Janet Yellen February 24, 2015 semi annual monetary policy testimony, Humphrey-Hawkins, Yellen speaking to Hispanics?, Labor market improved further second half last year and early 2015?, For Whom?, Yellen correct about part time jobs

Janet Yellen February 24, 2015 semi annual monetary policy testimony, Humphrey-Hawkins, Yellen speaking to Hispanics?, Labor market improved further second half last year and early 2015?, For Whom?, Yellen correct about part time jobs

“Of the approx. 6 million new employments since Obama took office in January 2009, 4,511,000, 75 percent, were Hispanic/Latino!”…Citizen Wells

“Over the last six months, of the net job creation, 97 percent of that is part-time work,”…Keith Hall, former BLS chief

“Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”…George Orwell, “1984″


Janet Yellen, as I write this, is giving her semi annual monetary policy, Humphrey-Hawkins, testimony.

Is she on drugs?

Or is she addressing primarily Hispanics?

From the transcript.

“The labor market improved further during the
second half of last year and into early 2015,
and labor market conditions moved closer to
those the Federal Open Market Committee
(FOMC) judges consistent with its maximum
employment mandate. Since the middle of last
year, monthly payrolls have expanded by about
280,000, on average, and the unemployment
rate has declined nearly ½ percentage point
on net. Nevertheless, a range of labor market
indicators suggest that there is still room for
improvement. In particular, at 5.7 percent, the
unemployment rate is still above most FOMC
participants’ estimates of its longer-run
normal level, the labor force participation rate
remains below most assessments of its trend,
an unusually large number of people continue
to work part time when they would prefer
full-time employment, and wage growth has
continued to be slow.”

Click to access 20150224_mprfullreport.pdf

Reported at Citizen Wells February 24, 2015.

“There are numerous variations of the AP January 2015 jobs report from around February 7, 2015.

The Greensboro News Record regurgitated their own version in print. I could not find an online version so the print edition is provided in full below.

The News Record has been diligent in fact checking the employment data and record of the NC Republicans in power but when it comes to Obama and the national economy, anything goes.

I am disappointed that instead of fact checking the AP article and presenting the truth, they regurgitated it.”

“First lie/inaccuracy: There were 3 million not 3.2 million more people working since last January.

Error of omission: Over 1.3 million of those gains in employment in the last year went to Hispanic/Latinos.”

“Of the approx. 6 million new employments since Obama took office in January 2009, 4,511,000 were Hispanic/Latino!

We have barely, if at all,  recovered all of the jobs lost during the recession and 75% of the job growth went to Hispanic/Latinos!!

The large numbers of young people entering the labor force are the reason that the percent of population working has dropped under Obama. I will examine this more in detail and report soon.

Approx. 9 million people net have entered the population counted by the BLS for employment population since Obama took office. That is the people turning 16 years old subtracted by deaths. That is the reason for the increase in those not in the labor force, not baby boomers as some would have you believe.

There was an increase of over 12 million not in the labor force since Obama took office.”

““The labor market was about the last thing to recover from the Great Recession, and in the last six months it has picked up steam,”
There were approx. 1.8 more people employed in the last 6 months. 50 percent of those, approx. 900,000, were Hispanic/Latino.”


If you are Hispanic, especially an illegal alien, you are doing well in this Obama economy.



19 responses to “Janet Yellen February 24, 2015 semi annual monetary policy testimony, Humphrey-Hawkins, Yellen speaking to Hispanics?, Labor market improved further second half last year and early 2015?, For Whom?, Yellen correct about part time jobs

  1. “The Big Lie: 5.6% Unemployment”

    “Here’s something that many Americans — including some of the smartest and most educated among us — don’t know: The official unemployment rate, as reported by the U.S. Department of Labor, is extremely misleading.

    Right now, we’re hearing much celebrating from the media, the White House and Wall Street about how unemployment is “down” to 5.6%. The cheerleading for this number is deafening. The media loves a comeback story, the White House wants to score political points and Wall Street would like you to stay in the market.”


  2. OT, but this is for SueK –

    Watters Asks Bostonians How They’re Enjoying Global Warming


  3. bringing forward from previous post:

    Last night on Watter’s World, Jesse Watters was in Boston interviewing people on the street. You could see the 7 feet of snow all around with most having shovels in hand. I was surprised to hear the majority of those interviewed bashed the global warming issues, liberal politics, etc. He said most Bostonians speak their minds regardless.
    One person he interviewed said that with all this snow they were getting, Elizabeth Warren aka liawatha, fauxcohantas was now claiming to be half Eskimo.

    Too funny!

  4. Ah, sorry Jonah, didnt realize that last remark watters made to o’reilly was in that clip.

  5. Here is a recent video from Project Veritas, James O’Keefe

  6. Usurper vetoed Keystone.

  7. BOB….hello my friend

    Did you expect anything else from that traitor?

    Anything that will help America and her citizens, you can automatically expect him to veto…..

