Greensboro News Record regurgitates AP April jobs lies, Labor Dept. lies, Lie defined as giving false impression, 167k fewer white Americans employed in April, Almost 900k dropped from labor force since Jan, Part time jobs soar by 437k full time jobs tumble, Unemployment rate is big lie

Greensboro News Record regurgitates AP April jobs lies, Labor Dept. lies, Lie defined as giving false impression, 167k fewer white Americans employed in April, Almost 900k dropped from labor force since Jan, Part time jobs soar by 437k full time jobs tumble, Unemployment rate is big lie

“There’s no other way to say this. The official unemployment rate, which cruelly overlooks the suffering of the long-term and often permanently unemployed as well as the depressingly underemployed, amounts to a Big Lie.”…Gallup CEO Jim Clifton 

“In today’s labor market, there are nearly 1 million “missing” young workers—potential workers who are neither employed nor actively seeking work (and are thus not counted in the unemployment rate) because job opportunities remain so scarce. If these missing workers were in the labor market looking for work, the unemployment rate of workers under age 25 would be 18.1 percent instead of 14.5 percent.”…Economic Policy Institute May 1, 2014

Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”…George Orwell, “1984”



The Greensboro News Record is owned by Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway.

For that reason alone I am suspect of anything in print there.

Of course lies, statements and words that give false impressions are nothing new in the mainstream media.

The media, in lockstep with the Obama administration, continue to lie to us.

The Greensboro News Record on Saturday, May 9, 2015 regurgitated another AP jobs report that lies, i.e, gives a big false impression.

From the Greensboro News Record May 9, 2015.

“The U.S. stock market had its best day in two months Friday following good news about the job market.

The surge was enough to push two of the three major U.S indexes to gains for the week.

Investors were encouraged that U.S. employers added 223,000 jobs in April, a solid gain suggesting that the economy may be recovering after a stumbling start to the year.

While the jobs report is always closely watched, April’s survey garnered even more interest than usual after a poor March, which had revised figures showing only 85,000 jobs were added to payrolls.

“I am even more convinced that the March report was an outlier,” Paul Christopher, an investment strategist with Wells Fargo Advisors. “We all know the first quarter was a tough quarter. The jobs numbers needed to hold up and they did.””

(When I find a link to this I will supply it)

The News Record could have reported the following from the US Labor Dept website.

There were 167,000 fewer white Americans employed in April.

There were 316,000 fewer white Americans employed since January.

There were 875,000 more white Americans not in the labor force since January.

The labor force participation rate for white Americans dropped .4 percent since January.

It has dropped 3.3 percent under Obama.

There are over  2.3 million fewer white Americans in the labor force than when Obama took office in January 2009.

Zero Hedge found and reported the following.

“For all the talk about a jobs recovery and about a US economy that has put the great financial crisis and recession of 2007/8 in the rear view mirror, don’t tell it to those workers who desire a full-time job and instead are forced to settle with measly part-time offerings (mostly courtesy of Obamacare). Because as the chart below shows, as of April 2015, the number of full-time jobs remained well below the pre-recession peak, which incidentally was hit on December 2007, the month the last recession officially started.


We bring this up because in April, while the establishment survey reported a number that was just below the consensus estimate (even if it revised the March number lower by 50%), the household survey painted a far less optimistic picture, with the number of part-time jobs surging by nearly half a million, the worst print since last June, while the number of full-time jobs tumbled by 252K, also the biggest drop in nearly a year.”

Read more:

Why didn’t the News Record report that?

They do want for you to know the truth, right???

More lies from the government.

“OPA News Release

Five things you should know about the April employment numbers

WASHINGTON — With the release of the April 2015 Employment Situation Report today, U.S. Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez says there are five things you should know about the numbers:

  1. With 223,000 jobs added in April, private-sector employment has grown for 62 consecutive months — the longest streak on record — to the tune of 12.3 million jobs over that time.
  2. The national unemployment rate fell to 5.4 percent in April, the lowest it’s been since May 2008.
  3. The unemployment rate a year ago, in April 2014, was 6.2 percent. Since that time, the labor force participation rate has held steady, which means the decline in the unemployment rate has been due to people getting jobs.
  4. Job growth last month was particularly strong in three sectors: construction, professional and business services, and education and health services. These are sectors that have historically provided good-paying middle-class jobs.”

They must be referring to immigrants.




39 responses to “Greensboro News Record regurgitates AP April jobs lies, Labor Dept. lies, Lie defined as giving false impression, 167k fewer white Americans employed in April, Almost 900k dropped from labor force since Jan, Part time jobs soar by 437k full time jobs tumble, Unemployment rate is big lie

  1. citizenwells

    “If I had my choice I would kill every reporter in the world but I am sure we would be getting reports from hell before breakfast.”… William Tecumseh Sherman

  2. citizenwells

    Happy Mother’s Day.

