Hillary Clinton emails classified from start, Dozens of emails contain information automatically deemed classified by State Dept., J. William Leonard former director of Information Security Oversight Office “It’s born classified”

Hillary Clinton emails classified from start, Dozens of emails contain information automatically deemed classified by State Dept., J. William Leonard former director of Information Security Oversight Office “It’s born classified”

“I think the most compelling thing about Hillary is that she will stop at nothing to achieve her end and that she views the public as plebeians easily seduced into believing her point of view.”…Linda Tripp

“By July 1993, the Clintons and their associates had established
a pattern of concealment with respect to the Clintons’ involvement
with Whitewater and the Madison S&L. Because of the complexity
of the allegations of misdeeds involving these institutions, documents
and files are critical to any inquiries into the matter. Yet,
at every important turn, crucial files and documents ‘‘disappeared’’
or were withheld from scrutiny whenever questions were raised.…Senate Whitewater report June 13, 1996

“We are being lied to on a scale unimaginable by George Orwell.”…Citizen Wells


From Reuters August 21, 2015.

“For months, the U.S. State Department has stood behind its former boss Hillary Clinton as she has repeatedly said she did not send or receive classified information on her unsecured, private email account, a practice the government forbids.

While the department is now stamping a few dozen of the publicly released emails as “Classified,” it stresses this is not evidence of rule-breaking. Those stamps are new, it says, and do not mean the information was classified when Clinton, the Democratic frontrunner in the 2016 presidential election, first sent or received it.

But the details included in those “Classified” stamps — which include a string of dates, letters and numbers describing the nature of the classification — appear to undermine this account, a Reuters examination of the emails and the relevant regulations has found.

The new stamps indicate that some of Clinton’s emails from her time as the nation’s most senior diplomat are filled with a type of information the U.S. government and the department’s own regulations automatically deems classified from the get-go — regardless of whether it is already marked that way or not.

In the small fraction of emails made public so far, Reuters has found at least 30 email threads from 2009, representing scores of individual emails, that include what the State Department’s own “Classified” stamps now identify as so-called ‘foreign government information.’ The U.S. government defines this as any information, written or spoken, provided in confidence to U.S. officials by their foreign counterparts.

This sort of information, which the department says Clinton both sent and received in her emails, is the only kind that must be “presumed” classified, in part to protect national security and the integrity of diplomatic interactions, according to U.S. regulations examined by Reuters.

“It’s born classified,” said J. William Leonard, a former director of the U.S. government’s Information Security Oversight Office (ISOO). Leonard was director of ISOO, part of the White House’s National Archives and Records Administration, from 2002 until 2008, and worked for both the Bill Clinton and George W. Bush administrations.”

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54 responses to “Hillary Clinton emails classified from start, Dozens of emails contain information automatically deemed classified by State Dept., J. William Leonard former director of Information Security Oversight Office “It’s born classified”

  1. “During the Foster death investigations, like Benghazi, investigators were also thwarted, stonewalled, and unable to perform their jobs. Hillary denied them “unfettered” access to Foster’s office, and some evidence was contaminated or outright withheld (despite being subpoenaed). The initial investigation was at best—shoddy.”


  2. citizenwells…..

    Vince Forster is not dead yet…..there is no ‘statue of limitations’ on murder.

    and one day Vince Forster will be seeking his eye for an eye and his pound of flesh !



    good old Charlie……don’t you just love him !!!!

    This is good advice for ISIS……….and all other terrorist-mined people.

  7. “US Manufacturing PMI Tumbles To 22 Month Low: “Lack Of Growth” And Deflation Blamed”


  8. oldsoldier79


    These kids are dumber than ROCKS……

  9. oldsoldier79,
    I have been searching for info on the Hilliary email story, best I can tell the story originated with these people.


  10. oldsoldier79


    This was investigated and posted by Allen Jones and Mary Faning on 19 Aug 2015. Jones is with 1776 Channel and Fanning is with the American Report

    I ask that you go to the following site and read carefully the lengthy investigation noted there that was done by Jones and Fanning…..I think this contains the clues to who and what Obama is and m,any of my questions were answered by this shocker……..

