Blagojevich appeal update March 5, 2016, US Supreme Court opposition brief filed by Solicitor General Donald B. Verrilli Jr. Feb 19, Petition for a writ of certiorari should be denied, Blagojevich knew he was offering to exchange official actions for money

Blagojevich appeal update March 5, 2016, US Supreme Court opposition brief filed by Solicitor General Donald B. Verrilli Jr. Feb 19, Petition for a writ of certiorari should be denied, Blagojevich knew he was offering to exchange
official actions for money

Why did Patrick Fitzgerald and the US Justice Department wait until December 2008 to arrest Rod Blagojevich?”…Citizen Wells

“I believe I’m more pristine on Rezko than him.”…Rod Blagojevich

“Regardless of how this plays out, it benefits Obama. If there is no appeal or the appeal is denied, Blagojevich will be sequestered. If the appeal proceeds, it could drag out beyond impacting the 2012 election cycle. The intent is obvious.”…Citizen Wells, July 19, 2011



The  opposition brief filed by Solicitor General Donald B. Verrilli Jr.on  February 19 in the Rod Blagojevich US Supreme Court appeal finally showed up.

“No. 15-664
In the Supreme Court of the United States



Solicitor General
Counsel of Record”


1. Whether the court of appeals correctly upheld
petitioner’s conviction for extortion under color of
official right where the jury was instructed that the
government must prove that petitioner “agree[d] to
accept money or property believing that it would be
given in exchange for a specific requested exercise of
his official power.”

2. Whether the court of appeals correctly held that
petitioner may not defend against charges of extortion,
honest-services fraud, and bribery by claiming
that he genuinely believed that he could lawfully exchange
his official actions for money.”

“1. As an initial matter, the Court’s review is unwarranted
at this time because the case is still in an
interlocutory posture. The court of appeals vacated
five counts of conviction, vacated petitioner’s sentence,
and remanded to the district court for retrial
and resentencing. Pet. App. 23a. This Court normally
“await[s] final judgment in the lower courts before
exercising [its] certiorari jurisdiction.” VMI v. United
States, 508 U.S. 946 (1993) (Scalia, J., respecting denial
of certiorari); see Hamilton-Brown Shoe Co. v. Wolf
Bros. & Co., 240 U.S. 251, 258 (1916) (describing interlocutory
posture as “a fact that of itself alone furnishe[s]
sufficient ground for the denial of” certiorari).
That practice ensures that all of a defendant’s claims
will be consolidated and presented in a single petition.
Here, the interests of judicial economy would be
served best by denying review now and allowing petitioner
to reassert his claims—including any new
claims that might arise following resentencing or
retrial, if one occurs—at the conclusion of the proceedings.
See Major League Baseball Players Ass’n
v. Garvey, 532 U.S. 504, 508 n.1 (2001) (per curiam)
(“[W]e have authority to consider questions determined
in earlier stages of the litigation.”).

2. Petitioner contends (Pet. 17) that this Court’s
review is needed to resolve a disagreement in the
lower courts on whether a jury must be instructed
that Hobbs Act extortion involves an “explicit” exchange
of official actions for campaign contributions.
No such conflict exists; petitioner’s argument is without
merit; and this would be a poor case to address the
argument in any event.”

“Elonis involved a prosecution under 18 U.S.C.
875(c) for communicating threats, and it addressed the
“requirement that a defendant act with a certain mental
state in communicating a threat.” 135 S. Ct. at
2008. Applying background presumptions about the
mens rea required for criminal liability, the Court
concluded that the defendant must be more than negligent
about the threatening nature of the communications.
Id. at 2011. But Elonis did not hold that Section
875(c) requires proof that the defendant knew his
actions were criminal. To the contrary, the Court
rejected the notion “that a defendant must know that
his conduct is illegal before he may be found guilty.”
Id. at 2009; see ibid. (“The familiar maxim ‘ignorance
of the law is no excuse’ typically holds true.”). The
Court thus focused on the defendant’s mental state
with respect to his own actions, while making clear
that knowledge of the legal consequences of his actions
is not required. Ibid. (“[A] defendant generally
must know the facts that make his conduct fit the
definition of the offense, even if he does not know that
those facts give rise to a crime.”) (citation and internal
quotation marks omitted). That same focus applies
here as well: Petitioner could validly be convicted
because he knew that he was offering to exchange
official actions for money—whether or not he also
knew that doing so was illegal.”


The petition for a writ of certiorari should be

Click to access 15-664_blagojevich_v._us_opp.pdf

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  1. oldsoldier80


  2. citizenwells

    Obama pardon?

