State employment rates lower in 2014 than 2007, Pew Charitable Trust Aug 19, 2014, Employment rates for 25 to 54 year olds lower, 3.7 percent drop, Safety net programs strained

State employment rates lower in 2014 than 2007, Pew Charitable Trust Aug 19, 2014, Employment rates for 25 to 54 year olds lower, 3.7 percent drop, Safety net programs strained

“11.4%: What the U.S. unemployment rate would be if labor force participation were back to January 2008 levels.” …James Pethokoukis, American Enterprise Institute, June 2013

“For now, the absence of young adults from the housing market continues to put a dent in the homeownership rate, which dropped to 64.8% in the first quarter, compared with 65.2% in the fourth quarter of 2013, according to U.S. Census statistics. The rate was as high as 69.2% in the fourth quarter of 2004. For those younger than 35, the rate has fallen noticeably faster. It slipped to 36.2% in the first quarter, from 36.8% in the fourth. The homeownership rate for this group was as high as 43.6% in the second quarter of 2004.”…Market Watch May 12, 2014

“Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”…George Orwell, “1984″



From the  Pew Charitable Trust August 19, 2014.

“Percentage-point Change in Employment Rate, CY 2007 to FY 2014”


“In 2007, leading up to the Great Recession, 79.9 percent of people ages 25 to 54 in the United States had a job. In the 12 months ending June 2014, five years after the recession ended, only 76.2 percent of people in that age group were working.

The latest rates show a slight improvement from fiscal 2013, when 75.9 percent of people in their prime working years had a job nationally. At that time, employment rates were below prerecession levels in 35 states.

Still, at 3.7 percentage points lower than before the recession, the employment to population ratio for prime-age workers shows that the U.S. labor market remains weak. This finding has significant budgetary consequences for states:

Without paychecks, people pay less income tax and tend to buy less, reducing sales and business income tax revenue.
Unemployed people frequently need more services, such as Medicaid and other safety-net programs, increasing costs at a time when state governments may have less tax revenue.
A state-by-state comparison of calendar year 2007 with fiscal 2014 shows:

No state reported employment rate gains for 25- to 54-year-olds.
29 states had statistically significant decreases.
The largest decline in the employment rate was in New Mexico, where 69.9 percent of prime-age workers had jobs in fiscal 2014 — 9.2 percentage points lower than in 2007.
Among the least affected were Vermont and Nebraska, which recorded the smallest observed changes in their current employment rates of 83.3 and 85.2 percent, respectively.
Although unemployment figures receive more media attention, the employment rate is a preferred index for many economists because it provides a sharper picture of changes in the labor market. The unemployment rate, for example, fails to count workers who stopped looking for a job. By focusing on 25- to 54-year-olds, trends are less distorted by demographic effects such as older and younger workers’ choices regarding retirement or full-time education.”

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  1. citizenwells

    Janet Yellen FOMC today:

    “With respect to monetary policy over the medium run, participants generally agreed that labor market conditions and inflation had moved closer to the Committee’s longer-run objectives in recent months,”

  2. Businesses and money minded people started hiding their money when the democrats took The House in the Nov 2006 mid-term election, the same time the economy started to decline. They all knew the democrats would start raising taxes and start imposing rules and regulations detrimental to business, and it has been downhill ever since.

  3. Sound familiar? Blame the usurper!

    CBN News

    The calendar might say it’s 2014, but in Britain it’s starting to feel like George Orwell’s “1984” because officials have decided that certain things can no longer be said.

    In today’s Britain, pastors, street evangelists, and political activists all risk being hauled into police stations and either being arrested or warned for speaking out against Islam, immigration, or homosexuality.

    Tonight City Committeeewoman Mzzzzzzzzzzzz,Bynes (Ferguson) Verbally implied that she already had enough eye witnesses to CONVICT the officer. She isn’t the JUDGE,OR THE JURY,yet she has implied that the officer is GUILTY AS CHARGED. I can’t remember anytime in my entire life of ever hearing a person with such an impaired mentality. I say this because this LIBERAL DEMOCRAT like all the others doesn’t have a clue about DUE PROCESS OF LAW. Obviously she is an elected product of constituents having the same level of intelligence.= 0 to none.

  5. …….in short she is a TOTAL MORON.

  6. I heard this morning that new legislation is going to be attempted in MO, which will disallow law enforcement officers to carry side arms. They will only be allowed to carry TASERS,which will be preset,and cannot be changed by the officer. If this actually passes the various cities in MO are going to see officers quitting EN MASSE. The notion of an officer with out a side arm is total LUNACY. Obviously the bill is a product of LIBERAL NUT CASES just like Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.Bynes.

  7. “We cannot let our policy and the future of the Middle East be held hostage by ISIS. The only correct response to this kind of atrocity would be to hit Islamic State’s targets, to hit them massively, punish them…this is a fight to the death.” –Lt. Col. Ralph Peters

    For the entire segment:

  8. Bob Strauss……..
    Lt.Col. Peters is exactly right. There IS ONLY ONE WAY to end their INSANE BEHAVIOR. It is with a bullet from the muzzle of a rifle,which strikes all of them squarely between their eyes. It must become a never ending cloudburst of bullets from a FLEET of C-130 gunships,along with A-10s to drop napalm upon their heads. They ARE OUT IN THE OPEN, and now is the time to make it RAIN BULLETS on them from every imaginable direction. I still believe that a fleet of C-130s upgraded with ALL of the latest firepower could break the back of the monsters literally overnight. The trick is to persuade the (alleged) leader of our country to follow this course EN MASSE.

  9. Bob Strauss……
    Do you remember who it was who was involved in the Benghazzi BULLSHI#? Well it was the same person who was involved with the transfer of Libyan weapons to the very people who are now the alleged ISIS. They think that they can brow beat the US into submission. If that happens then our country is also lost. All of the perpetrators in our alleged government need to be shown the door in November. I would advise people to consider drafting Oliver North for President in 2016. He is mature and popular enough,and has a proveable military background,education, and the strength of character necessary to lead our country.

