JFK assassination smoking gun windshield hole, Conclusive proof of front shooter, Man in front ducks and points, Secret service agent police and witnesses saw hole, Warren commission ignored

JFK assassination smoking gun windshield hole, Conclusive proof of front shooter, Man in front ducks and points, Secret service agent police and witnesses saw hole, Warren commission ignored

“Why did the Warren Commission ignore the evidence of the windshield hole?”…Citizen Wells

“No one saw Lee Harvey Oswald or Steven Paddock pull a trigger.”…Citizen Wells

“And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed
–if all records told the same tale–then the lie passed into
history and became truth. “Who controls the past,” ran the
Party slogan, “controls the future: who controls the present
controls the past.”…George Orwell, “1984″



I had heard of the hole in the JFK limousine windshield before but not much.

Apparently evidence of this was ignored by the Warren Commission.

The following exercpt from a recently released JFK assassination record prompted my further inquiry.

“Potito said there was a bullet hole in the wind shield of the President’s car.”


From LewRockwell.com

“Photographic Evidence of Bullet Hole in JFK Limousine Windshield ‘Hiding in Plain Sight’”

(1) Dallas motorcycle patrolmen Stavis Ellis and H. R. Freeman both observed a penetrating bullet hole in the limousine windshield at Parkland Hospital. Ellis told interviewer Gil Toff in 1971: “There was a hole in the left front windshield…You could put a pencil through it…you could take a regular standard writing pencil…and stick [it] through there.” Freeman corroborated this, saying: “[I was] right beside it. I could of [sic] touched it…it was a bullet hole. You could tell what it was.” [David Lifton published these quotations in his 1980 book, Best Evidence.]

(2) St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter Richard Dudman wrote an article published in The New Republic on December 21, 1963, in which he stated: “A few of us noted the hole in the windshield when the limousine was standing at the emergency entrance after the President had been carried inside. I could not approach close enough to see which side was the cup-shaped spot which indicates a bullet had pierced the glass from the opposite side.”

(3) Second year medical student Evalea Glanges, enrolled at Southwestern Medical University in Dallas, right next door to Parkland Hospital, told attorney Doug Weldon in 1999: “It was a real clean hole.” In a videotaped interview aired in the suppressed episode 7 of Nigel Turner’s The Men Who Killed Kennedy, titled “The Smoking Guns,” she said: “…it was very clear, it was a through-and-through bullet hole through the windshield of the car, from the front to the back…it seemed like a high-velocity bullet that had penetrated from front-to-back in that glass pane.” At the time of the interview, Glanges had risen to the position of Chairperson of the Department of Surgery, at John Peter Smith Hospital, in Fort Worth. She had been a firearms expert all her adult life.”

Read more:


From jfksouthknollgunman.com.

“The resulting photograph, shown below, has become known as “Altgens 7”. It did not become a Warren Commission exhibit and in giving his testimony he was not asked any further questions about it. On the windshield to the left of the limousine’s left rear trunk aerial is a clear “white mark”. The next picture is a close up composite, with the “white mark” circled in red.”

Original Caption: 11/23/1963-Dallas, TX: Assassination of President Kennedy. Mrs. Kennedy Leans over dying President Secret Service man climbs on back of car.

“The “White Mark” is a Bullet Hole – Eyewitness Evidence

The bullet hole was seen by several witnesses after the limousine left Dealey Plaza. The two most notable are Dr Evalea Glanges and George Whitaker Sr, both interviewed for the groundbreaking documentary series “The Men Who Killed Kennedy”, produced by Briton Nigel Turner. Dr. Glanges saw the Limousine in-situ at Parkland Hospital as seen in the previous montage. As someone familiar with guns Dr. Glanges was well qualified to testify on what she saw. So too was Mr Whitaker, a man with many years experience of Automotive glass, including bullet testing. Their evidence is proof of two things. Firstly that the windshield bullet hole seen in the Altgens photograph was the result of a frontal shot. Secondly, and perhaps of greater significance, it is proof of the lengths to which the US government went to cover up what really happened in Dallas. As you will see from the following video, Mr Whitaker was witness to the destruction of evidence in a crime scene. Furthermore, that the same US government can, to this day, exhibit what it claims to be the same windshield that Dr. Glanges and Mr. Whitaker both saw and described in the National Archives is evidence that the event they covered up is of monumental significance. I will go into greater detail regarding the exhibit in the archives later.”

“Secret Service Agent Charles Taylor, Jr.

Wrote a report on November 27, 1963 in which he detailed his activities providing security for the limousine immediately after the car’s return to Washington following the assassination. The JFK limousine and the Secret Service follow-up car known as the “Queen Mary” arrived at Andrews AFB aboard a C-130 propeller-driven cargo plane at about 8:00 PM on November 22, 1963. Agent Taylor rode in the Presidential limousine as it was driven from Andrews AFB to the White House garage at 22nd and M Streets, N.W. In his report about what he witnessed inside the White House garage during the vehicle’s inspection, he wrote:“In addition, of particular note was the small hole just left of center in the windshield from which what appeared to be bullet fragments were removed.” “

“St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter Richard Dudman

Wrote an article published in The New Republic on December 21, 1963, in which he stated: “A few of us noted the hole in the windshield when the limousine was standing at the emergency entrance after the President had been carried inside. I could not approach close enough to see which side was the cup-shaped spot which indicates a bullet had pierced the glass from the opposite side.””

Read more:


I was too focused on the windshield at first to notice the dinosaur in the room.

However, pay attention to what appears to be a man crouching behind the car in front.

He is not hiding from shots from the rear but from the front.

He also appears to be pointing toward the left front. Where a shooter would be who could make the windshield hole.

Anybody else mentioning this?



