Warren Buffett Greensboro News Record offer to purchase from Roy Carroll, Rhino Times Owner, News & Record has drifted far left of center in terms of its coverage and stories

Warren Buffett Greensboro News Record offer to purchase from Roy Carroll, Rhino Times Owner, News & Record has drifted far left of center in terms of its coverage and stories

“The (American) press, which is mostly controlled by vested
interests, has an excessive influence on public opinion.”… Albert Einstein

“the Times of the nineteenth of December had published the official forecasts of the output of various classes of consumption goods in the fourth quarter of 1983, which was also the sixth quarter of the Ninth Three-Year Plan. Today’s issue contained a statement of the actual output, from which it appeared that the forecasts were in every instance grossly wrong. Winston’s job was to rectify the original figures by making them agree with the later ones.”…George Orwell, “1984”

Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”…George Orwell, “1984”



I already liked Roy Carroll, a local businessman who has played a major role in the revitalization of downtown Greensboro and who resurrected the Rhino Times.

Now I love the man.

From the Rhino Times February 26, 2015.

“A Letter to Mr. Buffett

February 26, 2015

Since resuscitating the Rhino Times, hardly a day has passed without someone asking me to take the Rhino to a daily publication so that they could get fair and balanced local news and editorials.  Since day one of owning the Rhino, I have studied doing just that; however, the thought recently occurred to me that it might be advantageous to just purchase the News & Record.  Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway owns the Greensboro News & Record, along with the Winston-Salem Journal and a list of other daily publications across the country.  I believe the News & Record has turned its back on mainstream Greensboro and taken a hard left turn, and, while I don’t know this for a fact, I would surmise that the paper’s readership and ad sales numbers are bound to have taken a downward turn as well.

Under my business plan I would return the News & Record to a “middle of the road” publication, using the Rhino Times to complement the News & Record with its typical political commentary and coverage of city, county and state news.”

“Dear Mr. Buffett:


I first would like to introduce myself.  My name is Roy Carroll and I own several Greensboro businesses, including Snap Publications, the parent company of the Rhino Times, a local weekly news publication.


Speculation is that you are not satisfied with the financial performance of several of your newsprint publications since you acquired them.  If that is correct, I would ask that you seriously consider the enclosed Letter of Intent to Purchase the Greensboro News & Record.


Please understand that this is not a publicity stunt but a bona fide offer.  I have developed a business plan to turn the News & Record around and to hopefully make it a viable business.  The plan involves utilizing the synergies that could be created between both publications being located in the same city, and consolidating senior management, advertising sales and distribution.  I envision changes to the editorial team that would result in potentially the most cost savings and revenue growth.


Over the course of several years, the News & Record, in my opinion, has drifted far left of center in terms of its coverage and stories.  I believe that this drift far to the left has hurt the News & Record in terms of readership and ad sales.  Under my business plan, I would prune back some of the writers that have gone so far left of center and hire writers that were less dogmatic in their far left of center news coverage and opinions.    Don’t get me wrong, I value opposing viewpoints and would promote healthy debates on important topics.  Publishing opposing viewpoints is productive and, in my opinion, a responsibility of a local daily.  Actually, most Greensboro citizens see themselves in the political center.


I’ll give you a classic example of what I’m saying.  I’m sure you have research detailing the unfortunate state of the local Greensboro economy.  Over the last four or five years we have somehow lost our way in terms of job creation and wage growth.  While our peer cities were actively recruiting new businesses on the back side of the recession, Greensboro, in my opinion, had the wrong people and possibly the wrong economic development structure in place.  As a result, there have been virtually no net jobs created in Greensboro.  You would think that a responsible local daily would be all over this issue, regularly writing about the lack of job growth and local economic development, especially since it hurts everyone in our community, including the readers and advertisers that the News & Record relies on.”

Read more:


I have criticized the News Record as well.

From Citizen Wells February 22, 2015.

“There are numerous variations of the AP January 2015 jobs report from around February 7, 2015.

The Greensboro News Record regurgitated their own version in print. I could not find an online version so the print edition is provided in full below.

The News Record has been diligent in fact checking the employment data and record of the NC Republicans in power but when it comes to Obama and the national economy, anything goes.”

I am disappointed that instead of fact checking the AP article and presenting the truth, they regurgitated it.





