Thrivent insurance claims reviews, Dispute resolution program benefits members?,Christian common bond?, “Don’t use this company they hide behind the cross”

Thrivent insurance claims reviews, Dispute resolution program benefits members?, Christian common bond?, “Don’t use this company they hide behind the cross”

“Thrivent contends that its commitment to individual arbitration is “important to the membership because it reflects Thrivent’s Christian Common Bond, helps preserve members’ fraternal relationships, and avoids protracted and adversarial litigation that could undermine Thrivent’s core mission.”…Thrivent v. Acosta Nov. 3, 2017

“The MDRP is the sole means for presenting and resolving grievances, complaints, or disputes between Members, insureds, certificate owners or beneficiaries and Thrivent or Thrivent’s directors, officers, agents and employees. The MDRP reflects Thrivent’s Christian belief system and strives to preserve Members’ fraternal relationship.”…Thrivent vs Perez Sept. 29, 2016

“Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.”…Matthew 7:15


Below are some reviews of Thrivent insurance claims experiences that are similar to my experiences with Thrivent.

January 17, 2017.

“First of all I’m not a insurance company or employee. I have investments, life insurance, and disability insurance with Thrivent. I have been with Thrivent for many years and trusted them. when I became disabled a year ago and could not work I filed my private disability insurance along with my SSDI. After 7 months of waiting my SSDI was approved the 1st time, Still waiting and expecting my private disability insurance to be approved by Thrivent I received a letter from them with a denial stating I could still work according to all the medical records supplied. I supplied letters from my primary doctor and the specialists treating me stating I was disabled and could not work, I sent an e-mail to Thrivent letting them know of my approval for my SSDI and I got a letter back from them stating that there standards for approval are much higher then the Federal Gov. I followed all there requirements supplied all records never had to be evaluated by Thrivent’s doctor. They just flat denied my claim with a stupid excuse. I have been working with a attorney on this claim to try and settle it. Thrivent has been stalling them every step of the way. THIS DISABILITY POLICY IS A SCAMM. They never had any attention on paying out benefits. They communicated during the process with useless letters telling me nothing about my case. and short to the point e-mails telling me nothing. I have had to put out thousands of dollars in attorney fee’s and thousands of dollars in medical treatment fee’s for out of network doctors. If I don’t qualify for there disability benefits I don’t think anyone can. I DIDNT KNOW IT WAS ME AGIANST THRIVENT INSURANCE, THAT IS HOW THEY MAKE YOU FEEL. Don’t use this company they hide behind the cross.”

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Nancy Bowman February 6, 2018.

“We had a very difficult time during my husband’s illness, Parkinson’s among others, getting any help from Thrivent. Their customer service people were rude and of no assistance. Of his $170.000 fund, we spent $6,000 due to their outrageous, convoluted rules written for the benefit of the company. The salesman did not explain any of these caveats when we purchased the policy and refused to take my calls. Now I need some help, in-home, due to a broken foot but am told I have to pay for 90days of help before they will begin to pay, then need a doctor’s certification that I am disabled. There is a clause stating that if a licensed Health Care Practitioner has, with a 12 month period preceding that day, (what day?) certifies that the person has a physical impairment to last at least 90 days, but it doesn’t say anything else.I am about to go to my attorney, call my Congressmen and anything else to bring this company around. They keep a client’s fund separately but then, if not used, they abscond with it. It’s our money but they act like it’s theirs. They could keep the interest, but refund the premiums not used. It’s white-collar theft and they get away with it because they are a brotherhood. I would never have done business with this company.”

Cathy February 13, 2018.

