John Pilger on Julian Assange condition and treatment in Belmarsh Prison, Danger that “we will lose Julian”, Treated like political prisoner

John Pilger on Julian Assange condition and treatment in Belmarsh Prison, Danger that “we will lose Julian”, Treated like political prisoner

Mueller, as a matter of determined policy, omitted key steps which any honest investigator would undertake. He did not commission any forensic examination of the DNC servers. He did not interview Bill Binney. He did not interview Julian Assange. His failure to do any of those obvious things renders his report worthless.”…Craig Murray

“Fox News news analyst Ellen Ratner relayed information from Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to Texas businessman Ed Butowsky regarding Seth Rich’s role in transferring emails to Wikileaks, according to an amended lawsuit that I filed this morning on behalf of Mr. Butowsky.”…Attorney Ty Clevenger

“Who murdered Seth Rich and why?”…Citizen Wells


From a RT interview August 21, 2019.

“Can I just say very quickly first, we have been talking about censorship by omission, on a huge scale. A Federal court ruled that there was no Russian connection with Julian Assange and that he had constitutional rights to do as he did as a journalist and as a publisher and that has been completely ignored.

Julian’s own condition is…how do I put it…it’s very dangerous. When I last saw him about 10 days ago, I was shocked because he had lost more weight, he was isolated. They seem to be imposing a regime that must be punitive, on him of isolation. He’s in what they call the health care wing, hospital wing of Belmarsh prison. But he’s in a single cell. He told me “I see people walking by and I’d like to talk to them but I can’t”. Category A prisoners, murderers and others who have committed serious crimes are allowed to fraternize. Julian is not allowed to fraternize. He’s not even allowed to telephone his American lawyers and he’s facing extradition to the United States. He had to wait two and half months to see an optician and then when he got his glasses one of the lenses didn’t work. He’s being denied the right to prepare his own defense, he’s denied access to documents, access to the library, a laptop. His lawyer, uh his solicitor Gareth Peirce wrote to the governor of Belmarsh on the 4th of June about this and received no reply. What’s going on?

If there is no basic, we understand if there is no basic justice in the treatment of somebody like this who is in prison because he infringed bail. That is just about the merest…it’s not a crime actually… it is about the merest thing that the law can nail you for, and that is infringing your bail. He is there also of course because he is facing US extradition but primarily he’s there for this minor offense and he’s being treated in the way that political prisoners are treated all over the world. That’s a moniker that won’t be appreciated but it applies.

Q. Have his previous partners The Guardian Newspaper in London and New York Times helped to seal his fate?

Yes they have helped to seal his fate. Mind you they’re worried because in this Federal Court ruling it was made clear by the Judge in this very considered judgement, that newspapers like the New York Times,… the New York Times and The Guardian published the war logs in 2010, the war logs from Iraq, the war logs from Afghanistan that WikiLeaks had been the conduit for, had had passed to them …they published them first, before Wikileaks. In law, and that’s what  he was saying, they are as liable. But they are also, as Julian is, and this is the point he was making, are protected by the US Constitution. Now the US Constitution is being torn up by the Trump administration. That’s why Julian basically is in the trouble he is. All these charges that he is meant to be facing in the United States are concocted, they’re ridiculous, they don’t apply. They’re charges against a journalist and a publisher. But they would apply equally against the Editor in Chief of the The Guardian, the Editor of the New York Times, and the Editor of El Pais, the Editor of Der Spiegel, the Editor of the Sydney Morning Herald. They know this and they’re worried.

But they come from such… they’re in such cahoots, they collude so deeply with the Establishment of their countries …and that now means the Intelligence agencies, they have the power now in Western societies… they collude so deeply with them that they dare not speak up.

But they I suggest that if this whole grotesque charade against Julian Assange goes on, they should speak up pretty quickly.”


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50 responses to “John Pilger on Julian Assange condition and treatment in Belmarsh Prison, Danger that “we will lose Julian”, Treated like political prisoner

  1. citizenwells

    “46. Upon her return to the United States, Ms. Ratner asked Mr. Butowsky to
    contact the Rich family and relay the information from Mr. Assange, apparently because Ms. Ratner did not want her involvement to be made public. In the two months that followed, Mr. Butowsky did not attempt to contact the Rich family, but he grew increasingly frustrated as the DNC and #Resistance “journalists” blamed the Russian government for the email leak.”

    Ed Butowsky v. Michael Gottlieb et al

  2. AND NOW……….
    …………..the EX NON CITIZEN POTUS has purchased a 15 million dollar mansion at an offshore part of Martha’s Vineyard………COULD END UP UNDER WATER AT SOME POINT IN THE FUTURE.

