NC state board of elections meeting November 22, 2016, Legal questions affecting the 2016 general election,Briefs, McCrory & N.C. Republican Party, Cooper & N.C. Democratic Party, Southern Coalition for Social Justice, Ballot retrieved and discounted if voter ineligible?

NC state board of elections meeting November 22, 2016, Legal questions affecting the 2016 general election,Briefs, McCrory & N.C. Republican Party, Cooper & N.C. Democratic Party, Southern Coalition for Social Justice, Ballot retrieved and discounted if voter ineligible?

“Other payments which are disclosed on Bladen County Improvement Association PAC contribution reports include
the following:

Mary Johnson, witness for 74 ballots, $450;
Lola Wooten, witness for 58 ballots, $500;
Deborah Cogdell, witness for 45 ballots (including both witnesses on 1 ballot), $300; and
Bridgette Keaton, witness for 16 ballots, $630.”…Bladin County NC election protest

“The end justifies the means, the template of the left.”…Citizen Wells

“We control life, Winston, at all its levels. You are imagining that there is something called human nature which will be outraged by what we do and will turn against us. But we create human nature. Men are infinitely malleable.”…George Orwell, “1984″



The NC State Board of Elections meeting is taking place now.



As directed by the State Board, Executive Director Strach has established the below order of proceedings. Members of the public have been informed they will not be recognized but were given the opportunity to submit written comments; 473 have done so.

McCrory & N.C. Republican Party ……………(30 min. argument)

Cooper & N.C. Democratic Party ………………(30 min. argument)

McCrory & N.C. Republican Party……(10 min. optional rebuttal)

Cooper & N.C. Democratic Party……….(10 min. optional rebuttal)

Southern Coalition for Social Justice…………..(20 min. argument)

*Order of appearance as between the parties was determined by coin toss. Southern Coalition for Social Justice is the only organizational party to have filed a timely brief and their motion to present was granted under Paragraph 5 the Order dated Nov. 20.


Brief of Pat McCrory Committee & N.C. Republican Party

Brief of Cooper for North Carolina & N.C. Democratic Party Application to appear pro hac vice

Brief of Southern Coalition for Social Justice”

The briefs can be found here:

Click to access Record_and_Order_of_Proceedings.pdf



More here:

26 responses to “NC state board of elections meeting November 22, 2016, Legal questions affecting the 2016 general election,Briefs, McCrory & N.C. Republican Party, Cooper & N.C. Democratic Party, Southern Coalition for Social Justice, Ballot retrieved and discounted if voter ineligible?

  1. I will be calling the Greensboro News Record a liar again soon.

  2. CW………
    ……….it would seem that if the state elections commission is on the up and up, they would initiate, and expedite a thorough investigation ,and determine who was responsible for casting errant votes and follow through with arrest warrants for all who violated the election laws with vigorous prosecution to follow.

  3. Lot of ass covering going on.
    Some is necessary some ???

  4. CW……….
    ………….sounds to me like UP is DOWN with the Greensboro News Record. The newspaper must be owned by LIBERAL Democrats.

  5. CW…….
    …………perhaps the New York Times owners have part ownership of the Greensboro News Record……….that would explain it all.

  6. CW………
    …………I know exactly how you feel. There is nothing more angering than BASTARDS WHO CHEAT to get what they want. Such people are LOWER than the poop in a toilet bowl.

  7. ………..sort of makes me think of old BOSS HOGG, in the old DUKES OF HAZARD show.