  3. citizenwells

    Breitbart Mar 6, 2015.

    “The most recent jobs data released Friday continues the trend of net employment growth in the U.S. since the beginning of the recession going to foreign-born workers.

    Since the beginning of the recession in December of 2007 — it is believed to have ended in June 2009 — while the native-born population of Americans has experienced a net job loss, the foreign born population has seen net job growth.

    New, not seasonally adjusted figures, from the Bureau of Labor Statistics updated on Friday reveal that in December 2007 the number of foreign-born workers was 22,810,000. By last month, February, the number had increased to 24,741,000.

    The new data mean that overall, since the start of the recession, foreign-born workers have gained more than 1.9 million jobs.

    Meanwhile, in that same time frame, the native-born employed population decreased from 123,524,000 to 122,378,000 in February 2015, for a total employment reduction of more than 1.1 million.”

  4. oldsailor82

    You don’t need a sheepskin to see what is happening to America. When companies like Walmart begin closing stores EN MASSE,there is a profitability problem. …………and should Walmart CLOSE ALL THEIR STORES worldwide,ALL the others will have ALREADY CLOSED,and HELL ON EARTH WILL ERUPT. When the POOR autoworkers finally receive pink slips, their permanent and unscheduled STRIKE will begin. HAR HAR. After the explosion America will be a carbon copy of France,where everybody sits,or lays around,doing nothing,or playing chess…….which is still NOTHING! A national famine could be just around the corner. All beef and pork producers will face government confiscation of their livestock which will be slaughtered, butchered and placed in CRYOGENIC storage so that the upper crust will have something to eat. ….the working class will get NOTHING and will be facing starvation ENMASSE. There has already been some closures of FOOD PROCESSORS, CANNERS AND GROWERS. Food prices will subsequently go through the roof. Good idea to at least develop a strategy for dealing with such a problem,because I believe it will be upon us much sooner than anyone thinks.

  5. oldsailor82

    ……..when profitability disappears, so does the company soon thereafter.

  6. oldsailor82
    We will eat alright…..

    Check the labels on your canned goods
    Made in China & Made in Mexico

    I’m sure their government regulations don’t meet US standards.

  7. citizenwells

    “We now have the lowest participation rate since 1977 when Jimmy Carter was president. Although I was young during that period, I was around and working. (and when I wasn’t working, I was out looking daily) I will tell you this: one of the words never bandied about during that period when it came to describe any jobs or employment report was “Goldilocks.”

    As a matter of fact it was during that period of time the term “stagflation” came into prominence. The difference? It was used to describe an abysmal economy while hoping at some point the winds would change and we could regain our bearings to move out from under such stifling economic conditions. ”

  8. citizenwells

    “Paul Craig Roberts: Economic Disinformation Keeps Financial Markets Up”

    “Friday’s payroll jobs report is more of the same. The Bureau of Labor Statistics claims that 223,000 new jobs were created in April. Let’s accept the claim and see where the jobs are.

    Specialty trade contractors are credited with 41,000 jobs equally split between residential and nonresidential. I believe these are home and building repairs and remodeling.
    The rest of the jobs, 182,000, are in domestic services.
    Despite store closings and weak retail sales, 12,000 people were hired in retail trade.
    Despite negative first quarter GDP growth, 62,000 people were hired in professional and business services, 67% of which are in administrative and waste services.
    Health care and social assistance accounted for 55,600 jobs of which ambulatory health care services, hospitals, and social assistance accounted for 85% of the jobs.
    Waitresses and bartenders account for 26,000 jobs, and government employed 10,000 new workers.
    There are no jobs in manufacturing.
    Mining, timber, oil and gas extraction lost jobs.
    Temporary help services (16,100 jobs) offered 3.7 times more jobs than law, accounting architecture, and engineering combined (4,500 jobs).
    As I have pointed out for a number of years, according to the payroll jobs reports, the complexion of the US labor force is that of a Third World country. Most of the jobs created are lowly paid domestic services.

    The well paying high productivity, high value-added jobs have been offshored and given to foreigners who work for less. This fact, more than the reduction in marginal income tax rates, is the reason for the rising inequality in the distribution of income and wealth.

    Offshoring middle class jobs raises corporate profits and, thereby, the incomes of corporate owners (shareholders) and executives. But it reduces the incomes of the majority of the population who are forced into either lowly paid and part time jobs or unemployment.

    The extraordinary decline in the labor force participation rate indicates shrinking opportunities for the American labor force. No economist should ever have accepted the claim that the economy was in recovery while participation in the labor force was declining.”

  9. oldsailor82

    the Nazis lied up to the very moment their necks were stretched by the Hague.

