Hillary Clinton emailgate email chicanery deception lies obstruction of justice decades old, Clinton White House missing hundreds of thousands of emails, Deceptive testimony, Email cover up and threats to recovery employees

Hillary Clinton emailgate email chicanery deception lies obstruction of justice decades old, Clinton White House missing hundreds of thousands of emails, Deceptive testimony, Email cover up and threats to recovery employees

“By July 1993, the Clintons and their associates had established
a pattern of concealment with respect to the Clintons’ involvement
with Whitewater and the Madison S&L. Because of the complexity
of the allegations of misdeeds involving these institutions, documents
and files are critical to any inquiries into the matter. Yet,
at every important turn, crucial files and documents ‘‘disappeared’’
or were withheld from scrutiny whenever questions were raised.…Senate Whitewater report June 13, 1996

“Mrs. Clinton personally was involved in the discussions regarding the White House’s handling of documents in Vince
Foster’s office following his death. Mrs. Clinton made known her views that investigators should be denied ‘‘unfettered access’’ to Foster’s office prior to the search of the office on July 22, 1993.”…House Investigation of the White House Travel Office Firings,  September 26, 1996

“If the guilty and unrepentant get off easy, what type of
prosecution is this. It’s not time to blame the Independent
Counsel Law; blame the prosecutor who wouldn’t do his job.
Because of Kenneth W. Starr’s complicity, the most corrupt
administration in the history of the country continues with
no end in sight. God save us all.”…Christopher Ruddy, NewsMax July 1, 1999


Hillary Clinton is like a spoiled child. She has a pattern of bad behaviour with only mild chastisement and no real punishment.

Like a spoiled child, she will continue the bad behaviour until she is stopped.

She must be stopped.

Hillary’s disregard for the law and proper procedures is decades old.

Here are 2 more scrubbed articles from NewsMax that reveal Hillary’s pattern of  chicanery, deception, lies and  obstruction of justice did not begin with her recent email debacle.

From NewsMax November 1, 2000 via Citizen News.

“White House E-Mess Worsens

The White House now admits the case of the missing e-mail messages is even worse than it originally stated, and a federal judge is furious.

According to the Associated Press:

White House counsel Beth Nolan has acknowledged that electronic searches in response to subpoenas were even more faulty than the Clinton-Gore administration has advised Congress and a federal judge.

She made the admission in a letter to Rep. Dan Burton, R-Ind., who has been investigating the disappearance of e-mails ranging from President Clinton’s Monica Lewinsky perjury scandal to the campaign fund-raising controversy involving Vice President Al Gore.

This most-recent admission means that correspondence from several White House computer systems has not been stored in electronic archives, as it was supposed to have been.

When United States District Judge Royce Lamberth learned of that Tuesday, he said the new disclosure is “contrary to weeks of testimony in my court.”

Addressing Justice Department lawyers defending the White House in a lawsuit, the angry judge said:

“I’ve heard witness after witness tell me that the only thing we missed was external e-mail, and now you’re telling me for the first time all of that testimony was wrong.”

Previously, the White House had informed Congress and criminal investigators that the problem was confined to e-mail entering from outside the White House and to messages in a separate system in the vice president’s office.

Those missing messages apparently run into the hundreds of thousands.

The suit now before the federal court was filed by the conservative group Judicial Watch and involves the White House’s gathering of hundreds of FBI background files of employees from the Reagan and Bush administrations.

Burton, who chairs the House of Representatives’ Government Reform Committee, said:

“This latest development reinforces my concern that the White House has never been honest when it comes to fulfilling legal responsibility to manage records and produce documents to Congress.””

Read more:

White House E-Mess Worsens, Clinton emailgate saga, Missing email messages worse than stated, Hundreds of thousands missing, Rep. Dan Burton White House has never been honest, NewsMax November 1, 2000

From NewsMax January 13, 2001 via Citizen News.

“E-mailgate Lawyer Emerges in Riady Scandal

The Clinton-Gore administration’s Chinagate scandal collided with the the missing White House e-mail probe on Friday, when it was learned that a lawyer representing witnesses claiming they were intimidated by senior administration officials also represents Indonesian billionaire James Riady.

