No debate Monday September 26, 2016, Hillary cancels?, Health fails?, Clinton shows spews diversions and avoids debate, Breitbart Political Insider Infowars Gateway Pundit Citizenwells takes, Can Hillary risk health and or recent Stonetear revelations?

No debate Monday September 26, 2016, Hillary cancels?, Health fails?, Clinton shows spews diversions and avoids debate, Breitbart Political Insider Infowars Gateway Pundit Citizenwells takes, Can Hillary risk health and or recent Stonetear revelations?

And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed
–if all records told the same tale–then the lie passed into
history and became truth. “Who controls the past,” ran the
Party slogan, “controls the future: who controls the present
controls the past.”…George Orwell, “1984″

“I watched her on countless occasions blatantly lie to the American people and knowingly lie.”…Linda Tripp

“We are being lied to on a scale unimaginable by George Orwell.”…Citizen Wells



This whole black lives matter “movement” was engineered to continue the narrative from the Democrat Party that they care about blacks, Republicans don’t and they will improve their lives.

As I and Rush Limbaugh have stated, Hillary is still living in the 90’s.

No internet with the mainstream media providing “news” just as in “1984.”

This explains the riots in Charlotte, just in time for Hillary to pull out the old playbook.

Regardless of how this plays out, there will be no debate.

Scenario 1.

Hillary will cancel believing it is better to maintain her status in the polls rather than risk real or perceived health problems during the debate.

Scenario 2.

Hillary shows up and has health issues and possibly baits Trump for sympathy.

Scenario 3.

Hillary takes on Trump but resorts to her playbook with diversions. She is a pro at taking the focus away from her and her associates and trying to put it on others. Trump has plenty of ammunition. Could be interesting.

Regardless of these or other scenarios, there will be no debate.

Hillary can not, will not participate in a real debate of relevant issues.

From the Political Insider.

“Trump vs. Hillary Debate in 5 Days – But Hillary is About to CANCEL!?! Insiders Confirm…”

“Due to health problems, Hillary Clinton just cancelled a fundraiser in North Carolina. After that serious collapse on September 11, the rest of her schedule this month is now in question.

In front of cameras, Hillary looks tired and drained. Reporters are now focused on uncovering just what’s wrong with Hillary.

Today, political insiders believe Hillary is about to drop out of the first debate against Donald Trump! As a conservative leader told Gateway Pundit:

“Hearing smart guys say that Hillary may cancel the debate on Monday … Hillary may be trying to run out the clock because she thinks she is ahead.”

Maybe Hillary is concerned about having another attack or problem on stage that her staff couldn’t hide? This could change the entire 2016 presidential campaign, as Trump is already surging ahead in all national polling.”

From the Gateway Pundit.

“Rumblings=> Hillary Clinton May Cancel Debate on Monday”

“Now this…
A conservative leader wrote The Gateway Pundit Wednesday morning to share this news:

Hearing smart guys say that Hillary may cancel the debate on Monday … Hillary may be trying to run out the clock because she thinks she is ahead.

Or she may be exhausted and scared of another physical emergency.
We will keep you posted…..”

Rumblings=> Hillary Clinton May Cancel Debate on Monday

From Infowars.

High level sources say top democrats may turn on Clinton”

“Alex Jones breaks down how Infowars was given information directly from the secret service back in August detailing Hillary Clinton’s health and was proven right after an amateur photographer captured Hillary collapsing near a 9/11 ceremony in New York.

Now Infowars has received information from multiple high level sources detailing that if Hillary fails to show up at the first presidential debate, scheduled to be the biggest in history, the democrats will force her to drop out of the race.”

Exclusive: Hillary To Drop Out of Race If She Cancels Debate

From Breitbart.

“Blue State Blues: Sorry, Trump Fans, Hillary Clinton Will Win First Debate”

“There are several reasons Clinton will win. Ironically, one of them is her fragile health.

Winning debates is all about beating expectations. And expectations for Trump are very low. Until recently, it seemed that all he would have to do to win is avoid major gaffes, and keep his cool.

But now, expectations for Clinton are even lower. Her collapse on September 11 has led to wild speculation that she might not be able to make it through 90 minutes. If she merely stays upright, she beats expectations.

(The Commission on Presidential Debates confirmed to Breitbart News Thursday that the candidates will be standing for the first debate. If they were seated, Clinton would have more energy but lose the strategic benefit of diminished expectations.)

