Who what killed Ron Brown?, Hillary John Podesta Bill Clinton other Clinton handlers?, Hillary plan greed ultimate cause, Hillary lied Ron Brown died

Who what killed Ron Brown?, Hillary John Podesta Bill Clinton other Clinton handlers?, Hillary plan greed ultimate cause, Hillary lied Ron Brown died

“If the guilty and unrepentant get off easy, what type of
prosecution is this. It’s not time to blame the Independent
Counsel Law; blame the prosecutor who wouldn’t do his job.
Because of Kenneth W. Starr’s complicity, the most corrupt
administration in the history of the country continues with
no end in sight. God save us all.”…Christopher Ruddy, NewsMax July 1, 1999

“the Democratic Party overlooked the ethical red flags and made a pact with Mr. Clinton that was the equivalent of a pact with the devil. And he delivered. With Mr. Clinton at the controls, the party won the White House twice. But in the process it lost its bearings and maybe even its soul.”…Bob Herbert, NY Times February 26, 2001

“US criminal law: means, motive, and opportunity is a common summation of the three aspects of a crime that must be established before guilt can be determined in a criminal proceeding. The Clinton camp met all 3 requirements in the death of Ron Brown”…Citizen Wells



I was shocked at how little coverage some of these stories got, then and now.

I was not surprised to find so many articles, critical of and exposing the Clintons, scrubbed from the internet.

Hillary’s role in conceiving the plan to sell Commerce Dept. mission seats for political contributions, and in carrying it out, has barely been covered.

Much of the coverage of Commerce Secretary Ron Brown’s death has been scrubbed. Much of that was from NewsMax. Most of that was scrubbed.

We recently learned from Judicial Watch of email requests to Huma Abedin, et al from Christopher Ruddy of NewsMax.

“The Abedin emails include a mid-August 2009, email exchange in which Band urges Abedin to follow up on a request from Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy to set up a meeting with then-Ambassador to Panama Barbara Stephenson on behalf of lobbyist Amb. Otto Reich, President Reagan’s ambassador to Venezuela who maintained high-level government positions during the tenure of both President George H.W. Bush and President George Bush.  In early September, Ruddy then was contacted by State Department Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs, Roberta S. Jacobson, at the behest of Band and Abedin, in reference to Ruddy’s concerns about Wilson Lucom, whose estate was embroiled in a heated multi-million-dollar lawsuit.  Ruddy’s Newsmax Media Inc, made a contribution to the Clinton Foundation of between $1 million and $5 million. The emails show the responsible official was put in contact with Ruddy.”


From NewsMax March 31, 1998 via Citizen News.

“James Carville: Ruddy is Number One “Antagonist” of Clinton White House”

“Clinton confidante James Carville says reporter Christopher Ruddy is the White House’s most antagonistic enemy in the press.

Carville made the revealing claim in a sworn deposition he gave to Judicial Watch which has filed suit against the White House for tampering with confidential FBI files.”

““The comments by Carville and others close to the Clintons about Ruddy proves they are very worried about his reporting,” Joseph Farah said. Farah heads the Western Journalism Center, an organization that supports investigative reporting, including Ruddy’s reporting into the suspicious deaths of Vincent Foster and Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown.

“This White House has engaged in a long term effort to discredit and smear Mr. Ruddy. It is also clear that despite the Lewinsky and Zippergate scandals-matters Ruddy has not touched-the White House is still panicking over the implications of Ruddy’s reports on Foster and Brown and are fearful the American people will come to realize the serious abuse of power that has taken place in these cases,” Farah said.”

James Carville: Ruddy is Number One “Antagonist” of Clinton White House, Sworn deposition for Judicial Watch suit against White House, Joseph Farah: proves they are very worried about his reporting, Newsmax March 31, 1998

From Citizen Wells April 21, 2015.

“If you make a deal with Hillary Clinton or the Clinton Foundation you likely are making a deal with the devil.


Christopher Ruddy, who wrote many hard hittings articles about the Clintons and Vincent Foster death, became friends with the Clintons in 2007.”

“Ruddy and the late former New York City Mayor Ed Koch helped broker a July 2007 meeting with Scaife and the former president in the Clinton Foundation’s Harlem office, and Scaife donated more than $100,000 to the foundation. Still, Scaife raised eyebrows by praising Hillary Clinton during her 2008 campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination, and his Tribune-Review later endorsed her over Barack Obama ahead of the Pennsylvania primary.”

“From Joseph Farah of WND March 27, 2012.”

“Newsmax’s Chris Ruddy was once a very good friend of mine.

I thought I knew him well.”

