Greg Craig indictment and rest of story, Gregory Craig classmate friend of Hillary, Defended Bill Clinton’s impeachment, Tony Podesta ties

Greg Craig indictment and rest of story, Gregory Craig classmate friend of Hillary, Defended Bill Clinton’s impeachment, Tony Podesta ties

“Craig wasn’t a Clinton intimate. He’d known him casually at Yale Law School, but he’d been friendlier with Clinton’s girlfriend, Hillary Rodham — like Craig, originally a member of the Class of ’72.”…Washington Post November 19, 1998

“Given his defense of Bill Clinton’s lies and obstruction of justice, what sort of legal advice will Mr. Craig give to President Obama?…The Hill November 21, 2008

“We are being lied to on a scale unimaginable by George Orwell.”…Citizen Wells


From Fox News April 12, 2019.

“Greg Craig, ex-Obama White House counsel, indicted for alleged false statements

“Greg Craig, former White House counsel for then-President Barack Obama, was indicted Thursday on two counts of making false and misleading statements to investigators — including Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team — in connection with his work on behalf of Russia-backed former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych.”

“The Washington-based lawyer was indicted by a grand jury in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia for allegedly falsifying and concealing “material facts” and making false statements both to Mueller and to the DOJ National Security Division’s Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) Unit.”

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From Fox News December 5, 2018.

“Mueller-referred probe into Obama White House Counsel Greg Craig, Clinton-linked Tony Podesta heats up: report

An investigation referred to Justice Department prosecutors by Special Counsel Robert Mueller earlier this year into possible criminal activity by Clinton-linked Washington insider Tony Podesta and former Obama White House Counsel Greg Craig is heating up, according to a new report that underscores federal authorities’ increasing enforcement of laws governing foreign business relationships.”

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From The Washington Post November 19, 1998.

“Gregory B. Craig’s friends were perplexed two months ago when he gave up one of the most prestigious jobs in Washington to take one of the most troublesome: Why descend from the rarefied aerie of foreign policy into the squalid mess of a sex scandal?

Even Craig — who’ll be in the game today as President Clinton’s designated “quarterback” when the House Judiciary Committee opens its impeachment hearings — wasn’t eager for the new assignment.

“I hope you won’t think it amiss if I tell you I’m not enthusiastic,” he recalls telling John Podesta, then deputy White House chief of staff, when Podesta asked him in early September to consider leading Clinton’s defense team in the impeachment inquiry. “John said, ‘Well, just think about it.’ So I kept thinking about it — and my enthusiasm didn’t grow.””

“But getting mixed up in Clinton’s personal problems struck some as a lousy career move. Moreover, Craig was joining a White House staff simmering with factional disputes since the Monica Lewinsky matter became public in January.

Yet Craig was hardly new to the business of rescuing public figures from perilous personal crises. While at the powerhouse law firm of Williams & Connolly — where he was a partner of David Kendall, now Clinton’s private attorney — Craig safely guided his former boss, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.), through hazardous televised testimony in the 1991 Palm Beach rape trial of nephew William Kennedy Smith.”

“Craig wasn’t a Clinton intimate. He’d known him casually at Yale Law School, but he’d been friendlier with Clinton’s girlfriend, Hillary Rodham — like Craig, originally a member of the Class of ’72. (She and Clinton received their degrees in 1973.) In the intervening years, they’d had little contact.”

“From a spacious West Wing office once occupied by the first lady’s staff, Craig oversees the legal, political and congressional responses to the ever-changing realities of the congressional proceeding while trying to formulate an exit strategy. Within the bounds of constitutional propriety, he must gauge which result is possible short of impeachment: censure, some other sanction, or no sanction at all?

Craig also directs the public relations side, arguing the president’s case to broadcast and print journalists, and making sure that other White House spin doctors are advancing the same arguments. On the organizational chart, he reports to the president, regularly consults with Chief of Staff Podesta, and serves as a bridge and sometime buffer between the lawyers and the political operatives.

With his seasoning as a trial lawyer (he worked on the defense team of would-be presidential assassin John W. Hinckley Jr.) and as a congressional aide (Kennedy’s top foreign policy adviser in the late 1980s), Craig is a hybrid of the legal and political. He was hired in part to quiet the clash between these warring factions in the White House.”

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Clinton Impeachment, Judiciary Committee response to Greg Craig, December 12, 1998.