  3. fhl………
    ………could the video tape be CONVENIENTLY unusable? But who even gives a damn. Epstein committing suicide saved the county a hell of a pile of dough in court costs. Doing himself in was probably the ONLY decent thing he has ever done. Frankly I personally doubted if he had the gut courage to commit suicide……..GUESS I WAS WRONG?

  4. i wonder why the hotlink cut off the bottom of the pic?

    At the bottom it says
    “i’m just as surprised as anybody”

  5. CW………..
    ……… would not surprise me if we soon discovered there is a very large open end contract out on Assange. Whoever gets him first will get the money. I am betting it is close to a MILLION DOLLARS. If he is brought to America he will probably be dead before 24 hours has passed.

  6. Think about it. All the deep states connections. Involvement with Russian
    narrative hoax. Revelations of Prince Andrew & Epstein.
    Epstein dead. Assange mistreated as political prisoner.

  7. And of course, Slick Willy.

  8. CW………
    ……… all reeks of the Clinton perfume……..known as THE ODOR OF UNREQUITED DEATH !!!!!.

  9. AND TODAY……..
    ……….I learned quite by accident that a black male Democratic lawmaker also does a TV commercial. In the commercial he ambles up to somebody who has a broken wood gate, and hands them a glue bottle. Then he goes “UH, UH”.

  10. TODAY………….
    …………..Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. AOC the Democratic child prodigy has finally gone completely off the deep end. Her idiotic oratory regarding the alleged melting Northern, and Southern polar ice caps really tells the story about her mental condition. She sounds as though she is in dire need of a psychiatric hospital. Her psychotic raving is indicative of her probable belief that MONEY DOES INDEED GROW ON TREES, AND THE MOON IS MADE OF SWISS CHEESE. She obviously lives in her LA LA FANTASY LAND BUBBLE……….where UP is DOWN, left is right, and PINK is BLUE. OHHHHHHHH WELLLLLLLL !!!!!!

  11. oldsailor85++
    and TODAY…here’s one for the books

    China’s first Costco opens with Santa Maria strawberries for sale !!

    Breaking Local News

    China’s first Costco warehouse store opened Tuesday in Shanghai with a variety of goods available for sale, including 90 crates of Santa Maria Valley-grown strawberries.

    Watsonville-based California Giant Berry Farms spent the last week working to ensure Chinese shoppers would have fresh Santa Maria strawberries on the shelves of the Shanghai store, which was closed early on Tuesday after large crowds clogged the aisles and caused traffic jams nearby.

    Juanita Vega, office coordinator and southern region food safety coordinator for California Giant, said the company had a week’s notice to prepare for the inspections and obtain the phytosanitary certificates needed to export their berries to China.

    The company ultimately secured the documentation to export 1,050 pounds of strawberries, which are Santa Barbara County’s largest agricultural commodity.

    Better get some strawberries before we run out.

  12. hapnHal……….
    ………….just had some strawberries yesterday that were grown at the Driscoll farm near Watsonville. A bit pricey but what the hell you only live once. My old supplier dug out all of their strawberry plants and put the acreage into corn production. He is Amish. He also now has electric power to his farm. Soon his BUGGY and HORSE might disappear as well. Last year he acquired a 150 acre farm adjacent to his own. This brings his acreage to about 700 acres. Will ultimately be used in production of soy beans, and corn. At least this is his tentative plans. His children are like stairsteps. He said that his youngest son will soon be of age to help with the farming. His youngest son is about 8 years of age. He has a 12 year old who now is able to perform cultivation using a horse drawn cultivator. He recently reroofed his home. His 12 year old done most of the work…..supervised by his father. No grass is growing under the feet of the twelve year old. He will probably be managing the farm by the time he is 18. I admire the aggressive nature of his youngster. They are what they are taught to be.

  13. “Trump Slams “Horrible, Corrupt Fake News” After MSNBC Anchor Admits “Was Wrong” On Trump-Russia Story”

  14. “We conclude that Comey’s retention, handling, and dissemination of certain Memos violated Department and FBI policies, and his FBI Employment Agreement,” the Justice Department inspector general report states.

  15. AND TODAY………
    ………the IG REPORT is out, and it doesn’t look good for Comey. !!! Question is……will he be held accountable for his part in the illegal activities.?

  16. They already said they’re not going to prosecute comey for this. Too big to jail.

    I’ll be AG Barr is appalled! Appalled i tell ya!

