August jobs plummet to 142k, June revised down 31k, Obama et al killing jobs, Participation rate down to historic low, Not in labor force jumps 268k, Could only find part time work leaps 68k

August jobs plummet to 142k, June revised down 31k, Obama et al killing jobs, Participation rate down to historic low, Not in labor force jumps 268k, Could only find part time work leaps 68k

“Over the last six months, of the net job creation, 97 percent of that is part-time work,”…Keith Hall, former BLS chief

“One of the CBO’s most intriguing estimates is that by 2017 there will be 2 million fewer full-time jobs on the market than there would have been without Obamacare, and that figure could climb to 2.5 million by 2024.”…Market Watch February 4, 2014

“Nearly half of U.S. companies are reluctant to hire full-time employees because of the ACA. One in five firms indicates they are likely to hire fewer employees, and another one in 10 may lay off current employees in response to the law.

Other firms will shift toward part-time workers. More than 40 percent of CFOs say their companies will consider switching some jobs to less than 30 hours per week or targeting part-time workers for future employment.”…Duke University Fuqua School of Business December 11, 2013

“Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”…George Orwell, “1984″



From the US Labor Department September 5, 2014.

“Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 142,000 in August, and the
unemployment rate was little changed at 6.1 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor
Statistics reported today.”

“In August, both the unemployment rate (6.1 percent) and the number of unemployed persons (9.6 million) changed little.”

“The civilian labor force participation rate, at 62.8 percent, changed little in
August and has been essentially unchanged since April.”

“The change in total nonfarm payroll employment for June was revised from +298,000 to +267,000, and the change for July was revised from +209,000 to +212,000. With these revisions, employment gains in June and July combined were 28,000 less than previously reported.”

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The Labor Force Participation rate is back down to historic lows.

People not in the labor force jumped 268k in one month.

People who could only find part time work leaped 68k in one month.



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  1. The screwed up financial markets apparently believe that the Fed will back off of raising rates because the job situation is so bad.
    What a joke!

  2. The Obama Orwellian ass covering begins:

    “There’s good reason not to take the August employment report at face value. Almost every major economic indicator in the past month or two points to the U.S. growing faster than this report would suggest. And other bellwethers of labor-market trends — jobless claims, job openings, the ISM employment indexes — strongly imply more jobs were created in August than the government’s preliminary report suggests.”

    June was revised down 31k!!!

  3. The media continues to cover for the Dems, and will well past the November elections. Americans have to search hard for the information, or at least come here, to know what is really going on. This is the worst economy in my lifetime, and Jimmy Carter can now go to his grave knowing that there is a POTUS that will be remembered as more incompetent and malignant than himself. I can hardly wait to see Obama out of office, supporting openly Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, and his personal pet project ISIS.

    People want jobs they better start supporting manufacturing. I have discovered that while the Robber Barons of the last century were vile, the Socialists of this century are the same but without any jobs or industrialization. Elite Socialists, or Progressives, are pure predation on the taxpaying public, without any giving back any jobs, industry, or future. To my fellow Americans, “Build something, make something, create something, or get behind somebody that does”.


  4. CW….

    “The screwed up financial markets apparently believe that the Fed will back off of raising rates because the job situation is so bad.
    What a joke! ”


    What is the Joke….the financial markets?…..or the Feds?….or the interest rates?….or the job situation?….or all of the above?

    I vote for all of the above.

  5. Scientist predicting 100,000 or more deaths from EBOLA….

    A recent report in Science magazine has made the scary prediction that as many as 100,000 people worldwide could be infected with the Ebola virus in the coming months. Northeastern University physicist Alessandro Vespignani hopes his prediction does not come to pass….

    PS….I do too!!!

    Personally I do not think America is giving this very serious health threat the due consideration that it deserves…but that’s the way thing go here in the Homeland, no body really gives a tinkers damn about anything but their football, Twinkie cakes, and America’s Got Talent…..that is until its too late to close the barn door and the horse is galloping all over the countryside.

  6. Update: Sheriff Arpaio’s Obama ID Fraud Detective In Washington; Talks With DC Officials

    WASHINGTON – (Newsblaze) – Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s top deputy Lt. Mike Zullo was in the Nation’s Capitol on Thursday Morning. The visit marked his fifth visit to Washington in his three year long investigation into President Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate.

    Newsblaze caught up with the Arizona Lawman at the Library of Congress as he was getting his Library card to research the library’s vast archives for material related to the investigation.

    In our four hours with Zullo, we observed him to be very closed mouthed about what he is doing, because he gave up his career for this investigation because he was worried about what kind of country his kids might live in if he failed. He maintained that this matter will become public in the coming months and that people in the Capital City should expect many future visits by him and members of the Maricopa County Arizona Sheriff’s office.

    Zullo confided to Newsblaze about ongoing “talks with DC officials” in high places in official Washington, who are moving the investigation forward.

    Critics and presidential eligibility activists have been wondering whether the investigation will affect the November midterms. The Cold Case Posse head addressed that by saying that “certain members of the public would want to see that. However Sheriff Arpaio is not politically motivated and this is taking its due course as a law enforcement investigation and political motivations have no bearing on the release of this information.”