Earl Silbert, a former U.S. attorney recruited by Northrop Grumman Corp. after its employees detailed threats from senior White House officials, helped negotiate Riady’s plea bargain with the Clinton-Gore Justice Department.”

“Northrop Grumman was contracted to retrieve hundreds of thousands of missing White House e-mails believed to be relevant to the investigation of several Clinton administration scandals, including Chinagate.

Northrop Grumman computer expert Betty Lambuth alleged last year that she and other company employees involved in the e-mail retrieval project were ordered to stay silent about their work or face imprisonment.”

““[Silbert’s] notes do not lie, and they strongly suggest that he advised the White House Counsel of both the continuing e-mail cover-up and the threat to the Northrop Grumman employees,” Judicial Watch charged in a Dec. 21 press release.”

Read more:

E-mailgate Lawyer Emerges in Riady Scandal, Clinton emailgate saga, Threats from senior White House officials, Northrop Grumman retrieving hundreds of thousands of missing White House emails, Relevant to investigation of Clinton scandals, NewsMax January 13, 2001


More here:


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  1. citizenwells

    “I think that it was Hillary all the way. I think that she’s the mean-spirited one. She’s the ideologue, she’s the flaming left-wing socialist liberal. She’s a bad person with a criminal mind.”…Jerry Falwell

    ………..the liberal LIARS have spun a yarn which has backfired in their faces, and even includes Missssssss Christine at HARDBALL. They all jumped up and screamed that the Purple heart which was given to Trump was really only a copy. Well the Lt.Col who sent it to Trump just himself told all of fox viewers that it was the actual Purple Heart which he received for his combat injuries. BTW one of the NAYSAYERS was a well known black actress who is attached to the VIEW program……..need any more?

  3. BOMBSHELL: Khizr Khan linked to Hillary’s email server!
    Submitted by IWB, on August 2nd, 2016

    A CNN spokeswoman referred Breitbart News to Bolduan’s personal spokesman when sent a list of detailed questions on the matter. That spokesman has not replied to Breitbart News’ detailed questions by press time:

    1.) Kate Bolduan admitted on live television today — see approximately 3:20 in this video:

    when Bolduan says of Khizr Khan: “I have no idea what you’re talking about, what law firm he’s connected to.” — that she did not do any basic journalistic research on the subjects she was hosting a panel on. Is that acceptable by CNN standards?

    2.) Does CNN plan to, in the future, have a discussion about all of Khizr Khan’s various connections to the law firm that A) prepared Hillary Clinton’s taxes, B) helped with various aspects of Hillary Clinton’s illicit homebrew email server, C) is paid by the government of Saudi Arabia for representation here in the United States, among other things?


  4. BOMBSHELL: Khizr Khan linked to Hillary’s email server!


  5. oldsailor84 | August 4, 2016 at 1:57 pm |

    ………..the liberal LIARS have spun a yarn which has backfired in their faces, and even includes Missssssss Christine at HARDBALL. They all jumped up and screamed that the Purple heart which was given to Trump was really only a copy. Well the Lt.Col who sent it to Trump just himself told all of fox viewers that it was the actual Purple Heart which he received for his combat injuries. BTW one of the NAYSAYERS was a well known black actress who is attached to the VIEW program……..need any more?

    The “liars” like chris hardball, and whoopi cushion, and all the rest, are enemy media idiots. Their attempts at Taqiyya, and the distortion of the Purple Heart Medal award to Trump, is a planned attack that tries to convey an alternate universe, in an effort to bull$hit the Citizens. I have watched Rachael Maddow on MSNBC from time to time, just to educate myself on what the worst of the worst is saying, and it is pure evil, purely designed to disparage anything that is not democrat party . It’s easy to understand why she always wears black clothing.

  6. I had to laugh because this morning they said Killary was 9 points ahead of Trump, now she 15 points at this rate by tomorrow she should be 60 to 70 points. Do these people really think people are that stupid? Oh and they said that this bump is real. Give me a brake! This was NBC

  7. People Rising Up Against the New World Order

    • Resurgence of nationalism across globe could herald new era of freedom.

    By Ronald L. Ray —

    For 100 years and more, the political elites and secret string-pullers of government were happy to have the intellectually myopic masses of the doltocracy voting and marching behind them into the New World Order (NWO). But no more.


