Atlanta CDC lab Ebola specimen handling error, Laboratory technician placed under observation for possible exposure, Lab specimen mix up, Ebola virus samples moved to lower security lab

Atlanta CDC lab Ebola specimen handling error, Laboratory technician placed under observation for possible exposure, Lab specimen mix up, Ebola virus samples moved to lower security lab

“Sooner or later someone in the US will come in contact with Ebola contagion & go undetected. They will then infect many others.”…Citizen Wells

“We are making this up as we go”…Dr. Michael Oserholm

“You can see that these doctors, who are highly trained people, got themselves infected,”
“So sending troops into an area, if they’re dealing one-on-one with a patient, they’re not going to be able to protect themselves very well. It’s not easy to [prevent transmission], because you get tired and you get careless and you make some simple mistakes. All it takes is one virus particle.”…Dr. Lee Hieb, former president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons


From Reuters December 25, 2014.

“CDC worker monitored for possible Ebola exposure in lab error”

“A laboratory technician for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been placed under observation for possible exposure to the deadly Ebola virus due to an apparent mix-up in lab specimens, the Atlanta-based agency said on Wednesday.

The technician, who was working on Monday with Ebola specimens that were supposed to have been inactivated but which may instead have contained live virus, will be monitored for signs of infection for 21 days, the disease’s incubation period, CDC officials said.

The error follows two high-profile cases of mishandled samples of anthrax and avian influenza at the CDC earlier this year that called into question safety practices at the highly respected research institute and drew criticism from Capitol Hill.”

“The problem occurred when active Ebola virus samples were believed to have been mixed up with specimens that had been rendered inactive for further testing in a lower-security lab down the hall, Reynolds said.

When inactivated specimens turned up the next day in storage, lab personnel realized that they apparently had transferred the wrong samples, ones that had contained active virus material, out of the higher-security lab, Reynolds said.

CDC officials could not be certain because the material in question had by then been destroyed and the lower-security lab decontaminated under routine safety procedures, she said.

The technician who handled the samples had worn protective gloves and a gown but not a face mask, she said. Ebola virus is not airborne. In a lab environment, it could be transmitted from a contaminated surface through physical contact that spreads the virus to the eyes, nose or mouth of an individual.”

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  1. “Do not forget Murphy’s Law.

    “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.”

    It is true.

    As I have stated before, there are 2 extremes of reactions to the Ebola Virus.

    Panic and over confidence.

    The responses so far have been closer to the latter.”

  2. Merry Christmas

  3. Never trust the CDC…for anything!

  4. Present: Sheriff Joe Arpaio & Attorney Larry
    Klayman Appeal Obama-Appointed Judge’s Ruling


  5. SueK | December 24, 2014 at 7:05 pm |

    bob strauss | December 24, 2014 at 5:13 pm |

    Hi Bob,

    Thanks, but there’s nothing ‘model’ about me! Imagine living in a country with no police or fire personnel. Sure, our taxes pay their salaries but any emergency responder will tell you that they’re in this line of work because they want to make a difference; it sure ain’t for the money!

    I just felt horrible for them when I saw vids of the protests against them in MO and NYC; made me sick! We know that this ‘administration’ is completely anti-police and couldn’t care less about them. That makes me sick, too.

    As is the case with our brave Veterans, I thank them for what they do every day, but it’s Christmas. It’s a special day. I just wanted them to know that.

    Merry Christmas!

    I have been thinking about this effort by the usurper, to downgrade the Police, and the Military, by people coming all the way from the White House.

    I think it is a plan, to replace all police, with the usurper’s Homeland security force, under his control of course. He wants a force as strong as and as well funded as the military, like Hitler. Then he believes he will have
    complete control over all Americans.

    If he ruins the police, and downgrades the military, he will make it easier for a takeover by his brown shirts.

  6. The Black punks in Berkley, Ferguson, etc are the scums that Barry let out of prison. I for get what they are calling them selves and believe me the money is coming from some where.

  7. bob strauss | December 25, 2014 at 5:35 pm |

    Merry Christmas, Bob!

    I’ve been thinking about that ‘civilian national security force’ all along. When I originally saw that clip, ‘uh oh’ was the first thing that popped into my head.

    The question is: We have the police, emergency personnel, National Guard and the best military in the world; why would we need anything else?

    Brownshirts, yes.

    Apparently, we have not learned one thing from history…

  8. Bob Strauss……..

  9. …… for the PUNKS of our so called society, their stinking a$$es,lack of vocabulary,and education,will cause them to stack up like chordwood. When the battles start they will be caught in the CROSSFIRE!

  10. CW……..
    I believe that there are actually hundreds of cases of ebola within our borders. The treatment of this disease is now being kept secret. This is based upon a remark that was made on a FOX news broadcast awhile back by the doctor who is also a FOX contributor. He stated that many US hospitals are gearing up for treatment of such diseases, and it is probable that the overflow from Seirra Leone will most likely be brought to the US for treatment. These will be members of RICH FAMILIES,and the hospitals can really SOAK them. MAKES SENSE!