More here:






103 responses to “JFK assassination smoking gun windshield hole, Conclusive proof of front shooter, Man in front ducks and points, Secret service agent police and witnesses saw hole, Warren commission ignored

  1. “I had a Lee Harvey Oswald deja vu moment earlier today.”…Citizen Wells October 2, 2017

  2. CW……….
    ……….unfortunately NOBODY KNOWS which direction the alleged bullet was travelling when it penetrated the windshield of the Kennedy vehicle. It COULD HAVE easily been one round that had already passed through Kennedy, and behaved as a ricochet. Some bullets do not fragmentize as they p-ass through their intended target. and are VERY OFTEN DEFLECTED in another direction while still retaining a portion of their initial velocity………at least enough velocity to easily pass through windshield safety glass. There was nothing in between Kennedy and the inside of the vehicle windshield. One of the rounds first passed through Kennedy then struck Governor Connelly with enough force to gravely wound him as well………Connelly was sitting adjacent to Kennedy, and slightly forward toward the front of the vehicle. It is NOT UNUSUAL for a bullet to pass through flesh then deflect in another direction. Happen a lot in big game hunting……….when high power rifles are being used. The rounds from such rifles can be travelling at well over 2500 ft. per second. Then the weight of the bullet itself must be considered as well. If it is a .30 caliber or larger jacketed rifle round it will be heavy enough to generate enough force at 2500fps to pass through a couple of people AND the windshield, and still be potentially lethal. As I remember the rifle was an Italian Carcano bolt action rifle which allegedly was purchased by Oswald via mail order.

  3. CW ……
    …………here is another dated tidbit for you to read; type into your search engine The political Insider> January 25 2016 then scroll down to “Trump drops bombshell……… This might be stuff you are already aware of …..so if it is DISREGARD.

  4. CW…………
    …………..in the video she is using a SHOTGUN not a rifle. She is shooting at LAUNCHED CLAY PIDGEONS. Had a shotgun been used to assassinate President Kennedy the shooter would have needed to be a hell of a lot closer, since the velocity of a deer slug is NOWHERE NEAR the velocity of a rifle round. Further had the crouching figure fired a SHOTGUN ROUND at the windshield of the limo it might have simply ricocheted off since the glass in those vehicles is made from a very special safety glass. I have my doubts that even a high power rifle round could penetrate THREE windshields in succession and still be on target ,or even be potentially lethal at that point. Had a DEER SLUG penetrated at least one of the windshields it would have made one hell of a hole in the drivers windshield if not fragmentized the entire driver windshield. Most deer slugs are LEAD ands quite heavy. They are designed for penetration of an animal, and to knock the animal off its feet. One fired from a 12 gauge shotgun and moving at about 1300 fps will kill a deer, but I have serious doubts that it will penetrate THREE windshields in succession without itself being totally demolished after the first windshield..

  5. The M91 Italian Carcano was a 6.5x 52 round. They were capable of 1900- to 2200 fps……depending upon a number of factors. Ammo age is the biggest bugaboo. Old ammo can get really slow. M91 refers to the Model 1891. The 6.5×52 mm round was used in both the carbine version as well as the rifle. The rifle is a close design with the German Mauser. Both have the large ringed action. These actions can be re barreled to a number of different calibers, and make great hunting rifles…………as do the older Mausers……..I once owned an 8 mm Mauser rifle. I made several alterations in it one of which was a turn down bolt operating handle. I re barreled it with a Mumrich Super 8mm barrel. I restocked it with a Bishop birds eye maple stock, and rebedded the action on the original Mauser steel lugs. It was a pretty accurate rifle. I eventually equipped it with a Redfield swing away 3×9 scope. The rifle was just as good as any Winchester Model 70 ever thought of being……….and I had the pleasure of doing the work on the conversion myself.

  6. Guess who else was paying for the dossier.

  7. limo was washed& cleaned BEFORE the “evidence” was gathered ; the windshield was promptly replaced. This was known by EVERYBODY; WARREN, et al weren’t “phased” : they had a patsy & a MAGIC BULLET.

  8. They ban roger stone from twitter but they give keith olbermann a free hand to tweet all he wants….

  9. if you click on the pic above it enlarges it and you can see what keithy says about our president.
    But they banned roger stone.

  10. Kennedy files.
    LBJ member of Klan:

  11. Now that the homosexual problem in hollywood is coming out, efforts to normalize the pedo stuff going mainstream.

  12. LGBTQIA : When Acronym(?)’s are officially recognized , sanctioned & promoted , they are then funded by taxpayer .

  13. Domenico Frate

    Thank you for these endeavors !

    On Sun, Oct 29, 2017 at 11:34 AM, Citizen WElls wrote:

    > citizenwells posted: “JFK assassination smoking gun windshield hole, > Conclusive proof of front shooter, Man in front ducks and points, Secret > service agent police and witnesses saw hole, Warren commission ignored “Why > did the Warren Commission ignore the evidence of the win” >

  14. AND NOW………..
    ………the Mueller indictments are public information. Paul Manafort is one of two people indicted and certainly the most important. Allegedly the indictment accuses him of MONEY LAUNDERING among several other charges of failure to disclose. The grand jury has the power to indict a ham sandwich, but CONVICTING is something else. We will eventually see!

  15. ONE THING………
    ……….is clear. The liberals are hoping to put enough pressure on Manafort to cause him to turn RATFINK against Trump. If there IS NOTHING then Manafort will not be able to FINK ON TRUMP. In addition the investigators themselves LEAKED GRAND JURY INFORMATION which is a FELONY. The LUNACY DEEPENS!

