David Schippers obituary, Part 3: Schippers interviews, Exposes Clintons felonies female abuse Filegate Chinagate congressional corruption, Fake News lies

David Schippers obituary, Part 3: Schippers interviews, Exposes Clintons felonies female abuse Filegate Chinagate congressional corruption, Fake News lies

“As a result of our research and review of the Referral and supporting documentation, we respectfully submit that there exists substantial and credible evidence of fifteen separate events directly involving President William Jefferson Clinton that could constitute felonies which, in turn, may constitute grounds to proceed with an impeachment inquiry.”…David Schippers  House Judiciary Committee October 5, 1998

“The White House wanted any applicant for citizenship to be naturalized in time to register for the November election, so the pressure on the INS was constant.”…David Schippers

“Based upon my knowledge of her character and integrity, I can say without qualification that Dolly Kyle’s word is as solid as gold.”
“There is no doubt in my mind that every statement in this book is absolutely true and correct.”…David Schippers


Citizen journalism and activism. Crucial!

Without the internet and citizen involvement in retrieving, saving and disseminating the truth, we would be kept in the dark about chicanery and corruption such as the Clintons were immersed in.

The Clintons rose to power in the bad old days of pre or minimal internet.

David Schippers was a life long Democrat, voted for Clinton twice but he was an honest, principled man.

He headed up the investigation of President Clinton to determine if impeachment proceedings were justified.

The answer was a resounding yes.

He also wrote a book, “Sellout” to tell the rest of the story about the Clintons and the proceedings for the House Judiciary Committee.

The Fake News Media has done their Orwellian best to create a narrative that the impeachment was only about a daliance with Monica Lewinsky.

David Schippers informed us that it was much more than that.

Do an internet search on “David Schippers interviews.”

You will find next to nothing about his book “Sellout” or his investigation.

One of the interviews, from Insight Magazine, was saved by Citizen Wells and was found on Free Republic, saved by a conscientious citizen.

It has been put back up in searchable form. The interview follows:

“Insight: Did you seek the job to head the impeachment investigation?

DS: No. In January 1998 Chairman Hyde called me out of the clear blue sky. Initially, he asked me for help on oversight of a Justice Department matter. Then the Lewinsky issue broke. Hyde asked me if potentially, God forbid, it led to impeachment, would I be willing.

Insight: The White House wanted to make it look like your investigation was a prurient intrusion into Clinton’s private life. Is that so, or were there serious breaches of national security?

DS: After we saw the material assembled in the secure committee room, and after the House voted for the inquiry on Oct. 8, 1998, I went to Henry Hyde and said: “We are going to start a heavy investigation. We’re not going to touch Lewinsky; we’re going to look at Chinagate, Filegate and all the other -gates. I estimated that we wouldn’t be ready to file our findings until July or August 1999.

Insight: What did you think you were getting into with Chinagate?

DS: Prior to the inquiry, I had read the book Year of the Rat by Edward Timperlake and William Triplett, and I realized that there was something there that had to be looked into. So the very first call I made after the House voted for the inquiry was to Timperlake and Triplett. And I asked if they’d cooperate and do the advance investigation because they had so much knowledge from the Senate investigation under Senator Fred Thompson [R-Tenn.]. They said, “We’ll not only help, we’ll work 24 hours a day.” China, to me, was the most dangerous part of the whole thing.

Insight: Why did the Thompson committee drop the ball on Chinagate?

DS: Timperlake and Triplett both had the same question. Nobody seemed to know. We were reaching out for more information, and we were told, “Stop, it’s over.” Little did I realize the frustration we would be facing within a month.

Insight: What kind of job did the House commission led by Rep. Christopher Cox of California do in investigating the Chinagate issues?

DS: Oh, Cox and his colleagues did a good job, but it’s all still classified and nobody can get at it. Cox made clear that he was aware U.S. security had been seriously compromised but he couldn’t go into the specifics because of the security issue.

Insight: How did the House Democratic leadership treat you?

DS: The Democrats always were friendly; they always were affable.

Insight: And the Republicans?

DS: Majority Leader Dick Armey was on our side 100 percent. But others in the Republican leadership, House Speaker Newt Gingrich in particular, were a problem for us. We would have meetings with Gingrich and reach an agreement, “We’re going to do it this way,” but by the time we’d get back to our offices he would be with Minority Leader Richard Gephardt doing exactly the opposite.

Insight: Gingrich and Gephardt acting together?

