US Economy on verge of collapse?, Workers not buying labor market’s recovery, Forget unemployment rate, Record low labor force participation rates, WV drops below 50 percent, National debt exceeds GDP

US Economy on verge of collapse?, Workers not buying labor market’s recovery, Forget unemployment rate, Record low labor force participation rates, WV drops below 50 percent, National debt exceeds GDP

“Over the last six months, of the net job creation, 97 percent of that is part-time work,”…Keith Hall, former BLS chief

“The number of persons employed part time for economic reasons (sometimes referred to as involuntary part-time workers) was little changed in September at 7.1 million. These individuals, who would have preferred full-time employment, were working part time because their hours had been cut back or because they were unable to find a full-time job.”…US Labor Dept. September 2014

“Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”…George Orwell, “1984″



I am an optimist by nature and I love and believe in this country.

I have heard Rush Limbaugh echo this attitude.

A friend recently asked me what I thought about the prospects for this country in 2015.

I paused for a moment and said I could not see much good.

The realist in me, the mathemetician, the businesman and the person paying close attention to facts, is very concerned about the US Economy.

For starters, the US debt, which exceeds the GDP, is a concern.

We are at best case scenario debt interest rates now and we are not paying down the debt and instead are rapidly adding to it. The interest service on this debt will increasingly be a burden on our budgets and economy.

The employment situation in this country is scary.

Record numbers have dropped out of the labor force and consequently record number are receiving government assistance.

Forget the unemployment rate. If you remove enough people from the labor force you will achieve full employment and a low unemployment rate. We have that scenario now. In fact one state, West Virginia, has a labor force participation rate below 50 percent yet the unemployment rate is 6.3 percent.

See what I mean?

Old Abe Lincoln once said “you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”

From Market Watch January 14, 2015.

“The only state where less than half its civilians work”

“West Virginia quietly passed the ignominious milestone of having less than half of its adult, civilian population in the workforce in November.

State data compiled by the Labor Department shows that West Virginia’s civilian labor participation rate has fallen to 49.8%, from 50% in October. The national rate in December was 62.7%.

The Mountain State is the only state in the history of the series, which goes back to 1976, to have fallen below 50%, though Mississippi at 50.8% isn’t far behind.

See interactive map of participation and unemployment rates.

The troubles that have befallen West Virginia have been well publicized, notably the diminished demand for coal.

At 6.3%, West Virginia doesn’t have close to the worst state unemployment rate, with Mississippi, California and Rhode Island each having jobless rates above 7%, and 11 other states with unemployment rates in the 6% range that are worse. But it’s a state where many have given up trying to find a job.”

Read more:

From Market Watch January 13, 2015.

“Workers not buying labor market’s recovery”

“The U.S. labor market had a strong 2014 — the economy added the most jobs since 1999 and the unemployment rate fell, according to government data released last week.

But a Tuesday report hinted that workers don’t completely believe in the solidity of the recovery, with many still wary of quitting their jobs.”

“One trend that workers may find encouraging is the drop in competition for jobs. There were about 9 million unemployed people in November, translating to 1.8 potential job seekers per opening, the narrowest ratio since January 2008, early in the recession.

“In a stronger economy, the ratio would be smaller, but we are definitely moving in the right direction,” Gould said.”

Read more:

Jobs, jobs, jobs being added.

Many of these jobs are low paying and part time.

From Market Watch January 15, 2015.

“More job openings, but many of them are low-paying”

“The job openings and labor turnover survey has been attracting increasing attention from economists lately – both because Fed Chair Janet Yellen has called it one of her favorite indicators of the U.S. labor market’s health, and because recently it’s been signaling some real signs of strength in the long-feeble American job-creation scene.

As with much employment data, however, the headline results of this gauge – which measures the nation’s job openings, hirings, and voluntarily and involuntary job separations – tell a happier story than the details. In fact, industry-by-industry JOLTS figures add to the evidence that too many of the jobs and job opportunities being created during the current still-disappointing recovery are in sectors where wages can barely support individual workers, much less working families.”

