Clinton “foundation was not a charitable organization per se, but in point of fact was a closely held family partnership”, Lawerence Doyle testimony before congress

Clinton “foundation was not a charitable organization per se, but in point of fact was a closely held family partnership”, Lawerence Doyle testimony before congress

“The William J. Clinton Presidential Foundation, which reportedly expects to raise $200 million to build a library to help memorialize the ex-president’s legacy, is nothing more than a ‘slush fund,’”...Dick Morris, 2001

“Hillary: “If you want to talk about real evil, it’s her””…David Schippers

“We are being lied to on a scale unimaginable by George Orwell.”…Citizen Wells


From Sara Carter.

“Financial Bounty Hunters Testify: Clinton Foundation Operated As Foreign Agent

The Clinton Foundation operated as a foreign agent ‘early in its life’ and ‘throughout it’s existence’ and did not operate as a 501c3 charitable foundation as required by its and is not entitled to its status as a nonprofit, alleged two highly qualified forensic investigators, accompanied by three other investigators, said in explosive testimony Thursday to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

John Moynihan and Lawerence W. Doyle, both graduates of the Catholic Jesuit College of the Holy Cross and former expert forensic government investigators, gave their shocking testimony before congress based on a nearly two-year investigation into the foundation’s work both nationally and internationally. They were assisted by three other highly trained experts in taxation law and financial forensic investigations. The forensic investigators stressed that they obtained all the documentation on the foundation legally and through Freedom of Information Request Acts from the IRS and other agencies.

Former Utah U.S. Attorney General John Huber, who resigned when he was appointed by former Department of Justice Attorney General Jeff Sessions to investigate the Clinton Foundation and the issues surrounding the approval to sell 20 percent of U.S. Uranium assets to Russia, declined to attend the hearing. Chairman Mark Meadows, R-NC, who oversaw the hearing stated that it was disappointing that Huber declined, leaving Congress in the dark regarding the DOJ’s investigation.

Investigations into the Clinton Foundation have always been plagued by politics but Moynihan wanted to make clear in his opening statement that this investigation was one of many his firm has conducted on nonprofits and had nothing to do with politics. 

Doyle and Moynihan have amassed 6,000 documents in their nearly two-year investigation through their private firm MDA Analytics LLC. The documents were turned over more than a year and a half ago to the IRS, according to John Solomon, who first published the report last week in The Hill.  

“The investigation clearly demonstrates that the foundation was not a charitable organization per se, but in point of fact was a closely held family partnership,” said Doyle, who formerly worked on Wall Street and has been involved with finance for the last ten years conducting investigations. “As such, it was governed in a fashion in which it sought in large measure to advance the personal interests of its principles as detailed within the financial analysis of this submission and further confirmed within the supporting documentation and evidence section.”

At the onset of the hearing, Moynihan wanted to make perfectly clear that the intention to look into the Clinton Foundation was not political but based on their work with the firm.”

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25 responses to “Clinton “foundation was not a charitable organization per se, but in point of fact was a closely held family partnership”, Lawerence Doyle testimony before congress

  1. From the Daily Caller April 26, 2015.

    “The Clinton Foundation was put on Charity Navigator’s “watch list” last month, The New York Post reported on Sunday.

    The foundation has come under intense scrutiny of late amid revelations it received millions of dollars in donations from foreign governments while Hillary Clinton served as secretary of state. Money also flowed to the foundation from companies and businessmen who benefited from their relationship to the Clintons.

    Furthermore, analysis of the foundation’s tax forms showed it spends a relatively small percentage of its income on charitable activity.”

  2. Clinton Foundation KSG audit, “operates more like a political operation”, “donors have become more and more focused on the strategic use of their donations”, Organization appears to have been built around individuals not the needs and interests of the Foundation

  3. Oh Hillary…Michelle…welcome to NC and ABC coverage of Wikileaks Clinton graft corruption, Aide said he was running ‘Bill Clinton Inc.’, A 12-page memo illustrates how he and other advisers raised millions of dollars for the Clinton Foundation and the Clintons

  4. Abedin: “She created this mess and she knows it”, Hillary messes include Syria Libya Iraq Iran Middle East refugee crisis classified email leaks Commercegate Rapegate Filegate etc, Clinton Foundation pay to play, Clintons own 9/11 and I can prove it

  5. Charles Ortel bio, B.A. from Yale, MBA from Harvard Business School, Clinton Foundation “largest unprosecuted charity fraud ever attempted”, $140 million in grants and pledges in 2013 but spent just $9 million on direct aid, Commercegate on steroids

  6. Clintons 2015 tax return reveals over $ 1 million donation to Clinton Family Foundation i.e. they donated to themselves and their cronies, Donna E. Shalala President, Bill Chelsea and Cheryl Mills on Board of Directors

  7. FBI probing Hillary Clinton corruption, Clinton Foundation work and State Department business, Violated public corruption laws?, 100 plus special agents assigned to the investigations

  8. Hillary Clinton emails will reveal criminal conspiracy to enrich the Clinton Foundation by unlawful means?, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Why Hillary is unhappy, 20 plus year pattern of lying to public and obstruction of justice

  9. Bill Hillary Chelsea Clinton foundation fraud, Legal definition or just dictionary, Slush fund is misleading, Example on about page regarding 2013 consolidated financial reports, 88.4 percent spent on programs???

