Seth Rich implied as leaker again, Kim Dotcom DNC hack wasn’t even a hack, Insider with memory stick. I know this because I know who did it and why, Mueller not interested in my evidence

Seth Rich implied as leaker again, Kim Dotcom DNC hack wasn’t even a hack, Insider with memory stick. I know this because I know who did it and why, Mueller not interested in my evidence

“Seth Rich was murdered by apparently 2 assassins. There was no botched robbery. If you do not know this you are a victim or perpetrator of the Orwellian fake news media.”…Citizen Wells

“The fact of the matter is Hillary is a terrorist. I invite you to look up the definition of terrorism. It is the use of violence, threats, or intimidation to achieve a political aim”…Dolly Kyle Browning

“We are being lied to on a scale unimaginable by George Orwell.”…Citizen Wells


From Zero Hedge.

Kim Dotcom: “Let Me Assure You, The DNC Hack Wasn’t Even A Hack”

“Kim Dotcom has once again chimed in on the DNC hack, following a Sunday morning tweet from President Trump clarifying his previous comments on Russian meddling in the 2016 election. ”

“In response, Dotcom tweeted “Let me assure you, the DNC hack wasn’t even a hack. It was an insider with a memory stick. I know this because I know who did it and why,” adding “Special Counsel Mueller is not interested in my evidence. My lawyers wrote to him twice. He never replied. 360 pounds!” alluding of course to Trump’s “400 pound genius” comment. ”

“Dotcom’s assertion is backed up by an analysis done last year by a researcher who goes by the name Forensicator, who determined that the DNC files were copied at 22.6 MB/s – a speed virtually impossible to achieve from halfway around the world, much less over a local network – yet a speed typical of file transfers to a memory stick.”

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  1. “In the aftermath of Wikileaks’ decision to publish a cache of emails stolen from the DNC’s servers, Donna Brazile says she became increasingly paranoid about both possible Russian efforts to sway the election. Surprisingly, she says top Democrats initially instructed her not to discuss her concerns with others.
    But even more than the Russians, Brazile says she feared possible retribution from shadowy elements within the campaign and the Democratic Party who might blame her for the leak. Her fears only intensified, she says, after the mysterious shooting of former campaign staffer Seth Rich, who the authorities said was killed during a robbery, though many so-called conspiracy theorists have speculated about a possible Democratic plot to kill Rich for his role in leaking the stash of DNC emails to Wikileaks. Brazile’s anxiety eventually spiraled out of control, to the point where she feared for her own life while serving as interim chairwoman of the DNC.”

  2. CW…………
    ………..the rate of transfer seems to pull a lot of attention towards an insider. One such insider being Seth Rich………and it has since appeared that somebody else figured this out much quicker than everyone else…..(Podesta)?…. which is why Seth Rich was hit so soon after the fact.The Democratic party has always dealt severely with party members who acted against them……..and murder is among the remedies printed on the 1st page of the Democratic playbook. It makes a lasting example for other party members to look at and think about.

  3. CW………..
    …………there may have been some suspicion of Seth Rich resultant of the fact that it became common knowledge that he was dissatisfied with some of the people at the DNC, and what was going on at the DNC, (Hillary taking control of DNC funds etc. He was vocal in that regard, and some heads were already turned toward him…… of which was PODESTA. When Podesta learned of the stolen computer files he ordered a shot in the dark. Even if he was wrong he at least he silenced one potential turncoat. This is exactly how AL CAPONE managed his people. He personally used a baseball bat on somebody who he believed had double crossed him. Podesta is NO DIFFERENT. I believe he would order a hit on somebody in a Heartbeat.

  4. I believe Adelman used a ball-bat on Harry Reid, the “former controller” of Las Vegas vig. When Atlantic City needed “advice” on “how to set up the gambling” , they called on Ol’ Harry. The 1st year, AC “outperformed” Vegas by a factor of TEN (10X) !

  5. carlo………….
    …………Harriet Reid carried around a REAL SHINER for awhile. I believe that he opened his mouth AT THE WRONG TIME,AND AT THE WRONG PLACE, and reaped a really nasty black eye out of the ensuing fracas. She seemed to be a lot quieter afterward. har har.

  6. Tryin to keep Seth Rich story alive.

  7. CW……….
    …………the nice part about a USB stick is that it can be carried in one’s trouser pocket, plugged in quickly, and a hell of a lot of info into it in a matter of minutes. I used one in a special project in 2017. They load quickly. It is more than possible that this is what Seth Rich done. It makes the best sense as well. Who would even suspect? Carry in in a pocket, and carry out in same pocket 10 minutes later. Either upload to a friend, or just mail the stick to him.

