NC common core, Why North Carolina should get away from Common Core, Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest, Local control important, One size doesn’t fit all, Common core not vetted and tested and costly

NC common core, Why North Carolina should get away from Common Core, Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest, Local control important, One size doesn’t fit all, Common core not vetted and tested and costly

“…and Socialist governments traditionally do make a financial mess. They [socialists] always run out of other people’s money. It’s quite a characteristic of them.”…Margaret Thatcher

“When an opponent declares, “I will not come over to your side,” I calmly say, “Your child belongs to us already… What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community.”…Adolf Hitler 

“We control life, Winston, at all its levels. You are imagining that there is something called human nature which will be outraged by what we do and will turn against us. But we create human nature. Men are infinitely malleable.”…George Orwell, “1984″



From the Greensboro News and Record April 13, 2014.

“Why North Carolina should get away from Common Core

By Dan Forest

North Carolina should have the highest education standards in the world, but we can do better than Common Core.

Four years after Common Core was adopted by the State Board of Education, many students, parents and educators are getting their first glimpse of the implications of the new standards in the classroom. Yet after months of questions about the challenges of the standards from parents and educators, few answers have been revealed. Here is why we can to better than Common Core:

1. Local control of education is a bedrock of our nation. Parents, teachers and school boards should have ultimate control and authority over the education of their children. Common Core is a copyrighted set of standards, designed by two unaccountable national trade associations and pushed by the federal government through Race To The Top grants ($400 million in North Carolina) for states that adopted the standards. These standards cannot be changed or modified by state or local authorities. The argument is that we can add to them; however, the reality is that we cannot change anything written in them. Common Core is inflexible in meeting the demands of rapid change that is occurring around the world.

2. A One-Size-Fits-All set of standards for all of education in America is un-American. America is a nation of diversity and innovation. Each student is unique, and for the first time in the history of the world, through high-speed broadband technology and one-to-one devices in the hands of every student, we have the opportunity to customize curriculum and the education experience to each and every child. Our 50 states should be recognized for the innovation laboratories that they are, and they should be allowed to innovate in education, constantly improving standards and teaching methodologies in order to share their ideas with other states. A one-size-fits-all set of standards restricts that level of innovation.

3. Why would we settle for anything less than the best standards for North Carolina? Massachusetts had the best math standards in America, so why did we not start by adopting its standards for our students? Massachusetts educators improved their standards over decades, and they had been tried, tested, rewritten and aligned with working assessments. The Common Core standards still have not been tried, tested or rewritten for success four years after adoption in North Carolina. Why would we roll out Common Core to every school and every student in our state, all at once, without proper vetting and testing?

4. Common Core does not prepare our students for STEM education or careers.The promise of Common Core was that it was to be rigorous, internationally benchmarked, and it would prepare our students for college and career. Unfortunately, experts admit that rigor is difficult to define; the standards were never internationally benchmarked, and there is much debate as to Common Core college alignment. Experts have noted that the Common Core math sequence does not prepare our students for a rigorous STEM education in the university, nor does it prepare our students for STEM careers.
Why would the Chamber of Commerce, the conservative Fordham Institute, the Gates Foundation and others support Common Core despite its inability to prepare our students for STEM careers? Because there are significant financial interests for each. Experts have also noted that replacing classic literature with informational text, such as Consumer Reports, does not help our students develop better critical-thinking skills or reading skills.

5. Teachers need to be free to teach. Common Core is just another set of bureaucratic mandates that will force teachers to teach to the test. There has been much frustration from the teaching community regarding this aspect of No Child Left Behind, so the federal government created waivers from NCLB only to replace it with more burdensome guidelines that will take creativity and innovation out of the classroom. If we want innovation in education, we should focus less on standards and more on allowing our teachers to do what they do best — teach.

These are just a few reasons why Common Core should be replaced in North Carolina, not mentioning the high cost of implementation at a time when we need to increase teacher pay. Nor did I mention technology readiness for the standards, or even data collection of student information. It is time to replace Common Core with the best standards in the world — North Carolina standards.”

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  1. Common Core is another revelation of the war of the powers of the air….the battle between powers and principalities….and the Godless are clueless about this war that is causing victims now by the millions. A great awakening has to happen since the fight is on for souls like never before.

    I saw this yesterday but today Drudge has it headlined:

    US Postal Service Joins in Federal Ammo Purchases

    Add the U.S. Postal Service to the list of federal agencies seeking to purchase what some Second Amendment activists say are alarmingly large quantities of ammunition.

    Earlier this year, the USPS posted a notice on its website, under the heading “Assorted Small Arms Ammunition,” that says: “The United States Postal Service intends to solicit proposals for assorted small arms ammunition. If your organization wishes to participate, you must pre-register. This message is only a notification of our intent to solicit proposals.”

    Alan Gottlieb, chairman of the Washington-based Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, said: “We’re seeing a highly unusual amount of ammunition being bought by the federal agencies over a fairly short period of time. To be honest, I don’t understand why the federal government is buying so much at this time.”

    Jake McGuigan, director of state affairs and government relations for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, said widely reported federal ammunition purchases have sparked conspiracy-type fears among gun owners, who worry that the federal government is trying to crack down on Second Amendment rights via the back door by limiting the ammo available to owners.

    It’s not just the USPS that is stocking up on ammo.