37 responses to “Warren Buffett Greensboro News Record offer to purchase from Roy Carroll, Rhino Times Owner, News & Record has drifted far left of center in terms of its coverage and stories

  1. “If I had my choice I would kill every reporter in the world but I am sure we would be getting reports from hell before breakfast.”… William Tecumseh Sherman

  2. “The News & Record is not for sale, the newspaper’s owner said Friday in response to a Greensboro businessman’s announcement that he had offered to buy it.
    Terry Kroeger, president and CEO of BH Media Group, said the company has no intention of selling the News & Record. BH Media is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Inc.”


  3. August 16, 2007

    “Buffett is Obama meal ticket”

    “Billionaire investor Warren Buffett stood next to Sen. Barack Obama at a country club fundraiser here Wednesday evening, praising the Illinois Democrat and calling for a federal tax system that would charge the rich more.

    Buffett, who can move markets with a few syllables and is increasingly trying to do the same in politics, introduced the presidential hopeful and his wife, Michelle, at an event that attracted about 200 people inside a wood-trimmed clubhouse.”


  4. Aug. 28, 2014

    “Warren Buffett’s Tax Whopper
    Obama’s business front man finances ‘corporate deserters.'”


  5. Nov 19, 2014.

    “Stop Listening To People Like Warren Buffett On Taxes”

    “I admire Warren Buffett. I admire his genius. I admire his ability to create wealth. But the recent elections show that Americans do not want to listen to billionaires advocating for higher taxes. You may recall Buffett and President Obama saying that no person should pay taxes at a rate lower than their secretaries. Actually, the real ”Buffett rule” was Obama’s attempt to impose a minimum 30 percent tax rate on all income over $1 million. This was designed to negate the effects of the capital gains rates enjoyed by Warren and his friends. Redistributionists loved the Buffett rule. After all, it’s fun to take other people’s money. In any event, Warren is on record calling for higher income and estate taxes. In fact, he told CNBC earlier this year that he would be happy paying higher taxes. My liberal friends gush over Buffett’s noblesse oblige.

    But it seems that almost every day, Berkshire Hathaway, the company through which Buffett became rich and famous, is involved in another tax avoidance deal. Berkshire had money behind the Burger King-Tim Hortons inversion. Buffett was a champion of economic patriotism but helped fund the departure of an American company to Canada. The Burger King deal was announced months after Buffett widely criticized companies that inverted.

    The latest Berkshire tax maneuver is the cash-rich split-off involving Proctor & Gamble. The details are complicated. But basically, Buffett structured a deal in which he will buy a business (in this case, the Duracell battery division of Proctor & Gamble) with appreciated stock of P&G. The deal will save Berkshire about $1 billion in federal taxes. Economic patriotism indeed.”


  6. Warren Buffett and the financial markets have done well under Obama and the Fed.
    The middle class, millennials and future generations have been decimated.

  7. ha ha ha.
    Just pulled up Market Watch:

    “A half-century’s worth of wisdom from Warren Buffett”


    Big Brother is watching me.

  8. CW……
    Warren Buffet’s political allegiance has been well known for MANY MOONS……the same applies with regard to his Hollywood connections. His entity (Berkshire Hathaway),remains THE most expensive fund on Earth. It is doubtful that I would ever invest anything in BH. Personally I always liked the excitement of the MLPs,and doing my own portfolio management. I have for the most part exited these (except for KM)…….I am now only 20% vested….(strategically laddered through a portfolio of tax free MUNICIPALS). They don’t need as much management. They take care of themselves. I also still have a little of LNC. Probably the only reason why I have held it for so long (35 years) is that it was,and still is a DRIP. It feeds itself. I used to offset the earnings taxes with my IRA. Worked quite well. Most people know that maneuver though. But excessive capital gains taxation is going to eventually become a siphon tube through which the Fed will SUCK virtually any,and/or all of your earnings. I look for Capital gains taxation to eventually increase to somewhere close to 50%. Why people tolerate it is beyond me. All investment returns are seen by IRS as FAIR GAME,and they will not relent until the people of America either ACT TO CORRECT IT,or divest themselves of ALL of their holdings……excluding Gold and Silver. But you can rest assurred if you sell any of the prescious metals you will be immediately bombarded with tax forms……in addition to which you will take a substantial BEATING in the valuation because they never look at the value of the dollar in which you are being paid . Which results in an intrinsic LOSS. That is primarily how FDR screwed the American public who owned Gold. He made it illegal to own it then set a price using HYPER INFLATED dollars to buy it from the owners. The price was originally fixed at $35.00 per oz. The only people who ever made anything from owning gold are those who were at the right place at the right time which was 1972 when it once again became legal to own gold. Overnight gold shot upwards to over $75.00 per oz. If you had been smart enough to buy at least a quarter of a million dollars worth and held it to the present,you would have realised extremely high returns on the gold. Anybody who has purchased Gold or Silver since about 1990 will take a bath in their metals,if the bottom falls out of precious metals…….which CAN and MIGHT happen.