    One year ago today, I wrote this when the primaries were just ginning up….in making my decisions on anything that concerns me personally, I try to ‘let my head’ make the decision instead of listening to my neighbor and letting him make it for me. I have always been an independent person and never let others control or rule over my decisions. Most of the time, I have been right in the choices I have made. When I have not, I willingly accept the blame for my failures. Here is what I wrote this time last year;
    LOOKING BACK: November 22, 2015
    I plan to vote for Donald Trump for ONE reason…and ONE reason only.
    Mr. Trump has an estimated personal worth of 10 Billion dollars….he has more at stake to lose if America goes ‘belly up’ than any crafty lying politician in this race…..
    Think about that and put your money on someone who will GIVE back to this country instead of someone who will enrich his or her own pockets by being the next president !!! The choice is yours….
    I’m sick of the lying Bushes, the criminal Clinton’s, and the would be socialist Bernie, who is one breath away from being a communist and thinks everything should be free.
    LOOKING FORWARD: November 22, 2016
    Donald Trump won both the primaries and the national election and by doing so became the champion of the little man. He crushed over 15 RINO republicans and a complacent media in doing so. No one, other than me, in my family ever thought Trump could do it. The media was making fun of him, Saturday Night Live was having a ball, Hillary and her democrat thugs were delighted to have a ‘whipping boy’ they could kick around to keep the heat off of them about Benghazi and all the other troubles she and her mentor, Obey Ban Wana, were stirring up in the middle east….so things looked like Hillary was already picking out the size of her crown come next Coronation Day of January 20, 2017.
    But, some people have never heard of Murphy’s Law. If you are one of these people, let me tell you in a few words what Murphy’s Law is.
    Murphy’s law simply says, “don’t take anything for granted”. Some people put it in another other terms, ” If things can be F–ked Up, they will be” …Now years ago, as an Infantry commander, we would put Murphy’s law in different and more blunt words. We would have used the ‘5 P Principle’ in trying to avoid making mistakes about Murph’s Law.
    The ‘5 P Principle’ is not complicated either. It simply said;
    ” Prior Planning Prevents Piss-poor Performance.” … I used that as a guide while in the service. At times, I think that’s why I am now 81 years old and not just another white cross somewhere out there in the world ….. it has helped me prove that … ‘Old Soldier’s Never Die’.
    We just fade away.
    Somewhere along the way, Hillary and her Chicago cabal forgot to plan, and if they did, they did some very piss-poor planning because they damn sure didn’t accomplish their objectives. Trump took 84% of all counties in the USA and Clinton took only 16%…now in my book, that’s a complete landslide and a clear lop-side victory for the little man who had been lulled to sleep by the lying politicians over 30 years ago…..but suddenly, he found a voice in the Donald. …. the nation was RED except for the cities and counties of LA, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, New York, and all of the other large towns where the democrats moved in many ears ago with food stamps in their hands passing them out like candy and at the same time, they were packing up and shipping out the only thing the people had for their survival….. their industries, leaving them totally dependent on the federal government for their existence.
    These results are exactly why we have an Electoral College that represents all of America, and not just the large cities where crime and failed democrat policies have almost gutted our nation. Our forefathers were some pretty smart people back in their days. Now if we let the democrats moan , groan, cry and somehow change the process we have in place to something else…..well we will be back to ‘ground zero’ and again our nation will be at risk.
    That my friends is a very scary thought !
    Now… all this talk about a ‘New World Order’ and Daddy Bush’s “Thousand Points of Light” nonsense is in jeopardy. The Donald is not even president yet, and many changes are occurring for the better. Ford Motor Company is coming back home from Mexico after a long stay there thanks to Bill Clinton and NAFTA, Apple has decided to start making the iPhones in the USA, the stock market is soaring… many are predicting a 19,000 market before January 20, 2017, and the dollar is strong around the world… I call this real “fundamental change” …. not the “hot-air bullshit change we got from the street Usurper from Chicago”.
    The bottom line is … as of today, it certainly appears that my prediction that a strong “Businessman” was exactly what our country needed and not more of the ‘same ole same ole’.
    So, my friends , I ask that in all your decisions, please think them out carefully before you jump in with both feet. Look at the RECORD of those who are making the promises… in the end remember, “A Leopard Never Changes His Spots” ! He may try to hide and cover them, … but their still there.
    I see a bright future coming for America. Regardless of all the obstacles that will be placed in Trump’s path. Stay strong and give our new president your support.
    God Bless the United States and God Bless our President-Elect who ‘we the people’ have so wisely chosen this time around.
    In all cases, “looking back does help you to look forward”. Don’t let anyone tell you different.
    More rambling from an old soldier, you have a good day now !

  9. oldsoldier80……..
    ……….I hope and pray that Trump installs old MAD DOG Mattis as Secretary of Defense. I believe that he is an able leader. The pieces of shi# the world over will sit up and take notice……… could be that they will have to kiss their own a$$es goodbye. In a way he looks a lot like George Patton, and sounds a lot like Stormin Norman Schwartzkopf. What say you?