Even without low expectations, Clinton should win the first debate, for two reasons.

The first is that she is the most seasoned debater in American political life today. Clinton does not have any real achievements to boast after eight years as First Lady, another eight years in the Senate, four years as Secretary of State, and two presidential campaigns. But years of debating — and years of evading questions — have helped her develop a polished, if uninspiring, public persona that conveys competence.

Clinton has two main debating tricks. One is to deploy distracting but serious-sounding details whenever she is faced with a question she does not want to answer. The other is to laugh at uncomfortable moments. Her laugh — a “cackle,” to her critics — is awkward but disarming, humanizing.”

Hillary cannot debate Trump.

She cannot stand on her record.

I believe that she will do whatever is necessary to avoid doing so.

A manufactured crisis is a distinct possibility.


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  1. “#CNN says #Hillary team in 2008 never raised #birther issue. #SidBlumenthal, long-time #HRC buddy, told me in person #Obama born in #kenya”…James Asher, Twitter

  2. “Who Is Behind The Riots? Charlotte Police Says 70% Of Arrested Protesters Had Out Of State IDs”

  3. BLM

    I read that the Cops said 70% of those BLM rioters that got arrested had out of state IDs

    They were bused in by George Soros

  4. “First presidential debate (September 26, 2016, Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY)

    The debate will be divided into six time segments of approximately 15 minutes each on major topics to be selected by the moderator and announced at least one week before the debate.

    The moderator will open each segment with a question, after which each candidate will have two minutes to respond. Candidates will then have an opportunity to respond to each other. The moderator will use the balance of the time in the segment for a deeper discussion of the topic.”

  5. “The first presidential debate, to be held next Monday, Sept. 26, at Hofstra University in New York, will be divided into three 30-minute segments on three topics, according to the Commission On Presidential Debates co-chairman, Frank Fahrenkopf.

    That’s a bit different from the original announcement for the first debate, which said there would be six 15-minute segments. Farhrenkopf told NPR that it was moderator Lester Holt’s decision to combine the segments.

    The topics will be: the Direction of America, Achieving Prosperity and Securing America.

    Fahrenkopf says there will be an audience, divided between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump supporters, with tickets also available for the commission and Hofstra University.”

  6. CW………
    ………..if it was for me to decide the debates would never happen. I personally view them as useless. In addition I believe that most folks have already made up their minds anyway. Do you remember the days of the whistle stop campaign? Perhaps it is time that this sort of campaign was brought back. People had to use their gourds for something other than a hat rack in those days…….and most folks did get it right!


