H. Brooke Paige V Vermont petition denied , May 19, 2014, Obama natural born citizen challenge, US Supreme Court, Courts and states continue to abrogate duties

H. Brooke Paige V Vermont petition denied , May 19, 2014, Obama natural born citizen challenge, US Supreme Court, Courts and states continue to abrogate duties

“Moore said he’s seen no convincing evidence that Obama is a “natural born citizen” and a lot of evidence that suggests he is not.”…Judge Roy Moore interview by WND

“Why does a judge swear to discharge his duties agreeably to the
constitution of the United States, if that constitution forms no
rule for his government? if it is closed upon him, and cannot be
inspected by him?”… Marbury versus Madison

“Regardless of how this plays out, we have ensconced in writing, on the internet and available for other legal reference and quotation, a document with well
researched dissenting opinions by the AL Chief Justice Moore and Justice Parker regarding the duties and responsibilities of state election officials.
Perhaps just as important is the mention of documentation provided by the Arpaio Zullo investigation raising serious questions about Obama birth
certificates.”…Citizen Wells, March 23 2014


Today, May 19, 2014, the US Supreme Court has once again abrogated their duty. They decided to not take on the appeal from the Vermont courts of H. Brooke Paige in Paige V Vermont. A challenge of Barack Obama’s natural born citizen status.

Sadly we have no functioning Supreme Court, no separation of powers.

No justice or justices.

More later.



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  1. citizenwells

    “It is emphatically the province and duty of the judicial department to say what the law is. Those who apply the rule to particular cases, must of necessity expound and interpret that rule. If two laws conflict with each other, the courts must decide on the operation of each.

    So if a law be in opposition to the constitution; if both the law and the constitution apply to a particular case, so that the court must either decide that case conformably to the law, disregarding the constitution; or conformably to the constitution, disregarding the law; the court must determine which of these conflicting rules governs the case. This is of the very essence of judicial duty.

    If then the courts are to regard the constitution; and the constitution is superior to any ordinary act of the legislature; the constitution, and not such ordinary act, must govern the case to which they both apply.”

    Marbury v Madison

  2. citizenwells

    ““And you don’t have to be born in the United States,” said Thomas, referring to the Constitution, which requires the president to be a natural-born citizen but has no such clause for a Supreme Court justice, “so you never have to answer that question.”

    “Oh really?” asked Serrano. “So you haven’t answered the one about whether I can serve as president, but you answer this one?”

    “We’re evading that one,” answered Thomas, referring to questions of presidential eligibility and prompting laughter in the chamber. “We’re giving you another option.””


  3. citizenwells

    “First lady Michelle Obama is encouraging students to monitor their older relatives, friends and co-workers for any racially insensitive comments they might make, and to challenge those comments whenever they’re made.”


    “An ominous new development within the HJ was the appearance of HJ-Streifendienst (Patrol Force) units functioning as internal political police, maintaining order at meetings, ferreting out disloyal members, and denouncing anyone who criticized Hitler or Nazism including, in a few cases, their own parents.”

  4. oldsailor81

    In your header you use the word abrogate. Good choice of words,but when it relates to the DOJ,or SCOTUS I think I would use the word SHIRK, or circumvent their duties. Not being critical,just adding another 2 cents. Thomas used the word EVADING. I think that one day Thomas might very well REGRET having made that statement.

  5. citizenwells

    Rush is nailing it.
    The VA is a microcosm of the US with a single payer system.

    Delays in procedures at VA now attributed to 100 deaths.

  6. oldsailor81

    Regarding Michelle’s remarks to the graduating class to MONITOR their PARENTS. That is when she should have been Booooooood clear off the podium. The students should have been enraged by such a remark. Pray tell what are they supposed to do when their MOTHER has either been RAPED,or beaten to death by some STINKING ASSED,SNOT NOSED,COWARDLY BLACK PUNKS. When this happen the offenders should be shot to death where they stand. Then their stinking remains dragged back to where they live for their MOMMAS to smell for awhile. It is really hard to imagine a graduating class not taking offense to such suggestions, particulary when spoken by the ALLEGED wife of a POTUS. I find myself offended,and I was NOT THERE. Even if my parents were still alive HELL WOULD FREEZE OVER BEFORE I WOULD TRY TO MONITOR THEIR THOUGHTS, or what they have to say……HEY MICHELLE we still have the right to think, and speak as we wish. Until you have taken away our Bill of Rights you yourself do NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO SUGGEST THAT YOUR CHILDREN MONITOR THEIR PARENTS…..WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE….YOU DO NOT SUPERCEDE OUR CONSTITUTION. UNTIL YOU DO SUPERCEDE OUR CONSTITUTION PLESE REFRAIN FROM SUGGESTING THAT KIDS MONITOR THEIR PARENTS WORDS,AND THOUGHTS.

  7. oldsailor81


  8. While we were all pulling for Mr. Paige, I think we already knew what the outcome would be.

    The courts are not the way to go; they have been bought, paid for, threatened and intimidated.

    Unfortunately, the do-nothing Congress is our only hope. Sheriff Joe, Mike Zullo and the CCP may be our only shot; the entire system is corrupt and needs to be purged. The fish rots from the head down..

  9. bob strauss

    Hopefully, Joe Arpiao and the CCP can shame the Congress bastards into doing their job.

  10. bob strauss

    Dick Cheney just came forward with the truth about Benghazi, saying in the video below that Hillary Clinton is to blame for the murders.

    She ignored the warnings, cut the security, and even directly armed Al Qaeda’s “allies” to guard them… she’s completely guilty. Period.


  11. bob strauss

    Breitbart News Investigative Journalist Proves Birthers Claims Correct, then Gets Axed by Breitbart Breitbart News Investigative Journalist Proves Birthers Claims Correct, then Gets Axed by Breitbart


  12. Miri’s comment at wtpotus:


    “A public service announcement: For those who believe that FR is “free”, think again. There’s a vicious campaign going on to purge certain people from the “forum”. The immoderate moderators have been accused of being infiltrated by fogblowers. Good, long-time posters are being banned, most recent among them Fred Nerks, who has contributed much to the ineligibility argument, whether or not you agree with the MX theory. Fred is hounded across the threads by a cabal of “moderators”, and others who have apparently allowed power to go to their heads by “tattling” on certain people to the moderators, reporting them for non-existent infractions, threats, or “going off topic”. Total obot behavior. As a result, there’s no longer free speech at FR, so why bother to go there, much less donate your hard-earned money to them? butterdezillion is another who has recently been ALINSKY-ED and kicked off FR, if not banned. It’s no coincidence.”