  8. ………….there was any number of probable gunman who would take somebody out for a couple of grand. Many of such people are on the payroll of the DNC. They are the DNC GOON SQUAD. They are there for just such occasions.

  9. Listen to Dan @ 40:20 of this video, where he nails the usurper!

  10. oldsailor85 | February 19, 2018 at 12:10 pm |

    …………Harriet Reid carried around a REAL SHINER for awhile. I believe that he opened his mouth AT THE WRONG TIME,AND AT THE WRONG PLACE, and reaped a really nasty black eye out of the ensuing fracas. She seemed to be a lot quieter afterward. har har.
    I read that Harry’s brother beat the schitt out of the bastard, and then he stumbled into an AA meeting to tell everyone what he did, his brother is also left handed, but since it was faulty exercise equipment, the brother was spared prosecution, the brother must really have the dirt on old Hairy Reed.

  11. ………….three policemen were the only known people within handgun range of the point where Rich was shot. It is entirely possible, maybe even probable that the shots which killed Rich were fired by one or more of the police group. It wouldn’t be the first time that crooked cops took somebody out on orders from above. (maybe even a nice tip as well). The New York Mafia families eliminated a lot of people this way.

  12. AND TONIGHT……..
    …………we have one tv talking head after another now suggesting that the 2nd amendment needs to be modified to restrict firearms ownership. Thousands of IMMATURE low IQ young people all across America are screaming, their expletives, and demanding the 2nd amendment needs to be revised to restrict private ownership of firearms. When this happens America will have taken the first step BACKWARDS. Sadly a large number of these youngsters have never read the 2nd amendment to begin with……….so how the hell do they have any idea what they are even screaming about.

  13. Twenty-Eight Counts of Treason

    When you say the Mueller Investigation, please remember it is actually the Comey Investigation to Impeach as it was called by Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, two of the key FBI members of a team that Comey led through Bill Priestap’s counterintelligence department which is protected by a “National Security” blanket that allows them to conduct top secret “operations.” From July, 2016, on to this day, Trump has been under attack from the small group, the Trump operation, the secret society, the investigation to impeach, the Carter Page Dossier group, the George Papadopoulos FBI Counterintelligence operation, as it was called by Peter and Lisa in the 372 of the 50,000 text messages released so far. Peter and Lisa went on to lead the Mueller Investigation which was also aided and supported by other members of the Investigation to Impeach, which essentially became a group we call The Leaders of the Coup d’eat, or the Treasonous Traitors. Any name you give this group, it is still a Witch-hunt that has turned into a George Soros style Regime Change. …

  14. Big wow!

    “Florida’s ‘Teacher Of The Year’ Bluntly Explains Why School Violence Is Out Of Control”

  15. @HillaryClinton
    Happy birthday to this future president.
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  16. I forgot to wish Hillary Clinton a happy President’s Day yesterday.

  17. How long are we going to live through this dystopian nightmare where Cankula purchased Russian disinfo to rig an election but Trump is the one under siege in an investigation of whether he colluded with the Russians?

  18. CW……..
    ………..I read the school teacher’s letter. Thousands letters just like hers have appeared in newspapers and magazines for as long as I can remember. Yet pathetically few have ever taken what was said in the letter seriously……they couldn’t because they would have to start paying attention to what LIL BENJI was up to. Instead they gave him a bowl of cereal, and after he was done eating they shoved him out the door, and locked it. At this point LIL BENJI was on his own…….and his mom, or his dad, or both went back to doing what made them happy for the next 8 hours. In the interim Lil Benji went to a friend’s house and played with video games all day. These youngsters soon become desensitized, and eventually lose the ability to feel REMORSE. They have been turned into mental zombies. With respect to NIKOLAS CRUZ I would strongly suspect that he is a product of such an upbringing. The twisted fantasyland of video games is fertile ground for the mental DESTRUCTION of our society.

  19. fhl……………..
    ………….with Trump’s face in the urinal THEY GOT WHAT THEY ASKED FOR. I TOO WOULD HAVE PISSED ON THE FLOOR.

  20. Broward County was a leader in the effort to obtain “racial equity” in high school arrests. Obama pushed it early in his usurpation of the presidency.

    The school administrators and school police found ways to keep the racial minorities from being arrested, so as to even out the arrests between races.

    Result: Treyvon Martin and Nicolas Cruz

  21. Read the Communist Rules read before Congress in 1963– you’ll find the program designed to destroy America regarding infiltrating schools.

  22. JJ………..
    ………Right ON JJ. The neutralization, and re education of America’s young people was an important part of the Communist Manifesto. It implies that you turn them into mindless slaves. They had nothing on George Orwell.