    Zullo also remarked “We really thought we were going to the press conference in March.” However, developments in evidence and the criminal case precluded an early spring 2014 release of the investigation.

    As to the legacy of the investigation, the veteran detective remarked “this is how law enforcement investigations should work” in terms of the police public cooperation.

  7. Bob Strauss……..
    Sometimes law enforcement moves very slowly. I recognise that fact,but it seems to me that a little public information release from time to time would go a long way in keeping the public interest alive.

  8. Special Ops Team Stationed in Benghazi Makes Game-Changing Claim About ‘Stand-Down’ Order

  9. oldsailor82 | September 5, 2014 at 3:55 pm |

    Bob Strauss……..
    Sometimes law enforcement moves very slowly. I recognize that fact,but it seems to me that a little public information release from time to time would go a long way in keeping the public interest alive.
    I just hope the silence, and the wait for disclosure of this information, are worth it. If it leads to the truth, and usurper is exposed it will be worth it to me. If they have enough information to take down the usurper it must be handled in the right way, it is a very sensitive subject, and the ramifications will certainly cause an uproar and public unrest.

    I have my popcorn ready.

  10. Bob Strauss…….
    There has been more than enough evidence since DAY ONE, but it is plain that all of his supporters wish to end up in prison as well.

  11. Bob Strauss……..
    I would agree that certainly the GIMME crowd would promptly go right out of their gourds…….they would have to get a job or starve.

  12. oldsailor82 | September 5, 2014 at 5:14 pm |

    Bob Strauss……..
    I would agree that certainly the GIMME crowd would promptly go right out of their gourds…….they would have to get a job or starve.
    The LGBT crowd would be upset too, he he he

  13. Bob Strauss……..
    …….what will the LGBT community do when their A$$HOLE GOD is finally put in prison,or DEPORTED? Some probably call him “PAPA U MAU MAU”. Remember the song?

  14. America has a total population of somewhere near 320 million people now. It was just published on Drudge that a record number of 92,269,000 were not working…

    Any why you cut this pie…that’s almost one third of our total population…this is a record breaking 36 year low.

    Something else to consider is the children population is counted into the 320 million…so that would drive up the percentage of non workers …most likely to about one half of all working age Americans…..

    Now would someone please tell me again that there is not a problem with UN employment in this country………hell those stats are worse than the Banana Republics from which we are getting all their children to care for…for the rest of their natural lives.

  15. Amazing:
    Topic : Retired U.S. Air Force Lt. General Thomas McInerney tells Rick why America must go to DEFCON 1 immediately. Retired U.S. Army General Paul Vallely tells Rick that a constitutional crisis is quickly approaching which may require the U.S. military to take action domestically to save the Republic.

    Listen Now:

  16. In above you can begin listening around the 19 min for the Generals.

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  18. Hey Mr. Attorney General……

    How about getting off your black as* and investigating some of these NUMEROUS black on white crimes……instead of devoting all of the FBI’s time to investigating the police department of Fergerson, MO. and the policeman who acted properly when confronted by a GIANT black teenager thug.

    RACISM is a two way street, and there are as many black racist …no perhaps more black racist than there are white racist, and if you don’t recognize that…then you don’t deserve to be the Attorney General of the United States…

    And if you cant treat white people with the same respect as you do the black people…then you damn sure don’t deserve to be OUR Attorney General.

    End of message…please respond accordingly.

  19. “53 Million Temps: All You Need To Know About The “Jobs Recovery””

    “After years of ignoring the obvious, the Federal Reserve has been finally forced to admit that the labor force participation rate matters, and in fact has started to point it out as a clear negative when it comes to Yellen’s “dashboard” of thresholds which will allow the Fed to raise rates”

    “The chart below shows the civilian employment to population ratio: a convenient indicator of the real state of the US labor market which does away with the labor force entirely, and the associated rhetoric of why it may or may not be plunging, and merely focuses on two simple things: total population and the total civilian population of the US. One thing is clear: the ratio crashed when the depression started and has flatlined since. Which, incidentally, may be all you, and the Fed, needs to know about the recovery.”

  20. Great chart Citizenwells……

  21. THanks.
    Zero Hedge does a great job.

  22. OT
    …….AND NOW……..
    Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.”BARF” of the State Dept. says that all of the people who at Benghazzi are LIARS……..”oh thats right SHE WAS THERE,and she knows everything that happened” I can’t remember in my entire life of having a SNOT NOSED LITTLE WORDTWISTER anger me so much. In reality SHE IS THE ONLY LIAR in the room. She is another Mzzzzzzzzzzzzz.RICE.(Remember the video story of Mzzzzzzzzzzz.Rice? har har More BIRDS OF THE SAME FEATHER. “LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE”. It really amazes me the extent that such little SNOTNOSED LITTLE WORDTWISTERS will stoop to for PAY! Who told “BOB” the station chief to order a stand down? Or is “Benghazzi Bob” now the chosen PATSY,for those in higher pay brackets.

    Scriptures Command the USA to protect Muslim countries from GLOBAL WARMING…

    .”Last Wednesday, at a ceremony to appoint Texas lawyer Shaarik Zafar to be special representative to Muslim communities, Secretary of State John Kerry said it was the United States’ Biblical “responsibility” to “confront climate change,” including to protect “vulnerable Muslim majority counties.”