  10. Lt. Col. Ralph Peters Goes Full-On ‘Beast Mode’ in Describing How to Deal With Radical Terrorists
    The guy’s got passion…

  11. Old Sailor,
    That would be a great idea if Oliver North could be our President! He has never entered politics but that doesn’t mean that there couldn’t be a first time. He is a real statesman, loves America and, as you say, is a military man through and through. He has been tried by fire, so to speak. I bet you watched the hearings in the 80’s when he was mercilessly attacked by the Dems in Congress?

  12. Did anyone happen to hear O’Reilly last night? He came back from vacation, because he is so exercised and angry over the way the LSM is reporting events in Ferguson. He was breathing fire and brimstone, especially about Al Sharpton, who is a disgusting activist only for his own purposes. I don’t like O’Reilly most often, but he was right on target re. the civil rights movement.

  13. For you veterans here, the military guys are commenting on TV what a breach of security it has been for Soetoro to release the information about the failure of a special ops mission to rescue U.S. hostages earlier in the summer. He did it only to put a feather in his cap politically to try to convince folks that he “tried”, but to reveal that doesn’t resonate well with the military and those who know better.

    There are some things our country should not be revealing, because now the enemy knows that such a mission was engaged and that it was a failure. Any future attempts will be greatly disadvantaged, if not impossible. The NSC (a bunch of crazies) gave its approval for release.

  14. The National Security Council is the W.H. agency that serves with Soetoro as its head. Also are certain cabinet members, as well as advisors such as Ben Rhodes (liberal whippersnapper, imo), Susan Rice, Samantha Power (U.N. Rep. and wife of the extreme Cass Sunstein), Brennan (the suspected Muslim head of CIA), etc. Need one say more? These clowns are the ones setting foreign policy for our country. No wonder we are in such discredit around the world.

  15. CabbyAZ…….
    With the latest twisted event of ISIS the DO NOTHING Soetoro now has it ALL squarely in his lap. The liberals now OWN the mess they brought about……just like the ACA, and it is all going to resonate upon them in November. Hopefully we will regain the control of the Senate… which point it will then be much easier to remove the nitwit I call Harriet,and hopefully at least one Federal judge regains his/her senses. In mentioning Oliver North as a presidential candidate I took into consideration the events of the past.Yes North took a lot of heat for his part in the IRAN-Contra so called scandal. In reality the missile systems that were traded were already OBSOLETE, and were not nearly as dangerous as the MENTALLY TWISTED LIBERAL HOUNDS were HOWLING about. In comparing Iran Contra to Benghazzi, a liberal screams when a Republican does something,but it is all perfectly acceptable when a LIBERAL NUT CASE does it then they have the AUDACITY to think that they can make the public believe their cover up lies as well.Even the electronic guidance system was no longer classified. You could even then buy the same exact electronic chips at virtually any electronics parts store for .95 cents. North done what he done with the help of Admiral Poindexter,who eventually took the hit,and the heat. His words were “The buck stops here”. President Reagan developed a bad case of “FORGET IT”,which later proved to be the truth. I believe that North was acting in good faith, because it generated money with which the hostages being held in Iran might benefit from. In addition I would hasten to add that at least North is MORALLY STRAIGHT, and is also a practicing Christian. He is well educated,and certainly perceptive. I believe he would be a hell of a lot better POTUS than the ALLEGED leader we now have. Given what is now happening in the middle east we are going to very much need a POTUS who does possesses the fiber necessary to hold the office of POTUS,and lead our military forces.

  16. CabbyAZ……..
    I cannot believe that our Security people allowed the information regarding the failed attempt to rescue the hostages. This was the MOST IDIOTIC thing they could have done. Now the enemy knows the extent to which we can take viable action.
    BTW the C-130 gunships have enough power that with a little fuselage strengthening could be launched from our large carriers. The A-10 could also be easily,and quickly adapted to carrier operation. I believe that intelligent,and properly planned, coordinated,and simultaneous use of both aircraft,each would bring severe destruction and certain death to THOUSANDS of the enemy wherever they are exposed and where they are not exposed the 105 MM would quickly EXPOSE THEM,as would the 120MM horizontally launched mortar .Further I believe that a fleet of 50 of the gunships all operating simultaneously over a range of the enemy’s strongholds could break his back overnight,after which the A-10s move in and rain down burning napalm,by the tanker loads, all being done AROUND the clock,as was the strategy of General Norman Schwartzkopf and before him General George Patton. Never allow the enemy even one minute to regroup. Attack Attack Attack with OVERWHELMING force.

  17. …….after which we send in our Abrahms tanks to MOP UP the mess and BULLDOZE the enemies bodies into a trench and cover their useless, stinking carcasses……out of sight ….OUT OF MIND! har har

  18. oldsailor82 | August 21, 2014 at 11:18 am |
    Yes, our “security” people (and I’m beginning to believe that our “new” military is included) are making us sitting ducks for invasion by the worst terrorists ever. Meanwhile they want to disarm business and homeowners when there is no other alternative but self protection. Like when Zero tells the enemy the date of withdrawal and just how many troops will be left behind as sitting ducks themselves. Somebody has got to stand up within these Constitutionally sworn individuals in authority and go against the tide of treason. The only ones this regime is seen to protect are those who want to bring down the country; the criminals who are illegally armed to the teeth; and the perverted!

  19. Take a look at a rogue’s gallery and bios of a number of Brits who have defected to terrorism. We can bet our bottom dollar that there are any number of U.S. citizens over there, too. (and HERE, as well, poised to carry out atrocious acts when given the signal)

    British’ jihadist who beheaded journalist is Londoner called John

    An international manhunt is under way to identify the British militant who beheaded American journalist James Foley, with sources suggesting he is a London-born fanatic called John.

  20. Hi Cabby and Oldsailor,
    I met Oliver North when I attended a fund raiser for him back in ’94. He ran unsuccessfully for senator from VA. I was somewhat disappointed in him when he arrived 2 hours late with no explanation, and was not very cordial to the crowd that had waited so long. It kind of left a bad taste in my mouth. But that’s not to say he wouldn’t still make a good POTUS.

    Take care all.

  21. Thanks, SueQ, for the info re. your contact with Oliver North. I did not know that he had ever run for office. Maybe he is just not cut out for the political scene, especially today. His roots may be more vested in the military. Good to hear from you!