  8. Trudy, here’s a video that agrees with you.

  9. Trudy…………
    ………….one fact that you need to keep foremost in your mind……..in the LIBERAL FANTASY MENTALITY UP IS ALWAYS DOWN! Their twisted minds are incapable of facing reality………thus the NON STOP FANTASY LIES. Many if not MOST of the liberals are people suffering from psychotic disorders, just as surely is Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.Clint (PARANOIA)

  10. AND THE POLLS…………
    ………are being manipulated to make it appear that Clint is leading. In truth there is NO LEADER………at least NOT YET. The leader will be determined when the people VOTE in November. I pray that Trump IGNORES the Clinton demand for a DEBATE. If the ignoramuses in America elect Clint they will without a doubt GET WHAT THEY ASKED FOR………a MENTAL CASE for POTUS……….and an UNQUALIFIED MENTAL CASE to BOOT. If she is elected America WILL EXPERIENCE the worst economic decline ever. It might even happen before she is elected. It has been said that when our National debt reaches 20 trillion the entire economy will collapse. While there is credence in the logic, I am not entirely sure whether it will happen beforehand………however I do believe that America’s monetary system will soon fail.

  11. oldsailor84 | August 4, 2016 at 3:03 pm |

    ………….one fact that you need to keep foremost in your mind……..in the LIBERAL FANTASY MENTALITY UP IS ALWAYS DOWN!


    What you are describing is called “Taqiyya”, also known as bull$hit to you and me. People who are predisposed to be democrats, mainly gullible illiterates, eat it up, the democrat party is built on it, and exists by lying,
    and it should be charged in a RICO fraud case, except for the fact that the RICO regime owns the DOJ, and controls the courts.

    I wonder who the ultimate mob boss is?


    “Mr. Khan, you could have taken these words spoken by a proven courageous and resilient leader, Sir Winston Churchill, who has a U.S. Naval vessel named after him, and expounded upon them:”

    “How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy. The effects are apparent in many countries, improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live. A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement, the next of its dignity and sanctity. The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property, either as a child, a wife, or a concubine, must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men. Individual Muslims may show splendid qualities, but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith. It has already spread throughout Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step; and were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science, the science against which it had vainly struggled, the civilization of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilization of ancient Rome.”

    “And now we can all understand why Barack Obama had Churchill’s bust removed from the Oval Office.

    Those were the insightful, prescient, and relevant words of Sir Winston Churchill from the first edition of his book, The River War.”


  13. oldsoldier80


    The most powerful three minutes I have ever heard ! God Bless this man and his message to the world !!!

  14. Bob Strauss………..
    …………those who feel there would be a conflict with NFL games, are really a part of the reason why the country is going to hell in a handbasket. Most would rather watch football rather than people yakking about political bullshi#

  15. bob strauss and oldsailor84
    Thank You !

  16. ………..AND ONCE AGAIN……
    ……………I am weighing in on the KISS-HER-KAN crapola. Even Clint Eastwood says there is a need to set things right. While Mr.Kan is a member of an alleged GOLD STAR FAMILY, he also has an obligation to keep the death of his son from being used as political fuel. I personally believe that if his son was alive today he would be intensely angry with his father for becoming a POLITICAL PAWN……..and even angrier for him becoming a PAWN for the LIBERAL LEFT. In Reality Mr.KAN owes Donald Trump an a publicly televised apology.

  17. Oldsoldier80 — and just where have you been, young man??? Am I going to have to turn you over my knee for disappearing and making us worry? 😀

  18. oldsoldier80
    ………Good evening sir…….nice to see you back. Hope all is well.

  19. BREAKING: MAJOR Attorney In DNC Fraud Lawsuit Just Found DEAD…

    “I have heard rumors that Victor had attempted to leak a top secret and damaging email on Saturday, which was promptly blocked by Google search results. He then attempted to release it again on Monday morning only to be found dead later that day. Although his death has been ruled a suicide, many who knew him say it is not possible that he would take his own life.


    Other mysterious deaths connected with the Clintons have been documented in many articles. There is an entire site dedicated to the topic and a word has been created for the odd phenomenon.”