    John what are you reading? The Koran may command such action, but I have NEVER read such crap in my HOLY BIBLE…..

    Are you selling wolf tickets again?

    Yea John Boy….and pigs can fly too !

    If I were you, I wouldn’t place any “win bets” on this idea, or hold my breath till the American people take any positive action on this “stupid boondoggle dream” that you and Obama have cooked up.

    Diversion is the name of your game, isn’t it?

  24. Better yet John Boy…..what are you smoking?…care to share it with us

  25. ………..I can only conclude that Mzzzzzzzzzzz.”BARF” must have eaten some poorly cooked RICE,and the LIAR illness spread to Mzzzzzzzzzzz.”BARF”

  26. This picture needs no words…the world is on the brink of Nuclear Disaster and our Clown-in-Chief can’t even make par…..I guess it’s really a good thing though to keep him on a golf course,

    but I suggest he master putt-putt first, before he plays the grown up’s game..

  27. RMINNC
    Diversion is often an honest practice of many humankind,but plain out and out BULLSHI# is JUST WHAT IT IS……and Kerry is FULL OF IT from the word….GO!

  28. RMINNC…….
    …… least we will know where he is and up to a point what he is doing,but if he is talking to somebody in the process then ALL BETS ARE OFF!

  29. RMINNC…….
    ……BULLSHI# = BOOM!

  30. NEWS FLASH……

    34% of Mexicans want to move to the United States….the other 64% are already here.

    Now for some more REAL new…..

    Would anyone like a cup of Irish coffee this morning?

  31. RMINNC…….
    ……..Old “Whistle Mouth” must be reading scripture from the FANTASYLAND BIBLE!

  32. RMINNC…….
    Yeah I’ll have one, black please with a spot of OLD GRANDAD!

  33. ………otherwise known as COFFEE ROYAL

  34. RMINNC……
    ………..that= only =98%. What the hell is the remaining 2% of them doing.?

  35. RMINNC…….
    Here is a thought for you; ….When ever Soetoro is on the golf course,and Reggie Love is his caddy,Soetoro ALWAYS gets a “HOLE” IN ONE”. He put put’s around a little then scores a HOLE in one.

  36. bye bye…….Have a great Saturday!

  37. OLDSAILOR82…..

    You ask….”………..that= only =98%. What the hell is the remaining 2% of them doing.?”

    Answer:……Still swimming

  38. RMINNC
    Didn’t know they had the ability to swim! But why the hell swim the Rio Grande when they can just walk across at our crossing points. I guess intelligence doesn’t exist with them.

  39. RMINNC
    When the military services put their new plan regarding queers in the service Ollie North made the statement that now they not only had to watch their flanks but now had to “watch their rear” as well.

  40. Ollie was right…….to a military person…especially a queer military person, his rear is the most important direction…

  41. For what it may be worth–As I’ve posted here several times, the Bible Code indicates to me that Biden will be the 45th US President. This is encrypted in Genesis chapters 3 thru 6. When? That is the big question. I thought it might have been before the last election. I even wrote a letter way before then to Mitt Romney saying the Code indicated him as possibly the 46th rather than 45th. (His name does not show up in any encryptions I could find as 45th but Biden does.)

    The other big question is do the encryptions indicate something is to happen or is it just a possibility in the grand scheme of things that God has created?

    Time & Space is really interesting. Prophecy includes Time & Space. The Kabbalistic rabbis teach we are living in the realm of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, the 5th Dimension, which is the realm of Time & Space.

    The cryptic sayings of Nostradamus some believe to be prophecies veiled in symbolic quatrains. The MABUS prophecy of Nostradamus is kind of scarry. The interpreters of Nostradamus say MABUS refers to the 3rd Antichrist of his prophecies, the 1st being Napoleon and the 2nd Hitler. As a cryptologist I can help but notice:
    The reason I mention this now is that one of the dates that comes up in an impressive way in Genesis is Monday, Sept 8, YR 2014, in reference to Biden becoming the 45th. August 25th, however, also came up in an impressive way, but that day came and went. What strikes me as peculiar, however, is the MABUS prophecy in conjunction with the Bible encryptions. Tkhis is because the MABUS quatrain mentions a “comet.” Tomorrow, Sunday, an asteroid comes near the earth.

    It probably does no good to speculate in this manner. I suppose I have been driven by the desparate feeling of: “How long, O Lord, powerful and mighty, will you allow the horrors of Islam to grow and the evil of our permissive society to corrupt our people?” The unholy alliance of Liberalism and Islam are embodied in Barack Hussen Obama. Is he the 3rd Antichrist, the MABUS of Nostradamus?

  42. I recall seeing in Nostradamus a long time back about “beware the blue helmets”. It clicked back into my memory when I saw the U.N. troops wearing pale blue helmets.

  43. RMinNC | September 6, 2014 at 9:19 am |

    Scriptures Command the USA to protect Muslim countries from GLOBAL WARMING…

    .”Last Wednesday, at a ceremony to appoint Texas lawyer Shaarik Zafar to be special representative to Muslim communities, Secretary of State John Kerry said it was the United States’ Biblical “responsibility” to “confront climate change,” including to protect “vulnerable Muslim majority counties.”
    Who do these idiots represent?

