Ed Butowsky v. Michael Gottlieb et al, Amended Complaint July 31, 2019, Seth Rich leaked DNC emails, Julian Assange told Ellen Ratner who notified Butowsky, Joel Rich revealed Aaron role

Ed Butowsky v. Michael Gottlieb et al, Amended Complaint July 31, 2019, Seth Rich leaked DNC emails, Julian Assange told Ellen Ratner who notified Butowsky, Joel Rich revealed Aaron role

Mueller, as a matter of determined policy, omitted key steps which any honest investigator would undertake. He did not commission any forensic examination of the DNC servers. He did not interview Bill Binney. He did not interview Julian Assange. His failure to do any of those obvious things renders his report worthless.”…Craig Murray

“Fox News news analyst Ellen Ratner relayed information from Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to Texas businessman Ed Butowsky regarding Seth Rich’s role in transferring emails to Wikileaks, according to an amended lawsuit that I filed this morning on behalf of Mr. Butowsky.”…Attorney Ty Clevenger

“Who murdered Seth Rich and why?”…Citizen Wells


From the Ed Butowsky v. Michael Gottlieb et al, Amended Complaint:

“42. The DNC employee responsible for the leaks was Seth Rich, and he was
assisted by his brother Aaron. Mr. Butowsky does not know exactly when the DNC figured out that Mr. Rich was the source of the leak. On July 10, 2016, however, Mr. Rich was fatally shot while walking home in Washington, D.C., and the murder has not been solved. Mr. Butowsky does not know whether the murder is related to Mr. Rich’s role in leaking DNC emails.
43. Shortly after the murder, the interim DNC chair at the time, Donna Brazile,
reached out to Mr. McCabe and Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser for help in dealing with the political consequences of the murder. Ms. Brazile knew suspicions would soon arise, fairly or unfairly, that the murder was connected to the email leaks. D.C. police allowed the FBI to unlock Seth Rich’s electronic devices, and the FBI obtained data showing that Mr. Rich had indeed provided the DNC emails to Wikileaks. At Mr. McCabe’s direction, however, that information was kept secret with orders that it not be produced in response to any Freedom of Information Act request. For her part, Ms. Bowser directed D.C. police not to pursue any investigative avenues that might connect the murder to the email leaks. At her direction, local police blamed the murder on a “botched robbery” even though Mr. Rich’s watch, wallet, and other belongings were not removed from his body.
44. On July 22, 2016, Wikileaks began publishing thousands of email that had
been downloaded from the DNC’s servers by Seth Rich and his brother, Aaron. Those emails showed how the campaign of Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton had corruptly taken control of the DNC for the purpose of sabotaging her primary opponent, Bernie Sanders. Per their game plan, the Clinton campaign and the DNC immediately claimed that the emails had been obtained by hackers working for the Russian government.
45. Mr. Butowsky stumbled into the RCH crosshairs after Ellen Ratner, a news
analyst for Fox News and the White House correspondent for Talk Media News,
contacted him in the Fall of 2016 about a meeting she had with Mr. Assange. Ms.
Ratner’s brother, the late Michael Ratner, was an attorney who had represented Mr. Assange. According to Ms. Ratner, she made a stop in London during a return flight from Berlin, and she met with Mr. Assange for approximately six hours in the Ecuadorean embassy. Ms. Ratner said Mr. Assange told her that Seth Rich was responsible for releasing the DNC emails to Wikileaks. Ms. Ratner said Mr. Assange wanted the information relayed to Seth’s parents, as it might explain the motive for Seth’s murder.
46. Upon her return to the United States, Ms. Ratner asked Mr. Butowsky to
contact the Rich family and relay the information from Mr. Assange, apparently because Ms. Ratner did not want her involvement to be made public. In the two months that followed, Mr. Butowsky did not attempt to contact the Rich family, but he grew increasingly frustrated as the DNC and #Resistance “journalists” blamed the Russian government for the email leak. On December 16, 2016, Mr. Butowsky sent a text message to Ms. Ratner:”

“Ms. Ratner subsequently told Mr. Butowsky that she had informed Bill Shine, who was then the co-president of Fox News, about her meeting with Mr. Assange in London. Ms. Ratner also informed Fox News producer Malia Zimmerman about her meeting with Mr. Assange.
47. On December 17, 2016, at the instigation of Ms. Ratner, Mr. Butowsky finally
contacted Joel and Mary Rich, the parents of Seth, and he relayed the information about Ms. Ratner’s meeting with Mr. Assange. During that conversation, Mr. Rich told Mr. Butowsky that he already knew that his sons were involved in the DNC email leak, but he and his wife just wanted to know who murdered Seth. Mr. Rich said he was reluctant to go public with Seth’s and Aaron’s role in leaking the emails because “we don’t want anyone to think our sons were responsible for getting Trump elected.” Mr. Rich said he
did not have enough money to hire a private investigator, so Mr. Butowsky offered to pay for one. Mr. Rich accepted the offer and thanked Mr. Butowsky in an email.”