    I am no prophet.
    Please do not put me in that category of those most holy revered men who can see into the future. I do not claim to be able to see what we have in store for tomorrow, but I can evaluate what is before my very eyes today with some degree of success. And from the very start of the three days of violence when the ‘riots broke out in Charlotte’,….. I said “loud and clear” when it first started, … that an ‘outside influence’ was behind all the action in our city.
    I did not , at the time I made that statement, have any concrete proof of what I was saying, but I did have signs pointing to the fact that it was an exact copy of the happenings elsewhere across America that have been planned, financed, and conducted by some dirty dealing democrat politicians and high rolling big money people and …….guess what?
    I was right.
    It has now been confirmed that over 70% of the ‘thugs’ doing the rioting/looting in our fair city of Charlotte had “out of state identifications upon them after they were arrested” by the Charlotte police department. So….here we go again ! Shades of all the other planned democrat protest that have started as ‘small mole hills and turned into gigantic mountains’ requiring many more resources than our city has…..
    Thanks “Rainbow Jen” for your help in bring this disaster off !!!
    I must confess that in making my prediction that this was a ‘controlled’ demonstration’, did not require me to me to be a rocket scientist either. From the very start of this BPR (‘bullshit planned riot’) on the first night in Charlotte, it had the fingerprints of George Soros all over it before the end of that nights activities….
    The rioters used the same ole MO (method of operation) and tactics as they had used at all the “peaceful demonstrations” they staged in Fergeson, MO., Baltimore,MD., Chicago, IL., and every other damn city in America where lawless riots have occurred….. it was the “same old same old stuff”… move in and infiltrate a peaceful march, then start being the ‘bad boy’s they are being paid to be… make it look like the locals were the ones acting up and pretend they are ” mad as hell, and wouldn’t take it any more” !
    Bottom line; ‘put on a good show for the national television reporters’ that are there … but in reality, “it wasn’t that way at all”….but it was good dramatic excitement for people living in California and Wisconsin ! …and very cheap for the networks to produce too !
    In Charlotte for the past three nights, the ‘bad boy’s’ have been up to their same game plan they have been paid to preform. This has now been proven by someone other than me.
    Please read slowly and carefully the following;
    Tyler Duran reporting for Zero Hedge; Sept. 23rd, 2016 quoting a spokesman for the CMPD;
    “Confirming what many had suspected when viewing the sudden and intense collapse into anarchy that occurred in Charlotte this week, Todd Walther, spokesman for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Fraternal Order of Police told CNN’s Erin Burnett:
    “This is not Charlotte that’s out here. These are outside entities that are coming in and causing these problems. These are not protestors, these are criminals.”
    “We’ve got the instigators that are coming in from the outside. They were coming in on buses from out of state. If you go back and look at some of the arrests that were made last night. I can about say probably 70% OF THOSE HAD OUT-OF-STATE ID’S. They’re not coming from Charlotte.”
    As shocking as this statement is, it should not be a total surprise. 18 months ago, as the riots flared in Ferguson, there was one man pulling the strings of this ‘domestic false flag’… GEORGE SOROS. In an apparent effort to “keep the media’s attention on the city and to widen the scope of the incident to focus on interrelated causes — not just the over-policing and racial discrimination narratives that were highlighted by the news media in August,” liberal billionaire George Soros then donated $33 million dollars to social justice organizations which helped turn events in Ferguson from a local protest into a national flash-point of stupidity.
    As The Washington Times explains,
    “There’s a solitary man at the financial center of the Ferguson protest movement. No, it’s not victim Michael Brown or Officer Darren Wilson. It’s not even the Rev. Al Sharpton, despite his ubiquitous campaign on TV and the streets.
    Rather, it’s liberal billionaire GEORGE SOROS, a Hungarian immigrant to America, who has built a business empire that dominates across the ocean in Europe while forging a political machine powered by nonprofit foundations that impacts American politics and policy, not unlike what he did with his left-wing
    Mr. Soros spurred the Ferguson protest movement through years of funding and mobilizing groups across the U.S., according to interviews with key players and financial records reviewed by The Washington Times.
    Still not buying it?
    As The New American recently reported, Ken Zimmerman, the director of U.S. programs at Soros’s “Open Society Foundations” (OSF), denied last year that Soros had funded BLACK LIVES MATTER, saying it was just a rumor.
    That was before hackers with published Open Society Foundation documents showing that the Soros group had already given at least $650,000 directly to Black Lives Matter.
    Let’s repeat that to be sure you understand; George Soros has alreay given over ” $ 650,000 dollars to Black Lives Matter to raise hell and create civil unrest in America” !!!
    Those same documents reveal the reason for OSF bankrolling BLM: the “dismantling” of America so that it can be recast according to the vision of Soros and his leftist cohorts.
    The ‘communist-on-its-face nature’ of these and other demands of the organizations under the Black Lives Matter umbrella are a clear indicator of the real intent of BLM. The deep-pocketed funding by the likes of Soros, the Center for American Progress, the Ford Foundation, and Borealis Philanthropy are showing that BLM is the “means, not the end”.
    BLM is little more than a tool of “THE social revolutionaries hell-bent on destroying America” so they can build their long awaited dystopia which they attempt to pass off as a utopia.
    So with Hillary’s poll numbers DROPPING LIKE THE SETTING SUN, and a debate looming that she would desperately like to be focused on the nations domestic division as opposed to every email, pay-to-play, foreign policy misstep, and cough or stumble she has taken; is anyone shocked that ‘out of state’ protesters would turn up in Charlotte suddenly turning a peaceful but angry protest into tear-gas-filled deadly riots?
    And who is a biggest donor to the Clinton campaign?”
    If you said George Soros…BINGO !!!! … You Win !
    What does the enemy of the people of Charlotte look like…an old decrepit man that has nothing better to do with his billions of dollars that to try and destroy America from within….here is a picture of George Soros;
    I will have another critical post to make later today…..but this tanalizzing-tidbit is enough to show you exactly who planned, financed, and executed the trouble in Charlotte…my next post will shed light on WHO IS NOW CONTROLLING AND PULLED THE STRINGS !!! …… till then !