  23. AND TODAY………..
    …………we live among millions of people who are so weak minded they will believe that UP is DOWN if it is told to them by another of the same mental caliber who happens to be a friend. Unfortunately there is no QUICK way to fix such a mentality. Massive RE EDUCATION! Will never happen!

  24. A Crazy Old Coot

    Off topic but,

    …………….. Any politician that votes for any law that restricts a citizens right to keep and bear arms is violating the Constitution and their oath to uphold that same Constitution.

  25. VICTOR DAVIS HANSON on how best to explain, to an Obama loyalist, why Obama is in serious legal jeopardy. #ObamaGate, among other things, includes the FISA-gate scandal, a widespread criminal behavior that was predicated on two premises: 🛑 The thinking that an easy Clinton victory was a certainty, after which the miscreants would be not only excused but probably rewarded for their zeal; 🛑 Progressive hubris in which the “moral betters” felt it their right, indeed their duty, to use unethical and even unlawful means for the “greater good” — to achieve their self-described moral ends of stopping the “crude and reactionary Trump”. Obama and his administration’s wrongdoings include attempts to: 🛑 Warp a U.S. election; 🛑 Collude with Russia; 🛑 Repeatedly mislead and lie before the FISA courts; 🛑 Improperly surveil American citizens; 🛑 Unmask the names of citizens swept up in unlawful surveillance; 🛑 illegally leak the names of Trump campaign names to the press; 🛑 Disseminate and authenticate opposition smears during a political campaign; 🛑 Lie under oath to Congress; 🛑 Obstruct ongoing investigations; 🛑 Using federal funds to purchase ad hominem gossip against a presidential candidate; 🛑 Engage in blatant conflicts of interests; 🛑 Weaponize federal investigations; 🛑 Traffic in and leak classified information . . . The list goes on and on.


  26. CW…………..
    ………….for about half of today I re visited the events leading up to the death of Loretta Fuddy. One of the questions which remain unanswered is why was there two federal marshals with her on such a short trip to a leper hospital. 1. Mzzzzzzz, Fuddy was under federal court subpoena and was to testify under oath………..ABOUT WHAT????. I believe that she was considered to be a flight risk and that might have been the reason. There was also a consideration for her safety. This might have been the perfect opportunity to silence her forever. Two members of the DNC goon squad may have posed as Federal Marshals, and travelled with her so as to take her out at an opportune moment. That moment was artificially produced by an explosive placed at a critical point in the engine compartment. The plane was brought down very skillfully by the pilot and made a landing on the water which did little to no damage to the aircraft. All people on board safely exited the aircraft which floated for quite some time after the landing. Everyone had their Mae West type life preservers in place so there was no possibility of drowning. After a short period in the water Loretta Fuddy mysteriously let go of her assistant, and slipped below the water which COULD NOT HAPPEN UNLESS her Mae West had somehow deflated. This is where the bullshi# gets obvious. I believe that her Mae West was deliberately compromised, and she was given a underwater injection of a massive drug overdose which brings on arrhythmia of the heart. Without immediate cardiac attention the victim dies. She was probably given the underwater injection of barbituates by her assistant or one of the Federal Marshalls who knew that it would induce arrhythmia, and she would not survive such a shot. Jim McDougal was also given a shot for his heart problem at midnight. The only problem is he never had any heart ailments which were treated with a shot. Guess what ….a half hour later McDougal was dead. My guess is this is also how the female entertainer met her waterloo, after she told the world that Michael was a transgender. Interestingly the supervisor of the Federal Marshalls received a huge promotion not long after Fuddy was gone. The supervisor was given the promotion by Lil Barry Soetoro himself. Very interesting!

  27. CW………….
    ………….I personally believe that the order for the hit on Mzzzzz. Fuddy originated from the Oval office at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., and was choreographed by the DNC goon squad. All we need to do is PROVE IT!

  28. I’m glad you’re still on the case, os85.

    ………….One of my personal icons has passed……Billy Graham died. He was 99 years of age. Everywhere he went he brought many people forward to Jesus Christ. I am heart broken today. I have a lot of his books, one of which is “Come as you Are”. While I am not much at reading the Bible I am a believer in God. I see a lot of what Billy Graham talked about coming to pass. His legacy lives on in my heart.

  30. fhl…………..
    …………thanks for your support. Whenever I think about a BASTARD like him being elected to the highest office in our land, then having to watch as he desecrated the respectability of the office, and the lives of millions, has brought real anguish into my own life. Today as we watch his disciples are hard at work still trying hard to destroy what our fathers, and forefathers worked hard to build. The word BASTARD fits him exactly as it should ……in multiple definitions……all of which apply. I pray that he will be brought before God soon. I believe that he is seriously diseased and we may all have the pleasure of watching as he faces his CREATOR. He is the absolute epitome of filth. His PAYDAY is coming! Sadly a lot of decent God fearing people bought into his HOPEY CHANGEY BS. I along with a lot of other Americans saw through him early on. Unfortunately not enough of us voted against him.