“Based on these aggregate figures, it looks like good news that professional and business services accounted for 27.2% of the growth of job openings from January-November 2013 to January-November 2014.

But inside this part of the economy is a big group of very low-wage industries called the administrative and support services sector. Its jobs accounted for nearly 46% of all profession and business services jobs in September. The call-center workers, employment-office staffers, janitors, landscapers, waste collectors, and security guards who belong to this category make much less per hour ($7.83 in November) than the lawyers, architects, management consultants, computer systems designers, engineers, and scientific researchers who also come under the professional and business service heading.

Yet the JOLTS data doesn’t show how many openings were created in this industry’s very lucrative segments and in its much less lucrative segments.

If, however, low-wage professional and business service sectors generated a proportionate percentage of total job openings, the low-wage share of these opportunities would stand at nearly one-third as of November. And closer examination of other major employment categories, like health care, educational services, and social assistance; and the miscellaneous services category, would reveal other large low-wage sub-sectors.”

Read more:

All of the above reports were from Market Watch.

You can bet that if they are reporting at this level of negativity, the reality is much worse.





34 responses to “US Economy on verge of collapse?, Workers not buying labor market’s recovery, Forget unemployment rate, Record low labor force participation rates, WV drops below 50 percent, National debt exceeds GDP

  1. How is all the HOPEY CHANGEY treating you these days? Now VJ was on tv tonight telling everybody how much small business will benefit from PAYING FOR an employee’s sick time. She is a totally twisted MORON. In short it will help finish off what few small businesses remain .When their PROFITABILITY IS GONE SO ARE THEY. Those who remain in business will be only ONE PERSON VENTURES, and they will adjust their annual business income to EXCLUDE EMPLOYEES…….but most will most likely close up. Especially those who need high volume to earn a profit. It is really tough and very expensive to achieve high volume without employees. I personally think that before much more time passes we will see at least another few million people UNEMPLOYED, after which only about 1/3 of America’s population will be employed……….and then only day by day, as was the case for millions during the great depression. The average hourly wage for unskilled labor in those days was .50 cents per hour.

  2. ……When a product of a company can no longer compete in the marketplace either it is discontinued or the company goes out of business .HEY MZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.VJ TRY THAT ON FOR SIZE!

  3. ……….The saddest part of all of the unemployment,is that the largest portion of Americas workforce is SKILLED HOURLY EMPLOYEES. I personally believe that our professional,or white collar workforce is nowhere as large as our BLUE COLLAR workforce, but the skilled blue collar workforce is just as important,if not even MORE IMPORTANT than the white collar workforce.When the blue collar unemployment reaches only 50% there will be hell to pay in America. If the blue collar unemployment reaches 70% we will be facing CATASTROPHIC CONDITIONS, and there will be near armageddon, in our streets. Thousands will perish as each day passes……thanks to the MORONS who are running the country.

  4. What Is something going on behind closed doors?? I don’t have a good feeling. Is the bubble about to burst?

    CIA insider Warns: “25 Year Great Depression is About to Strike America”

    Comment: Something to think about.

  5. Pelosi to Name Muslim to House Intelligence Committee

    Rep. Andre Carson (D-IN) was the one indicated by Pelosi to be named to the position in her weekly caucus meeting.

    Carson, only the second Muslim to be elected to Congress, represents the seventh district of Indiana.

    This news comes on the heels of last week’s Islamic jihad attacks in France, not by radical Muslims, but by those following the Koran and the teachings of the founder of Islam, Mohammad. Does anyone in their right mind think this is a good idea?

    What’s important to note is who Carson is and what he has promoted.

    This is the same man who stated that the Tea Party would “love” to see black Americans “hanging on a tree.” That’s actually closer to those of his own party, who promote the genocide of blacks in America via abortion.

    He is also the same congressman who said that the American public school system should be modeled after Islamic madrassas and use the Koran as their foundation.

    “America will never tap into educational innovation and ingenuity without looking at the model that we have in our madrassas, in our schools, where innovation is encouraged and where the foundation is the Koran,” he said. “America must understand that she needs Muslims.”