  3. Obama will likely pardon Blagojevich, his Chicago buddy-in crook, like he will pardon murderess Clinton

  4. bob strauss

    Hillary Clinton In Panic Mode As Bombshell Video Leaks

  5. bob strauss

    Dolores Wieland | March 5, 2016 at 1:43 pm |

    Obama will likely pardon Blagojevich, his Chicago buddy-in crook, like he will pardon murderess Clinton

    Trump, Christie, and Arpaio, will have the usurper, and Hilliary, fleeing the country, headed for the usurper’s Dubai mansion to escape extradition.

    This government is truly a failure…

  6. bob strauss

    Today a Federal Grand Jury investigating Hillary Clinton and her Emails on her private server has Indicted Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s long time Lesbian Lover, Aid and Companion.

    Sources indicate the Sealed Indictment against Huma Abedin could upon conviction could put Huma in Prison and most likely will cause further indictments against Hillary Clinton and others.

    The question now remains when will Hillary Clinton drop out of the Democratic Presidential Race.

    Related below:

    Legendary U.S. attorney ‘confident’ Hillary grand jury convened

    Predicts ‘an eruption you cannot believe’ if no prosecution

    Jerome R. Corsi
    Mar 1 2016

  7. Talk about Finding OJ’s missing Knife?? Well read this
    about Adolf (Pravda Report) Got to read something other than what’s being reported in the news !!

    Hitler Died Peacefully in His Bed in Argentina?

    The death of Adolf Hitler still remains one of the biggest mysteries in history. There are numerous theories that mostly come down to speculation that the Nazi leader didn’t die in his bunker, but managed to escape and hide. He allegedly was hiding for years and peacefully died in his own bed. A few days ago scientists received the evidence that these theories might not be that far from truth. The scull fragment that was thought to be Hitler’s turned out to be the remains of a woman.

    For a long time historians believed that the fragment proved that on April 30th, 1945, the Führer took a cyanide pill and shot his head off when he realized that the Third Reich was over. His mistress Eva Braun committed suicide in the same bunker.
    According to numerous witnesses, their bodies were wrapped in blankets and taken out of the bunker to a nearby garden. The bodies were soaked with petroleum, set on fire, and later buried. In 1945, Soviet special agents excavated the place of a likely burial and found the bones that were believed to be Hitler’s.

    A part of the skull was missing, which showed that the death was caused by a bullet. The preserved jaw fragment coincided with the dental records found at the office of Hitler’s dentist. A year later, the missing fragment was found by the order of Stalin who had suspicions that Hitler managed to escape and hide.
    In the mid 1950s, after Stalin’s death, the skeleton that was presumably Hitler’s was buried in Magdeburg, East Germany. In 1970, the skeleton was dug out by the KGB agents.

    Only the jawbone, the skull fragment and the bloodstained sofa segments were preserved. The findings were sent to the KGB archives.
    American specialists examined the bone fragments. According to Connecticut archaeologist Nick Bellantoni, the bone seemed very thin, male bone tends to be more robust. Besides, the sutures where the skull plates come together seemed to correspond to someone under 40. In 1945 Hitler turned 56.

    Bellantoni believes that the studied bone fragment could not belong to Eva Braun either, although she died at 33. “There is no report of Eva Braun having shot herself or having been shot afterwards. It could be anyone. Many people were killed around the bunker area,” the scientist said.
    Nick Bellantoni received the bone tissue that was believed to belong to Hitler in Moscow, where the fragments were kept in the Russian State Archives and even displayed at an exhibition in 2000.

    The researcher was shown the bloodstained upholstery from the bunker sofa which was believed to be Hitler’s and Braun’s deathbed. “I had the reference photos the Soviets took of the sofa in 1945 and I was seeing the exact same stains on the fragments of wood and fabric in front of me, so I knew I was working with the real thing,” said the archeologists. The results of the research will be used as the basis for the US documentary Hitler’s Escape.
    Bellantoni was allowed only one hour in the archives, during which time he applied cotton swabs and took DNA samples that were sent to Connecticut right away. Linda Strausbaugh closed her lab for three days to work exclusively on the Hitler project.
    “We used the same routines and controls that would have been used in a crime lab,” she said. To her surprise, a small amount of viable DNA was extracted.
    “We were very lucky to get a reading, despite the limited amount of genetic information,” the scientist said. “That’s how we found out that the fragment belongs to a female.”
    The story of the Nazi leader’s death is still a mystery. Some scientists initially had doubts about his suicide and believed it was Nazi’s propaganda created to present his suicide in a suitably heroic light.

    Abel Basti, an Argentinean writer, was one of the first people to believe that the jaw fragment must be DNA-tested.
    He explained that the scientists only had a chance to compare the charred jaw fragment with poor quality X-rays and the testimony of Hitler’s dentist who could have lied. He believed that the scientists should compare his DNA samples with the samples of Hitler’s sister Paula who passed away in 1960 and was buried at the Bergfriedhof cemetery.
    Abel Basti is the author of the book Hitler in Argentina that describes his theory of Hitler’s escape based on the real documents and photographs from archives. The writer believes that Hitler managed to escape to South America and live a long life.