  11. ……..for profit hospitals could be getting ready to treat ebola victims at $1,000,000.00 a pop, and maybe MUCH MORE! Who needs US patients who can’t pay even a $20.00 doctor bill, when you got one hell of a list of potential patients whose families have some REALLY BIG BUCKS,but……NO CHOICE! everything ….PREPAY!

  12. I have to share this very appropriate response to

    Be sure to pass it along……..

  13. NBC VIC HERN……..
    Great thought,and quite appropriate! Have a great day!

  14. CW………
    The sad part of it all is when you unwittingly make a mistake while playing with a fused bomb it is probable that you WON’T get a second chance to PLAY! The same notion applies to the handling of ebola cultures.

  15. bye bye………….Have a great day all.

  16. NSA reports detail decade’s worth of privacy violations…

  17. Exercise: Constitution Systematically Shredded; Dictatorial Threats Imperil Bill Of Rights

    Obama’s Dictatorial Threats
    Imperil the Bill of Rights
    by Nicholas E. Purpura, ©2014, TPATH Contributor

    (Dec. 25, 2014) — The last six years Obama has systematically shredded the Constitution as Congress cowered, reminiscent to the Reichstag before Hitler. Hopefully the American citizen has had enough of these do-nothing windbags in Congress who are allowing this wannabe dictator to systematically act as if he is the supreme law of the land.

    No “Treaty,” “Executive Order,” nor any “Executive Memorandum” grants this usurper, or any past or future President, the authority to circumvent the United States Constitution. Each of these three instruments are null and void absent cited constitutional authority. If the Judicial Branch and the Congress would do their duty, those documents, as instituted by Obama, would be rendered as meaningless as an off-the-cuff Obama speech.

    No President or any Senate decree has the authority to relinquish or dilute the protections and immunities guaranteed by the “Bill of Rights.”

    Shamefully, the spineless empty suits of most in Congress, fear adhering to their oath of office. Doing so would compel them to familiarize themselves with the “Supremacy Clause” which would lead to the only plausible next step: prosecution of Obama for his abuses of power and violations of the Constitution.

    Ref; Article VI:

    “This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and Judges in every state shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.”

    It may come as a surprise to some that Obama never actually signed an “Executive Order” related to his unlawful immigration scheme. The media lap-dogs and Congressional stooges would have you believe he did. Obama and his wranglers of obfuscation, all of whom are devoid of any thoughts of being honest or upfront with the American people, have again outsmarted the RINO Republicans in Congress. Those manipulators of meaning are fully aware that an “Executive Order” must cite what Constitutional or statutory law exists which would legally support the order. Hence the stealthy use of the Presidential Memorandum was the actual order they employed and the usurper signed.

    This little-known requirement was omitted from the use of Presidential “Memorandums,” though in reality the requirement is the same with or without its being explicitly stated.

    The immigration fiasco is a test, and based upon semantics, the fact is the usurper issued an “Executive Memorandum” that has the same force of law as an “Executive Order.” If he can with this sleight of hand succeed, he will use this same precedent to implement future “gun control” using this same unconstitutional tactic to circumvent the Constitution. This has been an ongoing practice while Congress repeatedly turns a blind eye.

    We the People must take this reprobate to court! The Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that Constitutional guarantees cannot be abolished by any President (even a legitimate one).

    The whole purpose of the Supremacy Clause, to which all acts, treaties, Executive Orders and/or Executive Memorandums, statutes, and State Constitutions must conform to, is to render “null and void” anything which violates the Constitution.

    There has always been an effort by responsible guardians, those in charge, to prevent schoolyard bullies from disrupting recreation time or to stop hoodlums from dominating our neighborhoods. This country is in great need of “responsible guardians” who would provide that same protection for our laws and the Constitution. Sadly, those we hired for that job are AWOL.

    The time to push back is long overdue, not with violence, but with law. However, without the legal push-back, as occurs in the schoolyard and the neighborhood, without the protection of the leaders, violence and turmoil will ensue. This may in fact be part of the plans of that illegal posing as President. If Congress does not act and act soon to stop these crimes, the criminals will get what they want. Civil unrest, martial law, and perpetual control of our government.

    The Supreme Court has dealt with those who have attempted to subvert the Constitution in the past. Here are three examples: in 1803 see, Marbury v. Madison; in 1928 see Nigro v United states 276 U.S. 332, 341 (1928) and in 2011 also see Bond v United States, 09-1127. Each time the Supreme Court of the United States has been consistent:
    “…a law “beyond the power of Congress,” for any reason, is “no law at all.”

    This renegade, whose actions can only be described as racist and dictatorial, has arrogantly abused his legal authority by threatening to use his pen and his phone to evade Congressional opposition. President Harry Truman tried these same maneuvers when he used his pen to nationalize the steel mills throughout the United States, only to be shot down by the Supreme Court. That Supreme Court, however, did not have to adjudicate under the shadow of the NSA data files.

    This Marxist has no intentions of stopping his destruction of our nation. Repeatedly claiming his presidential memorandums have no requirement to adhere to the Constitution, his latest memorandum has declared Bristol Bay, Alaska off-limits to oil and gas exploration.

    There appear to be no limits on his treachery. The Bill of Rights, which includes our 1st and 2nd Amendments, may be mere months away from being dissolved. This schoolyard bully has proven he does not intend to stop disrupting the playground, and our Congress has proven they cannot be counted on to send him to the principal’s’ office.