  8. A POTUS candidate can spout whatever he chooses. The reality of the office, along with Congress will REGULATE, and otherwise control his alleged administration of POTUS. At least that is what normally occurs. Yet the executive branch has the power of XO. But his power ends after he is either voted out of office or he has had his two term limitation………and his XOs do not necessarily survive either. He can say that he will build ROME, but those who believe it are pitiful examples of total nitwits. The outgoing POTUS quickly fades from view. Sadly far too many Americans expect instant miracles from a POTUS with a magic wand………..and VOILA INSTANT EVERYTHING FOR FREE. This is the mindset of people who have become FAT , AND LAZY, AND BELIEVE THAT THE REST OF THE POPULATION OWES THEM A FREE LIVING. THANK GOD THAT THESE PEOPLE ARE STILL A MINORITY……..BUT THEIR NUMBERS ARE GROWING FAST. ONLY A POTUS WHO IS WILLING TO TAKE CONTROL AS NECESSARY WILL BE IN A POSITION TO IMPOSE WHATEVER LEVEL OF CONTROL BECOMES NECESSARY, EVEN TO USING MILITARY FORCE IF NEEDED TO PUT DOWN THE RIOTS OF THE TWISTED STREET MORONS…………WHO THINK UP IS DOWN. ONLY A POTUS WHO IS GENUINELY CONCERNED FOR THE WELL BEING OF AMERICA WILL TAKE SUCH ACTION IF NEEDED……OTHERWISE THE STATUS QUO WILL DOMINATE………AND FURTHER, CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME.

  9. ………….Supposedly a POTUS does not write law. That is why we have Congress. Yet several past POTUS have seen fit to write an abundance of XOs. Today it is not unusual for a POTUS to write an XO then use the SCOTUS to back it up. This practice amounts to an end run around Constitutional government, and brings the SCOTUS into the political arena……..which effectively neuters them. They then become political pawns, and can no longer fairly judge ANYTHING. We might as well not have a SCOTUS if it is to remain politicized.

  10. ………..but I would suggest that such behavior by any sitting POTUS is contrary to Constitutional government, and could even be seen as TREASONOUS by some folks.

  11. “Trump-Clinton Debate Rules Leaked: 90 Minutes Straight, No Step-Stool, & No Coughing Breaks Allowed”

  12. “”Sometimes Party Loyalty Asks Too Much” – Lifelong Establishment Democrat Urges Voters To Support Trump”

    “I was elected five times to the New York state Assembly as a Democrat. In 1977, I beat David Dinkins and Robert Wagner Jr. in the election for borough president of Manhattan, and then was elected twice as City Council president.

    With this background it is very hard for me not to support the Democratic nominee for president this year. But I believe my party has become the party of the elites and moneyed class and has deserted its historic mission as the party of the working class and disadvantaged.

    Given my level of discomfort with the current leftist orientation of the Democratic Party, I am now supporting Republican nominee Donald Trump for president. I urge my fellow Democrats to vote for Mr. Trump.

    I have known him since the early 1970s and have seen his deep concern for people, and how effective he has been while working on behalf of the average citizen.

    Donald Trump is no racist. On the contrary, he offers the best hope for rebuilding our inner cities and creating better education and jobs for those trapped in poverty and lacking hope. When a hurricane devastated Puerto Rico in 1984, I asked Mr. Trump to provide a 727 airliner to bring critical supplies to the island. He did so and without publicity. I asked him to rebuild the Wollman Skating Rink in Central Park because the city couldn’t complete it in 10 years. Mr. Trump did it in under six months and under budget.

    While he has made some controversial and provocative statements, I strongly believe he will bring needed change and vitality to our nation and shake up our political system, which is in a state of crisis. He is for strong pro-growth policies like reducing the marginal and corporate tax rates and eliminating thousands of job-killing and business-stifling regulations, the biggest of which is ObamaCare.

    Mr. Trump is also for rebuilding the military, which has been decimated by Obama’s dangerous cuts and sequestration. He is a strong supporter of Israel and will not abandon our allies in the Mideast and around the world. Unlike Hillary Clinton, he will not allow tens of thousands of immigrants who cannot be vetted properly to come to the U.S.

    Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, is the personification of the establishment and status quo. She voted for the war in Iraq and supported the Iran nuclear deal, two of the worst, and most-dangerous, mistakes in American foreign policy during my lifetime.

