Obamacare nightmare unaffordable, Higher premiums and deductibles, Job losses part time jobs, School closes, MIT economist Jonathan Gruber lack of transparency and stupidity of American voter allowed Obamacare to be passed

Obamacare nightmare unaffordable, Higher premiums and deductibles, Job losses part time jobs, School closes, MIT economist Jonathan Gruber lack of transparency and stupidity of American voter allowed Obamacare to be passed

“If you’ve got health insurance we’re going to work with you to lower your premiums by $2,500 per family per year.”…Barack Obama

“Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico has requested rate increases averaging 51 percent for its 33,000 members. The proposal elicited tart online comments from consumers.”

““Our enrollees generated 24 percent more claims than we thought they would when we set our 2014 rates,” said Nathan T. Johns, the chief financial officer of Arches Health Plan, which covers about one-fourth of the people who bought insurance through the federal exchange in Utah. As a result, the company said, it collected premiums of $39.7 million and had claims of $56.3 million in 2014. It has requested rate increases averaging 45 percent for 2016.”…NY Times July 3, 2015

“Nearly half of U.S. companies are reluctant to hire full-time employees because of the ACA. One in five firms indicates they are likely to hire fewer employees, and another one in 10 may lay off current employees in response to the law.

Other firms will shift toward part-time workers. More than 40 percent of CFOs say their companies will consider switching some jobs to less than 30 hours per week or targeting part-time workers for future employment.”…Duke University Fuqua School of Business December 11, 2013

“We are being lied to on a scale unimaginable by George Orwell.”…Citizen Wells




Obamacare sticker shock.

Well there should have been.

First clues?

The biggest liar ever to occupy the White House was pushing it and the IRS is involved.

For 2016 there will be a penalty up to $ 695 per uninsured household member.

But that may be the good news.

In June of 2015 MIT economist Jonathan Gruber, a paid Obama consultant, explained out Obamacare was passed.

“lack of transparency”
“the stupidity of the American voter”

Obamacare reality shock.

Citizen Wells has been reporting about the rising premiums and impact on jobs from Obama care.

From Citizen Wells August 8, 2015.

“Blue Cross now seeking 34.6% rate hike in NC for ACA plans

Insurer is scrapping June request for 25.7% increase

Blames Affordable Care Act for driving up costs”


From Citizen Wells March 10, 2015.

“‘Over the last six months, of the net job creation, 97 percent of that is part-time work,’ said Keith Hall, a senior researcher at George Mason University’s Mercatus Center. ‘That is really remarkable.’”Hall is no ordinary academic. He ran the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the agency that puts out the monthly jobs report, from 2008 to 2012. Over the past six months, he said, the Household Survey shows 963,000 more people reporting that they were employed, and 936,000 of them reported they’re in part-time jobs.” ‘That is a really high number for a six-month period,’ Hall said. ‘I’m not sure that has ever happened over six months before.’ “”
“How, then, to explain what’s happened since January? Back to the McClatchy article and Hall, the former BLS chief:

“Hall speculated that the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, shorthanded as Obamacare, might be resulting in employers shifting workers to part-time status to avoid coming health care obligations.”


From Zero Hedge October 26, 2015.

“What was supposed to be affordable remains painfully unaffordable for the lowest rung of the employment pyramid.

Here is the actual math as experienced by both the abovementioned Mr. Sewell of Golden Corral restaurants, and his mostly minimum-wage employees.

He employs 1,800 people at the 26 Golden Corral franchises he owns in six Southern and Midwestern states, and previously offered insurance only to his salaried management staff. In January, when the employer mandate took effect, he made the same insurance plan, with a bigger employer contribution, available to all employees working an average of 30 or more hours a week.

Running the math on his plan — a typical one for the restaurant industry — illustrates why a number of low-wage workers are falling through gaps in the Affordable Care Act.

The annual premium for individual coverage through the Golden Corral Blue Cross Blue Shield plan is $4,800. Mr. Sewell pays 65 percent for service workers, leaving them with a monthly cost of $140.

The health care law defines affordable employer-sponsored insurance as that priced at 9.5 percent or less of an employee’s annual household income for individual coverage. (Because employers do not know how much money their workers’ relatives make, there are several “safe harbors” they can use for compliance, including basing their calculation on only their own employees’ wages.) Mr. Sewell’s insurance meets the test, but $65 per biweekly paycheck is more than most of his workers are willing — or able — to pay for insurance that still carries steep out-of-pocket costs, including a $2,500 deductible.