    If we needed any further proof of the doom headed our way, a federal judge, appointed by the imposter in the White House, has just ruled that Arpaio, the sheriff of one of the largest counties in the country where illegal criminal aliens have vandalized, robbed, raped and murdered thousands of the citizens he was elected to protect, has “No Standing” in a case filed against Obama’s illegal amnesty. She threw the case out of court.

    Do you think the rule of law is still the rule of this country? The schoolyards are heating up, my friends.


  18. You can thank Hillary, and the usurper, for putting these weapons into the hands of the enemy.

    ISIS terrorists released pictures along with a statement claiming they have shot down a Jordanian F-16 and captured the pilot after he parachuted to safety. The Jordanian government said they will “hold ISIS responsible if any harm comes to their pilot.”

    Pictures of the pilot have been released and the pilot has been identified. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights:

    “We have confirmed reports that IS members took a (non-Syrian) Arab pilot prisoner after shooting his plane down with an anti-aircraft missile near Raqa city.”

    VIDEO: Shoulder fired anti-aircraft missile hits F-16, pilot parachutes to safety and is captured

  19. Follow up on IS shoot down!

    Remember, up is down these days.

  20. Michele Bachmann Accuses Obama Of Assisting Anti-Israel Jihadists
    “…also into an Islamic caliphate.””

    In a recent radio interview with Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, retiring Rep. Michele Bachmann indicted Barack Obama for his perceived complicity in the ongoing Islamic effort to destroy Israel.

    “I was privileged to serve on the Intelligence Committee for the last four years,” the Minnesota lawmaker said. “We deal with the classified secrets of the nation – in particular, we deal with terrorism.”

    She explained that she had a “front row seat in watching this up-tempo of Islamic jihad across the world,” describing the rise in terrorism and targeting of Israel as a “spiritual battle.”

    Bachmann emphatically disputed Obama’s contention that the acts of Islamic radicals have nothing to do with the religion they espouse.

    “I beg to differ,” she said. “This has everything to do with the tenets of Islam; and it is a new state that is being put together for the purpose of destroying Israel and to turn the United States also into an Islamic caliphate.”

    Acknowledging such an allegation might sound “wild and fantastic,” she continued by assigning a significant portion of the blame to the Obama administration.

    She said she has watched Obama, “at every turn, cut the legs of our ally, Israel, and in fact embrace and lift up the agenda of Islamic jihad.”

    Obama’s ostensibly enthusiastic support of Iran’s leader as that nation reportedly moves toward the creation of a nuclear weapon, Bachmann said, is a further cause for serious concern.

    “There’s a recent report that the president is trying to have private meetings with the ayatollah in Iran,” she said, explaining the country is “very clear about their goal” to obtain a nuclear weapon.

    Obama believes, she asserted, that “through his own charm and negotiating skills … he can cause them to change course.”

    She recalled her last one-on-one conversation with Obama, during which she explained to him the importance of stopping Iran before it can achieve its goal.

    In response to her concern, Bachmann said Obama laughed at her “condescendingly” and told her “it isn’t that easy.”

    She responded by saying that, “if Iran has a nuclear weapon, it will be on your watch,” adding that “the history of the world will change because of your failure to act.”


  21. Bob, thanks for the good posts today, as always.

    So it appears to anyone with an ounce of common sense that Soetoro will get what he desires – to maximize the destruction of our country – unless Congress or the courts push back legally to stop him. From the appearance of things we are not likely to see much of that in the next two years. Consequently he will proceed with his vicious, evil plan.

    If We the People exert our rights and push back, there will be turmoil, civil disobedience, riots, etc. – all excuses for him to exert martial law, which will grant him cover to do the same thing – destroy our country. In fact, even if the courts rule against him, he will continue to break the law unless someone stops him. This has already been planned way in advance by the puppet masters.

  22. Kaks, that is a splendid, informative, and practical article about the enemy we face. Thanks for sharing. We’d better wake up soon before it is too late.


    Speaking this week on Fox News Sunday, conservative syndicated columnist George Will said Bush has “four strikes against him – Common Core, immigration, his name and the big sign on his back that says establishment choice.”
    You know how to knock him out of the running? Have the students ‘picket’ against him!!!! 🙂