DS: Our original plan was not to make anything public, to keep it under the tightest security, until we made our reports. But it was Gephardt and Gingrich who decided they were going to let out all the crap. Unfortunately most of it was that sex stuff the media immediately fastened on to send up the battle cry that “It’s only about sex.”

Insight: What kind of damage did their leaks do?

DS: Had it not gone to the media, and had I been able to list 15 felonies, you’d have seen almost no sex in it. It was the felonies on which we focused.

Insight: What about the impeachment committee? Did they release information improperly?

DS: Not Henry Hyde, not the members of the committee. And they fought like tigers. Hyde constantly was pressing the leadership, trying to get them to do things the right way. We originally arranged it so only the members of the committee could get into the room and view the evidence; Gingrich could not get in there until much later. We had an ultrasecure room with ultrasecure evidence, no leaks coming out. Then, in that two weeks [after the House leadership authorized the release of the sex-scandal material], everybody was having a feeding frenzy on all that garbage.

Insight: Gingrich and Gephardt discredited the impeachment investigation?

DS: Oh, yes. They were the ones who against our wishes put out [President Clinton’s] grand-jury testimony. Never mind that the deposition [to Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch] was more useful. First, it was shorter; second, it contained many more lies, more provable lies.

Insight: But the sex issue obscured the damage to U.S. national security.

DS: The whole national-security dimension was lost. The entire matter of the fact that he [Clinton] was committing perjury, obstructions and all that — that was lost. The Filegate thing was lost, everything we intended to get into.
We were going into the committee vote on the impeachment articles. I had thought the strongest article was abuse of the Office of the President. Another of the abuses was that Citizenship USA matter, where the administration had politicized everything and used everything at its disposal. An amendment passed that completely emasculated that article, which meant that we would lose it, and we did lose it.

Insight: Did you have any idea the Senate would respond the way it did to the impeachment articles?

DS: No way. When we finished in the House — the managers, the staff and myself — we honestly believed that once the actual evidence was presented in a trial atmosphere where the American people could see and hear what happened without the use of the word “sex” they would see the witnesses, the victims, the documents, the films.
We had four to five weeks’ worth of evidence. We thought that once this was presented and the American people saw the truth the Democrats would be required to vote their conscience. We thought we would convict and remove him.
That’s why we were so shocked when [Senate Majority Leader] Trent Lott told Henry Hyde, “You’re not going to dump that garbage on us.” Suddenly we realized that our own people were going to sell us down the river in the Senate. We were terribly upset.

Insight: Why did you get that response?

DS: I was shocked because I thought things were on the square. I thought that when a senator took the oath to give equal and impartial justice that he would do that. But it was completely partisan. The Democrats were adamant that the evidence not be produced, and the Republicans did not have the courage to fight them.
The ultimate failure of Republican courage in the Senate was absolutely sickening. They just let the Democrats run roughshod.

Insight: Why didn’t a single Democrat break?

DS: They had a stand-up crew. The discipline in the Democratic Party was absolutely remarkable. I don’t know if it was because of Filegate or what. On the committee in the House, once members saw all the evidence, we expected to pick up four or five of the committee Democrats and vote to impeach. But even in the Senate the only one who broke was Senator [Russell] Feingold [of Wisconsin] who voted against the motion to dismiss. He broke with the party and voted his conscience on that.

Insight: Why did the senators ignore the facts?

DS: I think they wanted to be in the position to say, like Senator [Tom] Harkin [of Iowa] said, “Oh, gee, if I’d known that, I would have changed my vote.” They didn’t want to know anything.

Insight: What do you mean when you say that it may have been Filegate that kept the senators from convicting Clinton?

DS: I don’t think that anybody in the White House or the president’s entourage picked up the phone and called senators and said, “Look, we’ve got something on you and if you do this we’re going to out you,” but after the [Bob] Livingston matter broke and he resigned [even though he was scheduled to be speaker of the House], everybody got the message. And a lot of people may have had something in their background that they didn’t want made public. Who knows?
But everybody knew that if the president had it he would use it. There was always that sword of Damocles over their heads. Maybe that affected the way the senators voted.

Insight: Have we heard the end of Filegate?

DS: Filegate never was resolved. Never. And it probably never will be unless Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch breaks it. He had a lot of information that he was willing to furnish to us in connection with the impeachment had we been able to get into Filegate, and he was extremely unhappy when we were not allowed to get to it. I think Larry eventually may be the one to get to the bottom of it.

Insight: How else has the administration’s impunity undermined our national-security system? What about the 1997 case of Lt. Cmdr. Jack Daly, the Navy intelligence officer whose eyes were burned when a Russian spy ship fired a laser at him, and the Clinton administration covered it up?