    Is this really a man that we want on a United States House Intelligence Committee? Really? I think not, but apparently it doesn’t matter to those in the federal government as they have been installing these lovers of Sharia in key positions of national security for some time now. I believe it’s past time to clean out Washington and decentralize government, ridding us of its corruption and tyranny.

  6. hapnHal.
    I have been thinking about it.

  7. “Industrial Production Drops By Most In 11 Months (After Biggest Surge Since 2010)”


    The Rev. Al Sharpton was left fuming mad after the Oscars revealed its all-white list of nominees for this year’s Oscar awards on Thursday.

    “The movie industry is like the Rocky Mountains, the higher you get, the whiter it gets,” Sharpton quipped in a statement released later in the afternoon.

    Sharpton, a critic of the lack of diversity in Hollywood, also announced he was holding an “emergency meeting” next week to address the issue.

    “I have called an emergency meeting early next week in Hollywood with the task force to discuss possible action around the Academy Awards,” he said

    The Rev. Al Sharpton was left fuming mad after the Oscars revealed its all-white list of nominees for this year’s Oscar awards on Thursday.

    “The movie industry is like the Rocky Mountains, the higher you get, the whiter it gets,” Sharpton quipped in a statement released later in the afternoon.

    Sharpton, a critic of the lack of diversity in Hollywood, also announced he was holding an “emergency meeting” next week to address the issue.

    “I have called an emergency meeting early next week in Hollywood with the task force to discuss possible action around the Academy Awards,” he said
    The Reverend Al looks like a ‘walking corpse’ and in my opinion should change his doctors… fact he looks like a typical case of aids…..but that’s just my opinion.

    I did say last week when the nominees were announced and they were an “all white cast” that Sharpton would be making a noise.

    And he is…..personally, I would rather hear a cow fart.

  9. Maybe if the black people were smart enough to make a movie that the ‘white people’ would go see….they would get some nominations….do you ‘reckon’?

    So Sharpton…..go to the pasture and listen to the cows fart… might learn something.

    And stop complaining so damn much…..I hate to hear a grown man cry !

  10. your enemy is located……..HERE

    to be forewarned is to be forearmed…….

  11. oldsoldier79……..
    The Muslim that Mzzzzzzzzzzzzz.Pelosi is going to appoint to the special committee is Andre Carson from Indiana. He is a total moron, whose understanding of reality and the American way is less than 10%. I seriously doubt the sincerity of his political intent. Watch him CLOSELY. Never lose sight of him.

  12. oldsailor82……good morning my friend…I hope things are well with you today.

    It seems like America is full of morons here lately… a result of our non-teaching schools and our complacent government…….but there is one bright light this morning in Indy……..

    At least you don’t have any Muslim training camps, so far (so far as the above map shows)…… your state…..

    and speaking of Mzzzzzzzzz Pelosi …she’s as dumb or dumber that the Muslim she appointed to the Intelligence committee…..kind of reminds me of ……’monkey see, monkey do’………

    I hate tree huggers, but I would rather hug a ‘tree hugger’ than get within fifty feet of her……

  13. France,UK,Netherlands,Belgium,Germany,Italy all now have Muslim populations,which is growing at unprecedented rates,and the SICK,twisted leadership of our country refuses to close the door. Look at what France and in the last few days Belgium has experienced which could just as easily be done in the US tomorrow. The retired Secret Service agent had it exactly right when he stated that what is going on is 1000 times more serious than anybody has yet imagined. Yet very few people have bothered to even take notice. Once again Gruber is right.