  31. CW……….
    …………..I think that today the entire state of North Carolina will be grieving the death of Billy Graham. If you were a follower, I offer my condolences. I too was a follower! He held one of his Crusades at Indianapolis which I attended, and walked down to be blessed. Many people looked upon Mr. Graham as a farce. He was NOT. What is important is that he did bring a lot of people into the realm of Jesus Christ. I have never forgotten the event at Indy.

  32. May be related.
    I researched my Graham side a few weeks ago.
    James Graham, who immigrated from Scotland, died in 1758. There is a tombstone near Salisbury where my mom & I are from.
    He was the patriarch of Grahams in the area.

  33. AND today………
    …………with heavy heart the hymn JUST AS I AM goes through my mind, and heart. I follow the belief…..JUST AS I AM.

    …………to the Florida school shooting………it is time that the legal age was moved back to 21 years of age. It worked for over a century then suddenly some bleeding hearts decided to let SNOTNOSES be legal adults at 18. This has not done anything to cement the maturity of people. Eighteen years of age is NOT ENOUGH….especially with regard to lifes experiences. In reality most young people of 18 are what they are ……STILL CHILDREN. Many of them confirm this fact with their CHILDISH behavior. The voting age needs to also be returned to 21.
    As I watched a news program yesterday, there was some snotnoses demanding that the 2nd amendment be RE WRITTEN to LIMIT PRIVATE OWNERSHIP OF FIREARMS. HOW DO YOU LIMIT PRIVATE OWNERSHIP OF FIREARMS? YOU CAN’T. You either allow ownership for all, or you ban firearms altogether. This sort of demand confirms the childish mentality of those who are demanding the re write. So in the minds of the protesters everyone should suffer because of the behavior of a few. So what happens when somebody figures out a way to use a bow and arrow in a semi automatic way. Oh YEAH I forgot

  35. I HAVE AN IDEA………..
    ………..lets do away with the Federal Government entirely…….void the presidency and dispose of Congress, dump the FBI, and the DOJ. Lets turn America over to the SNOTNOSES……and do away with the Constitution as well. In addition we do away with all police, and all military services…….and all firearms are confiscated and destroyed. Also that means that we must also confiscate all ARCHERY equipment as well. Then we will have to ban all knives even kitchen knives. We then move to ban all baseball bats in America. When we do that we will also have to ban rope as well. We should then move to place wrist bonds on all people so they can’t beat others to death. All food will be for free, and beginning on day one of your arrival on earth you will receive a check for your pay as a citizen. There will be no social Security. So a National Paymaster will need to be appointed. Paymaster can be a HS grad who can win a nose picking contest……or a pizza gobbling contest. no other qualifications needed. The payroll will be 300,000,000……plus 20 million immigrants, refugees, and all of their relatives as well. Nobody will need a job. He will receive a stipend from the national paymaster each month……..something in the neighborhood of 2000.00 each month, he/she need not be employed to receive it. Then there will be FREE healthcare for everybody. Then you will be able to attend the college of your choice for FREE. WOW you can stay stoned for all four years, but you are guaranteed a sheepskin no matter how bad your grades are. You don’t even need to show up for classes. The sheepskin will be automatically awarded to you. Everyone will be deemed a RACIST, and you can use any words you choose on each other. Everybody will have a free cellphone given to them by the manufacturer, and free service of that phone forever both texting, and voice. you will receive a new car of your choice every 10 years. for free, free food for life, and a place to live for life free of charge. There will be no private ownership of property. If you are a citizen you will receive one garrison tent to live in, and raise your family in. You can erect your tent wherever you can find room. you do not have to be employed. Yes this is what Venezuela has tried to do. UTOPIA. All baths are taken at TRANSGENDER public bath houses. All soap is free…….and you can use all the water you want for free. Just be careful that you don’t drop your bar of soap. There will always be someone who will reach over your shoulder from behind you to retrieve the soap……hence the shower game known as DROP THE SOAP. OHHHHHHHHH WELLLLLLLLLLL!

  36. A Crazy Old Coot

    I’m reposting this because I’m beginning to doubt my own memory.

    I seem to remember a judge in California that was going to hear a case against Mr. Obama and promised to give a fair hearing. (I can’t remember the name but he was a former Marine) Then he got a clerk to work for him whose previous employment was with Perkins Coie and the judge quickly decided that he did not have jurisdiction..

    Am I remembering that right??