  10. oldsailor84……
    I agree with you there…..that was the reason Obama fired him to begin with…..I hope Trump reinstates every career officer that Ovomit has fired…there have been over 200 admirals and army/air force officers let go this way….

  11. “Pat McCrory Files For A Recount In North Carolina Gubernatorial Race”

    “To protect the voters of North Carolina, Governor Pat McCrory joined Chuck Stuber, candidate for state auditor, in officially filing for a statewide recount Tuesday morning. This recount was filed to meet the original date statutorily specified, although the formal recount will not occur until after the county boards of election certify their results.

    “With many outstanding votes yet to be counted for the first time, legal challenges, ballot protests and voter fraud allegations, we must keep open the ability to allow the established recount process to ensure every legal vote is counted properly,” said Russell Peck, Pat McCrory’s campaign manager.”

  12. OLDSAILOR84…

    See if you can wrap your head around this screwy decision coming out of the Muslim-oriented Loretta Lynch DOJ recently……this is the most blatant disregard for American citizenship rights I have ever read…. and to have a law enforcement agency being fined $10,000 dollars for not hiring the “ILLEGALS” and placing them in charges of the asylum is beyond my ability to understand ! This decision was WAY ABOVE MY PAY GRADE LEVEL.

    Loretta Lynch and Barack Obama had better “get-out-of-town” real fast after Trump gets in office…..they may just find themselves facing some very serious charges over crap like this….if I were the Sheriff of that country, I would tell Lynch to shove her fine up her ass….sideways…..this “sh*t would never stand up in an “honest court of law”……but then again, we don’t have any honest courts of law right now…… but they will be with us just like the sun will rise tomorrow…after Mr. Trump goes to Washington !

  13. “The Civitas Center for Law and Freedom (CLF) has filed a federal lawsuit requesting a restraining order against including ballots cast via same-day registration in the 2016 election, pending further investigation.”

  14. I called the Governor’s office & NC GOP office to urge McCrory not to concede & to tell them I have
    examined the Durham county data & it looks suspicious.


    He’s already done more in the 2 weeks he’s been President-Elect that Obama has done in the past 8 years…… he sure is making that Kenyan illiterate look like he should go back to the village and start again….. the Dow is going g to go over 19,000, dollar is high in all countries, American jobs and industry is coming home…..Halleluja ! Halleluja 1 … even my man, Leonard wants to shout it out too !

    I’m sorry to also report that Leonard Cohn has recently passed away….what a waste of talent, but God now has him in his choir !

    Doing solo’s.

  16. citizenwells | November 22, 2016 at 11:46 am |

    I will read Trump’s complete statement on HRC & prosecution.
    My position: Let your qualified Justice Dept fully investigate and then armed with knowledge make a decision
    on prosecution.
    Iceberg analogy.
    We know the tip.

    It’s starting to look like they are going to ignore the usurper’s election fraud, and SCOTUS appointment fraud,and allow the usurpation to be swept under the rug.

    Lock em up!!!

  17. Why would Trump make the statement that he will not pursue investigations into Hillary Clinton’s use of her private email servers and the Clinton Foundation?

    Trump reportedly feels that Clinton has “been through enough.”

    Perhaps Donald has inside information on Hillary’s deteriorating health? It was reported last September that Hillary is dying and won’t be with us much longer.
    HILLARY CLINTON is suffering from advanced vascular dementia and has just one year to live, according to shock new medical claims.

    The 68-year-old, who has repeatedly denied she is battling serious health issues, has “never recovered” from a serious blood clot in 2012 which “triggered” the degenerative disease.

    And she is already in the latter stages of the illness as recent “complex partial seizures” show and “extremely unlikely” to live beyond 18 months.
    In retrospect I made a post by a psychic prediction by Betsey Lewis

    So far she has been on target…..a few more predictions to go:

    Psychic Betsey Lewis makes her Prediction for President

    I predicted at the first of the year that Trump would most likely
    be the Republican candidate. I am now predicting that Donald J. Trump will become our 45th President on November 8, 2016 that’s if we don’t have a rigged election which is quite possible according to many articles on the web. Donald Trump is a leader and very bright. I remote viewed the future and saw Trump taking the Presidential Oath wearing a dark long coat on a very cold clear day in D.C. and his wife Melania standing near to him, wearing a light-colored coat. I sense something bad will happen to Hillary–at this time I’m not sure what.