And this is where Obamacare’s employee mandate fails for a vast majority of US workers.”

Read more:


From the Times Free Press October 14, 2015.

“Tennessee county closes schools, cites Obamacare as reason

Classes in a small, financially struggling school district in northern Tennessee have been canceled until officials can find a way to generate more revenue.

Clay County Director of Schools Jerry Strong said the school board made the decision Thursday night after struggling with budget concerns for three years. He said the district doesn’t have enough money to pay for partially unfunded government mandates.

“Clay County’s inability to generate the revenue to offset the mandates is what’s caused this to come to a head,” he said. “The straw that broke the camel’s back was really the Affordable Care Act for us and it has made it very difficult for us to have our employees properly covered and meet the mandates of the law.”

Read more:


From the Washington Post July 3, 2014.

“We are seeing more part-time jobs because employers can’t afford to pay the Obamacare premiums for employees who work more than 30 hours a week. How many Americans will leave the workforce for good? How much lower will the labor force participation rate drop? In other words, how much more dependency will the Obama presidency create?”

Read more:


From Zero Hedge June 26, 2015.

“America’s Obamacare Nightmare Is Just Beginning”

“So, the debate will intensify over the primary issue: costs. In every state, the fundamental components of state health-care costs—the demographics, the underlying costs of care delivery and the competitiveness of the markets—are juiced up by expensive federal benefit mandates and individual and group insurance rules and regulations. These all drive costs skyward. As my Heritage colleagues have demonstrated, this regulatory regime forces young people to pay up to 44 percent more in premiums. Washington’s subsidies simply try to hide the true costs of the law; they don’t control them.

The law remains unworkable. The complicated insurance subsidy program itself has been a mess. H&R Block reported that about two thirds of subsidy recipients had to repay money back to the government because they got bigger than allowable subsidies. With the individual mandate, the administration has been granting lots of exemptions to insulate most of the uninsured from any penalty. That’s rather predictable; after all, even candidate Barack Obama argued that an individual mandate was unfair and unenforceable.

As for the employer mandate—another fractured cornerstone of Obamacare—the administration has delayed it for one year. Even liberal supporters now want to repeal it, fearing damage to the labor markets.

And what about those big “savings” from the Medicare payment reductions? They were earmarked to help cover the costs of the insurance subsidies. Yet the Medicare Actuary and the CBO have both routinely dismissed the massive Medicare payment cuts as either unrealistic or unsustainable.”

Read more:


If I were the new president, the first thing I would do is immediately disconnect the IRS from our healthcare system and then begin methodically to dismantle Obamacare concurrently with providing basic healthcare services for lower income Americans.

Of course not requiring employers to provide health care combined with a real job creating environment would go a long way to fixing our jobs and economy crisis.






26 responses to “Obamacare nightmare unaffordable, Higher premiums and deductibles, Job losses part time jobs, School closes, MIT economist Jonathan Gruber lack of transparency and stupidity of American voter allowed Obamacare to be passed

  1. “The cost of health insurance will climb from a range of $61 to $77 monthly to a range of $118 to $133 monthly, according to a memo sent from UNC President Tom Ross to the UNC Board of Governors. On an annual basis, most students will pay about $500 to $700 more in 2012-13, depending on the campus.”

    “Mallette said the insurance increases are due to the health care usage of UNC system students during the past couple of years, plus federal regulations on preventive care and pharmacy services issued in March. The process is complicated, he said, by the new provisions of the Affordable Care Act.”…Charlotte Observer May 1, 2012

    “Rising medical costs, “combined with the costs associated with the Affordable Care Act, have made it increasingly difficult to continue providing the same level of health care benefits to our employees at an affordable cost,””…UPS memo

    “Can we stop calling ObamaCare the Affordable Care Act now?”…Guilford College student

  2. Obamacare premiums soar as much as 78% to help cover ‘essential health benefits’


  3. House passes reconciliation bill to dismantle Obamacare
    October 24, 2015

    Read more: http://www.bizpacreview.com/2015/10/24/house-passes-reconciliation-bill-to-dismantle-obamacare-267326#ixzz3pmZvZJD9

  4. “Why Are Half Of All 25-Year-Olds Living With Their Parents? The Federal Reserve Answers”


  5. Jonah……..
    ………..According to a local insurance agent the probable increases could end up being more like 90 – 100% for certain groups of people.