  13. bob strauss

    Scientists Rebut White House Global Warming Claims


  14. bob strauss



  15. oldsailor81

    Bob Strauss……
    I am having a real problem believing what I just watched……Oreilly TELLING THE TRUTH for a change. I am wondering who put the BURR under his saddle?…….or better still WHAT put the burr under his saddle. I noticed a CNS abbreviation at the top could this video have been made a long time ago?. Oreilly looks a little younger in the video. At least we now know that he DOES know the truth,perhaps even a much more important truth as well,which he is forbidden to say one word about, on the air. The now dead leader of Venezuela once openly stated that he didn’t have control of Venezuela until he had total control of the media. The usurper at the Wackey House is following the same exact tactics.

  16. oldsailor81

    Bob Strauss……
    I wouldn’t be afraid to bet that Clint will once again use the phrase “What difference does it make” and I would bet that ALL of her supporters will scream NO DIFFERENCE. I would not be afraid to further suggest that it was Clint who gave the order for us forces to stand down. She DOES NOT HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO ISSUE ORDERS TO THE MILITARY FORCES. Only the CINC can order the military to act. If she verbally produced the order,or knowingly wrote, or typed the order she is guilty of MURDER.

  17. bob strauss

    Old Bill was so mad at the end of his rant, he couldn’t speak the words. I wish he’d get that upset about the usurper’s ID.

  18. oldsailor81

    The ALINSKI BULLSHI#ERS will be locking the stable door after the HORSE has fled. Any body with the reputation of Nerks would have been smart enough to catalog everything, and make many copies. By putting archival copies in the hands of TRUSTED people the probability of surviving copies is greatly enhanced. If the authors are shot to death then everything they have amassed should be immediately put into print,and dispersed publically far and wide,by anybody who will print it.

  19. oldsailor81

    Bob Strauss……
    ……but he was right on the money. Har har. HELLZACUMMIN!

  20. oldsailor81

    Bob Strauss…….
    I have said for months that the entire Federal Government is corrupted. This includes the SCOTUS,and the DOJ. There will NEVER be a successful law suit against Soetoro,until just ONE Judge decides he has had enough,and the outlook for America has deteriorated so badly that he is finally afraid of what might happen to him at the hands of angry mobs. All that is needed is ONE REALLY SCARED JUDGE.

  21. bob strauss

    Clinton’s are sick with power. After Hillary’s involvement in Fast and Furious, and now the Benghazi murders, she ought to be heading for the hills.

  22. oldsailor81

    The problem could be solved in 15 minutes but I do not think our alleged Congress has the gonads to act. All that is necessary is for all 50 states to to formally secede from the UNION, and immediately ratify a new federal government,then a special election to install the new government and formally remove all of the former Senators,the top military brass, the scotus, the doj and both houses. This time there should be TERM LIMITS placed upon ALL elected positions, including the Senate, and SCOTUS. All public servants shall be bonded as well. If they try a criminal act they lose their bonding, and can no longer serve in public office. All of this could be worked out in advance, and in 15 minutes all of the criminals would be UNEMPLOYED,and their prosecution could move forward quickly. They would be disenfranchised,and therefore legally removed from office.

  23. oldsailor81

    Bob Strauss……..
    I personally pray that millions of copies of all of the damning evidence be placed in every store window,barber shop,laundramat, supermarkets,on taxicabs,on urban bus transportation, in the subways,and kept in the faces of the public until they are so damn sick of seeing it they will publically pray for the end of it all…..at which point they will be willing to accept any condition….particularly the OBOTS. Their twisted single track minds will have been modified into dual track devices…..RIPE AND READY FOR REPROGRAMMING!

  24. oldsailor81

    Bob Strauss……Perhaps one day somebody will have the GONADS to go to Arkansas and spend a few years DIGGING IN REALLY DEEP DIRT. I would bet that the Clints’ were not GOOD enough to adequately bury the evidence of their drug shenanigans, and likewise of their Whitewater crimes. YEP HILLARY IT AIN’T GOING TO GO AWAY……I AM SURE THAT A DILIGENT RESEARCHER WILL MAKE EVERY PAGE FOUND PUBLIC INFORMATION ON A NATIONAL BASIS. PERHAPS EVEN A WORLD BASIS.

  25. oldsailor81


  26. bob strauss

    This Law Would Basically Tell Michelle Obama To Shove It

    Read more at http://www.westernjournalism.com/house-bill-sever-michelles-control-school-lunches/#bBuirGKH2gSjufdb.99

  27. bob strauss

    I wish somebody would crush the damn usurper.
    Obama Attempting to Crush Gun Businesses via Bank Pressure


  28. bob strauss

    Time For Obama To Resign And Let A Hopelessly Corrupt Government Fail

    This bungling and scandal-prone gaggle of amoral nitwits, led by a talking teleprompter, survives only because the extent of their dishonesty is matched by that of the political-media establishment and the public’s inexplicable willingness to tolerate it.


  29. bob strauss

    Finally I received a video footage which showes a large group of people marching at OAS. Please, watch it and send around


  30. bob strauss

    Another brilliant demorat
    Gutierrez: ‘Every Institution’ Should Ignore Laws Until Amnesty Passed…


  31. May 20, 2014

    “Update: Fmr. Breitbart News Investigative Journalist Investigating Obama Background”

    “This is an update on yesterday’s report exposing Breitbart News Network’s cover-up of Obama’s ID fraud…

    Excerpt via Dr. Orly Taitz: More revelations from writer Charles C. Johnson

    Attorney Taitz confirms the prior press release. In presence of at least 20 people at the event Mr. Johnson revealed that indeed he was hired by Andrew Breitbart to try to disprove birthers, however Mr. Johnson did in depth research and confirmed that the birthers are correct, that Obama is indeed using falsified IDs. Mr. Johnson went to Andrew Breitbart and urged publication of this evidence, but was rebuffed.