    …………we again see that 95% of the football players who choose to ABUSE THE FLAG,AND THE ANTHEM ARE MEMBERS OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY. Should there be a return of conscription (draft) it is also reasonable to expect that ALL would refuse to fight for their own country. As citizens they have a fundamental obligation as such……….YET ALL ARE VERY QUICK TO TAKE THEIR PAYCHECKS. All of them need to have their noses rubbed in their own manure, because they have CRAPPED in a place where they have NO RIGHT TO CRAP.

  17. HOPEFULLY………..
    ……….one day there will be MEANINGFUL LAWS (WITH REAL TEETH) legislated which will prevent any action of a political party which EITHER DIRECTLY INTERFERES WITH, or IMPEDES A SITTING POTUS IN THE NORMAL CONDUCT OF HIS/HER ADMINISTRATION OF THE DUTIES OF THE ELECTED OFFICE. It has been very clear from the outset of the election that it is the PRIMARY INTENT of the LIBERAL DEMOCRATS to render President Trump INNEFECTIVE as a POTUS, and in that vein they think that they can pursue and win an IMPEACHMENT AGAINST Trump……….which is a FANTASY at best. In their tiny pea size brains they BELIEVE their own fantasies. In the courtroom ,or at the SCOTUS they will be required to function in REALITY instead of FANTASY. If they are to impeach Trump they WILL HAVE TO PROVE BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT that their allegations against him are legally VALID. Of late the LIBERAL LEFT have even been trying to imply that the POTUS has no power to write executive orders. If that is the case then all executive orders written by Soetoro are also legally INVALID as well. In addition this would apply to all POTUSES both in the past, and the future. Again this is total BULLSHI# which has been perpetrated by the SICK,TWISTED CRIMINAL MINDS, of our so called LUNATIC LEFT.

  18. The FBI should let Paul manafort go since there’s no evidence that he had ‘Criminal Intent’ while deleting the 33,000 emails.

  19. When exactly was it?


  20. fhl……………

  21. fhl…………….
    …………..I have KNOWN FOR A LONG TIME that Keith Olbermann WAS, AND IS A PSYCHOTIC, AND OTHERWISE PERVERTED,FILTHY MOUTHED PIECE OF MANURE. Such people are usually associated with the LIBERAL LEFT DEMOCRATS. Many of them are pedophiles which is now becoming known about the HOLLYWOOD PIECES OF MANURE.

  22. AND NOW……….
    ……………the female nitwit mayor of San Juan has caused the electrical contractor who had already begun to repair the Puerto Rico electrical grid to stop all work because she brought the FBI in to investigate the electrical contractor. So now the people who have no power will be not getting power for the foreseeable future. About 1/3 of the island will have to get along for many months to come………….hope this makes the mayor real popular. har har. I think that there will be a hell of a lot of people voting the SOOOOOOOOOOO IMPORRRRRRRRRTANT mayor out of office in the next election. The contractor has removed all of his equipment, and personnel from Puerto Rico………..and said “ADIOS AMIGOS repair your power grid yourselves”. It looks as though the Governor isn’t doing anything to control her. HEY MAYBE THEY CAN GET HERALDO to come to PUERTO RICO and do the repairs……….ha ha I seriously doubt if he even knows a screwdriver from a pair of pliers. Let them stew in their own juices and do without electrical power. Good for what ails them.

  23. …………The San Juan Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. IMPORTANT thinks that FEMA should send crews from American power companies down there to repair it ALL at the EXPENSE OF US TAXPAYERS………and for FREE to Puerto Rico.

  24. ………AND SO……
    …………it goes in Puerto Rico. It looks as though Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. IMPORTANT of San Juan is running the island. Apparently the GOVERNOR isn’t doing or saying much of anything. If the electrical contractor returns he should put a couple of million more on top of the 300 million. Costs money to lay off people, and remove equipment. Hope the people of Puerto Rico ENJOY doing without power until 2018 or maybe even 2019………thanks to the Democratic mayor of San Juan! After all she is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO IMPORRRRRRRRRRTANT, and therefore everybody should drop down and kiss her stinking feet, and ask her first if they can even breathe. Puerto Rico might as well be Baltimore or Chicago. It is being run like Baltimore.

  25. Domenico Frate

    ARE YOU THERE ? I gotta thread U got to here . How long did it take, from whenRoss Perot announced his run for Prez. , did it take for “them'( FBI?) to GET HIM OUT ? Mannefort et al were “groomed” (through massive influx of $ ( for GREAT LIFESTYLE) by “CLINTON’s NWO complicity) to be “turned” in future (NOW) for there purposes (world domination). This method has been perfected this past century, what with “BRAIN RESEARCH'(HMM, Las Vegas shooter- “they” are dissecting his brain for MOTIVE???), GEOBBELs, Madison ave. SALESMENSHIP), JFK document release ( portrions withheld (?) dealing with Mexico-wny?- HELMS & his boss G.H.W. copaFEEL. , Patsy & MAGIC BULLET- (las vegas & another MAGIC BULLET. After JFK death, lotta folks questioned WARREN REPORT. Lots of folks questioned MOTIVE then ; many were told – don’t say nuthin or you’ll turn up dead .A persuasive fear !. Brainwashing the masses to accept the untruth…. gotta go, see ya later…

  26. Later Domenico

  27. since it’s halloween

  28. Irony:

    The judges who said we don’t need to stand for the national anthem expect us to stand when they enter the room.

  29. Domenico Frate

    George SOROS dead ?