  37. Michigan-Patriot

    I believe you are correct. I think it may have been Judge Carter…M-P

  38. old coot ……….
    You’re mind is working well. You are right. As Michigan Patriot pointed out it was indeed judge Carter. Somehow he was neutralized……probably the alleged CLERK from Perkins Coie was the messenger who done the dirt. So I would say to everyone it is now time to dissect Perkins Coie for a very much needed investigation of their possible criminal adventures. I am not saying just a simple investigation I am talking about an investigation headed up by Mr. Guilliani, who has the experience in dealing with sneaks in the woodwork. He chased the criminal WOP families out of New York and back to Sicily where they came from to begin with.

  39. old coot………..
    ……in addition Guilliani nailed a number of corrupted New York officials which includes a major court judge, and several people in the upper echelons of New York PD. So far none of the Mafia WOPS have returned.

  40. A Crazy Old Coot

    Michigan-Patriot | February 21, 2018 at 4:41 pm |

    I believe you are correct. I think it may have been Judge Carter
    Yes he was the one. Thank you for validating my memory.
    I’m just getting too old to trust my memory any more. LOL

  41. A Crazy Old Coot

    oldsailor85 Thanks for reminding me of that game “drop it soap”. I haven’t heard that in many years.

  42. old coot………
    …….Judge Carter had his gonads removed by Perkins Coie. He allegedly wasn’t the brightest star in the sky……..this provided Perkins Coie the perfect setting in which to castrate the Judge. Old action but works most of the time.
    Orly Taitz didn’t help with her procedural errors. When you piss off a judge he usually remains pissed off at you, and it gets 10 times more difficult to get his attention. Often times a criminal walks free because a judge was angered toward a plaintiffs attorneys, and justice goes out the window.

  43. old coot………..
    ……….the words DROP THE SOAP is really just a metaphor which some of us use from time to time to allude to two homosexuals playing their usual game of BACK DOOR BINGO while in the shower together. This is something which all of the homosexual pieces of manure greatly enjoy. Anyone who enjoys putting his genitalia into the anus of another male is indeed a really sick piece of manure.
    When I saw the flies land on his face I knew then that is either HIV POSITIVE, or has the beginning of full blown aids. I have read that people with this infection have emissions through the pores in their skin which attracts the flies. It is invisible but carries a pungent odor which the flies are able to sense. Anyone with AIDS is usually dying an extremely slow death, and the precursors are always in evidence early into the illness.

  44. fhl……..
    …………America has suffered a huge decay in the basic fabric from which we were cut. Moral decay is at the top of the list, followed closely by spiritual decay. In many American homes parents no longer monitor the lives of their kids. Parents wrongfully believe that their kids know best what works for them…… the kids grow up into young adults poorly equipped to deal with special occasions in their lives which require mature thought. Sadly all they can do is think at CHILD levels. The breakdown which produces the NIKOLAS CRUZ people begins at kindergarten. When a kindergarten teacher gives her children CONDOMS to play with there is a very sick kindergarten teacher in the room, who should never have been able to become a teacher to begin with. What sort of thoughts do 5 and 6 year old children have as they play with a condom. This instills thoughts which should never be in the mind of a child. This sort of TEACHING is the beginning of the moral breakdown. Any teacher who would do this sort of thing to defenseless children deserves to be removed permanently from the teaching profession. In addition we sometimes read about teachers who are having sex with students, both male and female. Again these people should be deemed pedophiles and permanently removed from all classrooms. Then we have teachers who pay little to NO ATTENTION to a obviously troubled student. So they act to move the individual to the DUMMY class……yet the real problem might be a vision or health issue. Teachers NEED TO START CARING about the students well being once again. It used to be where I went to grade school that if a student began to slip in his /her grades the teacher would send a letter of concern to the student’s parents, and request a meeting with them to discuss the reasons for the slippage, and ways needed to correct the problem. I have to say it worked well when it was done in my own behalf. I had become addicted to dallying and drawing pictures of airplanes in my notebook. The dallying came to a screeching halt, and some of the screeching was me as the board of education was administered. My father then read me the riot act. “YOU WILL,AND YOU WON’T”, the only answer I was allowed was YES SIR. This re orientation occurred not long after the Pearl Harbor attack. I never again dragged my feet at school.

  45. The left pushing the meme that the NRA is responsible for these killings, but Planned Parenthood isn’t responsible for any deaths.

    Just another reason i find demoncrats so disgusting.

  46. fhl………….
    ……………yet 10 minutes after they scream about the indecency of NRA they themselves engage happily in deviant sex. Who are the real pieces of manure?

