Christians in Nazi Germany, Hitler and the Protestants, The “German Christians”, How good people allowed evil to spread, No excuse for mass approval of Nazism by German Protestants or other German groups

Christians in Nazi Germany, Hitler and the Protestants, The “German Christians”, How good people allowed evil to spread, No excuse for mass approval of Nazism by German Protestants or other German groups

“Through God’s intercession, our beloved German Fatherland has experienced a mighty exaltation. In this turning point in history we hear, as faithful evangelical Christians, the call of God to a closing of ranks and a return, the call also for a single German Evangelical Church …. The Confessions are its unalterable basis …. A national bishop of the Lutheran confession stands at its head …. Christ comes again and brings an eternal completion in the majesty of His Kingdom.”…”Hitler and the Protestants”, SpindleWorks

“Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.”… Edmund Burke

“What has been will be again,
what has been done will be done again;
there is nothing new under the sun.”…Ecclesiastes 1:9


In ordnung is a German expression that means in order.

The Amish have their ordnung and if you listen closely, you will hear it often used in German World War II movies.

Ordnung is important to Germans and one of the reasons otherwise good “Christians” in Nazi Germany looked the other way.

How good people allowed evil to spread.

From Spindle Works.

“The Protestant churches in Nazi Germany”

“The rise of Hitler

Hitler and his Nazis had been agitating throughout the twenties, but they did not become influential until the stock market crash of 1929 had introduced the great depression. That depression hit Germany hard and caused many to look for a strong man to pull them out of the morass. Hitler grasped the opportunities offered by the depression and the general feeling of malaise. He not only promised jobs and renewed prosperity, but also all the other things the majority of Germans wanted: a restoraton of Germany’s greatness, revenge on the allies for the Versailles treaty, a war to the death on socialists and communists, law and order, strict discipline, and strict public morality. A revival of the old, conservative, paternalistic and imperial Germany was beckoning – and it would be a Christian Germany once more. At least, so Hitler promised.

In fact, Hitler hated Christianity and was convinced that it was incompatible with National Socialism. He was enough of an opportunist, however, to realize that the Christian tradition was still strong in Germany, and that he would be wise to begin by courting the churches’ favour. If they trusted him, they could be excellent supporters in his rise to power; if he alienated them, they could be formidable enemies. But although he courted them, he never intended to allow them any independent power in the totalitarian Nazi state: they were to be merely his tools, to be discarded when no longer needed.

In January 1933 Hitler became chancellor of Germany. In March of that year he addressed the churches as follows:

The national Government sees in the two Christian Confessions (Protestant and Roman Catholic) the most important factors for the preservation of our nationality. It will respect the agreements that have been drawn up between them and the provincial states.

. . . The national Government will provide and guarantee to the Christian Confessions the influence due them in the schools and education. It is concerned for genuine harmony between Church and State .

. . . The rights of the churches will not be curtailed; their position in relation to the State will not be changed.[1]

Hitler dealt first with the Roman Catholics. After discussions with the archbishops, who conferred with the pope, a concordat or agreement was signed in June 1933. The concordat assured the church (on paper) of its privileges and was intended to guarantee either its neutrality or its support for the Nazi regime. The Roman Catholic Centre Party was disbanded.

Hitler and the Protestants

When Hitler turned his attention to the Protestants, he faced a different situation. How does one deal with at least twenty-eight different church federations? The national assembly of these churches had no real authority, and the Protestants had neither archbishop nor pope. Hitler therefore decided to create such a figure. He suggested that the Protestant churches elect or appoint a national bishop who would sit in the religious affairs department (the Ministry of Cults) of the national government.

The reaction of some German church leaders was ecstatic, witness this message:

Through God’s intercession, our beloved German Fatherland has experienced a mighty exaltation. In this turning point in history we hear, as faithful evangelical Christians, the call of God to a closing of ranks and a return, the call also for a single German Evangelical Church …. The Confessions are its unalterable basis …. A national bishop of the Lutheran confession stands at its head …. Christ comes again and brings an eternal completion in the majesty of His Kingdom. [2]

Although not all Protestants voiced these sentiments, a general feeling of elation grew in the Protestant churches. Miracles seemed to be happening. The Protestants were asked once again to play a role in the affairs of the nation. They were even offered a chance to form a national, unified church. Could all this simply be coincidence? It seemed to be the hand of God at work in Germany. He was calling the churches back to their old place and task in the midst of the nation.