  9. CW………
    Interestingly our local newspapers,are still owned by a holding company DBA Fort Wayne Newspapers,Inc. Of course our two scandal sheets seem to shrink in size, and pages with every change of the wind,and with each change of wind direction comes a new price of the subscription increases by about 15%. I recently told Delores that we probably will soon be seeing $3.00 a copy. We really don’t need the newspaper anyway. We just use it to put down on the basement floor for the doggies when we have inclement weather.

  10. CW……
    I have a gut feeling that up too a point the Greensboro economy is largely not oriented as an industrial city. I don’t know much about the Greensboro business composition, but with respect to population Fort Wayne is presently about 190,000.,and many of these people work at industrial production jobs, of some sort. Indiana has a fairly large industrial base, mostly because of where we are located. However even with the microscopic recovery we have seen so far from the recent recession,we have not seen any meaningful upward movement with respect to business orders, or even inventory increases. Yet Indianapolis seems to be feeling some improvement. IB has said that even though there are some jobs now being advertised, all is not necessarily well. Indianapolis population is about double the population of Fort Wayne. ……. I recently visited a MICKEY DEE HASH HOUSE, and noticed a helluva lot of Mexican (looking,and SOUNDING),people working behind the counter. But I have to say they all were wearing hairnets,and clear vinyl gloves. In addition the female who took my order GOT IT RIGHT the first try,and she was also quite congenial. I am saying this because this is in stark CONTRAST to the “F—YO MAMA” people who worked there up until recently. In the recent past I personally observed some of them standing around and jacking their jaws on cell phones while customers were in 4 lines and at least 5 deep. Instead of getting those people to work the assistant manager was busy trying to take care of the morning crowd,himself along with a female who couldn’t figure out how to punch in an order at the register. So needless to say, it was clear that the jaw jackers are NOW either on PERMANENT VACATION,or working another shift….har har………that is….. all except the person who couldn’t figure out the register. The Mexican looking people seem to be at least intent upon doing. their job well. I have to take my hat off to them! It is so nice not to have to stand there and check out my order to be sure I got what I ordered. I do anyway! You never know! BTW the F— YO MAMA crowd never wore hairnets,or the REQUIRED vinyl gloves in food handling. So it looks like at least at our local Mickey dee, things are CHANGING……..there seems to be a hell of a lot of younger people from SOUTH of the BORDER…..and many employers will TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THOSE who are willing to work hard for $7.00 per hr and treat the customers right.

  11. Greensboro at 300,000 is the largest city of the Triad metro area followed by Winston-Salem & High Point.
    The metro area is approx 1.3 million.
    Greensboro used to be the HQ of the largest textile mfg in the world, Burlington Ind. It still is for Wrangler Jeans & some others.
    Of course WS used to be the world HQ of RJ Reynolds.
    HP is the furniture capital of the world.
    There has been a drop in textiles & furniture mfg in the area.
    Greensboro is also the largest college city in NC: UNCG. A&T, Guilford College, Bennett College, Elon Law School & a few other small schools.
    There is also a joint nano tech school.
    Greensboro was also a insurance center at one time.
    Lincoln Financial bought Jefferson Life.
    Greensboro is also a sports town, home of the ACC conference, a larger coliseum than Charlotte, the old GGO golf tournament which has changed names several times.
    The large coliseum & aquatic center complex has hosted several natl venues.

  12. Not to change the subject too much, but I just “googled” Netanyahu’s visit to the US and everything that came up for several pages was all negative. There was not one article with a positive slant. Is the internet already being controlled by the FCC? I’ve wondered why there is such animosity being shown towards Netanyahu? What’s the big deal? Let him come and make his case to Congress. What is wrong with that?