  47. fhl………..
    ………..for months every time I turn my tv on the first thing that shows up in the picture is a RABID LUNATIC RAVING AND FOAMING AT THE MOUTH about President Trump. No different this morning………another rabid lunatic screaming for INSTANT REMOVAL of President Trump from office. The lunatic who obviously was a member of NBC news staff looked and sounded as though he might have just escaped from a booby hatch. Really sickening BULL CRAP. Then when I changed the channel there was Juan Williams with his TWISTED BS! I might as well throw my TV out the window. I am sick of hearing the MEDIA BULL$HIT.

  48. AND……….
    …………as each day passes the more convinced I become that we have little more than a pack of rabid howling at the moon lunatics who call themselves the MEDIA.

  49. Chucky, surrounded by some of his best friends.

  50. A Crazy Old Coot | February 21, 2018 at 5:59 pm |

    Michigan-Patriot | February 21, 2018 at 4:41 pm |

    I believe you are correct. I think it may have been Judge Carter
    Yes he was the one. Thank you for validating my memory.
    I’m just getting too old to trust my memory any more. LOL

    A Crazy Old Coot,
    Usurper Obama and his goons used the NSA to shut down any opposition from anyone, using blackmail, and extortion, and the full weight of the government on them, just like they attempted on Trump. Most people would have surrendered by now, except Trump, judge Carter never stood a chance.

    Now that we can see how corrupt the FBI, and DOJ, were under the usurper, it explains why so many obvious crimes were never were prosecuted, it was a criminal free for all, and any hope of prosecuting the usurper for ID theft or forgery, or any of the other crimes was never going to be allowed by the RICO Regime.

  51. old coot………..
    …………..when you have the entire judicial arm compromised, and in your billfold there is NOBODY left to stop you except WE THE PEOPLE………but sadly we the people have morphed into a pack of WHINERS, STINKING ASSED NOSE PICKERS, DRUG HEADS, LOW IQ MORONS, AND SEX DEVIANTS, INCAPABLE OF DOING MUCH OF ANYTHING WHICH REQUIRES A FUNCTIONING BRAIN.

  52. THERE WILL BE……….
    …………a special broadcast Monday night on the Smithsonian Channel which will deal with the so called LOST FILES OF MALCOLM X. When you put a picture of the BASTARD next to a picture of Malcolm X they appear to be carbon copies of each other. It is a well known fact that Soetoro’s mother had been close to both MalcolmX , and Frank Marshall Davis. There is a possibility that she had sexual relations with MalcolmX, and was impregnated by him. I have a belief that she discovered she was pregnant, and needed a patsy. This may have led to her alleged marriage to Obama Sr. (but there is still no proof that she was ever legally married to him.) When she visited Kenya late in her pregnancy, she tried to book a return flight to the US via PAN AM. She was not allowed to board the flight because of her late pregnancy. Within a few days of this she was at a beach when she was hastily taken to the Coast Provincial Hospital where she gave birth to a son. The Obama family members allegedly witnessed his birth, and have so stated in the past. The alleged biological father was Barrack H.Obama Sr. I believe that the time is at hand to find a way to extract a sample of Lil Barry’s DNA, and compare it with known members of the Obama family. In addition it would also be time to retrieve the body of MalcollmX and do a DNA and compare it with Lil Barry’s DNA………….one way or the other…….BINGO!

  53. IT WAS DNA that………
    …………nailed SLICK WILLY, and it could be used to nail the LOST VILLAGE IDIOT from Kenya.

  54. GW,

    ..and we’d LOVE it if we could get a DNA test on Liawatha to prove she’s not a Native American!

    She won’t go for it (of course), but perhaps someone could ‘collect’ a sample whenever she spews lies…which is every time she opens her mouth.

  55. fhl……….

    ………….HERALDO was on FOX and Friends. He never fails to show his stupidity. They were discussing AR15 rifles, and right out of the box HERALDO’S mouth began to spew BS. He stated “Assault rifles are NEVER used for HUNTING”. Apparently he is out of touch with the state of ALASKA. In many areas of Alaska the SCOPED AR15 IS USED FOR HUNTING, contrary to Mr. Heraldo. It is just one of many different rifles that are used in the state for hunting. Some of the rifles are the venerable Model 70 Winchester either 30.06 or larger. Nearly all models of Remington, and yes even some home brew rifles. I personally know a person who now lives outside of Anchorage who built his own hunting rifle from an old WW2 8MM Mauser action. He now own a rifle that is equal to or maybe even better than a Model 70 Winchester, which many people believe is the gold standard for hunting rifles. Now for the kicker…….most of the early rifle rounds were capable of 2700 fps. so a 150 grain 30.06 round moving through the air at 2700 fps had a lot of knock down power. Now comes a rifle with a 14 inch barrel, is .223 96 grain slug traveling in excess of 3000 fps. A scoped version of an AR 15 = about HALF the weight of a scoped Model 70 Winchester. The AR 15 has a greater knock down power than the Model 70, and only weighs half as much. Many of those who hunt in Alaska are now using the scoped AR 15, but they use hunting techniques which bring them a little closer to the intended animal. Even though the AR 15 has a much shorter barrel than the Model 70 Winchester the rifle is capable of extremely accurate shots to 150 yards and more. With experience perhaps even greater range. The AR15 round of today is equivalent with the older Magnum rounds of the past. Some of the rifles of that day were produced as a WEATHERBY 300 magnum, or were standard rifles of the day. The Weatherby rifles were often referred to as BEAR FOOD. Until not too long ago I owned a Winchester Super 70 which was chambered for .358 Winchester. I bought it many years ago from an individual who had returned to the lower 48 after living nearly all of his life in the Yukon. I sold it a few years back for nearly three times what I paid for it. I had fired it 4 time in all, and each time I thought I had ben struck by a fast moving freight train. It was produced for big game hunting, and most of the 3100 produced ended up in places like Kenya.