    This protection from global warming crap sounds like the Taqiyya version of the tax Muslims think infidels owe them for being allowed to live. I forgot the Muslim word for the tax, but I am sure someone here will remember.


    Good afternoon my friend…hope things are well with you.

    You ask, “Who do these idiots represent?”

    To the best of my knowledge no one but themselves and other idiots who believe this crap……

    Maybe not today or tomorrow,

    Data, Commentary and a Warning
    By: Dwight Kehoe of TPATH
    The Eagle Mr. Nicholas Purpura of Team NJ

    Note from TPATH: This article is longer than most of the commentary we write. It has taken several months of research and we believe it is one of the most important compilations we have done. Please take a few extra minutes to read this and then pass it along to your Democratic friends. The future of our country depends on everyone understanding the dangers our Republic faces.

    September 5, 2014 ~TPATH~ Many active supporters of the 2nd Amendment have spent endless hours gathering information on the benefits of an armed populatiion. They have presented incalculable amounts of data which prove beyond any doubt that people are safer if law abiding citizens are not prevented form protecting themselves and their families from the many dregs of human debris which stalk our society.

    They have shown through their writings that the Founding Fathers succinctly understood the need and the good that firearms afforded when used by responsible citizens. It has also been made quite clear that the authors of the Bill of Rights intended for people to be able to defend themselves and their families from unlawful aggression. And, having lived through the 10 year battle, fighting the tyranny of a non-representative government, they understood the value and deterrence of a well armed citizenry. They were aware that history was replete with government repression of its people. The likelihood of a future that would bear that same vile fruit, held a place of major concern. These themes were woven through the fabric of their writings, lectures and the Constitution itself.

    Indisputable comparisons of data show, time and time again, that legally owned firearms save innocent lives a thousand time more often than they take them. Year after year, decade after decade the percentage of deaths caused by legal firearms is less than .0014 percent of all homicides.

    The dangers of life and living are the reality of life and living. No law can make everyone safe all the time. No regulation could ever prevent all accidents. But when so much attention is given to taking away the rights of honest citizens, in the face of the facts listed above and considering that hundreds if not thousands of life’s other perilous activities are more dangerous and take many, many more lives each year than do legally owned guns, one must conclude that the safety of the people may not be their true objective.

  46. “In defending America against radical Islamic terrorism, Barack Obama cannot be trusted,” DeLay said.

  47. The removal of the Obama regime, extrication of Islamists from our government, the closure of our southern border, drastically heightened security procedures and the summary expulsion or prosecution of anyone who even remotely resembles an Islamist or who supports that worldview are now absolute imperatives.

  48. What are they really after?
    Hillary Hypes Climate Issue as ‘Most Urgent’ Challenge for U.S. as Global Warming ‘Pause’ Increases to 18 Years
    Meanwhile, the scientific data vs. her extreme rhetoric…

    Former Secretary of State and virtually certain presidential candidate appeared at Harry Reid’s annual energy conference and addressed what she believes is the “most urgent, most consequential challenge” for the U.S…

    The terrorist group ISIS? The continuing poor economy and lack of jobs? The nearly $18 trillion dollar national debt? Nope, manmade climate change.

  49. Greta Van Susteren: White House Pressured Me to Get FOX Reporter to Drop Benghazi Investigation (Video)

    Geta Van Susteren admitted Friday “Off the Record” that she was called by the Obama White House and told to push FOX reporter Jennifer Griffin to drop her Benghazi investigation.

  50. 13 HOURS AT BENGHAZI – Part 1 – Pt 2 – Pt 3 – Pt 4 – Pt 5

  51. Commissioner Koskinen Lied to Congress… Lois Lerner’s Emails may be Stored on Up to 760 Servers

  52. Barack Obama Is A
    Illegal President Damn it!

  53. oldsailor82, RMinNC,
    Listen to the video I posted at 12:05 am, This guy tells it like it is, and doesn’t pull any punches.

  54. Bob Strauss
    Now all we need to do is make all of the slimey little snotnosed punks like the MORON in Ferguson, understand that UP is NOT DOWN. Of course he is now educated,and I would guess he received a real ear full from his creator.

  55. BOB STRAUSS…..

    Reference your post at 12:05am…..

    Can we have a BIG SHOUT OUT for this black man?

  56. AND NOW……the truth has been confirmed!
    The three security contractors have told it all! Mzzzzzzzzzzzz.”Barf” is obviously being paid to tell blatant lies scripted by the Wackey House, and now she becomes another Mzzzzzzzzzzzzz.Rice. Birds of a feather…………

  57. Democrat winning strategy for 2016? Sickening!

  58. All of the forecasts made by a legion of climate charlatans in the 1980s and 1990s turned out to be WRONG.

  59. Force of nature is amazing.


    By the Marine’s Mom….

    “Mr. President,

    While I know you have your hands full with all your leading from behind, and with you trying to ‘save face’ by cobbling out a strategy of sorts for dealing with ISIS after saying you have NO strategy at all…but you also need to put this on your agenda, Mr. President, so let me give you a memory jolt…remember when you said, “We don’t leave men and women in uniform behind. ”Remember back in June when you tried to justify your five Taliban for one American deserter swap…

    Well…I’d say that’s NOT quite true, Mr. President (and I will call you that with all sarcasm intended throughout), but you do indeed leave those in uniform and those serving our country behind…do the names Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty mean anything to you…you know of Benghazi fame or should I say shame…you know the ones you NOT only left behind but the ones (I believe) you made sure died.