  22. oldsailor82 | August 20, 2014 at 11:13 pm |

    …….in short she is a TOTAL MORON.
    As often as these people come into contact with law enforcement, they should know the law inside and out, or maybe they are just too stupid to learn from their mistakes.

  23. cabbyaz | August 21, 2014 at 9:43 am |

    The National Security Council is the W.H. agency that serves with Soetoro as its head. Also are certain cabinet members, as well as advisors such as Ben Rhodes (liberal whippersnapper, imo), Susan Rice, Samantha Power (U.N. Rep. and wife of the extreme Cass Sunstein), Brennan (the suspected Muslim head of CIA), etc. Need one say more? These clowns are the ones setting foreign policy for our country. No wonder we are in such discredit around the world.
    Exactly what one would expect from a lying Muslim enemy usurper.

    The usurpers’ announcement of the failed rescue mission was done so ISIS could declare a small victory in a war with the USA, and so the usurper could promote their cause. After all, he armed them in Libya and he’s a fellow Muslim.

  24. cabbyaz | August 21, 2014 at 12:11 pm
    I feel sorry for the real British people, their country has been overrun by Muslims, and the culture there has generated a bunch of criminals with the mentality of the countries they came from. They spread their bull$hit where ever they go, they are always discontent, and they are always killing people in the name of their religion. They are nothing but criminals deserving of extermination.

  25. Bob Strauss…..
    Britain is overrun with Muslims, and a hell of a lot of them are involved in LAW ENFORCEMENT but sadly I ask them “What law enforcement”? Britain has openly invited them into their land. If they want to fix the problem they might begin by ejecting those who are IILLEGALLY there,but don’t hold your breath.Very unlikely! These people have been allowed to interbreed with the Britons (willingly),and for all practical purposes the country might as well be looked upon as a MUSLIM country. I would suspect that one of the underlying reasons why so many caucasian Brits immigrated to the US was because of the growing number of Muslims in Britain. This did not begin recently… was happening even at the turn of the century. My grandfather, and grandmother packed up and brought their kids to America,one of whom was my father.

  26. …….AND NOW……
    …..WE LEARN that the Pentagon has BROKEN the law when Bergdahl was swapped for the 5 BASTARDS. Now the military is involved and I believe that before it is over push might come to shove. I am going to stay tuned into this one. It is significant. Now lets see if anybody in Congress has the GONADS to ENFORCE THE LAW.

  27. Sueq……..
    I would invite anybody to compare Oliver North’s virtues with those of our present leadership,at least I am sure he is a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN. Further I think that he might well be oriented to believe that the Constitution is our backbone,and in all probability he would be UPHOLDING it. Perhaps he is not politically motivated,but he has been over the years quite vocal, so this seems to say that somewhere inside of him there is a SPARK smouldering.

  28. Is anyone watching this sad example of a press conference by Hagel and Dempsey? Hagel comes across as dumber than dirt and Dempsey looks like he’d up on his chair if a mouse scampered across the floor. They both look like either they need their naps or they are on meds! When questioned about if it was an intelligence failure to release the classified info about attempt to get our hostages…even if news sources released what they had…and the answer was something like “well, news sources had already released some info”. God help us. Hagel really looks like he struggles to even make sense out of the simple questions asked of him. “ISIS will only be stopped when the multitude of Sunnis reject them”…, did they miss the fact that this multitude is either fleeing or joining up to keep from getting their heads cut off or watching their children’s heads cut off? Really weak; really sad; really unbelievable for “defense” reps; and really scary. It’s sounding like another lecture on the history of terrorism threat that one would usually hear in some faculty lounge.

    Rick Perry Warns ISIS May Already Be in the United States

    ISIS terrorists may already be in the country, Governor Rick Perry (R., Texas) warned, saying that the terrorists’ own version of “mission creep” will draw them from Iraq to the United States.

    “I think there is the obvious great concern that because of the condition of the border, from the standpoint of it not being secure and us not knowing who is penetrating across, that individuals from ISIS or other terrorist states could be [entering the country],” Perry said during an event hosted by National Review and the Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C.

  29. Fox News: Democrat James Carville Says People Have Right To Say Obama Born In Kenya

  30. I well remember Ollie North, following his own plans, in the daring capture of the hijackers of the cruise ship Achille Lauro. He’s been decisive and willing to take action…..but yes, much more of a calling to the military, not politics. As was obvious, not a fan of red tape or niceties….only used an atty as a prop (potted plant) for his self defense!

  31. Sueq…….
    Even Eisenhower had his inadequacies,but again he was a believer in America,and he pretty well PROVED it by leading the war effort,in Europe,and later two terms as our POTUS, BTW the anti missile, missile was actually something he supported BIG TIME. The original conception was developed during the Eisenhower administration,and immediately thereafter. Star Wars was largely a Reagan notion. But there was prototype systems developed,and tested but eventually the whole thing was shelved because of the enormous cost factor. So far as I know it is still on the shelf, and undoubtedly will either remain there,or be scrapped entirely.

  32. Bob Strauss……..
    Do you suppose that Carville is trying to say something? He has certainly garnered my attention, but I will wait only so long for him to NAIL IT IF HE KNOWS IT! If he doesn’t then it is something he is trying to do to undermine the BIRTHER CLUB. If he is a friend of O’reilly I am suspicious even before I hear what he has to say. Did anybody hear the BLOWHARD GET IT ON with Al DULL-TON. I believe that Orielly was only a tad away from calling the CREEP exactly what he is …..a CREEP of the 1st magnitude, with a severe MORON infection.

  33. oldsailor82 | August 21, 2014 at 4:21 pm
    Star Wars was largely a Reagan notion.
    “Star Wars” was the derogatory name given to Reagan’s defensive missile system idea by the lunatic left, that argued against self defense. That idea, has evolved into the Patriot missile system that is used in Israel today against rocket fire from Hamas.

  34. I had read this from another source. The title this guy uses for himself does not exist as a profession.

    St. Louis Medical Examiner SLAMS Brown Family Hire

    The chief medical examiner of St. Louis County, who performed the first autopsy on Michael Brown after he was shot on Aug. 9, says that she is concerned by one of the men hired by the Brown family to conduct its own exam.