    ………….on tv have forgotten the ongoing investigations, and their implications. Trump is talking at CPAC. Interesting!

  58. Get this. MSNBC guy says that a teacher with a handgun can’t stop a shooter with a rifle because the rifle bullet travels faster.

  59. Bugs Bunny:
    “What a maroon.”

  60. AS USUAL ………..
    ………..the MORONS at MSNBC put their mouth in gear before their brain is engaged. It ISN’T the mv of a bullet as much as it is who fires first, and the most accurately. Yes a handgun is not the best match when you go up against a semi, or full auto rifle. But if there is a chance that somebody unbeknownst to the perpetrator armed with the rifle, who is armed with a semi auto handgun might be in very close proximity to the perpetrator. The only question then is does that person have the intestinal fortitude to shoot to kill the perp. Of course if there are students in close proximity then the risk is far too great……..unless there is a clear clean shot potential existing. If such a person is hidden and within about 20 of the perp, and again has a clean shot line, it could put the perpetrator down for good. However I have serious doubts that a female teacher will ever possess the level of training needed to keep her cool in such a situation. If you are well hidden you stay that way and let the bastard get as close as possible unless he has already opened fire in another direction, in which case he is distracted and as such it might be time for a 9 shot volley at him. This compounds the chances of a kill of the perp. If he is already firing you then don’t have much choice…. you will step out of the shadows and fire at him until he drops, or God forbid he is able to kill you. At least you might have saved some of his intended victims. Many perpetrators do what they do with the full knowledge that they might be shot dead……..this is what they want after the fact. They will be buried at boot hill, and everybody will forget the bastard ever existed……….but how the hell do you bring his victims back from the dead. I personally believe that each school should have a contingent of fully trained SWAT people on duty in plainclothes for the entire school day. This would be at least three retired officers of either military services, or police activities. All would be required to attend the SWAT technical training, and each would himself be a fully trained and certified sniper, in addition to being rated with a handgun. After they are certified they would be assigned to armed surveillance of a preassigned area of a school. All would have the authority to lock the school down instantaneously should a suspicious person appear in their sector of surveillance. Further I believe that these people would probably even DONATE their time to help. While they are on duty they will be fully armed with both handgun as well as a scoped SWAT weapon, in addition with pertinent communication devices to keep fellow patrol members updated about whereabouts of a suspicious person. You need to keep in mind the perps are SNEAKS, and they are inside of a building before anybody realizes it. They need to be taken out BEFORE they are able to access a school building. At these schools it might also pay to have these schools on total lockdown after classes begin. The surveillance team will be the only people who can open the doors. When a suspicious person appears it will be necessary to intercept him/her and determine the reason for that persons presence, and if that person is carrying any concealed weapons or not. Parents might not like this but it is a necessary evil. At least their children will be safe. In short, the normal operation of a school will become a military regimen…… is sad that we must now do this.

  61. AND I TOO………
    ………..believe that ALL firearms need to be kept out of the hands of people who are KNOWN to have mental problems…………but what do we do about those who want to buy a weapon who have no KNOWN mental problems. How do you stop them??????. When I purchased my AKS way back in the early 1980s I was required to wait 15 days, while my personal conduct was researched clear back to my childhood. A lot of this is easily determined by examining PUBLIC RECORDS databases. Felony arrests will be there. If a person has a felony arrest in his/her past……….NO WEAPON SHOULD EVER BE IN THEIR HANDS. In Indiana a person convicted of a felony can no longer legally own any firearms. If he is found in possession of a firearm he can be sent to prison. That is the long and the short of it here in Indiana.