  30. AND TODAY………

  31. Only the good die young.
    Evil Soros could live forever….just like Satan

  32. AND ALSO TODAY………..
    ……………..there is news that a tunnel at the NOKO NUCLEAR TEST SITE has collapsed and killed at least 100 people, then while rescue operations were proceeding there was a second collapse which took another 100 lives. Perhaps somebody is trying very hard to tell the NOKO MANIACS that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  33. CW………..
    ………….there is fake news all over the internet this morning that George Soros is dead. I am sure that there are a helluva lot of people who are praying that this ISN’T fake NEWS. There are a lot of folks who wish that he would just pack up and go back to Hungary………..but I don’t think that would ever happen………..he would probably be lynched on first sight of him. He was responsible for the deaths of a whole lot of HUNKIES………..and their families are STILL THERE!

  34. CW…………
    ………..here is a thought regarding retirement funds. Why not allow people to defer Social Security withholding to their 401s instead of paying it into SS. but it would still be money that they can’t legally touch until the age of 66. It would compound itself very quickly when they add their regular contribution along with it.This would go into a privately written annuity, and backed by the Insurance Company, and the US Government. This would be one way of getting Social Security back into PRIVATE hands. As it stands now the slimy bastards in Congress keep raping Social Security, and handing the money out like candy to illegal POS who have never paid a damn penny into it. It SCREAMS to be returned to the care and management of the original administrators. During the time SS was in private hands it had become an extremely rich entity. Lyndon Johnson, along with a few POS in Congress wanted to get their hands on it and were already salivating how to spend all the money. Johnson rewarded Congress for their help in stealing the Social Security trusts which were cashed out and put into the General Fund. The bullshi# they laid on the gullible public was stated as a move to better manage the trusts. Well guess what………in those days MASTER ANNUITIES were set up as SELF MANAGING, and didn’t need any government management………..TOTAL BULLSHI#. The very first ROBBERY came from Johnson himself who gave Congress TWO illegal back to back salary increases. The first at 17%, and three months later another 23% increase in Congressional salaries……all funded by money which rightfully belonged to the people who were, and still are paying a government mandated withholding into Social Security accounts. Social Security money is a separate system which all employed people are required to PAY INTO………..the money is PRIVATE MONEY. The perpetrator, Lyndon Johnson has since paid the supreme price, but there are still a number of the slimy bastards left in Congress who participated in the SS ROBBERY who should be in prison for their part in the THEFT of the system. Now it has since largely been squandered, on financing the Viet Nam war, lining the pockets of crooked politicians, and still being regularly raped at random. Yes Social Security is NOW coming from the General Fund, and is NOT sustainable. Keep in mind though, NOT ONE of the Congressional recipients REFUSED the then ILLEGAL raises. (neither Republican or Democrat.) It is about time that the Social Security system is returned to private management like it was originally. Had Social Security been left alone it would today be SELF SUSTAINING. I fail to understand why the public continues to allow the government to keep stealing from the SS system. Those paying in must not be paying any attention to what is happening to their money……really SAD!

  35. Old sailor, strong points.
    In the 1970’s I made many payroll software changes.
    A lot of them were increases in the % of salary paid.
    Seemed like every year for a while.
    I got pissed off every time.

  36. 401’s: Didn’t they take a big “hit” when the “HIDDEN HAND” f**ked up the money? S.S. ain’t bad (if you keep THEM out of the “cookie jar”) { CONGRESS is the SWAMP}. How about the NIXON/MOYNIHAN Family Assistance Plan since, now half the households in the U.S. receive government subsidies. And SS would be enough for retirement if it kept up with the cost of a house or a car. Forty years ago, I paid ’bout 60,000 for four (4) houses ( 2@2500 sq.ft.each; 1980 car for $3750 )

  37. The Public ? No common sense, no health, no direction, cultural morons, no idea of History. “We have met the enemy and he is us” – Pogo

  38. LBJ : JFK records release “dances” around redaction. LBJ , Mac Wallace…lotta hidden hands. not to mention no mention of MEXICO CONNECTION for a while (at least until G.H.W. Copafell is still around . Helms is already dead. Same with Sullivan & Colby

  39. carlo………….
    …………where master annuities are concerned there is a positive value of each as it gets older which increases via the management of the issuing insurance company. There might be slight variations in value which depending upon the monetary size of the annuity might compound itself to a more sizeable change in value. However it is really hard to find a better investment, or investment vehicle. This is the primary reason why the consortium of insurance companies who were involved with the original construction of the Social Security in 1936 used MASTER ANNUITIES AS THE FOUNDATION. These are usually constructed by actuarial people who were/and are well experienced with the operational functions of all types of annuities, and have the grammatical capacity to translate the intended function into lay language. IRAs did take a significant hit during the real estate derivative crash in late 2008. ………..but it was a secondary reaction to the financial losses incurred by the derivative mayhem to the sub prime, but losses varied substantially dependent upon how each IRA was vested, and /or whether there was a hedge built into the IRA.
    The original Social Security system was constructed with MASTER ANNUITIES. Many young people these days have chosen to MISTAKENLY refer to annuities as certain types of BONZI SCHEMES, which are intended to enrichen only the company issuing them. In addition many of our young people think that our Social Security system is a PONZI SCHEME. It was NOT ANY SUCH THING when it was set up originally. However since the DEMOCRATIC THIEVES stole the SS system and put it into the general fund there might now be some TRUTH IN THAT FACT………case in point Mr. Bernie Maddoff. In 1936 the so called depression was still rampant. Had it not been for some folks who had invested in simple annuities for many years prior to the outset of the depression they would NOT HAVE HAD ANY FOOD ON THEIR TABLES AT MEALTIME. I was born in 1932, and became aware of what was going on around me as early as 1938. I was alive and in grade school when Pearl Harbor was attacked……….and I remember it well! In those days US History was taught in both GRADE SCHOOL AND HIGH SCHOOL. Now it is no longer taught anywhere in America……….hence a lot of young people haven’t the slightest idea what the Civil War was even about. In addition there is pathetically little taught about INVESTMENTS, or investment vehicles. Many young people can only spout CONJECTURE WHICH = bullshi#.