“Washington, D.C. – Following is a statement delivered by Paul J. McNulty, spokesman for the House Judiciary Committee, in response to the statement today by Greg Craig, White House special counsel:
“I am dismayed by the words of the President’s counsel today. After the President yesterday expressed regret to Congress and the American people for his behavior, today the White House strategy is confrontation, not contrition. By returning to the war room politics of partisan attacks, the White House undermines the sincerity and credibility of the President’s words.
Finally, if the White House wants to decide its course of action by opinion polls and surveys — as it apparently thinks the Committee should — that is its choice. The members of the Judiciary Committee, however, have a higher Constitutional duty that cannot be abdicated.””

From The Hill November 21, 2008 .

“It is disturbing that Barack Obama will allow Bill Clinton’s impeachment lawyer Greg Craig to serve as his White House Counsel.  Many thought Barack Obama had beaten the Clinton political machine.  Instead, he appears to have embraced it.  Given his defense of Bill Clinton’s lies and obstruction of justice, what sort of legal advice will Mr. Craig give to President Obama?  Will it all depend on what the meaning of  “is” is?
Not only did Greg Craig defend the worst of the worst of the Clinton scandals but he also defended the violent government raid that delivered Elian Gonzalez back to Castro’s Cuba.  In fact, we believe that Greg was working with communist Cuban government during the Elian affair.  Greg Craig is the wrong lawyer to serve as White House Counsel in the Obama White House.
Barack Obama’s White House personnel decisions show that he doesn’t seem to care about government integrity.”

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  1. citizenwells

    “Nicknamed by some “the lawyer of the left,” Craig has provided legal representation for a host of controversial defendants over the course of his professional career. According to the American Future Fund, a nonprofit organization that seeks to provide conservatives with “a mechanism to communicate … on the issues that most … concern them,” Craig “has a history of defending corrupt foreign leaders and murderers.”

  2. oldsailor85+
    Gov Nuisance on his trip to El Salvador announces

    Newsom said he chose El Salvador for his first international trip because the state’s relationship with Central America is key to California’s future. Nearly 680,000 Salvadoran immigrants live in California, he notes. Guess we have plenty of strawberry pickers now….. YEA

  3. hapnHal…………
    ……….and here is your chance to become a billionaire. Get a line of credit then venture to find some condemned acreage, and build thousands of small houses to be sanctioned by the state as TEMPORARY QUARTERS for incoming migrant farm workers who wish to remain on site. Then you deduct their rent from their paychecks……..but don’t forget to cut the local housing administrator for a piece of the action. Would help to get a local judge on your team as well. Keep in mind that farm workers are what they are and will probably be willing to help grow ANYTHING…….including WEED.

  4. hapnHal……..
    ………here is a chance to become a multi millionaire. Given all the incoming Salvadoran farm workers, they will need TEMPORARY HOUSING. Find some condemned acreage, get several lines of credit, build hundreds of TEMPORARY BASIC DWELLINGS for them to rent. Be sure to get the local housing administrator on your team and preferably a local judge as well. Cut everybody in for a piece of the action, and VOILA……….HOME FREE IN a few years. Your strawberry farming would be a direct benefit for cheap labor. ………IF YOU CAN’T FIGHT EM….JOIN EM……..JUMP IN THE WATER WILL PROBABLY BE GREAT !!! You could then quietly introduce some WEED farming to supplement the PRODUCT LINE…….this is always a necessity.

  5. hapnHal……..
    ……….I am beginning to think my computer system has been drinking again. ………it has hiccupped and regurgitated a prior message which it was supposed to post. Perhaps it is time for a strong cathartic to be administered.

  6. CW………
    ……… appears that Craig’s crapola is exactly what you would expect from a sidekick of such notorious folks. I believe that we are close to a point where we are going to see the pendulum of justice begin to swing WILDLY in defiance of the principles of physics. I live for the day when we watch Mr. Pod—- brought to justice for his ORDER to “make an example” of Seth Rich.


  8. AND TODAY………

  9. AND NOW……….
    Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. PIGGY says ” Assange will receive his just due”. In her language that probably equates with several bullets in his head.

  10. AND NOW……….
    …………”BUTTHEAD” FROM SB (FRIEND OF BEVIS) has climbed the democratic primary “pole” another TENTH OF AN INCH. I suspect that given his lifestyle he probably enjoys such endeavor. It would not surprise me if some day we learn that he is a REALLY CLOSE friend of ROM the KING of CHICAGO bath houses. Butthead is allegedly a practicing homosexual.