    “I can tell you absolutely that I find what Parcells does to be abysmal,” Dr. Mary Case told The Daily Caller when asked about Shawn Parcells, a Kansas-based forensic pathologist assistant. He has been accused in the past of fabricating his job title and of conducting autopsies without a license.

    Parcells, along with Dr. Michael Baden, was hired last week by the Brown family to conduct an independent private autopsy. They did so, they said, because they did not trust local authorities to conduct a thorough investigation into Brown’s police shooting death.

    The team released its results on Monday and determined that Brown was shot at least six times.

    One crucial determination was the trajectory of the bullet that killed Brown. Parcells explained to TheDC earlier this week that the bullet was traveling in a back to front direction, indicating that Brown was bent over in some fashion when he was struck.

    The location of Brown’s head when he was shot is sure to figure prominently in the investigation. The Brown family and many across the U.S. believe that Brown was “executed” by Ferguson, Mo. police officer Darren Wilson in broad daylight. Wilson reportedly claims he shot Brown in self-defense.

    But Mary Case, along with a number of other medical examiners and pathologists have been heavily critical of Parcells.

    “He is doing forensic autopsies which may send someone to prison, and he is not a physician, much less a forensic pathologist,” she told TheDC, adding that forensic pathologists and medical examines throughout the U.S. “are shocked by this man and how bold he is to do what he does.”

    “No one stops him,” she said.

    Case said that Baden, 80, “is an excellent forensic pathologist.” At a press conference Monday, Baden said the same thing about her.

    Read more:

  35. OLDSALOR82, CABBAYAZ, and all

    I’ve been out of town for two days…and all hell breaks loose….

    But it’s nothing more than I expected from the Obama gang of thieves……

    First, let me say that there is only ONE person to blame for this elevation in Islamic terrorism in the Middle east…..and that’s Barack Hussain Obama…..

    He started it all by turning Libya over to the terrorist…then he got brave and took down Egypt, but that didn’t turn out so well for him…..the Egyptians took their country back from the Muslim Brotherhood….now Obama’s buddy, Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood mouthpiece, is on trial for his life

    Next we had Benghazi come to our attention because Obama and Clinton let an Ambassador needlessly die there….what hasn’t come out yet is that they were using Benghazi to run guns and munitions into Syria through Turkey…that is jail time when it final comes out….but wait he wasn’t finished.

    He then went after the legal Syrian government in power by arming and providing weapons to the rebels (terrorist) fighting Assad…..but wait it didn’t stop there either.

    Those Syrian rebels (terrorist) fighting in northern Syria suddenly turned into ISIS with the weapons provided by the United States to there buddy rebels (terrorist) in Syria…we now have a monster on our hands and the only way to rid ourselves of it is to KILL EVERY DAMN member of ISIS before they kill us. They are becoming bolder and bolder with each passing day

    They post their black flag of shame at the gates of the White House and the Secret Service said they were aware of it……….DUH do they need an invitation to draw, air and shoot?

    Not only did they post that black rag but they left a note that said we are coming after you (Americans) wherever you are…….

    Then ISIS beheaded a television man, James Foley, after he had been captured in NORTHERN SYRIA…..they beheaded him after ISIS ask for and was declined a ransom for the man…..

    Now does it make sense that we would pay ransom for an Army DESERTER, Bergdahl, but cannot pay ransom for another US citizen?. ISIS says if the air strikes do not stoop, they will behead another American being held in captivity.
    I will now give my opinion on how to settle this problem with ISIS.

    A 10kw NUKE dropped in the center of mass of these rabid criminals will settle the dispute…and send a terrible message to all other Arabs that this kind of conduct will not be tolerated by the peoples of the world.

    So if the world wants to point a finger at the guilty party for all this Middle Eastern mess…….point it toward Washington DC
    And as for Fergerson MO….I have only two questions.

    Will Eric holder go to Salt lake City and investigate the recent incident where a BLACK police officer killed a WHITE TEENAGER who was handcuffed?

    Will Obama get on television and ask for calm because the white people are rioting , stealing, and looting because of this Salt Lake incident?…

    I think NOT for both questions…..

    White people do not march, riot, steal loot and burn when a black commits an act against a white person…

    and the media will not call it racism unless it’s WHITE against BLACK.

  36. Observer……
    I am praying hard that Perry beats the TEXAS SLIMES. This would negate any real fallout from the alleged prosecution into the 2016 election cycle. I personally believe that if he beats the twisted TEXAS liberals he will have beaten them at their own sort of game and would then be a much stronger candidate for POTUS in 2016. In fact he could use nearly all the footage that it generates to set the MOOD. But I am not going to get ahead of the game …..lets see what comes out of the alleged prosecution. I seem to remember George Bush beat the very same TEXAS slimes who tried to SLIME him with PHONEY documents. If Perry plays his hand correctly he could easily emerge as the strongest Republican candidate for POTUS in 2016. Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.Clint wouldn’t have a chance, but then we all know that she is really a NOTHING anyway.

  37. oldsailor82 — I wrote last June to my Congressman to call for Obama’s impeachment because of the 5 terrorist swap for a known deserter and obvious violation of the law. Now the GOA has verified two laws were broken: not notifying Congress 30 days in advance and then using unauthorized appropriated funds to make the transfer. This is not even mentioning the treasonous intent and detrimental result to the US. So today I wrote a follow-up letter to the same Congressman, enclosing the GOA reporting from National Review online. Of all the violations of the Constitution–crimes and misdemeanors–Obama and his regime have committed, this is the most obvious and provable in court.

    Observer — Like Biden, Hagel shows signs of alcoholism. Too bad. It is sad. It is a disease. When he said “the world is exploding all over,” though true, it was like a dry drunk talking.

  38. Observer,
    Just as the presser with Dempsey and Hagel was close to ending I awakened from a nap. I agree that it seemed to be a pretty poor excuse for two cabinet members. You’d think they were real celebrities when it came to the clicking of cameras, etc. It seemed to be sort of a homey presentation without any substance, at least, the part I heard. I did hear Hagel get one thing right – ISIL differs from predecessors in that it is very well funded.