    And does the name Andrew Tahmoorissi mean anything to you…guess NOT as you and your administration have left him behind to rot in a Mexican jail for simply making a wrong turn. Shame on you, Mr. President…shame, shame, shame on you…as you are deliberately and knowingly leaving a man in uniform behind when a simple phone call to Mexican President Nieto would free him. And this leaves me to wonder if this is your payback for getting caught having your hand in the ‘Fast and Furious’ cookie jar…or perhaps this is some sort of deal you cut with the Mexican government to appease the drug cartels…to make them ‘go away’ until after the November mid-term elections so as NOT to hurt your party…just wondering.

    And, Mr. President, race-baiter that you are…we all know that if Andrew Tahmoorisi was black instead of white he would have been out of jail and safely home by now…and we all know that if Andrew Tahmorissi had been a muslim he would have been out of jail and home within a few short days of his arrest…we know it…you know we know it…and you don’t give a damn that we do.

    So in case you’ve forgotten…what with all you have to do to arrange your next golf date that ‘We the People’ have to pay for…let me again refresh your memory, Mr. President…Andrew Tahmoorisi is the decorated U.S. Marine Sergeant who was in San Diego to be treated for PTSD resulting from his service in Afghanistan, who by accident …with ‘accident’ being the key word here…crossed into Mexico at a very poorly marked border crossing. Andrew Tahmoorissi is the Marine who at the time this happened had in his possession three LEGALLY owned firearms as well as ammunition, which he…honorable man that he is…immediately disclosed to the Mexican border guard as he tried to explain over and over that he had simply made a wrong turn…that he had NOTHING to hide…that he just wanted to turn around and go home.

    But the actions of an overzealous guard to what should have been a minor incident…as in an unintentional violation of a Mexican law (involving gun transportation) which citizens of that country violate in our country everyday… turned serious…turned into an international incident of sorts…when the Mexican government decided to arrest Sgt. Tahmoorissi rather than simply escorting him back across the border. They could have even confiscated his guns and sent him back home without them if it was the guns that truly concerned them but NO…they had to arrest him and throw him in a maximum security prison that rumor has it is controlled by the drug cartels…there’s that nefarious drug connection rearing its ugly head yet again, Mr. President…just saying.

    And to make matters worse, Sgt. Tahmoorissi…who has been held since March… was chained like an animal to his bed…you saw the pictures of this as did we, Mr. President, and yet this did NOT bother you…it did NOT bother you that an American…that a man who put his life on the line to keep America safe and free at home…was being treated so barbarically in a country that ‘supposedly’ is a friend to America. It did NOT bother you. Mr. President, for if it had Sgt. Tahmoorissi would now be free.

    Some friend Mexico is NOT…what with their sending thousands of anything but immigrants into our country ILLEGALLY every day…but I digress…so easy to do with you, Mr. President, because there is just so much wrong with you and your administration…sigh.

    So, despite the fact that hundreds of millions of our tax payer dollars are being sent to Mexico each year for God only knows what…despite the fact that you and your administration turns a blind eye to the millions of Mexican citizens that break NOT just our immigration laws but so many other of our laws on a daily basis… despite the fact that American tourism accounts for more than ten percent of Mexico’s economy…you, Mr. President, does NOTHING to put pressure on the Mexican government…on Mexican President Nieto…to release Sgt. Tahmoorissi…and release him now. In fact, you did NOT even mention him in any of your many phone calls to President Nieto. And why NOT, Mr. President…why the hell NOT.

    But if memory serves me correctly you did allow Sgt. Tahmoorissi to be sent orders to report for active duty. Pray tell, Mr. President, how is he supposed to do that while rotting behind bars in a Mexican jail…NOT going to happen so I guess you did this just to get pleasure rubbing salt into his wounds…so I guess you did this to get pleasure by making his family…his white non-muslim American family…worry even more than they already do.

    So as Sgt. Tahmoorissi awaits yet another day in court…wasting Mexican time and money when they should be out arresting and trying the drug lords and their cartel members that seem to be the ones who are in actuality running their country…while he awaits yet another anything but expeditious process of his case…and it seems his case will drag on and on as there are 108 hours of border crossing tape that still have to be viewed by the judge…I just wonder, Mr. President, if your lack of concern about the fate of Sgt, Tahmoorissi is because you truly do NOT care about the fate of any American anywhere…remember you went to play golf immediately after issuing that lame statement about the beheading of American reporter James Foley…and that shows where your heart…where your compassion…where your loyalties lie…and they are NOT with America or Americans that’s for sure.

    Mr. President, if you want this one of many scandals facing you and your administration to ‘go away’ why don’t you pick up that phone with one hand and pick up your pen with your other hand and tell President Nieto that either he has Sgt. Tahmoorissi released now…as in immediately…or you will Executive Order all tourism into Mexico stopped by shutting down border crossings both in and out of Mexico…that you will order all U.S. aid…and I mean all aid…to Mexico stopped…as in you will hit Mexico hard…you will hit them where it will hurt them the most…as in their pocketbook.