  14. Cow farts are sounding better and better.

  15. “Despite Dismal Retail Sales, US Consumer Are The Most Exuberant In 10 Years”


  17. Simplest answer would be that Barrack Obama is actually a Muslim and has no love for the United States and the free enterprise system or our Constitution.
    Occam’s Razor? A problem solving principle devised by William of Ockham, a logician in the 14th century and is still used today. In its simplest form, it states,
    “When you have competing theories that make exactly the same predictions, the simpler one is the better.”
    Now, lets ask the questions,

    Why would Obama continue to release dangerous terrorist prisoners from Guantanamo Bay, when the world is at war with Islamic terrorism?
    Why Does President Obama and his administration refuse to call the attacks by terrorists, Islamic terrorism?
    Why would President Obama tell the world, “the future does not belong to those who slander Mohammed?”
    Why would President Obama refuse to secure our borders when terrorists are able to easily enter the U.S from our Southern border?
    Why, in this atmosphere of Islamic terrorism, would President Obama actually increase the number of visas offered to Muslim countries? Visas that once offered are not tracked, allowing applicants to settle in our country undetected?
    Why are known members of terrorist organizations allowed to keep their United States passports?
    Why does President Obama continue to ignore the dangerous tactical and ideological convergence between the Islamic State terrorists and Boko Haram?
    Why has President Obama continued to support the false narrative that al Qaeda has been decimated while they have claimed responsibility for the recent massacre in France?
    Why would President Obama, a self-proclaimed Christian claim, in a perfect Arabic accent, that the “Islamic Call to prayer at sunset is one of the prettiest sounds on Earth?”
    Why would President Obama bow to King Abdullah, a Muslim, yet not to Queen Elizabeth, a Christian?
    Why does President Obama seem so intent on criticizing Netanyahu and Israel?

    Let’s look at some facts regarding Barrack Obama’s past connections.

    Obama’s grandfather, Hussein Onyango Obama (1895-1979) was a Muslim.
    Obama’s father, Barack Obama Sr. identified himself as a Muslim, but spent much of his adult life as an atheist.
    Obama’s stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, from Indonesia, practiced a form of Islam.
    Obama worked on the Developing Communities Project which was an organization based on tradition of Marxist Saul Alinsky.
    Obama had a fundraiser hosted by Bill Ayers who was part of the “Weather Underground,” labeled a domestic terrorist group by the FBI.
    Obama’s role model, Frank Marshall Davis (1905-1987) was a communist.
    Obama attended the church of Jeremiah Wright for 20 years.
    Reverend Wright said, the U.S. could not accept a black man as president of “this racist United States of America,” “the United States of White America,” and “the U.S. of KKK-A.*
    Oprah Winfrey, who joined Wright’s church in the mid-‘80s, eventually left in the early ‘90s. An article entitled “Something Wasn’t Wright”in the May 12, 2008, issue ofNewsweekexplains that she knew Wright’s rants were too radical for her fans. Interestingly, though Oprah endorsed Obama and helped catapult his books to the top of the bestseller lists, she declined to endorse him for 2012.*
    Obama never explicitly rejected the black power, anti-capitalist core of Wright’s teachings. That includes beliefs like Wright’s credo that “White folks’ greed runs the world in need.” For all Obama’s talk, he can’t claim to never have heard Wright say it. Obama titled his second book,The Audacity of Hope, after the very sermon where that line appears.*
    Candidate Obama’s declared intention to “spread the wealth around” echoed what he had absorbed at those Trinity sermons. Now President Obama’s thinking clearly shows the same imprint, as when he preaches that “at a certain point you’ve made enough money.”*
    Hillary Clinton—not John McCain—used Wright as a campaign issue against Obama.*
    Obama’s second book,The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts of Reclaiming the American Dream’s title was derived from a sermon by Obama’s former pastor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright.*
    Obama often mentioned the black sociologist Chancellor Williams’s jeremiad,The Destruction of Black Civilization, which argues that African civilization was destroyed by the acquisitiveness—the capitalist nature—of white European civilization. *
    Obama and wife Michelle were married in a ceremony in 1992 presided over by Reverend Jeremiah Wright.*
    Obama’s daughters, Malia Ann and Natasha were baptized by Reverend Jeremiah Wright.*
    Obama had a close relationship with Columbia professor Rashid Khalidi, who previously worked for the PLO, classified as a terrorist group by the State Department.
    Another Obama mentor, Tony Rezko is now serving a 10-year federal prison sentence on convictions of fraud and bribery.
    Rezko and his Arab-American business associates donated hundreds of thousands of dollars too Obama’s campaign.
    Khalid al-Mansour, an activist and outspoken enemy of Israel, was the key backer for Obama and his acceptance into Harvard. At the time he recommended Obama to Harvard, al-Mansour was representing top members of the Saudi Royal family seeking to exert influence in the United States. He was also advising Prince Alwaleed, the nephew of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, who offered $10 million to rebuild Manhattan after 9/11. Mayor Giuliani refused the money because Alwaleed made public statements saying U.S. policies contributed to the 9/11 attack.
    Sen. John McCain publicly chastised The Los Angeles Times for not releasing a videotape the newspaper said it possessed of a 2003 dinner for Khalidi, where Obama reportedly accused Israel of carrying out a “genocide” against the Palestinians.
    Obama had close ties with Louis Farrakhan, top deputy of the Nation of Islam. In Farrakhan’s own words, he said of Obama,“we had an open line between us to discuss policy and strategy either directly or through intermediaries.”
    Farrakhan has called Jews “bloodsuckers,” “satanic”and accused them of running the slave trade. He has labeled gays as “degenerates.”In a 2006 speech, the ADL again condemned Farrakhan when he said:“These false Jews promote the filth of Hollywood that is seeding the American people and the people of the world and bringing you down in moral strength. …It’s the wicked Jews the false Jews that are promoting lesbianism, homosexuality. It’s wicked Jews, false Jews that make it a crime for you to preach the word of God, then they call you homophobic!”
    Barrack and Michelle Obama attended several dinners of the AAAN (Arab American Action Network), whose Executive director was Hatem Abudayyeh. Hatem is on the White House logs attending policy briefings and his home was later raided by the FBI for ties to funding the Liberation of Palestine and other Middle Eastern terrorist groups.
    George Soros a Liberal Democratic billionaire donated over $1 million dollars to Obama’s campaign for President and it was recently discovered that he also gave over $33 million to fund the protestors and looters in Ferguson, MO.