DS: They’ll say his injuries are not

Insight: That’s exactly what the Navy has been saying.

DS: The dirty bastards, and they know better! They don’t dare admit it, because then they’ll be admitting that the Russians committed a crime against humanity and an act of war.

Insight: Is there anything not in your book that you think should have been?

DS: Oh, yeah, some of the things I learned in the [Charles] Labella report [on campaign finance from the FBI], some of the things in the room that now are in the archives. I can’t go into specifics, but there’s a lot of material there that corroborated the theory that there was a massive obstruction of justice. There are an awful lot of leads that, had I had more concrete evidence of the kind we intended to get, would have led a hell of a lot more into Chinagate.
Also, I would have gone more into Filegate. And I would have gone into the matter of [late commerce secretary] Ron Brown and [Clinton/Gore fund-raiser and suspected Chinese spy] John Huang and those trips that were being sold on Commerce planes. There’s a lot more I would have gone into had we had more direct proof, but we were given no chance to get it.

Insight: What were the biggest obstacles?

DS: Time. And the leadership in the House. Right after the [1998] election, Henry Hyde was told, “You will finish this by the first of December and, if this goes on into the next Congress, you won’t get authorization; you won’t get more money for the investigation. We don’t want you to do any further investigation. You go with what you’ve got.” Which essentially was the Paula Jones case.
It was the leadership, though I don’t know who specifically talked to Hyde. He never told us. It had to be Gingrich, and after Gingrich resigned the shot was going to be called by whoever would succeed him. Then they got Livingston.

Insight: So the Republicans helped cover up for Clinton?

DS: Originally we were told that it wouldn’t come out of committee and that if it did come out of the committee they’d make sure that 40 Republicans came out against impeachment in the House. We asked that all the Republicans come over and look at what we had, hear the witnesses, see the evidence. We had 65 Republicans over, including a number who said they weren’t going to impeach. And, of those 65, all but one voted to impeach.”

Read more:


David Schippers interviewed by Sandy Rios of American Family Association.

“The American Family Association believes that God has communicated absolute truth to mankind, and that all people are subject to the authority of God’s Word at all times. Therefore AFA believes that a culture based on biblical truth best serves the well-being of our nation and our families, in accordance with the vision of our founding documents; and that personal transformation through the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the greatest agent of biblical change in any culture.”



More here:





26 responses to “David Schippers obituary, Part 3: Schippers interviews, Exposes Clintons felonies female abuse Filegate Chinagate congressional corruption, Fake News lies

  1. “I could probably name 15 occasions when President Obama committed impeachable offenses and should have been impeached.”
    David Schippers interview

  2. CW……….
    ……..YEP……..when the truth is finally in view the number of offenses against America will more than likely have an exponent of 50 or greater !!! Sadly NOTHING was ever done, and in all probability he will never face trial.

  3. AND TONIGHT……..
    ……………we are now looking at one of the most shameful situations in the history of America……..and all coming out of the STUPIDITY, and complete disregard of the welfare of our country. Today we live with a huge block of Americans who have lost every aspect of their senses, and now live their pitiful, and in many cases SORDID lives totally hooked on drugs, and porn………..and many are illiterate. They are now blinded by their own twisted life styles to such a degree that there will never be any return to reality. I believe that there is far more Americans who have ventured down this road than will ever be known. This is a large part of the reason why we are now facing the invasion from the south. The same thing has happened where these people come from………..but worse yet is the fact that there is a large number of those gathered at our southern gates who will murder anyone for any reason………….but now a SICK,TWISTED SO CALLED JUDGE has blocked the President from protecting America. So lets throw the gates wide open and let the states take care of the problems which they themselves were largely responsible for having created. States like California, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Oregon, Washington State, New York, and all of the so called SANCTUARY states. So lets ship all of the invaders to the various sanctuary states and let them deal with their own insanity.

  4. I AM……….
    …………really saddened by what I see America turning into. Today it is perfectly legal to MURDER an unborn child for literally ANY REASON. What sort of society condones such heinous acts? Our so called INFORMED SOCIETY, want to have their sexual fun, and create these unborn children, but when they face the responsibility for the care of the soon to be born infant then the murder of the unborn child is OK in their view. With such folks it is a matter of CONVENIENCE. Why the hell should convenience be allowed to dictate the MURDER of an unborn child. It is time that those who indulge themselves in behavior which results in the creation of a living fetus to be held liable for the welfare of the child after he/she is born. Such an inconvenient child CAN be put up for adoption………BUT TO SOME THAT TOO IS INCONVENIENT. Today we have a society wherein everyone wants ZERO LIABILITY for everything they indulge themselves in. Such people are really what I view as DEGENERATES. All of this is still more evidence that moral depravity is increasing, and is adding to the overall moral deterioration of more, and more Americans.