    Further, Mr. Johnson revealed that his wife is from Indonesia and they did research in Indonesia. Mr. Johnson stated that he researched the school records of Assissi school in Jakarta. Johnson stated that Obama claimed that many students had in their school registration their religion listed as Muslim, that it was not a big deal. Mr. Johnson researched the records and found that only a couple of students in that whole school were listed as Muslim, as it was a Christian school. Obama was one of these couple of students. This shows that adherence to Islam was important for Obama’s step father Lolo Soetoro.

    Moreover, Johnson talked about Obama’s half brother Malik Obama. Johnson repeatedly called Malik, Obama’s alleged half brother. When several women asked him, why do you call him alleged half brother, why are you saying alleged, Johnson stated that he does not believe that they are biologically related and he intends to investigate this matter further. Johnson stated that he is a friend of Joel Gilbert and works with him on this matter. Johnson also went into details into Lois Lerner’s actions relating to approving Malik’ s 501 C3 application . Johnson stated that he forwarded all of the information on Malik’s application and Lois Lerner’s actions to Darrel Issa, he stated that Issa had this information for a year.”




  32. oldsailor81

    Bob Strauss…….
    Do not look for SHAME in people who are incapable of REMORSE. Such people lack EMOTIONS.

  33. oldsailor81

    Bob Strauss……..
    While the OAS is a valid institution,I personally do not look upon it as a complete body. They do not seem to possess direction,and havn’t since 1948. They offer solutions to a lot of Americas problems however ignoring their own problems,which grow steadily worse. At present my jury is still out regarding the verdict for the OAS case. My guess is that the people are marching outside of the OAS simply because this is the only place that DC would allow their demonstration.

  34. NBC_Vic_Hern

    oldsailor81 | May 19, 2014 at 7:18 pm |
    Bob Strauss…….
    All that is needed is ONE REALLY SCARED JUDGE.
    There in lies the entire problem……..none of them fear us,
    or at least they fear Obots/Mediabots, MORE than us.
    It has been said by those wiser than myself that great
    leaders find a parade and jump out in front to lead.
    Can we successfully find a target or two or more, make
    them fearful, then shove them out in front?
    I thought for a moment or two that Trump would be able/willing
    to pull it off, but I believe he was bought off and neutralized
    with promises of support for his Chicago project.

  35. oldsailor81


  36. NBC_Vic_Hern

    Hope and change?
    Dope and change?
    Rope and change!

  37. oldsailor81

    NBC-Vic -Hern
    I respectfully disagree with your notion that none of the judges are afraid. On the surface this might appear to be true. But when a substantially angered crowd enters a chamber while bearing a garrote in plain view, I have a feeling that such a display MIGHT WELL be enough to bring that person back to reality.But if the crowd is EXTREMELY INCENSED, it might end up being the judge’s worst day,as was the case with Mussolini, and one or two of his lieutenants ABOUT TWO THIRDS OF THE WAY THROUGH WW2. When people are deeply angered they teeter at the brink of TOTAL ANGER. I would think that seing the garrote would be the worst day of ANY person’s life,and in all probability any words he uttered would be extremely well chosen, …..AND TRUTHFUL from that point forward. This all of course is hypothesis, because it is doubtful if we will ever again see a vigilante mindset which once prevailed in America…..especially West of the Mississippi River. Although the VA scandal which is growingt very fast might generate some EXTREMELY ANGERED people. When such AN ANGER engulfs ENOUGH people then all bets are off. I am sure that you noticed the ANGERED CITIZENS recently at the Bundy ranch. They were onl6y slightly POd. When they are thoroughy angered you will not be able to watch without vomiting. Only my view of course but based upon 81 years being on earth,and having been a member of two of our military services. Have a great day. BYE BYE

  38. bob strauss

    Allen West
    Fairly disturbing, but not surprising. The Clarion Project uncovers documents that show Obama’s intel chiefs lied to Congress about Muslim Brotherhood connections.


  39. bob strauss

    Reputation problem?
    Serial Liars at White House Vow CIA Will Not Stage Fake Vaccine Programs


  40. bob strauss

    Liberals are going crazy because Lt. Col. Oliver North said that if any other president had done the same crimes as Obama, then they would have been impeached.

    North said, “This administration has gotten away with things that any other president would have been impeached for. There’s no doubt in my mind.”


  41. bob strauss

    Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Bobby Jindal all want to be the next U.S. president. The only problem is, just like the impostor in the White House, Barack Obama (known aliases used: Barry Soetoro, Barry Obama, Barack Dunham and aka Barry Dunham), all three are constitutionally ineligible, contrary to declarations from their campaign managers, ignorant journalists and partisan mouth pieces.


  42. bob strauss

    A Stranger to His Own Presidency: All Those Times Obama ‘Heard About It On the News’ in 59 Seconds

  43. HonorFirst

    Another day, another scandal and nobody knows anything. Rampant corruption, lawlessness, lying, thieving, etc. Sorry folks, but I don’t think if and when the CCP goes viral with their investigations that it will change a danged thing. The electorate is so blind, uneducated, careless or just too busy trying to stay above water with their lives, I don’t believe it would matter if they could prove Obama was Hitler reincarnated.
    We now have a hippy-style, complacent country that just accepts whatever happens, happens. One would think any one of the many obama scandals or executive overreach would facilitate impeachment. But, no!

    When O was first elected, do ya’ll remember those signs USA, RIP…..died 2008….Sadly they were right!

    This regime has proven it can and will do whatever, whenever and however. Ain’t nobody gonna stop them; and if someone tries, the full might of the gov’t is thrown at them. I reflect on a story Glenn Beck told several years ago when he was approached and threatened by one of Soros’ men. He was told, it was too late to make a difference….the train has already left the station. Next up, (as if we didn’t already know) either massive inflation or deflation depending on which way the fed goes….doesnt really matter, we are all sunk.