    Is any of this starting to concern you? Are any of President Obama’s connections starting to answer the questions posed above? If not, they should.
    If we were to apply Occam’s Razor theory to the questions asked and the connections Obama has in his life, the simplest answer would be that Barrack Obama is actually a Muslim and has no love for the United States and the free enterprise system or our Constitution.
    The scariest fact here? All of these connections were well-known before 52% of Americans voted for Barack Obama!

  18. Bob, here is more fuel for the fire:

    Europe needs to better integrate Muslim communities: Obama –

    WASHINGTON (AFP) – Europe must do more to better integrate its Muslim communities, and not “simply respond with a hammer”, US President Barack Obama said Friday in the wake of last week’s terror attacks in France. –

    See more at:

  19. There is nothing provokes me quite as much when I hear conservative reporters speak of the rise in the economy and give no real figures to support their opinions.

    This idea of requiring businesses to give more sick time to employees could end up completely fracturing already fragile companies. Then their employees will be on perpetual sick leave, as there will be no jobs.

    This Valerie figure should be exposed for who she really is. Remember, she herself was categorized as a slum landlord in Chicagoland, and now she is practically running the U.S. government.

  20. cabbyaz | January 16, 2015 at 4:21 pm |

    Bob, here is more fuel for the fire:
    Hi cabbyaz,
    And this, from the usurper, as we learning about the “no go” areas in France, where Muslims control areas in France and self govern themselves. It must be code for something else illegal.

    He’s a fricking enemy usurper, plain and simple! The worst case scenario imaginable, and people won’t believe this is even possible, for a liar to fool the Citizens, and do what this criminal has done.

  21. cabbyaz.
    I agree.
    Conservative talk radio stations regurgitate the AP/media crap about the economy & don’t dig deeper or ask questions.
    The age of Orwell.

  22. More on…. Our Muslim President!!

    No, I cannot prove that Barack Obama is a Muslim, but a review of his public life from the days he was campaigning to be an Illinois Senator through his years as President have raised a lot of questions, including a notable slip of the tongue during a television interview when he referred to himself as a Muslim.