    It must have to do with Obama’s pro-Iran policy and his feeling thwarted on that by the Israeli PM. Obama wants Iran to have nukes, no doubt about it. But it could also have to do with an underlying fear that Netanyahu may be in a position to expose the secret dealings of Obama with Iran? Are they may be afraid of that, and perhaps even more? I don’t know.

    In 2008, I began subscription to a website called ISRAELI INSIDER. A couple of years ago this active site just went off the net. No reason was given. It was based in Israel. But I remember several articles questioning Obama’s true paternity and place of birth. One article seemed very pointed and indicated a high level Israeli source.

    Maybe things are coming to a head with Netanyahu’s visit? I guess we’ll soon see.

  13. DeanM
    Over a lot of years the Israelis have clearly demonstrated their ability to gather accurate intelligence from across the world. They have made it clear many times that they will NOT BE TRIFLED with by SNOT NOSED MORONS. When this happens the TRIFLER will pay a huge price. They proved that point by whipping the a$$es of three other countries simultaneously. Yes there is a very clear animosity towards Netanyahu’s visit. This INSANITY is the product of the TWISTED.and otherwise WARPED minds that are now present in both the American media as well as high offices in the federal government. These people use every thing they can IMAGINE to put out in front of the LOW INTELLIGENCE people who walk amongst us. Sadly the low intelligence people have no ability to recognise PROPAGANDA FROM reality…….and they will EAT UP EVERY WORD the TWISTED WORDSMITHS utter,and……..BELIEVE IT! There was already those who tried to tell everybody,via the internet that Netanyahu’s speech was pure lies. Well since the contents of his speech was NOT released those TINY LITTLE “jabbering mouths with legs”,had no way to even know what the speech is about. So that tells the story on them. Only Netanyahu knows what he is going to lay out before Congress……..but you can be sure that ALL of Soetoro’s friends (the SEIU GOON QUAD) will all be there to shout down or insult ,or try to drown him out as he talks. Every one of the stinking a$$ed morons should be arrested immediately if they try such bullshi#.

  14. DeanM……..
    I seriously doubt that Netanyahu is coming here to expose Soetoro., but I do think he is coming here in one last ditch effort to make the WACKEY HOUSE REALISE that IRAN IS STILL up to no earthly good,……..further I have a feeling that he might reveal what will happen to Iran if they proceed much further with their nuclear activities or in any way attack Israel. I believe that Israel has the manpower,and the will to do whatever they perceive as necessary to defend themselves against any attack which is proven to have originated within,and is proven to have been perpetrated by IRAN. I believe that WITH,or WITHOUT US help they WILL ACT…….if deemed necessary! The UNSTABLE, HOMOSEXUAL CHILD at the WACKEY HOUSE,along with his TWISTED FRIENDS, had better GROW UP FAST! I don’t think Netanyahu will REPEAT what he has to say.

  15. Can anyone out there have the necessary computer skills to recover the early morning address to the CPAC by Newt Gingrich yesterday AM. He told it like it is and every young American SORELY NEEDS to hear and digest what he said. Hopefully we can somehow recover his address,and post it.

  16. NOW YOU KNOW…….

    Have you ever wondered who is supplying ISIS with war materials they need to create havoc all over the middle east? Well wonder no more.

    If the US is supplying tents …they are supplying weapons.
    If they are supplying weapons, they are supplying the bullets to go into them.
    If they are supplying weapons then they are also supplying the training necessary to turn goat herders into killers…….

    I personally think this current administration has a lot of explaining to do…..


    Why Hillery and Obozo of course……..here is the proof of that


    Wayne Madsen speaks…listen closely

  19. ……….and the HEAD CHEESE is at the WACKEY HOUSE!

  20. Buffett also owns Fruit Of The Loom and closed a huge factory in a Ky. county.

  21. There is no question as to who the usurper supports, and Valerie Jarrett and the usurper, is the reason Iran is planning it’s nuke program, and missile program.


  22. Dean M.

    Yes I remember seeing those articles from Israeli Insider over at TexasDarling’s site. In fact, that is exactly when I was thrown into this abyss. One article led to another and before you knew it, I was determined to search for anything and everything. I guess it was in late 2007/ early 2008.

    It’s discouraging that we still have nothing to prove ourselves. I have given up on the CCP and just praying for 1/2017 to get here before the country is totally lost.