The Fuehrer was popular. He was giving work to the millions of unemployed. The country was picking up rapidly. Nationalism was growing. Leftists were being suppressed, Surely the Lord was with such a man as Adolf Hitler! Provincial churches united and synod after synod voiced its approval of a national church under one bishop. Few, very few people realized that all was not well. Fewer still issued warnings.

The “German Christians”

There was no excuse for this mass approval of Nazism by the German Protestants or, for that matter, by any other German group. They could have been aware of Hitler’s ideology and aims: he had revealed much of them in his autobiography Mein Kampf, published in the twenties. They could also have an inkling of what was likely to happen to the German churches if the Nazis gained power. Long before January 1933, when Hitler became chancellor, groups had arisen in Germany which attempted to combine Christianity with the type of paganism that the Nazis also espoused or would espouse. In 1932, that is, before Hitler became chancellor, a number of these groups had united in what came to be known as the movement of the “German Christians” (Deutsche Christen).

This movement espoused the Nazi party’s “positive Christianity,” which is meant, among other things, that it denied sin and depravity, as well as humility, and that it stressed nationalism and the saving character of the state. The church, as part of the state, was to march along-side the people to bring it to its earthly paradise. As Karl Barth described it, “The state is eternal, equal to the Bible in expressing God’s will. The Fuehrer is equal to the commands of God, rather, he is above them.” [3] With Hegel, Nietzsche, Rosenberg, and Wagner as their prophets, the “German Christians” preached their perverted gospel.

Their movement consisted of various streams. There were conservative Lutherans, who merely wanted a political voice in the new state, were against war debts, democracy, and the exclusion of the churches under the Weimar regime. Another stream propagated the religion of the “Volk,” an old, nineteenth-century idea. According to this group, Christ came to help Germans fulfil their potential as a separate folk and nation, with its own law: that of struggle. Germans were born for struggle: they would fulfil their folkishness by that means. The call to arms and slogan for the Christian life was “struggle, cross, and sacrifice” over against “false and weak freedom.” Christian ethics, such as those of the Sermon on the Mount, belonged to the kingdom of heaven, not to the earthly German one. Weaklings and non-Aryans were not to be allowed. Euthanasia was good; it would help keep the folk pure and strong. War also was good: it would bring the highest religion of all (Christianity) to other peoples, and it would bring the greatest folk of all, the Germans, to full fruition as rulers of lesser peoples and churches and religions. The Germans were the super race, the Herrenvolk.

Needless to say, Marxism, socialism, pacifism, as well as Jews and blacks and other non-Aryans, were to be rejected. Church confessions were declared outdated, and race and people, blood and soil, became the standards. Hitler stood next to Christ as the leader of all Germany, the manifestation of the divine in history. Hitler as Fuehrer was infallible, and revealed God’s will to men better than any Bible or confession, History had given Germany its messiah.”

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62 responses to “Christians in Nazi Germany, Hitler and the Protestants, The “German Christians”, How good people allowed evil to spread, No excuse for mass approval of Nazism by German Protestants or other German groups

  1. citizenwells

    Here I stand.

  2. A must watch… Slime bag Brennen

  3. Which one of the two people does the Ku Klux Korean think is the good guy?

  4. I remember stories from Leo Donofrio, back in 2008 saying the enemy was also changing information at Justia, and other legal sites, in order to bastardize the laws.