    During an interview with George Stephanopoulus, Obama said “John McCain has not talked about my Muslim faith” and Stephanopoulus, a former member of the Clinton administration, was quick to suggest to Obama that he meant to say his “Christian faith.” Oops!

    Not that Obama has made a secret of the fact that his father was a Muslim, his brother, or that his step-father was as well. In his youth when Obama lived in Indonesia he attended a Muslim madras, a school devoted to the faith. He has referred to the Muslim call to prayer as “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.” Indeed, he has recited its opening lines with a perfect Arabic accent saying “Allah is supreme. . .I witness that there is no god but Allah. . .”

    Obama surprised a lot of people when in London on April 9, 2009 he bowed deeply to the Saudi monarch, regarded as the protector of Mecca and Medina, Islam’s two holy cities. No President had ever bowed in that manner to a foreign potentate and I hope never does again.

    Observers have pointed out that his wife, Michelle, does not accompany him to Muslim nations because Sharia law would require her to wear a head covering as the wife of a Muslim man in a Muslim nation. Others have noted that Muslims are forbidden to wear jewelry during Ramadan and during that Islamic holy month he has never been seen wearing his wedding ring or watch.

    Obama did not travel to Israel during his first term as President. It was not until March 2013 that he visited Israel and he has consistently displayed a lack of sympathy, if not enmity, toward Israel during both terms, opposing the construction of Israeli housing and suggesting it return to its 1967 borders, echoing the complaints and demands of Palestinians and others.

    It is true that Obama attended a Chicago church led by Rev. Jeremiah Wright who, in an interview, said that Obama “was steeped in Islam when he first met him” and that he “made it comfortable ” for Obama to accept Christianity without having to renounce his Islamic background. When Rev. Wright and his church became controversial in 2008, Obama publicly left it. Joining the church was, in his words, related to the fact that he was doing community organizing, often in Chicago churches, thus making a church membership a useful attribute.

    If there is a baptism certificate for Obama, it remains sealed from public view along with many comparable documents such as a certified copy of his original birth certificate. The one put forth by the White House has been debunked as a fraud by many document experts.

    The Kenya Connection –

    An Associated Press article was published on June 27, 2004 in the Kenyan Standard Times reporting that “Kenyan-born U.S. Senate hopeful, Barack Obama, appeared set to take over the Illinois Senate seat after his main rival, Jack Ryan, dropped out of the race on Friday night amid a furor over lurid sex club allegations.” During and after the campaign Obama did not deny having been born in Kenya until August 28, 2006 when his staff began to say he was born in Hawaii.

    Allen B.West, a former member of Congress and a columnist, has written “President Obama just cannot bring himself to say Islamist, jihadist, Islamic terrorism — nothing. It is still this Obama administration which classifies the Islamic jihadist attack at Ft. Hood Texas, and the barbaric beheading of an American woman in Moore Oklahoma, both as “workplace violence.”

    The events in France, the beheadings of Americans by the Islamic State, and comparable events have begun to arouse interest and concern over whether the President is in fact a Muslim.

    There is an Islamic doctrine known as “taqiyya” that permits Muslims to deny they are Muslim if it would be dangerous not to or to knowingly deceive infidels.

    Despite the two wars, Iraq and Afghanistan, in which the U.S. has sacrificed lives and money, Obama has pursued a policy of withdrawing our military presence, despite the fact that we have maintained our presence, for example, in South Korea since the 1950s and in Europe from the end of World War II. The result of the withdrawal from Iraq gave rise to the Islamic State and it is feared that a similar Taliban insurgency will begin as Afghanistan is left with too few military assets.

    Has it been lost on anyone that releasing terrorist prisoners, taken on the battlefield, from Guantanamo has resulted in an estimated third of them returning to the battlefield? He returned five top terrorist leaders from Afghanistan in return for an American soldier deemed to have been a deserter. He has made no secret of his desire to close down the facility.

    I hope that future historians don’t look back at our present time and conclude it was the worst of times to have a President so ardently devoted to Islam or a legion of other world leaders and media folk who refuse to identify the enemy as Muslim terrorists.

    No other American President has ever been so partial to Islam and Muslims as Obama and it is not beyond the reach of logic or the imagination that he too is a Muslim.