  20. DNC Lawsuit Process Server Shawn Lucas Has Died
    Shawn Lucas, depicted in a viral video serving the DNC with a lawsuit in July 2016, died suddenly of unknown causes in early August 2016.


  21. REVEALED: If This Is True, Benghazi Is Even Worse Than We Ever Thought
    Produced, written, and edited by Kris Zane. Narrated by Tom Hinchey

  22. REVEALED: If This Is True, Benghazi Is Even Worse Than We Ever Thought
    Produced, written, and edited by Kris Zane. Narrated by Tom Hinchey

  23. Hillary Openly Confirmed Weapons Sent To Syria, Put The Pieces Together

    August 3, 2016 Michael Smith

    An article on truepundit.com has revealed the horrific truth about Democratic Presidential Nominee and Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Apparently, Clinton possessed knowledge of weapons that were supplied to Al Qaeda’s operations in Syria from Benghazi.

    This is no joke, and this time we have very credible evidence to support this claim. What is our evidence? Well WikiLeaks has obtained and released a document produced by the Department of Defense, entitled “Former Libya Military Weapons Shipped to Syria via the Port of Benghazi, Libya.

    The Document is dated 1 May 2012-1 September 2012 and says in its main text:

    Weapons from the former Libya military stockpiles were shipped from the port of Benghazi, Libya to the port of Banias and the port of Borj Islam, Syria. The weapons shipped during late-August 2012 were sniper rifles, RPG’s, and 125mm and 155 mm howitzer missiles.”

    This document is very important because it essentially confirms a long held rumor that the Obama Administration along with Hillary Clinton’s State Department possessed knowledge of weapons being shipped from Benghazi to Syria, right into the hands of “rebel groups”. These “rebel groups” for the most part were “al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood extremists.”

    WikiLeaks has also released another very important piece of intelligence. Specifically, they have uncovered an “intelligence cable” originating from the Defense Intelligence Agency(DIA) from September 12, 2012, the day following the Benghazi attack.

    It has now been completely “redacted” and might be the best proof of the United States’ government’s activities in Benghazi immediately before “the Jihadist attacks on the U.S. consulate” as well as on the “CIA annex” a short distance away.

    Part of the DIA communication reads as follows:

    The weapons shipped from Syria during late- August 2012 were Sniper rifles, RPG’s and 125mm and 155 mm howitzer missiles. The numbers for each weapon were estimated to be: 500 Sniper rifles, 100 RPG launchers with 300 total rounds, and approximately 400 howitzer missiles(200 ea-125mm and 200 ea-155mm)”.

    Further, this newly leaked information will discredit the “public testimony” of U.S. government officials who had “sworn” that the United States “had no role” in supplying weapons from extremist groups in Libya to Syrian rebels.

    One example of this “public testimony” dates from January 2013, when Senator Rand Paul questioned Hillary Clinton if she had any knowledge of U.S. involvement in supplying Syrian rebels with weapons from Libya, or from anywhere else.

    In response, Clinton blatantly said that she “did not know.”

    However, the leaked DIA document dosen’t show who was supplying weapons to Syrian rebels.

    Who do you think was really “running” weapons from Libya to Syria? Please share this story and comment below.


  24. We shouldn’t be hard on Muslims, should we?
    Look what’s happening in California. Can’t believe this crap!

    August to be Muslim Appreciation and Awareness Month in California

    HR 59, as amended, Bill Quirk Assemblyman 20th District.

    WHEREAS, Freedom of religion holds distinction as a cherished right and a foundational value upon which the laws and ethics of the United States are based; and

    WHEREAS, Enriched by the unparalleled diversity of its residents, the State of California takes great pride in supporting individual religious freedoms and is strengthened by the many varied religious, political, and cultural traditions of its diverse population, including those Americans who practice Islam; and

    WHEREAS, The history of Islam in this country dates back to before its founding, originating with African slaves who brought their Muslim beliefs with them to the Americas and who later contributed in numerous ways to the founding of the nation, and there are today millions of Muslim Americans, both immigrant and native-born, of diverse backgrounds and beliefs; and