  40. Carlo………..
    …………with respect to JFK the past IS THE PAST, and cannot be changed. Arguing about the JFK assassination is like shoveling manure against the tide. Kennedy is still JUST AS DEAD. I see little value in returning to the 1960s history…. as SKETCHY as it is. Perhaps that is one reason why US History is no longer taught……….while the Spanish American war was a reality it’s outcome cannot be changed by revisiting it in conjecture……..nor can any other incidents of our past be physically altered by verbal conjecture. Largely doing so is a waste of time and resources. I do however believe that if a documentable fact is brought to the light of day where a criminal act by someone caused the death of another person then yes by all means return to yesteryear, retrieve the pertinent facts, and prosecute the perpetrator vigorously if he is still alive. ………but I stand aside where JFK is concerned…………little of the conjecture is PROVEABLE, and probably NEVER WILL BE.

  41. carlo……..
    ……………when SS was first set up by the insurance companies, it was intended only to serve as ONE LEG of a three legged stool. It was still up to the individual to pave his/her own financial road in front of them. Social Security was NEVER intended to become the ONLY source of income for so many people who today depend upon it for food on the table in their senior years……yet today for a long list of reasons the latter has indeed happened. Many people were not able to pave their financial road. Some worked only part of their life, and therefore receive a substantially reduced amount by comparison with the amount that a person receives after being employed up to 65 years of age………at which point I retired. The amount that an individual receives is based upon his/her best TEN YEARS of earnings. If a person worked a lot of overtime during their working years it will definitely show in the amount you ultimately draw from SS. Allegedly in 2018 we are supposed to get an increase of $27.00 per month on our SS checks. Many people collect SS but still work part time. You can now earn up to $10,000.00 per year without it affecting your SS income. Of course you must still pay Federal withholding tax, and SS withholding on the amount that you earn above and beyond your SS income. Some folks wait until they are 70 to retire. This action enhances your monthly check considerably. Where most folks receive around $1400.00 a month the person who waits till he is 70 could be seeing upwards of $1800.00 or better per month…….. but no matter what we get today it is coming from the General Fund…….because the DEMOCRATS STOLE THE MONEY IN THE SS system, stuck a hell of a lot of it in their pockets, and SQUANDERED IT. If it eventually collapses it will be because the BASTARDS in Congress have continually raped it every month. They are still stealing SS money, and handing it to the ILLEGALS at the rate of $1200.00 a month per person. Now multiply $1200.00 x 20 million, and you will have the amount that is being stolen from SS each month and handed out to ILLEGALS who have never paid in a damn penny………….but what the hell it is just YOUR MONEY Congress is handing out like candy to Halloweeners……..OHHHHHHHHHH WELLLLLLLLLLLLLL!

  42. fhl……………
    …………..love that parked CAMEL! har har

  43. AND NOW………
    ……………Pat Robertson of the 700 club on TV says that all Trump needs to do to shut down all of the RUSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA BULLSHI# is pardon all of those indicted……(BLANKET PARDON). It worked for Arpaio, and the liberals heads soon exploded………..and those whose head hadn’t exploded were babbling like total CRAZIES. Watching the liberal lunatics rave and rant really cracks me up. MADE MY DAY. I laughed and laughed as I watched them lose their minds. What would happen if Trump pardoned all of the alleged perpetrators………..wow it would probably result in LIBERALS jumping from windows 60 stories up. ohhhhhhhhh welllllllllll SPLAT….

  44. “Hier stehe Ich, Ich kann nicht anders.” (Here I stand, I can do no other.)

    Martin Luther

  45. Donald J. Trump ✔@realDonaldTrump
    The terrorist came into our country through what is called the “Diversity Visa Lottery Program,” a Chuck Schumer beauty. I want merit based.
    7:24 AM – Nov 1, 2017

  46. Diversity is not compatible with the rule of law.

    Wherever you find diversity proponents, you find a breakdown in the law.

    Whether it be immigration laws, free speach laws, the proponents of diversity will not abide by them and they literally want to kill anyone that does want this country to abide by them.

    Time to stop the charade. We can have one or the other. Not both.

    ………….it is time to march. Now we must go to a WORLD WIDE CRUSADE. Now we know why the Catholic church supported the 12 century murders of millions of the STINKING A$$ED, GOATHERDER BASTARDS. The murders of defenseless children, and all westerners will continue until all of the radical Islamist lunatics are finally dispatched to Allah………..who allegedly will reward them with 72 VIRGIN NANNY GOATS*************YOU TELL EM CHUCKY BABY. HOW DOES IT FEEL TO KNOW THAT ONE OF THE PIECES OF MANURE YOU INVITED TO AMERICA MURDERED A BUNCH OF YOUR OWN PEOPLE? I BET IT MAKES YOU FEEL GREAT. I GUESS WITH YOU CHUCKY THAT IS ALL OK. WITH YOU IT GOES SOMETHING LIKE OHHHHHH WELLLLLL SHI# HAPPENS! GO GET YOURSELF A DRINK CHUCKY AND CELEBRATE THE MURDERS OF YOUR INNOCENT NEIGHBORS…………JUST YOUR SPEED! I AM BETTING THAT A LOT OF NEW YORKERS WILL NOW BE DELIGHTED TO PEE ON YOUR GRAVE.