  39. RMinNC — I think that to put an end to the ISIS movement in particular and Muslim jihad in general, destroying one of the pillars of Islam–going to the Kaaba in Mecca–is all it would take. Give those folks a chance to get out of Dodge, then rain down fire and brimestone on the place until absolutely nothing there exists any longer. That is the only thing this harsh, hardened people of Islam will understand–when their false god Allah is shown to be a fake. I understand that was the threat President Bush made under the table to the Muslim world: that if any of our cities were to be attacked via a nuclear carry device by a terrorist, Mecca would be obliterated. So they had to get one of their own into the Presidency to eliminate that possibility. Until Obama and his team are gone, we live under the threat of nuclear terrorism. The border distraction is undoubtedly to allow for their jihadists to get across. People in the government must know this–in Congress, the Pentagon, the Intel agencies. It is pretty clear now what is happening. The big question: what are they going to do about it? Wait until one of our cities is nuked?

  40. Old Sailor,
    Last night with both progressives, Bob Beckel and James Carville, on O’Reilly at the same time was something else. The more I hear these libs spout off the more evident it is that they are literally mentally ill. They will say anything – regardless of how irrational or crazy – in order to prove their point.

    This joke has been around for sometime, but it certainly describes the above:
    Trying to debate with a liberal is like trying to play chess with a pigeon. You don’t get anywhere and he cr-ps all over the board and struts around as though he has won.

  41. RMINNC……..
    Thank you for the eloquent explanation of the BASTARDS who call themselves ISIS. You have saved me a hell of a lot of words……you said everything that I have been thinking……..but you have said it FAR BETTER than I ever could. But I still stand with my idea of a cure. Hope your travels were pleasant. Have a great day sir.

  42. CabbyAZ…….
    While I have nothing againmst Bob Beckel I find him one of the most disgusting,and otherwise repugnant people I have ever heard TRY to say something intelligent,when he hasn’t sufficient range of thought to begin with. He puts me in mind of a labor union organiser. Stuff a cigar in his mouth and he would certainly look the part. I look upon Carville in the same light as CONAN, the SQUAREHEAD.(LIGHT ON BUT NOBODY HOME). As for Juan Williams I sort of associate him with BAT GUANO.

  43. RMinNC,
    Glad to see you back and in fighting mode! Your synopsis is right on!

    Dean M,
    Always appreciate your analyses and had just read the article about the two laws being broken.
    The last statement made by the GAO cracks me up:
    “DOD obligated funds that were not legally available,” the GAO legal analysts said, saying the department must report itself for breaking the law.
    Huh? Fat chance of that happening.

    Read more:

  44. DEAN M….

    I couldn’t agree with you more….take out the BIG BLACK BOX at Mecca and you take out Islam…it really is that simple. But I suggest we wait until an Islamic holiday if that is the solution decided upon.


    Yes …the wife and I had a great mini vacation…no television, no phones, no movies, no damn media people trying to tell me how and what to think… for my last post….

    NO……..I did not say it better than you, I just said it different than you…… remember, my friend….ALL ROADS LEAD TO ROME !!! and to put it another way…..”there’s more than one way to skin a cat !”

  45. HI CABBTAZ…..Yep…I am fully charged !!! and my brain is in overdrive….

    Since I have been out of the loop for a few days…could you tell me if the people on here are aware of the BLACK police officer in Salt Lake City that recently killed the WHITE teenager?

    I screened CW for the period I was out of town, but couldn’t find anything about this incident….

  46. One more thought: My opinions are just my opinions. But going back to the 2008 election, it became obvious to me that Obama was a Muslim and former CIA recruit. The CIA paid for his Harvard education and he worked for Business International Corporation, a CIA front that tended to the Left. The CIA recruited Muslims during the Cold War, taking over from the Nazis who had recruited them to fight against the Soviets previously. This is pointed out in Ian Johnson’s book, A MOSQUE IN MUNICH. Anyway, the young Barry Soetoro was recruited because of his Muslim credentials and a new identity was made for him as Barack Obama II. What kind of Muslim? His politics were to the Left. He believed in both Islam and Marxism. That put him in the Shiite camp which Muhamed Baquir al-Sadr of Iraq established who combined Marxism with Islam which set the economic and political blueprint for the Iranian Revolution in the days of Carter.

    To kick off his campaign for the Presidency Obama went to the Dearborn mosque, which is Shiite and the largest mosque in America, and had a private meeting–Press excluded–with Iraqi-born Hasan al-Qazwini and was given a copy of his book, AMERICAN CRESCENT. The money from Muslim nations began to come in like a flood–the 57 nations of the OIC (his 57 states slip was due to what was really on his mind). He overpowered the Clintons with his money, backing, and behind the scenes CIA credentials. When he was elected, Shiite Muslims danced in the streets of Tehran calling him “brother.” Sunni jihadist clerics threatened him for concealing his Muslim identity, which is allowed by Shiites.

    This has all been reported in the Press but in nondescript ways so as not to present what is really happening. That is because the Left has an “Unholy Alliance” with Islam (see David Horowitz’s book by this title).

    We have a Marxist Muslim in the White House and Muslims in important positions effecting national security. That is the reality. The big question now is how far will they be allowed to go?

  47. Dean M. | August 21, 2014 at 4:48 pm
    Observer — Like Biden, Hagel shows signs of alcoholism. Too bad. It is sad. It is a disease. When he said “the world is exploding all over,” though true, it was like a dry drunk talking.
    Dean M.,
    Free flowing alcohol provided at taxpayer expense is the reason these alcoholics are in the shape they are in. The country club atmosphere of wealth and abundance in DC takes its’ toll, and many of the “seasoned politicians” are nothing more than drunkards. Many of them can’t sober up long enough to give a speech on the chamber floor. Small wonder they all bought the usurpers lies, they weren’t sober enough to understand the significance of a Muslim usurper in the White House.