  23. The media said that Obama just couldn’t negotiate with Iraq re: Status of forces agreement…Poor thing. He just had to walk away with our troops.

    Yet, he has figured out how to negotiate with the Taliban in the bergdahl swap, Cuba, and ongoing secret negotiations with the world’s largest sponsor of terror, Iran.

    Who are they fooling???

  24. oldsailor82 — I agree that Netanyahu probably is not going to reveal anything he knows about who and what Obama really is. On the other hand, if it means saving Israel, we might be surprised. And HonorFirst, I got started at the TexasDarling site, too. She was Anti-Obama but a Hillary supporter–more a middle of the road Democrat. I think she was terribly disappointed when Hillary backed down from Obama and opted for Secretary of State. There was foul play in the Democratic primary. And then there has been foul play ever since. I personally do not believe the last Presidential election was on the up and up. There is no way Republicans won overwhelmingly both houses of Congress but not the Presidency. Not that many people would split their ticket to vote for Obama and a Republican Congress. It makes no sense at all. The “fixers” couldn’t rig the congressional vote because there are too many to manage. But they could fix the vote for one office: the Presidency. (The other thing, there were so many irregularities, such as precincts where Obama got 100% and Romney not even one vote??? And precincts where there were more votes than registered voters?) I conclude we have a shadow government and no real press. The press might as well be Orwell’s Ministry of Truth. In fact, that is what the FCC is proving to be under Obama.

  25. JerusalemOnLine has an article about Netanyahu going to the Western Wall to pray in preparation for his visit to Congress. Also, Egypt has declared Hamas a terrorist organization. That new Egyptian leader has a lot of chutzpah. God bless him. Will Obama ever call Hamas a terrorist organization? Or does he see himself as one of their brothers?

  26. You can find Gingrich’s CPAC speech on google with CSPAN or youtube. Just search Gingrich CPAC 2015. It is a 23 minute video. I hope you can see it!

  27. For any who might be interested: As some of you at this site know, I am a student of the Bible Code. There are some interesting encryptions that come up in searches from time to time. One recent “find” concerns the 10th of Nisan, the day Jesus cursed the fig tree. This year it will be Monday, March 30th. These Biblical verses relate to encryptions concerning Obama’s removal and Biden becoming the 45th US President.

    “Hath the rain a father?
    Or who hath begotten these drops of dew? (1)
    For the cry is gone round about
    The borders of Moab, the howling thereof unto Eglaim (2)
    The altar goblet with the peg fastened (3)
    In a secure place will be removed–the brother of renown (4)
    And darkness will approach, twilight (5)
    As when harlots go forth to ply their trade
    Thus we wait upon the God of Salvation (6)
    Because one despised his birthright as Esau (7)
    And in his place shall stand up a vile person”

    (1) Job 38:28
    (2) Isaiah 15:8
    (3) Exodus 24:6; Isaiah 22:24-5
    (4) 1 Chronicles 8:7 (proper name)
    (5) Proverbs 7:9
    (6) Genesis 10:4 (proper name)
    (7) Genesis 25:34; Daniel 11:21

    Whatever the Divine Intent, may we find ourselves in line with His will.

  28. Biden is a sleazy idiot but I would be thrilled to see a change in the administration.
    God’s will, nothing more, nothing less, nothing else.