    In his book Basti states that on April 29, 1945 the Nazi leader was flown from Berlin to Spain on a Messerschmitt Me 262. From Spain, accompanied by Eva Braun, he went to Argentina by a submarine.

    Ksenia Obraztsova

    See more at:

  8. hapnHal…………
    ………….while I find the Hitler story fascinating, I have a very big problem regarding the ME @^@ flight. The distance to Cadiz Spain which is where the submarine would most likely have been waiting, but the distance from Berlin to Cadiz in a straight line is almost 1500 miles. The ME 262 was incapable of even a third of that distance at that time. It GULPED FUEL by the barrels. They were only able to stay in the air against the US bombers about 15 minutes when the 262 was first deployed. Perhaps extra fuel capacity could have been added but given the combined generated thrust of the engines it is doubtful that enough fuel could be put on board to get the aircraft all the way to Cadiz, simply because the weight of the required amount of fuel would not have allowed the 262 to become airborne, especially when carrying three people as well. During the early confrontations many of the 262s were shot out of the air by our P51 Mustangs. Our fighter pilots simply followed them down after they broke off, and shot them down as they attempted to land to refuel. Pretty slick! The primary reason why the P-51s could stay close to them is because only a few months prior most of the European theater P-51s were retrofitted with the new extra wide 4 bladed propellers. This along with steady improvements in the turbo chargers, and aspiration of the Merlin engines substantially raised the operating horsepower, and hence the airspeed of the Mustangs to over 550mph. This helped them considerably, but the 262 was capable of a little over 650 mph. So it is plain to see that even with the improvements the P51 pilots still had a tough row to hoe in dogfighting them. So our pilots noticed very quickly that the jets could NOT stay in the air very long, so they watched them and followed them, and when the pilots of the 262s reduced their airspeed to land, our P-51 pilots jumped them and shot them out of the air. Before the end of the war in Europe over 20 of them had been destroyed by our fighters. BTW the Tuskeegee air force was responsible for several of the 262 kills.

  9. there is no such thing as an ME @^@. but there is such a thing as stickey keys on my keyboard. har har Sorry about that!

    ………..a COMEDY writer who appeared this morning on Fox and friends attempted to verbally put the TRUMP storm into context, but failed miserably. There is only one person in history who we can compare Trump with. This is TEDDY ROOSEVELT……..who possessed a similar demeanor with that of Trump. Teddy was a BRASH UN-APOLOGETIC person very much like Trump. Roosevelt believed in himself, and was largely a self made man just as is Trump. I happen to agree with the plain of thought that we do NOT HAVE TO APOLOGISE to anyone for THINKING,AND DOING FOR OURSELVES. Such a demand comes from only those who THINK THAT THEY ARE “SOOOOO SUPERRRRIOR” TO ALL OTHERS. Some folks call these people LIBERALS,…..I call them SICK,TWISTED POS. Their mindset is rooted in seriously flawed ,AND/OR NON EXISTENT PERSONALITIES. IN REALITY their overall behavior is more comparable to TEMPER TANTRUM THROWING tiny children. Such people in leadership positions only degrade the value of the entities they try to lead………case in point Baltimore MD, Detroit MI, New York City,etc.
    Contrary to popular belief, self made men have led America to the greatness it once had………such names as Thomas Edison, Henry Kaiser, the Wright brothers, and I could go on and on. The one trait they all shared……they were SELF MADE MEN! Now once again such a GIANT has emerged, and he has his own set of rules. If people don’t like it they don’t have to vote for him!

  11. oldsailor83
    Thanks for your reply. Here is one more from Pravda News
    Check links, interesting?
    Hitler’s daughter dies in Moscow

    16.11.2015 | Source: Pravda.Ru

    – See more at:

  12. oldsoldier80


  13. bob strauss

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  15. Hi All,

    Pleases take a gander at this video:

    Cubanadian Cruz is not an American citizen at all, never mind natural born! The dumbing down of the American people is nearly complete.

  16. bob strauss

    SueK | March 6, 2016 at 4:51 pm |


    Hi SueK,

    I think this is why Trump calls him “Lying Ted”.

    That’s what I see when I look at him, and when I listen to Alums at Harvard lying to justify his NBC status, it’s just sickening. The same alums lied for our current usurper too. Those bastards need to be exposed as traitors!

  17. bob strauss and Suek
    So where are all of the brave Repubs?

  18. Hi Bob,

    Trump has had convos with Sheriff Joe, who, as we know, has been investigating Obama’s ‘eligibility’ along with Mike Zullo. I’m thinking that Trump knows some of what Mike and Sheriff Joe know.

    They lie; they all lie, and they seem to do it so easily; that’s the part that troubles me. Cankles Clinton is the queen of her kind when it comes to effortless lying.