  11. AND NOW………..

    …….are in truth a pack of rabid, foaming at the mouth mad dogs. You only need one look into their faces. Their TWISTED MENTALITY is always manifested on their faces. Total lunatics!!!! Case in point…… (Marty) Schiff.

  13. AND TODAY………..
    ………………I watched the story of Chris Kyle for the fourth time. The movie revealed some of the training the Seals undergo but NOT ALL. Some of their training is still CLASSIFIED. Then while they are deployed they undergo a natural bonding which is equal to that of BLOOD BROTHERS. While the movie is what it is it doesn’t necessarily reflect the true thoughts of Kyle at any specific moment. It is in truth only a Hollywood rendition of the life of Kyle……….but it is a well presented story. The viewer must understand that the alleged fire fights are in truth Hollywood actors, not real time enemy action. Far too many people think all of this is real…….particularly young people whose minds have been twisted by our schools (grade, and high schools alike). These days far too many of our young people no longer possess the intellectual capacity to discern the difference between fantasy and reality.
    Further the movie portrayed Kyle as having become a cold blooded murderer. Up to a point this might have a tiny amount of truth…….but this is a battlefield trait which every Seal could acquire…….particularly those who have extensive combat exposure over a long period of time. In battle it is KILL ,OR BE KILLED. To a small degree a few soldiers might become human time bombs, which can explode when, or if certain conditions presented themselves. In every crowd there are always a few who are psychologically unable to return to reality. More often than not over exposure to the indiscriminate stress of battle can permanently affect a soldier’s mental function.

  14. oldsailor85+
    I thought Los Angeles was a Sanctuary City.
    Cher makes comments?

    I Understand Helping struggling Immigrants,but MY CITY (Los Angeles) ISNT TAKING CARE OF ITS OWN.WHAT ABOUT THE 50,000+Citizens WHO LIVE ON THE STREETS.PPL WHO LIVE BELOW POVERTY LINE,& HUNGRY? If My State Can’t Take Care of Its Own(Many Are VETS)How Can it Take Care Of More,” Cher said.
    Guess we need to send them to Nancy in SanFran.

  15. citizenwells

    “Julian Assange was bundled away by British police after Lenin Moreno, the president of Ecuador, gave the green light for the expulsion of the Wikileaks publisher from the Ecuadorian embassy in London. Assange’s arrest represents an abuse of power, highlighting not only how true journalism has now been banished in the West, but also how politicians, journalists, news agencies and think-tanks collude with each other to silence people like Julian Assange and his Wikileaks foundation who are a nuisance to US imperialism.”

  16. HOLY SMOKE………
    …….NOTRE DAME IS BURNING!! This might be a SCHEDULED FIRE, given what has been happening to the Catholic Church of late. There has been lots of lawsuits against the church because of the homosexual practices of many priests. LLoyds of London, is probably the insurer of Notre Dame. They are probably the only insurer who would write a policy on the Cathedral. It is a tragic loss. My guess is that the fire was set in several places……..and an accelerant was used. There is over a million of Muslims who have invaded France. Probably ALL of them would loved to have set the fire.

  17. AND EVEN……..
    ……..the Nazis left Notre Dame alone. I believe that Hitler would have happily struck the match to burn it down…….but he didn’t……….WHY? There are people still alive who are adamant that the Catholic Church was sympathetic to the Nazi cause, and towards the end of the war in Europe also helped top Nazis escape capture. The story goes on to infer that the Catholics assisted the top Nazis in escaping to Argentina which was also sympathetic with the Nazi cause. At least one top Nazi was finally captured in Argentina by the Jewish equivalent of the FBI.

  18. AND THAT NAZI……..
    was Adolf Eichmann !!!!

  19. AND……..
    ……..Eichmann was subsequently put to death.!!!!

  20. Macron trying to console Parisians

  21. Breaking, Omar saying something happening in Paris. Someone did something.

  22. Macron now reporting they will build another Mosque in a symbol of peace and love to the French People.

  23. AND TWO DAYS………
    …………..until TOTAL CHAOS in LIBERAL FANTASY LAND. There will be a tsunami of saliva moving across America as the SOCIAL DEMOCRATS begin to FOAM AT THE MOUTH EN MASSE. Time to bus the ILLEGALS to next door to Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz IMPORTANT by the thousands. Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Harris says that Oakland will welcome all of them. Time to send Oakland a few thousand illegals to support.