  44. HonorFirst | May 20, 2014 at 6:27 pm |

    Hi Honor,

    Sadly, I agree with your great post.

    We allowed this to happen, whether it was because of complacency, the ‘it can’t happen here’ attitude, selfishness, booting the Lord out of every aspect of our lives, or just sheer stupidity.

    It’s been said that we get the government we deserve, and this nightmare we’re living proves it. There are still some of us (many, in fact) who adhere to the lessons we were taught early on; others have the ‘gimme,’ or ‘this country owes me’ attitude and that seems to have crept into our collective brains over the last 50 years, or so. It didn’t just happen all of a sudden when this regime was installed.

    God help us; He’s the only one who can.

  45. bob strauss

    New Proof of Extensive IRS Scheme


  46. bob strauss

    Judge Nap: Fed Gov’t Could Face Criminal Prosecution for VA Controversy


  47. bob strauss

    BREAKING: Lt. Col. Allen West is now calling for a “Convention of the States” to stop Barack Obama cold. Spread this far and wide!

    Allen West said that the founders specifically gave the states to stop an out of control president… and it’s time to act.


  48. Honor and SueK,
    You speak the truth, and the outcome in DC (Operation American Spring) is a sad commentary on the dispiriting affect this is all having. However, there is still an Almighty God in heaven that is omniscient and omnipotent. It is all truly in His hands and we must continue to look to Him and trust in His will.

    Nothing short of a spiritual awakening is going to change much of anything. The corruption is too deep and pervasive. Zero and company have assumed that what they have constructed is too big to fail. We must never forget that God has a personal vendetta against these evil doers, and I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes when judgment day comes.

    I haven’t been posting much because of a heavy workload and trying to get used to a different Mac. My heart is here with you all, however.

  49. May 19, 2014

    Lawrence Sellin:

    “The “too big to fail” theory asserts that certain financial institutions are so large and so interconnected that their failure would be disastrous to the economy, and they, therefore, must be supported by government when they face difficulty.

    Likewise, politicians and the media know that exposing Obama would reveal their own dereliction of duty, their complicity to undermine the Constitution, their continuous flouting the rule of law and uncover their willful ignorance of his alleged felonies and confirm their participation in the greatest election fraud and Constitutional crisis in American history. They know that the truth would topple the corrupt status quo and terminate their exclusive grip on political power, allowing the American people to regain control of their government. The political and media elite will do anything to prevent that, even risk the survival of the country, rather than risk their careers and the financial benefits.

    The American establishment media follow a script supplied by the Obama Administration to support its radical policies. Rather than restraining the power of the federal government, they have become an extension of it, a government that has become lawless, operating outside of Constitutional constraints and harmful to the American people.”


  50. oldsailor81

    A hell of a lot of people thought the Nazi machine could not be beaten either,yet look around you.Do you see dark green uniforms or Nazi helmets? Of course that doesn’t mean that it CAN’T happen in the USof A. It ALL is up to WE THE PEOPLE. You can WHINE, and roll over and lick the feet of the BASTARDS,or you can stand up and fight. Yes you might die in so doing,but for every person who dies there is positive GAIN OF GROUND.Keep in mind Chicago SLIME are not necessarily MILITARY veterans. They have no battlefield training,they have no movement training,nor do many of the Chicago slime have the fortitude for a MILITARY type Civil War.Yes the alleged leader can THREATEN,he can CURSE,and he thinks he can do the things which people like Eisenhower accomplished. If the alleged leader was handed a rifle, and was asked…..SHOW US HOW, he would not have the first clue what to do,or say. I personally believe that many of the people in America are now so afraid of the BIG ,BAD SEXUAL DEVIATE that if he yelled “BOOOOO” at them they would scurry away, and try to hide like cockroaches from light, while crying for their MOMMIES. If he tries to impose any form of Martial Law on a FREE society he will end up with his martial law along with, all of the so called XOs,shoved up a newly excised anal cavity, after which the Americans who have the courage will turn him into another Mussolini. That is what I hope and pray happens! Have Americans become too civilised for such action? Maybe a few have,but there is a GROWING FORCE who are becoming more, and more UNCIVILISED,and as each day passes looking more and more for a fight. Among them are a lot of COMBAT VETERANS, at ALL LEVELS. In addition there are a hell of a lot of law enforcement officers among them who will tell anybody who tries to order them to act against a Constitutionally formed militia,will tell his superiors to go to hell and join the militiamen. Then there are those of us who are good mechanics. We will be the people who will keep the necessary equipment in operation. There are MILLIONS of mechanics in America,and there are not enough jails or concentration camps to hold all of us, and many will be bearing rifles.
    I think that the DAY OF CHOICE is drawing closer at an ever increasing speed.and those who cannot fight,or are too cowardly must step aside and allow those who are committed to pass, because they are a cohesive fighting body. They are a BAND OF BROTHERS. Those who oppose these people will fall early on, because without training,and without cohesion they will lose every battle, and eventually, the WAR. Be ready because it is NEAR. The VA thing is accelerating the anger immensely. My friends at the VFW are keeping a VERY CLOSE watch on developments. But I will not say what I believe they are preparing for. Have a great day all.
    BYE BYE.

  51. Good morning! Came across this article this am. Happiness is against the law in Iran.
    Six Iranians Arrested for Being ‘Happy’

  52. citizenwells

    Jan 29, 2014

    “Obama praises GM’s Mary Barra and Michigan auto supplier owner Andra Rush”

    “The president has repeatedly trumpeted the government’s $49.5-billion bailout of GM in 2008 and 2009 as a success, saying it saved millions of jobs and preserved the U.S. automotive industry.”


    “The recall of 218,000 Chevrolet Aveo subcompact cars is the company’s 29th this year, bringing the total number of recalled GM vehicles in the U.S. to around 13.8 million.”


  53. citizenwells

    Dr. Ben Carson on the View.
    You gotta see this.

  54. citizenwells

    The tide may be turning???

  55. citizenwells please keep the faith. The veneer of the evil one has always been thin. His supporter rats will scurry to abandon his Titanic.

    As I have said before the demons have already come for him.