  48. Dean M………
    Exactly NOTHING will ever happen until one of two things happens first; ….we must either take back the Senate, or ONE federal judges needs to make it known that he is now willing to hear, and further adjudicate evidence of the FRAUDULANT presidency of Barry Soetoro. Either way the potential is about equal. If Harriet is removed, Pelosi will either step down or be literally PHYSICALLY THROWN OUT THE DOORS of the capitol. After that happens it will be much easier to get rid of the rest of the original GANG OF 14 who originally hijacked the democratic party. This includes Chucky Baby, Dickey Bird Durbin, Stinky Hoyer,and all the rest of the pathetic excuses for elected officials. But we must continue to clean house at the STATE level as well. The process will take years, but MUST HAPPEN!….in ALL 50 states! With Soetoro it would be 57 states,but you know where I am coming from on that one. har har ….but like you said so well, some of us quickly recognised what we now had in office. He later made other slips of the tongue which only CONFIRMED what we already KNEW.

  49. DEAN M….

    Again…you are correct in all comments…..the final question you ask is the 64 million dollar question…..

    It appears that no one in a position to challenge this usurper will do so….that brings on my question.

    Where does that leave us…the American citizen?

  50. Citizenwells….

    I’m in moderation…HELP.

  51. Did any of you who watched the Hagel/Dempsey show today think it was out of the usual pattern of non-transparency of this regime….with such a sudden huge emphasis on just how BAD ISIS is… no other…evil, wicked (as if no one had noticed before) and we ourselves here in the U.S. are in BIG trouble NOW; thus we “MUST be ready”! Huh? We have an open border now for some time so that it is assumed by some like Gov. Perry that it is likely ISIS IS HERE already. Soooo, was this new sudden approach of necessary U.S. “readiness” by the normally clueless or careless regime a new scare tactic so the public will excuse a new kind of public control? If there is any seriousness attached to this urgency why then aren’t the borders being closed immediately with a new care to searching every single individual crossing into our home? Why isn’t there a new military type barrier against the cartels and drug and human traffickers who it is said are dealing with ISIS now to help their entry. This was just a show by the dog and pony who are unbelievably supposedly covering our defense. And what’s so hard to take is that they are laughing at our docility all the time their “program” is taking its evil form.

  52. Anyone see the State Dept flunky today who, when asked about paying the ransom for our hostage since other countries are willing to do so to get their own returned, actually said that we don’t deal with terrorists?? At least there was a follow up that just happened to mention that “little” trade of the 5 terrorist thugs for our deserter. Their written in stone statements sure do bend to their benefit.

  53. Alright just breaking… 8/21/14 4pm
    “Deputy Secretary of Defense: Right Now… No Boots on the Ground’ in Iraq.” Jeryl Bier

    Ever since President Obama pulled forces out of Iraq, he has been unequivocal in his statements about “boots on the ground” in that country. As recently as August 7, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said that the “President has also made clear that American military action in Iraq would not include combat boots on the ground. That is a principle that the President laid out at the beginning and that continues to be true today.”

    However, in remarks Wednesday to U.S. troops in Guam, Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work twice qualified the president’s words with “right now,” saying “Do I think we’re going to have boots on the ground[?] The president’s been very clear, right now, no,” and a short time later, “So right now, the president’s been very clear, no boots on the ground.”

    Work was responding to a question about ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) and Iraq from a soldier in the audience at an event at Apra Harbor, Guam. The following are excerpts from Work’s reply [emphasis added]:

    Well, all I can say on this is this is the biggest debate that’s going on inside Washington D.C. right now. Okay, everybody knows that ISIL is — these are about the worst guys that we’ve come up against. I mean, they’re so bad that Al Qaeda you know, said, we don’t like these guys anymore. You know if Al Qaeda says (Inaudible).
    We need boots back on the ground with orders to take these
    bastards out. Let our soldiers fight and not with one hand tied behind their back.

  54. hapnHal,
    It’s going to have to come to that, because our national security is at stake. Well, in fact, there are already “boots on the ground” to direct air strikes, etc., but technically they are not supposed to be engaged in hand-to-hand combat. The problem is that zero’s modus operandi is always” too little, too late”, at least when it comes to matters of our safety and wellbeing.

  55. Observer,
    Today I heard on Cavuto’s program a statement made by a well-known movie producer that has been documenting the influx of illegals at the border. His name alludes me, but he has also been on the Kelly File, too. He made a startling statement, a word from his intel sources that have never left him down, and it was that the drug gangs are being paid $50,000 to smuggle in any person of particular interest. You can imagine who those people could be – probably terrorists.

    America now in ‘most dangerous position we’ve ever been in’


  57. CabbyAZ……..
    The only way that the alleged terrorists could successfully blow up an entire city would be by using a nuclear weapon having a potential yield of at least 1 kiloton. That was the approximate size of the Hiroshima detonation. It would be possible for terrorists to put their hands on nuclear weapons if they stole them from Pakistan,or some slimey BASTARD there allowed them to take them from their arsenal.

  58. …..BUT……if Iran is allowed to develop nuclear weapons, a nuclear attack upon the US could originate from there as well. But there is a hell of a lot of variables,that must become constants before any such attack could ever take place. As this relates to Russia,I would tend to believe that they are well aware of what would result if they ever attacked America with a nuclear weapon,or multiple weapons simultaneously. In the case of simultaneous detonations of say ten 25 megaton weapons it would have the potential of raising the atmospheric radiation level over the entire world to very unsafe levels. This includes their own backyard as well. If they are insane enough to do that they will face the same radiation dangers as everyone else on earth. Furthermore such an attack has the potential of contaminating ALL human food sources on earth as well as all fresh drinking water. There would be mass deaths from residual ionising radiation (gamma particals) and residual Cesium 137 fallout the world over. In essence such a maniacal act would eventually destroy the PERPETRATORS as well,at which point they will have done nothing except shovel manure against the tide,and they will also pay the ultimate price. This knowledge is what keeps most of the civilised people from using nuclear weapons to begin with, but when it comes to the RAVING LUNATIC GOAT LOVERS,they would believe that ALLAH will give them 36 virgins for doing their damndest. In short we are up against absolute lunatic fanatics,who think their FALSE PROPHET is right. In the end they will pay a very dear price, by wiping out their own people along with their perceived/imagined enemies.

  59. …… which point the beginning of the end of humanity on earth,along with all other living creatures. Eventually earth could become a totally barren,and dead planet,if the religous fanatics are allowed to have their way,and earth will be returned to the pre life era of it’s existence. All because of some stinking,lunatic religous FANATICS.