    Everywhere in the world America’s position is far worse now thanks in large measure to her actions as secretary of state. The whole saga of her private unsecure emails and server and the appearance of massive pay-for-play at the Clinton Foundation are also profoundly troubling.

    Her domestic record is as bad as her international one. When Mrs. Clinton was elected to the Senate, she promised to create 200,000 new jobs in upstate New York. When she left office in January 2009, the region had a net loss of 8,000 jobs. Now she promises to create 10 million new jobs in the nation. Why should we believe that she will do that, based on her failed record in New York state?”


    What was TRUE then…. is TRUE now except it’s TEN times worse !


    The supposedly bright kids, the “next generation” are proving to be “dumb as a bag of rocks”….

    Any person who does not know where this nation came from, cannot possibly know where we are now, …. and they damn sure won’t know where they are headed in the future ! ….

    I guess I should have some compassion for ignorance. Ignorance can be fixed….but these people are just plain damn stupid, and I have no compassion for stupid people.

    What always amazes me is that these are ” BRIGHT COLLEGE KIDS”…well on social media things, I guess.

    Please don’t let these IDIOTS vote in November, else they may vote for Karl Marks !

  15. Turns out the FBI gave Hillary crony Cheryl Mills an immunity deal too

    Jason Chaffetz: “I’ve lost confidence in this investigation and I question the genuine effort in which it was carried out.”

    You know why you typically grant immunity to a witness, yes? You do it because you need the information they can give you in order to reel in the really big fish, but they’re reluctant to give it because the information will likely incriminate them too.

    So when the FBI is handing out immunity left and right, what you can tell is that lots of people are terrified of what will happen to them if they tell the truth. But the FBI wants that truth so badly, in order to nab the real subject of the investigation, they agree to the deals regardless.

    “This is beyond explanation. The FBI was handing out immunity agreements like candy,” Chaffetz said in a statement. “I’ve lost confidence in this investigation and I question the genuine effort in which it was carried out. Immunity deals should not be a requirement for cooperating with the FBI.”



    North Carolina Motor Vehicle Code is the General Law that was violated…here is the specific section of that law which was ignored by protesters last night as they obstructed and blocked traffic on I-277….how many protesters were arrested for this violation? Not a single one !!!

    ” § 20-174.1. Standing, sitting or lying upon highways or streets is prohibited.
    (a) No person shall willfully stand, sit, or lie upon the highway or street in such a manner as to impede the regular flow of traffic.
    (b) Violation of this section is a Class 2 misdemeanor.”
    A Class 2 violation in North Carolina according to the Code carries a maximum penalty of :
    “A Class 2 misdemeanor carries a maximum penalty of 60 days in jail and a $1,000 fine. Class 2 misdemeanors include simple assault, disorderly conduct, resisting a police officer, and carrying a concealed weapon”.
    Does anyone know of a single arrest and charge on the violation and of obstructing a public highway which occurred last night by hundreds of people protesting and obstructing commerce and the normal flow of traffic on I-277 ?
    I didn’t think so…neither did I !
    Why do we have laws, if they can be so easily broken and disobeyed? Why do we bother to print them if they are not enforced ? Why should we excuse one group of unlawful illegal protesters from punishment, then later charge another for the same offense ? Our laws are made for the protection and to be obey by all citizens….both law abiding citizens and protesters alike.
    Willfully violating of all laws should be cause for punishment as stated.
    A big part of the problems now facing Charlotte is that we do not apply the law equal, when and when the situation demands it be applied…..when ‘rebels and thugs’ disobey established laws and get away with it, their actions only emboldens them to conduct more serious crimes and more serious violations of law.
    So….to stop crime, enforce the laws we already have on the books … that should be the first step.

  17. oldsoldier80……..
    ……Good afternoon sir,…….
    I pray that all is well at your abode. I watched most of the insanity in Charlotte, and came to the conclusion that if outside people were knowingly welcomed, by the people of Charlotte while it was known what their true intent was. Those who welcomed the bastards are as guilty as the outsiders. They could have said to the busloads of arrivals “GET THE HELL OUT OF CHARLOTTE OR WE WILL KICK YOUR A$$ES OUT” but obviously they didn’t say a word.

  18. …………and just to prove that they meant what they said……… a few of the bastards should have been put in a hospital. This might have given the outsiders good reason to call off their agenda.