  56. citizenwells | May 21, 2014 at 10:19 am |
    The tide may be turning???
    I hope an pray that the tide is turning before it’s too late to save this great nation.

    My heart goes out to the African American population.
    Why? Because as President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama clearly has failed as the supposed exemplary leader of their ethnicity. Obama is deceitful, arrogant charlatan whose greatest desire is to fundamentally change the United States of America into a Marxist nation.

    Whereas, someone like Ben Carson represents what America is all about, opportunity to go from the ghetto to greatness through hard work, determination and faith. Ben Carson should be the aspiration of African Americans, not Obama the Fraud. He appears to be a man of wisdom and faith and integrity. I think Carson would be a great candidate for political office, maybe vice-president or even president. He would take our country back from the snake pit that Obama is leading us into.

  57. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again.

    Apparently, Obama has no love for this country. Keep in mind that during the formative years, age seven to ten, while our school children were reciting the Pledge of Allegiance every morning, BARRY SOETORO was in Indonesia responding to the Islamic call to prayer. Patriotism was not instilled in his heart as a child, like our children, but instead he was instructed on devotion only to Allah. This could explain why he doesn’t seem to have any loyalty to this country or our Constitution.
    See this link………

    Op-Ed Columnist
    Obama: Man of the World
    Published: March 6, 2007
    Mr. Obama recalled the opening lines of the Arabic call to prayer, reciting them with a first-rate accent. In a remark that seemed delightfully uncalculated (it’ll give Alabama voters heart attacks), Mr. Obama described the call to prayer as “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.”


  58. “Obama praises GM’s Mary Barra and Michigan auto supplier owner Andra Rush”

    And this which is really scary folks; these are NOT used, but new!!!!:

  59. bob strauss

    More treason.
    Busted: Hollywood Environmentalists Plot Anti-Fracking Film with Undercover ‘Mid-East Oil Baron’


  60. Atty Stephen Pidgeon Found Record of Name Change for Barack Obama in British Columbia

  61. bob strauss

    Bravo! James O’Keefe exposes treasonous, anti American Hollywood

    Posted on | May 21, 2014
    O’Keefe Strikes AGAIN! Hollywood Progressives Duped in Anti-Fracking Sting Operation (Video) …Updated

    Just as O’Keefe exposes corruption and anti American mood in the Hollywood by going abroad, to Cannes festival, Attorney Orly Taitz is seeking to expose Obama’s bogus IDs and criminal complicity and treason by a number of the US officials and judges by going to the international conferences and talking to members of the International Criminal Court and International Criminal Court Panel. Years ago uncle of Taitz, who was a political dissident leader in the former Soviet union, did just that. As a physicist, he turned to the scientific community on behalf of the Soviet dissidents.


  62. bob strauss

    Obama Syndicate Assaulting Americans from every angle
    By Sher Zieve Full Story

    In order to effectively—and with as much certainty as is possible—decimate and destroy a country, its Middle Class must be thoroughly eradicated. The infamous Soviet-style Communist Saul Alinsky—mentor to Hillary Clinton, who wrote her Senior thesis on him “There is Only the Fight…” at Wellesley College—wrote extensively about it in his book Rules for Radicals.


  63. oldsailor81

    Jay Jay……..
    I watched, and carefully listened to the entire video of Pidgeon telling about Soetoro. While he did get a few facts correct,I have to disagree with him on much of it .First of all is the alleged name change in Alberta. I invite you to check out what the law is in Canada regarding LEGAL name changes. It is essentially the same as in the United States,and with the petition there MUST be,and I repeat MUST BE a LEGALLY CERTIFED copy of a legally VALID BC. If he was born in Seattle like Pidgeon says there would have been a PUBLIC RECORD OF THE BIRTH. BIRTHS,like deaths,and name changes become public information,as soon as the event occurs. When the DEATH CERTIFICATE IS ISSUED, the information it carries automatically becomes public information( IN ALL STATES INCLUDING WASHINGTON STATE). The same thing applies to legally adjudicated name changes,and births as well. The information again becomes PUBLIC INFORMATION, and the information is usually published for a period of at least 3 days in both local and other newspapers within the state. ALL PUBLIC RECORDS ARE ALSO PICKED UP BY THE VARIOUS PUBLIC INFORMATION DATABASES many of which are online for a fee. If a name change is legally adjudicated in the US it is done in the Superior Court of the County,and state of residence of the petitioner. It is a full blown hearing,and requires certain CERTIFIED documents be included witrh the PETITION, one of these is a CERTIFIED COPY of a LEGALLY VALID BC. This also includes Social Security numbers. The Federal agencies that are automatically informed of the name change (IF GRANTED) is IRS,and the Social Security Administration.
    When my court clerk friends, and I conducted the search for the name change ALL of the PUBLIC information databases were searched,and immediately followed by all of the Superior Court archives in each state. If a name change had been legally granted within the US the clerks would have found it. So if Soetoro was able to obtain a legally adjudicated name change in Alberta, there still would have been MANDATORY documents sent to both the IRS as well as the Social Security Administration. But here again a legal name change STILL DOES NOT CHANGE SOETORO’S INELIGIBILITY TO HOLD THE OFFICE.Again there is NO PUBLIC INFORMATION available that shows that he legally held the Social security number that we have all read of. Had this been the case the court clerks would have found copies on file at the IRS, and Social Security Administration. While I am not aware of the extent to which Pidgeon carried his investigation, it seems to me that his search would have been essentially the same as that of the TRAINED clerks. Forgive me for saying this but I still stand with the results that we produced which required slightly over three years to complete. There is much more, which involves RECORDS that SHOULD EXIST ….but DON’T. They too would be PUBLIC INFORMATION. The LACK of CERTAIN DOCUMENTS tells as much of a tale as does the PHONEY documents, that have been presented so far. We closely looked at both aspects of the search, and BTW we burned a hell of a lot of MIDNIGHT OIL in so doing. However,I hasten to add that because of the lack of much information necessary to complete the story, there are possible important events,or segments of Soetoro’s life which very few people are now ,or will ever be privvy to. Such an event could change the entire complexion, of the Soetoro,SAGA. I like most others who have taken the initiative to explore the territory in question, am NOT A BELIEVER of what we have been told is the truth.

