Obama legacy middle class and jobs decline, Canada and North Dakota prosper, Embracing oil economy creates jobs and wealth, Canadian middle class better off than American

Obama legacy middle class and jobs decline, Canada and North Dakota prosper, Embracing oil economy creates jobs and wealth, Canadian middle class better off than American

“For the well-off in this country, high gas prices are mostly an annoyance, but to most Americans they’re a huge problem, bordering on a crisis.”…Barack Obama May 2008

“We can’t drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times … and then just expect that other countries are going to say OK,”…Barack Obama May 2008

“Because I’m capping greenhouse gases, coal power plants, you know, natural gas, you name it — whatever the plants were, whatever the industry was, uh, they would have to retrofit their operations. That will cost money. They will pass that money on to consumers.”…Barack Obama 


From Citizen Wells August 6, 2012.

“Obama’s “energy policy”, aka Chicago style pay to play politics, is destroying this country’s economy and jobs. Citizen Wells has kept you informed about the impact of high gas prices.

“Gas prices are going back up and currently average $ 3.49 in the US. One of the biggest reasons gasoline prices have not risen further is the downturn in the US and world economies.”

“In 2009 when Obama took office, gasoline averaged around $ 1.85 a gallon. Here is a chart of gasoline prices for the last 3 years.””

“TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline could mean 118,000 American jobs, if the U.S. government ever issues the permit.

A glimpse of what all this has cost the U.S. economy can be seen by looking north to Canada, where animal spirits have been unleashed in the energy sector. Canada’s close economic ties to the U.S. have traditionally meant that when the U.S. gets the sniffles, Canada gets swine flu. This time it’s been different. Part of the reason is that Canada’s housing market was not poisoned by a federal government push to put unqualified borrowers into homes they could not afford. After the 2008 collapse of the housing bubble in the U.S., the Canadian financial sector remained strong.

That alone was not enough to protect Canada from the effects of the U.S. recession. The manufacturing sector was hit hard, and in the first quarter of 2009 the economy contracted by an annualized 7.9%.

Yet Canada has outperformed the U.S. since then. In 2010, according to the International Monetary Fund, Canada grew at 3.2% versus 2.9% in the U.S. In 2011, the IMF estimates Canada will grow at 2.9%; unemployment is now 7.3%. The IMF’s U.S. growth forecast is 2.5% this year, and U.S. unemployment is 9.1%.

One explanation for Canada’s more robust growth is its strong commitment to energy, which has become more valuable in U.S. dollar terms under Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s inflationary policies. Alberta is now producing two million barrels per day but expects that number will grow to four to five million within a decade.”


From Zero Hedge April 23, 2014.

“The Middle Class In Canada Is Now Doing Better Than The Middle Class In America”

“For most of Canada’s existence, it has been regarded as the weak neighbor to the north by most Americans.  Well, that has changed dramatically over the past decade or so.  Back in the year 2000, middle class Canadians were earning much less than middle class Americans, but since then there has been a dramatic shift.  At this point, middle class Canadians are actually earning more than middle class Americans are.  The Canadian economy has been booming thanks to a rapidly growing oil industry, and meanwhile the U.S. middle class has beensteadily shrinking.  If current trends continue, a whole bunch of other countries are going to start passing us too.  The era of the “great U.S. middle class” is rapidly coming to a bitter end.

In recent years, I have been up to Canada frequently, and I am always amazed at how much nicer things are up there.  The stores and streets are cleaner, the people are more polite and it seems like almost everyone that wants to work has a job.

But despite knowing all this, I was still surprised when the New York Times reported this week that middle class incomes in Canada have now surpassed middle class incomes in the United States…

After-tax middle-class incomes in Canada — substantially behind in 2000 — nowappear to be higher than in the United States. The poor in much of Europe earn more than poor Americans.

And things are particularly dire for those in the U.S. on the low end of the scale…

The struggles of the poor in the United States are even starker than those of the middle class. A family at the 20th percentile of the income distribution in this country makes significantly less money than a similar family in Canada, Sweden, Norway, Finland or the Netherlands. Thirty-five years ago, the reverse was true.

Even while our politicians and the media continue to proclaim that everything is “just fine”, the U.S. middle class continues to slide toward oblivion.”

Read more:


From CNN Money March 19, 2014.

“North Dakota wants you: Seeks to fill 20,000 jobs”

“In a new recruiting campaign to be rolled out in May, the North Dakota Economic Development Foundation is aiming to fill more than 20,000 jobs — ranging from truck drivers and oilfield workers to receptionists and food servers.