    …………I am WRONG. The Constitution DOES APPLY to all people within our borders. I was taught that NON CITIZENS HAVE NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, but this is NOT CORRECT. Judge Napolitano just stated that the BASTARD DOES HAVE CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS……..even though he is only a legal resident of our country. He is NOT a citizen. However I believe that he should be treated as an enemy combatant………..particularly since he committed his criminal acts in the name of ISIS. I believe that Trump has the authority to send the bastard to GITMO and let him be among his fellow GOAT SCREWERS. He has pledged himself in allegiance with ISIS….hence he is legally an enemy combatant.

  50. AND NOW……….
    ……………CHUCKY BABY is calling president Trump a menace to society………LOOK AT who is doing the name calling……… A LIBERAL MORON.

  51. I CHOKED UP…….
    ………when I heard the list of injuries to some of the people………A c had come from Argentina for the reunion of their school class. Her injuries are severe and there is allegedly a probability of paralysis. I pray that God will help her to fully recover. She as well as all the others need our prayers. This sort of thing strikes deeply into our very soul. There is no punishment that can be put upon the BASTARD that will repair what he done. He needs to be executed.

  52. Where the c is the word “couple” was supposed to be. I had inserted a word and forgot to retype the word couple. ohhhhhh welllllll! So much for ANTIQUITY.

  53. fhl………….
    ………..10-4 on your last.

  54. A Crazy Old Coot

    “oldsailor85 | November 1, 2017 at 1:57 pm |

    AND NOW……….
    ……………CHUCKY BABY is calling president Trump a menace to society………LOOK AT who is doing the name calling……… A LIBERAL MORON.”

    I’m sorry, but I have more respect for morons than to compare them to Chucky.

  55. A Crazy Old Coot

    “fhl | November 1, 2017 at 9:43 am |

    Diversity is not compatible with the rule of law. ”

    I agree 100%. Keep talking.

  56. Diversity Visa Act: When you don’t have enough genocidal sociopath terrorists and must import them from Muslim lands

  57. Get a load of this:

    Twitter Buried #DNCLeak, #PodestaEmails
    Tweets In Last Two Months Of Campaign
    Daily Caller, by Peter Hasson Original Article
    Posted By: KarenJ1- 11/1/2017 6:14:39 PM Post Reply
    Twitter buried significant portions of tweets related to hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee and Clinton campaign chair John Podesta in the last two months of the 2016 presidential campaign. Twitter’s systems hid 48 percent of tweets using the #DNCLeak hashtag and 25 percent of tweets using #PodestaEmails, Twitter general counsel Sean Edgett said in his written testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday.

  58. Send the BASTARD to GITMO?
    I say shoot the Bastard, ops……..

    In the following states, death row inmates with an execution warrant may choose to be executed by:

    Electrocution in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.
    Gas inhalation in Arizona and California.
    Firing squad in Utah.
    Hanging in Washington

    As of November 2, 2017, twenty-one criminal offenders have been executed in the U.S. in 2017. In addition, six further executions are scheduled throughout the year.

    Donald we need you to make some changes here.

  59. fhl…………..
    ……………I wonder WHY Twitter would bury so many tweets………….could the tweets be CRIMINAL in nature. and twitter was either FORCED to bury them, or Twitter was complicit with those doing the tweeting. At this point I am seeing it as COMPLICIT. Just my view point.

  60. hapnHal…………..
    ……………..maybe it is time for the alleged criminal justice system to start speeding up the executions. One way to do this is to return to the trusted and respected garrote, or I would also venture to suggest the GUILLOTINE, firing squad, lethal gas, and good ole SPARKY. All are POSITIVE, and require very little maintenance. Nor does the executor need a whole lot of intelligence.


  62. Papa John’s Pulls NFL Ads Due To “Negative Consumer Sentiment”


  63. “A Shocking Truth”: Donna Brazille Accuses Clinton Campaign Of “Rigging” Primary


  64. CW…………
    ……………..just got through reading the article. What else is new! har har

  65. IN REALITY………
    ………….all Brazille done was confirm what a helluva lot of people were already aware of. Sure she can say that now because there probably will be NO POLITICAL REPERCUSSIONS whatsoever. I once heard her speaking at a fundraiser a few years back………..her voice put me in mind of an OUT OF TUNE STEAM CIRCUS CALIOPE, being played by somebody who hadn’t the slightest idea what they were doing. The only way I can accurately describe her voice is CACOPHONOUS. (raucous, discordant, pulsating, out of tune verbal insanity)

    ………….who have never heard an old out of tune circus calliope, I will say you need only hear either Hillary Clinton, or Donna Brazille. I would be really afraid of what would happen if I was a cattle farmer, and either one of them was giving a speech over a loudspeaker system close by. It would stampede my cattle, make my dogs howl, cats would arch their backs hiss and run for cover, the sky would be black with birds taking wing………..NOT GOOD!

  67. CW………….
    ………..I am as much a sports enthusiast as millions of others, but when they abuse our flag,and anthem they are added to my shi# list, and I refuse to even watch their games on TV. I will always try to induce others to boycott watching their games. Using our flag and anthem to air their grievances is BULLSHI#, and they deserve the anger of all who DO NOT abuse our flag and anthem. Good for what ails them!