    WHEREAS, The United States benefits greatly from the expertise, patriotism, and humanitarianism of Muslim Americans, who represent 10 percent of America’s physicians, helping to heal hundreds of thousands of Americans each year; who have long distinguished themselves as courageous and dedicated members of the United States Armed Forces, fighting and sacrificing in every major war from the American Revolutionary War to present-day conflicts; and who regularly contribute to the health and vitality of their communities, giving food to the hungry, sheltering the needy, and providing inexpensive or free health services, among other community services; and

    WHEREAS, The earliest Muslim immigrants to California mostly worked on farms and made significant contributions to early agricultural efforts, and since the abolition of the national quota on immigration in 1965 by the passage of the Hart-Celler Act, more and more Muslims have migrated to California, with approximately one million Muslim Americans currently residing in communities throughout the state, the highest number in the United States; and

    WHEREAS, Similarly, there are currently more than 240 mosques in California, more than any other state in the nation, and the people of California and the greater United States benefit from the several large Muslim religious, educational, charitable, advocacy, and empowerment organizations that operate within the state, as well as from the countless prominent Muslim community leaders who distinguish themselves professionally as business owners, law professionals, doctors, engineers, teachers, and farmers, among numerous other valued professions; and
    WHEREAS, Although the majority of Muslim Americans within California and throughout the nation strive to promote peace and understanding between all faiths, identities, and nationalities while upholding those values and principles that define the American people, they have nonetheless been forced to endure harassment, assault, and discrimination since the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001, and during the year 2015 alone, there were approximately 174 reported incidents of anti-Muslim violence and vandalism in the United States. It is therefore appropriate to acknowledge and promote awareness of the myriad invaluable contributions of Muslim Americans in California and across the country, and extend to them the respect and camaraderie every American deserves; now, therefore, be it

    Resolved by the Assembly of the State of California, That the Assembly joins communities throughout the State of California in recognizing the month of August 2016 as Muslim Appreciation and Awareness Month, respectfully acknowledges the rich history and guiding virtues of Muslim Americans, and commends Muslim communities in California for the lasting positive impact they have made, and continue to make, toward the advancement of the state and the nation; and be it further

  25. North Carolina Poll – Donald Trump Gains 32% of Black Voters – Leads 46/42 Overall…

    “A post convention scientific (non media) poll of North Carolina voters from The Civitas Institute (full pdf below) shows candidate Donald Trump with a 46/42 lead over Hillary Clinton.

    Also, in what is becoming an increasing concern for the Clinton campaign team – the demographics (crosstabs) of the poll show Trump is capturing 32% of the black voting base:”


  26. Hey folks, pay attention to your bank account balance if you pay for gas using a credit/debit card. I was just ripped off ($374) after using my card at a local 7-11 for gas. Unethical people place card skimmers inside gas pumps that they use to steal personal info. Be careful. Best to use cash.

    God bless

  27. Sueq………..
    ………….nice to see you back to posting what you believe. I think we all missed your candor.

  28. hapnHal………..
    ……………whenever I look into a close up photograph of the face of Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Clint, I see the expression, and trolled on face of a CHEAP LOOKING BAR ROOM BROAD. When ever I hear her idiotic cackle, and her SO OBVIOUS LIES, again she comes across as little more than a CHEAP BAR ROOM BROAD. As a one time sailor I have looked at dozens of them………and they all looked like Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.Clint. in the face. When a sailor fresh off of a year at sea can’t stand to look at a cheap bar room broad it is time for that broad to HANG IT UP!

  29. AND………

  30. hapnHal………..
    …………I would be a believer of the California breakdown regarding the Muslim folks. At this point in time it is more than probable that the number of Muslims vs descendants of old original Californians, by far exceeds even the East Coast parameters. California was ONCE one of our most important states, if not the most important. Thanks to the LIBERAL FANTASY LAND, MENTALLY TWISTED, AND THE LBGT POS CALIFORNIA IS NOW LITTLE MORE THAN HOME TO MILLIONS OF SUCH PEOPLE. I WAS ONCE STATIONED AT THE OLD DESTROYER BASE AT LONG BEACH CAL. THIS WAS SLIGHTLY SOUTH OF LA BUT CLOSE IN. EVEN IN THE 1950s IT WAS MORE THAN OBVIOUS THAT CALIFORNIA WAS HEADED FOR HELL IN A HANDBASKET. I WILL LEAVE IT AT THAT! YES THERE ARE STILL DECENT UPSTANDING PEOPLE LIVING IN CALIFORNIA, BUT THEY ARE SLOWLY DIMINISHING. I personally believe that at some point in time the state will be largely comprised by MUSLIMS……..which in my way of thinking is exactly what people like Mr. Brown, Mzzzzzzzzzzzz BOXCAR, Mzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Finestine, and Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzz POSI want fore neighbors. California is slowly turning into another Southeast Michigan. Soon they will hear the call to prayer 5 times a day over loudspeakers in the totality of the state. I hope all of the twisted liberals ENJOY ALL THE NOISE, and the MUSLIM FECES left lying on the ground. Yep they just squat and shi# right where they are, and most don’t use TP either. Their garments becomes their A$$WIPE.