North Dakota’s huge oil boom has spurred thousands of job seekers to flock to the state for years now. In some cities, the population has quadrupled.”

“”It is being developed to target people in states with chronic unemployment, and people in industries that are high-demand in North Dakota, including: engineering, healthcare, energy, skilled trades, transportation and information technology,” the foundation said in a statement.”

Read more:




27 responses to “Obama legacy middle class and jobs decline, Canada and North Dakota prosper, Embracing oil economy creates jobs and wealth, Canadian middle class better off than American

  1. What else can we expect from a confirmed IDIOT in the Wackey HOUSE. As long as he, or another like him is in the Wacky house our economy will remain PI$$ poor. This is primarily because a large percentage of such politicians have NEVER IN THEIR LIVES been involved with any form of business. With such people there is only CLASSROOM THEORIES. Most of which is presented by equally WHACKEY liberal professors.

  2. citizenwells


  3. If Clint is put in the Wackey House,you can look for even worse nitwit execution of presidential action. She is a TOTAL MORON……….and that is exactly what the MORONS among us will think is really C-O-O-L, AND AS THEY PICK THEIR NOSES,AND THEIR A$$ES, THEY WILL VOTE FOR THE FEMALE MORON.

  4. In addition to putting a hell of a lot of Americans to work the Pipeline would benefit the US with the potential for energy independence,and possibly the return of lower energy costs,for our transportation, and to heat our homes. In addition to putting a lot of people to work the Pipeline project would also benefit secondary industries as well,which would also add jobs. Unfortunately the morons in the WACKEY HOUSE, don’t seem to have the grey matter to figure all of that out. Too much for their PEA size brains!

  5. Thornton Parsons

    Good morning CW and OldSailor81. Hillary Clinton is a dangerous woman. She doesn’t let anyone stand in her way in order to get what she wants. She and Bill have amassed quite a dead pool. I cannot believe anyone would seriously consider voting for her, but don’t go by me. I couldn’t believe that anyone would seriously vote for Barack Obama, either. People are just whistling past the graveyard.

  6. ……….that is to imply that understanding our dilemma is too much for their overeducated PEA SIZED BRAINS! Short circuits their “FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE” circuitry,and they end up ZOMBY OBOTS, with smoking heads.


    The woman is either the most stupid person I have ever heard….or another clever Obama plant to throw of a valid criminal investigation off track….

    Either way, she had perhaps unknowingly put a great big target on her back, and I would recommend she sit with her back to the wall when she is out in the public….

  8. Number 2 of Ruth Owens…..

  9. Thornton Parsons…..
    Good morning to you! It has been a well know fact for a very long time that Clint has NEVER managed any business. All she has ever really been is the wife of a POTUS. That doesn’t necessarily provide her with any SPECIAL ability, other than a FIGUREHEAD. Figure heads were once used on sailing vessels upon which was then called the PROW. Figureheads are basically WOOD. I guess there isn’t much more to say.

  10. RMINNC…….
    She sounds like a HALF WIT on DRUGS!

  11. RMINNC……..
    Her verbal ability seems to make me believe that she would NOT POSSESS a high enough IQ to operate tricky COMPUTER programs.

  12. Thornton Parsons

    Great analogy on figureheads! All she knows how to do is throw tantrums and bully people when she doesn’t get what she wants. When she doesn’t want to give an honest answer, she resorts to “At this point, what difference does it make?” Have a good day. I’ll be back later. Going to teach my Homebound students for what good it might do.

  13. At this point I am NOT A BELIEVER of her statements……there are far too many gaps in what she has said,and there is no provable connection to anything she has said. At this point I personally think that she is trying to provoke some sort of confrontation with the Sheriff’s department.

  14. Thornton Parsons…..
    Clint doesn’t BULLY anybody except maybe people possessing mental handicaps. I wonder what the Clints would do if their BS was turned around 180 degrees,and they became the bullied! har har.


  16. RMINNC………
    Nearly all that she says in another video conflicts badly with what we already know. In addition some of what she says even conflicts with her prior statements. I SERIOUSLY DOUBT WHAT SHE HAS SAID. I also question why a BC would be forged in Florida then sent to Fuddy in Hawaii, so that Soetoro’s special messenger can pick it up and bring it back. I do however agree with the people who done the analysis on the alleged LF BC. They said that it was probably done by somebody who was either incredibly stupid,or it was done deliberately so that it could be dectected. But I do not understand the reasons for it all. None of Ruth’s statements make any sense …..AT ALL.