  17. THOUGHT………
    ………there actually is NOTHING wrong with a consumer product being made in a foreign country for an American firm. The only stumbling block is the IMBALANCE to the IMPORT tariffs. Sadly pathetically few Americans realise that a company in business MUST earn a NET PROFIT. Without this line on the balance sheet being positive a business will soon be bankrupt. Increases to the cost of labor is usually NOT conducive with a positive net profit. The higher wages go the less net profit there will be. If an American company cannot earn a net profit using American labor then for it’s own survival it must seek lower cost labor…….which is available in some foreign countries. It has long been obvious that the American system which I call (MORE, MORE, MORE) will ultimately bankrupt America.

  18. Now comey says he wants an apology from all of us who thought he should go to jail for breaking the law.

    AG Bar is appalled! Appalled i tell ya!

  19. fhl……….
    …………of course being APPALLED is FREE. You can be appalled all you wish for as long as you wish. It is what you do about being appalled that counts.

  20. AND NOW,………
    ……..Comey violated department policy, and rules, but NOWHERE DO WE SEE HE VIOLATED THE LAWS. Of course this is all BULLSH-T, and most Americans will vent their anger in 2020. Watch for a billion dollar lawsuit against the DOJ from Trump’s lawyers with respect to it’s refusal to prosecute Comey. If McCabe IS prosecuted it is possible that he will take Comey with him.

  21. AND……..
    …………..I absolutely LOVED every second of watching O’Donnell EAT HIS WORDS. GOOD FOR WHAT AILS MSNBC. HAR HAR HAR.

    ………TO MANY PEOPLE……is the fact that there are many bullets already in flight coming directly at Jim Comey. We have watched bullet number 1 miss it’s target…………will the remaining bullets MISS HIM?

  23. AND………
    ………..what a pleasure it was to watch .Mr.O’Donnell work his FEMALISH LITTLE ORAL CAVITY, in hasty apology MODE after he spewed his concocted load of BULLSH-T, and GOT CAUGHT at it.

  24. AND OLD JOE…….
    …………has uttered another load of verbal crapola. Sadly he can’t seem to get ANYTHING straight………….what the hell will he do if he is elected and has a sink or swim decision to make. His mind is aging , and he is borderline SENILE.

  25. fhl………
    …… my simple way of thinking that sort of response would be about PAR FOR THE COURSE, and pretty much what I would expect from such sick, twisted morons.

  26. AND SOON………
    …………if a growing percentage of both LEFT, and RIGHT have their way America will lose our right to FREE SPEECH.

  27. oldsailor85++
    AND OLD JOE…….
    …………has uttered another load of verbal crapola. Sadly he can’t seem to get ANYTHING straight………….what the hell will he do if he is elected and has a sink or swim decision to make. His mind is aging , and he is borderline SENILE.

    and old Joe just announced……..

    that he is the “only” candidate qualified to beat
    George Bush!! ouch!

  28. fhl………
    ………Pelosi reveals her stupidity……obviously she believes natural gas to be something OTHER than a fossil fuel. IGNORANCE IS A BLISS !!!!

  29. hapnHal………
    ………..where JOE BLOW is concerned a hurricane is a tornado. Joe has a problem with recurring BRAIN FARTS.

  30. Things are going south even faster than i thought they would.

    Mccabe gets off scot free after lying to an FBI investigation.

    Comey gets off scot free after leaking classified information.

    These are both crimes that the doj and fbi prosecute when lesser mortals d them.

    As far as i’m concerned, it’s over.

  31. citizenwells

    “The Supreme Court of British Columbia recently dismissed a defamation lawsuit by celebrity climate scientist Dr. Michael Mann against global warming skeptic climatologist Dr. Tim Ball. Mann must pay the full legal costs to the defendant. The ruling is explosive because it means that Ball’s claim that Mann was a scientific fraudster is now supported by the court.”

  32. CW………..
    ……..looks as though UP is DOWN in Canada now also. BTW an ex female Canadian official has PUBLICLY stated she hopes hurricane DORIAN hits MAR A LAGO. This means she doesn’t give a damn about any lives that might be lost as well. REAL STINKING PIG !!!!!

  33. AND NOW……….
    …………SCARAMUCCI says it is now time to remove President Trump using the 25th Amendment. Looks as though Scared Much has finally gone over the weir, and is now in free fall to the rocks below. REAL PSYCHO !!!!!!!!