  19. ………the latter would be called “INCENTIVE”.

  20. Give this woman a MEDAL……

  21. oldsailor84…..good afternoon friend…

    you said…” Those who welcomed the bastards are as guilty as the outsiders. They could have said to the busloads of arrivals “GET THE HELL OUT OF CHARLOTTE OR WE WILL KICK YOUR A$$ES OUT” but obviously they didn’t say a word.”

    BINGO…..I couldn’t agree more with you…..


    There is a 4th scenario you haven’t mentioned….did you just forget ?

    The Clinton war machine could send out their ‘secret weapon’…the hit squad !

  23. Nope, not senile & I alluded to other scenarios.

  24. “Hillary Emailgate: How One Twitter User Proved The “Intent” That The FBI Missed After Months “Investigating””

  25. CW……….
    …………goons who are paid to do their thing have a notoriety for switching sides when the pay is better. Mzzzzzzzzzz.Piggy’s goon squad could be turned around 180 degrees, at which point she would probably have GOOD REASON ………..TO FLEE THE COUNTRY.


    And it tells a strong story…..from the other side

  27. Why are out-of-state Charlotte rioters not being prosecuted for crossing state lines to engage in destruction and rioting?

    September 23, 2016

    Has anyone heard of the statute that prohibits crossing state lines to engage in such behavior being enforced by federal authorities? More


    WARNING – YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED – Very foul language used in public by a Hillary supporter. For the very weak at heart, I suggest you cover you ears and only judge by the woman’s hand actions !

    Do you think this may be the wife of the president of your local bank, or perhaps that liberal minister down the street ?

    “The Most Insane Video Of The Day-
    Liberal ass-hat woman thinks it’s her freedom of speech to stop in front of a Trump support’s house, give him the finger, call him racist and hurl F-bombs at him, and then drive off with her nose in the air……

    The Trump supporter follows her to get her license, a cop is called, things just get insane….listen to her fall back on her 1st Amendment rights to give a finger and call the man a racist and hurl F-bombs at him…….

    Is that what the 1st Amendment is all about ? … I don’t think so.

    Just listen to her ‘rants and raves’ before the cop tries to engages her ‘idiot ass’ in a logical conversation.

    She represent every liberal ASSH*LE you have ever had the displeasure of getting into a discussion with on FB or in the public. She is probably a hacker on FB actually who is blocking your legitimate posts.
    Now is it any wonder to a logical thing man or woman why ILL-ARY can’t ever draw a crowd over 500 people at her rallies ? Can you imagine 500 insane people like her confined to a very small room hurling the ‘F-bombs at Trump’ and drowning out the voice of their god like person, ILL-ary, who is as stupid, and ignorant, and uncaring as they are ? Maddening !!!

    If this woman truly has small children in a school somewhere as she says she does, they should be immediately taken from her and placed in a foster home until someone washes her “dirty mouth” out with the strongest soap money can buy and also place a permanent microphone around her neck that can not be turned off !!! If she engages in such talk ever again in public, then take those kids away…period.

    Children, should not be abused with mothers who use such foul, nasty language because it is not a good motherly example for them to be exposed too and follow.

    This woman is a disgrace to the female gender….she sounds worse than a “drunk merchant marine’ on shore leave with a pocket full of money to spend, and a parrot sitting on his shoulder, repeating everything he says !

    Vote Trump and commit insane people like this to an institution !

  29. P.S.

    Lady, if you continue to give every Donald Trump support the “finger”, I’m sure you will eventually get your damn finger broke…..any questions ?

  30. oldsoldier80………
    ……….and she is representative of the small percentage of mentally twisted, nose picking female morons both black, and white, who walk among us. I heard several classic examples of such dizzy halfwits as they were interviewed by one of the Charlotte reporters. One of them looked like she would need a fork lift just to get in or out of an automobile. She was totally loud, verbally abusive, had a very limited vocabulary, in addition to the fact SHE HAD NO IDEA WHAT SHE WAS TALKING ABOUT. ALL SHE COULD SAY WAS F— this, or F— that…….real piece of womanhood don’t you think?


    Or or we expected to meekly accept the fact that for eight long, painful years America has been held hostage by a ‘false phrophet president’ who has usurped all the legal powers and rights that accompany that office……

    What stupid asses we have been….if America is ever healed, we must know thew truth of this matter …once and for all !!!