  68. Corey Feldman Names Names: Accuses Former Co-Star Of Molesting Him


    78% Of US Workers Are Living ‘Paycheck-To-Paycheck’ & 71% Of Them Are In Debt


    ESPN Lost 15,000 Subscribers A Day In October


  69. Lyndon Johnson KKK member

    Click to access docid-32129399.pdf

  70. Saudi, Soros connection to Vegas massacre!

  71. CW…………..
    ………….with respect to Corey Feldman you are seeing only a VERY TINY portion of the sick twisted behavior of the Hollywood crowd. In reality there are only a few who are NOT practitioners of the Hollywood Scientology which promotes SEXUAL DEVIANT BEHAVIOR……..and they all love every second of their filthy practices. Over the last few years many of them have come out of the closet, and are VERY PROUD of their sick, twisted sexual behavior. A few even publically make sick jokes about their DEVIANT ACTS.
    As they grow older and their HIV POSITIVE infections can no longer be hidden……one by one they will end up lying on their stinking deathbeds writhing in agony they will be begging GOD to end their misery. Ask a few of the people who were close to Rock Hudson, Liberace, etc.
    I believe that God built in to all humanity the penalty for deviant practices. It becomes full blown aids in the late stages. AIDS is almost of epidemic proportions in California, Oregon, and Washington State. I have read that Colorado, Michigan, Massachusetts, New York, Nevada, and Florida are all very close seconds. Guess what else most of these states have in common……….(LIBERAL LEADERSHIP)….OHHHHHHHHHHH WELLLLLLLLL

  72. CW………..
    ……….It is well known fact that Lyndon Johnson was personal friends with a number of the Southern Mafia elites. It has also been said by many people that there was considerable hostility between Kennedy , and Johnson. This hostility might have been part of the reason why Kennedy DELIBERATELY EMBARRASSED,AND OTHERWISE BELITTLED Johnson when he made his trip to Italy. When Bobby Kennedy stated that he as AG was going to destroy the Mafia in America. This got Bobby assassinated, and I believe that it was at least a part the reason why John Kennedy was whacked.

  73. Bernie-Aligned Group: ‘Corruption That Plagues the Democratic Party is Bigger Than One Primary’


  74. W/R/T/: San Juan = Baltimore… Nancy Pelosi nee D’a\Alesandro ; daughter of Tommy D’Alesandro II, Mayor of Balto. in 50-60’s : T.D’A ii, son of T.D’A., senior – mayor of Balto. Need to “look up PEDIGREE ” of PELOSI. W/R/T/: Hole in limo Windscreen – a close look of hole may indicate direction of travel, esp. considering JAMES FILES’s claim as shooter with XP-100(?). ALSO, last night, flipping channels to see/hear JUDY WOODRUFF state…” What are we going to do about the BABIES BORN TO OPIOD-ADDICTED MOTHERS”.! ! ! ! Shades of futures past/present – CRACK ADDICTED, METH-ADDICTED, AIDS ADDICTED !? !? Where are we headed ? { Rev. Jim Clark – R.I.P. }

  75. W/R/T- LBJ Wolf-Pack Law- Alpha leader (LBJ ) asserted his LEADERSHIP by: getting “everybody(lower-echelon wolves-CIA,MAFIA, HOOVER, et al ) in line. He gave the orders, ok’d the “set-up”, so that after WARREN COMMISSION , EVERYBODY knew he was TOP DOG. [ see MAC WALLACE }. There was a BUNCH of potential “shooters” in the DALLAS peanut gallery that day, to “witness” JOHNSON’s POWER. Many witnesses died – Bill C. learned “the ropes”.

  76. carlo.
    I have the evidence on the front windshield shooter direction.

  77. Obama Admin Lied; New Memos Reveal Uranium One Exports To “Europe And Asia” Via Canada


  78. The pardoning of Manefort, Papadopolous,et al would further obfuscate the TRUMP/RUSSIA “connection” (none found ) AND – how come politicians can’t talk to politicians ? That’s all they do is talk ( and TAKE MONEY ). A lot of BACK-&-FORTH hysteria, smoke & mirrors, (las Vegas shoved aside for NYC BIKE-PATH KILLER… Continuous TERROR aiding PERPETUAL WAR. $$$Good for the Halliburtons, blackwaters, and all other 3rd-party recipients of our tax dollars. War is good for business .

  79. Carlo……….
    ………….A couple of days ago Pat Robertson, on the 700 club was saying that a blanket pardon of all who Mueller has charged would bring an end to the entire Mueller BULLSHI#…………..and would put an end to the RUSSIA,RUSSIA,RUSSIA crapola. Personally I am sick of hearing the LIBERAL INSANITY. Now Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.Pocahontas, and Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Brazille have both TURNED on Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Piggy. Like a three way female MUD WRESTLING MATCH. I have heard that females can bite each other like crocodiles. har har

  80. Carlo………
    ………..Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. POOSI originally came from Baltimore. Her TWISTED BEHAVIOR soon got her alienated so badly that she was forced to pack up and move to the land of FRUITS AND NUTS where she FITS RIGHT IN with all the local TOOTY FROOTY, psychopaths.

  81. Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.Warren, and Bernie Sanders want a socialist America……….not to mention a hell of a lot of our snotnosed LOW IQ college grads…….many of whom have been proven to be unable to pass a grade 8 SAT when using their God given GOURD.

  82. America’s Twisted left,………
    …………want FREE College education, FREE healthcare, and free everything. So that said it appears that they need to travel to Venezuela. You don’t even need to hold a job there …….the government will support you………Venezuela is supposed to be the worlds Socialist Utopia. Hell what difference does it make that they have a food riot about every week, which you can set your watch by. The US isn’t buying their oil anymore, and for awhile the bottom fell out of their sales of crude. Now China is buying it for FIRE SALE PRICES.