    This is exactly why we do NOT need another politician in the White House; they’re all cut from the same cloth. Cruz knows he’s ineligible, and so does Rubio (add Jindal and Haley to that mix, too) but they figured that Obama got away with it, so they can, too.

    What a sorry state of affairs…

    Just hoping that Trump goes ‘Full Birther’ on the Cubanadian and that people *listen* for a change.

  19. Hi Trudy,

    The ‘brave Republicans,’ IMO, do not exist. The entire party (what’s left of it) have been protecting Obama for the last 7 years and to hold Cruz’ feet to the fire would only expose them as covering up for old Barky, which we all know they have. They did nothing then; they will do nothing now. They had a terrific chance to get the scum out in 2012 but even with majorities in Congress, they went along with the usurper and gave him virtually everything he wanted. And these people represent us? I don’t think so.

    This is why I said previously that Washington needs a complete enema; purge them all, and start fresh. The contamination in that town can only be dealt with by sweeping them all out. If that’s not done, I’m afraid *we’re* done; there’s nothing left to salvage.

  20. Trudy………
    ………..our alleged society, and politicians NO LONGER GIVE A DAMN about much of anything except lining their pockets at our expense. The future for our country looks pretty dismal………especially if Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.IMPORTANT becomes our DEFAULT POTUS. I have serious doubts if anyone will ever get off their rear ends, and do what is necessary to rescue America. They would rather live a life of FREEBY SQUALOR……..All many Americans care about is HANGING OUT,their BEER, their FOOTBALL,their DRUGS, their PORN, and miscellaneous sexual vices. When society recovers from all of that THEN a few might try to resurrect America……….but alas it will then be far too late……….our country will have returned to the dark ages. It seems as though many of our young people think that would be really C-O-O-L.

  21. ……AND…….
    ……….every city in America will eventually look like Baltimore, Ferguson, Detroit, Chicago, LA……….all of which now have corrupt governments, and as a result these cities are now DYING……..In a few more years I personally believe that huge areas of each city will be covered with weeds, second growth, deteriorating buildings. Trash, garbage, and human waste will litter the streets and sidewalks. Junk automobiles will be in various stages of dismantling, and scattered as far as the eye can see. People will be living under bridges,in tents, or in junk cars………..and all will be happily puffing their JOINTS, snorting their COKE, robbing, raping, and murdering. The average vocabulary will be three words……..F— YO MAMA!

  22. ………and ………
    ……….there is also a strong probability that every city will be hearing the INSANE call to Muslim prayer 5 times every day……….but everybody who is still alive MAY have changed their minds as to how C-O-O-L IT IS TO LIVE SUCH A LIFE , but without a doubt THEY will still be PUFFING their JOINTS, guzzling HOME BREW, doing their porn, hanging out, and taking a bath in the river, once each summer whether they need one or not………..and most importantly receiving their monthly FOOD STAMPS…..for FREE……..that is UNTIL A RAVING ,SCREAMING, FOAMING AT THE MOUTH STINKING A$$ED GOATHERDER PULLS OUT AN AK 47 AND STARTS MOWING THEM DOWN.

  23. AND NOW……..
    …………..the corrupted, and criminalized American judges are protecting aliens who want to become POTUS. The criminal cartel in DC is reaping billions from foreign banks and money people to place their BASTARDS into our government. This makes all of us vulnerable to the world’s BASTARDS who want to destroy our civilization, and way of life. It is the SLIMEY politicians who have taken control of America who are reaping billions from the foreign criminals…….which includes the Islamic jihadists. Our so called leader is one of the foreign BASTARDS………….and a helluva lot of our young people think he is really “C-O-O-L” (IN THEIR OWN CHILDISH LANGUAGE). In addition the same youngsters also think Socialism should be America’s system of government. They openly advocate such a form of government, which is why they supported Soetoro, and are supporting Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Clinton, and Bernie Sanders. The minds of our young people have been subverted, to believe that UP is DOWN, by our public school systems. We have lost at least three generations of young people to the subversive LIBERAL mindset which is Socialism. This is also BIG GOVERNMENT, and many within America think that it will be their UTOPIA, wherein they will live for free at the expense of the rest of us. They are working hard to achieve such a form of government which in the end will CONSUME THEM.

  24. oldsailor 83 and SueK
    I agree with you 100%.

  25. Whistleblower

    United Airlines’ asbestos cover-up: Seyfarth Shaw attorneys caught lying to the court!

  26. oldsoldier80

    Could you please explain why your social security number is different from any other citizen of the united States Mr. Ted Cruz……..could it be because it is a Canadian social secuirity number ?

  27. Whistleblower……..
    …….what else would you expect in Illinois? The two attorneys obviously thought that everybody in the courtroom were total numbskulls………now the two will most likely soon be facing the DISCIPLINARY COMMISSION, and the possible outcome is the revocation of their licenses to practice law in Illinois.

