Hillary Clinton State Department cybersecurity grew worse each year of her tenure, Among the worst agencies in the federal government at protecting its computer networks while Hillary Rodham Clinton was secretary from 2009 to 2013

Hillary Clinton State Department cybersecurity grew worse each year of her tenure, Among the worst agencies in the federal government at protecting its computer networks while Hillary Rodham Clinton was secretary from 2009 to 2013

“I watched her on countless occasions blatantly lie to the American people and knowingly lie.”…Linda Tripp

“By July 1993, the Clintons and their associates had established
a pattern of concealment with respect to the Clintons’ involvement
with Whitewater and the Madison S&L. Because of the complexity
of the allegations of misdeeds involving these institutions, documents
and files are critical to any inquiries into the matter. Yet,
at every important turn, crucial files and documents ‘‘disappeared’’
or were withheld from scrutiny whenever questions were raised.…Senate Whitewater report June 13, 1996

“We are being lied to on a scale unimaginable by George Orwell.”…Citizen Wells



From the AP October 19, 2015.

“AP Exclusive: Under Clinton, State’s cybersecurity suffered

The State Department was among the worst agencies in the federal government at protecting its computer networks while Hillary Rodham Clinton was secretary from 2009 to 2013, a situation that continued to deteriorate as John Kerry took office and Russian hackers breached the department’s email system, according to independent audits and interviews.

The State Department’s compliance with federal cybersecurity standards was below average when Clinton took over but grew worse in each year of her tenure, according to an annual report card compiled by the White House based on audits by agency watchdogs. Network security continued to slip after Kerry replaced Clinton in February 2013, and remains substandard, according to the State Department inspector general.

In each year from 2011 to 2014, the State Department’s poor cybersecurity was identified by the inspector general as a “significant deficiency” that put the department’s information at risk. The latest assessment is due to be published in a few weeks.”

“”We have a strong cybersecurity program, successfully defeating almost 100 percent of the 4 billion attempted intrusions we experience each year,” spokesman Mark Toner said.

Two successive inspectors general haven’t seen it that way. In December 2013, IG Steve Linick issued a “management alert” warning top State Department officials that their repeated failure to correct cybersecurity holes was putting the department’s data at risk.

Based on audits by Linick and his predecessor, Harold Geisel, State scored a 42 out of 100 on the federal government’s latest cybersecurity report card, earning far lower marks than the Office of Personnel Management, which suffered a devastating breach last year. State’s scores bested only the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Housing and Urban Development. State Department officials complain the grades are subjective.

In late 2014, cyber intruders linked to Russia were able to break into the State Department’s email system, infecting it so thoroughly that it had to be cut off from the Internet in March while experts worked to eliminate the infestation.”

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17 responses to “Hillary Clinton State Department cybersecurity grew worse each year of her tenure, Among the worst agencies in the federal government at protecting its computer networks while Hillary Rodham Clinton was secretary from 2009 to 2013

  1. “Three months after Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email address and server while secretary of state was referred to the FBI, an intelligence source familiar with the investigation tells Fox News that the team is now focused on whether there were violations of an Espionage Act subsection pertaining to “gross negligence” in the safekeeping of national defense information.

    Under 18 USC 793 subsection F, the information does not have to be classified to count as a violation. The intelligence source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity citing the sensitivity of the ongoing probe, said the subsection requires the “lawful possession” of national defense information by a security clearance holder who “through gross negligence,” such as the use of an unsecure computer network, permits the material to be removed or abstracted from its proper, secure location.

    Subsection F also requires the clearance holder “to make prompt report of such loss, theft, abstraction, or destruction to his superior officer. “A failure to do so “shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both.”