    So, Mr. President, enough is enough…the American people have spoken through the 100,000 signature petition you so cavalierly addressed and then dismissed…we have spoken in one united voice to demand that you get Sgt. Andrew Tahmoorissi …one of America’s brave warriors…home and get him home now. Screw your placating Mexico…and screw your covering your own butt for we all know that ‘Fast and Furious’ is behind your actions or should I say your inactions where Sgt. Tahmoorissi is concerned.

    And so I will now sign off with all due respect, Mr. President…which in your case is very little if any at all.”

    Posted by giveusliberty1776 at 7:59 PM
    What Mr. Obama meant to say was; “We leave no American behind as long as they are black, Muslim , or a deserter…..otherwise, everyone else must fend for himself.


    This says a great deal about your intentions, bias, and motivations. You really don’t give a damn about any American other than your “chosen people” and the ‘havoc” they can bring…….

    Your actions are costing the Democrats a lot of votes come November.

    Payback time is coming.


  62. RMinNC,
    I don’t blame the mother of Andrew Tahmoorissi for writing that letter, if, in fact, it came from her pen. We believe every word is true, but I wonder at the wisdom of writing it at this juncture. The main goal is to get him released, and writing a “scathing” letter to the President may do more harm than good, when it comes to the PTB that are responsible for his release. It may just harden the authorities and tighten the noose, as they say.

    The main objective here is for his release at this point. After he is safe on U.S. territory, then is the time to let the fury fly. Personally I have wondered about the latest attorney’s credibility. After all, it is to his financial advantage to string out this case, too. They play by different rules there.

    This is certainly an awful thing that happened, but it is not the first time a U.S. citizen has been wrongfully held in jail, even for years. That’s the way it is “over the southern border” and why I have stayed away from it as much as possible. Down there one is guilty until proven innocent. Here it has been just the opposite (or at least until bummer took over). Just looking at someone sideways can get you arrested.

  63. Obama is like a little child and incredibly vindictive. I think he’s allowed Tahmoorissi to stay in jail because he doesn’t like guns and the military. He wants people to see what will happen if you own guns. Plus he doesn’t care about Americans, unless you look like his son or are a Muslim. Sorry. That’s just my opinion.

  64. CABBYAZ…good afternoon friend……

    You are correct when you say that the “rules” in Mexico are much different that they are in America…..but I say, it’s about time that “We do unto them as they do unto us”……

    Let me rephrase that….”It’s about time we do unto the illegal Mexicans here in America as they do unto the legal Americans in Mexico”……..after all, turn about is fair play.

    As for the mother of the Marine, you may be right on this one…but I do understand her grief…what I don’t understand is the SILENCE coming from our government… is hurting my ear drums !!! ….

    Most importantly look at the MESSAGE this Clown is sending to all the “honorable” serving members of our military…”do good and I will ignore you”…compared that to Bergdahl’s “do bad and I will reward you”……

    I can assure you Cabby this neglect on the part of this make believe CinC is not going unnoticed in the public eye, especially in the eyes of the veterans……the very least he could do is acknowledge that an American Marine is being held in a Mexican jail and he won’t even do that….

    I guess a simple phone call takes to much of his time away from hole 9 on the golf course..

    This silence on his part also it shows the American people just how much the Mexican government, as bad as it is, has control and influence on their big brother to the north, Senior Obama.

    Never mind all the tens of thousands of illegal Mexicans who swim over to America each year…., never mind the dangerous situation Americans are placed in with the Mexican drug cartels taking over south Texas and spreading their influence throughout all the other states north of the Rio Grand….never mind all the crime being conducted by illegal Mexicans….

    It is the position of the Mexican government that their citizens have a RIGHT to violate our laws without punishment….and we “damn well” better not register a complaint with their government…..

    So pardon my French…but I sure wish someone in our government would tell the American people exactly “what the hell is going on” and specify what our relationship must be with the criminal Mexican government to the south of us.

    Has America surrendered her sovereign title to every other country, regardless of size or strength, in the world….by threat or by gift?

  65. TINA….

    He needs to be spanked….

    Want the job?


    Last week, 82-year-old Palmira Silva was found dead in her backyard garden in the UK. She had been beheaded.

    Silva, a great grandmother, had come to Britain in the 1950s where she met her late husband, Domenic. The two ran successful restaurants and cafes and at the time of her death, Silva was the owner of Silva’s Café, a popular café in Edmonton. Until fairly recently, the 82-year-old had worked at the café full time.

    Shortly after the horrific murder, police took 25-year-old Nicholas Salvador into custody. Known as “Fat Nick,” the Nigerian immigrant was a recent convert to Islam. He was unemployed and was staying with a group of people near the home of the late Ms. Silva.

    There is evidence Salvador allegedly beheaded cats and attempted to attack other people before setting his sights on the elderly widow. The 25-year-old faces a murder charge as well as a charge of assaulting police after one of the pursuing officers suffered a broken wrist.

    Besides the nature of the gruesome attack, it is troubling that before Ms. Silva likely bled out, police were saying the killing was not terrorist related. A police force more interested in appeasing its Muslim population than investigating what actually happened is troubling but hardly surprising in the United Kingdom, a country whose practices are now dictated by its jihadi-loving Muslims.