  24. AND NOW……..

    Soetoro says the US is now more racially integrated than EVER before. Such a statement tells anyone who has even a HALF A BRAIN that Soetoro is TOTALLY OUT OF HIS DRUG FOGGED MIND. According to a recent poll 62% of America believes that the country is now more racially divided than ever, and frankly I for one believe this is indeed the case……..and largely we have Soetoro,Holder,and the entire administration to thank for the increase. Sadly America is now in the grip of the LUNATIC LIBERAL LEFT. It is clear that many of the foreign governments who were once our allies,and friends,are now completely alienated against America. You do not need a sheepskin to see it.
    In early America the employees of many large organisations tried to unionise, and the companies were at one point forced to bring in hired goons (STRIKE BREAKERS). When they arrived on the picket lines there was a hell of a lot of strikers who was hospitalised for fractured skulls,and otherwise mutilated bodies. Now we have such organised GOON SQUADS (SEIU) who travel by the busloads all over the us to organise protests,and incite riots……Ferguson being one of their recent projects. Nearly a billion dollars lost, and a lot of lives destroyed because of these goons. In reality such animals are the lowest form of humanity, they are LESS than animals. And now we are seeing both verbal,and physical attacks on our police services across America. Without question this is another phase of the “FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE OF AMERICA”……….the breakdown of law enforcement, whose hands are legally tied, so that our Constitutional laws cannot be adequately enforced. The people who tie the hands of our police are the OVEREDUCATED WORDSMITHS, who are members of the EXTREME LEFT,and they will stop at nothing to bring about the downfall of America. In their TWISTED,SICK,and PERVERTED LIBERAL MINDS they think that after the fact they will be protected. har har, In reality such people will be among the first to be gunned down,and bulldozed into mass graves.
    I personally believe that America now stands at the brink of the abyss,and upon severly fractured stone as well. Soon the people are going to be forced to act,but as each day passes more and more people who HATE America are invading our shores. Some come here for all the right reasons,but far too many come here to establish, or expand criminal enterprise. They are being PROTECTED by our so called government, and now even being given the right to legally STAY HERE. This sort of protection is actually CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE perpetrated at the highest levels of the administration……BUT the SAD TRUTH is the invaders are actually being USED,and after they no longer are needed they too will be gunned down and bulldozed into mass graves……just like the way it WAS,AND STILL IS being done where they came from,and in reality they will have gained little to NOTHING,and at the same time the chances of the people ever resurrecting America is becoming MORE AND MORE REMOTE.

  25. ……for those Americans who just sit and do nothing,sit and pray,or just keep sitting……I say to them “GOD HELPS HE WHO HELPS HIMSELF”.


  27. Ginger…….
    It is extremely doubtful that most of our young people would ever do any sort of protest,or a picket against Soetoro. To them he is COOL. …….further I have my doubts that many of our young people even know who he is, or what he does. Our young people might as well be living on the MOON,they are their own culture, and for that reason they HANG OUT together.

    The prosecutor that tried to send my grand son to 20 years to life for bogus Meth charges may become a JUDGE! 😦 We have been waiting until my grandson is out of treatment in fear of the judge disagreeing with the parole boards decision. We want so bad to hold that evil scumbag accountable for what he has done against my grand son and our family. This county is known all around how corrupted he is! He has cost us over $40,000 dollars because of his bogus charges. You see he was running for reelection and used my grand son as an example. Get this…When we got rid of the public defender and hired a city attorney and with a discussion with the prosecutor my grandson’s lawyer ask the prosecutor why he did not have names for any of his wittiness’s against against my grand son and he said he did not have to! After months the scumbag prosecutor dropped the meth charges and a couple other charges and dismissed the prosecutors office with my grand sons cases and he got a prosecutor from another county. ???? We still do not understand that! The so called jail administrator and public defender were told by my grandsons attorney after he got the arrest record and found found out just by the mug shot that they had arrested the wrong person. The lawyer went straight to the prosecutor and showed him the proof that he was charging the wrong person. NOTHING! We hired the attorney from the city and in court with our stenographer and the courts stenographer when my grandsons attorney and the prosecutor got into an argument the prosecutor said “his people” told him he had the right guy! The SOB!!!!!! Eleven months my grand son sat rotting in that God awful evil jail because we could not afford to bail him out …but we were scared to get him out with out treatment.
    This court system is full of corrupted judges. Now one is retiring and of course the gov. is a Democrat (Nixon) and has already appointed this scum bag to the prosecutor and now this scum bag is going around bragging that he is getting the judgeship job!

    How can he be stopped and would right now be the time to try and hire a lawyer to sue the county, sheriff’s department, the public defender and the jail administrator for false charges, and COVERUP? Is there a ‘Statue of Limitations’ on this? Should we wait until he leaves treatment which is still eleven months away? Would it be safer to file a complaint with the Missouri BAR or Attorney General. Would my grans son be protected from retaliation by the Missouri BAR and Attorney General.

    Please every one…sorry for being so long in my questions but we have had to sit around for so long feeling helpless. We feel left out because the main lawyer for my grand son seems to have deserted us! When we send him an e-mail we get charged $45.00 and really no answer. He was supposed to of filed some kind of complaint against this prosecutor but when I check at the Missouri BAR’s page…NOTHING!

    My main question is…..If we file a complaint with the Missouri BAR will they protect my grand son while in treatment from any kind of abuse???