  31. hapnHal……

    ………… The old destroyer base at Long Beach was closed by SLICK WILLY, and he then gave the rights to the largest drydock in the world to the Chinese so that they could service their container ships here rather than needing to return to where they were constructed. The Naval Base was also one of the most important bases to our own warships. Now they must travel up the coast to either San Pedro, Cal, or Bremerton WA……but neither, San Pedro, or Bremerton can dry dock the Nimitz class carriers. But they could be dry docked at the now Chinese facility in Long Beach. You can thank SLICK WILLY for the treasonous sort of act of giving away US government property. Slick Willy needs to face prosecution, and imprisonment for his dastardly act. Such treachery seems to be the hallmark of the Clints, and it is fast becoming clear that Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Clint intends to expand their SICK TWISTED LEGACY of criminal behavior.

  32. Bob Strauss……..
    …………there is now a way to read every word that has been redacted on a document. (hint…..it is a computer scanning process which is so sensitive to variations of color that it can detect and reproduce a variant of less than 1 tenth of one percent. Any type matter that is redacted becomes more dense than the rest of the field, and after being scanned and enhanced every word and character can be read without the need of a visual aid.

  33. ……….and what many folks don’t know is that most leading paint stores have the capability to read the density values of color variations, and surface values. Wherever the redacting compound is superimposed upon a character the surface value increase in RMS, and these variations can also readily be recorded. But sadly they don’t have the technology to enhance the readings of their color scanners. The technology is available from many software suppliers, and at some of the Staples stores……….but is rather expensive. If you have deep pockets,………by all means take a look. Good Luck!

  34. RMS= root mean squared.

  35. oldsailor84,
    You are correct!


    Scientists: Earth Endangered by New Strain of Fact-Resistant Humans

    Scientists have discovered a powerful new strain of fact-resistant humans who are threatening the ability of Earth to sustain life, a sobering new study reports.

    The research, conducted by the University of Minnesota, identifies a virulent strain of humans who are virtually immune to any form of verifiable knowledge, leaving scientists at a loss as to how to combat them.
    “These humans appear to have all the faculties necessary to receive and process information,” Davis Logsdon, one of the scientists who contributed to the study, said. “And yet, somehow, they have developed defenses that, for all intents and purposes, have rendered those faculties totally inactive.”

    More worryingly, Logsdon said, “As facts have multiplied, their defenses against those facts have only grown more powerful.”

    While scientists have no clear understanding of the mechanisms that prevent the fact-resistant humans from absorbing data, they theorize that the strain may have developed the ability to intercept and discard information en route from the auditory nerve to the brain. “The normal functions of human consciousness have been completely nullified,” Logsdon said.

    While reaffirming the gloomy assessments of the study, Logsdon held out hope that the threat of fact-resistant humans could be mitigated in the future. “Our research is very preliminary, but it’s possible that they will become more receptive to facts once they are in an environment without food, water, or oxygen,” he said.


  36. Trudy | August 4, 2016 at 2:43 pm |

    I had to laugh because this morning they said Killary was 9 points ahead of Trump, now she 15 points at this rate by tomorrow she should be 60 to 70 points. Do these people really think people are that stupid? Oh and they said that this bump is real. Give me a brake! This was NBC
    And last week, 69 (counting the reporter!!)showed at a high school for her rally while at the same time, thousands showed for Trump rally!

    Yeah, the LSM thinks we are that stupid!