    The Daily Caller reports: “Despite the unambiguous Feb. 16 injunction from a federal judge, President Barack Obama said he will press ahead with his plans to launch his unpopular unilateral amnesty.”

    But hold your horses… there’s more: Senators John McCain and Marco Rubio… apparently oblivious to Obama’s defiance of the court order just said that they would consider funding Obama’s unconstitutional and dictatorial amnesty decree.

    ‘Oh well… you know… the court told him he couldn’t do it, so we’ll go ahead and fund it anyway – since he can’t do it – we can at least say we’re getting things done in Washington.’

    Note the two biggest crooks in Washington are in support of his actions….McCain and Rubio….

  9. oldsoldier79 | February 24, 2015 at 5:35 pm
    Note the two biggest crooks in Washington are in support of his actions….McCain and Rubio….
    Forget their oaths to the Constitution, they’re just pandering for the Latino vote in their respective states, where there are plenty of them.

    Not one mention of the illegal alien usurper in the White House, trying to grant himself amnesty, and forgiveness for his forgery crimes.

  10. Jonah | February 24, 2015 at 10:56 am |

    Thanks, Jonah; these be my peeps 🙂

    I would like a personal audience with Algore, provide him with a shovel, and have him clean up the 6 feet of global warming in my back yard. That should provide him with a little inconvenient truth.

    I called my lawn guy yesterday just to discuss weeds. Which we may never see again. Along with the lawn. I was not able to console him.

  11. SueK,
    Global warming will be reversed just by the savings in reduced burning of lawn mower gas. Probably won’t have to mow until July.

  12. Where is Al Gore? What’s up with Gore and Calderon?

    Al Gore: Spend $90 Trillion To Ban Cars From Every Major City In The World

    Former Vice President Al Gore and former Mexican President Felipe Calderon are pushing for $90 trillion in spending to ban cars from every major city in the world and make them more dense.

    Gore and Calderon presented a report from the Global Commission on the Economy & Climate (GCEC) and argued that fighting global warming will require making cities more compact and wholly reliant on public transit. This is the only way to make sure urban areas don’t contribute to global warming, the two politicians argued.

    Calderon and Gore argued that $90 trillion is going to be spent anyways in the coming decades upgrading cities around the world. They argue that it should be spent on making cities more climate friendly.

    “The mistake we made in Mexico was to let cities develop however they want, and it’s a mess,” Calderon told Business Insider.

    GCEC’s study says that “more compact, better-connected cities with strong mass transit systems will help policy-makers tackle these pressing challenges. Such cities are more productive, socially inclusive, resilient, cleaner, quieter and safer.”

  13. hapnHal | February 24, 2015 at 9:52 pm |
    AlGore must have told Calderon that America would pay their share.

  14. Monday, February 23, 2015
    A storm erupted in America – especially on the left of the political spectrum – following the assertion by former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani that President Barack Hussein Obama does not love America.

    The leftist-dominated media that helped bring and sustain Obama in power was unsurprisingly enraged by this strong charge brought by a man who is widely known and loved for his powerfully patriotic conduct during the 9-11 disaster in New York.

    But is there a truth in what Giuliani says?

    For twenty years, the young Barack Obama sat under the virulent and revolutionary anti-American teachings of his preferred pastor, Jeremy Wright, who even dared use his pulpit to shout: “God damn America.” Obama never walked out to demonstrate his revulsion of such hatred, and his wife Michelle later remarked, upon his election as the first black man to the presidency: “This is the first day that I can say I love this nation.”

    We know from United States history that it is not a new thing that people who attained to high positions in government were later found to have used their influence to serve the very nations that were at war, or loggerheads, with America.

    Alger Hiss, who acquired senior status in the State Department, is just one of many that could be mentioned here. Back then the leftist-infected media’s first response to the suspicions about Hiss was to heap scorn and ridicule on the man who suggested them, Whittaker Chambers. In the end what Chambers claimed was proven true, and Hiss was found to be an agent of the Soviet Union. Before that verdict was reached, however, as Chambers tells in his book, “Witness,” the press had virtually destroyed his credibility.

    It is precisely this media weapon that has been turned on all who, out of true love for their American nation, have dared question Obama’s loyalty to the foundational and direction-giving Judeo-Christian principles that have placed the United States in its distinctive and powerful position in our world.

    Ridicule is the name of this weapon, and it is encased in this kind of outrage: “How can you be so stupid and mistaken as to insinuate that our black president is anything but a true lover and servant of those things that brought unique blessings to our land? You must be mad! How dare you?”

    Derision is indeed an effective bludgeon, and it has been used ad infinitum by many of those who have helped bring Obama to his position, and who have assisted and defended him at all costs – a cost that may one day well become totally unbearable for most Americans.