  24. WHY DO FLIES……….
    …………orbit Lil Barry’s head! ANSWER; for the same reason they orbit the piles of doggie do left by your dog in your back yard. It is what it is. har har

  25. AND NOW…………
    …………..the PEOPLE OF THE WORLD will be expected to send money to the Catholic Church to rebuild Notre Dame Cathedral, and all good sheep everywhere will surrender their last dollar, and yes a few might even go hungry so they can pay into the rebuild fund. They needed 40 million dollars just to make the necessary repairs. Now they will expect the world to contribute a BILLION dollars for a rebuild and VOILA they get a nice new cathedral for FREE. Somehow I can’t help having a feeling that it was a secretly planned fire.

  26. Headlines, headlines everywhere about the Notre Dame fire. Not one of them is about the genesis. How it started. A fire at Notre Dame during Holy Week at a place that has had multiple previous arson attempts…….and nothing from the press about how it started. Oh, that’s if you don’t count a few leftist sites who are writing articles claiming the ‘alt right’ are manufacturing conspiracy theories. There was one article that says the Paris cops are speculating it had to do with a construction project at the Cathedral. Of course that’s called real news.

    If this fire had come at some popular muslim mosque, or something revered by the left, there would be immediate speculation about which right wing group set it and it would be all over the news.

    We are being subjected to THE OFFICIAL NARRATIVE.

  27. Seriously, i can’t get over it. There is a studious effort being made to avoid at all costs how this fire started. Because they are afraid of where it will lead.

    Some black churches were burned in the south recently and they couldn’t stop speculating that it was hate crimes.

    The Official Narrative.

  28. zeroh got an article about the shutdown of speculation.

    “On Monday, even anchors at Fox News had apparently been instructed that any speculation about who started the Notre Dame cathedral fire must be immediately shut down. These days there is very little difference between Fox News and the other major news networks, and that is very unfortunate.”

  29. Shepard Smith Shuts Down Discussion of
    Attacks on French Churches: ‘Not
    on My Watch’

    Newsbusters, by Scott Whitlock Original Article
    Posted By: JoniTx- 4/16/2019 8:27:59 AM Post Reply
    Fox anchor Shepard Smith on Monday melted down when a French guest attempted to explain the ongoing attacks, violence and vandalism against French churches. Talking about the fire engulfing Notre Dame, where the cause is unknown, guest Philippe Karsenty began, “For the past years, we´ve had churches desecrated each and every week all over France.” Just seconds after his guest was introduced, Smith immediately jumped in and reprimanded, “Sir, sir, sir, we´re not going to speculate of the cause of something that we don´t know! If you have observations or you know something, we would love to hear it.

    Would leftist Smith shut down speculation about who burns black churches?

  30. fhl……….
    ………..the last time I checked we still have the right to say what we think……CONTRARY TO THE IMBECILES who try to silence us. I don’t really give a damn what anybody thinks of me I will say what I think……….whether it is speculation, or truth. I enjoy watching Carlson, Hannity, Ingram, and Fox and Friends in the early AM. Whenever people like GUANO WILLIAMS, or HERALDO show up I switch channels. I do not enjoy listening to their MORONIC JIBBERISH.
    Insofar as the Catholic church is concerned it is sad that such a well known Cathedral has burned. I have my suspicions as I stated in an earlier post. Today we are witnessing a GENERAL WORLD WIDE ATTACK on Christianity…….and against Catholicism. Where the latter is concerned it has been earned because the practice of homosexuality by many priests was largely condoned, and otherwise swept under the rug. The hatred of, and psychosis against Christianity has spread very fast.

  31. AND TODAY…….
    …………the New York City HEAD CHEESE, has stated that Trump will NOT SEND any migrants to New York. He said today that he will stop Trump COLD in the Courts. New York WILL RECEIVE many MIGRANTS to clothe, feed, house, and provide medical care for. whether DeBlasio likes it or not. They will go there of their own volition. De Blasio is another Democratic BLOWHARD who thinks he is ruling the world. I invite Mr. Deblasio to butt heads with Trump. DeBlowhard will lose the battle, and the war. REAL NUT CASE !!!