    What does mean for you or I? Well, just look at the way he is fighting ISIS, or rather, ignoring them.

  23. Bob Strauss Re 4:47PM
    …….and why do you suppose so many American college grads think Soetoro is really their God. Sadly the principle reason why this is happening,is because the DUMBED DOWN college grads are unable to see past the end of their noses. At the same time we are up against the American MORONS whose intelligence quotient doesn’t even go above 5……..the average quotient being about 110. Such people have about 3 words in their vocabulary “FU– YO MAMA”, so they are unable to even see ,read,or say much of anything intelligent. When you totalise all of these categories,it will take in a very large percentage of our population. Close to 50%. There are a hell of a lot of Americans who don’t even know that Soetoro,is NOT ELIGIBLE to hold the office of potus,in addition to the fact that they have no idea he is a Muslim,and in his OWN WORDS “I AM ONE OF THEM”(MUSLIM), even then Americans don’t get it! Gruber is RIGHT.

  24. America is already past the point of NO RETURN. The only thing that can save our country now is for all Christians the world over to unite as one,form the equivalent to the Roman Army, and DO WHAT IS NECESSARY to permanently rid the earth of the RADICAL,RAVING,LUNATICS, whose minds will NEVER accept the Christian faith,even to practice alongside of. They will NEVER ACCEPT PEACE. THEY ARE RAISED and steeped in HATE of all Christians on Earth. If the Christian people on earth stand aside and allow the FOAMING AT THE MOUTH RADICALS to take over, then they have signed their own death warrants. By waiting for God to intervene they will CEMENT their own DOOM…..”God helps he who HELPS HIMSELF”.

  25. hapnHal………
    …………while there may be no DOCUMENTARY proof that Soetoro is a Muslim, we have his OWN WORDS “I AM ONE OF THEM”. The subject was at the time he uttered those words……”MUSLIMS”. I will go so far as to say ” when the alleged GOOD Muslims rise up and clean out the RAVING LUNATIC,RADICALS, who walk among them they will CONTINUE to take the heat for everything that the BASTARDS of their society perpetrate. I would venture to say that they have a hell of a lot to lose,by NOT CLEANING HOUSE.

  26. hapnHal…….
    ……..and very soon the heat placed upon ALL MUSLIMS is going to increase exponentially…………they cannot take on the entire world without being erradicated from earth. So if there is any GOOD MUSLIMS out there you need to jump in because if you don’t you will have hell on earth to pay for what your radical friends are doing. Keep in mind your lives could soon become worse than HELL. ENJOY!

  27. Gee, did you hear the one about that group that has been “decimated” and “on the run” is now joining forces with that “JV team”?

    All I can say, at this point, is what difference does it make?

  28. World War 3 could easily be precipitated as a result of what is currently going on across Europe. I believe that it will soon be in the southern hemisphere as well, if it is not already there. We need massive retaliatory capability. The world saw what massive force is capable of when General Norman Schwartzfopf, attacked what everybody thought was an INVINCIBLE Army,The INVINCIBLE Army ran for cover,crying for their mommies! They threw down their weapons and even tried to surrender to passing airplanes, by the thousands. The Saddam camp was really surprised when they learned that over 100,000 of their BADA$$ES had been captured, and a lot more killed during DESERT STORM.

  29. …..all that will be needed to finish America off is for a person like Clint to become POTUS. At that point America will be DOOMED to destruction. Clint is a total MORON whose actions during her stint as SOS tells the story. The story is written on the wall. If you can read you will want to closely examine it, before you do any voting in 2016.Your vote for her could be the same as signing your own death warrant. But “What difference does it make”?

  30. Honor First……..
    Whether they are V,or JV they are one and the same. GOATLOVERS with stinking a$$ES, hard heads,and zero intelligence.

  31. BYE BYE…….Have a great day.

  32. Pingback: NC labor force participation rate plummets 5.3 percent since May 2008, Reason for unemployment rate drop, Reason for drop in claims, No more employees left to lay off, NC ninth most populous state | Citizen WElls

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