  28. AND NOW………
    ………GOP has declared WAR upon Trump. They are planning to attack him in Illinois, and Florida, and have 10million to spend to accomplish the mission. THEY WILL FAIL, and fail miserably. When you try to go against the will of the PEOPLE, you are in effect SHOVELING MANURE AGAINST THE TIDE! The outcome will be a destroyed Republican party. I think at that point Trump will take his allegiance to the THIRD PARTY. If either Cruz or Rubio are nominated NEITHER WILL SURVIVE AGAINST Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.IMPORTANT. All she needs to do is file an eligibility lawsuit against the candidate, and I will bet that SHE WILL HAVE STANDING, and the court will deem the candidate INELIGIBLE. ………….at which point the insurrection will begin and one judge after another will probably become decorations on live oak trees.

  29. Whistleblower


    You would think so. But this Illinois, they’ll probably be made Judge’s

  30. oldsoldier80

    United States Social Security numbers look like this: 000-00-0000

    Why does Ted Cruz’s Social Security number look like this: 0-0000000-0

    Anyone out there have any ideas on this mystery ?…Could it be another Kenyan SSN ?……creeping into our society…..

  31. AND……..
    ……….the SCOTUS is now a KANGAROO COURT. The only words in their vocabularies is “YES Mr Soetoro”.

  32. Whistleblower……
    ………given all the examples we have seen of Illinois JUDGES over the last few years I would venture to guess that you might be right……… the same time I can’t help wonder at what point will the entire ILLINOIS CRIME FAMILY FINALLY SELF DESTRUCT. It is already on shaky ground with Lisa Madigan as AG.

  33. AND………….
    ………..Springfield is also a bowl of jello on a very shaky table! Slowly but surely the Daly shrouds on Illinois are disintegrating as a rival gang is trying to take over. I believe the final shootout is not far off. The Chicago BATH HOUSE CROWD might PREVAIL…..depending of course how thoroughly they done their homework. Of course they are ALWAYS waiting at the BACK DOOR!

  34. oldsoldier80

    Look close at Ted Cruz’s Draft Registration submitted fro Houston in 1990….there is a DUNS number on the form……99900400000

    A DUNS number is issued by the US federal government for people who want to do business with the federal government……

    Ted Cruz was in school at Princeton (Obama’s old school) and graduated in 1992…. he then graduated from Harvard (another Obama school in 1995)……… why would he have a DUNS number as a student ?

    Something is beginning to smell here !!!!

  35. oldsoldier80

    Exactly what kind of business would he be running for the Federal government out of a dorm room at Princeton ?….Perhaps selling CHOOM…ask our current president what that is……

  36. oldsoldier80……..
    ……….it is a waste of time trying to convince people about the truth. Nobody wants to hear the truth. Everybody lives in their own little FANTASY WORLD, where UP is DOWN, and nothing will change their mentality……….except perhaps WHEN RAVING STINKING A$$ED GOATHERDER SCREAMING ALLAH AKBAR, STARTS MOWING THEM DOWN WITH HIS AK47.

  37. oldsoldier80………
    ………..I think you might have made a small mistake sir, Soetoro NEVER attended Princeton, but the MOOCH did. Soetoro allegedly attended Columbia (but nobody can remember him).

  38. oldsoldier80


    reference your last…you are correct my friend…thanks…all those Ivy League schools are pretty much the same…a hotbed of liberals….

  39. oldsoldier80


  40. bob strauss

    Obama’s “Silence” Speaks Volumes…

    In eight years I have written approx.forty letters denouncing Barack Obama’s illegitimate takeover of the Office of President of the United States. Copies of each letter were sent to most everyone mentioned within the letters and to all on my e-mail list. Initially,I expected to find Obama eligible,but, to my surprise, from day one evidence surfaced showing he used deception,lying,limited fraudulent documents, even silence to hide his ineligibility from the eyes of America.By his efforts he displayed his true colors, which, to no surprise, did not include red, white, or blue! In previous letters, I mentioned how Obama claimed to have been born in Kapiolani Medical Center, in Hawaii, yet,not one hospital, including Kapiolani will, to this day, confirm his claim. Even Hawaiian Governor Neil Abercrombie, who personally went to that hospital to obtain proof of Obama’s birth, returned empty-handed and he publically admitted that his trip was fruitless. Please reflect on the above two sentences for the words were not born of Republicans nor Racists. They were pure and simple statements of fact. If anyone other than Obama had attempted to justify a personal eligibility without valid evidence to confirm their eligibility they would have been laughed out of every courtroom. Obama, however, had the last laugh, for he still had “lying” and “cheating” in his bag of betrayal and he used them well.

    Obama’s “Silence” Speaks Volumes

    The following example will illustrate how truly the above paragraph heading identifies one of the most subtle means of defense Obama employs when his ineligibility is challenged. It’s called “Silence”. By ignoring questioners he keeps his deception secret, thereby forcing citizens to suffer for simply seeking the truth.