    Now let me see if I have got this straight………….

    Black man from Nigeria…OK

    Recent convert to Islam…OK

    Practiced beheading on cats and attempted human decapitation…OK

    Gruesome beheading of 82 year old frail female…OK

    Before the lady “bled out”, police were already saying it was not a radical Islamic terrorist attack…..hummmmmmmmmm…definitely not OK.

    Police more interested in appeasing the Muslim population than a true investigation which would point to radical Islamic ties…again not OK…

    Well it may not have been a terrorist attack to the police in England…but try assuring the poor lady who was minding her business and in the process lost her head that it wasn’t…..

    How far are civilized people willing to go with this “political bulls*it” stuff? I guess to the governments of the western world, it’s Ok as long as their “OX isn’t getting gored”.

    Let’s see what they say when their fearless leaders start losing their heads over their madness to appease a bunch of mad dogs.

  67. RMINNC……..Re 3:03 PM
    No I would have to say that hole 9 is only an illusion…… is Reggie’s hole that matters.

  68. ……..after knocking a golf ball around to 18 holes, the caddy (Reggie) and Soetoro head for the shower,where they can practice dropping the soap then leaning over each other’s shoulders to retrieve it. Hence the little QUEE# GAME called “DROP THE SOAP”.

  69. The Tijuana jail scorecard goes clear back into the 1950s. Anybody who got themselves thrown into the Tijuana jail, even then had one hell of a time extricating themselves. If it was a military person it then required his CO to show up to get him released, and the release ALWAYS was tied to the payment of heavy fines. Needless to say once released the person NEVER again returned to Mexico……for ANY REASON!

  70. …….and that is the logic of Mexico, it is called a “SHAKEDOWN”,and they don’t give a damn whether the person entered Mexico by accident or intentionally. The results are always the same. I saw it happen to several military people just in the couple of years that I spent at Long Beach.

  71. ………Today I watched the WHACKEY HOUSE spokesman try to explain the behavior of the (ALLEGED) leader it went UMMMMM AHHHHHHH,OHHHH then another UMMMMM, followed by many more of the same. Hell he can’t even talk intelligently. At least Carney was able to LIE more articulately. But the ORIGINAL was the CHAMPION LIAR by far,,,,,,,,,,the EARTH WORM who slithered out from under his rock each day to slime the public.

  72. Interested Bystander

    oldsailor commented:

    “Hell he can’t even talk intelligently. At least Carney was able to LIE more articulately.”

    Give him time oldsailor, he’s a novice and needs more indoctrination.

    In time, he will become just as good as Carney. Maybe better.

  73. Interested Bystander

    Hey All,

    How long is Obama going to be in Washington this time? Doesn’t he have a fund raiser “somewhere” this week? PLEASE!!

    Maybe another vacation, those summits are exhausting.

  74. RMINNC………Re 3:34 PM
    Good afternoon sir………Once again you have hit the nail on the head. Britain for the most part has for years encouraged the immigration of Muslims,many of whom are even members of the Metropolitan Police Force. So their conclusions regarding the beheading of the Edmonton elder would be pretty much as we heard. It leaves a particularly bad taste in my mouth,because my heritage lies in Britain. However I also believe that Cameron might decide to rid the Metropolitan Police of those who fail to apply the law, as it is written. There was a time when Britain was a country who imposed SEVERE punishments for nearly any transgression. Their punishment of PIRATES was particularly harsh. They were hanged and their bodies were left to dangle around in various places where the bodies could be easily seen by other WANNABE pirates. The bodies dangled until they fell apart from decay. I have never read anything which stated the effectiveness of that sort of VISIBILITY. Seems to me that SEEING WOULD BE BELIEVING!

  75. Interested Bystander

    Hey All,

    Please keep your eyes out for a HUGE airplane that has been missing since March.

    30 tons of aluminum, and steel and seats and glass and oh yeah people.

    It’s out there somewhere.

    If spotted please call 911 and report it.

  76. RMinNC (3:03 pm)
    Oh, RM, I agree with you completely about the willful failure of our W.H. to undertake for Tahmoorissi languishing in that Mexican jail. There is absolutely no dispute about that, and also we WILL remember.

    My point was that this might have not been the best of time to launch the criticism officially. There are congressmen (at least one in CA) that are working behind the scenes. Tact is still very important when dealing with someone who has the upper hand like the Mexicans, at this juncture. The trial is still not over. If the Mexican government wants to be vindictive, all they have to do is continue to drag it all out. Timing is important both in peace and war, but especially in war – and this is WAR.

  77. Interested Bystander

    Hey All,

    Can someone explain to me when we get the TRUTH from this “transparent” administration on Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the IRS targeting conservative groups, the NSA gathering ALL electronic device transmissions (including this one) without a warrant, Egypt, Syria, Iraq and any number of other “issues” that this administration seems to have?

    Obama seems to be too busy golfing to worry about such trivial things.

  78. OLDSAILOR82….good afternoon old friend..

    I was wondering when you were coming aboard….shore leaves over !

    you said…”No I would have to say that hole 9 is only an illusion…… is Reggie’s hole that matters.”