  29. oldsailor82

    I mean to picket against Jed Bush because he has made a lot of money on the Common Core school books and has made millions on the Obama Care. He is resigning from the places that are going to hurt him! hahaha

  30. Two Dozen Activists Meet at the Offices of Rep. Darrell Issa (CA-49) about Obama’s Fraudulent ID Documents
    Posted By Sharon Rondeau On Tuesday, December 23, 2014


    (Dec. 23, 2014) — On Friday, 19 December 2014, about 2 dozen activists met at the offices of RR (RINO Representative) Darrell Issa (CA-49th) – to discuss, among other things (see my letter below), his treasonous RINO vote in support of HR 83, The Appropriations Act, 2015 (CRomnibus), which funds Obama’s unconstitutional Obamacare as well as his unconstitutional Executive Action on Amnesty! (both ‘actions’ lend aid and comfort to our enemies).
    Mr. Issa failed to appear, so all comments were directed to his Vista Office Chief of Staff, Bill Christianson – who could only answer by saying “Congressman Issa is against Amnesty and he is against Obamacare.” We all responded that his actions speak louder than his RINO words.
    My comments, questions, and concerns were mailed to all 3 of his offices, and were read in their entirety to Mr. Christianson in the videotaped meeting, and they appear below.
    Perhaps if we all sent such letters to all 545 of our so-called ‘public servants’, someone, somewhere, somehow … may get the message and begin to honor their oath to support and defend our Constitution.

    In Liberty and In Truth

  31. What Happened to the Bill of Rights?

    After the 14th Amendment was ratified, activist Federal Judges began to make subtle changes.

    There developed TWO ways to change laws.

    The FIRST way to change laws requires motivating a majority of citizens to elect Congressmen and Senators, who in turn, need a majority to pass a law, which in turn needs to be signed by the President, who was elected by a majority.

    The SECOND way to change laws is much easier. Simply find an activist judge who is willing to subtly change the definitions of words that are in existing laws. This process continues.

    Federal Courts gradually began to use the 14th Amendment to change the role of the BILL OF RIGHTS, particularly the first eight Amendments, from limiting the Federal Government to limiting the State Governments.

  32. hapnHal……..
    ……..You are right on the money,and now you know exactly why I refer to such people as OVEREDUCATED WORDSMITHS. We are up against a slew of them.Sadly I have begun to believe what is happening to America cannot be stopped until at least 20,000,000 highly angered citizens rise up and move Eastward…..ENMASSE………to a destination in DC,and CLEAN HOUSE. I can’t help believe that MORALITY in America no longer exists,and it is becoming more evident as each day passes. Christianity itself is now in danger. Secularism is on the rise,because of the loss of morality. Thanks to the mental corrupting power of drugs,and porn……the latter being the favorite activities of most liberal lunatics. Their subtle twisting and rewording of laws has been going on for many decades,and tells of a serious breakdown within our alleged society. It will NOT be corrected until the PROGRESSIVES are stopped. You and I both know that America is deteriorating fast,and soon we will be living in a third world country,with a SICK,PERVERTED,and OTHERWISE TWISTED MENTALITY. I have read that this was exactly what brought down the Roman Empire.

  33. Bob Strauss………
    ………I personally believe that no matter how many people camp on Issa’s doorstep damn little if anything will change,until the American people grow some gonads,rise up and repair the fabric of America THEMSELVES. I have long since decided that depending upon elected people to do ANYTHING,is like trusting a FOX to watch a HENHOUSE.

  34. Bob Strauss…….
    In the larger picture the massive corruption within our government has become near TOTAL, and in my opinion is PREVALENT in both parties. It is entirely possible that it is already past the point where any body can do anything by themselves to make corrections. The Chicago GANG has become the America GANG. There is now ONLY ONE WAY to repair our FOUNDATIONS,…….. it won’t be pretty,and will not happen overnight! But until American patriots decide they have had enough,and put their ALL on the line……..NOTHING WILL CHANGE! SIMPLE FACT!

  35. Bob Strauss…..
    I now believe that if there is any strength left in ANY of our politicians, they will realise that only a RADICAL ACT can save America. This being either a 50 state secession from the union, and/or a massive uprising of at least 20,000,000 highly angered Americans, Either way will be HELL ON EARTH,and could easily fail, without proper guidance,and leadership. America still has potentially great leaders,but it is very unlikely they will ever step up to the plate until they see UNITY,AND A DETERMINED BODY. At present UNITY, doesn’t exist in America, nor does DETERMINATION…….thanks to our corrupted society itself. So there we are BACK TO SQUARE ONE!

  36. Robert Blagojevich: Chicago Tribune warned my brother about federal wiretap

  37. Ginger | December 28, 2014 at 10:15 am |

    Hi Ginger, and thanks for posting that tribute; it was wonderful to see, but so sad. Even the RCMP (Mounties) showed up. A fitting sendoff to a fallen hero. It should not have happened.