  83. America, is allegedly…………
    ………..energy self sufficient………..unfortunately that status translates to HIGH fuel costs………..which doesn’t help anybody. The higher wages go the higher fuel will go, along with the cost of new vehicles. Soon there will be damn few vehicles available for less than $30,000.00 each, and to afford to buy one you will have to earn at least $30.00 per hour. When you compound mortgage payments of more than $800.00 a month upon automobile payments of $400.00 per month, and living costs, of $800.00 a month. You need to be earning a TAKE HOME PAY of at least $1000.00 each week. Sadly far too many Americans no longer have ANY PAYCHECK AT ALL. Our manufacturers have either departed our shores, or have decided to hire ILLEGALS who are willing to work for a quarter of what the Americans demand. If the RIGHT TO WORK law passes, it will be TAPS for ORGANISED labor in America. But if Americans want to compete for a job they will have to work for the same figure the ILLEGALS are working for………at which point America will have returned to the 1920s-1930s………..but don’t look to buy a new vehicle for $800.00 as was the case in the 1920s-1930s. During that period you could build a new three bedroom home for $2800.00 also. Those days are GONE FOREVER! Today a three bedroom ranch house without a basement. will cost you at least $90,000.00 to build, and the lot that you build it on will cost (if in a decent location) in the neighborhood of $18,000.00 for a 1.5 acre lot. A top of the line neighborhood will cost at least double everything. Restricted neighborhoods are way above most peoples pay grades. To live in such a neighborhood you will need to be bringing home a few thousand every week.

    …………..of our young people are moving to Alaska, where they think all they need to do is step outside and they can shoot an animal and have food for a week. That day is fast diminishing. As more people arrive in Alaska the quicker it will be stripped of all game animals. They think that all they need to do is chop down a lot of trees, and voila they have an INSTANT log cabin to live in. But sadly far too many of them haven’t the slightest idea of what it really takes to do all of that. When they discover that living in Alaska isn’t FREE they are soon BROKE, and their parents are forced to spend their money to pay the way for their kids to return ,and live at the expense of their parents. Damn few have a job to return to, and as long as MOM AND POP ARE LIVING, they will sponge off of them. Many say they can’t consider going to work for less than $15.00 an hour. So they will sponge off their parents until the parents die, then they will HAVE to find employment, or starve. A few keep on living in their parent’s houses after they have died, but when they have no money to pay the taxes, insurance, and upkeep it isn’t long until the County takes the property, and sells it at a tax auction.Usually such a property has fallen into severe disrepair. Some are no longer fit for human occupancy, are condemned by the county and subsequently demolished, and the empty lots sold at tax sales. Many of older city lots are 1/4 acre or less, and usually people who own property adjacent to such an empty lot will buy the lot mainly to keep anyone from building a house in close proximity to them. Where I now live, many folks purchased three lots in the beginning, and built their homes upon the middle lot. This ends up being about 1/2 acre. Unfortunately taxes at city rate are starting to rise to some really hairy levels. Some folks are paying well over $1200.00 a year in real estate taxes.

  85. AND NOW………..

  86. New meaning of MEDIA ?
    M otivate
    E very
    D issent
    I n
    A merica

  87. AND TONIGHT………..
    ………..Bill Anderson is on Huckabee. TBN

    ………….AF 1 has landed at Yokota Air base in Japan.

    ……….President Trump is speaking to our military service personnel. Great speech.

  90. IT LOOKS LIKE……….
    ……..Melania might have put on a few extra pounds of weight. ……..ohhhhhhhhhh welllllllllllll!

  91. fhl…………….
    …………while Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.Piggy disgusts me, I think that she might NOT have had anything to do with the crash of the airplane which Kennedy was at the controls of. I can talk from experience when I say that there is documentation that he was NOT INSTRUMENT FLIGHT CERTIFIED.(IFR). He had only a private pilots license for VFR……(visual flight rules). He made a fateful decision to fly to Hyannis Port along with a female passenger. He had less than 50 hours of TOTAL FLIGHT experience, and was NOT CERTIFIED in the aircraft in which he chose to make the flight. His route took him over open water where flight conditions can change in a seconds. He was not experienced in flying over open water where at times the horizon disappears, at which point the pilot must rely upon INSTRUMENTS. I believe that he lost all sense of orientation, and subsequently lost control of the aircraft resulting in the crash into the ocean. This CAN,AND DOES HAPPEN to inexperienced pilots. I feel that I can talk intelligently about this because a very long time ago I too held a private pilots licensure. …………but I never went outside of my experience…….which was also VFR. At the time my doctor discovered a heart condition which could result in heart failure without warning. This happened while I was attending IFR training. So my flying career came to an abrupt halt. …………however that didn’t stop me from keeping up with what was going on in the aviation world. I still keep informed as much as I can regarding design developments in aircraft, their propulsion, and flight characteristics. I dearly love to read about airplanes. I became what is known as a HANGER PILOT. I still have a friend who is a licensed A&P. When I feel up to it I go to the small air service which his son operates, and watch them as they do various repairs on small aircraft. We drink a lot of coffee, and do a lot of jaw jacking about airplanes. Makes for a very enjoyable day. The smell of GUNK, and occasionally fabric dope harkens up memories of yesteryear. Damn few people even know how to lace fabric, on small aircraft these days. It is almost a lost art form.

  92. CW………….
    ……… Brazille might have secretly ordered the whack of Seth Rich?The timeline fits very well, and she was in a position to know even when he went to the john , or hiccupped. No Russians hacked the DNC computer system, the info was taken out of the system on a special drive, and transmitted to Assange. I believe that completely. If they didn’t know who was doing it Rich would be alive today. The IT of the system somehow discovered it and told Brazille about what he discovered. I believe that she ordered the whack. The info was being extracted while Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Schultz was the chairwoman of the DNC. When she was forced to resign, Brazille took over, and may very well have discovered that it was Rich who was doing the copying of emails.

  93. CW…………
    …………all that Rich would have needed to do the data transfer was a laptop with a LOT of RAM.

  94. Pingback: JFK assassination smoking gun windshield hole, Conclusive proof of front shooter, Man in front ducks and points, Secret service agent police and witnesses saw hole, Warren commission ignored — Citizen WElls – SHOWERS OF BLESSINGS COVENANT HOUSE

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