    I think you will find it very interesting also…..it might merit discussion by you on your website …..

    Clues Unlock Obama I.d. Mystery – A Story That Just Won’t Go Away Or Die

  11. oldsoldier79

    I don’t know how to post the link to this site….I may have to post the entire article…let me study this a moment….

  12. oldsoldier79

    OK… Now I know how you can access the article…
    on your search engine, type….American Report

    When that comes up the story is in box 1 entitled :Clues to Unlocking Obama’s I.D. Mystery

  13. oldsoldier79


    Some people think so……

  14. oldsoldier79


    Loretta ‘Deliana’ Fuddy, former Hawaii state director of health and Subud USA national chairperson (2006-2008) coauthored an academic paper at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), as first reported by 1776 Channel.
    Subud is a spiritual practice (some call it a cult) that began in Indonesia, the childhood home of Barack Obama. A 1970s photo uncovered by 1776 Channel may show Obama’s alleged mother Stanley Ann Dunham at a gathering inside Subud’s Jarkarta, Indonesia headquarters.
    Fuddy’s step mother Marjorie Ireland Fuddy was born in Australia and worked as a computer programmer at the Hawaii Department of Health.
    Fuddy simultaneously managed large amounts of money for the Hawaii Department of Health and for SUBUD USA.
    Fuddy died following a bizarre Pacific ocean plane ‘crash’ off the coast of Molokai, Hawaii on December 11, 2013.
    UIC is the same university where radical communist domestic terrorist Bill Ayers of the Weather Underground was a professor.
    UIC Professor Emeritus of Art and Design History Dr. Victor Margolin and his wife Sylvia ‘Shoshanah’ Margolin live in the Chicago area and have long been members of Subud. Dr. Margolin has also worked as a professor in Havana, Cuba.
    The Margolins are are involved with Subud Chicago. Victor serves as treasurer.
    The mailing address on Victor Margolin’s résumé also appears in Subud USA corporate nonprofit filings.
    Victor Margolin, who graduated from Columbia University, is an expert on the history of political propaganda graphic design, and his Union Institute Ph.D. dissertation focused on the work of top Soviet propaganda graphic design artists.
    ‘Shoshanah’ Margolin was named Subud USA national chairperson in 2012, the position held by Fuddy from 2006-2008.
    ‘Shoshanah’ and ‘Deliana Antone’ a.k.a. Fuddy are listed as friends on facebook.
    ‘Shoshanah’ and ‘Deliana’ Fuddy both attended the Subud USA board of directors meeting in Portland, OR on November 10, 2010, 11 weeks before Fuddy was appointed Hawaii acting director of Health.
    Victor Margolin’s father Benjamin Margolin worked for Nelson Rockefeller and for the Pan American Health Organization (part of the United Nations).
    Victor Margolin’s mother Olya Margolin was involved in a scandalous 1976 secret meeting in Washington, D.C. with representatives of the P.L.O, uncovered by Wolf Blitzer at the Jerusalem Post.
    The name ‘Olga Margolin’, a spelling which was used in a federal document now hosted at USAID.gov to refer to Victor Margolin’s mother, also appears in a William Remington FBI file index of an espionage case involving accusations of passing secrets to a Soviet agent, but the actual file pages appear to be missing or redacted.
    Barack Obama 2008 campaign logo lead designer Sol Sender has given presentations at graphic design conferences in Chicago and China where Victor Margolin was also speaking.
    Margolin has known School of the Art Institute of Chicago professor Maud Lavin since the early 1990s. Lavin and Sender worked together “team teaching” graphic design classes as early as 2003.
    Sol Sender’s father Ramón Sender lived at a Northern California commune called “Morning Star Ranch” in Sonoma County with two members of the Indonesian Subud cult in 1966.
    Obama logo designer Sol Sender’s father Ramón Sender co-produced the “Trips Festival” with Ken Kesey (author of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”). Kesey was involved in the CIA’s PROJECT MKULTRA LSD experiments at the Menlo Park Veterans Hospital.
    Kesey was a close friend of Timothy Leary (broken out of jail by Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn and the Weather Underground)
    Some researchers have suggested that Subud is an intelligence community cut-out for CIA mind-control experiments.
    Fuddy was in Southern California close to the time period when Obama attended Occidental College.
    ‘Shoshanah’ Margolin is facebook friends with Suzanna Dayne, who has done graphic design work for Subud Worldwide in Jakarta and has also worked with UNICEF on vaccine campaigns in Indonesia. Dayne has also worked with Voice of America, USAID, NBC and CNN.
    (1776 Channel) Have you ever wondered who took over as Subud USA National Chair after Loretta ‘Deliana’ Fuddy?