  5. It all coincides with the advent of the usurper.

  6. fhl……….
    …………when I look around me … the grocery store, at the carwash, at the gas station, ,,,,virtually everywhere I go I hear people talking to one another. In their conversations a four letter expression which begins with F is used over and over. This tells me that these people have become feeble minded otherwise they would not need to use such language in their conversations……particularly in public. I have over the years noticed that the fowl language has become popular with our young people clear down through high school, and even into grade schoolers. I have also noticed a parallel deterioration of the intelligence quotient in many of our young people. Now we hear them talking about how great it would be if everything was for FREE. I recently read a magazine article wherein the author advocated that from the day of birth, to the day of his/her death a person should receive a salary from the government, and not have to be employed to collect a government salary. He also advocates FREE HEALTH CARE, FREE FOOD, FREE RENT(GOVERNMENT SUBSIDY), free transportation, free telephone service, free utilities, and free formal education.This is lunacy taken to the extreme. The author writes for a NATIONALLY DISTRIBUTED NEWS MAGAZINE. This article appeared in the May issue of the magazine. This sounds as though Chavez might be the author’s idol. It is fast becoming clear that a large number of American young people believe in this notion. I wonder who they think is going to PAY THE TAB…….ohhh yeah I nearly forgot that such people don’t give a damn who pays the bills they create, just so long as it isn’t them. These people would fit right in in Venezuela. They could lay around , do nothing, pick their noses, play with themselves, never bathe again, do their drugs, eat like hogs, and breed 10 times each day. Some think that is a description of UTOPIA. Probably be smart to ask a Venezuelan about his Maduro utopia. har har

  7. Bob Strauss……..
    …………I read the report, and what was learned generated a complete search of Justia which found a number of laws which had been tampered with……….allegedly all were returned to the AS WRITTEN editions throughout the archives.

  8. Bob Strauss……..
    …………Justia is used by a very large number of attorneys as they research cases they are handling. It is imperative that this facility remains clean. The deliberate alteration of laws at Justia was more than likely the handiwork of Brennan and Company. It was he who also sterilised Dunham’s passport records.

  9. AND………
    ……..summarily, America is fast becoming ripe for a takeover by a pack of screaming, raving , foaming at the mouth lunatics, who our young people think are really “C-O-O-L M-A-N”……..(stated in their own sort of language)……..just as was Germany in the 1930s. Actually Hitler had a seriously WARPED MIND. All anyone needs to do is look into his facial expressions as he gave speeches…… and his accompanying, gestures with his hands, clearly demonstrates an impaired mentality. He believed that he was a GOD, and the German people were his subjects…….he was obviously living in his own little FANTASY WORLD……which he decided to impose upon the German people……..who were either too lethargic, or simply didn’t care and they let him take control. I believe that America is in danger of having exactly the same thing happen, and for the same exact reasons!!!

  10. Trump’s threats against the press. Zero actual impact on CNN or MSNBC’s ability to publish nonsense.

    Democratic politicians threatening tech giants: People with large audiences actually being de-platformed in real life.

    — Michael Krieger (@LibertyBlitz) August 7, 2018

  11. AND TODAY………..
    …………we have learned that Mzzzzzzzzzzzzz . MANY HA HA in Massachussetts will be a DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE FOR POTUS in 2020. Oh boy…..many ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha……….what a twisted example of A NATIVE AMERICAN. Of course she is a SELF ORDAINED NATIVE AMERICAN. She is such a twisted politician that Congress once admonished her for making personal remarks against a fellow politician, and she was ordered by the speaker to “SHUT UP AND RETURN TO HER SEAT”.


  13. fhl………..
    ……………and that examination should have occurred last year, at the beginning of the WITCH HUNT. Judging from what we knew at the outset of the witch hunt, Mueller should never have been charged with such an investigation to begin with. HE HAD SERIOUS CONFLICTS OF INTEREST, and Rosenstein KNEW THAT. The whole alleged investigation is really a sham, which is being used to cast a bad light upon the Trump Presidency. This sham will continue for the foreseeable future, at least until the mid term elections are over. I have reason to think that Mueller will end the investigation after the mid terms.

  14. AND NOW………..
    …… by one the families of the Korean War returned dead are finding comfort and closure……..but they will NEVER forget. The loss of their fathers is indelibly imprinted upon their vary souls………and their pain will go with them to their own graves……… sad as it is. It is doubtful that there will ever be an end to wars. Sadly some such actions are planned for ulterior purposes.

  15. I’ve never seen it articulated in the conservative media, but I can tell you how the confiscation of guns is going to take place. The playbook for it is already out in the open and unhidden. There’s no secret to it at all

    The first amendment is a right of the american people, too.
    Anybody notice what’s been going on with that over the last couple of years?
    And i’m not talking about farsebook or any of the other social nazi sites. I’m talking about constitutionally protected rights to assemble and speak on public property. Like in Portland as well as many other cities.