  10. Clinton Foundation 2013 IRS 990 filing reveals revenue of 148.9 million and charitable giving of 8.9 million, Clintons spent 6 percent of revenue on charity, 64 million not spent increased net assets to 247 million, Would you donate to a charity with this record?

  11. More articles here on the Clinton Foundation.
    Search on foundation

  12. SADLY……….
    …….after the first of the year the Clinton crimes, and all of the Democratic BS goes away, and Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.PIGGY will get away with her BS forever. In truth it is time for the FOURTH BRANCH of government to go back to school, and read the Declaration of Independence THOROUGHLY I have serious doubts that very many youngsters have any idea what the Declaration of Independence is. In addition I have serious doubts if very many of our young people even care about US History. Instead they think the liberals are REALLY C-O-O-L, and that it is OK for foreigners to run for POTUS. The same people believe the MEDIA TELLS THE TRUTH. At the first of the year the OVERSIGHT GAVEL will be passed FROM Meadows to one of the worst nitwits on earth.

  13. Fox News reported that a judge in Texas ruled ‘Obama Care’ unconstitutional … I didn’t get his name.

  14. oldsailor85+

    Well I’ve got some sad news to report. A local farmer has been linked to the recent tainted romaine lettuce outbreak. It appears that a water reservoir has been identified as one of the sources for the dangerous e-coli bacterial strain. What makes the matter worse the farm is partially owned by a local Santa Barbara county supervisor. Anyway, lets hope next years strawberries will be good to eat….and Have a Merry Christmas.

  15. hapnHal………

  16. Ginger, et al.
    District Judge Reed O’Connor in Texas.

  17. CW-Ginger……
    ………..when we have judges who FOLLOW the law of our land, and enforce it as such there will then be a better chance that America will once again become GREAT !!! Hopefully simultaneously the POS who have tried to turn America into a BANANA REPUBLIC will feel a size 12 on their backsides as they are all propelled to lengthy SLAMMER VACATIONS.

  18. BUT SADLY………
    …………the rabid liberal pieces of manure have stepped up their harassment of the POTUS, with their insane, and otherwise idiotic lawsuits. They continue to foam at the mouth as they RAVE, and RANT. ONCE AGAIN….THE POTUS DID NOT COMMIT ANY CAMPAIGN FINANCE VIOLATIONS BY PAYING OFF A COUPLE OF WHORES. HE FINANCED HIMSELF….HE ACCEPTED NO FUNDS FROM THE FED, THEREFORE HIS PERSONAL MONEY EARNED FROM BUSINESS VENTURES BECAME HIS FUNDING. HIS PERSONAL MONEY I-S N-O-T C-A-M-P-A-I-G-N MONEY. THERE WAS NO VIOLATION OF ANY LAWS. Sadly the liberal morons can’t seem to get their pea size brains around this fact. ATOM SNIFF keeps making himself look more and more a total halfwit. He continues to rave, and rant that PUTIN somehow pressed the buttons on the voting machines here in America, and he is going to bring impeachment of President Trump. Whenever he screams his insanity, his eyeballs nearly pop out of his head. He is in serious need of psychiatric help !!!!

  19. CW……..
    ………..perhaps between Judge Reed O’Conner and Judge Sullivan, a semblance of reason and civility will be brought back to our JUSTICE SYSYEM. We still have a long way to go !!!

  20. Long way.

  21. A THOUGHT……….
    ……….and today I came to a sudden realization who Adam Schiff brings to mind………..”TINY TIM” This is largely the result of hearing Schiff’s high pitched staccato like vocal peculiarity (cacophonous verbiance).

  22. AND TODAY……
    ………there is still nearly $290,000.00 missing from the recovered bills that spilled out of the armored truck a couple of days ago on the Jersey Turnpike. Hundreds of vehicles slammed on their brakes when they realized the green stuff was big bills blowing around on the right of way. Looks like a lot of drivers are a lot richer today. Unless the serial numbers are recorded recovering them will probably depend mostly upon the conscience of those who scooped them up.

  23. AND TONIGHT……..right now…….
    ……..the IMPEACHMENT of SLICK WILLY is being presented on the Smithsonian channel. We all remember the one thing he could not LIE ABOUT was the DNA found on the infamous BLUE DRESS. It was then clear that Slick Willy had lied to the Congressional Grand Jury while UNDER OATH. Sadly he was protected from being removed from office by some equally criminal Senators, and a crooked judge. He LIED WHILE UNDER OATH……….which is the WORST POSSIBLE SIN of a POTUS. and rightfully he should have been REMOVED FROM OFFICE……….instead he was merely CENSURED. The liberals demanded Nixon’s removal………so he resigned rather than face impeachment..

  24. AND FINALLY……..
    ……….when he was advised that DNA had been obtained from the blue dress, and that the DNA was determined by a testing lab to be HIS………….he finally spilled his guts, and told the truth. He admitted to LYING to the Grand Jury. IN SHORT…..HE WAS HAD. and now the public knew him for what, he really is……….a FREAKIN LIAR.! Since he was impeached a LOT MORE of his antics have come to light………….yet the victims refused to file charges.

  25. CW
    Found this……..
    Comments from JW comments on Hillary Clinton foundation 14 Dec 18.

    A joint investigation by the Washington Examiner and the nonprofit watchdog group Judicial Watch found that former President Clinton gave 215 speeches and earned $48 million while his wife presided over U.S. foreign policy, raising questions about whether the Clintons fulfilled ethics agreements related to the Clinton Foundation during Hillary Clinton‘s tenure as secretary of state…
    This should get the ball to start rolling?

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