    Consider Army Lt.Colonel Terrence Lakin, who had given 18 years of faithful service to our Country as a medical doctor and was a leading flight surgeon and a Bronze Star recipient. As he began to hear of Obama’s possible ineligibility he went through military channels and got nowhere. He then wrote directly to Obama, who ignored his letter. After writing a follow-up letter to Obama it, too, was ignored. Having already served one tour in Afghanistan, Col.Lakin simply wanted the growing nationwide doubts of Obama’s eligibility put to rest before going on a second Afghanistan tour of duty under a possible ineligible Commander-in Chief.

    Think about this-General Benedict Arnold, the American Commander-in-Chief of American forces at West Point,NY during the Revolutionary War, attempted to surrender the Fort to the British. An outright act of treason! If not for a few American militiamen who stopped a disguised British spy, Major John Andre,at a checkpoint and found a map of West Point fortifications from General Arnold and a copy of George Washington’s war council minutes of Sept.6,1780, General Arnold’s treachery might not have been detected and our Country’s future radically changed. Colonel Lakins concern for Obama’s legitimacy was a modern day equivalent of the West Point militia’s concern for our Nation.

    For almost three years Barack Obama used an ineligible,fraudulent document (Certification of Live Birth) to answer eligibility challengers, though, as a former Constitutional teacher, he knew his document was unacceptable for use by anyone seeking the Presidency. A long-form Certificate of Live Birth,for example, would have been acceptable but he knew he didn’t possess one, hence he simply ignored Col. Lakin’s letters. For defending our Constitution the Colonel was rewarded with a court-martial conviction and imprisonment in Federal prison. Why-because, at his trial,the Court admonished his attorney not to introduce any records which might “embarrass the President”. Embarrass the President! Yes, those were the Court’s own words. Unbelievable! Records, or lack of same, which would have exposed Obama’s treason, would have been more than “embarrassing”. They would have caused Obama’s downfall, and more. Justice had its hands tied so that injustice would prevail. Does anyone still doubt that the wrong man was sent to prison?

    Did Colonel Lakin’s rank and years of faithful service to our Country automatically entitle him to expect a direct response to his letters? No, but common courtesy and appreciation for being a faithful defender of our Country should have elicited a response from someone but Obama knew that breaking his silence with the truth would have unearthed his deception. He, therefore, had to choose between his career and the Colonel’s. To Obama, this was a no-brainer. To save his career by silence he sacrificed the Colonel’s, thereby choosing treason over truth.

    A year ago, I listened to a man tell a group that since Obama only had one year left in Office we should no longer pursue the eligibility issue. After all, he said, what more damage could he do? My response-think of the Supreme Court destruction taking place right now and the illegal importation issue just to mention a few disasters. Unlike today’s Senate and House of Representatives inaction, George Washington, after being informed of General Arnold’s treason did not say “let’s wait until his term as Commander of the Fort ends before we take action.” No, he immediately had Arnold declared guilty of treason and ordered his arrest. Unfortunately, General Arnold had fled West Point and boarded a British ship to England and then fought for the British until War’s end.

    Our Nation is in turmoil and its self-proclaimed leader, Barack Obama, continues using ineligible and/or fraudulent documents(or none at all) to keep his illegal hold over our Country and its Military!

    More to follow-It only get’s worse
    bcc:Our Supreme Court
    bcc:all recipients of my e-mails, who are free to pass them on to any and all, with my permission.

  41. oldsoldier80

    c o n g r e s s…….A DEN OF THIEVES !

  42. bob strauss

    White House is in lock down! Per Niel Cavuto.

    I hope it is while they are arresting the usurper!!!!!!!!

  43. Scroll down and read the letter that high school friend wrote about Mr. Trump. This friend is now an attorney and highly praises Mr. Trumps character.

  44. Ginger,

    Great article about Mr. Trump; thanks for posting!

  45. AND NOW…………
    …………a bunch of foreign a##holes are complaining about Trump’s DEMEANOR har har I am sure that he really doesn’t much give a damn what they don’t like. If I was in Trump’s shoes I would invite all of them to take a long walk on a short pier, or take a one way trip to He**. THEY DO NOT RUN AMERICA!

  46. bob strauss

    More idiots talking about things they know nothing about.


    BREAKING: New York Judge Dismisses ANOTHER Birther Suit Against Ted Cruz

    By: Caleb Howe (Diary) | March 7th, 2016 at 04:50 PM

    New York State Supreme Court Justice David A. Weinstein has dismissed a lawsuit brought by Barry Korman and William Gallo to prevent Ted Cruz from running for President based on their crazy birther conspiracy, CNN reports.

    As a result of the dismissal, Cruz’s name will (obviously and correctly) remain on the ballot in New York’s primary.