  38. Ginger……..
    Without knowing much about your grandson’s particular problem I would have to say that if you feel that the courts system deliberately prosecuted him without cause,you have the option of the APPELATE COURT. IT WOULD SEEM TO ME THAT YOUR LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE WOULD HAVE ALREADY CONSIDERED THIS.If your grandson was FALSELY ACCUSED, PROSECUTED,AND WRONGLY CONVICTED you need to find an attorney who specialises in such cases,and if you win then you can use the outcome of the CRIMINAL case in a CIVIL LAWSUIT against everyone involved with the phoney prosecution of your grandson,(INCLUDING THE JUDGE). It sounds as though it needs to be in the appeals court. The state attorney general should be brought into the case if the appelate court refuses to hear the case. You also have the right to file a complaint to the Disciplinary Arm of your state supreme court. It is their responsibility to look into fraudulent cases brought by overzealous prosecutors, and if the prosecutor is found to have gone beyond the law, he/she can be held accountable BY THE DISCIPLINARY COMMISSION,and CAN BE SUED for both compensatory damages, negligence,and failure to uphold the Constitutional rights of your grandson. There are specialists in such actions,and they can be found by REFERRAL VIA your STATE BAR ASSOCIATION,or the STATE SUPREME COURT. Often such organisations will accept a case by it’s merits. Either way it requires extensive involvement,as well as a great deal of personal perserverance. If you start such an action you MUST be prepared to stay the course,and follow it TO FRUITION,EITHER SUCCESS,OR FAILURE.. You will need a deeply anchored fortitude. But staying AT IT 24/7 is imperative. YOU WILL MOST LIKELY BE THE PERSON WHO WILL BE THE DRIVING FORCE BEHIND ANY LEGAL ACTION TAKEN…..WHATEVER IT MIGHT BE. (BUT REMEMBER A COMPETENT ATTORNEY,OR ATTORNIES,WHO WILL TAKE THE EXTRA STEPS IS ALSO NECESSARY.) You will need to be able to see through any attorney who keeps changing the subject,or blowing off your concerns. Basically I think I would begin by contacting your STATE AG,and try to set up an appointment to see him in person,to accurately present all the facts. Some AGs might have you mail a complete,and updated file to them, but you must keep up with what if anything is being done by them. You will need to have CERTIFIED copies of all pertinent court documents; (from county clerk.)….use FOIA if necessary,to obtain prosecutor’s files. If the prosecutor has something to hide it is probable that he/she will try to keep from surrendering the pertinent,and potentially damaging,or incriminating documents.USE FOIA.

  39. Ginger…….
    If you should be lucky enough to be awarded a hearing by the appeals court, the burden will be upon you to keep the case moving ahead. If you are asked to testify,be certain that you recite the facts to which there is certified documentation,and enter them into evidence at that time. The state AG might be helpful in obtaining a hearing. If that happens your Grandson needs to testify as well. For court expediency this might be done via SWORN DEPOSITION.(certified copies of all supporting documents attached) in file.

  40. Ginger……..
    Thanks so much for providing the link to the heart wrenching services for Officer Ramos. I watched the facial message on the face of his wife………it was one of complete grief. I was forced to click away from it for awhile. In our society it is extremely difficult to get a handle on a person who is planning such an attack against law enforcement officers. Hopefully someday we will have such a profile to follow, at which point the potential perpetrator can be either arrested or at least thoroughly investigated. Hopefully in the future officers will not be caught sitting still, and will be rewarding their attackers with multiple .45 cal holes in their upper bodies.

  41. The CRIMINALS who walk amongst us, and perpetrate the murders of innocent people,be they law officers,or just citizens……..if captured should be PUBLICALLY HUNG,in COURTHOUSE SQUARE, so that others can walk by their bodies,and SPIT ON THEM.

  42. More disturbing news from camp Muslim Obama.
    Is Obama now supporting CAIR, Muslim Brotherhood, and Hamas?

    Artricle from WND

    It’s no wonder that Israel can’t trust Obama, and neither can we. It’s time for Christians to start PROTESTING. I want my COUNTRY BACK!!

  43. hapnHal…….
    I would have to heartily agree with you! Even worse is the fact that Christianity itself is now under CONSTANT ATTACK, by the growing secular crowd. Protests won’t fix this problem. Basically you are up against a Chicago gang,operating on a national level. Only one way to fix it! Even the Pope agrees!

  44. hapnHal………
    …..I can’t even IMAGINE the Israelis trusting MUSLIMS….the Israelis would have to be TOTAL IMBECILES. ……At least in the days of Moshe Dayan,and Golda Maier the Israelis were NOT crazy……..they knew exactly where to hit,and did so beautifully, defeating multiple armies,one after the other. Not sure if Netanyahu possesses the same force of character as his predecessors, but at least he knows what is really going on. Quite possibly nobody will ever know exactly what Netanyahu really knows. That in itself could easily be his ACE in the hole.

  45. oldsailor82,
    I saw an article that said CAIR was suing the Navy, so Muslims can wear their beards in the service of the Navy.

    I personally am sick of these CAIR bastards, and their constant attempt at changing America into a Muslim approved version.

  46. The death of patriotism
    by LAWRENCE SELLIN, PHD December 27, 2014

    The next two years will be the most dangerous in the history of the United States. It may lead to the end of American history.