“Today, Dick Scaife and Chris Ruddy own Newsmax – some would suggest my competition.”

“The point is simple. There are many people today who are profiting from their allegedly “conservative” credentials. But some of them – like my old friend Chris Ruddy – have become part of the problem. They haven’t just “compromised,” they’ve gone over to the dark side. In fact, some of them are playing both sides against the middle in an indecent grasp to be part of the establishment.

I just thought you should know.”


From World Net Daily March 31, 2006 via Cashill.com.

“Nolanda Hill Reflects on Ron Brown’s 10th Anniversary”

“On April 3, 1996, Commerce Secretary Ron Brown and 34 others died following the crash of an Air Force plane into a Croatian hillside.

Ten years later, Brown confidante Nolanda Butler Hill wonders why no one is paying any heed to the 10th anniversary of his death. How often is it, she asks, that a United States cabinet member dies on duty in a foreign country, receives a hero’s burial in Arlington National Cemetery, and then is quickly and decisively forgotten.

Hill speculates that it may have something to do with the fact that Ron was black. That may be part of the equation, but as Hill knows, the issue goes much deeper than race. “The reason Ron Brown died,” says Hill with conviction, “was because he had no choice but to bring the Clinton presidency down.”

A lifelong Democrat, Hill contends that Brown’s memory will remain suppressed as long as Hillary Clinton remains a viable candidate. My experiences with the major media on this issue suggest that she is almost assuredly correct. To a person, black or white, reporters and producers do not want to hear anything about Ron Brown, this despite the fact that his past surely colors the future of his son Michael, now running for mayor in Washington, D.C.

Hill is convinced and always has been that Ron Brown was assassinated. At the time of his death, I had refused to believe such a scenario possible. I was doing talk radio then in Kansas City, and I vigorously rejected all speculation about conspiracy. When I started research for my book, Ron Brown’s Body, in 2003, I began with the conviction that the plane crash was accidental and the famed hole in Brown’s head was some sort of anomaly. To say the least, I have lost that conviction.

I lost the conviction even before I found the critical evidence deep in the 22-volume U.S.A.F report, before I reviewed the forensic data on Brown’s head wound, or heard the first hand accounts from U.S. Navy forensic photographer, Kathleen Janoski, who discovered it. What caused me to doubt was what I learned about Brown’s state of mind before his death.

After a lifetime of indifference, Ron Brown had begun going to church. This, even his family acknowledges. For anyone looking closely, this sudden turn to the spiritual rightly suggested a soul in turmoil. Prayer came hard for Brown. He had worshipped too long and too devoutly at the altar of Mammon. But when the independent counsel targeted not only him and Hill, but also his son Michael, Brown lost much of his faith in the here and now. For Brown, this was the beginning of wisdom. The shame was it had to come so late.

Brown needed immediate, temporal help as well. And so he sought a private meeting with President Clinton, one-on-one. They had a lot to talk about. Highest on Brown’s list of priorities was the fate of Michael Brown, now just thirty and the father of twins. Brown loved the boy dearly. He could not bear the thought of his going to jail. He knew it would all but kill his wife, Alma. And he knew finally that he was the one responsible. After all, it was he who had involved Michael in that stupid Oklahoma scam, the one that began when Hillary Clinton asked him to bail out Chief of Staff, Mack McLarty. How to explain that even to himself?

It was Hill who pushed Brown to seek the meeting with Clinton. After Michael was publicly targeted, the pushing got easier. “I was absolutely convinced that Michael was looking at jail time,” says Hill. In the last months of Brown’s life, as a condition for her not rolling over on him, Hill insisted that Brown advise her of all his legal troubles. This he did.

As Hill tells it—and everything she has ever told me checks out–the meeting at the White House family quarters did not go well. Brown told the president to call off the dogs, to shut down the independent counsel, to do whatever had to be done because he was not about to let Michael do jail time.

After Brown had finished, the president told Brown he doubted that he could do anything for him. The die had been cast. The case was out of his hands. In February 1996, more than a year into his mad scramble to retain the presidency, the president likely calculated the political risk to his re-election chances and ruled against intervention.”

Read more:


From World Net Daily April 7, 2006 via Cashill.com.

“What really happened to Ron Brown”

“In Argentina, during the dark days, they called them “los desaparecidos,” the disappeared. On April 10, 1996, Ron Brown was buried with full honors at Arlington National Cemetery and then joined his fellow desaparecidos. So thoroughly has Brown disappeared from view that the only articles I could find on Google News about the 10th anniversary of his death were those that I had written myself.