  64. bob strauss

    Compilation: The “Doing Everything We Can” Administration

    Here is a compilation of Obama and his lackeys insisting they will do “everything they can” to address the numerous scandals they have found themselves in.

    Read more at http://www.westernjournalism.com/everything-can-administration/#soC39vM4fOAlX3sb.99

  65. bob strauss

    oldsailor81 | May 21, 2014 at 6:06 pm
    I wonder what ever became of Steven Pidgeon? He was deep into the usurper’s fraud, and then he faded away.

  66. citizenwells

    Good question.

  67. oldsailor81

    ……….also Mr Pidgeon has failed to consider what might occur if there is ever an attempt by Soetoro to impose any form of Martial Law upon a free society. If there is NO OPPOSITION from the people of America then the WAR IS LOST. Pidgeon is correct with regard to what will happen after the fact. The IRON FIST of an Iranian sort of country will be born,and you will be put to death if you contradict anything that the SICK, TWISTED SEXUAL DEVIATE ORDERS YOU TO DO. Who knows you might even be forced to allow him to carry out anal sex on you, while you are held immobile by his GOONS. There will be thousands and thousands of families brutally murdered. I wonder what the DO GOODERS who helped put the BASTARD in office will have to say when his goons come to their door,kick it in, and tell them they are NO LONGER NEEDED,and they are to be dispatched to death. The STINKING ASSED, BLACK PUNKS will be forced to ISLAMIC CREED, and if they accept it then it is probable that it will be they who show up at your door,and kick it in and open fire on everybody. Don’t hold your breath with regard to the final outcome of the November elections. Just my view.
    BTW I nearly forgot to ask why Pidgeon calls the MUSLIMS, MOSLEMS, they are NOT the SAME THING. In addition he talked about a person who flew B-29s over Germany during the war. The B-29 Super fortress DID NOT SEE SERVICE in EUROPE. The war was finished with the Consolidated B-24 Liberators,the Boeing B`17Fortresses, the Martin B-26, Marauder,and the Mitchell B-25, along with the British Lancaster,and Dehavilland bombers. The Boeing B-29 Superfortresses were relegated to the Pacific theater. Their range was sorely needed….even then they were often running on the FUMES when the returned to Kwajelin from a bombing mission over Japan. It was from two of the B-29 Superfortresses that the two nuclear bombs were dropped on first Hiroshima, then Nagasaki, Japan, which finally led Japan to the PEACE table.

    BYE BYE have a great evening!

  68. I believe that Pidgeon’s story was debunked a while ago; it just doesn’t add up.

    Also, I’m not now, nor was I ever sure about Orly. I’m hoping that Sheriff Joe and Zullo are not bringing her into the mix. I’m sorry, but even though she appears to be a zealot, it seems that she’s done more to derail this cause than help it. Her approach, as well as her inexperience as an attorney (although I’m sure she’s a helluva dentist) have been cause for dismissal after dismissal and that’s exactly the type of ammunition the Obots need to make Birthers a laughingstock. They’ve done that.

    I hope A&Z are doing their investigations independent of her influence.

  69. How is Obamacare Like Slavery? Watch Dr. Ben Carson Baffle an NBC Host with Uncommon Straight Talk


  70. Love it, Jonah; Gregory looked like a deer in the headlights.

    Apparently, common sense just isn’t on his radar.

  71. citizenwells

    Good morning Zach, et al.

  72. oldsailor81

    I have great respect and admiration of Dr,Ben Carson. He is also associated with Johns Hopkins Medical Center in Balitmore,an institution for which I can’t say enough. Much of the ionising radiation research which I have done over the last decade has been via their publically searchable database which is a veritable behemoth of information. As for Dr.Carson I have listened many times to what he has to say. He seems to be a hugely down to earth person whose gift of knowledge has brought him forward in the spotlight for all of us to see and hear. I personally very much like what I see and hear. He is obviously a forthright,honest,gifted,and otherwise intelligent person.If he were to announce his candidacy for POTUS I would not hesitate to be a supporter. Unfortunately we saw similar eloquency from Soetoro,and this has a tendency to “SPOT THE TABLECLOTH” if you will, and harkens up visions of another such person. Hopefully the low information folks will do a better job the next time of selecting the person for whom they vote. I do not think America can withstand another Soetoro.

  73. oldsailor81

    Good morning Zach,CW wet al.
    I hope today brings a new,and wondrous pleasure into your lives.

  74. oldsailor81

    typo……….wet al NOT INTENDED,just errant typing. Should be ET AL

  75. oldsailor81

    ………..and meaning…..AND ALL!

  76. oldsailor81

    Bye bye …….
    I am already over my limit,have a great day!

  77. HonorFirst

    SueK | May 21, 2014 at 8:19 pm | I agree. Unfortunately there have been too many incompetents involved in this story. I have always been suspicious of some of their motives. I do believe that most of the legitimate journalists have been threatened not to touch the issue. With the NSA spying, I am sure Obama has dirty little secrets on all of them, just daring someone to step out of line. Nice little business you have there, its a shame an IRS audit would bankrupt you….or something of that nature.

    Sheriff Joe is a well known and respected officer of the law and has been in public life for over 50 years. In my opinion, he is one of the few people that could garner some national respect when he speaks. It is for that reason that I hold out a slim chance of hope on the CCP. Hopefully with the growing list of scandals facing Obama, this horrible VA scandal will outrage enough journalists that they will finally start reporting on the bigger picture.

    Only an incompetent FRAUD could be behind so many corrupt and scandalous issues.

    On a side note: Does anyone see the irony in the marine being held in a Mexican prison. It appears the corrupt Mexican gov’t has a better handle on illegals entering their country….what a flippin joke!

    I am thinking of starting up a limo service at the border to hurry those illegals into the USSA. Shuttling them back and forth to the welfare offices could be a lucrative business!

  78. citizenwells

    “In the week ending May 17, the advance figure for seasonally adjusted initial claims was 326,000, an increase of 28,000
    from the previous week’s revised level. The previous week’s level was revised up by 1,000 from 297,000 to 298,000.”