  17. Old Sailor and RMinNC,
    Isn’t that Nancy Ruth Owens the poster that shows up at Birther Report from time to time? The opinion over there is that she “needs to get back on her meds.” Totally delusional. I wouldn’t be surprised that she is an obot or being used by the obots in order to try to derail or discredit legit investigations. On the other hand, she may just be a troubled soul seeking attention.

    BTW, RM, how are you hands coming along? That was such an unfortunate accident, and I hope that things are beginning to look up for you.

  18. CABBYAZ….

    Sorry that I have been out of the loop for the last 13 days…but I’m on the mend now….

    that dog bite became infected and I had to spend three days in the hospital;. my hand became the size of an extra large softball….pain was un bearable…..

    doctor put me on some super antibiotics which destroyed all the goods, and bad bacteria in my body and I lost my desire for food the day after the dog attack…I didn’t eat anything for almost 8 days, I couldn’t stand the smell of foods. It would make me gag and have the dry heaves….

    but now I have stopped taking those antibiotics and my eating disorder has been solved….I think I’m going to be just fine now.

    thanks for your concern and that of all my other friends on CW for their prayers and well wishes….

  19. Oh, my, RM, what a terrible ordeal you have had!! Prayers have gone up for you and will continue, plus loads of good wishes for a complete recovery. Take it easy, Soldier!!

  20. Good sign of things to come, I hope.
    Obama is Lawyering Up

    Obama Knows He’s In HUGE Trouble! Hires Same Criminal Attorney Used By Clinton


  21. RM…..hard to hear about your complications that made things so much harder for you. Hopefully you are now on the mend finally and that you have your appetite back. God bless.

    Here is a little good news….seems like when these dolts get away from their security blankets in D.C. they face a little reality from their personal law breaking:

    Holder cancels speech, appearance in OKC amid angry protests

    Attorney General Eric Holder canceled his appearance before the Oklahoma City Police Department’s graduating cadet class Thursday amid angry protests over his scheduled visit.

    …….“Our protest has turned into a victory celebration because we frankly didn’t want him here — and we succeeded,” Mr. Wesselhoft said in an interview. “This man has used his position to advance his own political agenda and that’s not right. He swore to uphold the U.S. Constitution and defend it for all of us — not some of us.”

    …….“There’s a number of articles that can be brought for impeachment,” Mr. Wesselhoft said, citing the many controversial decisions that Mr. Holder has made during his tenure, including increased clemency, not pursuing an investigation into the IRS scandal, and blocking a through investigation into the Fast and the Furious gun-running scandal.

    more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/apr/24/holder-cancels-speech-appearance-okc-amid-protests/#.U1lVHa0MnpU.twitter

  22. and then there’s this:


    TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — Michelle Obama is rearranging plans for a speech before graduating high school seniors in Kansas in the face of protests that her appearance at a combined graduation ceremony for five schools would limit seating for families and friends.

    She had accepted the Topeka public school district’s invitation to speak May 17 at the combined ceremony to mark that day’s 60th anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Brown v. Board of Education, outlawing school segregation. The case originated in Topeka.

    But a furor over what the district considered an honor erupted after plans for Mrs. Obama’s address were announced.

    Under a new plan worked out by the district, the first lady will speak on May 16 at a “senior recognition day” ceremony at the same 8,000-seat arena where the combined ceremony was to be held. The combined ceremony is being scrapped, and the five schools will hold separate graduation exercises instead.


  23. More:

    Japanese MP who was angry that Michelle didn’t join president on Tokyo trip makes extraordinary claim that Obama CHEATS and their looming divorce is ‘an open secret’

    Kazuyuki Hamada, a member of the upper house of Japan’s parliament, is miffed that Michelle Obama is staying home as her husband tours Japan
    He claimed on his blog that a marital rift is responsible for the president’s stag trip to Tokyo

    Mrs. and Mrs. Obama, he wrote, have already decided to divorce after he leaves office – a claim mirroring one in the National Enquirer

    Hamada claims Michelle Obama knows her husband is cheating on her and using the Secret Service to hide the evidence
    He wrote a 2009 ‘birther’ book titled ‘Who is Obama?’ that argued the president likely wasn’t born in the United States

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2611563/The-Obamas-failed-marriage-looming-divorce-open-secret-claims-member-Japans-parliament-president-using-Secret-Service-hide-affairs.html#ixzz2zqD2BzSl

  24. >>>CitizenWells
    “Jobless claims jump 24,000 to 329,000″<<

    I was shocked when I didn't see the term "unexpectedly" before the word Jobless. Must have been looking to much at mainstream media lately.


  25. Wonderful news about the Texas Red River Stand, the Topeka shuffle and the OKC disinvitation, all the more significant that the OKC venue was with local police.

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