  10. oldsailor82


  11. oldsoldier79


  12. oldsailor82

    OT but important……
    AND NOW………the Child North Korean, leader doesn’t have a clue as to what happened at Hiroshima,and/or Nagasaki. He thinks that North Korea is the ONLY NUCLEAR POWER ON EARTH. Obviously NOT SCHOOLED IN WORLD HISTORY. I am surprised that China and Russia haven’t corrected him. Of course there is another potential source of the information…….”The school of hard knocks”……….which if he keeps playing with lethal toys he might soon discover……….THE HARD WAY!
    In truth the Japanese are really nothing more than displaced Koreans. Ages ago the SHINTO SECT was hated by the Koreans,and they vowed to drive all of the SHINTO followers from their land,and they did just that. The SHINTO masses migrated to an offshore land masse which today is Japan.

  13. oldsailor82

    Oldsoldier79……..Good morning sir,
    Some folks in America have long known the truth about such foundations (Ford,Carnegie,and others). They are KNOWM RAT nests which peddle SUBVERSION,PERVERSION,AND OF LATE……. BLATANT LIES……..and yes much of the trouble we are experiencing today was given birth during the Wilson administration. The gentleman in the video told it exactly as I heard it so long ago. I really never put a high priority upon this sort of thing…….at least not until the late 90s, where evidence of foundations becoming involved in subversion began to show up. There was a few magazine articles that I can remember which questioned the honesty,as well as the integrity of such foundations. I tend to think that NOT EVERYBODY can be wrong. Later case in question…..The Clinton Foundation. Need I say more?

  14. oldsailor82

    With respect to the canned goods we buy. What makes you think I buy ANY commercially packed canned goods? For many years I have traded with an Amish canner. Since I am not yet dead from consuming their products,I would have to say they must be doing something right. Of course there is always the specter of a first time……….but the same specter also haunts the domain of comercially canned products.(perhaps even moreso). I have purchased all of the very few canned veggies that I have used over the last 20 years, from Amish sources. I consume as much FRESH vegatables as I can,and during the season I buy most of the fresh veggies from them as well. They also can some meats as well. However I have always had suspicions of canned meat. I buy my freezer beef (Herford),pork,and poultry from the same sources. I don’t go to the Supermarket very often…….except when I run out of something…….and then YES I do watch the label very closely for SOURCE INFO.

  15. oldsailor82

    Here in Northeastern Indiana we have a few Amish canners who are fully licensed, and stringently inspected regularly by Indiana State Authorities. I have heard that their products are showing up even at WalMart,and the Kroger markets. For the most part I find their products worthy of continued purchasing. While some of their canned products are in glass,I see nothing wrong in this. I have never found a deteriorated,or spoiled product, so I will probably continue to buy my food from them.

  16. “””While some of their canned products are in glass,I see nothing wrong in this”””

    Safest canning is in jars. Lasts many years longer than cans.
    I home can what I can, but if buying products like spaghetti sauce, I always choose the jar–it will last much longer than a can. These cans(tin/aluminum??) are not what we bought 40/50 years ago.

  17. oldsailor82

    I have heard that the Lebanon area of Ohio also has some Amish producers. Huge strawberries,raspberries,blueberries, Asparagus,Tomatos,sweet corn,string beans,peas… name it! If you buy produce from a Supermarket there is a very good chance that you will be buying produce grown in Mexico. You will need to thoroughly wash it before use. During the winter months I stock up on Amish canned veggies. They are available in both quarts and pints.(glass). Kentucky also has a sizeable Amish community. I have found them to be God fearing,honest,and forthright people.

  18. NBC_Vic_Hern

    It should be clear by now that the message and methods of the radical progressive marxists is to dilute the white majority down
    to a level that will allow all minorities to unite behind the leftist
    agenda (Democrat controlled, of course) and finish that hopey,
    changey thingy so proudly announced by Obama and his merry
    band of ignorant fellow travelers.
    More ignorant immigrant workers to be the labor grunts until
    the elites can fashion their armies of robots and drones to get
    them to their final solution, which is world-wide population control by whatever means available.
    Final target is a world population of a chosen few, like around
    500 million, that can lead them to their utopic goals of only
    elites deserving to live to 500-1,000 years old, and have
    adequate natural resources for sustainable existence.
    No new oil/gas drilling. No more coal mining.
    No more use of fresh water for non-essentials.
    Smaller and smaller rolls of TP to save the forests.
    No more genetically modified foods necessary with
    reduced numbers to feed, but allow only those we won’t
    tell anyone about.

    Do we get it, now?
    They do, and they’re sure they will be invited to come along.