I strongly urge you to read the entire complaint:



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26 responses to “Ed Butowsky v. Michael Gottlieb et al, Amended Complaint July 31, 2019, Seth Rich leaked DNC emails, Julian Assange told Ellen Ratner who notified Butowsky, Joel Rich revealed Aaron role

  1. citizenwells

    “52. On May 23, 2017, Fox News retracted the May 16, 2017 article, claiming that the article did not meet its editorial standards. Fox News did not identify any errors in the article, and there were none. Within the network, rumors began to circulate that the story was killed by Sarah and Kathryn Murdoch, the left-leaning Hillary Clinton supporters and daughters-in-law of Fox News founder Rupert Murdoch. One month prior to the May 23, 2017 retraction, Sarah and Kathryn Murdoch were credited with driving out
    conservative Fox News host Bill O’Reilly. See Don Kaplan, “Rupert Murdoch’s sons’ progressive wives helped oust Bill O’Reilly from Fox News Channel,” New York Daily News, April 19, 2017 (https://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/murdoch-sonsprogressive-wives-helped-oust-bill-o-reilly-article-1.3075872). Kathryn previously
    worked for the Clinton Climate Initiative, and her husband James was a donor to the Clinton Foundation.”
    Ed Butowsky v. Michael Gottlieb et al

  2. It seems like its all crystalizing now. Before reading this, I bought the notion that they blamed russia to explain away their loss to trump. (the recent story out there that they came up with the blame russia tact within a day of losing the election) What a cover story that was.

    Now we know, (with high confidence, as the intel agencies say) that when seth rich stole the emails and then he was murdered, they were probably frantic with hair on fire to come up with something to divert attention. So, frame Russia!
    -this explains why they wouldn’t let the fbi see the servers.
    -this explains why the fbi didn’t particularly want to see the servers
    -this explains why a dnc lackey firm was selected to write a report about the servers.
    -this explains why crowdstrike only submitted a draft report ( so they could have plausible deniability of the findings.
    -this explains why donna brazile said everyone was scared to death after seth rich was murdered.
    -this explains why the rich family decided to shut their mouths and play ball with the democrats. (they didn’t want their other son murdered, too)

    Like i said. There will never be an investigation into either the birth sertificate or the server. Because the truth would bring the whole shootin match down.
    And they won’t have any of that.

    side note: Ratcliffe bowed out of the dni position appointment today because the democrats and the media said he was engaged in ‘conspiracy theories’ about the russian investigation. Iow, he didn’t buy that the russian gov’t directed the facebook stuff and that russia hacked as the crowdstrike report claimed.
    We now know that the gov’t has no credible evidence of either of those and yet they’re still pushing it and it’s winning. Ratcliffe withdrew.

    So what does that tell us??

  3. fhl………
    …………..it tells us that the BASTARDS who murdered Seth Rich are STILL where they have always been, and it is unlikely that even President Trump will ever be able to clean them out. You will NOTICE that the DOJ has refused to prosecute Comey for his lawbreaking. Same BASTARDS !!!

  4. CW……..
    ……….as we watch the 4 SNOTNOSES are doing a self destruct. Personally I couldn’t care less. These people are radical scum and were elected by nincompoops having a similar mentality. It is easy to see why an associate might get their belly full of radical bullsh-t, and decide to move on.

  5. CW……..
    ………….in my own personal view I see nobody in the DEMOCRATIC party candidates who would be capable of managing the duties of POTUS. Shoveling bullsh-t won’t get the job done. In 2008 the Democrats were so desperate they chose a FOREIGNER to hold the office who wasn’t even a US citizen……….and to this day IS STILL NOT A US CITIZEN. Far too many Americans fell for the HOPEY CHANGEY LOAD OF BULLSH-T HE SPREAD ALL ACROSS AMERICA. In addition both Soetoro, and his partner are HOMOSEXUALS. He was the FIRST American POTUS to be clearly HOMOSEXUAL.

  6. AND………
    ………….there is not ONE of the 20 odd Democratic lunatic candidates who is even electable. They all spout their EVERYTHING FOR FREE LOAD OF MANURE…….which I seriously doubt the American taxpayers will ever support. 10 trillion dollars of FREEBIES is not my idea of a workable solution for America.

  7. AND NOW…………
    …………….a crazed a$$hole has murdered 20 people, and 26 wounded a lot more shoppers at an El Paso Wal Mart. A hell of a lot of pain has come into the lives of the survivors.!!!!!

  8. oldsailor85++
    RE Crazed a$$hole

    Feel so sorry for ALL those people and families.

    but what happened??
    Shooter A$$hole puts gun down when approached by law enforcement and taken into custody.

    Well, what’s next???
    This calls for swift justice and sure justice.

    but, found this on Texas Executions (T/F)?

    The State of Texas executed the last offender, Joseph Johnson (Harris County), by electrocution on July 30, 1964. A total of 361 inmates were electrocuted in the State of Texas.
    Includes causes of death: Hanging; Execution by firing squad.

  9. hapnHal……….
    …………GET THIS……….THE A$$HOLE was wearing ear protection…….