  32. OF INTEREST…….
    ……………I have heard that the officials of Notre Dame were approached many years ago by a group who stated that the timbers used in the roof framing could easily become a fire disaster. They had found that the wood had substantially dried, and was a potential inferno waiting to happen. They had been advised that they should consider spraying the roof timbers with a fire retardant phosphate. The officials said NO… has survived for this long and it will survive for much longer. OHHHHH WELLLLL, you can lead a horse to water………….

  33. IT IS FAST……….
    ……becoming clear that we have millions of crazed Democratic Socialists among us. Bernie Sanders is not an actuary. What works in THEORY doesn’t necessarily work in actual practice. His twisted idea of Medicare for all will end up costing taxpayers huge sums of money. It is conceivable that the average tax rate for an individual will go up by nearly 30% before the entire mess comes crashing down on Sanders head. In the 30% is the cost of Medicare for the 15 million illegals in America now. Sadly the low IQ people among us think everything is for FREE. They will learn the truth the HARD WAY………..BUT LEARNING THIS AFTER THE FACT IS FAR TOO LATE !!!
    ……………it won’t be much longer in America until there is a huge mass of people living in public shelters, under bridges, and in shacks along railroad right of ways…………but people living in houses will have annual earnings exceeding $250,000.00 a year. What will become of those who do not have such an income? This is where America is heading………..and things are going to get really hairy if Democrats win in 2020…….but we will not be better off if Trump wins either. Anybody who has purchased a new appliance, or a necessity of life lately will see his savings (if he has any to begin with) quickly disappear. Many people are already headed towards living under a bridge, or in a tent. The greed of our society is taking it’s toll on all Americans. Every employed person screams MORE, MORE, MORE, and their employer gives them MORE. Soon after they receive MORE from their employer they begin screaming again for MORE,MORE,MORE. Where does it end? Perhaps when a loaf of bread costs $20.00? Nope the same folks will if they are still employed will once again scream MORE,MORE,MORE.

  34. AND………..
    …………a SOCIALIST GOVERNMENT is not the answer either. When GREED comes to an end perhaps fiscal responsibility will return soon thereafter. Americans cannot continue to spend more than they earn without severe consequences. Their employer simply passes the increase in his cost right back to his employees by increasing the cost of his products which his employees purchase either directly or indirectly. Either way they cause their own fiscal dilemma. A capitalistic society must learn restraint, and financial responsibility……otherwise capitalism will DIE……..along with our very way of life.

  35. When there’s something fox news won’t talk about, i know right away that’s paydirt.

    They wouldn’t talk about obama’s birth cert
    They wouldn’t talk about seth rich.
    They won’t talk about how the fire started, in light of the fact it’s holy week and the muslims are already burning churches in France.

    When fox news won’t allow discussion, i know it’s paydirt.

  36. AND TODAY………..
    …………..we have LOW IQ people among us who have steadfastly rejected the idea of inoculating children against infectious diseases. Now we are seeing the results of this errant judgement. There are many parts of the country where these diseases are returning, in EPIDEMIC proportions. The low IQ people still refuse to pursue inoculation of their children. I guess these people will rather see their children DIE than consider inoculating them. This is just one more indication that our so called society is going to HELL IN A HANDBASKET.

  37. fhl…………
    ………….I think you are 100% correct regarding FOXNEWS. IT IS WHAT THEY DON’T TALK ABOUT THAT COUNTS. That notion happens to be my measure as well.

  38. Here’s why the msm won’t allow any talk about how the fire started: A pattern of 875 that they want to hide.

    875 Catholic Churches in France Were
    Vandalized in 2018 by Radical Secularists
    and Muslims

    Gateway Pundit, by Jim Hoft Original Article
    Posted By: JoniTx- 4/16/2019 1:16:17 PM Post Reply
    For over 850 years, Notre-Dame de Paris survived the French Revolution, two world wars, terror threats and pollution.But on Monday the historic Notre Dame Cathedral was engulfed in flames and nearly destroyed. (Tweet/Photos)It is not yet clear how the fire at Notre Dame started. French officials have not said it was due to arson. But what is clear is that hundreds of French churches have come under attack in the just the last year. (Photo) Saint Sulpice in France caught fire less than a month ago. According to the UK Sun 875 French churches were vandalized just last year.