  19. oldsailor82

    Jay Jay…………
    Why not develop your own recipe for spaghetti sauce,then make up a sizeable batch and CAN IT TOO. My wife bakes a home made bread which the recipe for came to her from an elderly Pennslyvanian lady who moved to Fort Wayne many years prior and who my wife cared for while she worked for a nursing job shop(early into her nursing career) here in Fort Wayne. She still bakes the bread but not nearly as often as she used to. I usually account for 75 percent of the bread which gets eaten up pretty fast. The bread is really great with garlic butter poured over it. Goes great with SPAGHETTI!

  20. oldsailor82

    NBC Vic Hern……..
    I think you have the probable scenario pretty well figured out. Yep I have said many times in the past the OVEREDUCATED WORDSMITHS,are actually quite stupid……particularly if they think they are going to live in excess of a possible 110 years of age, but if they think they are going to live to even 500 years of age they are even dumber than, a TOTAL MORON. If they are NOT MURDERED by another power hungry person,or a jilted queer lover ,mother nature will most certainly do the job LONG BEFORE. The UTOPIAN LIFESTYLE, of the alleged elite,would most likely include homosexuality,and every other sort of sexual fantasy imagineable. When their SOCIAL DISEASES do them in very early into life,perhaps their FRIENDS AND PARTNERS will begin to realize that they cannot outsmart their creator. Marriage is ONE MAN,and ONE WOMAN. END OF STORY!

  21. oldsailor82

    ………….then to COMPOUND their IDIOTIC BEHAVIOR they try to tell people they are Christians. They have to be dumb as hell if they think the rest of the world will believe their BULLSHI#. Most of them have never set foot inside of a place of worship. TOO BUSY AT THE “BACK DOOR” OF THEIR NEIGHBOR. How the hell does Soetoro get away with it? He must have a huge crowd of FRIENDS surrounding him ….including to his REAR.

    Bye bye……………Have a great day! Little rain coming down right now!.

  22. bob strauss

    Herman Cain

    The “recovery” is a sham.

    Labor participation rate for women hits 27-year low even as Dems tout lower unemployment

  23. citizenwells

    bob, just reviewing Participation rate for apples & apples comparison to 2008.

    Example, from Market Watch:

    Unemployment drops to 7-year low in April.

    Participation rate has plummeted since April 2008.

    White employment is being decimated.

  24. bob strauss

  25. bob strauss

    Rush is talking about democrat voters dieing off, and their need to pad the voting rolls with felons, excons, and illegal aliens.

  26. bob strauss

    Sanitizing Higher Education Robert Weissberg

    The University of Illinois-Urbana proposes setting up its own Ministry of Truth. More

  27. bob strauss

    CW, I just read an article about the dilution of the White Americans to a level that will neuter them and make them irrelevant. I wish I had the link.

  28. citizenwells

    God bless Rush.

  29. bob strauss

    Obama’s Social Security Number Fraud Evidence Goes to Judge Who Blocked Illegal Amnesty


  30. bob strauss

    Frank Gaffney on Iran Nuke Deal: ‘We’re Dealing With National Security Fraud on the Part of the Obama Administration’

    Read more: Family Security Matters
    Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

  31. bob strauss

    Clinton’s Uranium Deal
    By Elvira Fernandez Hasty Full Story

    Every time we think the corruption cannot get any worse, here come the Clintons to prove us wrong again. The Russian state-owned atomic agency Rosatom bought a 17% share in Uranium One, a Canadian owned company with uranium mines in Wyoming.

  32. Jay Jay…………
    Why not develop your own recipe for spaghetti sauce,then make up a sizeable batch and CAN IT TOO

    I don’t have a canner; don’t can meat. OR I would. 🙂

    And for $1, I can’t make it for that. Aldi’s, Big Lots, Kroger’s, and IGA.
    I’m 64 and not worried about nutrition, just not starving.

  33. Kentucky also has a sizeable Amish community. I have found them to be God fearing,honest,and forthright people.

    AND ARMED!!!

  34. oldsailor82
    I live a city that is classified as an “All American City”
    that has a 68% Hispanic population. (Go figure that?) Lots of tacos, burritos, tamales and menudo. Sorry, can’t find any Amish or Amish canners. Wish I could. Plenty of (local) strawberries and veggies in the markets though. Your right need to wash the veggies. Op’s forgot, can you send me a bottle of water? Take care…….

  35. bob strauss

  36. citizenwells

    “Almost Half Of US States Are Officially Broke”

    Notice the largest shortfall in IL.

  37. oldsailor82

    Bob Strauss………
    Liked the EXPLODING GOAT…….cracked me up! har har.,but maybe there should be TWO things happen,the first is the separation of the ramrod from from their body, then a small lapse of time for that to sink in then immediately followed by the exploding nanny goat. Beats the inflatable nannies all to hell.

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