  61. A report I was reading on Facebook about an attorney for a whistle blower, says 400 shoulder fired missiles were stolen in Benghazi.

    If true, this is not good and poses a real danger to aircraft.

  62. Good morning CW….everybody
    Here is a fact that I firmly believe……If you live in LA,CHI,or NY you are ten times more likely to be murdered by a BLACK person,than a caucasian. This fact was asserted by Larry Elder who is a BLACK talk radio host.

  63. I also believe that it is only a matter of time until we are involved once again in a war,this time with the alleged PUNK GANG who call themselves ISIS. They will never be able to successfully hide from us …..all we need to do to find them is follow our NOSES. Their stinking a$$es will give them away. Come on Soetoro…..time to send in the C-130 PUFFS,and the A-10s. Most people havn’t the slightest idea of the level of destruction,and death on the ground which both of these aircraft are capable of doling out. So it is only reasonable to believe that a fleet of at least 50 of each properly deployed and operating in cube units,would be capable of destroying the entire ISIS LOAD OF BULLSHI# literally OVERNIGHT. But it must begin in Syria,where from their financing, and logistics is originating. When these aircraft are operated intelligently we do not need BOOTS ON THE GROUND. I was really surprised to hear Heraldo,of all people assert the same thing this morning early on FOX. This was the first time I have ever heard him say anything intelligent. Usually he is TOTALLY FULL OF MANURE.
    Time to let the stinking desert punks discover what burning napalm does. It will cure their odorous a$$ES……PERMANENTLY. Time tro let the MORON PUNKS discover what is happening when they suddenly hear PPFFFFFFFIIIISSSSTTTTTTTTTTTT. THAT WILL BE THE LAST THING THEY HEAR……UNTIL ALLAH HANDS EACH OF THEM AN INFLATABLE LOVE GOAT. No virgins available!

  64. ……..anybody who thinks that airpower alone is not enough needs to take a look at the HIWAY of death,and destruction leading from Kuwait to Baghdad……all done by aircraft. Thousands of Iraqi “bada$$ES” even tried to surrender to passing aircraft. That seems to say it all. Always…..OVERWHELMING FORCE!

  65. BYE BYE…….Have a great day!

  66. Bob Strauss……..
    While the STINGER missiles are a real hazard, the operator must have the intelligence to use them properly as well. You can possess the finest weapons on earth but without the proper understanding of the weapon the person trying to use it will lose too much time,and he will hear the famous language of the PUFF before he can even put the weapon to his shoulder. Stingers accelerate at a little over mach 1, it is possible to shoot them out of the air if you know that one is on it’s way. The rounds from the on board gatling rifles accelerate a hell of a lot faster than the stinger missiles. But I agree if one gets through, it might be the end of an aircraft. Again I say when it is raining bullets, and fire from above it is likely that damn few if any stingers will ever get successfully launched. But war is war,and there is often a high level of attrition in such activity. That is why we send in MORE than actually needed…….called SPARES. BYE BYE AGAIN!


    Posted this am in Drudge….

    HOUSTON, Texas — A new letter from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) admits that illegal aliens were being allowed to board planes using Notice to Appear forms they received after entering the U.S. illegally. The revelation directly contradicts a TSA statement last month denying such allegations to various media outlets, including Breitbart News. In July Breitbart Texas Managing Director Brandon Darby broke the news that the TSA was letting illegal aliens board planes using Notice to Appear forms; subsequently, a TSA spokesperson publicly attacked Darby on Twitter, insisting that his report was “completely wrong.”
    Our national priorities are all fu*ked up with this ALIEN administration…and so is our ALIEN president, and all of the ALIEN flunkies he has put in positions of power over LEGAL citizens.

    NOW WHAT IF …one of those ILLEGAL alien people with a “Notices to Appear” just happened to be a TERRORIST…which they most likely are ….and a second point, if the “truth” is ever known, the American taxpayer is most likely footing the bill for their “first class” seating….nothing but the best for our ILLEGAL alien visitors who have ever intention of overstaying their visits,….. with the help and assistance of the US government who is working overtime to make them LEGAL against the will of the LEGAL citizens.

    I say, and I think the majority of LEGAL American citizens would agree with me…”If those ILLEGAL aliens can walk, or hop a train, or swim the Rio Grande, and travel 1500 miles to get to our border…then let them walk another 1500 miles, and swim the mighty Mississippi river to get to their final destination”…the only person I know who ask that they come here in the first place ILLEGALLY was O’Bozo, the clown…..who most likely is ILLEGAL himself.

    As a LEGAL taxpaying citizen, I’m damn sick and tired of supporting the entire world while America and her LEGAL people continues a downward spiral into oblivion.

    Check it out…….the ILLEGALS who are now living in America are living far better and “higher on the hog” than the “homegrown citizen” who was born and breed here. These LEGAL citizens have been downgraded to “shoveling sh*t” by this administration.

  68. Hamas Official: We were behind the kidnapping of the three Israeli teenagers.

    Religion of Peace…………BS



    Com’on WHITE America wake up…..your being played like a big bass drum by the media and black race hustlers in America !!!…

    Isn’t it time we started identifying the REAL RACIST in America, and laying blame where blame belongs?

  70. hapnHal……
    It would seem to me that since Hamas has stated they were behind the kidnapping of the Israeli teens, the Hamas official who is responsible should be captured and put to death in as painful of manner,as possible,and a very slow death.

  71. OBAMA on the question of ISIS sneaking across the southern border to blow up American cities ……..


  73. ……….Our morally corrupt, and spiritually decrepit leader of the US has become the LAUGHING STOCK of the world!


  75. RMINNC……
    The link doesn’t work. error


  77. WHICH LINK….oldasailor82?

  78. RMINNC…..
    Belay my did work, I just didn’t tune in quite right.
    OHHHHHHHH yeahhhhhhhhh 600 LBS OF lard. ALL IN HER A$$ & GUT!
    There are a hell of a lot of carbon copies of her,who nearly everyday drive their reinforced Escalades to the local food banks,and drive away with 400lbs of foodstuffs,25 lbs of which is for their 10 bastards,and the rest FO YO MAMA……. OINK OINK

  79. OLDSAILOR82…..

    Close your eyes and just image what happens when she take a dump !!!!…
    I bet the commode is nothing but a 50 gallon barrel with a drain pipe …..