  6. Here’s an old saying that goes like this…”You get exactly what you pay for”…..well that saying goes for almost everything…including president’s.

    Well the American people were asleep at the wheel and the idiot and dumb put a piece of garbage into the White House thinking he was going to be the Savior they had been looking for….well he was the Savior that Nancy Pelosi, and all the other ultra liberal as*holes had been looking for…

    With a democrat controlled Senate and a democrat controlled House and the “blooming” idiot who had only knowledge on how to be a ‘street organizer’, they ramrodded everything they desired through Congress and it became law…..they were in a radical paradise. They sang the praise that everyone would get free healthcare, or at the most “affordable health care”

    Now three years later, the public has neither “affordable health care” and most cannot afford “any health care”……and on top of all this….the IRS is playing ‘bag-man’ and getting into their pockets with an illegal tax when they can’t afford, or do not want the “medical scam” which is being pushed by Obama…….

    Well this post is dedicated to all those ‘village idiots’ who bought into Obama’s “pie-in-the-sky crap”…..you are now getting exactly what you paid for……nothing….and even that is costing you.

    There’s another saying that says…..”Garbage in- Garbage out”…..well the stupid uneducated voters who put that damn ‘garbage into the White House’ and are now only ‘getting is garbage out’………..well, you simply cannot fix Stupid, no matter how hard you may try!

    For some reason, I have no compassion for the corner the low-educated public has painted themselves into over this ‘Obamacare crap…now being referred to only as ‘affordable health care’….should I ?

    Just because you see a bunch of people racing headlong following the ‘Pier Piper” over a cliff, doesn’t mean I have to jump too. And Obama has been nothing to America but a talented ‘pied piper” and he played the tune most idiots wanted to hear….even though they knew his songs to be lies…..so all I can say is……”You got what you pay for…. so sit down and shut up”………

  7. oldsoldier79

    Well said….we put the wrong person in the White House.
    You get it, I get it, and most of the older generations get it.
    but do most of the younger generations get it, I think not!
    As a country our leadership stinks. Were headed in the wrong direction and this can’t continue much longer.
    What worries me are the children, what will they be left with?
    ONE BIG Friggen MESS and their won’t be anyone around to pick up the pieces.

  8. hapnhal,

    ………..and the odds are STACKED for the HOUSE. I am referring of course to Paul Ryan WHO WILL SOON BE THE NEW SPEAKER.. He is a BOEHNER PROTEGE, and there is little difference between them……..Soetoro will STILL GET EVERYTHING HE ASKS FOR. …….RYAN SUPPORTS SOETORO….TIME TO CLEAN HOUSE FOLKS!………NO OTHER OPTIONS!

  10. AND NOW……..
    ………..grade school teacher tells students to REJECT GOD, or FAIL their grade. Does that make you feel like PERSONALLY STRANGLING the TWISTED STINKING A$$ED MORON who said this to the students? It does for me! Such a SOB should have his/her head PHYSICALLY RE-ORIENTED.

  11. You can RAVE, and you can RANT, you can LIE, and you can TWIST WORDS,…….BUT FACT IS FACT………and the so called debates are TOTAL BULLSHI# from EVERY point of view.The POTUS OFFICE is little more than a FIGURE HEAD……..always has been, and always will be. Nothing has changed. The person, or persons calling the shots are our country’s ELITE. The leadership of America has become a BIG MONEY PUPPET SHOW. BIG MONEY= FOREIGN FISCAL ,AND POLITICAL CONTROL OF AMERICA………..TIME TO CLEAN HOUSE FOLKS! IF YOU THINK THAT IS BULLSHI# THEN JUST KEEP VOTING LIKE YOU HAVE BEEN, AND YOU WILL CONTINUE TO GET …….A HELLUVA LOT MORE BS!

  12. AND NOW………..

  13. AND NOW……….
    …….Rand Paul says he will filibuster the bipartisan finance bill. In effect he will be shoveling manure AGAINST THE TIDE!

  14. Muslims take over street in Los Angeles to pray !!

    If any other religious group in America pulled a stunt like this, we would never hear the end of it. But Muslims are a special class.If any other religious group in America pulled a stunt like this, we would never hear the end of it. But Muslims are a special class.