What follows, unless new information breaks, is my last article on the subject. In it, I attempt to find the one scenario that makes sense of all the existing evidence. Although speculative in part, it follows the evidence in full. There are no loose ends.

Aviation systems manager Niko Jerkuic does not report in for work on the morning of April 3, 1996, but he has a busy day ahead of him. He is not looking forward to it. Just a day and a half earlier, embattled Commerce Secretary Ron Brown was ordered to fly to Jerkuic’s airport in Dubrovnik, Croatia. A trip like this in a war-torn area would typically require weeks of security planning. Not this time.

Right after that change of plans, agents of the Croatian intelligence services gave Jerkuic an assignment he did not feel free to turn down. They needed to misdirect Brown’s plane, and they required his assistance.

The project is not technically difficult. Jerkuic has seen a lot in his 46 years. He knows all about “meaconing” or “spoofing” as it is sometimes generically known. Since the 1940s, portable Non-Directional Radio Beacon stations have been available to military and civilian operators and have proved especially useful in war-torn areas like this one near the Bosnian border.

The agents with whom he is working have brought along a gasoline driven generator, a tunable transmitter, and a temporary antenna, all loaded into the back of a pickup truck. Together, they drive to an isolated spot just outside of Dubrovnik and only about three or four miles east-southeast of Kolocep Island, the site of the real Non-Directional Radio Beacon, the beacon on which pilots are supposed to fix in order to guide their planes into the Dubrovnik airport.

Jerkuic sets the frequency of his portable beacon at 318 kilohertz to match that of the Kolocep (KLP) beacon and encodes the KLP Morse code identifier. He cannot power it up, however, until all the earlier scheduled flights have landed.

Still about 100 miles away, a CT-43A, the military version of a Boeing 737 carrying Ron Brown and 34 others, is cleared “direct to the KLP NDB.” The primary reason for Brown’s trip is to broker a sweetheart deal between Croatia and the Enron Corporation. Croatia’s anti-Semitic strongman Franjo Tudhman has agreed to the deal, one disastrous for Croatia, in the hope that by cooperating with Enron he can ingratiate himself to the Clinton administration and avoid indictment by the World Court for war crimes. He has cancer. He doesn’t want to die in prison.

The pilots are told they are “number one for beacon approach.” When the word comes from the Dubrovnik tower that Brown’s plane has checked in at 2:46 p.m. local time and the other planes have landed, Jerkuic shuts down the normal NDB and activates the “rogue” NDB. The automatic direction finder in Brown’s plane now points to Jerkuic’s beacon near Dubrovnik.

At this distance, the needle shift is negligible. USAF pilots Ashley Davis and Tim Shafer scarcely notice. “Hmmm,” Davis thinks to himself when he sees it, “the NDB’s a little further east than I thought.” But given its 318-kilohertz frequency, Davis naturally assumes the radio signal to be coming from Kolocep and flies toward it. The Dubrovnik tower has no radar. At this stage, the radio signal is the pilots’ only real guide to the world below the clouds. In fact, Brown’s itinerary was shifted to Dubrovnik only after the weather service confirmed that the next several days would be overcast in Croatia. These conditions were critical for the plan to work.

As the signal strengthens, Davis gradually aligns the automatic direction finder with the posted 119-degree setting. At 2:54 pm, he watches as the ADF swings back around to the bottom, now at a 299-degree reading. He has passed over the beacon and will navigate from the tail of the ADF needle.

“We’re inside the locator, inbound,” he radios the tower, and the tower clears his approach and landing. At that moment, the charts tell the pilots the airport is 12 miles straight ahead on a 119-degree course. They will be able to see the runway in about three minutes. In fact, however, the plane is now heading right toward St. John’s Peak about eight miles away, as the AWACs plane hovering over head will later verify.

Word of the crash comes over Jerkuic’s radio. He shuts down the temporary transmitter and reactivates the Kolocep beacon. Still, he has no stomach for this. The agents assigned to him sense his unease, but they have work to do, like finding the plane and making sure the person they were assigned to kill is dead.

They make their way to St. John’s Peak and up the mountain. The bodies are scattered, and there are only a few black men among them. They pull out the photo of Brown and start checking. Brown is not hard to find. But what stuns the men is that he is farther from the plane than is anyone else. He appears to have crawled there.

The leader kneels down next to Brown and turns him over on his back. He is still not sure whether Brown is dead or not. He has no obvious fatal wound. The leader pulls out his pistol and fires skillfully into the laceration on the top of Brown’s head. In this part of the world, no one even blinks at the sound of gunfire.