    The source said investigators are also focused on possible obstruction of justice. ”


  2. More truth from Trump:

    “Trump Says Yellen Keeping Rates Low To Protect Obama”


  3. Nothing will happen too Hitlery. She will be protected like all the POS..In the meantime a person sealing a candy bar goes to jail……

  4. Dolores Weiland
    We all know this will be the out come.

  5. Trudy……..
    ……….AND NOW you know why I pray that the people of America UNITE, and converge upon the WACKY HOUSE, and clean it out along with ALL of the REST of the BASTARDS who still support the ILLEGALLY elected, and ILLEGALLY sworn in leader. (this includes the BASTARDS in the legislature, and the BASTARDS in the judicial as well. They are all part of the FAMILY which NOW CONTROLS us. If you think this is BULLSHI# all you have to do is do your homework, to see the truth. Of course I realise that only a very small percentage of Americans even care about the truth, and an even larger portion wouldn’t have the mental capacity to recognize the truth if it stared them in the face. The same people wouldn’t have the balls to do anything about it even if they did realise the truth. In conclusion I have to say that America has MORPHED into a colony of COWARDS,LIARS,DRUGHEADS,AND QUEERS. our country has already deteriorated past the point of NO RETURN.

  6. Judicial Watch, Inc.
    18 mins ·

    These documents show The White House rushed to tie yet another video to the Benghazi attack, even before Ambassador Stevens was accounted for.
    The Obama White House, evidently, was confused as to which Internet video to falsely blame for the Benghazi terrorist attack. Please SHARE!

    Judicial Watch: New State Documents Show Quick White House Effort to Link Benghazi to Internet Video

    Judicial Watch released State Department documents about September 11, 2012, terrorist attack on the U.S. Special Mission at Benghazi, Libya


  7. Former Assistant Director Of The FBI: Hillary May Be Guilty Of Conspiracy Too

    “If I had gone out and made up my own server and done any official business on that, if it even hinted at classified I would probably be prosecuted.”

  8. AND NOW………..
    ……….FINALLY!……A-10s have been sent to the middle east. One squadron (12), all updated with the baddest of all weaponry. Now all they need is a squadron of C-130 gunships (puffs). But all the assets need intelligent DIRECTION, and intelligent OPERATION.

  9. Sandy Hook…The deadliest school shooting in US history? I think not…….remember these people gave up their guns too !

  10. Amen to this……

  11. AND NOW……..
    ………..the STATUS QUO RINOS are contemplating ganging up on TRUMP! They have sworn that he will NEVER get the nomination……NO MATTER WHAT! When they do that they will probably bring about the DEATH of the GOP. Trump has become a bit of an ICON with a large cross section of Americans. When the A$$HOLE RINOs try to politically assassinate Trump it might BACKFIRE……..BIGTIME! If anybody is in a position to turn their MANURE around on them 180 degrees it is Trump, and I am willing to bet that he would do it if for no other reason than to show them once and for all WHO IS BOSS!……at least for NOW.

  12. oldsailor83 | October 20, 2015 at 5:51 pm |

    Trump being uncontrolled by lobbies, special interests, non Muslims, and George Soros, scares the hell out of the politics as usual crowd in DC. They would all have to release their criminal tentacles from the government feed bag, they are beginning to panic at the thought of being FIRED!

  13. Bob Strauss……….
    ………….I would say that the thought of being fired is one thing but the thought of becoming a dangling tree decoration is quite another. That is what REALLY SCARES THE HELL OUT OF THEM. TIME WILL TELL THE STORY, and there is not much time LEFT! ALL OF THE BASTARDS WHO HAVE SOLD OUT AMERICA NOW HAVE GOOD REASON TO SWEAT…..THERE IS A GARROTE WAITING FOR EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM, AND SOONER OR LATER THEY WILL ALL FEEL THE BITE OF THE BIGHT.

  14. ………and a lot of Americans will smile as they URINATE upon the graves of the STINKING SLIMES who sold out.

  15. ……..keep a picture of Benito Mussoulini hanging from a roadside signpost in your mind……….it was carried out by his one time supporters who finally realized the truth…….and he was left there ……DANGLING for all of ITALY to see.

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