All Mr. Comey’s Wiretaps, Extraordinary & worrisome, Wall Street Journal: how FBI meddled in 2016 elections

All Mr. Comey’s Wiretaps, Extraordinary & worrisome, Wall Street Journal: how FBI meddled in 2016 elections

“Who murdered Set Rich and why?”…Citizen Wells and millions of Americans

“The fact of the matter is Hillary is a terrorist. I invite you to look up the definition of terrorism. It is the use of violence, threats, or intimidation to achieve a political aim”…Dolly Kyle Browning

“We are being lied to on a scale unimaginable by George Orwell.”…Citizen Wells


From Zero Hedge September 20, 2017.

“”Extraordinary & Worrisome” – Wall Street Journal Demands To Know How FBI ‘Meddled’ In 2016 Elections”

“When Donald Trump claimed in March that he’d had his “wires tapped” prior to the election, the press and Obama officials dismissed the accusation as a fantasy. We were among the skeptics, but with former director James Comey’s politicized FBIthe story is getting more complicated.

CNN reported Monday that the FBI obtained a warrant last year to eavesdrop on Paul Manafort, Mr. Trump’s campaign manager from May to August in 2016. The story claims the FBI first wiretapped Mr. Manafort in 2014 while investigating his work as a lobbyist for Ukraine’s ruling party. That warrant lapsed, but the FBI convinced the court that administers the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) to issue a second order as part of its probe into Russian meddling in the election.

Guess who has lived in a condo in Trump Tower since 2006? Paul Manafort.

The story suggests the monitoring started in the summer or fall, and extended into early this year.

While Mr. Manafort resigned from the campaign in August, he continued to speak with Candidate Trump.

It is thus highly likely that the FBI was listening to the political and election-related conversations of a leading contender for the White House.

That’s extraordinary – and worrisome.

Mr. Comey told Congress in late March that he “had no information that supports those [Trump] tweets.”

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper was even more specific that “there was no such wiretap activity mounted against—the President-elect at the time, or as a candidate, or against his campaign.”

He denied that any such FISA order existed.

Were they lying?

The warrant’s timing may also shed light on the FBI’s relationship to the infamous “ Steele dossier.” That widely discredited dossier claiming ties between Russians and the Trump campaign was commissioned by left-leaning research firm Fusion GPS and developed by former British spy Christopher Steele—who relied on Russian sources. But the Washington Post and others have reported that Mr. Steele was familiar to the FBI, had reached out to the agency about his work, and had even arranged a deal in 2016 to get paid by the FBI to continue his research.

The FISA court sets a high bar for warrants on U.S. citizens, and presumably even higher for wiretapping a presidential campaign. Did Mr. Comey’s FBI marshal the Steele dossier to persuade the court?

All of this is reason for House and Senate investigators to keep exploring how Mr. Comey’s FBI was investigating both presidential campaigns.”

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24 responses to “All Mr. Comey’s Wiretaps, Extraordinary & worrisome, Wall Street Journal: how FBI meddled in 2016 elections

  1. “Hillary Clinton has stated multiple times, falsely, that 17 U.S. intelligence agencies had assessed that Russia was the source of our publications. That’s false—we can say that the Russian government is not the source,”…Julian Assange

  2. Yes he did!

  3. I thought this was important especially the fact that FB is blocking any one to read it. There was one post and after I read the article and went back to read what the poster said I was not allowed to read the one and only post! Face Book sucks! I go there to see President Trumps post and his Tweets. I have no desire to join Twitter! I hope the whole post is not gone!

  4. BTW… Wisconsin Court Strikes Blow Against Unions: Rules Right-To-Work Law Constitutional …

  5. Ginger……….
    …………organized labor is one of the PRIMARY reasons why a vehicle which once cost a buyer $2500.00 now costs $25,000.00. Another PRIMARY reason is GOVERNMENT.

  6. fhl………….
    …………as usual your graphics say it all. Why waste a lot of words when a picture will do even better…….har har pictures appeal to the PRIMAL SENSES.

  7. Ginger………
    ……… you have a facebook account? You need to sign in if you have an account before you can read a post. If you already have an account you need to check out why you can’t sign in.

  8. AND NOW………..
    ……………Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. STINKY BOTTOM says she is really offended by President Trump’s reference to the NOKO PIMPLEHEAD, as “ROCKET MAN”…………OOHHHHHHHHHH BOOOOO HOOOOOOOO. Of course we all remember her reference to VOTERS as “DEPLORABLES”. She can’t seem to control her dirty mouth. Look where her own name calling has landed her. REAL LOSER!