    And not the ‘political spin’ that every major network has been giving it.

  32. ……… for the halfwit in the video………all I can say is her use of our language tells on her…… to who she is, and perhaps WHAT SHE IS. har har

  33. OLDSAILOR84….good morning friend !…. Top of the Day to You !

    You said….”One of them looked like she would need a “fork lift” just to get in or out of an automobile.”
    You were most likely right in your assessment !

    We seem to have our share, and some one else’s too, of that kind here in Charlotte……I guess we can credit that to “good Southern living” because …’s very hard to pass up those tempting chicken legs, and ‘bacon wrapped ribs’ dipped in Momma’s home-made high-fat gravy and washed down with a gallon of Budwiser !

    That seems to fortify them to ‘riot longer and stay later’ ! It takes the city sanitation department almost 2 hours to pick up the chicken bones before the roads are open again !!!!

  34. oldsoldier80 | September 24, 2016 at 11:45 am |


    Or or we expected to meekly accept the fact that for eight long, painful years America has been held hostage by a ‘false phrophet president’ who has usurped all the legal powers and rights that accompany that office……

    What stupid asses we have been….if America is ever healed, we must know thew truth of this matter …once and for all !!!

    And not the ‘political spin’ that every major network has been giving it.


    The media propaganda arm of the Regime has used the political correctness argument to prevent an honest investigation into the usurper’s origins, which is pure BS!

    “Birtherism” is now worse than “racism”! OMG, lol, It’s all they have left.

    RICO Regime/Muslim Brotherhood!

  35. Well, well, well… Look what the FBI Discovered about Cheryl Mills

    FBI discovered Cheryl Mills asked IT specialist on how to wipe a server.

    The Daily Caller reported: Hillary Clinton’s State Department chief of staff, Cheryl Mills, asked Clinton’s email server technician, Bryan Pagliano, about “wiping computer data,” new FBI documents reveal.

    According to notes released by the FBI on Friday, Pagliano also told investigators during his Dec. 22 interview that Mills, who now serves as Clinton’s attorney, dismissed concerns he raised in 2009 or 2010 about the then-secretary of state’s use of a personal email server.

    The bombshell revelations comes just hours after news broke that the Justice Department granted Mills immunity in exchange for her cooperation with the FBI’s email probe.

    Pagliano, who also received limited immunity, told the FBI that in Fall 2013, Mills called him “and inquired about the effectiveness of two types of software for wiping computer data.”

    Read more: (Link:

  36. Bob Strauss……….
    ……….do you remember the interview of Soetoro, by George Stephanopolis way back in 2008? He was asked about his religion ,and he replied “MY MUSLIM FAITH”. In reality he has NEVER GIVEN IT UP, and is still a Muslim. Where else do you find 57 states? I have said all along that he is still a Muslim……….and you have Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.Pelosi, and others like her to thank for the BASTARD being in the wacky house. A few of the others were Teddy, Dicky, Chucky etc.

  37. ……….in addition he is still legally Barry Soetoro. You cannot have TWO legal names at one time. Therein lies a portion of the reason why he is not legally married to Michael either. He obtained student loans from US Gov in the name of Barry Soetoro. This was once confirmed by a un named source who was then employed at the student loans department of the fed. He received money in that name. Since there has never been a legally adjudicated re instatement of his birth surname, he is still Barry Soetoro, and is now guilty of ELECTION FRAUD, among other things.

  38. What is the physical address of where George Soros resides? It needs to be posted for a friendly visit.

  39. oldsoldier80 | September 24, 2016 at 10:50 am |

    Hi RM,

    A knuckle sandwich is more like it.

    The office showed amazing restraint; much more than I could ever have shown this Ill-ary butt kissing ass.

  40. DSP2………
    ………….George Soros lives near Katonah, NY…………the Bedford Hills area. He was born in 1930 in Budapest Hungary. I have read various articles wherein he was alleged to have been a Nazi collaborator, during his teenage years. He is now 86 years of age.

  41. BTW……..
    ………Soros allegedly arrived in America in 1956.

  42. “Gennifer Flowers, the woman that Bill Clinton had an extramarital affair with, appeared to accept Donald Trump’s invitation to seat her in the front row of Monday’s presidential debate against Hillary Clinton.

    “Hi Donald. You know I’m in your corner and will definitely be at the debate!,” read a tweet from what appears to be Flowers’s account.”

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