  37. DHS Whistleblower Phil Haney exposes Obama administration during Press Conference

  38. JJ Thank You !

  39. ………….some folks might disbelieve what I put forth regarding reading redacted documents. That is OK. I don’t expect people to necessarily believe it, but if you truly want to know take the time to examine it yourself. As I stated a paint store can scan a customer provided color sample and mix the exact same color . This is because the color of the item scanned is broken down into primary color values, and translated to volumes of various tint needed to add to base zero white to make the same exact color. These same scanner systems are used by most commercial printing companies who print high quality color halftone reproductions of today. My oldest son does this every day. It is not BULLSHI#!

  40. oldsoldier80

    Hello everyone…….I’m back….I have been up north in Wisconsin with my wife for vacation….we spent some time in the “north woods”…a beautiful place…no tv, no radio, no internet…and I did not miss them at all ! I did get to see Trump and the RNC convention before I left and the first tow days of the DNC…than I shut that down…no American flags, illegal ailens as speakers, and other stuff….in those two days, I understood that both parties were as far apart as they could get……and thank God for Trump. !

    I will be writing a nice long take on where I see this election going….and Mr. Trump has TWO major things to watch for in the next few months…if he can avoid both…there is no doubt in my mind he will be the president…..in 2017.

    First,he must be very very careful and watch for assassins…….they are out there and he should be fully aware of the Clinton headcount in that area…..

    Second, he must get in place now, a system to INSURE there will be no voter fraud in this election…..history should have told Mr. Trump that the Clinton’s have never been in any election in which they did not sanction massive voter fraud…..

    These two things are critical to his winning and winning big !

    Lastly, thanks to everyone for their concern about me……AFB, you seem like a relative worrying about me….oldsailor84, you seem like a long lost buddy wanting to know why I haven’t checked into the net …….I appreciate your concerns for my health…..but my wife says, I will most likely live to be a 110 and die with a smile on my face……after being accused by a jealous husband of messing around with his wife !!!!!!

  41. citizenwells

    Welcome back oldsoldier.

  42. Oldsoldier80 — hope you and the wife had a fabulous time in Wisconsin. Since you were kind enough to give me the recipe for proper Irish coffee some time back, I guess I won’t turn you over my knee after all. 😀

    Re how to ensure against massive vote fraud — what say you to the idea of a National Guard presence at the polling places? Especially those in particular areas / cities.

  43. oldsoldier80……….
    ………….glad your back without stepping on a land mine. When you either travel through, or vacation in LIBERAL LAND a land mine might well be a REALITY. Glad you was able to get away for awhile. Blows the cobwebs away. The last headcount I was able to come up with was in the upper 40s.

  44. AFB……..
    ………..I would be an advocate of having some battle hardened guards at poling stations so that if the ODOROUS new black panthers get unruly they can be quickly taught a new word for their 2 word vocabularies..ie RESPECT. and taught to the tune of a rifle but in the kisser.

  45. AND NOW ………..
    ………..the SNOTNOSED LIBERAL children are whining that the original flag of the 13 colonies is RACIST. This is once again POLITICAL CORRECT INSANITY. When a flag says DON’T TREAD ON ME it is still a valid flag.


  47. oldsoldier80

    I feel like a returning hero……no one ever gave me such a welcome after I returned three times from Nam…..W W …thanks !

    After this vacation….first let me say;

    Thanks to our leader, CITIZENWELLS, for all his fine , well researched, and documented articles…..I would certainly have a hard time wading through all the bullshit propaganda that others throw out were it not for him..

    Then, I also thank my good friend in INDYLAND, old sailor84 for his comradeship…I always enjoy reading what the old salt has to say …….he does not mince words……and I like that in a man.

    Then another thank you to my “adopted” Air Force friend, who seems to “Keep Um Flying”……AFB, who is now also hooked on Irish Cream, all thanks to me, in her coffee every morning…isn’t it a great drink ? Kinda makes living worth while doesn’t it? …..and by the way dear, I love your fighting spirit…you should have been in the Infantry with me !

    Then, to all my other friends here at CW……SueK, Bob Strauss, and hapnHal, and all the others…..I really did miss your comments while I was up north looking for “MOOSE’S” ….well not real moose’s…..just some more Irish Cream !

    p.s…. I will announce to all before I check out of the net again……promise !

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