Free Assange public meeting The Forum Greenwich Borough England, September 27, 2019,  Opposing the extradiction of Julian Assange to the US

Free Assange public meeting The Forum Greenwich Borough England, September 27, 2019,  Opposing the extradiction of Julian Assange to the US

“Fox News news analyst Ellen Ratner relayed information from Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to Texas businessman Ed Butowsky regarding Seth Rich’s role in transferring emails to Wikileaks, according to an amended lawsuit that I filed this morning on behalf of Mr. Butowsky.”…Attorney Ty Clevenger

“Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.”…George Orwell

“We are being lied to on a scale unimaginable by George Orwell.”…Citizen Wells


27 Sept | Greenwich | Opposing the Extradition of Julian Assange to the US


“Opposing the Extradiction of Julian Assange to the US
27 Sept | 18:30- 20:30
The Forum, Greenwich”

“Julian Assange is locked away in Belmarsh Prison, here in the borough of Greenwich. The fight to save Assange is a fight for our democratic rights, for a free press and for peace and justice around the world. We have a special responsibility in Greenwich to act now”

Julian Assange is a political prisoner.

It is in the best interest of the deep state that he be silenced.

President Trump, wake up and free Assange.


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13 responses to “Free Assange public meeting The Forum Greenwich Borough England, September 27, 2019,  Opposing the extradiction of Julian Assange to the US

  1. “Not every item of news should be published: rather must
    those who control news policies endeavor to make every item
    of news serve a certain purpose.”… Joseph Goebbels

  2. fhl…….
    ………..great thought !………..and the DEMOCRATIC MASS PSYCHOSIS ROLLS ON, AND ON. We are in dire need of an asylum for psychotic DEMOCRATS. Probably would fit in the best in HOLLYWOOD.

  3. CW……
    ……Joseph Goebbels was among other things a MASTER WORDSMITH. Words have a singular definition, but in Goebbel’s twisted mind there was dozens of meanings to a word. That is one reason why he became HITLERS WORDSMITH. UP IS DOWN, PINK IS BLUE,AND LEFT IS RIGHT. Sadly the German people believed ALL OF THE Goebbel bullsh-t.

  4. CW………
    ……….and hopefully the UK will NOT allow extradition of Assange to America. If this is allowed to happen the door will be open for Assange’s murder. The slimy female , and male bastards in the deep state will not hesitate to put Assange to sleep permanently. Inasmuch that Assange is a citizen of Australia there is controversy regarding whether America can even legally extradite Assange.(keep in mind he was a legal publisher.) in ANOTHER COUNTRY. The material he published regarding the DNC was “sent to him” by a member of the DNC. This substantially changes the complexion of the overall case. In all probability Assange done nothing wrong. In fact it was Assange who took the first steps to bring the truth to about what was going on in America with regard to our elections. Further I have a well grounded belief that Mr Podesta is remotely involved with the murder of Seth Rich.

  5. AND NOW……
    …….Hillary Clinton has the audacity to call president Trump…..CORRUPT. SHE ACCUSES OTHERS OF EXACTLY HER OWN SORT OF BS. SHE IS A REAL PIECE OF GARBAGE HERSELF.

  6. CW……..
    ……….I pray that the opposition in England to the extradition of Julian Assange is successful. I honestly believe that Assange done NOTHING wrong. The wrong doing was totally on the part of the DEMOCRATS, and ONE OF THEIR OWN had enough of the BULLSH-T, and drained some data out of the DNC computer system, and sent it to Assange to be published. Among some of the legal stumbling blocks lies the fact that the publication of the DNC data did NOT occur in the United States. This fact presents a major legal question whether or not the US can even legally arrest, or prosecute him. Of course we can rely upon the foaming at the mouth DEMOCRATS to scream “THEY CAN ARREST ANYBODY THEY WANT TO ARREST, anywhere in the world with, or without the sanction of the courts……….perhaps so, but NOT WITHOUT IT SUBSEQUENTLY COSTING THEM……..HELLISHLY BIG TIME.!!!!! That is called STUPIDITY !!!

  7. AND……….
    ………..THE LUNATIC DEMOCRATS are trying to allege that president Trump broke the law when he allegedly telephoned Selenskey. The POTUS did NOT BREAK ANY LAWS. The POTUS has the legal RIGHT, and the authority to telephone any of the world leaders he chooses to, and has the authority to talk with them about anything he chooses to discuss. The DEMOCRATS think they MUST FIRST BE CONSULTED……..THEY ARE FULL OF SHI-. The DEMOCRATS think that they are “SOOOOOOO IMPOOOOORRRRRRTANT”, therefore the POTUS must first ASK THEM if he can telephone somebody. THIS IS THE DEMOCRATIC LOAD OF BULLSH-T. THE POTUS DOES NOT HAVE TO ASK THEM, OR ANYONE ELSE IF HE CAN TELEPHONE ANOTHER HEAD OF STATE. THE PSYCHOTIC DEMOCRATS WOULD TRY TO COMMANDEER THE WORLD IF THEY THOUGHT THEY COULD DO SO. ALL WE HEAR FROM THEM IS “OHH I’M SOOOOOO IMPORRRRRTANT”. NOW WE ARE GOING TO HAVE ANOTHER TWO YEARS OF THEIR IMBECILE BEHAVIOR, WHICH WILL COST THE AMERICAN TAXPAYER ANOTHER $55,000,000.00……..TOTAL INSANITY !!!!

  8. oldsailor85++
    Amodei better get it straight……..

    Republican Mark Amodei (Nevada) Tiptoes Around Impeachment Inquiry.     

  9. AND NOW…….

  10. hapnHal
    …….I clicked on the address provided and the NY Times comes back with “SORRY WE HAVE LOST THIS DOCUMENT” just thought you might like to know that.

  11. hapnHal……
    ……..with respect to Mr. Amodei …….when you play with manure, you can end up with the odor permeated into your person.

  12. hapnHal…..
    …………would tiptoeing around impeachment hearings be anything like TIPTOEING THRU THE TULIPS !

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