  34. AND……..
    …………the raging lunacy deepens, and gets louder as the foaming at the mouth liberals blabber their twisted POTUS fantasies. They scream their sick crapola, salivate down their chins, and wring their hands. Watching and hearing them is a real comic opera. All of the Democratic POTUS candidates sound as though they are fresh out of a LOONEY BIN. One of them can’t even remember what state he is in, or who he is running against. Yet he claims he is the only one who can beat President Trump……YOU TELL EM JOE !!!! har har har

  35. oldsailor85++
    ….and now Eight dead including shooter.
    Shooter was driving a gold Honda (Need year, model, and registration) May help in identifying shooter. Thankful shooter was taken out.

    Police in Odessa, Texas, report that eight people were killed and nearly 20 were injured in a shooting that began after a traffic stop on Saturday afternoon. Three officers are said to be among the wounded. Police shot and killed the suspect. The eighth person died Sunday morning in Midland, Texas. UPDATE 9:30 a.m.: What we know… Two Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) troopers attempted to stop a gold Honda for a traffic violation on Interstate Highway 20 near mile marker 131 at about 3 p.m. on Saturday. Before stopping for the troopers, the driver reportedly pointed a rifle.

  36. “Please, Somebody Help Us!”: Eye Of Slow-Moving Dorian Reaches Grand Bahama; Storm Recorded Gusts As High As 220 MPH

    Pray for the people of the Bahamas.

  37. The IG report was, unfortunately, the shape of things to come.

    Comey tweeting demands for an apology because the IG report says that neither he or his lawyrers leaked classified info to the media.

    He got that from the IG report.

    But that is irrelevant. He leaked classified info to his lawyers. His lawyers did not have security clearance and releasing it to them is a crime.

    Moving on from there, comey’s stooges claim that the classified info “wasn’t that much” and it was marked classified after comey gave it to his lawyers.

    ONce again, that’s bogus. The law clearly states that classified info is classified whether it is marked classified or not. I’ve read that that point is made clearly to anyone with security clearances before they get the clearance status. Does anyone seriously think that a secretary of state can talk to a foreign leader and learn sensitive info and then leak it all over the place while they chuckle that it hasn’t “been marked classified” yet?
    The killer is that president ZERO is the one that signed the law into effect. What irony.

    So now we’re hearing that the doj is not prosecuting comey because ‘there wasn’t that much” classified info in the memos and “it wasn’t marked classified until after he leaked it. It’s just another of the big cons.

    That russian girl that dealt with patrick byrne, i think maria butino was her name, was prosecuted for breaking a law that the doj lets slide all over the place and is rarely prosecuted. The law about registering as a foreign agent when you lobby. They rarely enforce it. But they did with her, and not only that, they gave her an 18 month prison sentence when the sentencing guidelnes are for 6 months. They ripped her a new butthole when they let their buddies off scot free for breaking the same law.

    And now they’re letting their buddies off again. The writing is on the wall.

  38. fhl……..
    ………..YES the handwriting has been on the wall for everyone to read for A COUPLE OF YEARS. Unfortunately WE THE PEOPLE are NOT going to ever see ANY FORM OF PROSECUTION OF the BASTARDS who have perpetrated all the BS. Did anybody see any prosecution of the BASTARD from Kenya who was elected to the office of POTUS, and to this day, hour, and minute is STILL NOT EVEN A US CITIZEN. SADLY NOBODY EVEN GIVES A DAMN……….THEY ALL THINK HE IS REALLY “C-O-O-L”……(STATED IN THE LOW IQ PHRASEOLOGY OF THOSE WHO ELECTED HIM). What will happen instead is it will all be shoved to the back of the shelf where it will stagnate, and eventually fall through the cracks in the shelf. We NO LONGER HAVE A CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT. It now seems unlikely we will ever again see the Constitution as a basis of our law. The Federal Government of today is no longer a government of the people , by the people, and/or for the people.

    ……..for CONJECTURE !!!! Does anyone remember the airplane into which many millions of dollars (IN CASH) was loaded while Soetoro was POTUS, and sent to IRAN? Now open your mind to the female IRANIAN who was the BASTARD’S ADVISER. The truth of the matter is the money was stolen from US TAXPAYERS, and sent to Iran for her to use when, or if she inevitably is forced to return to IRAN to live out her remaining days on Earth……possibly accompanied by the two sexual DEVIATES. They will all be able to live like kings, at the expense of the stupid US taxpayers. Does this notion leave a bad taste in your mouth………it rightfully SHOULD !!!!!

  40. AND EVEN WORSE……..

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