  39. fhl………
    ……….once again the low IQ people among us haven’t the slightest idea about what has been going on in France for a long time. There has been a great deal of attacks against the churches everywhere Christianity prevails. You don’t need a Phd to figure out who the hell is responsible. Now we have GOATHUMPERS in our OWN GOVERNMENT……they openly call the POTUS NAMES, without any reprisals at all. At least two of them are NOT EVEN citizens of America (were not born here) yet they were accepted into our government. IN REALITY THEY ARE SCUM………..and the scum who have been elected to represent us refuses to take any action to orient the IDIOTS AMONG THEM. Just the idiotic, and filthy language of all three, compounded by their moronic behavior is enough to bring most decent folks to anger. There is a mechanism for rejection of such twisted people from government participation …….whether they are elected or not. Yet Congress refuses to apply it.

  40. fhl………..
    ………….fires in the upper framework of a building DOESN’T happen by itself. IT IS CAUSED………either by humans or nature. Yesterday was a pretty clear day in Paris……..there was no LIGHTNING, or causative natural disturbances. This leaves only the HUMAN FACTOR.

  41. AND NOW……….
    ……..the Democrats have issued subpoenas to Deusche Bank for financial records regarding the business activities of president Trump before he was POTUS. It is illegal the world over to expose financial records of PRIVATE CITIZENS. If Deusche bank complies they will have opened the door to being sued by Trump for BILLIONS. In addition the Democrats are using some vague laws to pursue this ,and I pray that Trump sues the bank and those to whom the records are released.

  42. I WAS WRONG……….
    ………Trumps financial records can be subpoenaed by Congress. The Deutsche Bank will more than likely comply. Trump CAN fight it in the courts. It is probable that the Democratic lunacy will continue for the rest of his term. I pray that it explodes in the faces of the bastards who have perpetrated the BS. Thursday will be a day of reckoning for the SWINE who call themselves LEADERS. I also pray that I will live long enough to watch all of them go to prison. Some could even be hanged. What is happening is an ongoing attempt to overthrow a sitting POTUS.

  43. oldsailor85+ and fhl
    Here is my question..
    875 French churches were vandalized last year?

    Here is my question……..
    Do the French churches have any type of security systems? Cameras and/or security guards would be
    definitely helpful and should be mandatory. So far I haven’t seen much on French church security systems. However, I did find an article on art in French churches written in 1996.

  44. GUESS WHAT……….
    ………….272 Georgetown students voted to pay descendants of slaves reparations. The liberal SNOTNOSES seem to have the same affliction their peers in government have………..they don’t mind spending other people’s money. Sadly most of the people who claim they are descendants from slaves can’t even prove who their father is. In some cases this includes who their mother is as well.

  45. LET ALONE…….
    ………….prove they are descendant from a slave !!!!!

  46. “Note that none of these combination shots have been tested for safety of effectiveness when used in combinations. Most US infants get 3 shots in different muscles at their 2, 4 and 6 months “well baby” visits. The peak incidence of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is at 2, 4 and 6 months of age (just after their well-baby shots. Near-SIDS episodes are not reported to the CDC and, because SIDS events are IATROGENIC, most physicians never report vaccine-related events under any circumstances (hence no stats). Also bad for business.”

  47. Mayor Butt-boy from South Bend said the Christians who have a problem with the homo stuff have a problem with God. Because he says God created him that way.

    I don’t know if homos were born that way or not. I doubt it, but……

    ….in John 9, we are told the story of the man who was blind from birth.
    Did God create him that way? Did God want him that way?
    We know God did not want him to stay that way because Jesus healed him, and Jesus says if you’ve seen Him, you’ve seen the father.

    Jesus applied CONVERSION THERAPY to the blind man and as a result, he was FIXED, and he could see.

    Case closed, Butt-boy.

  48. The next time you see one of Butt-boys fan base say that their are universal truths like:
    Nobody should be discriminated against because of who they are.
    Nobody should be discriminated against because of who they love.
    What two consenting adults do in their bedroom is nobodies business.

    The world “nobody” is supposed to mean nobody, right? As in a universal truth, right?

    Tell them
    Nobody should be discriminated against because of the race they love.
    No white nationalist should be discriminated against because of who they are.
    What two consenting white nationalists talk about in their own home is nobodies business, right?

    Watch how fast those lying queers do a 180 and tell you that those weren’t universal truths after all. It was a lying lie all along.