    A. A group from the right will get a permit for a rally. So they can exercise their constitutionally protected rights to assemble and speak.

    B. The commies and queers put on masks and bring weapons and engage in criminal activity to stop the law abiding.

    C. The city revokes the permit they issued for people to exercise their constitutional right to assemble and speak. The city says they need to do this for the “greater good” of safety.

    And just like that, people’s constitutional rights are taken away.

    All it takes is a few judges to say the the ‘greater good of safety’ outweighs the right to keep your guns and it’s over. They’ve already used this method to take away the first amendment. The second amendment is on deck.

    And it will happen. There are always so called conservative congressmen and so called conservative judges who will cave. There always have been and there always will be.

  16. One of the news items today is the end of the tribune sinclair merger.
    It’s downfall is because the conservative sinclair might spread conservatism, and so it had to be stopped because of it’s ‘monopoly effects’ on the media.

    Meanwhile, the most blatant examples of monopolistic behavior there is, facebook and google, get to go right on engaging in their monopolies because, let’s be honest, their doing the politicians wishes, in banning conservatives.

    And the gov’t gets by with this.

    The American Pinochet or Franco can not come soon enough for me.

  17. fhl….I bet 90% of senate members AND the public can’t even recite the first amendment rights…apprs…assemble, petition, print, religion, speech.

    That guy that shows/proves how dumb we are should record on the street asking just that….WHAT ARE THE FIRST AMENDMENTS??

  18. JJ………..
    …………it all begins in the FIRST GRADE, and continues throughout high school and at the Universities, and colleges. Nobody is born IGNORANT, they are MADE THAT WAY. UP is DOWN begins at the first grade, and continues throughout one’s education, and now extends into the lives of everyone. Why does this continue, because pathetically few can think for themselves anymore. Anyone who can do this is automatically deemed as some sort of evil person in our society. Chavez knew that to completely control people you needed to control everything they read, hear, or see. At this point forward you continue to rant and rave that UP is DOWN. Soon a few begin to believe it, and slowly everyone believes it, and eventually it goes into history as the TRUTH. Joseph Goebbels also knew this!!!

  19. fhl……….
    ………….what I put forward in my comment of 1:16 PM is also a major component of what you suggest in your comment. Most such people no longer adhere to the principles which our country was founded upon…….again UP is DOWN, and it benefits the CRIMINAL CABALS in America This is why our government has become tyrannous……..nobody even cares anymore…….they now do whatever TURNS THEM ON!!!! These days we see people overdosing on drugs, we see them, doing deviant sex, we see them involved in criminal behavior, we see them losing moral turpitude, we see them losing spiritual pursuit…………so combine it all and VOILA you have todays society, plus our so called leaders.!

  20. JJ……….
    ……….I think you meant to say what is THE FIRST AMENDMENT, or what is the Bill of Rights? I agree with you……it is more than doubtful if you would find 1 person out of 500 hundred who would be able to recite the FIRST AMENDMENT WORD FOR WORD.!!!! Nor would you be able to find anyone who could tell you when the Spanish American war was fought. This is no longer being taught in our grade schools, or high schools. Our society is being dumbed down deliberately……but pathetically few Americans no longer possess the intellectual ability to discern this fact.

  21. AND NOW ……..
    ……………the sick, twisted, so called professional football players have put themselves into the faces of people all mover the world, and slowly but surely the alleged football players are being seen in the true light in which they dwell. The alleged football players have forgotten that they once pledged allegiance to the flag of America. If they feel they can no longer support their own country then it is time for them to LEAVE this country.

  22. AND……….
    …………our so called football players will one day enter God’s courtroom. God doesn’t allow PROTESTS in his courtroom…….and such protests mean nothing to him. I am sure that Teddy Kennedy, and others like him have also discovered this fact, and all are now burning eternally in HELL. People who refuse to support their own country, are SNEAKS and are among the same crowd. I have a feeling that our alleged football players who refuse to stand for the Anthem would also refuse to help defend their own country if it was attacked……….further such people will join the ENEMY. ………this is what a SNEAK does!