  18. oldsoldier80………
    …………..unfortunately the Denver sheriff fiasco will most likely remain a state level fiasco. It is totally absurd not to require a law enforcement officer to be a citizen of the US. I have doubts that it will even make it to the Colorado Supreme Court. Instead it will all be swept under the rug, and probably the present Sheriff will be removed from office…….voila problem solved, and soon STINKING A$$ED, GOAT HERDERS, WILL BE DEPUTIES. Everybody in the state of Colorado are already so stoned from POT they don’t know DOWN from UP, ………and in reality they no longer even care………..FIRST STEP TO EVENTUAL LOSS OF CIVILITY, AND FROM THERE TO OPEN OUT OF CONTROL DETERIORATION OF THE MINDS OF THE PEOPLE OF COLORADO………..AND WHEN THAT EXTENDS TO 99% IT WILL BE THE END OF THE CIVILITY OF THE STATE ITSELF. POT GROWERS EVERYWHERE, EVERYBODY HOPPING AROUND COMPLETELY STONED,NO LAW ENFORCEMENT WHATSOEVER, AND WILD POT PARTYS EVERYWHERE, AND EVERYBODY ARMED TO THE TEETH, AND MURDERING PEOPLE JUST BECAUSE THEY DON’T LIKE THEM.
    I might seem like a pessimist, but total anarchy is still the direction of America. If Trump’s win is taken to the SCOTUS by Mzzzzzzzzzzzz.Piggy there is a strong likelihood that she will be deemed the POTUS by the SLIME at the SCOTUS over, and in spite of the electoral college votes. She will be deemed the POTUS based upon the popular vote,(WHICH IS RIDDLED BY FRAUDULANT VOTES) rather than the electoral college, and I fear this will ignite a CIVIL WAR. Chucky baby, and all of the remaining GANG OF 14 are urging the WITCH to contest the election in the SCOTUS. This is a serious GROWING situation in America. The outcome of such an upset could bring an end to what has been a beautiful Republic for over 200 years. Now we are seeing NON CITIZENS in government positions, and this will NOT END. As each of our laws are methodically circumvented by the non citizen politicians, Congress, and the COURTS, eventually even the Constitution will also become meaningless, and unenforceable………..thanks to the OVER EDUCATED WORD TWISTERS, who think Constitutional law is CASE LAW. That says they are so stupid that rightfully they shouldn’t even be elected as DOG CATCHERS.

  19. “Trump Victory Sends Black American Consumer Confidence Surging To 22-Month Highs”

  20. OFF TOPIC………..
    ……….Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here at CW. There is NOTHING ON EARTH that equals the value of the family reunions of the Holidays. It is food for the HEART,MIND, AND SOUL…….again Happy Thanksgiving.

  21. THIS MORNING……….
    …………Dennis Kucinich was on Fox, and for the first time I have heard a former Democrat speak the truth. I take my hat off to Kucinich. Whatever his reason was for telling it like it is I have to say THANK YOU to him for having had the courage to tell it like it is.

  22. ………..frankly, I don’t expect Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Piggy to follow the urging of people like Schumer. If she is as ill as she is said to be then it is reasonable to believe that she too is aware of her alleged outlook, and if she still possesses her faculties she would NOT GO FORWARD with a contest of the election in the SCOTUS. Besides she did CONCEDE.

  23. AND NOW…………..
    …………Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.DEGENERATE has received the Medal of Freedom from Soetoro. Need I say anymore?………Their actions speak louder than words, and CONFIRMS the truth about such people, and those who support them.

  24. ……….I COULD BE WRONG,……..
    ………..but I would rather have seen Newt Gingrich for Secretary of State……..but that is just my viewpoint, no offense intended.

  25. oldsailor84…..

    Well I’m kinda like you…I damn sure don’t want to see Mitt Romney placed there…Romney showed his ass when Trump needed him most….send Romney back wherever he came from…he a New World order man.

  26. oldsoldier80………
    ……….whatever will be ……will be, but to me Romney is like a cowardly soldier who throws down his rifle and runs toward the rear the minute he is under fire from an enemy. I believe that a lot of the leaders of many countries might see him in the same light, and as a result he would be largely ineffective. I believe that Gingrich would have made an excellent SOS.

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