NY Times: How Hillary Clinton grappled with Bill Clinton’s infidelity and his accusers, Wicked Leaks will reveal truth, Hillary terrorist using violence threats or intimidation to achieve a political aim, Clintons victims cowering in fear

NY Times: How Hillary Clinton grappled with Bill Clinton’s infidelity and his accusers, Wicked Leaks will reveal truth, Hillary terrorist using violence threats or intimidation to achieve a political aim, Clintons victims cowering in fear

“Broaddrick herself told NewsMax.com last year that her home had been broken into, her pets released and her answering machine tape stolen while she and her husband were away briefly during the House impeachment probe.
“Let me tell you something. They were all over that woman,” Schippers told NewsMax.com. “And it was the type of stuff we ran into with the outfit (the Chicago mob). Intimidation just by watching her, making their presence known. … Just to let her know ‘We can do what we want.’ ””…David Schippers

“The Clintons’ “systematically abuse women and others – sexually, physically, and psychologically – in their scramble for power and wealth,” says the book’s press release.”…”The Clintons’ War on Women”

“The devil’s in that woman.”…Miss Emma, Clinton’s cook, governor’s mansion


Wicked Leaks.

A new Citizen Wells initiative, which like Wiki Leaks will bring to the light information hidden from the public.

Most of the information revealed by Citizen Wells has been scrubbed or diminished in search engines.

Other articles and facts have become topical again and deserve to be read by a new audience of younger people and others now using the internet.

It is fitting and proper that a new NY Times article, covering for Hillary and obfuscating the truth, be highlighted in this introduction.

I will be presenting a small portion of the article at this time to prevent mass nausea and blood pressure rises.

From the NY Times October 2, 2016.

“The enduring image of Mrs. Clinton from that campaign was a “60 Minutes” interview in which she told the country she was not blindly supporting her husband out of wifely duty. “I’m not sitting here, some little woman standing by my man like Tammy Wynette,” she said.

But stand by she did, holding any pain or doubts in check as the campaign battled to keep the Clintons’ political aspirations alive.

Last week, Donald J. Trump, the Republican presidential nominee,criticized Mrs. Clinton over Mr. Clinton’s affairs and her response to them, and said he might talk more about the issue in the final weeks before the election.

That could be a treacherous strategy for Mr. Trump, given his own past infidelity and questionable treatment of women. Many voters, particularly women, might see Mrs. Clinton being blamed for her husband’s conduct.

It could also remind voters of a searing period in American history, and in Mrs. Clinton’s life.

Confronting a spouse’s unfaithfulness is painful under any circumstance. For Mrs. Clinton, it happened repeatedly and in the most public of ways, unfolding at the dawn of the 24/7 news cycle, and later in impeachment proceedings that convulsed the nation.

Outwardly, she remained stoic and defiant, defending her husband while a progression of women and well-funded conservative operatives accused Mr. Clinton of behavior unbecoming the leader of the free world.

But privately, she embraced the Clinton campaign’s aggressive strategy of counterattack: Women who claimed to have had sexual encounters with Mr. Clinton would become targets of digging and discrediting — tactics that women’s rights advocates frequently denounce.”

“Mrs. Clinton’s level of involvement in that effort, as described in interviews, internal campaign records and archives, is still the subject of debate. By some accounts, she gave the green light and was a motivating force; by others, her support was no more than tacit assent.”

Dolly Kyle Browning has known the Clintons for decades.

“Aaron, Hillary is an enabler is about the nicest thing you can say about her,” stated Kyle when asked about a statement last Friday from Donald Trump, who slammed Hillary Clinton as an “unbelievably nasty, mean enabler” who “destroyed” the lives of her husband’s mistresses and alleged victims.

Continued Kyle: “The fact of the matter is Hillary is a terrorist. I invite you to look up the definition of terrorism. It is the use of violence, threats, or intimidation to achieve a political aim. … That’s what terrorism is. It changes people’s lives by changing their decisions about what they would otherwise do. And these women who might otherwise speak up are so afraid that they won’t say anything.”