  9. Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, PIGGY should consider doing the people in close proximity to her a good turn by jumping into a bathtub somewhere for a hour or two soak beforehand. Might help alleviate her STINKY problem. REAL SAD!

  10. Obama UN Ambassador Samantha Power Sought To Unmask Mind-Blowing Number of Americans During 2016 Election

    by Joshua Caplan

    Former Obama administration officials are the subject of intense scrutiny in relation to Congress’ investigation into ‘unmasking’ allegations. The Washington Free Beacon’s Adam Kredo says Power’s ‘unmasking’ was done on an ‘unprecedented’ scale. A new report by Fox News states Power sought to unmask Americans nearly every day.

    Fox News reports:

    Samantha Power, the former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, was ‘unmasking’ at such a rapid pace in the final months of the Obama administration that she averaged more than one request for every working day in 2016 – and even sought information in the days leading up to President Trump’s inauguration, multiple sources close to the matter told Fox News.

    Two sources, who were not authorized to speak on the record, said the requests to identify Americans whose names surfaced in foreign intelligence reporting, known as unmasking, exceeded 260 last year. One source indicated this occurred in the final days of the Obama White House.

    The details emerged ahead of an expected appearance by Power next month on Capitol Hill. She is one of several Obama administration officials facing congressional scrutiny for their role in seeking the identities of Trump associates in intelligence reports – but the interest in her actions is particularly high.

    Power isn’t the only Obama official to be in hot water over the unmasking scandal. The Gateway Pundit previously reported Susan Rice’s involvement in the unmasking scandal is raising red flags over what insiders view was an attempt by the Obama administration to undermine President Trump and his team.

  11. With the absence of the usurper, and the RICO Regime, the truth is starting to emerge.


    BUSTED! Climate Change “Scientists” Forced to Admit They Were Wrong All Along As Their Own Study Proves It Was A Hoax

    A stunning new science paper authored by climate change alarmists and published in the science journal Nature Geoscience has just broken the back of the climate change hoax. The paper, authored by Myles R. Allen, Richard J. Millar and others, reveals that global warming climate models are flat wrong, having been deceptively biased toward “worst case” warming predictions that now turn out to be paranoid scare mongering.

    According to

    The paper, entitled, “Emission budgets and pathways consistent with limiting warming to 1.5 °C,” concludes that the global warming long feared and hyped by everyone from Al Gore to CNN talking heads was based on faulty software models that don’t stand up to actual measured temperatures in the real world. In technical jargon, the paper explains, “We show that limiting cumulative post-2015 CO2 emissions to about 200 GtC would limit post-2015 warming to less than 0.6 °C in 66% of Earth system model members.”

    In effect, the current global warming software models used by the IPCC and cited by the media wildly over-estimate the warming effects of CO2 emissions. How much do they over-estimate warming? By about 50%. Where the software models predicted a 1.3 C rise in average global temperatures, only a rise of about 0.9 C has actually been recorded (and many data points in that average have, of course, been fabricated by climate change scientists to push a political narrative). In other words, carbon dioxide emissions don’t produce the warming effects that have been blindly claimed by climate change alarmists.

    “Climate change poses less of an immediate threat to the planet than previously thought because scientists got their modelling wrong,” reports the UK Telegraph. “New research by British scientists reveals the world is being polluted and warming up less quickly than 10-year-old forecasts predicted, giving countries more time to get a grip on their carbon output.”

    In other words, the climate change threat has been wildly overstated. The fear mongering of Al Gore and the government-funded science community can truly only be described as a “junk science hoax.”

    Climate alarmists suddenly find themselves admitting they were wrong all along

    “The paper … concedes that it is now almost impossible that the doomsday predictions made in the last IPCC Assessment Report of 1.5 degrees C warming above pre-industrial levels by 2022 will come true,” writes James Delingpole. He goes on to say:

    One researcher – from the alarmist side of the argument, not the skeptical one – has described the paper’s conclusion as “breathtaking” in its implications.

    He’s right. The scientists who’ve written this paper aren’t climate skeptics. They’re longstanding warmists, implacable foes of climate skeptics, and they’re also actually the people responsible for producing the IPCC’s carbon budget.

    In other words, this represents the most massive climbdown from the alarmist camp.

    Are we about to see climate change alarmists owning up to the fact that real-world data show their software models to be rooted in junk science? The unraveling has begun, but there is so much political capital already invested in the false climate change narrative that it will take years to fully expose the depth of scientific fraud and political dishonesty underpinning the global warming hoax.