    The Republican establishment is powerless to oppose Obama in any significant way because they are being held hostage. Obama’s lies have become Republican lies, which they have embraced and made their own.
    Although the challenges facing the country present clear dangers, America will not be brought down by unsustainable debt, social chaos, a moribund economy or weakness in the face of foreign threats, all of which have been planned and instigated by our own government, but by the irreparable damage to the Constitution and representative government perpetrated by the very people, who have sworn an oath to uphold them.
    Most prospective government officials, whether Democrat or Republican, now pursue office, not to support the Constitution and serve the American people, but to obtain power, and to use that power to accrue professional and financial benefits for themselves and their major donors. All the traditional means for citizens to seek the redress of grievances have now been blocked by a self-absorbed permanent political elite unaccountable to the American people.
    From the perspective of the ruling class, elections are formalities, nothing more than occasions to redistribute power among select Democrat and Republican elites. For the financiers, it does not matter who wins as long as they can continue to influence policy through their lobbies and political contributions.
    Ordinary Americans are little more than indentured voters to a power-hungry and greedy bipartisan dictatorship.
    Case in point is the darling of the Republican establishment and pre-anointed 2016 Presidential candidate Jeb Bush, who, if elected, intends to govern like Democrat Lyndon Baines Johnson.
    According to the Los Angeles Times, Bush only recently left his position with Tenet Healthcare Corp., a company that has actively supported and benefited from Obamacare. Last year Bush earned both cash and stock worth about $300,000 from Tenet and sold $1.1 million of Tenet stock in 2013.
    For our ruling elite, patriotism is just a campaign slogan or a tool to extract ever more sacrifices from ordinary Americans in order to satisfy their ever-increasing thirst for power and money, all at the expense of the Middle Class.
    On July 26, 2014, Anna Bernasek, reporting for the New York Times, wrote that according to a study financed by the Russell Sage Foundation, the inflation-adjusted net worth of the median U.S. household in 2013 was only $56,335 – a decline of a whopping 36% from the median household net worth of $87,992 in 2003.
    The deathblow to patriotism was struck in 2008 when, pressured by a biased, left-leaning media, a spineless Republican leadership joined the Democrats in refusing to vet Obama in violation of the Constitution or even common sense. Out of fear or complicity, a conspiracy of silence has descended upon the public discourse regarding all questions related to Obama’s background and fitness for office. Despite the enormous historical and Constitutional implications, the politicians and the media, not only have remained silent, but have actively suppressed legitimate inquiry
    The self-interest of politicians and journalists has trumped patriotism. Rather than risk the truth, they have chosen to risk national survival because disclosing the truth about Obama would expose the rampant corruption of our political and media elite, reveal their acquiescence in Obama’s violations of Constitution, uncover their willful ignorance of his alleged felonies and confirm their participation in the greatest election fraud and Constitutional crisis in American history.
    It was the acceptance by the political-media establishment of the Big Lie that led to the fundamental transformation of America according to the dictates of the radical left and militant Islam. We have a government that has, at least figuratively, enlisted in the ranks of our enemies and is bearing arms against us.
    Over the next two years, Obama will peel back his own onion to reveal its extremist core, realizing the worst excesses of the 1960s, like Bill Ayers in a black face.
    Barack Obama may have presided over the death of patriotism, but he had many willing accomplices, all eager to sell out their country for thirty pieces of silver.
    Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. is a retired colonel with 29 years of service in the US Army Reserve and a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq. Colonel Sellin is the author of “Restoring the Republic: Arguments for a Second American Revolution “. He receives email at

  47. Bob Strauss…..Re 7:18 PM
    Yes Sellin has it nailed. But I would lament that slowly but surely our ability to even fight back is being ERRODED by the OVEREDUCATED WORDSMITHS. The PROGRESSIVE BASTARDS in America are following a false money trail,and when they find what they perceive as the pot of gold,and Utopia at the foot of the rainbow, the pot they find will actually contain their DEMISE. When they remove the lid to look at the gold inside the pot will EXPLODE IN THEIR FACES,and distribute portions of their moronic bodies over the whole county. This is their reward for carring the water for their LORD AND MASTER……call it a Chicago type of reward from their WONDERFUL BOSS. har har. Sadly it is the young females,and the illiterate among us who done the most to re elected him.

  48. Bob Strauss……..
    …..and I have to once again say yes to to notion that the RINOS were stupid enough to be lulled into a comradship with the liberals,but they quickly discovered that it will now be necessary to cover their own A$$ES,because of their own ignorance. They are now accessories to criminal behavior.

  49. ……….don’t look for any level of penitence from the RINOS……….it will never happen. They have become liberal rinos. America is slowly regressing into a ONE PARTY SYSTEM. If you want to know how to fix it ….ask the leaders of Egypt. They are in the process of fixing the damage done by Mr.Morsi. who btw is among the nearly 1000 people recently sentenced to death. I believe that the executions WILL BE CARRIED OUT. Just as were the sentences of the Nazis by the Hague at the end of WW2……..KA PLUNK, = justa swingin.

  50. bye bye….. time for a small cup of warmed cinnamon custard,and bed. Have a great day!

  51. One more breaking,
    At it again…………
    Durham NC: Cop shot at by two blacks
    (Cop Not Hit Thank Goodness)

  52. OFF TOPIC……….
    Regarding the latest lost airplane. If there is even a belief that the aircraft entered the water at a specific point it would make a hell of a lot of sense to employ a couple dozen Sonobouy listening devices around the perimeter of the possible area into which the aircraft would have fallen. At least they might determine the location of the airplane by observing which sonobouy is providing the loudest beep from the black boxes. Some of the Sonobouys have the ability to be managed via satellite. The exact direction of the signal source can be accurately determined, because the Sonobouy itself can be rotated to find the strongest signal,and it passes the direction of that signal along to the satellite. As long as the black boxes are sending the hourly beep,it could be easily picked up on a Sonobouy. Perhaps Malaysia,nor Greece have any Sonobouys. These devices can hear a fish fart for hundreds of miles.