    Click to access eta20140890.pdf

  79. Stephen Pidgeon ran for attorney general here in Washington State in 2012, but lost. Now…don’t know.

  80. oldsailor81

    Thanks very much for your input…..I was unaware that he had run for any office.

  81. Pidgeon speaking back in 2012.

  82. HonorFirst

    One could only hope that our pResident would be as quick to fire the likes of Sebellius, Shinseki, Holder, etc as he was to dismiss any Inspector General that was getting too close to the corruption or to the many high ranking officers (around 200 and counting) in our military.

    If you like your job (of covering up scandals), you can keep your job.

    If you like our ideology, you can keep our ideololgy…otherwise, “hit the road jack!”

  83. bob strauss

    Sounds of desperation.
    Biologist: ‘Climate Change’ Will Force Humans To ‘Eat Bodies of Dead’…


  84. bob strauss

    Political way of saying, Boehner has forgotten his oath to the Constitution.
    Gohmert is on fire!!

  85. Interested Bystander

    Hey All,

    Just a few comments:

    I can’t get over that this plane has been missing since March 8, without a TRACE of it being found.

    Ok, so it’s at the bottom of the ocen, a very deep ocean, but I can’t imagine that SOMETHING didn’t break off that plane when it landed in the water and miraculously sank to the bottom without a trace.

    Again, if the bottom of that ocean is rocky, the plane would have collided with those rocks, and more than likely been moved around by curent, and something would have broken off and floated to the top. Reasonably, LOTS of stuff should be floating in the ocean by this time.

    If the bottom of the ocean is soft, then I would conclude that at some point that plane would collapse because it is “hollow”, from the weight of the surroundings. I don’t believe that the plane would be just sitting on the top of a sand bed, because the sand would be moving, maybe not constantly, but the plane would eventually be covered in the sand.

    And another thing is why have we not heard anything about this plane for some time? I believe the last article I read was about how Maylasia didn’t have the data that caused them to start looking in the area they are currently looking.

    I’m sorry, but I see “false flag” operation written all over this. Maybe not this year, or next year, but I have concluded that this plane is somewhere on land, being fitted for some “operation”.

    With the technology we have today, it doesn’t matter how much it would cost, I would think we could put something on a plane that can’t be turned off that is simply a “where am I” system. Whether it be in a maintenance hub, the tarmac, the terminal or in the air, we should know where planes are at ALL times. And honestly, I can’t even fathom planes not already being outfitted with these without our knowledge.

    Heck the battery in my watch lasts YEARS, and it’s waterproof (up to a certain depth of course), but even then we would have known where this plane was when it hit the ocean, or landed at some airport, or crashed on land.

    Don’t they microchip animals now so that they can be located and identified?

    A 30 ton aircraft just went POOF, and we’re not supposed to be a little suspicious?

  86. Interested Bystander

    Hey All,

    I haven’t seen this commented on here at CW, but maybe I will start a back and forth, or at least get other’s opinion on it:

    How in the wide world of sports does Mitch McConnell win in Kentucky?

    If there ever was a cover boy for the republican wing of the democrat party, ole Mitch would be it.

    The folks in KY had a CHOICE between a real CONSERVATIVE and someone who has been indoctrinated in to “playing the game”.

    Now I don’t live in Kentucky, and I haven’t researched the man who ran against him, but I have heard him talk on Wilkow, and he sounded like a reasonable man.

    McConnell is DEFINATELY NOT a reasonable man.

    He’s a dumba$$.

    I simply call them as I see them.

  87. Interested Bystander

    Hey All,

    Speaking of dumba$$es (I just love that word), how can Obama stand in front of microphones and say that he’s going to get to the bottom of anything?

    I mean come on……….Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS and NSA debacles, how many times can he stand up there and say those words?

    Is he a comedian or something?

    He’s claimed Executive privlidge on Fast and Furious after how many times saying that he had no knowledge of it? And then he claimed EP, which means he KNEW ABOUT IT!!!

    And not a peep from our media about how he could do such a thing.

    As far as this VA thing goes, this has been going on for far longer than just the Obama Presidency. When I was in the ARMY in the 80’s and 90’s, there were many stories of how the VA Hospital in Indy was slow in delivering treatment or operations.

    There was even a story about a soldier who broke his arm, and when the UNIT transported him to the Hospital in Indy, the Hospital tried to claim that it wasn’t “their responsiblitly”. Not stating this as fact because I wasn’t in that Unit, but that was ths story going around. Emergencies went to Johnson County Hospital, all NON life threatening injuries were taken usually by the Unit vehicle to the VA Hospital in Indy.

    But this is what we have to look forward too, no doubt about it, just ask medicare patients who can only rehab for 100 days before their funding is cut OFF and no mor rehab even if there is progress being made. But IF you have a relaps and have to be hospitallized for 3 days, then and only then does the funding kick back in.

    It really is idiotic.

    But Obama is going to get to the bottom of it…………..this time he means it…………………really…………….hey….. stop laughing.

  88. Updating some old and interesting info about Obama and his Indonesia roots. Maybe part of the Arpaio investigation? I had forgotten some of this and it is very interesting. Linked from another blog.


  89. Interested Bystander

    Hey All,

    Any news from Zullo on when this “sooner rather than later” information is going to be released?

    I feel like Honor First only with a slight bit more skepticism.

    Give it up already Mikie, your audience awaits.

    Before the election hopefully.

    And I mean the election THIS year.

  90. HonorFirst

    IB: re the Malaysian airliner. I did hear one story that seems as plausible as any of the others. Apparently, during that time the US and Japanese militaries were doing manuevers in that area. As the story goes, that airliner was mistakenly shot down by the war-gamers. Not sure who fired at it, but whoa, talk about another major scandal!!!!

  91. Interested Bystander

    Hey All,

    Zach at 7:30 am posted a link to an article that had a video of Ben Shapiro of Brietbart saying how he didnt believe the “birther” story and how it couldn’t be true because so many people would have to be in on it, and blah blah blah, made the comment that even if it were true, (paraphrasing) “You’d be vilified into submission”.