    Climate change software models were deliberately tweaked to paint an exaggerated doomsday picture in order to scare the world into compliance panic

    What’s clear from all this is that IPCC software models were deliberately biased in favor of the worst-case “doomsday” predictions in order to terrorize the world with a fake climate change hoax. But now the fake science is catching up to them, and they’re getting caught in their own lies.

    The software models, by the way, were fraudulently programmed with dishonest model “weights” to produce alarming warming predictions no matter what temperature data points were entered into the system.

    This is best explained in this Natural News article which goes into great detail, covering the IPCC global warming software modeling hoax:

    Hacking the IPCC global warming data

    The same left-wing media outlets that fabricated the “Russian hacking” conspiracy, curiously, have remained totally silent about a real, legitimate hacking that took place almost two decades earlier. The IPCC “global warming” software models, we now know, were “hacked” from the very beginning, programmed to falsely produce “hockey stick” visuals from almost any data set… include “random noise” data.

    What follows are selected paragraphs from a fascinating book that investigated this vast political and scientific fraud: The Real Global Warming Disaster by Christopher Booker(Continuum, 2009). This book is also available as an audio book from, so if you enjoy audio books, download a copy there.

    Read More HERE

  12. fhl,

    Was she REALLY signing books at a Costco?

    I suppose it’s appropriate for her to be signing books in a whorehouse…oops, I meant ‘warehouse.’ My bad.

  13. Yep, she was at Costco

  14. AND ONCE AGAIN………..
    ……………..Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Waters confirms her INSANITY. While she is supposed to be delivering a eulogy at the funeral service of a passed friend she tries to turn it into a IMPEACH 45 session…………which was not appreciated by all members of the deceased family. REALLY A SICK TWISTED B–CH!

  15. AND TODAY…………
    ………….the NOKO PIMPLEHEAD says he can destroy any country he chooses to. He is either a RAVING MANIAC, or GOD. I have serious doubts that he is GOD.

  16. oldsailor85…. Yes I do have a FB page and I am sent straight there when I click on my name at the MSM home page. Every once in a while FB makes me sign in! My FB home page shows really nothing! I do not have friends and every thing is just for my eyes! I have gotten attacked several times by hateful liberals leaving porn and hateful sayings. I guess it is part of being a conservative. FB … does nothing to punish them but we get punished for several days. FB …deletes a lot of my post and that makes me so proud to be noticed. BTW… I have an appointment with a specialist in November 7th. I am praying for a call that they had an cancellation. I have no doubt what so ever that I have late stage Lime Disease and around 45 days or sooner I will finally find out! Lyme Ticks carry five different infectious diseases which I am sure you already know. God Bless America…

  17. Media virtually ignoring evidence of vote fraud in election integrity hearings
    By Thomas Lifson

    You wouldn’t know it based on mainstream media coverage, but President Trump’s Advisory Commission on Election Integrity is developing strong evidence of serious vote fraud, large enough to swing the results in key elections. The fact that Democrats mostly deny the possibility of important vote fraud and seek to shut down inquiry ought to tell anyone with two brain cells to rub together that they know which party is the beneficiary of the cheating.

    The fact that the dominant political media, which continue to call themselves “news” outlets, mostly are ignoring the startling revelations coming out of the commission’s hearings also tells you that the problem is serious enough to suppress.

    The characteristic response of the left is suppression of the facts, combined with the absurd theory that ensuring voter integrity means “suppressing” votes. This ignores the fact that an illegal vote also “suppresses” the vote of an honest, qualified voter who voted the opposite way. See this graphic, featuring Kris Kobach, the chair of the commission: more

  18. CW,

    Judicial Watch Files Lawsuit against Department of Justice Seeking FBI Interviews with Obama, Jarret, and Emanuel Relating to Criminal Investigation of Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich

  19. Thanks bob.

  20. AND NOW……….
    …………..the CHILD FEMALE FEDERAL JUDGE IN ARIZONA, Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Susan Bolton is refusing to honor the pardon of Sheriff Arpaio, and is considering ordering him to prison. She will end up being sued for conspiracy to commit felony fraud, and could end up herself in prison. Since the conviction had not yet been appealed, it would be correct for the record of Arpaio to be completely expunged from the courts records, and the conviction would become moot. Yet Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.Bolton is considering ordering him to prison to serve the sentence she put upon him. This would become a serious violation of the law on her part ,and she could end up removed from the federal bench ,and herself prosecuted for conspiracy to commit fraud. I guess she thinks she is SOOOOOOOOO IMPORRRRRRRTANT that she can pretend to be GOD. I pray that Trump will ask the SCOTUS to take up the case, because she has tried to circumvent EXECUTIVE PRIVILEGE.

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