Real unemployment rate 23 percent, 2.3 million fewer white Americans in labor force under Obama, 316k fewer white Americans employed since January 2015, 44 percent of Americans work 30 hours per week, Average age of minimum wage worker is 36, More than 100 million not working

Real unemployment rate 23 percent, 2.3 million fewer white Americans in labor force under Obama, 316k fewer white Americans employed since January 2015, 44 percent of Americans work 30 hours per week, Average age of minimum wage worker is 36, More than 100 million not working

“There’s no other way to say this. The official unemployment rate, which cruelly overlooks the suffering of the long-term and often permanently unemployed as well as the depressingly underemployed, amounts to a Big Lie.”…Gallup CEO Jim Clifton 

“In today’s labor market, there are nearly 1 million “missing” young workers—potential workers who are neither employed nor actively seeking work (and are thus not counted in the unemployment rate) because job opportunities remain so scarce. If these missing workers were in the labor market looking for work, the unemployment rate of workers under age 25 would be 18.1 percent instead of 14.5 percent.”…Economic Policy Institute May 1, 2014

Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”…George Orwell, “1984”



I have been warning you about the decimation of white American jobs under Obama.

Reported here recently:

There were 167,000 fewer white Americans employed in April.

There were 316,000 fewer white Americans employed since January.

There were 875,000 more white Americans not in the labor force since January.

The labor force participation rate for white Americans dropped .4 percent since January.

It has dropped 3.3 percent under Obama.

There are over  2.3 million fewer white Americans in the labor force than when Obama took office in January 2009.

I have also reported about what Jim Clifton of Gallup accurately called a Big Lie, the stated unemployment rate.

The real unemployment rate, that is, real humans not employed, could well be 23 percent.

From Shadow Government Statistics.

“The seasonally-adjusted SGS Alternate Unemployment Rate reflects current unemployment reporting methodology adjusted for SGS-estimated long-term discouraged workers, who were defined out of official existence in 1994. That estimate is added to the BLS estimate of U-6 unemployment, which includes short-term discouraged workers.”

“The ShadowStats Alternate Unemployment Rate for Aprile 2015 is 23.0%.”


Still not alarmed?

From Zero Hedge May 11, 2015.

“Did you know that 89 percent of all minimum wage workers in the United States are not teens?  At this point, the average age of a minimum wage worker in this country is 36, and 56 percent of them are women.  Millions upon millions of Americans are working as hard as they can (often that means two or three jobs), and yet despite all of their hard work they still find themselves mired in poverty.  One of the big reasons for this is that we have created two classes of workers in the United States. 

“Full-time workers” are entitled to an array of benefits and protections by law that “part-time workers” do not get.  And thanks to perverse incentives contained in Obamacare and other ridiculous laws, we have motivated employers to move as many workers from the “full-time” category to the “part-time” category as possible.  It may be hard to believe, but right now only 44 percent of all U.S. adults are employed for 30 or more hours each week.  But to get any kind of a job at all is a real challenge in many parts of the country today.  As you read this article, there are more than 100 million working age Americans that are not employed in any capacity.  And according to John Williams of, if the federal government was actually using honest numbers the unemployment rate would be sitting at 23 percent.  That is not an “employment recovery” – that is a national crisis.”

Read more:



29 responses to “Real unemployment rate 23 percent, 2.3 million fewer white Americans in labor force under Obama, 316k fewer white Americans employed since January 2015, 44 percent of Americans work 30 hours per week, Average age of minimum wage worker is 36, More than 100 million not working

  1. citizenwells

    “We keep hearing about an “employment recovery”, but it is a giant lie. Posted below is a chart of the civilian employment to population ratio. As you can see, the percentage of the working age population that is actually employed is much, much lower than it used to be…

    In recent months, we have seen the employment-population ratio move slightly higher. But can this be called “an employment recovery”? Of course not. We are still way, way below the level that we were at just prior to the last recession, and now the next recession is just about upon us.”

  2. Here’s one……….

    Federal Judge agrees to reopen Hillary Clinton email lawsuit!

  3. oldsoldier79

    Citizenwells……Your headlines tell a tale of Obama’s accomplishments…

    Real unemployment rate 23 percent, 2.3 million fewer white Americans in labor force under Obama,

    316k fewer white Americans employed since January 2015,

    44 percent of Americans work 30 hours per week,

    Average age of minimum wage worker is 36,

    More than 100 million not working
    This is the sorriest record for ANY president American has ever had including Jimmy ( Mr. Peanut, he got that icon because his brain was about the size of a peanut) Carter…but it’s a record Obama must be proud of….all you have to do is remember the words he spoke to get elected….

    Remember when he said, “We are going to FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE AMERICA” and your latest headlines reflect that he has almost accomplished his mission…he has fundamentally changed America form a nation of honest working people…. into a nation of governmental dependence standing in the breadlines across America…..

    With 100 million people NOT working that equates to almost one third of our total population of 320 million who are on the government dole.

    I’m sure Mr. Obama is proud of his record ! But it’s very hard to sale those Obama wolf tickets to those real American’s who now have no job.