    And the sound when she cuts wind….louder than a battery of 155 howitzer on a field exercise…..

    An that aromatic smell…surely it must linger around for a day or two !!!

  80. Can youimagine anybody like either of the pictures trying to sit down on the toilet stool.

  81. RMINNC…….
    Both of them would require at least 8″ waste piping right up to the stool, and a 50 gallon water flush, every time. Last year a Massachussets poster on CW had some pictures that were allegedly taken at Wally world. Perhaps that person could be asked if she will post them. They too were at the very extremes of the IMAGINATION.

  82. Do you think that their costumes was among the items they pilfered yesterday.

  83. I personally watched one of the LOCAL BROWN DIRIGIBLES exit her Escalade, and she could barely waddle to the door of the food bank. I deliberately stopped there just to see what the people looked like who was driving the BIG Escalades. I didn’t have to wait very long…..out the door came another BROWN DIRIGIBLE,and 7 kids like stairsteps followed her each one carrying a bag of groceries,and she was pushing a filled shopping cart. The driver was barely able to carry her own weight, which I venture to guess was at least 500lbs, and boy did she have a couple of spare tires. Even bigger than the one you posted in the pink. I would have expected her to be carrying her own private FORK LIFT,and operator,just to get her in and out of her Escalade.

  84. ……….so much for WELFARE ESCALADES! I also noticed a few real dirigibles on the news walking and screaming their invectives at Ferguson MO. LIKE THE WORLD OWES US A LIVING FOR FREE. QUOTE “Mzzzzzzzzzzzzz.LARD A$$”.

  85. …..and I full agree with the airlines whenever they are required to haul the weight of a lard A$$…….the overweight person should be required to pay for TWO seats, since that is what they require anyway.

  86. oldsailor82 | August 22, 2014 at 9:15 am |

    I also believe that it is only a matter of time until we are involved once again in a war,this time with the alleged PUNK GANG who call themselves ISIS. They will never be able to successfully hide from us …..all we need to do to find them is follow our NOSES. Their stinking a$$es will give them away.
    You can also track them by following the trail of goat turds.

  87. oldsailor82,
    This is for you.

  88. Bob Strauss……….
    An A-10 pilot is deemed ready for combat,when he can put a 100 rd burst inside of a 5′ circle in severe turbulence. That used to be the requirement for the Fort Wayne 122nd Fighter wing. The government recently took their A-10s away from them and gave them a batch of high time 20 year old F-16s that are barely able to get off the ground. They were,and still are all highly PI$$ED,and several decided to get out of the air guard, because they felt that the JUNK F-16s they were given could never be effective in combat, either ground support, or aerial dogfighting……particularly when they are up against an enemy with an up to date fighter. It all without a doubt tracks back to Soetoro.They all wrote some pretty nasty letters to our Indiana Congressmen. I have a feeling that our punk little Congressman probably wet his pants,when he read the letters.

  89. I particularly liked the Iraqi action with the PUFF. Now imagine about 50 of them operating 24hrs a day jointly with a similar number of A-10s,over the enemy’s head. When he pokes his head out of his hiding place he would Immediately hear a BUUUURRRRRRRP, and it would be the very last thing he ever hears,his stinking head will have evaporated. The upgraded C-130s also have 105mm.self propelled,30MM, 3000 RPM and 120mm horizontally launched mortars. Many people havn’t the slightest idea as to the level of destruction, and death, these birds are capable of when used intelligently. BTW that is one reason why we usually kick the enemies a$$. Our guys have at least 120 point IQ levels,and the enemy has no measurable IQ. He is a robot who is programmed to respond to somebody’s orders. He can’t think on his own. For that reason alone he will usually lose the battle particularly if the person in command is killed. When they find themselves up against a well trained battle hardened
    infantry company,or a PUFF they will cower and try to hide.

  90. ……with proper use of such an airborne weapons platform,there is really NO NEED for BOOTS ON THE GROUND. Their operation could also be integrated with DRONES that are piloted from the C-130,or an AWACS.

  91. Before I leave .I wish to offer a prayer for the Ferguson Officer who the BASTARDS both at the state level,and local LIARS who were 125 miles away,yet are claiming to be EYE WITNESSES. PLease God watch over the officer,and turn all of the BASTARDS’ lies into the truth. Amen

  92. VIDEO: Democrat Leader Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Illegal Aliens are ‘the Backbone of Our Economy’


    And believe me it works…..just turn the Eagle loose

  94. BOB STRUSS….

    reference your post at 5:42pm…….

    Debbie Wasserman Shultz is one DUMBAS* bitch….who couldn’t tell an illegal from a bass fiddle.

    since she likes ILLEGALS so much, perhaps we should send them all to Florida

  95. Gowdy hires retired Army 3-star for Benghazi probe
    The former top lawyer for the Army will be chief counsel for Republicans on the House committee investigating the 2012 terrorist attacks in Benghazi, Libya.

  96. Allen West

    An even bigger border crisis? ISIS and the Mexican drug cartels are talking.

  97. Herman Cain

    Gov. Jennifer Granholm – destroyer of 600,000 Michigan jobs – to teach class in job creation

    ‘Now I am become Granholm – the destroyer of prosperity’

    Former Dating Game contestant (and Michigan Governor) Jennifer Granholm is teaching a class called “Creating Jobs through Better Government Policies for Innovation and Education.” ….so the world no longer makes ANY sense at all. Dating Game video attached.

  98. bob strauss | August 22, 2014 at 6:33 pm |
    Gowdy hires retired Army 3-star for Benghazi probe
    The former top lawyer for the Army will be chief counsel for Republicans on the House committee investigating the 2012 terrorist attacks in Benghazi, Libya.
    This is great news and in line with Gowdy’s quality and reputation.

    And “the cartels are a business … if there’s a revenue stream they can exploit, then they will, and the extremists understand that.”

  100. Obama Broke The Law; Judge Thinks He Deserves Prison

    The problem is that the quote is from Judge Napolitano, and he is no longer sitting on the bench.

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