI look at the server.

    It was Russia. Ask Senate Republicans.
    Tampa Bay Times [St. Petersburg], by Editorial Original Article
    Posted by Hazymac — 10/14/2019 5:28:53 PM Post Reply
    A new report by the Republican-led Senate Intelligence Committee reaffirms what the White House refuses to accept: Russia intervened in the 2016 election to help then-candidate Donald Trump and to hurt his presidential rivals. The findings are alarming for the breadth of Russia’s operation, the Kremlin’s direct involvement and the ongoing threat posed by foreign meddling to American democracy. But perhaps more than anything, the report amounts to a bipartisan rebuke of the White House’s own disinformation campaign to shift the blame away from Russia. The committee, chaired by Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C., released a second report this week that furthered the findings of America’s intelligence community…..

    It’s a never ending parade of high placed officials, including Republicans, who are willing to lie through their teeth in a manner that is obvious to even a casual observer, as if the citizens of this country were just something to be scoffed at and mocked.

    How can this possibly end in anything but disaster.

  8. oldsailor85++
    Glad to hear from you. Take care.

    In your post you conclude… “soon there will be an attempt by the LIBERAL LUNATICS to legally remove President Trump from office via a concocted psychiatrists statement which will indicate the POTUS is mentally unfit for office.”

    Yes, this is a possibility, but what about the SICK Demorat Adam SH_T and Nancy P. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander.

    News host Tucker Carlson on Thursday called House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff “demonstrably mentally ill” in a rant about those who say “extreme and mindless things” to get on television. SH_T and Nan need to be put in a straight jackets and locked up. Sooner the better!

  9. hapnHal……..
    …………there are a lot of criminally demented POS on Earth. I find Nan, and Atom to be among the worst of them. Yes I have also believed tor quite some time that as Carlson states……….both are demonstrably criminally demented. As such they are capable of attempting anything they think might bring down the POTUS. This includes even a possible idiotic attempt to assassinate Trump outright in the name of SAVING AMERICA. Fortunately there is evidence that many people in both the house and Senate who are beginning to get enough of the ongoing BULLSH-T from the DEMOCRATS. I pray that at some point soon the SCOTUS will intervene. Everything that is being done is OUTSIDE OF CONSTITUTIONAL LAW……..nor is there any precedent of this level of political insanity at any point in US History. It needs intervention very soon before it permanently destroys what little confidence in Congress remains with the American people. All of the psychotic perpetrators need to be LEGALLY REMOVED from their own positions. Congress can do this……..BUT WILL THEY!!!!

  10. Michael Flynn’s attorney calls impeachment inquiry ‘a charade’


  11. I always believed it was Seth Rich because he had motive, access, and knowledge to acquire and disseminate the DNC leak. Further, after his death, there was no further leaks of the DNC server, and before the ‘CrowdStrike’ analysis was widely available. I was unaware that there was an attempt to access his google account after his death, to plant evidence. Some believe it was the Awans, and they were clearly there with him that evening before he was shot. However, they may have had a motive to eliminate Seth Rich, they didn’t have motive to leak to wikileaks

  12. Back in the 1600’s, defenestration was a common way to deal with corrupt, dirty gov’t officials.

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