    For revolutionaries who have been at war with many of the very principles underpinning our exceptionally blessed America – revolutionaries who, as Obama boasted in his election speeches, want to help him “to basically transform America” – ridicule is the “most powerful weapon.” So writes Saul Alinsky, one of Obama’s favorite mentors, in “Rules for Radicals” – a book dedicated to Lucifer, whom the Bible describes “as the destroyer of nations.”)

    And let’s be honest, it has worked – this ridicule by so many of the left-leaning pundits who control most our media outlets.

    Whether the Fast and Furious gun-running, the debacle in Benghazi, the Internal Revenue Service’s unlawful harassment of mainly conservative pro-American, pro-Israel groups and organizations, the birth certificate issue questioning where Obama was truly born – those raising these issues were treated with the same scorn as that leveled at all critical claims against the Obama presidency.

    Was he indeed a Muslim, who loved ISLAM more than he loved the Americans who chose him as their president? This suggestion, naturally, was ridiculed in exactly the same way: “How could anyone even suggest such stupidity?” This despite the occasions when Obama – usually in the presence of other Muslims – called himself a Muslim!!!

    Now, some of these reported allegations – though always denied and ridiculed by the men and women around Obama and often by doggedly faithful media outlets – are serious indeed. Let us name some of them, and mention the possible outcomes if they were proven true.

    Richard Nixon was impeached for lying and covering up his men’s Watergate break-in. Unlike with Benghazi, there were no American deaths involved, yet Nixon was removed from power. His crime was far less serious than those that have been allegedly committed during Obama’s presidency.

    If, as has been researched and stated by many, it is eventually found to have been true that Obama was born in Mombasa, Kenya and not in Hawaii, his whole presidency will have to be rendered illegal, his oath at his Supreme Court inauguration as president a fallacy – for as both men must have known, while swearing to faithfully uphold the US constitution, he trespassed it by belying his place of birth on the very day of his oath!!

    When Donald Trump, one of the few courageous men who challenged Obama and dared him to prove his place of birth, offering him five million dollars if he could, the American president ridiculed Trump and it worked!! That the “original” birth certificate later released by Obama’s White House was definitely a forgery was brilliantly by (among others) the eminent lawyer Richard R. Silverlieb. Here is his account:

    For all you “anti-Fox News” folks, none of this information came from Fox. All of it can be verified from legitimate sources (Wikipedia, the Kapiolani hospital website itself, and a good history book, as noted herein). It is very easy for someone to check out.
    Four Simple Questions:
    1. Back in 1961, people of color were called ‘Negroes.’ So how can the Obama ‘birth certificate’ state he is “African-American” when the term wasn’t even used at that time?

    2. The birth certificate that the White House released lists Obama’s birth as August 4, 1961 and lists Barack Hussein Obama as his father. No big deal, right? At the time of Obama’s birth, it also shows that his father is aged 25 years old, and that Obama’s father was born in “Kenya , East Africa,” This wouldn’t seem like anything of concern, except the fact that Kenya did not even exist until 1963, two whole years after Obama’s birth, and 27 years after his father’s birth. How could Obama’s father have been born in a country that did not yet exist? Up and until Kenya was formed in 1963, it was known as the “British East Africa Protectorate”. Check it out > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kenya_ & http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kenya

    3. On the birth certificate released by the White House, the listed place of birth is “Kapi’olani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital”. This cannot be, because the hospital(s) in question in 1961 were called “KauiKeolani Children’s Hospital” and “Kapi’olani Maternity Home”, respectively. The name did not change to Kapi’olani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital until 1978, when these two hospitals merged. How can this particular name of the hospital be on a birth certificate dated 1961 if this name had not yet been applied to it until 1978? CHECK IT OUT: http://http/http/www.kapiolani.org/women-and-children/about-us/default.aspx (http://www.kapiolani.org/women-and-children/about-us/default.aspx)

    Why hasn’t this been discussed in the major media ?

    4. Perhaps a clue comes from Obama’s book on his father. He states how proud he is of his father fighting in WW II. I’m not a math genius, so I may need some help from you. Barack Obama’s “birth certificate” says his father was 25 years old in 1961 when Obama was born. That should have put his father’s date of birth approximately 1936-if my math holds (Honest! I did that without a calculator!!!) Now we need a non-revised history book-one that hasn’t been altered to satisfy the author’s goals-to verify that WW II was basically between 1939 and 1945. Just how many 3 year olds fight in Wars? Even in the latest stages of WW II his father wouldn’t have been more than 9 years old.

    Does that mean that Mr. Obama is a liar, or simply chooses to alter the facts to satisfy his imagination or political purposes?

    Very truly yours,
    RICHARD R. SILVERLIEB Attorney at Law
    Livingston , NJ 07039


  15. Retired Admiral says any thinking American should see Obama strategy: It’s anti-American, it’s pro-Islamic, and pro-Muslim Brotherhood

    Read more: Family Security Matters http://www.familysecuritymatters.org/#ixzz3SkARjLqo

  16. When ‘Weather’ turns to ‘Climate’ February 25, 2015 It’s happening right now. More


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