  49. Ecuador says it has been hit with 40 million cyber attacks since Julian Assange was arrested at its embassy in London

  50. fhl………
    ……….a practicing QUEER is what he/she is. They THOROUGHLY ENJOY what they do. I believe the truth lies in their SICK,FILTHY ENJOYMENT. As they travel the road of life they begin to have mysterious illnesses. There is NO MYSTERY INVOLVED…….they are becoming HIV POSITIVE. From that point forward they live on drugs to keep the HIV from becoming FULL BLOWN AIDS. These people eventually lay upon their DEATH BED writhing in agony, and beg God to intervene. Suddenly they believe in God. Anyone who wants to know what it is like to lay upon such a death bed, should ask those who were friends of LIBERACE, and ROCK HUDSON. Both died of full blown aids. I believe that when the master creator designed humanity he forsaw homosexuality and built in a PENALTY as such!………AIDS. There are very few things which disgust me more than being in close proximity with a SICK STINKING QUEER. In Long Beach CA, all you had to do was walk out the base main gate, walk 50 feet , and you would have 50 propositions from QUEERS. The jarheads from Camp Pendleton declared open season on them in the mid 1950s. I personally remember one marine who was at the time E-6. He was courts martialed for beating on a FAGGOT, and he was busted clear down to E-2. The USMC had made an example of him for others to think about. I guess he got what he had asked for. Sadly it didn’t stop the slimy queers from propositioning military personnel. All it done was stop Marines from beating on them. But now the queers have something else which assails them as a result of their OWN SLIMY LIFE STYLE……..AIDS. WHOOOOOAAAA. GOOD FOR WHAT AILS THEM !!!!

  51. JJ……….
    ………….WHADDAYA WANNA BET that the cyber attacks are coming from friends, and supporters of Assange. har har

  52. JJ……..
    ………it is more than probable that Moreno was paid BIG TIME to reject the protection of Assange. I believe that the US Democrats were behind the Moreno. One day a bolt of lightning will strike Moreno dead. or perhaps a tree will fall on him…….then everybody will WONDER WHY.

  53. Now mayor Butt-boy is saying that Mike Pence is a Pharisee and every Christian who voted for Trump is a hypocrite.

    And i’ve yet to see a single politician or even a pastor or priest pipe up and tell the truth that butt-boy is engaged in activity that the bible clearly says is a sin.

    Butt-boy is claiming his homosexuality is Godly and we haven’t a leader in this country who will dare say a word. They are all cowardous wimps with yellow stripes down their backs, too chicken to offend the mob of queers.
    They are standing aside and letting the queers have the podium and the microphone to rewrite the bible.

    I’ve never seen a bigger pack of cowards in my life.

  54. Oldsailor85+
    Here is some news you won’t see on your TV tonight.
    I live in an undocumented CA Sanctuary City.
    Yesterday our local CASC council passed an ordinance that restricted the number of illegals living in a single-family home to six, no more. Rentals are scarce in our city, therefore illegals are moving into single family residences. But no more than six illegals per home, dammit. What is this country coming to? And to put some more fuel on the situation, gas is now over $4.00 /gas at most stations. Think I’ll go buy some local strawberries
    tonight at $1.25/box and have a beer.

  55. fhl…………..
    …………with respect to BEVIS’S FRIEND,………”BUTTHEAD” of SB, is what he is, and his BACKDOOR BINGO crapola is what it is. He is sorta like a “NINE DOLLAR BILL” in a cash register.

  56. hapnHal……….
    …………..boy a friend of mine has 11 children. He would be out of luck in California. !!!!! Time to look for a rental CAVE.

  57. hapnhal…….
    today I bit the bullet and bought 3 containers of California strawberries for Easter dessert with whipped cream. They were 3 containers for $5.00. There will be eight of us sharing our Holy week reverence. I even purchased a new kitchen range for my wife.

  58. Bob Strauss……..
    ………… you have your popcorn ready for tomorrow? I bought a whole box, (6 bags) with extra movie theater butter.

  59. fhl……….
    ………….sitting on pins and needles as I wait for the report. Somehow I get the feeling that it won’t be as explosive as we all thought. I think the language will be watered down to BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. Better stated……an exercise in WORD TWISTING…… Sadly the American SNOTNOSES are screaming for the resignation of Barr. People like ATOM SNIFF, and Mr. KNAT-LURE are already FOAMING AT THE MOUTH.

  60. If Hitler Ran Twitter, He Would Run It Exactly Like CEO Jack Dorsey, With Secret Deplatforming Orders, Covert Shadow-Banning of Dissenters [Christians, Conservatives] and Zero Transparency

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