    HAWAII -MAY 2011 (Approximate Date) – Hawaii Director of Health and former Subud USA National Chair Loretta ‘Deliana’ Fuddy (Center L) and former Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie (Center R) with staff members.
    HAWAII -MAY 2011 (Approximate Date) – Hawaii Director of Health and former Subud USA National Chair Loretta ‘Deliana’ Fuddy (Center L) and former Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie (Center R) with staff members.
    The trail eventually leads to Chicago.

    A 1776 Channel investigation of former Hawaii Director of Health Loretta ‘Deliana’ Fuddy’s connections with Subud Chicago leads to Victor and Sylvia ‘Shoshanah’ Margolin, a married couple from Chicago: He’s a political propaganda graphic design expert at the university where Bill Ayers taught and she assumed Fuddy’s former position as Subud USA National Chair.

    Sylvia Margolin appears to be known within the Subud organization as ‘Shoshanah’ Margolin. Loretta Fuddy was known inside the Subud organization as ‘Deliana’ Fuddy.

    ‘Shoshanah’ appears to also use the name ‘Sheila Samuels’ according to her facebook profile.

    Shoshanah Margolin moved up from Subud USA vice-chair to Subud USA chair in 2012 according to a 2012 3rd quarter report published in Subud Voice.

    Shoshanah Margolin was listed as National Chairperson of SUBUD USA in the Board of Directors listings published in the September 2012 edition of Subud USA News. Shoshanah is listed as ‘Past National Chair’ in the May 2015 edition of Subud USA National News.
    ——————————————————————————————–Isn’t it strange that in almost all the discussions about Obama’s origins….
    that SUBUD and most of THESE PEOPLE are never mentioned.

    Kind of makes you wonder WHY NOT.

  15. oldsailor83,
    Is there an FAA report, sighting the cause of the engine failure on Fuddy’s plane? Was it caused by the wrong fuel? Was it Sabotage?

  16. oldsoldier79


    Stay tuned for more

  17. oldsoldier79

    Instead of listing each part of …the BETRAYAL PAPERS, I ask that you go to the website….American Report for all six parts to this series.

    The BETRAYAL PAPERS is an amazing story of just how far our country has gone down that slippy slope…the story is well told and every American should see it and read it……

    I hope it will generate much discussion among the patriots who post here.

  18. oldsoldier79 | August 21, 2015 at 2:48 pm


    The videos are very telling, and it’s very scary to think about what we are facing in the future.


  19. oldsoldier79

    Bob Strauss….

    Yes it is very frightening to what state our government has fallen…..

    The Fox is now in charge of the Hen house…but all of that can change if it is exposed to the LIGHT of day……

    Pogo was right…..”We have met the enemy and he is us”…….I prefer to use ‘them’ instead of us……’Us’ is the opposition to ‘them’…which we must never forget.

    If you will read all six parts of the Betrayal Papers, you will see how it all ties together and how long they were at their dirty deeds……..

    You have to give these slimy bastards credit though…….time to them wasn’t a factor to reaching their goals……

    In reading all these parts to this story, the BETRAYAL PAPERS,….I kept thinking back to what Tom Fife said after he returned from a visit to the Soviet union…….and it all came true….