  62. CW…………
    ………..I think I completely agree with you………..WHAT A MAROON!!!!!
    BTW……….a few years back there was a bank robbery in California where all of the perps were carrying KALISCHNIKOVS. Yet one policeman who was grievously wounded himself who the perp thought was dead… was able to still raise his hand and fire a lethal shot at the bastard who had wounded him. It caused the rest of the gang to flee but the remaining two were arrested before they had gotten very far anyway. Real genius crooks!!!!!! har har Sadly the cop bled to death a few minutes after firing the shot that took out the bastard who had wounded him. We might say it became “AN EYE FOR AN EYE” ………..of the old testament.
    As we watch the world seems to be going completely BUGGY! As each day passes we either hear more oral total insanity, or we witness some insane behavior of others. There seems to be NO END TO IT.

  63. UNLESS………
    …………President Trump is some sort of Houdini he might have one hell of a battle on his hands with respect to turning around all of the people of America. As we watch we see moral values of young people thrown aside, and similarly are the spiritual values being cast aside. We are seeing a big percentage of our school children with diminishing SAT grades. We are seeing an increase in hostility of our school kids towards all authority. This screams of their deteriorating mental state………yet it looks as though there are pathetically few people who have the slightest idea how to turn all of this around 180 degrees. In the next ten years or so I think we are going to be looking at only a third of our kids receiving a satisfactory education. The rest will slowly become low IQ young people………out of which will grow even a greater level of disenfranchised young people………who will eventually turn to DRUGS, and KILLING of people just to vent their ANGER. I think we are going to see a lot worse stuff long before we start seeing any improvement.

  64. 8 years of crime by the usurper, includes treason charges, and Russia collusion BS. Great Uranium One explanation includes the usurper’s involvement.

  65. Parts 3 and 4! Uranium One.

  66. Hacker Goes Public with New Info on Seth Rich’s Death, Could Blow Entire Case Wide Open

    …………..the IG REPORT will be out. I strongly suspect that he will have been castrated early on by the DEEP STATE ,and his report will more than likely contain no specific charges against anyone.

  68. fhl……….
    …………..great thought!………says it all!!!!!!

  69. AND WHEN………..
    ………the liberals attempt to impeach President Trump it will end up at the SCOTUS……….and Trump will win . Soon thereafter ALL OF THE LIBERALS INVOLVED SHOULD BE ARRESTED AND TRIED FOR ATTEMPTED COUP DE ETAT OF A SITTING POTUS, WHICH COULD GET ALL THE DEATH PENALTY. The present continuing investigation is a total sham. Mueller himself was a participant in the illegal sale of Uranium One. It is time for Federal Marshalls to arrest him.
    In addition it is now time for the ARREST of Barry Soetoro, who perpetrated the usurpation of the office of POTUS. he was ineligible to hold any us office because he is NOT NOW, and NEVER HAS BEEN A US CITIZEN………and certainly is not NOW and never has been an NBC. A bondable federal judge needs to be chosen put under 50 million bond ( which is in part some of his own money.) to guarantee his adherence to Constitutional law. Then discovery begins, and all who have had their cases dismissed will be allowed to submit their evidence. Then Perkins Coie should be banned from any attendance in the courtroom during discovery. Hopefully the head of judicial watch can be induced to prosecute the case,but he should be accompanied by Trey Gowdy. and Rudy Guilliani.

  70. AND SOON……..
    ………..I will be in my creators hands. …….Oh lamb of God,I come just as I am.

  71. A Crazy Old Coot

    oldsailor85 | February 24, 2018 at 3:12 pm |
    AND SOON……..
    ………..I will be in my creators hands.


    Not too soon. We need your wisdom

  72. fhl……………
    ……………once again 10-4

  73. AND NOW……….
    …………..we are seeing the LIBERAL MEMO………so far it is little more than the standard democratic load of BS which they have twisted, bent, and otherwise reshaped into a 20,000 word composition of total IRRATIONAL HYSTERIA. It reads like a pack of dogs howling at the MOON. The conduct of the FBI director along with the liberal democrats now needs to be brought into a Congressional Grand Jury, and the people who violated Constitutional law prosecuted for their misconduct.

  74. AND ……..
    ……..ATOM SNIFF is shown to be exactly what he is….the advocate of lies, and miscellaneous BS which is the brain food of the liberal democrats, and their moron followers.

  75. I just “woke up” & realized where I remember what Robert Mueller “devestigated” : BCCI Bank Scandal, Iran-Contra Criminal “PROBE”( they sure “probed” the Christic Inst.), Noriega-CIA Drug Ring, & 911 Commission . Talk about a World -Wide Web!!

  76. Pingback: Fake news NY Times quotes fake Mueller investigation report on Assange Seth Rich statements, Mueller pushed fake Russian narrative and did not investigate | Citizen WElls

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