  53. ………..sadly there is only a relatively short period of time (about 30 days) to accomplish the electronic location of the aircraft. After that expires it becomes a maybe someday sort of thing.

  54. If quickly,and intelligently deployed they might find the airplane very quickly. The Java Sea is relatively shallow when compared to the Indian Ocean,or the Pacific Ocean.

  55. NPR did a big interview with Soetoro.

    It is amazing how many times he answers, “Yeah”, but one thing that he said confirms what I read elsewhere, and that is, look for normalization of relations with Iran by executive order. (memo?) He didn’t say that specifically in the interview, but he did hint that there could be a U.S. embassy in Tehran. That will be the day (of gloom).

    The rest of his stuff is just a bunch of baloney – some dangerous and some outright dumb and most of it deceitful.

  56. This may strike you as a bit esoteric, but it’s important. For years, Democrats have manipulated the way the CBO “scores” tax and spending bills, and it looks like this is about to end. This should lead to much better economic legislation.

    GOP getting ready to eliminate dishonest ‘scoring’ of spending and tax bills

    Maybe they should re-score obamacare too.


    WND Exclusive
    Is Obama blackmailing Boehner?
    Drudge tweets: Spending bill passed because NSA has ‘dirt’ on speaker

  58. I’m back home now…safe and sound…….thanks to all my friends on here for the holiday wishes… I must catch up on this damn computer…I noticed my email had 465 messages…all junk. It will be easy to trash them….

    I have been looking at some of the post here at CW’s and it looks like everyone has been busy….that’s good. I was always told that “‘an idle mind is the devil’s workshop”…….

    Although I haven’t been posting in the last few days, my mind has not been idle…..I have been trying to figure out what Obozo’s Hawaiian 17 day vacation is going to cost the taxpayer…if this one is anything like the last time he went to Hawaii, it will cost us over 7 million……that bastard is always on vacation and if he doesn’t stop taking so many trips, the engine will fall off AF1 soon.

    Damn, he sure does know how to spend OPM (other people’s money) !

    Anyway, glad to be back in Carolina.

  59. RMinNC | December 29, 2014 at 5:50 pm |
    Although I haven’t been posting in the last few days, my mind has not been idle…..I have been trying to figure out what Obozo’s Hawaiian 17 day vacation is going to cost the taxpayer…if this one is anything like the last time he went to Hawaii, it will cost us over 7 million……that bastard is always on vacation and if he doesn’t stop taking so many trips, the engine will fall off AF1 soon.
    Welcome back.
    It will probably cost us less if the bastard stays in Hawaii for good.

  60. Special thanks to the following for 2014 comments:

    These were your 5 most active commenters:

    1 oldsailor81….2801 COMMENTS
    2 bob strauss…2332 COMMENTS
    3 RMinNC……..1973 COMMENTS
    4 cabbyaz……….723 COMMENTS
    5 Observer……..667 COMMENTS

    Thanks to all who contributed.
    God bless.

  61. Wow CW! I was busy!

  62. BOB STRUSS….

    Good point Bob, but we couldn’t be that lucky…….he has to come back here and take some more STUFF from us and give to the commies and Muslims……

  63. CW…I hope your are not required to send a report to the NSA….hahaha just kidding….

    They already have my name at the top of their list……

  64. oldsailor

    Thank You so much for all the wonder advice. You gave me a lot to think about. We can not afford a lawyer to sue. So I have a few choices….
    1. File with the Missouri Bar. Which I can down load from their site.

    2. The Attorney General

    3. Lt. Governor

    Pick one for me …….oldsailor82 🙂

    I want the Truth to come out about the bogus Meth charges which held 20 to life charged against my grandson from the prosecutor, the public defender, the jail administrator, and the sheriff’s department. I have all documents copied and most of all two attorneys that can back up our complaint! I want the story told how that punk raped that precious little eleven year old girl while another male held her down and the male that held her down has not been charged with nothing! And the punk has never been charged with the Meth charges!

  65. CW: Thanks for the top five count.

    To those of you commenters not in the top five a word of encouragement; I am more likely to read your comment because it is not voluminous or repetitive. Comments under 150 words with links are most appreciated.

  66. Watch the man, Ken OKeefe, destroy the talking head of the establishment in only 8 minutes…..

    It is hard to find a counter to his points……he is right. America is in the business of War….plain and simple…..and the price of America’s invented wars is the blood of your sons and daughters.

    Think about this folks. America needs a new industry…war only makes international bankster’s and munitions makers rich.

    Someone may ask. ‘how can you talk like that after serving for so long in America’s military”?….to that I can only reply that a ‘soldier is the last person who wants to see war, or participate in one”.

    Wars to defend America, I support…..wars to make bankers and munitions makers rich, I oppose……..every war since WWII has been to make someone one else rich, and has nothing to do with America’s defense.

    And as a result, a hell of a lot of good American men have died.

  67. bob strauss
    How much you want to bet that it is more then one affair? Have you watched the google eyes female republicans that stands behind Boehner? NASA or CIA has PICTURES of their romps in bed!!!! Bet Ya 🙂


  68. Ginger | December 29, 2014 at 7:10 pm |

    They should all resign, including the usurper!

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