  20. oldsoldier79


    The Dow Jones industrial average closed at session lows, off 531 points and in correction territory for the first time since 2011 as all blue chips declined. The last time the index closed more than 500 points lower was on Aug. 10, 2011. In the last five years, the index has only had four instances with closing losses of more than 400 points.

    158 BILLION just went out the window at Apple.

    But, in my opinion, this isn’t anything compared to what is coming down the road in September…….

  21. oldsoldier79

    Has this mood ever hit you ?

  22. oldsoldier79

    now this is a crying-as*ed-shame……..

    name him; supercalafrigalisticexpeallidoishalohochis, that should solve your problems !

  23. Bob Strauss………..Re 2:41PM
    …………..to the best of my knowledge there has never been an NTSB report released to the public. I will go so far as to state that the Pratt & Whitney power plant used in the aircraft had 0 failures. Of course this excludes a potential “first time”. It was a TURBO PROP ENGINE. If there was a mechanical failure the most likely would have been a turbine rotor failure, and another would have been a compresser rotor failure. As I recall the pilot reported that there was a loud bang after which he immediately lost power. There is also a remote possibility that the engine swallowed a bird.
    I personally have always wondered why there was 2 US Marshalls aboard that flight. I also believe that it was one, or both who done her in. BTW their immediate supervisor received a promotion very soon after the accident. I can only reason that FUDDY might have been seen as a possible flight risk by the court, and it is possible that when they learned of her planned trip to the lepper colony, and since the court was a federal court the judge might have requested that she be escorted by US Marshalls. You will remember Fuddy was due in federal court to which she had been subpoenaed. It would have presented a near perfect scenario within which to assinate her. With a well paid pathologist, she might have choked on a bite of a ham sandwich. I never was able to locate a final public release of the cause of her death. So far as I know there is no proof that she was murdered…….but there has been no proof that Madelein was murdered either……….but there sure was a strong odor of that fact that anybody could smell. Pretty unusual for somebody to have minor hip surgery then within a month die SUDDENLY from CANCER once again while possible,…….NOT PROBABLE!

  24. Bob Strauss……..
    ………I hold the notion that both were MURDERED, and by order of the same person in both instances. Easy to see motive in both which most likely was for the same purpose.

  25. Bob Strauss………..
    …….whenever I look around me, I see a country of 330,000,000 people being held hostage by a Chicago street gang. Yes there is an UPPER ECHELON to the gang, at least ONE of whom (but probably several) might be at a much higher pay grade than the POTUS……….but worst of all there is nobody ,nor even any group who have the testosterone to attack the BASTARDS, and bring them down. There are 330,000,000 people who are AFRAID TO ACT against a couple of thousand. It would be over in a matter of minutes. There are not enough prisons to hold 330,000,000…….not even 10,000,000. When the Italians RE ORIENTED Benito Mussolini, it was only a crowd of a few hundred………but they got the job done nonetheless!

  26. Before I shut down I would like to voice another thought……….This is for the people who have availed themselves of the FREE DOWNLOAD of Windows 10 which was offered millions a few weeks back. Have you had a funny feeling that you might have screwed up royally by so doing? I recently read that Windows 10 might contain specially written malware (keyloggers) which is configured to send a copy of everything you email to a monitoring entity. I am thinking about making a boat anchor out of this computer, and returning to the use of Windows 7. The malware is now so sophisticated that it cannot be detected,

  27. ………..by normal techies, and they have no idea how to even compromise the keyloggers. The malware is allegedly so well integrated that the only cure will be the DISPOSAL of the computer which has been corrupted.