The men look around quickly for other survivors. Tech sergeant Shelly Kelly survived the crash in the rear jump sheet. But her back is broken, and she lies mutely amidst the rubble. The men don’t see or hear her. They hustle back down the hill. Their colleague back at the airport has misdirected the search in the opposite direction, out over the Adriatic, for several hours. But the men on the hill do not want to hang around any longer than necessary. They exit the area with their portable beacon and deep six it. Kelly will die from that misdirection.

Three days after the crash, a memorial service is held at the Dubrovnik airport for those killed in the crash. Just hours later, Niko Jerkuic answers the knock on his door and greets the men who recruited him. He is still anxious, and they can see it. U.S. Air Force investigators will start interviewing airport personnel in two days. The Croatian agents cannot afford to let the Air Force talk to Jerkuic.

“We hate to do this,” says the one agent as he shoots Jerkuic in the chest. They don’t sweat the details as they know who will be investigating, Miroslav Tudjman, Franjo’s son, the head of Croatian intelligence. Miroslav declares it a suicide.”

Read more:




More here:




5 responses to “Who what killed Ron Brown?, Hillary John Podesta Bill Clinton other Clinton handlers?, Hillary plan greed ultimate cause, Hillary lied Ron Brown died

  1. “I’d like to ask two more basic questions in that 1) why was there no autopsy conducted and who gave the orders for that; and 2) where are the head x-rays? I think the issues that Eliot is raising and the White House — this venom that they are spewing. No one is accusing Bill Clinton. I’ve never said — my book is out, people can read it. They can read all of my articles on the Internet. I have never said that Vince Foster was murdered. I have questioned the official version — I think it’s a cock and bull story and all I’m saying here is, and I guess Eliot would believe in the White House, is that I am in a conspiracy as well as Richard Mellon Scaife, with two high-ranking military officers and we are promoting this now with hard evidence — x-rays, photographs. We even have Dr. Cyril Wecht, who is a prominent Democrat from the State of PA, and how dare Eliot come here and say that Dr. Wecht is a part of the far right?”…Christopher Ruddy, CNBC: Rivera Live! interview 1997

  2. CW…….
    ………..in the case of Ron Brown 12 innocent passengers also died in the PLANNED ACCIDENT. There is allegations, and so called credible evidence which shows that Ron Brown was shot in the head before the airplane crashed. This would seem to say that an armed martyrdom seeking stinking A$$ED goatherder might have been deliberately placed aboard the airplane with specific instructions to take out Ron Brown……….then murder both pilots…….and VOILA severly mutilated bodies, are extremely difficult to do pathology of any kind on. Where have we recently seen the same exact MO.?……….something called “FUDDY DUDDY”.

    A federal law exist concerning person who willfully violate this federal law of the United States. It has been on the books for a very long time. Many people have been tried and imprisoned for not complying with the requirements of this act. A married couple named ‘Rosenberger’ have even been executed by the United States for deliberately aiding and abetting the enemy in wartime.

    This federal law is clear and needs no talking head to tell the common man what it says;
    U.S. Code Title 18 Part I Chapter 101 Section 2071
    “Whoever, having the custody of any such record, proceeding, map, book, document, paper, or other thing, willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies, or destroys the same, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both; and shall forfeit his office and be DISQUALIFIED from holding any office under the United States”.

    Now, it is clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that Hillary Rodham Clinton has on numerous occasions violated this federal law with impunity ! To have a federal law that applies to some,… but not all … is not a law at all !

    It becomes a means of punishing those who oppose the powers to be. If one person can, and is, punished under Title 18, Part 1, Chapter 101, Section 2071, then everyone who violates this law should receive their ‘day in court’ and their punishment…..

    Our Constitution says that ….”No one is above the law”. Not the president , the Secretary of State, or you and I …… . The same laws that govern us also governs them. We are all governed by the same laws in this nation….or at least we were until now.

    I am beginning to question , in my mind, if those with the responsibility to enforce those laws have not changed the law and ‘tipped the scale of justice’ to favor the rich and powerful.

    If Hillary Clinton is not brought to justice and held accountable for her known ‘criminal sins’ then no one should be held accountable for giving away our national secrets and violating this code of law. If this happens, we will no longer have a United States of America, but we will have only mass chaos and disobedience of all laws at all levels of government.

    With Obama still in office, and Loretta Lynch acting as his Attorney General, who is the very person assigned the duty to insure that everyone obeys all the laws of our nation…..it looks like there will be no accountability of Clinton, and if there is then Obama will immediately pardon her of all sins.

    This is not justice. This is cronyism ….at the highest level.