    Just in the last week, a Florida judge dismissed a case against both Senator Cruz and Senator Rubio. Another case was dismissed in Illinois.

    These and other such cases are being brought because of Donald Trump’s scurrilous instigation. When a rival starts to actually hurt Trump, he just accuses them of not being American. Then his minions file frivolous lawsuits.

    So far no one that matters is falling for this routine.

  47. Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will file suit because they will have standing and nobody else does unless Bernie beats Hillary.

  48. citizenwells

    Actually voters & citizens in some states have standing per the written law vs applied law.

  49. I did not know that, I just hope somebody stops Cruz. He knows he is not eligible to run. He and Rubio say they love this country, if they did they would not be running.

  50. citizenwells

    They both should have requested a ruling from the courts/FEC.

  51. CW……..
    ……….If a US Citizen has the legal right to vote, he/she by virtue of the same right has legal standing in any court in America. It is by virtue of the now politicized US courts that the ALLEGED “STANDING” double talk has emerged as a tool with which to defeat those who try to bring civil action against a candidate for office. In reality there is NO SUCH DISQUALIFYING FACTOR in our laws. This is ALL a product of the OVEREDUCATED WORDSMITHS who TWIST our laws to fit whatever they want. Perhaps some day this will all come to a screeching halt when somebody finds a few of the crooked judges dangling from live oak trees. The American people are becoming fed up with the POLITICAL BULLSHI# that is being rammed at them. It goes without saying that sooner or later there will be a MASSIVE uprising involving MILLIONS of people simultaneously, and the results of that uprising will probably not be PRETTY, and there are not enough prisons to hold all of them. So I would expect that at some point armed insurgency will ensue in America. It is only a matter of when. When 20,000,000 well armed, and highly angered people come over the hill EN MASSE, at some point they will overrun their objective…… which point the fighting will be over, and the prosecutions will begin. Nor will it matter what level of government the person being prosecuted served, if they are found to be guilty in a court of law they will be sentenced, and subsequently imprisoned, or put to death. Judging by what I see from observation, and what I learn as a result I would expect such trials to be at least the same level as the post WW2 trials of Nazi war criminals at the Hague. The criminalization of a freely elected government of the people, is a crime deservant of the most SEVERE PUNISHMENT! I believe that it will happen!

  52. ………..and should such an uprising ever begin it probably will not be stopped by any threats made by politicians……nor will any attempt to impose martial law upon a free society be successful. The uprising will probably be led by FIRED high ranking US MILITARY OFFICERS………BUT IF THE VOTERS OF AMERICA COME TO THEIR SENSES SOON ENOUGH THEY CAN CHOOSE A POTUS WHO WILL MAKE OUR COUNTRY GREAT AGAIN, AND IF HE DOES ALL THAT HE SAYS HE WILL DO PEACEFULLY, THEN ANY SORT OF INSURGENCY BECOMES UNNECESSARY.
    One only needs to read our Declaration of Independence to realise that living as a free people is NOT WITHOUT COST. In our society every man woman and child has a duty to his/her country, to come to the aid of their country whenever it is threatened , attacked or it’s government has become tyrranous. This is part of being a CITIZEN. Now people are being imprisoned WITHOUT DUE PROCESS JUST FOR EXPRESSING THEIR RIGHTS, as guaranteed by the Constitution. At some point such twisted application of law WILL BE MADE RIGHT AGAIN. We have UNALIENABLE rights guaranteed in the Bill of Rights, in our Constitution. When anyone attempts to deprive us of those rights we have the right to fight such an act.

  53. CW…..
    …..the fact remains that neither Cruz or Rubio sought such a ruling at the outset. This does not put either of them in a favorable light. Instead it breeds DOUBT.

  54. oldsoldier80

    Well said Oldsalt….well said…..

  55. Trump is not perfect. He is our answer to the tyrannt Soetoro, the cabal in Congress and traitorous justices. Naturally, criticisms of Trump’s policies or past do not resonate with core supporters. We want our Country back from these criminals who have kidnapped it. We can forgive Trump for any alleged crime no greater than those committed by Soetoro, Boehner, Bush and Clinton.

  56. oldsoldier80

    Also well said Bill G….well said.

  57. Well both Cruz and Rubio know that no body In Washington is going to do ,or say anything, because nobody has said anything about BO.

  58. bob strauss

    NBC is not a political argument, it is an eligibility requirement for a Citizen to become president.

    The Bull$hit needs to end!

  59. Trudy………
    ………..which is called “PRECEDENT”. But when Americans have had ENOUGH…….precedent will have NO VALUE WHATSOEVER! Only a GARROTE, or a BULLET will carry the only authority. This is how the law was dispensed over the last century and throughout the West as well. So if we must return to practices of YESTERYEAR to establish law and order once again………….so be it!