  28. oldsailor83,
    Bob Strauss……..
    ………I hold the notion that both were MURDERED, and by order of the same person in both instances. Easy to see motive in both which most likely was for the same purpose.
    The enemy, (Muslim Brotherhood, and the usurper), is going to be reluctant to give up the gains they have made at infiltrating our government, I see desperation arising on the part of the democrats, and it could get pretty ugly once they realize Hilliary is not going to win. The Muslims will be wanting their bribe money back from the Clinton Foundation, too. I would expect many deaths to occur in the wake of the democrats and the usurper’s Muslim Brotherhood demise, maybe they can take some lessons from Egypt’s president in how to deal with them.

  29. Bob Strauss………..Re 3:49AM
    ………At which point we will have made ….”ONE SMALL STEP FOR MAN,AND ONE GIANT STEP FOR MANKIND.” ……..The words of Neil Armstrong a few minutes after setting foot on the surface of the MOON………these very words would be more than appropriate when the RADICAL ISLAMIC LEADER we now have is finally ejected from the wackey house.

  30. ………..and you can thank twisted people like Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Posi, Harriet READ, Dicki Durdy , Mr.Schitz(Hawaii), Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.Watterman, and a few others who think socialism is really great. I say to all of them if you like a Socialist government so well then perhaps you might enjoy living in Russia. That goes for anybody who believes that. I personally invite all of you to immigrate to Russia. America will NOT MISS YOU.

  31. AND NOW………we all can now see what a slimey goatherder looks like when he has been taken down by a couple of people with GONADS. Well done guys! I am sure that you have earned a decoration,but it is unlikely that your CINC will ever present one to either of you. I am sure that all of us here at CW blog are cheering you for your take down of the STINKING A$$ed GOATHERDER. I am sure that he THOUGHT THAT HE WAS A BAD ASS! Now we all can see exactly what those BASTARDS really are………ZEROS.

  32. AND NOW………
    …………..Steph Curry apparently enjoys playing (golf) with Soetoro. Did he make a HOLE IN ONE? What other games do they play at the Wacky House? There is a real popular game where you toss a small bag of corn through the air in an attempt to get it through a hole in a board. Wonder if Curry belongs to the Chicago MAN CLUB. I have heard that one of the games played there is called “DROP THE SOAP”. Just WONDERIN…perhaps Steph Curry is a relative of Reggie Love?

  33. …….I have read that Steph Curry is a WELL RESPECTED NBA player……and has a youngster on the way…..congratulations Steph.

    or is this just a tactic to ‘keep the pot stirred’ and take our eyes off the real problems facing our nation ?

    This post only concerns the killing of black people in Chicago by other blacks during the WEEKEND of last 4th of July….where were all the “Black Lives Matter” protest over this massacre?

    There were none.

    While Obama is partying, the residents of his home town are being murdered at an unimaginable rates. It’s not just gang members either, an innocent 7 year old boy was one of the many victims of gang violence in Chicago.

    According to the CBS Chicago , a 7-year-old boy who was shot while watching fireworks in Humboldt Park with his father just before midnight Saturday.

    Amari Brown and his father were standing on the sidewalk in the 1100 block of North Harding when gunfire erupted around them, striking Amari and a 26-year-old woman, who was transported to John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital in stable condition, police said. Both were shot in the chest.

    The boy’s father said he thought the sound of gunfire was just fireworks, and he didn’t realize Amari had been shot until the boy called out for him.

    “It’s crazy,” said Vedia Hailey, the grandmother of the boy, Amari Brown. “Who would shoot a 7-year-old in the chest? Who would do that to a baby? When is it going to stop?”

    Another victim of a fatal shooting was a 17-year-old boy who was shot near recently named Hadiya Pendleton Park in the 4300 block of South King. The teen, identified as Vonzell Banks, a junior at Dunbar Vocational High School, was likely not the intended target, police said.

    The other victims included a 16-year-old boy and a 15-year-old girl shot shortly after midnight as they walked in Old Town, and a 19-year-old man shot around 10 p.m. Saturday.

    The worst burst of violence last Fourth of July in the city occurred during a 13-hour stretch from Sunday afternoon through early Monday morning: four dead and 26 wounded.

    Police said in total at least 46 people were wounded in shootings since Thursday, 9 have died so far.