    I invite you to go back and read the law stated at the beginning of this post….By law, Hillary Clinton cannot, and should not, even be running for the highest office in the land…..the law is clear. The manner it is enforced is cloudy ! It is not being enforced because she has been given a “Green Light” from the White House. Ask yourself why ?

    The only logical conclusion you can come up with is; because Obama is just as guilty of violating federal laws with ‘impunity’ as was Hillary Clinton. Both have been playing a game called, “You cover my back, and I will cover yours”! …….

    This behavior must stop, and stop now if our federal government is to ever regain any respect from the people it governs. The citizens are not slaves, or peasants, or serfs to do the will of those we elect and put in positions of power in this country …. We The People are better than that. We employee everyone we send to Washington to represent us ….. if they violate the trust of the people, then ‘We The People’ have every right and duty, to fire them. If they violate the very laws they are suppose to enforce, then we also have the duty to demand that they be held accountable for their actions.

    A new day is dawning in America. There is an awaking in the air and a call for justice for all. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are not above the law. No one person is.

  4. A very high level of criminality, filth, degenerate behavior, and drug use has pervaded rampantly throughout the entirety of our alleged Federal Government. In reality there is only one way to adequately deal with it…………which would only take about 15 minutes to legally achieve. The entire Federal Government needs to be LEGALLY DISENFRANCHISED. (keep in mind the Fed is really a corporation). While such a move will probably never occur, it would require all 50 states to formally secede from the union……..at which point they formally restate the sovereignty of all 50 states. This effectively removes them from the union, and kills the incorporated union…….but it must prevail via legal procedure, and voted on by every state. There must be at least a 75% majority of yea votes. This action would also abolish both houses of Congress, the SCOTUS, DOJ, IRS, EPA, and all other government departments. The federal reserve would have a mandate to either straighten up and clean up their act or face possible IMPRISONMENT, of each and every official who refuses to comply. But NONE OF THIS IS DONE WITHOUT HAVING alternative entities ready to take over. Veterans administration will ultimately be placed under the control of a MULTI- STATE consortium, and working closely with leading healthcare clinics across America. CRIMINAL ALIENS will be unceremoniously EJECTED FROM AMERICA.
    Our Social Security system has been TURNED INTO a Ponzi scheme by the liberals who rape it nearly everyday. Originally it was set up by a consortium of Life Insurance companies who survived the depression, as MASTER ANNUITIES (legal investment devices). The system had become self supporting, and contained billions of dollars of funds until the TEXAS LIBERAL DEMOCRAT LYNDON JOHNSON along with his cronies in the Senate, decided that they wanted the money for themselves, so they voted to move the Social Security system into the General Fund………..at which point the ANNUITIES WERE LIQUIDATED (without the PUBLIC REFERENDUM) and all monies received was ILLEGALLY disbursed into the General Fund……..and soon thereafter the RAPING, and MILKING of the Social Security system began by BOTH PARTYS. Senators, and Congressmen were ALL given (ILLEGAL) HUGE raises in pay which in effect was their pay off for not raising hell about the misappropriation of the Social Security system. The RAPING CONTINUES TODAY, and money paid in by working people is now being handed out like candy to the BASTARDS, who have never paid in a dime, and NEVER WILL! Yet nobody even gives a damn…………which they prove when they support POS like Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.Piggy. SO YOU GET WHAT YOU ASK FOR, and the blacks whine that they are getting shi# on by whitey, NOT REALLY. The black man is being SHI# UPON BY THOSE WHO THEY THEMSELVES ELECTED. SO IF YOU ARE A BLACK MAN I SUGGEST THAT YOU HAVE A HEART TO HEART WITH THE WHITEY THAT YOU ELECTED………..AND THE BLACK MAN IS PROBABLY CORRECT. MZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.PIGGY WOULDN’T HESITATE TO STRIP MILLIONS OUT OF EVERY BLACK MAN’S POCKET………JUST AS HER BASTARD PREDECESSORS DID. THERE IS THE TRUTH FOR YOU SO IF YOU HAVE A COMPLAINT TAKE IT UP WITH YOUR FRIEND HILLARY CLINTON.

  5. ………..Donald Trump appears a little like Teddy Roosevelt……….who also had a mind of his own. Yet he advocates some of the same policies that Abraham Lincoln advocated. Lincoln was an ABOLITIONIST. Sadly he later paid the supreme price for simply being who and what he was……….but shortly after the fact his assassin was also killed. NO COURTROOM OR ANY SPECIAL TRIAL, JUST “BURN BABY BURN.” Seems to work quite well!

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