    ……… a nation of over 300,000,000 million people we have some who are deviates, we have some who are liars, we have some who are criminals, and we have some who are COWARDS……..whining, nose picking, odorous, pieces of excrement who will sell out their own country in a heart beat. People like this rarely if ever wake up to reality. They live in their “MOMMY,MOMMY” world, and much of the time live off of the efforts of their parents for decades, sometimes even until their parents pass away. This sort of lifestyle is fast gaining a presence in our society………and largely destroys the quality of the retirement of their parents……….but blood suckers don’t give a damn, about their own parents.

  24. Find someone who loves you as much as Jim Ocosta loves himself.

  25. Liberals have been telling us that diversity MUST be promoted.

    What this means when not talking in code is they want less white people.

    But now they’re going apesht over Laura Ingraham saying we don’t want to change demographics. Calling her a white supremacist.

    The advertisers will be pressured to drop her. I’m betting many will drop her.

    Will she cave and say she’s so very sorry. Probably.

  26. WHEN OR IF……….
    …………total war become reality………one hell of a lot of snotnosed Americans are going to suddenly learn what REALITY IS. Sadly this will occur AFTER THE FACT, which is TOO LATE. Millions will die as a result of American LIBERAL NITWITS.
    Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. PEE LOUSY is telling everybody HOW IMPORTANT SHE THINKS SHE IS. I bet she thinks she can even poke a hole in a bowl of water !!!!!!………….SO MUCH FOR FANTASY LAND DRUGHEADS!

  27. YOU DON’T NEED……..
    ………….to look twice at the face of Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. PEE LOUSY to see that she is seriously DERANGED. Her twisted facial grimaces, and her round staring eye set tells it all. These are unconscious markers that appear on everyone’s face as they talk. Once you have observed this phenomena you never forget it, and eventually you learn how to read the faces of people who spout BULL$HIT, and INSANITY ! The same markers appear on the face of ATOM SNIFF who is another SICK, DERANGED, LIBERAL MORON.

  28. AND……….
    …………..whenever you see someone who has a Marty Feldman eyeset, and you see rapidly occurring idiotic facial grimaces, an animated gait, and hooked hands, you will know for sure you are looking at a DERANGED LIBERAL DEMOCRAT………..Adam SNIFF is a perfect example, Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz PEE LOUSY is a very close second. They are closely followed by Max. WHAT- eeerrrrrrrssss! To this all I am now forced to add the idiotic Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Cort-hezzzzzzz! She is really suffering from a serious case of LIBERAL RABIES induced oral diarrhea which she gushes everytime she opens her mouth…….COMPLETE LUNATIC !!!

  29. AND NOW……….
    …………I am reading about proponents of Socialism who also think that a government salary should begin for a person on the day of his/her birth, and go to the day of that person’s death. No job is required, nor does anyone have to work to receive the government salary. You can lay around , pick your nose, do drugs, steal from others, never bathe, eat like a hog, smell bad, lie, masturbate, rave, and rant. have free food, a free car, and a free house. In addition these people want a free formal education as well. Wonder who is going to pay for all of this……..

  30. AND TODAY………..
    ……….I discovered something that ought to crack everybody up big time !!!
    I discovered that Michael Moore looks a helluva lot like Rosie Odonnell in the face, and there isn’t much difference physically either. Maybe he is really a she, and maybe she is really a he. har har

  31. fhl……..
    ………….your comment regarding Laura Ingraham, sort of brings back memories of Gretta Van Susteren who once occupied Laura’s chair. In spite of Gretta’s droopy oral appearance I thought she done a reasonable job while at Fox. I have sometimes wondered if she was suffering from Bells Palsy. In fact Laura Ingraham has an oral style that in some ways are like those of Gretta. IRONIC ! Laura is not afraid to ruffle feathers from time to time, and the liberals are quick to label her. It is a really sad state in America when someone has to use their OWN behavior as the foundation of accusations against someone in the hope it will make the person being accused LOOK BAD. Of course THAT IS RIGHT OUT OF THE LIBERAL PLAYBOOK.
    Many decades ago, during the 1930s the Democrats used to wear straw hats at their conventions. I remember somebody once telling a story about a number of the politicians weren’t paying much attention to where they laid their straw hats down………..well the story goes that somebody quietly went around dropping little gobs of DOGGY DO in some of the straw hats. When they grabbed their straw hats and smacked them on their heads…….VOILA instant $HIT FOR BRAINS !!! Somehow this all seems to fit neatly together given our view of todays LIBERAL FANTASY LAND.