“I am working on a long-term care insurance benefit dispute for 9 months now. Thrivent refuses to pay the claim even though my mother is coming to the end of her life and is totally disabled. I received a letter today stating that Thrivent does not have to justify their reasons for not paying the claim.
I attempted to resolve the claim through the Pennsylvania Dept of Insurance who did nothing but recommend we get an attorney. I also Issued a claim with the Better Business Bureau… another complete waste of time. Thrivent pays the BBB to post an A+ rating.
Today I sent my dispute to the Attorney General’s office.
Please… let’s not let this unethical organization take our parent’s money and then hide behind red tape and ambiguity when it is time for a payout. Has anyone contacted the Lutheran Synod to find out who is promoting these crooks? Does the Lutheran Synod know that Thrivent is not paying their claims?”

Kris Boike November 3, 2016.

“After a year of paying out on my mothers Long-Term Nursing Claim, Thrivent has stopped. They continuously change their minds of what they require within the Plan of Care from the Nursing Home. This has been going on for 4-5 months now, with at least 6 different versions of the Nursing Plan of Care being submitted. Not only is this experience frustrating, expensive to now start paying Nursing Home expenses directly, they expect my mother and father to re-start paying the LT Care Premiums while we go through the appeals/Membership Resolution Process. The Claims Examiners lie/change their minds constantly to avoid paying out! Lawyer-Up people! 17 Years of paying premiums and now they want more years of premium payments to avoid paying out! Snakes!”

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I have attempted to contact a Doctor who is seeking others with bad Thrivent experiences. Hopefully he will respond.


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10 responses to “Thrivent insurance claims reviews, Dispute resolution program benefits members?,Christian common bond?, “Don’t use this company they hide behind the cross”

  1. citizenwells

    “The secret of life is honesty, and fair
    dealing. If you can fake that you’ve got it made.”…Groucho Marx

  2. citizenwells

    Hi SueK.
    Apparently this was meant for me to research, experience & write about.
    I can state, emphatically, that forced arbitration (dispute resolution) is a huge problem, robbing us
    of our day in court, giving control to companies and attorneys and keeping problems out of the light of day.
    I have wanted to write about this for years.

  3. oldsailor86

    ………….if the department of insurance within a state refuses to examine a complaint against an insurance company, that alone should tell you it is corrupt. You then get in contact with your state AG, and file a formal complaint against the insurer via that office. If the upper echelon of state officials are corrupted don’t expect any help from them. The next step is to find a broadcasting company who has a investigative department. You then supply them with copies of everything you have. Sometimes the BAD PRESS will cut into the sales of the crooked business seriously. Buying insurance is a little like buying an investment. You need to do a thorough internet breakdown on everything you can find regarding the organization who you intend to invest in. There is a whole lot to be found about any company now that the internet exists. Diligence, and patience is needed, but the reward can be great……you might save yourself from being ripped off. Above all DO NOT RELY ON BBB reports. Go to searching complaints against the suspect company, and determine if there are complaints of crooked dealing with customers, or clients. The information IS out there you only need to find it. A public library can also help in your search. LEARN,LEARN,LEARN. Your IP provides a search engine for you…………USE IT! There is a way to beat a company like Thrivent……..make their CROOKED DEALINGS PUBLIC INFORMATION every time you find a crooked deal.

  4. citizenwells

    Very long story still playing out.
    Stay tuned.

  5. oldsailor86

    AND TODAY ……….

  6. oldsailor86

    …………..I have known for many years that some so called religious entities in America wear multiple hats. Some such organisations do PROFITABLE business under tax exempt status, but for some unknown reason are never called upon to account for their errant behavior. This is so that they can choose which side of an argument they wish to be on without appearing to be outside of their faith. Such an organization is in reality a gang of SNEAKS. A sneak is one of the lowest forms of humanity. Said a little differently……..”so that they can deceive people and lie”. I will not offer names……..but it sounds to me like the organization which is involved in the deception of the 96 year old is certainly one such organization.

  7. oldsailor86

    ……….excellent characterisations………you have saved 1000 words!!!!

  8. citizenwells

    Martin Luther fought corruption in the Catholic Church.
    The Lutheran Church was named for him.
    He must be spinning in his grave.
    Here I stand

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