    I think you have this one backwards…in my opinion, he likes to be the receiver…not the giver, but on second thought…he may be a switch hitter.

    Remember when Seotoro wrote his book…”dreams of my father’…remember the part where he was talking about a brown stain on the back of HIS shorts…..most like put there by Frank Marshal Davis…..

    Now a normal person just has to wonder how that stain got there…..I bet Reggie can tell us !!!

  79. ………..perhaps it is time for us to become a little UNCIVILISED, and start doing the same with convicted murderers…..particulary when their crimes against innocent people are particularly heinous. Certainly such a crime when committed in the US would qualify as particularly heinous. In the last few years we have seen a number of other”overly heinous” crimes committed.


    The answer to your question which you posted above is…N E V E R..

  81. Interested Bystander

    Hey All,

    Something interesting I find about this clock:

    The yearly deficit is going down, but yet our National debt continues to increase.

    Oh we’re still running over half a trillion in borrowing for the year to date, I’ll be interested to see what it is later this month.

  82. ……maybe the brown stain was simply from not using TP. Many of those raised as Muslims do not use TP,and when you get behind one of them at the grocery store check out you will want to be wearing your gas mask. The stench from their backside is enough to GAG A MAGGOT OFF A GUT WAGON.

  83. Well, my old hometown (Phx) just received almost 3″ of rain this morning. Of course, flooding is rampant, because most city streets do not have drainage, like they do back East. Also, the underpasses on interstates can be a death trap even with a lot less rain. A hundred-twenty miles to the north, we didn’t get much, but more is expected this P.M. and there are flash flood warnings in effect in several counties, including mine. We are very grateful for the much needed moisture!

  84. IB…….
    Hi neighbor…….
    Hell there are at least 11 other airliners missing which includes 230 some odd passengers of MH 370. I came to the conclusion long ago that they are all DEAD,and were made dead early on either deliberately,or possibly accidentally. But the longer it goes the more I am beginning to believe that the TWO Iranians who were aboard were involved with the disappearance of the Maylasian aircraft.
    Hope all is going well at Indy……..I have had cellulitis set into my left lower leg. It is like a balloon. I am taking some really hairy antibiotics. I might have to go in to the hospital for an intraveinous push for a couple of days. Feeling like death warmed over.

  85. CabbyAZ……..
    Hopefully you have a boat nearby,if you are on low ground,and you might consider carring a Mae West life jacket on the passenger seat next to you. I don’t think I need to say that those Arizona dry washes can become RIVERS, in 20 seconds flat. You might want to consider a deployable anchor as well. If it wasn’t such a serious threat I would put a har har after my rhetoric,but I can remember seeing some of what can happen at least where I was visiting many decades ago at Coolidge. There are a lot of dry washes which trace down to the Salt River.

  86. Results Update: 70% Now Believe Obama Is Not An American Citizen; Elected Officials Ripped

    Results Update: 70% Now Believe Obama Is Not An American Citizen; Illegal President Damit!?…
    Read more »


    Via our research, we learned:

    The Democratic Party is now a communist/socialist party funded by and aligned with Islamic terrorists. A Communist Takeover has occurred and America is now under lawless Communist control.

    Obama is an imposter, a forger, a puppet, a Marxist, an Islam-trained foreigner, a serial criminal, a mass murderer, and a pathological liar, who was illegally installed as President to destroy America. He openly commits treasons and has supplied weapons and material aid to America’s enemies in time of war. He continuously violates the Constitution with impunity. His step-brother regularly meets with Islamic terrorists.

    much more…

  88. Old Sailor,
    So sorry to hear of your cellulitis problem! Hope the antibiotics take care of the matter, but they also can have some nasty side effects. You take care of yourself now, do you hear?

    Yes, it was a record rainfall in Phx – 3″ this morning. Any amount of rain causes flooding in the city because most streets do not have drainage and the interstate underpasses are doozies even with much less than 3″. You are very right about the washes being quite hazardous. Our county (120 mi. north of Phx) has had a flash flood watch, but so far we have not gotten much rain. When we lived in Phx and now have visited, we always watched for rain and stayed away from the underpasses if possible. Once I got caught with water nearly up over the wheels, but I just kept my foot on the accelerator slowly and finally got out without damage. L.A. also got some needed rain.

  89. Good morning CW and all….

    Just a heads up….I will be off the net until Friday….the wife and I are going down to Beuford, SC, Parris island, and then on to Sananna, Ga for a short rest…

    Just in case anyone is worried about me not posting…..God Bless everyone…and stay safe.

  90. that should have been Savanna…not Sananna…sorry bout that…its too early in the morning

  91. Thousands of sick illegal children enter our country and the gov’t secretly ships them all over the country. Now, a “mysterious” virus is rampant infecting OUR school-age children….Gee Whiz, who didn’t see this coming?

    I realize once you get children packed into a classroom in the heat of the summer, you are gonna see the typical virus running rampant…But this particular virus is unusual…prolly the type you see in Honduras, Mexico, etc.

    Children with asthma and other respiratory illnesses are especially at risk.

    Is this a coincidence or a direct result of sending sick illegal children into our schools? If its the latter, the gov’t should be directly blamed and called to account. This is shameful!

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