    Just how much worse must it get before the good people of this country stand up and really “fundamentally change” this country back as it was before this little bastard came along?

  4. In addition to Obamacare killing jobs, our tax rate is killing jobs. We’ve sent our best manufacturing jobs overseas, and we need to bring them back so people without college degrees can find work. We need to open up the coal mines again so people in Kentucky and West Virginia can find work. It is not rocket science, it is just death by liberalism.

  5. Oh and how about building the Keystone pipeline? Congress couldn’t get that passed. They need to do better.

  6. bob strauss

    1,063 Documented Examples of Barack Obama’s Lying, Lawbreaking, Corruption, Cronyism, Hypocrisy, Waste, Etc.

  7. bob strauss

    citizenwells | May 12, 2015 at 7:36 am |
    That graph shows clearly the point in time when the democrats took over congress, and the presidency, it’s been downhill since then.

  8. citizenwells

    bob. Bingo.

  9. Think unemployment is bad now? Wait for TPP bill.

  10. bob strauss

    Allen West

    Obamanomics vs Reaganomics in pictures: so simple a liberal can understand it

  11. bob strauss

    JayJay | May 12, 2015 at 3:50 pm |

    Think unemployment is bad now? Wait for TPP bill.
    Michael Savage is reporting that the usurper’s own democrats have shot down the TPP, I guess we’ll see what happens.

  12. citizenwells

    “In 2011, McDonald’s announced it would hire 50,000 new employees on April 19 for its National Hiring Day. They eventually hired 62,000 people. Over 1 million people applied. This is noteworthy because many commentators have accused the unemployed of being lazy and unwilling to work.”

    “It has been four years since McDonald’s National Hiring Day. Time for a check-up. Let’s see how the McDonald’s Class of 2015 compares with the Ivy League Class of 2015.”

  13. oldsoldier79


    I agree Bob, the Tran Pacific Partnership (TPP) if allowed to pass …will be the “straw that broke America’s back’….

    And it’s a disgrace knowing the Senate Republicans are helping Obama get this passed…..their help only proves what I have been saying for a very long time now …


    Someone should be OPENLY asking these questions before it’s too late;

    1) Why is this TPP so important that it’s all being done in ultra-high secrecy?
    If a Congressman or Senator wants to read the damn thing, here’s what they have to do…1. Go to the basement of the Capitol, sign in with armed guards around….2. They cannot take any notes or references in or out of the room…3. Read the proposed bill, one section at a time, then leave all notes or anything they wrote down or recorded with the guards when they leave…4. They CANNOT discuss, or talk about what they read while in the basement with the TPP proposed bill….so why the hell read the damn thing in the first place…’s another “snow job” against the people.

    Now is this the way our government is suppose to work?…Doesn’t the citizens of this country have a reason to question all of these dubious actions their government is taking when such secret and restrictive means are taken?…

    Any Senator or Congressman who supports suck silly crap like this is as guilty of treason as the bastards who willingly wrote, proposed it, and imposed such high level secrecy on a TRADE bill in the first place.

    If the complete details of all this TPP involves is not made known to the general public…you can ‘bet the farm’ they are selling us out again….much in the same way they sold us OBAMACARE…..


    Wake up America…your being taken to the cleaners ….again !!!

  14. oldsoldier79

    Sorry about the typo…..but perhaps that was the correct word in the first place…..but for clarity of content, …please replace;

    SUCK with such…..

  15. oldsailor82

    I can’t help wondering when McDonalds is going to say ADIOS to America,and move their corporate offices to Ireland,just as did a couple of other large US companies. Corporate taxes are not even a third of what is being put upon US companies.

  16. oldsailor82

    Good evening sir,
    ………..and you can bet that most Americans will just say”OHHHH WELLLL what difference does it make? When a slant eyed bastard along with 10 other slant eyed bastards kick their doors down and spray the inside of their homes with a thousand rounds from multiple AK 47 rifles and kill their entire family,there won’t be time enough left to say “OHHHH WELLLLL.” because their homes have become the property of the Chinese Government. If you think it CAN’T HAPPEN……you might want to think again!

  17. oldsailor82

    ……..ever wonder why TPP IS SECRET? How much of us soil has been used as collateral for Chinese loans?

  18. oldsailor82

    TPP= Fool me once shame on you! Fool me TWICE…..SHAME ON ME!
    At the end of the war in Europe all Germany still had was LAND, upon which was destroyed cities,and a beaten people. Eventually Germany used the land as COLLATERAL to obtain loans from other countries to rebuild. Had Germany defaulted on the loans,it is probable that much of Germany even today would be owned by foreigners.

  19. oldsailor82

    In addition I would not forget that with the sort of government we now have it is entirely possible,perhaps even PROBABLE that eventually all rights to the PRIVATE ownership of land will come to a screeching halt…….and people who now own private property will have hellacious Federal taxes placed upon their property which is designed to force them away from their properties. Eventually it will be against the law for anyone to own private property…..except Government leaders,and their slimey friends.