  29. DeanM…….
    Obviously you are beginning to see the real truth to what is going on in this world. …..in reality it is MASS anti Christianity in it’s rawest form. Virtually every war or police action that the US has ever been involved in has it’s roots in religous fervor. To see this requires close attention to the sequence of such events,as well as the magnitude and geography of each. This is something which I realised when I was still in HS so many decades ago. I have never stopped believing this. The beliefs of so many people all over the world, are false beliefs there is but ONE CREATOR…..not two or three……just ONE! Take a long look at humanity the world over what differences do you see in the human body? There are NO DIFFERENCES……except color. We are ALL exactly the same, but in the MINDS of many people lies various requiems in which a God is worshipped. Sadly it has all become so TWISTED,and otherwise perverted that every group of people now believe that their God is the only real God…..and therefore the followers of the phoney Gods,are also mentally defective and MUST BE KILLED. When you look back far enough in the events leading up to a war,it is usually because of people who feel like they need to conquer the PHONEY PEOPLE of another country. They believe that they are SUPERIOR to all other people on earth. This showed up again in the the late stages of WW1,and continued to strengthen to the Nazis in the early 1930s. While the reality is the Jew had nothing do do with Hitlers agenda he used the Jews as pawns to justify his mentally twisted need to RULE THE WORLD……….with his MASTER RACE……the NAZI SUPERMEN. But they were still human irregardless of their physical strengths,or mentality……and alas look where all of “DER SUPERMEN” ARE NOW. As I said human kind is what it is the world over,but what lurks in the minds of these people is a cat of a far different color,and the infections of their minds poisons their ability to reason as humans,and soon another war begins.
    All I am saying is that the human mind can easily be perverted, and so twisted as to believe that UP is DOWN,and once that happens, it is not long until we are involved in another war. We are seeing such perversion NOW,and at an unprecedented rate. LIE AFTER LIE by our so called leader,has and is further twisting the minds of thousands of Americans who no longer have the ability to discern right from wrong. While I believe in God,I also believe that God helps he who helps himself. So for those who don’t believe in God,….don’t ask for help from him if you don’t believe in him. In actuality he dwells in all of us. The Muslims follow a FALSE prophet. Their minds have been poisoned to believe that up is down,and now that is CEMENTED in place. There is only one way left for humanity to survive what is happening……….we must destroy the infection,and those who are irreversibly infected,along with those who use it to CONTROL others on earth.
    I have come to the conclusion that there is several generations of Americans who no longer have the ability to see through phoney leadership, and their lies. Many younger Americans have never been taught how to REASON or use logic. Instead they were taught HATE,murder,and mayhem.In brief their mental quality has steadily diminished……and has been replaced with the California notion IF IT FEELS GOOD DO IT. I would hasten to add such a twisted notion is why so many Californians think and behave as they do. but, I hasten to add that across America there is a lot of people who CAN ,AND STILL DO think for themselves, and believe in themselves. Such people will hopefully become a nucleus which thousands of others who can think for themselves will join with,and expand until we have finally overcome the MIND TWISTING which goes on everywhere these days ,even in our universities. If humanity is to survive we must return to our God given ability to THINK,and REASON, for

  30. What if Iran puts their nukes in Cuba? I bet Obama will do nothing. And I bet this is what he wants. I doubt Netanyahu will out Obama, as the Democratic party would hate him forever. But he can tell us everything else he knows about the rat in the WH.

  31. Tina, my mind has been wandering lately re. O’s intent on seeing to it that Iran gets the bomb. Why is he pushing for it? Well, of course, the first thought is that he himself is Muslim. But does it go further than that? We already know that he has decimated our military, flooding America with illegals, and done everything else to bring us to our knees.

    Try this one on for size. What if someday Iran threatens to blow up several U.S. cities with nukes, or else? Would O use this as an excuse to set up the U.S. as a caliphate to capitulate and avoid annihilation? Think about it. This man is absolutely evil and will stop at nothing, imho.

  32. Old Sailor,
    Always good to read what you are thinking about! My attention has been quite divided lately, in that there are plans being worked out for a good friend to come and live with me. This is going to be a positive development for both of us. She needs a home and I need a helper. (Pssst – She has five doggies, but we’ve already worked all of it out. My Max will have to get accustomed to big changes, but gradually, of course.)

  33. CabbyAZ…..
    As most people here at CW most likely have figured out by now I am a SIMPLE person,and I love SIMPLICITY…….which must also show exactness as well. I also try very hard to get the thought in my mind across with my simple command of grammar.(NOT EASY!). I am not making excuses for my lack of a formal education, rather I am trying simply to EXPRESS MYSELF in such a way that everyone has a clear view into my thoughts.. That is the long and the short of how,and what I believe in.
    Glad to hear that you will finally have some company. Aging never stops,and there comes a time when everything finally compounds itself into an overwhelming force. So far I have been able to stave off the effects,but I know it is happening to me as well. I am not the world’s most physically healthy person,but I like to think that I still possess my faculties.(That of course is by my own yardstick.). Hope you are able to deal with the coming KENNEL. I have TWO (little people) here. They are almost more than we can handle…….but I dearly love both of them as if they were my own flesh and blood.

  34. citizenwells

    Another Orwellian example:

    ” For example, almost half — 49 percent — of non-Latinos who heard a negative radio clip thought Hispanics take jobs away from Americans, whereas 33 percent of those who heard a positive radio story thought the same.”


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