  5. CW et al……….
    ………..everybody have a happy Thanksgiving !

  6. AND……..
    ………..if you are anywhere near Lil Barry Soetoro you might want to have an extra can of FLYING INSECT SPRAY within easy reach!!!!! There might be clouds of flies orbiting his head. Have a great day!!!!!

  7. A QUESTION………..
    …………..who was it who said “My Muslim faith”……..then said “I have been in 57 states”………and later said “Michael and I……..” and still later said….” I am the first American president to have come from Kenya”.

  8. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  9. Happy Thanksgiving, CW, and all CWers!

  10. Thanksgiving blessings to everyone here on CW.

  11. Listen very carefully.
    Anyone paying attention here for at least several years is aware of the
    emphasis I have put on David Schippers investigations in the late nineties
    & subsequent book Sellout, revealing the truth about the Clintons.
    This has current & ongoing relevance.
    Mr. Schippers desire was that Filegate be further investigated & prosecuted by Judicial Watch.
    Search on Judge Lamberth here & elsewhere.
    Still in the news re Clintons.
    Keep this alive.
    I will to the extent my health allows.
    Thank God for the life of David Schippers, a good man who did the right thing.

  12. CW……..
    ……….where Schippers is concerned I stand 100% behind you. ……….unfortunately without the willingness of the government to expend any effort, or resources to execute an in depth investigation there is serious doubt that Schippers efforts will achieve much. I believe there must also be PERSISTENCE, and the issue never allowed to die. Every waking hour the bastards who perpetrate their criminal crapola need to be exposed then hounded for the rest of their slimy lives, or continually until they ultimately are brought to justice.

  13. CW
    ………God be with you!!!

  14. CW………
    …………all of the criminal bastards in America will NOT ESCAPE prosecution………….if not in America’s courts it will happen in God’s courtroom. These criminals think they are going to live forever………..THEY ARE WRONG………..and probably during the coming months, and years we might even live to enjoy watching each of them reap his/her just desserts. This is one consolation which nobody can take away!!! Teddy was one example which I watched with great relish. Mary Jo Kopechne finally had her day.

  15. AND NOW………
    ……….it is time that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals was seen for what it really is. In reality it is a CABAL that has it’s roots in the Progressive Left in America. This court DOES NOT operate under Constitutional mandate. They operate under the control of the LIBERAL LEFT DEMOCRATIC PARTY. Congress needs to address this court, and forcefully if necessary return it to it’s latitude, and longitude of operation. Until the 9th Circuit is reined in by Congress they will continue to block the President at every turn. God help us if America is attacked by a hostile military force…….the 9th Circuit will more than likely attempt to block the president from defending America. As a result they will probably be among the first pile of American bodies. The 9thy Circuit will then learn (AFTER THE FACT) that their alignment with the lunatic left has done nothing for them or America. In short they are a pack of rabid lunatics who howl at the moon, and foam at the mouth. God will ultimately deal with them………ON HIS TERMS !!!!

  16. A Blessed Thanksgiving to all!

  17. My mom turns 94 in a few months.
    Diagnosed with spinal stenosis a few months ago.
    She cooked a full Thanksgiving meal.
    No question about their being the Greatest Generation.

  18. Your Thanksgiving meal looks absolutely delicious and so well prepared! What a lady! The best to your mom and family on Thanksgiving, CW.

  19. CW……….
    ……….I presently know of a elderly lady who has spinal stenosis. It has caused her posture to deteriorate considerably with the curvature of her spine……..Yet she still works part time at our local Kroger store as a check out cashier. As debilitating as it is she somehow gets everybody checked out…. and really fast. She has slowly developed it over several years. I have traded there for nearly twenty years. She always has a pleasant word for everyone. I believe that she is in her upper eighties or early nineties also. I wonder how well many of those who are youngsters today will deal with such an illness when they are in their nineties.
    All the best to you and your mother.!

  20. hapnHal……….
    ………….hope the firefighters are making some headway. In spite of the fires there are still some California strawberries coming to the stores.

  21. KAKS………..
    ………….always nice to hear from you. What have you been up to?

  22. Yes, thanks kaks

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