VA employees stopped application processing to work on Obamacare, Veterans Affairs whistleblower Scott Davis, Congressional testimony on Tuesday, 10k plus veteran applications purged?

VA employees stopped application processing to work on Obamacare, Veterans Affairs whistleblower Scott Davis, Congressional testimony on Tuesday, 10k plus veteran applications purged?

“Veteran health applications were left in pending status, were not given the appropriate amount of attention, veteran health programs such as the Veteran Health Identification Card was disastrous in its deployment nationwide so that VA Health Eligibility staff could focus on doing promotional material for the Affordable Care Act.”…Scott Davis

“VA’s sordid bonus culture is a symptom of a much bigger organizational problem: the department’s extreme reluctance to hold employees and executives accountable for mismanagement that harms veterans,”… Rep. Jeff Miller, R-FL

“Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”…George Orwell, “1984″



From Liberty Unyielding July 4, 2014.

“V.A. employee: They had us stop work on V.A. applications so we could work on Obamacare”

“A Veterans Affairs whistleblower from Atlanta will testify before Congress next Tuesday about widespread destruction of applications and retaliation against whistleblowers. His testimony will not negate the claim that the V.A. scandal was indeed a “mess” that Barack Obama inherited from previous administrations, but it will demonstrate that this administration exacerbated the problem. How? By shifting workers from the task of processing V.A. applications last summer to work on Obamacare enrollment.

Scott Davis is a program specialist at the V.A.’s national Health Eligibility Center in DeKalb County, Georgia. His story was published in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution this past Sunday and appeared on the Neil Cavuto program on Fox News Wednesday. As opposed to previous whistleblower reports, which focus V.A. hospitals and getting to see doctors, Davis’ revelations are about the processing of applications by V.A. offices.

Davis told the Journal-Constitution that health benefit applications for more than 10,000 veterans may have been improperly purged from the Health Eligibility Center’s national data system. He began filing complaints in January 2014, revealing that managers were focused more on meeting goals linked to the Affordable Care Act than processing V.A. applications. Their bonuses were held out as “carrots.””
“Davis expanded on his revelations to Cavuto on Wednesday, explaining that 17,000 applications for V.A. Healthcare were destroyed, and they’re “also looking into a backlog of over 600,000 pending applications for V.A. Healthcare.” The applications were purged as a way to deal with pressure from Washington D.C.”

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15 responses to “VA employees stopped application processing to work on Obamacare, Veterans Affairs whistleblower Scott Davis, Congressional testimony on Tuesday, 10k plus veteran applications purged?

  1. Philo-Publius

    King George (Obama)…”He has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution, and unacknowledged by our laws; giving his Assent to their Acts of pretended Legislation”


  3. PhiloPublius…….
    ……….and what did the patriots DO ABOUT IT?

  4. As I expected the neighborhood fireworks display turned out to be every bit as good as a professional program. There was no want for either multiple aerial flowers,or aerial salutes. Nor was there any want for NOISE, smoke and volume. In all it turned out to be a very pleasant,but raucous evening. I might contribute some money to a block fireworks program next year. We have a wide open field literally behind every house,and would be tailor made for a public fireworks display. If everybody on the block chipped in we could have a real wing ding. I hope everybody had a very pleasant evening as well. There were even some Japanese lanterns sent aloft…..I havn’t seen these tiny aerial devices since I was a kid.The tiny candle puts heat in the tissue paper umbrella,and VOILA a miniature HOT AIR BALLOON. When the tiny candle burns out the piece of paper floats harmlessly to earth. In the late thirties some of these were made of Japanese silk,and were prone to bursting into flames and setting the roofs of houses on fire,when still smouldering remnants of the device landed on a roof. They were a banned device for many years.

  5. CW……..
    The shameful practices of some of the people within the VA is finally becoming GLARINGLY public,and this preceeded by all the prior scandals,involving the (ALLEGED) POTUS, which collectively is causing a mounting anger within myself,and thousands like me who ALL including me are FED UP to our eyebrows with it. I have used the services of the local VA hospital,only sparingly but discovered that it was more expensive to use that facility,than just going to my family GP. So I exited the VA, and so far never returned for any reason. It was easy to see that the VA services were NOT UP TO PAR. Each time of the few times I went to the VA there was staff sitting around, and either jacking their jaws,or filing their fingernails. I pray that the ongoing publicity will make the staff at the VA start to do their jobs while clocked in.

  6. bob strauss

    ORWELL’S OBAMA: First-Ever 3D Political Video Details Obama’s Tyranny in Amazing Graphics!

  7. CW and Old Sailor,
    My mind has gone back to at least forty years ago when we were living in Phoenix. My mother had an occasion to call upon a patient at the VA in Phoenix, and I still remember her lamenting over how dismayed she was over conditions there. Although the facility was rather new, the place was extremely depressing – patients seemed neglected, units understaffed, and a generally bad impression. So it is not hard to believe that it is all worse than we even know now.

  8. citizenwells

    “Many are talking about major revisions to the Constitution (leading one local journalist to ask– “Why don’t we use the American Constitution? It was written by really smart guys, it has worked for over 200 years, and they’re not using it anymore…”)”

    Expert warns Middle East turmoil could sting U.S.

    “ISIS may be working to infiltrate” the U.S. with the aid of transnational drug cartels, he said, citing the violent Mexican criminal gang MS-13 as a highly likely candidate for the partnership.
    “MS-13 already are in over 1,100 U.S. cities, and, as a consequence, the infiltration capabilities are very, very high and the threat from them can be sooner rather than later,” Maloof warned.


  10. It appears that Obama is just getting started:

    Border Meltdown: Obama Delivering 290,000 Illegals To U.S. Homes

    The deluge of 290,000 illegals — so far — are exploiting legal loopholes that allow them to get temporary permits to stay in the United States.
    Experts say that President Barack Obama’s administration has failed to close the loopholes and is unlikely to deport more than a small percentage of the illegals, despite the high unemployment rates among American Latino, African-American and white youths, and the strapped budgets of many cities and towns.

    Read more:

  11. bob strauss


    RAW: Drudge Report Goes There; Joan Rivers Shock; Obama Gay, Michelle A Tranny

  12. bob strauss

  13. bob strauss

    As Jim Nabors would say: Surprise surprise!
    DOJ Benghazi Suspect Court Docs Show No Video Involved

  14. AZ Rep. Paul Gosar had this in his weekly e-mail. FEMA has requested input from Congress as to where to place the illegals:

    Offering Solutions to FEMA for Immigration Crisis

    This past week I was happy to see that FEMA finally reached out to Congress for suggestions on where to send the tens of thousands of migrants and unaccompanied alien children illegally coming across the border from Central America, through Mexico, and into Texas and Arizona. It is vital for federal agencies to seek advice and solutions from the Representatives of the people.

    According to a recent report released by the House Homeland Security Committee, more than 92% of these individuals who have been part of the recent influx at our southern border come from just three countries–El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

    Therefore, my top three suggestions for shelter locations are as follows: San Salvador, El Salvador; Guatemala City, Guatemala; and Tegucigalpa, Honduras. (emphasis added)

    The only way that we can disincentivize Central American immigrants from illegally entering our country is if we change our policies, tweak our laws, cut the bureaucratic red tape and immediately send them back to their countries of origin. Until then, this self-imposed crisis will continue to worsen. Additionally, sending illegal immigrants home immediately spares them from the inhumane living conditions that currently exist at HHS detention facilities.

    FEMA has created an email address to receive suggestions as to where we think these individuals should be sheltered. I encourage everyone reading this to contact FEMA and express their ideas and opinions by emailing

    If you agree with me, tell them so.

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