    So where are the protest?

    Where are the signs and chants that “black lives matter”?

    How many more young black lives have to be lost before the ‘Race Baiters’ use their energy to solve the REAL problem?

    It seems that black lives only matter when they are taken at the hands of white police.

    According to statistics, a little over 100 black people are killed by police every year.

    HALF of that amount were shot, or killed by other black people just this past weekend in only one city, Chicago !

    It’s time to stop with this political nonsense, and start focusing on what is really killing the black youth of this country.


    When will the black people wake up and realize they are being played like a ‘fine tuned fiddle’…..or do they really care?

  35. BTW…….
    a little black girl who was just doing her home work while laying on her mother’s bed was shot dead by a BASTARD who fired through the window. I pray for the little girl………..What the hell is in the minds of the TWISTED CRAZED MURDERERS which demands that they murder innocent children. Such animals should be shot to death on sight. I hope that is what happens when they catch up with her murderer. Actually he needs to have the living hell beat out of him, then HUNG.

  36. citizenwells

    “Blagojevich Asks For Time To Appeal To US Supreme Court”

    “Rod Blagojevich’s attorneys want an appellate court to give them 90 days to ask the U.S. Supreme Court to hear the imprisoned former governor’s appeal of his corruption convictions.

    A Friday filing with Chicago’s 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals asks it to stay pending orders so lawyers can make the request with the nation’s highest court.”


    I assume if granted it would put resentencing on hold.

  37. A memorial service for Cabby will be held tomorrow at Village Park Baptist Church in Sedona, AZ

    We miss you Cabby……… R.I.P.


  38. oldsoldier79


  39. oldsoldier79


    oldsailor83 | August 22, 2015 at 1:12 pm |
    a little black girl who was just doing her home work while laying on her mother’s bed was shot dead by a BASTARD who fired through the window. I pray for the little girl………..What the hell is in the minds of the TWISTED CRAZED MURDERERS which demands that they murder innocent children. Such animals should be shot to death on sight. I hope that is what happens when they catch up with her murderer. Actually he needs to have the living hell beat out of him, then HUNG.

    YES…oldsailor83….this occurred the night of the 2nd protest (a year later) for Brown, the thug that the cop took down….but absolutely no media coverage. no local, no national…..only internet.

    But did you hear any protest for that little, innocent black life? NO

    The reason was because it was a black that fired the shot……

    I just cannot believe all the black people are this dumb….there’s a deeper cause, but I can’t put my finger on it….but i do know it’s not news to the main stream media…..well not unless;

    It’s a white man pulling the trigger….

  40. oldsoldier79


  41. oldsoldier79

    sorry it didn’t take

  42. citizenwells

    U.S. serviceman Spencer Stone departs the Clinique Lille Sud, which specializes in hand injuries, in Lesquin, France Photo: Reuters


  43. CW @7:53 p.m.– yes indeed. Those three represent the REAL America.

    And there are more where they came from. It may be that the nation is not beyond saving after all.

  44. oldsoldier79……..
    …………whether the little girl was BLACK, WHITE, RED, OR YELLOW, is immaterial. When a SLIMEY SON OF A BITCH murders a child…. like I said earlier he becomes the most DESPISED BASTARD ON EARTH, and frankly should have the livin hell beaten out of him. then shot dead.

  45. ………..now lets all watch, and take particular notice WHEN, or if the service men receive any special notice, or decoration for their bravery, from our ALLEGED CINC. In my book they earned decorations. Also we should take special notice of what the SLIMEY little creep looks like as he laid on the deck defeated………..yet we have a leader who SUPPORTS such BASTARDS.


  47. citizenwells

    In the Pope’s back yard:

    “Venezuela Announces Martial Law In Border State, Dispatches 1500 Soldiers”

    “While Venezuela’s collapse to a socialist singularity best defined by total economic devastation has been chronicled extensively here over the years…”


    And he criticizes capitalism.

    Hey pope, better read some Orwell.

    “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”…Karl Marx

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