  60. bob strauss

    Cell phone video from former refuge occupier Shawna Cox shows another side of the shooting death of LaVoy Finicum.

  61. I am currently re-reading Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals (1971) and am amazed at the alignment between his rules and the Trump movement. One key observation is that an effective radical must have a strong ego; but Alinsky warns this does not mean the person is a egotist, who is compensating for lack of self esteem. Trump is falsely accused of being an egotist, but he has a strong ego, essential to leadership. Will share more later.

  62. BillG………..
    ……….you can call it whatever you wish, and your name for it is probably as good as anyone else’s name for what drives SELF MADE MEN. In US history there has been a number of such people, the majority of whom contributed heavily to the improvement of our civilization. Perhaps up to a point such people might be egotists. I choose to call it self pride. Such people grow up doing and thinking for themselves, and when they mature they have an abundance of life’s experiences which they use to make achievements far beyond those of others. I often compare Donald Trump to Teddy Roosevelt. Trump is a person who lives in REALITY, and calls a SPADE exactly what it is…..a SPADE! At some point I would even expect Trump to lead a charge up a HILL SOMEWHERE, in America. Other self made men in America includes Thomas Alva Edison, the Wright brothers, and hundreds of other such people who became the underpinning of America, and helped to make America great!

  63. bob strauss

    Yet Another Hottest Year on Record?

    “President Eisenhower, in his farewell address, put his finger on part of the problem. When science is funded by the government, it becomes less scientific and more political.”

  64. AND NOW……..
    ……..Trump takes three more states!……..and it looks as though the people of Michigan want some more of the same………there is NO DIFFERENCE between BERNIE SANDERS and Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.Clinton. Either way if Michigan decides to go with either of the TWISTED WORDSMITHS, you will soon thereafter witness the transformation of the entire state of Michigan into a WASTELAND similar to Detroit. The state has already lost nearly 50% of it’s skilled workforce…………which is being replaced by a fast growing Muslim community who are largely without any skills whatsoever, and already control the Dearborn area. Sterling heights is now under attack by the Muslims. Soon Detroit will be the MECCA of America.

  65. ………with respect to the growing community of GOATHERDERS in DEARBORN, I am thankful that the wind direction across Northern Indiana predominates most of the year out of the Southwest. The stinking a$$es of the goat herders will be smelled across the Northeastern states, and not in Northern Indiana.har har

  66. oldsoldier80

    BREAKING: CLINTON FOUNDATION Receives SUBPOENA … IT’S HAPPENING!! Liberal Elder February 11, 2016

    Investigators from the State Department subpoenaed the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation! They are seeking documents about the charity’s projects…

    “The subpoena also asked for records related to Huma Abedin, a longtime Clinton aide who for six months in 2012 was employed simultaneously by the State Department, the foundation, Clinton’s personal office, and a private consulting firm with ties to the Clintons.

    The full scope and status of the inquiry, conducted by the State Department’s inspector general, were not clear from the material correspondence reviewed by The Washington Post.

    For months, Clinton has wrangled with controversy over her use of a private email server, which has sparked a separate investigation by the same State Department inspector general’s office. There is also an FBI investigation into whether her system compromised national security.

    Clinton was asked about the FBI investigation at a debate last week and said she was “100 percent confident” nothing would come of it. Last month, Clinton denied a Fox News report that the FBI had expanded its probe to include ties between the foundation and the State Department. She called that report “an unsourced, irresponsible” claim with “no basis.”

    Does anyone, other than me, out there in cyber land think this is a move to protect Obey? after all, maybe some of those top secret emails were between Obey and Hill….don’t you think?

  67. bob strauss

    Via The Wall Street Journal:

    The Republican National Committee on Wednesday filed two lawsuits seeking access to Hillary Clinton’s records, potentially opening a new chapter in the ongoing legal saga over her decision to use a personal email server while secretary of state.

    The first lawsuit seeks access to all text and BlackBerry messages sent and received by Mrs. Clinton during her time at the State Department. Republicans also are seeking all emails sent and received by several top aides to Mrs. Clinton, including her former Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills, top policy staffer Jake Sullivan, and technology consultant Bryan Pagliano.

    A second case asks for any communications between State Department officials and Mrs. Clinton’s presidential campaign after she left office in 2013. Mrs. Clinton is the leading Democratic candidate for president.

  68. bob strauss

    oldsoldier80 | March 9, 2016 at 4:19 pm |

    “Does anyone, other than me, out there in cyber land think this is a move to protect Obey? after all, maybe some of those top secret emails were between Obey and Hill….don’t you think?”


    This is as phony as their internal investigation of the IRS, designed to cover for the usurper’s regime.

  69. oldsoldier80


    that was my thoughts too….glad to see someone beside me thinks everything our government NOW does it to protect Obey’s ass until he can get to Duebi…..or wherever that PALACE iust that he just bought .

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