  20. oldsailor82

    I would venture to say that $35,000.00 of student debt is very conservative. I know two doctors who graduated with over $100,000.00 each in debt.

  21. oldsoldier79


    Here’s a sobering thought….

    As we await more information this morning on the train derailment in Philadelphia on Tuesday night it should be noted that the FBI has put out several warnings since 9-11 on possible sabotage of US trains.

    The FBI warned of stolen train “derailers” after the 9-11 attacks.

    This warning was first published in 2003.
    ABC News reported:

    Devices that could be used by terrorists to derail trains are being stolen from rail facilities around the country, the FBI warned today.

    Nine derailers, a piece of railroad equipment used to derail train cars for safety purposes in railyards have been stolen recently, sources said, citing the FBI’s weekly intelligence bulletin.

    The theft of these items is strange since they are of little use outside of the rail industry, according to the bulletin.

    Railroads have been targeted in the past by terrorists, the bulletin said.

    It specifically mentioned the Oct. 1995 derailment of an Amtrak train in Hyder, Ariz. In that incident, one person was killed and 78 were injured when parts of the track were sabotaged. The FBI located a derail 50 miles from Hyder.

    The bulletin does not mention a specific threat, and the FBI has no indication the derail thefts are related to terrorism. The bulletin is distributed weekly to 18,000 state and local law enforcement agencies around the United States.

    In February of this year the FBI said the train derailment in rural Allendale County was no accident.
    Five will get you ten the Amtrack train derailment last night was NO ACCIDENT.

    Connect all the dots we have been given in the past six months of pending terror attacks within America’s borders by the Muslim terrorist and you will see a possibility of ISIS hands all over the train wreck in Philly last night.

    It was what most experts would consider a ‘soft target” with high impact value…..

    If it is proven this was a deliberate derailment ….then the Islamic terrorist are inside America and doing their dirty work then steps must be taken to root out these terrorist and make our rail system safe for travel….

    If it is proven the train wreck was really was an accident….then Amtrack is doing a very sloppy job of maintenance on their rail system….

    Either way….America is waiting for answers…

  22. oldsoldier79


    If the above proves true…please note the date of the first FBI report of ‘stolen train derailers’….it was in 2003 !!!

    To me that says these terrorist have been within our borders…waiting and planning their misdeeds for the past 12 years !!!

    Now… that really is a sobering thought !!!

  23. oldsoldier79


    Restores my faith in little people to hear this….

  24. oldsoldier79


    Clinton Foundation Accepts New Foreign Donations Despite Hillary’s Campaign Promise –

    A number of foreign donors pledged new support for Clinton Foundation efforts during a conference in Marrakech last week, raising questions about the strength of Hillary Clinton’s campaign promise to cut off foreign donations to her family philanthropy while she runs for president.

    The Kingdom of Morocco was among the foreign entities that committed to new projects at the Clinton Global Initiative event, which drew dozens of big-ticket donors to the country for a three-day meeting headlined by Bill Clinton.

    Hillary was slated to attend the Marrakech conference before her name was quietly removed from the schedule earlier this year amid criticism of the foundation’s foreign activities.

    The Clinton Global Initiative is an arm of the Clinton Foundation that acts like a broker between donors and entities that are interested in completing charitable projects. This is what their brochures say anyway. But very little of this money seems to be going to charity…most into the private pockets of the Clinton’s.

    Under the memorandum of understanding that guided the foundation’s activities while Hillary Clinton was in office, the Clinton Global Initiative was not allowed to hold major events overseas.

    Source: Washington Examiner – See more at:
    The above article proves one thing….”you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”….and Hillary,Bill and mousie little Chelsea don’t give a ‘tinkers damn’ about what “Momma Bear” said or what she pledged….just bring on the money and lots of it !

    Now the newest member of that list, the King of Morocco will be expecting a KICKBACK……and Hillary’s list of “Paybacks for Greenbacks” just keeps growing by leaps and bounds every day.

  25. oldsoldier79
    So this means if she wins then there will be more jobs loss to overseas.

  26. oldsoldier79


    If America is so stupid as to elect her…..we will have seen hell “cometh to our doorstep”.

    Obama and his Chicago croonies were kindergarten stuff compare to the Clinton’s…..every foreign country she and Bill have taken money from have been promised something…and you can bet they will collect if she is elected…..

    Remember how brazen they were when they backed a U-Haul moving van up to the front door of our White House and loaded up ‘the people’s furniture’ ?….and never returned it either.

    Now you can’t get any more brazen than that !!!

    And our Congress stands by and lets her get away with corruption that anyone else would be in jail for.

  27. Pingback: May jobs report and US Labor Dept. BLS reveal most jobs going to immigrants, Zero Hedge article echoes Citizen Wells reporting on White Americans and millennials jobs decimation, Illegal immigrant recovery, 75 percent of Obama jobs went to Hispanic Latino

  28. Pingback: May jobs report and US Labor Dept. BLS reveal most jobs going to immigrants, Zero Hedge article echoes Citizen Wells reporting on White Americans and millennials jobs decimation, Illegal immigrant recovery, 75 percent of Obama jobs went to Hispanic Latino

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