    To me this is just like those who have read the reports from Benghazi and actually READ what the documents state, and state FACTS about how the Government KNEW who was conducting the attack at the time the attack was taking place, and then come out and claim that “the best information we have is that it was a demonstration because of this video” CRAP to STILL be the story, two years later and they are still claiming that the video “MAY” have played a part is simple bovine excrement, no ands, ifs, or buts about it, and again, supplied with FACTS our media simply does not report it.

    But by golly if my Justine Bieber passes gas, the media has four different reports about what he had eaten that day and his last bowel movement.

    Priorities people PRIORITIES!!!

  92. Interested Bystander

    Honor First,

    WOW……….just WOW.

    I tend to think it’s in Iran, or Pakistan, or Diego Garcia.

    But WOW, and neither Government wants to take responsiblitiy.

  93. Interested Bystander

    good night all.

    Hoping everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.

    And thank a vet who has made the ultimate sacrifice.

    That is the REASON for the Holiday.

  94. bob strauss

    When Obama Resigns…
    Despite the best efforts of the mainstream media and the political establishment to protect Barack Obama, they can no longer hide the incompetence and criminality…


  95. bob strauss

    Communist Liar Obama’s “I am Angry” Montage

  96. bob strauss

    Get ready…
    Creating New Breed of Government Internet-Content Cops


  97. bob strauss

    Contains an interesting graph.
    Israel Will Be The Last Man Standing in the Middle East


  98. bob strauss

    Sheriff Joe Rips Naysayers & Blackouters:
    We Are Not Done; Obama ID Fraud A Felony


  99. bob strauss

    Dr. Michael Savage: Obama’s Altered Birth
    Certificate; Indonesia Birth Certificate; Loretta Fuddy Dead


  100. oldsailor81

    Bob Strauss……..
    In police investigation very often it is what IS NOT said, and what the suspect tries to HIDE which cements further investigation, out of which very often comes criminal charges,and subsequent prosecution. I say this in reflection of the alleged accidental death of Loretta Fuddy. While we do not know the alleged cause of death as found by the autopsy, it is really easy to add 2+2 and find that it does indeed equal 4. In the first place the airplane DID NOT CRASH, it was landed in the sea (ditched),and was INTACT as shown by photographs very soon therafter. That is the PRIMARY reason why the aircraft remained on the surface for such as long as it did before sinking.Had it beenj severely damage it would have sunk very quickly,having a 360lb engine attached to the nose of the aircraft.,along with the combined weight of internal hardware,and onboard avionics, and instrumentation. Liars cannot HIDE simple facts. The manufacturer of the aircraft knows the answers very well,after all he designed and built the aircraft. Unfortunately LIARS and MURDERERS think that they fool everyone. If Loretta Fuddy was able to extricate herself from the aircraft after it came to rest,then it is with out a doubt that she was still alive when she entered the water. Whatever the cause of her death was it occurred after she entered the water. I myself tend to believe that this was all by design,and she was administered a Jim McDougal cocktail (RADICAL OVERDOSE OF COCAINE) via NEEDLE underwater……out of sight,and therefore out of mind. Very quick,and very effective! Because of her obesity she probably didn’t even feel the needle, in her butt. Hopefully she now knows just how stupid she really was.

  101. oldsailor81

    ……………and DEAD people very often have a lot to say. Unfortunately it takes someone trained to conduct a formal autopsy, in order for the victim to speak.

  102. oldsailor81

    Bye bye …….Have a great Memorial Day everyone.

  103. HonorFirst

    Bob Strauss…thanks for posting that video. It gives me a bit of reassurance that the case is still open and alive.
    I have been praying for years that someone would have the courage to speak up about the fraud that has been committed. There has to be many in the military, intelligence, congress that knows the truth. I am sure they have been silenced via threats, blackmail, etc. We know through the NSA, Obama has the goods on everyone. What is heartening to me is that the good sheriff must be squeaky clean. Sure, they tried to get him through false charges of racial profiling, but that didn’t work and he isn’t backing down. He has 50 years of public service and has maintained a record of integrity; his constituents love him.

    He states, they have proven the fraud, now they are looking for who committed that crime. It cannot be just one person, dude (haha) this type of criminal act involves many people. I wonder now how many have accidentally and prematurely left this earth that we weren’t even aware of.

    I agree with OldSailor, what’s important is what the investigation is NOT saying. I am sure the CCP has a growing list of names. Makes me wonder how many have been checked off by O’s handlers…(sleeping with the fish) and how many more are living in constant fear.

    I can just hear Obama now………………………………………………………………… I am madder than hell since I realized I was a fraud. I just found out about it reading this morning’s newspapers. I will get to the bottom of this and anyone involved will be held accountable. The fact that I am a fraud is unacceptable and whoever created this fraud will pay the ultimate price. God Bless the United States of America.

  104. oldsailor81

    You probably live far enough from the Speedway that the noise of the race doesn’t bother you. Decades ago I used to attend the time trials. This was in the day of the roadsters. Lou Moore, and Jim Holland always had their Blue Crown Spark Plug Specials in top order, and I loved to watch both of them qualify. Later on along came Andy Granetelli and the gas turbine car driven by Parnelli Jones. Then still later the rear engine Lotus,of Colin Chapman.etc. Then along came the tragic crash in which Eddie Sachs was killed,and 16 cars were out of the race. I stopped attending after that accident.

    Bye bye again

  105. HonorFirst

    Next up, Reid, Pelosi, wahwahwasserman-shultz, elija cummings: the forger of our dear leader’s BC is a right-wing religious,gun-toting, fanatic racist!

    Holder will carry a full investigation and release completely redacted emails proving who the forger is and ultimately redeem Obama. Obama will plead plausible deniability after all how could he possibly know he wasn’t who he said he was. Dude, my birth was like over 50 years ago!

  106. oldsailor81

    Back again though briefly…..
    Honor First…….
    In police work it is usually very careful observation which solves many crimes, and you can rest assured that NOT EVERYBODY is silenced by the PLAYGROUND BULLY. As I have said so many times before he is usually defeated by HUMAN INTELLIGENCE,and true to their very nature the bully usually runs away crying loudly for his/her MOMMY!

    Bye bye again!

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