Donald Trump tweet, Exclusive Video–Broaddrick Willey Jones to Bill’s Defenders: ‘These Are Crimes’ ‘Terrified’ of ‘Enabler’ Hillary, So many self righteous hypocrites, Citizen Wells “Where’s Hillary apology” suppressed by Bing Yahoo?

Donald Trump tweet, Exclusive Video–Broaddrick Willey Jones to Bill’s Defenders: ‘These Are Crimes’ ‘Terrified’ of ‘Enabler’ Hillary, So many self righteous hypocrites, Citizen Wells “Where’s Hillary apology” suppressed by Bing Yahoo?

“Billy and Hillary Clinton continue to be lying, cheating, manipulative, scratching, clawing, ruthlessly aggressive, insatiably ambitious politicians who are giving public service a bad name – and nothing about them has changed in the past forty-plus years, except that they have deluded more and more people,”…Dolly Kyle Browning

“The Clintons’ “systematically abuse women and others – sexually, physically, and psychologically – in their scramble for power and wealth,” says the book’s press release.”…”The Clintons’ War on Women”

“The devil’s in that woman.”…Miss Emma, Clinton’s cook, governor’s mansion



From Donald Trump’s Twitter account.

  1. Exclusive Video–Broaddrick, Willey, Jones to Bill’s Defenders: ‘These Are Crimes,’ ‘Terrified’ of ‘Enabler’ Hillary

  2. So many self-righteous hypocrites. Watch their poll numbers – and elections – go down!

From Breitbart October 9, 2016.

“Exclusive Video–Broaddrick, Willey, Jones to Bill Clinton’s Defenders: ‘These Are Crimes,’ ‘Terrified’ of ‘Enabler’ Hillary”

In an exclusive video interview at the presidential suite of the historic Watergate Hotel, the victims of Bill Clinton’s alleged sexual assault — Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, and Paula Jones — got together for the first time in person to express their personal fear of Hillary Clinton and to warn voters that Clinton does not stand for women’s issues.

The three women, who say their lives were forever changed by their experiences with the Clintons, used words like “terrified” and “frightened” to describe their feelings about the prospects of a Hillary Clinton presidency.

When asked about the counter-argument that their allegations toward Bill Clinton only dig up past “infidelities,” all three women attacked establishment media figures for using this language.

“We were not willing participants,” Broaddrick said. “These were crimes.” In a separate interview, Broaddrick shared her own story of brutal sexual assault which she says Bill Clinton perpetrated against her.

Willey called out NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell and CNN’s Jake Tapper by name, challenging them: “These are not infidelities. A rape is not an infidelity. These are crimes. Any other people would be in jail…

“This is no longer about infidelities, indiscretions, girlfriends, sex, interns — none of those. This is about a serial rapist, a predator, and his wife who has enabled his behavior all of these years.”

Later in this interview, Jones, Willey, and Broaddrick expressed fear at how a potential President Hillary Clinton would use the power of her office.

“It terrifies me and it should terrify all women,” Jones stated about Hillary’s presidential ambitions.

“It should terrify all men and women,” Willey added. “She will annihilate any enemy. All of her enemies. Anybody who has spoken against her. Across the board for I don’t know how many years. She will get rid of them.”

“No woman who advocates for women attacks the victims of sexual assault be it by her husband or anybody else,” said Willey.

The women argued that the term “enabler” best describes Hillary Clinton’s role in her husband’s alleged sexual crimes.

“There is not a better word for any of this,” stated Broaddrick. “Especially when she threatened me personally.”

Willey added, “She is complicit in everything that he has done.”

“She had helped him do it,” asserted Jones.”

Trump appears ready to nail the witch.

I truly hope that he does.

For what it is worth.

I noted the following on this site earlier:

Google has been fair to Citizen Wells for years.
Bing and Yahoo are somewhat inline usually with Citizen Wells articles or Before It’s News which often reports our articles.
Todays article:

“Where’s Hillary apology” has been #1 on Google all day. More than I could hope for.
Does not even show up on Bing or Yahoo.
Next I tried “Where’s Hillary apology, Clinton rape victims speak out”.
Same results.
I am on the internet & search engines a lot.
Makes me wonder if Bing & Yahoo are blocking Citizen Wells.
Your thoughts and findings appreciated.



Much much more here:




3 responses to “Donald Trump tweet, Exclusive Video–Broaddrick Willey Jones to Bill’s Defenders: ‘These Are Crimes’ ‘Terrified’ of ‘Enabler’ Hillary, So many self righteous hypocrites, Citizen Wells “Where’s Hillary apology” suppressed by Bing Yahoo?

  1. citizenwells

    “Nearly a year to the day after Clinton’s political lifesaving State of the Union address, NBC tentatively scheduled Juanita Broaddrick’s interview for broadcast. But three days earlier, Broaddrick had been warned there was trouble back at the ranch.

    “The good news is, you’re credible,” Lisa Myers told her. “The bad news is, you’re very, very credible.” Network brass was panicking after interviewing five corroborating witnesses and putting Broaddrick through a background check from which she emerged, she was told, “squeaky clean.”

    And there were other concerns. Though they’ve generally kept this news from the rest of the country, journalists know that the House vote to impeach Clinton was swayed by secret material stored in a locked and guarded evidence room in D.C.’s Gerald Ford Building.

    This was the information House Majority Whip Tom DeLay referenced when he suggested that senators “pay a visit to the evidence room and you might just see 67 votes [to convict] appear out of thin air.” Congressman who have reviewed the information describe it as “horrific” and “nauseating.” One was reduced to tears.

    But the Senate, hell-bent for acquittal, declined DeLay’s invitation.

    The material the majority whip alluded to is known to deal with Broaddrick’s rape allegation — and possibly other similar charges against Clinton. Sources in Arkansas say that at least two other women have told friends privately that they were also sexually assaulted by Clinton.

    Would NBC’s timely broadcast of Juanita Broaddrick’s story have caused it all to come out? Would one Rapegate revelation after another have replicated in spades the public’s early revulsion over Monicagate? If Clinton’s popularity began to slide all over again, how would Democrats explain their votes to acquit?

    Apparently, those are questions NBC News decided were better left unanswered — even at the risk that history would be altered by “newsmen” who kept from the public vital information about a president they feared was all too guilty.”

  2. citizenwells

    I spent a lot of time and energy resurrecting scrubbed articles. Many of them were about the Clintons abuse of women.
    That effort may finally pay dividends.
    I hope so.

  3. citizenwells

    ““Stephanopoulos Used Threat to Stifle Clinton Son Story”

    “”I guarantee you that if you do this you’ll never work in Democratic politics again.”

    That was the threat issued by George Stephanopoulos to Steve Dinari, director of Ross Perot’s Illinois campaign, when Dinari informed him that he was ready to go public with a credible allegation that Bill Clinton had fathered an illegitimate son.”

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