    And so in Los Angeles this week, a street was clogged and rendered impassible because a horde of Muslims decided to roll out a huge prayer rug, set up speakers to broadcast the Arabic drone, toss off their shoes, and block the street in order to pray (here). Of course prayer was just part of the agenda. The other part was to assert supremacy.

    And so in Los Angeles this week, a street was clogged and rendered impassible because a horde of Muslims decided to roll out a huge prayer rug, set up speakers to broadcast the Arabic drone, toss off their shoes, and block the street in order to pray (here). Of course prayer was just part of the agenda. The other part was to assert supremacy.


    Apparently this is happening in other countries ie Germany (Drudge)
    Want to stop them? Well I got a suggestion……
    Pork them.

    Pallet them with bacon pieces or better yet “PORK Rinds
    This should scatter them quickly.


  15. …………..I WOULD LOVE TO SEE………….Mzzzzzzzzzzzz. STINKY BOTTOM take on Trump in a DEBATE. looks as though she is going to be the LIBERAL candidate for the leadership of America. WE NEED A person to debate Clint WHO IS EPUIPPED WITH A level of MENTAL, and verbal AGILITY WHICH WILL PERMIT HIM/HER TO TURN CLINT’S BS, and BLATANT LIES around on her everytime she opens her mouth,and ram her shi# right back down her throat.

  16. hapnHal………..
    ………….the Muslims might THINK they are privileged in America, but when PUSH COMES TO SHOVE they might end up RUNNING, SCREAMING AS THEY LEAVE America EN MASSE with 200,000,000 ARMED, AND HIGHLY INCENSED AMERICANS ONLY A SHORT DISTANCE BEHIND THEM…….the only question is ….DOES AMERICA HAVE THE GONADS?…..I HAVE MY DOUBTS!

  17. hapnHal……….
    ………..hell will freeze over before I would waste good PORK on stinking a$$ed goat herders. I would use semi deteriorated PIG GUTS. Let them both SEE, AND SMELL the offering.



  20. Here is your obamacare!

    Muslims are not subject to obamacare.

    Jizya – The Religion of Peace
    Religion of Peace
    Muhammad very clearly established that people of other religions have to pay a poll tax to Muslims called the jizya as a reminder of their inferior status.

  21. ……….If Muslims want to bring everything they allegedly walked away from with them then there is ABSOLUTELY NO OTHER REASON for them to want to come to AMERICA other than to DESTROY it……….TOTALLY! Muhammad was just another Al Capone. If Muslims are NOT subject to ACA then hospital coverage should be denied them.

  22. …………the Muslim philosophy (if you choose to call it that) is SIMPLE it requires all of it’s practitioners to either DESTROY, or KILL……..ANYTHING, or ANYONE that comes into conflict with the teachings of their NUT CASE PHONEY PROPHET Muhammed………..anybody who wants to hear ……….
    “AHWA MAHA CAWA ZAMA MAMA WAWA NAWA” over a neighborhood loudspeaker five times a day has to be a SICK, TWISTED NUT CASE himself/or herself……..and further I think such a moronic, and/or TWISTED PRAYER CALL at dusk should be DISPATCHED from our neighborhoods as quickly as it arrives………..if for no other reason than to ILLUSTRATE how we as PROPERTY OWNERS feel about somebody trying to change what AMERICA is……..SUCH ISLAMIC AS*HOLES ARE JUST THAT……….THEY WILL HAPP[LY TRY TO RAM THEIR SHI# DOWN OUR THROATS, AND IF WE DON’T STOP THEM, WE WILL BE EATING ISLAMIC DIAHARREA FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES……….HOPE EVERYBODY LIKES THE FLAVOR!


  24. When God had made the earth and sky,
    The flowers and the trees,
    He made all the animals,
    The fish, the birds and bees.

    When at last He finished,
    Not one was quite the same.
    He said, “I’ll walk this world of mine
    And give each one a name”.

    He traveled far and wide,
    and everywhere He went,
    A little creature followed Him,
    Until it’s strength was spent.

    When all were named upon the earth,
    In the sky and in the sea,
    A little creature said, “Dear Lord,
    There’s not one left for me”.

    Kindly, the Father said to him,
    “I’ve left you to the end”.
    “I’ve turned my own name around
    And have called you Dog, my friend!”

  25. The most honest video I have ever watched…….

  26. Debate 3: Ted Cruz Changes the Game C. Edmund Wright Here is what the Republican base has been waiting for. More


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