  32. fhl………
    ……………I would love to have watched something like a turd in SLICK WILLY’S straw hat. Would have been a great reward for his sick, twisted personal conduct…….and related bull$hit !!!

  33. fhl……….
    …………when a liberal accuses someone of some sort of sick twisted, behavior, it is ALWAYS their own sort of personal behavior they use as a foundation for their accusations against others……….WELL KNOWN FACT!

  34. AND NOW……….
    ………..Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Omarosa Newman has jumped aboard the IDIOT merry go round in DC, trying to grab attention to herself. She has written a book in which she allegedly tells all about her VERY SHORT TENURE at the Whitehouse. I can guess that she will also accuse the POTUS of having sex with her in the Whitehouse. This is easy to see through……as just another liberal who is trying to cash in at the expense of Trump. Most people who still have the ability to think will see through her bull$hit very quickly. REAL CHEAP PIECE OF FEMALE TRASH…….just like Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Damn-you-alls………..the mass celebrated whore!!!

  35. AND TODAY……
    …………..the Chicago murder rate increases again……..while ROM plays DROP THE SOAP at his favorite bath house. Hey Chicago you elected him so LIVE WITH IT !!!!

  36. fhl,

    Wow, that’s one of the best photos of Liawatha in her ‘native dress’ I’ve seen!

    Last week, she p*ssed off the entire law enforcement community in MA, and they’ve taken her to the woodshed. She was speaking at a black college so, as usual, she pandered to the audience listening to her crappola.

    One of the commenters came up with a new name for her: Princess Grey Beaver,

    That one’s going on my list :).

  37. fhl……….
    ………….I have long thought that Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Piggy uses collusion like it is standard equipment in life, and uses a broom for transportation.!!!!

  38. SueK……….
    ………..whenever I look at a picture of Pocahontas it brings to mind a Scandinavian chick I went to high school with. Later in life I heard that people from that part of the world were called SQUAREHEADS. Pocahontas is a dead ringer for the high school chick. Her last name was Swensen..…..about as Swedish as you can get…!!!!!!!

  39. The pic we’ve all seen before Someone blew up the hands. Looks like he was holding hands with his boyfriend.

  40. fhl……….
    ………..AND.queersville is what it is !!!!! Two really sickening pieces of feces………neither of whom are US Citizens.

  41. So she is.

  42. Muslim woman candidate for congress in Mn appears to have been married to her brother in order to facilitate his illegal immigration into the US.

    The candidate is now shutting down and deleting all her social media accounts and facebook deleted the account of a woman who asked her why she married her brother. The feds are appearing to refuse to investigate the matter of the fraudulent marriage for immigration purposes.
    And Newsweek wrote an article about how islamaphobic it is to ask her these question.

    It’s a very similar situation to obongo’s birth certificate.
    The media is is full cover up mode and the gov’t will do nothing.
    It’s a hate crime to investigate.

  43. AND NOW………….
    …………as I watch Tucker Carlson at FOX tonight I see and hear ANOTHER RABID LIBERAL lunatic as he foams at the mouth and raves about the great virtues of SOCIALISM. Sadly this bird is an associate of Indiana University!!! This Law, and Medical school has existed for a very long time, and was once a leading University in Indiana. They have slowly deteriorated……..I believe that part of the reason for the deterioration of Indiana University was the merger with Purdue University……..which is now referred to a UI-PUI. Purdue has long been a production mill for the LIBERAL agenda.

  44. fhl………..
    …………in all probability ” ALVIN” the ARIZONA CHIPMUNK played a substantial role in the channeling of the PHONY DOSSIER to the “RIGHT PEOPLE”.

  45. AND………
    ……..”.NEVER in 26 years…………..goes Mr. Strzok, Then “YOU’RE FIRED” goes the FBI. Ohhhhhhhh Welllllllllll.

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