Kyle alleged that there are many other Clinton lovers and purported assault victims who would likely speak out, but who instead “are cowering in fear because of the terrorism.”


From Dolly Kyle Browning, et al vs William Jefferson Clinton.

“Plaintiff Dolly Kyle Browning has been intentionally and maliciously threatened by Clinton and his agents, including Lindsey. See id. at ¶¶ 131-33. They threatened to “destroy” her if she told the media about her sexual relationship with Clinton. See id. at ¶ 131. They also warned her not to publish her book, Purposes of the Heart, which depicts that 30-year relationship. See id. In addition, Clinton, acting through Lindsey, threatened and intimidated Mrs. Browning into severely limiting her public statements about her relationship with Clinton. Id.

Most significant to the instant motion, Clinton and Lindsey also knowingly used threats and intimidation to prevent Mrs. Browning from testifying in the Paula Jones civil rights/sexual harassment lawsuit (“the Jones case”). They directed Clinton’s lawyers to draft a motion to quash her deposition subpoena, and pressured Mrs. Browning to file it with the court. See id. at ¶¶ 61-64. Mrs. Browning, a member of the Texas Bar and officer of the court, refused to comply, and was deposed in the Jones case on October 28, 1997. See id. at ¶¶ 2, 64-65. Clinton and his agents then followed through on their threats against Mrs. Browning. Among other things, they defamed her, publicly branding her a liar out to “get” the President, and knowingly circulating false and derogatory information about her character and motivations.See, e.g., id. at ¶¶ 67, 69, 71-74, 79-81.

Remarkably similar threatening tactics have been directed at other women who, like Mrs. Browning, have personal knowledge of Clinton’s misconduct and were sought as witnesses in official proceedings against Clinton. See id. at ¶ 134. Plaintiffs referred in their Amended Complaint to the threats and retaliation by Clinton and his agents against Kathleen Willey and Linda Tripp when they were called to testify in the Jones case and the Independent Counsel’s investigation of the Lewinsky affair. Indeed, the number of women who have suffered from these “Clintonian” tactics is significant. On March 11, 1999,Investor’s Business Daily reported that at least nine (9) women have now charged that Clinton “personally assaulted them or, through his ‘agents’ or ‘people,’ threatened to do them or their families physical harm.” The list includes Dolly Kyle Browning, Gennifer Flowers, Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Corbin Jones, Kathleen Willey, Monica Lewinsky, Linda Tripp, Sally Perdue, and Elizabeth Ward Gracen. “And all of them say they’re afraid for their safety so long as he remains in power.”

Because of the threats, intimidation, and retaliation directed at these women, their fear for their safety, and the enormous power and means available to Clinton and Lindsey, Plaintiffs must perpetuate the testimony of these women without delay. Their testimony will substantiate Plaintiffs’ RICO allegations, and is both competent and highly relevant to Plaintiffs’ case. As RICO witnesses against the highest officials in our government, these women are at enormous risk. Every moment of delay provides Clinton and Lindsey with additional opportunities to threaten them and/or their families, and enhances the chances that their testimony will be lost forever. Plaintiffs cannot obtain the testimony of these witnesses through the ordinary course of discovery in this case as all discovery has been stayed pending the Court’s ruling on the outstanding motions to dismiss. Plaintiffs therefore respectfully move the Court for leave to perpetuate the testimony of these witnesses or, in the alternative, to commence limited discovery to take their depositions.”

Browning Vs Clinton, Plaintiff’s expedited motion for leave to perpetuate testimony of threatened witnesses, Case No. 98-1991, Gennifer Flowers, Juanita Broaddrick, Linda Tripp, Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones, Elizabeth Gracen, Kathleen Willey, Julie Steele, Sally Perdue

There is much much more information available to respond to this article and the Clintons’ evil and corrupt past.

Just as with Wiki Leaks, much has been revealed and much more is to come.

Wicked Leaks.

Revealing the Clintons’ evil and corrupt past.

Most of the scrubbed articles resurrected can be viewed here.


Disclaimer: The use of the words wicked leaks is not tied to or a reference to the book “Wicked Leaks” by Matt Bendoris.


More here:








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