  10. AND………….
    …………for someone to despise criminals, and perhaps illegals I can understand, BUT…….. when that person uses this anger as justification to mass murder innocent people he has taken his anger to insanity.

  11. oldsailor85++
    Wonder if any of the recent mass murders attended church? Think not. Probably watched TV cartoons and played video games.

    Thou shall not kill.
    This commandment is very precise. Think MURDER is the correct translation,

  12. hapnHal……..
    …………I trust you recall the Scott Peterson fiasco. Here was a childish. self centered individual who decided to murder his pregnant wife, because he had the hots for another chick. This is a classic personality which all murderers seem to share…..ME ME ME. They are egocentric sociopaths. They do not care what they have to do to have THEIR WAY……..which includes MURDER of their own family members……if it serves their end objectives.

    ……………another CRAZED A$$HOLE in Dayton Ohio decided that he was judge and jury, and executioner……..he put 9 people to death, and wounded 27 others. Police shot him dead. So far this weekend 29 people were murdered by sick, twisted pieces of sh-t. I was glad to see that police ended the shooting spree of the Dayton assailant. He was using a .223 AR 15 rifle. It sounded as though it was equipped with a bump stock.

  14. AND…….
    ……..Pete Buttigieg is WRONG. God STILL forbids homosexual acts. You cannot be a Christian, and a homosexual simultaneously. We recently had ONE homosexual for POTUS. All we got was BULLSH-T, OUTRIGHT LIES, and administrative ignorance.

  15. I read that twitter is blocking the accounts of people who post this meme on twitter.

    They allow liberals to say absolutely anything, but they can’t abide by anyone on the right being clever.

  16. AND NOW……….
    ………..the raging, foaming at the mouth DEMOCRATS would take away the firearms rights of innocent, responsible people to ram their twisted agenda down everyone’s throats. Banning firearms entirely across America is the idiotic reasoning of DEMOCRATS, and even a few Republicans. It won’t change anything. The mass murderers are PSYCHOPATHS, and until the DEMOCRATS find a way to BAN PSYCHOPATHS from America the mass murders will not stop. If they can’t find a firearm they will use a bomb, or a bow and arrow, a knife, or perhaps even a baseball bat. When the DEMOCRATS BAN all of the mentioned entities then the PSYCHOPATHS will start using automobiles. Then the DEMOCRATS will BAN AUTOMOBILES. BAN,BAN,BAN. This is the NITWIT reasoning of LIBERALS. The only answer to any form of violence is to find a way to recognize a person having a potentially PSYCHOTIC MENTAL FUNCTION to begin with. Some people who possess very low IQ levels are potentially dangerous people. Further the DEMOCRATS are the real purveyors of HATE. They accuse others of HATE CRIMES, but refuse to look at their own form of hate. Decency is not a common commodity with LIBERAL DEMOCRATS.

  17. IN AMERICA…….
    …………there exists many people who no longer live their lives in REALITY. Instead they devote themselves to ACTION VIDEO GAMES wherein you win the game when you have MURDERED over a suggested number of people. Then there is Hollywood type of FANTASY VIDEOS where creepy looking space people arrive and begin murdering people. Childish LOW IQ PEOPLE eat this sort of fantasy stuff up BIG TIME. Such people are also potentially dangerous. Their reasoning; ” if a person doesn’t look right you kill him/her. This sort of reasoning is that of a murderous lunatic in fantasy land.

  18. Someone else looking at the story. Interestingly, Kim.com offered to cooperate with the DOJ, they never called.

    Mueller never looked, DOJ never looked, and evidence went missing, and the FBI denies involvement. That’s a coverup and lies. Kim.com says clearly, the NSA has it all.


  19. citizenwells

    hapnHal, Pete, et al.
    As you know, I have been following & reporting on the Seth Rich saga.
    Getting curiouser & curiouser.
    Matt Couch just filed court letter to retract Aaron Rich stmts due to lack of funds & basically concede.
    DNC, et al will fund court efforts til eternity or when Satan calls them home.

  20. What I don’t understand about he whole Seth Rich saga is why Trump just doesn’t give and executive order to release information and expose the executive order given under Obama. This amount of effort to cover up stuff is way to much for a simple homicide of a low level DNC staffer who happened to be killed by an unknown robber. I believe that the answer to what happened to Seth Rich, and what happened at the DOJ, FBI, and DC police is key to understanding the Federal Government, and it’s relationship to it’s people.

  21. citizenwells

    Pete, amen.

  22. citizenwells

    The DNC, the left, the Clintons, et al.
    Masters of diversions, obfuscations.
    The “Russian collusion” narrative was a stroke of genius.
    Brainwash public, tie up Trump.

  23. 8/8 broadcast of Interview; “Fresh Air”/Terry Gross ; PodCast w/ Isikoff(?), Yahoo factchecker: Isikoff sed GRU sent Assange data on Seth @ July 14. No mention of Ratnir; mentioned Assange Interview W/ Dutch “presenter’. Check it out !

  24. citizenwells

    Thanks Carlo.
    Passed it along to proper authority.

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