  2. Bundy Family: “We Don’t Fear Harry Reid”…
    video of interview with sons

  3. Armed Guards Now Surround Cliven Bundy 24-7, Supporters Fear Government Threat (Video)

    8 News Now reported:

    Local rancher Cliven Bundy may have his cattle back, but his supporters say they are still preparing for an imminent threat.

    Militia groups from all over the country say they are flocking to the Bundy ranch to protect the family from a feared federal government raid.

    The Bureau of Land Management allowed Bundy to release his cattle Saturday, after they felt threatened.

    Bundy now has a whole contingent of armed guards surrounding him 24 hours a day.

    “They’re just there, trying to make sure something crazy doesn’t happen to him,” Bundy’s son Ammon Bundy said.

    His security detail and family feel he is someone to be protected because of what the federal government could do.

    “There were snipers on the hills and armed guards and you know, military forces with cameras all over.” Ammon Bundy said.

    Cliven Bundy fears that the government could gather up again because they never reached a formal deal.

    He is also trying to determine whether federal agents damaged any of his cattle before they released them.

  4. The airwaves in AZ are being bombarded with appeals to accept Common Core. A couple of supposed teachers are featured extolling its benefits and quelling any fears that it is a federal program. Ughhh!!! From everything I’ve heard elsewhere this is a system which will further dumb down the basic educational requirements – reading, writing and arithmetic – and give plenty of room for “universal” training that will most likely be subversive and subtly turn our young against the free enterprise system.

  5. Another one of Obama-Putin private phone conversations!! I can’t remember ever a time in prior administrations when a U.S. president carried on diplomacy by phone so freely when it involved a belligerent country’s leader. Who knows what is really being said in these private chit-chats? I doubt if there is any way for a U.S. citizen to get a transcript of the conversations. What is being promised? I smell a rat.

  6. OFF TOPIC…….
    Question: WE got an appraisal on our home and we feel it is to low, can we get another appraisal from another appraiser with out perspective buyer knowing? Or can we set our price a little higher then the appraisal and wait and see what the perspective buyers appraisal comes in at and we can renegotiate the price. We will be selling FSBO….. We have sold three other places FSBO and every thing went with no problems. This time we have an attorney who can give us advice if needed. 🙂 Selling the house will help pay the high cost of fighting this evil prosecutor!

    Making our plans to move far away from here to help to make a new life for our grand son after he gets his long term treatment. Most of our family is moving away! Have to! Our ordeal with this evil prosecuting attorney has been a night mare. Thank God we found this wonderful criminal defense attorney and the ‘wrong’ is and will be ‘righted’

    I am so anxious to tell you and the world what has happened and believe me it is still not over yet but things are looking brighter. When I can finally tell what has been happening will finally be JUSTICE for my grandson and our family and friends.

  7. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew and Ukrainian Finance Minister Oleksandr Shlapak signed a $1 billion loan guarantee in a ceremony at the U.S. Treasury Department on Monday.
    Personally I think there is good reason to suspect that Putin and O are in cahoots – to a point – but won’t speculate as to just how they have it all planned. Our State Dept. was heavily involved in stirring up dissent in Ukraine. Then Putin makes his move in Crimea and is poised to do the same in Ukraine. So we “guarantee” a billion dollar loan to U, and if Putin successfully takes over Ukraine, well…….need I say more? This really smells,

    We will probably end up having to make good on the loan guarantee and our country can ill afford losing that kind of money. I wouldn’t be surprised but what this could happen over and over again, as other European nations are threatened, like Bulgaria, Romania, etc. Is this another fiendish way of syphoning off our financial resources?

    We borrow from China (they are presently buying our real estate in large amounts) and then turn around and dump it into Europe and elsewhere. The U.S. is getting weaker by the moment in every way. Treason? But how do we prove it? That, too (the complexity) is part of the plan.

  8. Ginger……
    It would not surprise me if what is happening to your grandson is exactly the same thing that is happening to the family in Boston with respect to their 15 year old daughter. Basically some CRAZIES who are self appointed child welfare entities,have enlisted the aid of a CROOKED Judge and the teenage daughter of the family was made a ward of the state,and removed from her own home and parents. Now the same people are trying to keep people outside of the family from even discussing what is going on. These people have legally abducted this youngster,and the laws of Massachussets, are being TWISTED by the crooked court to mean what they DON’t mean. This all is a classic example of INSANE people being allowed to gain high positions within a city administration. In reality such people really deserve a HOLE BETWEEN their eyes. Perhaps one day the American public will decide to get up off their complacent duffs and CORRECT the SITUATION with whatever means they believe willn bring a PERMANENT,and lasting end to the WORDTWISTING, and LAWBENDING which is going on almost everywhere now. The HOGLEG will RETURN.

  9. We need to be informed about this: (hat tip FernleyGirl)

    Senator Jim DeMint took to the pages of the Washington Post this morning to raise the alarm about a planned, 10 million acre Western land grab by the Obama administration. (emphasis added)

    A secret administration memo has surfaced revealing plans for the federal government to seize more than 10 million acres from Montana to New Mexico, halting job- creating activities like ranching, forestry, mining and energy development. Worse, this land grab would dry up tax revenue that’s essential for funding schools, firehouses and community centers.

    President Obama could enact the plans in this memo with just the stroke of a pen, without any input from the communities affected by it.

    Read much more:

    Another quote:

    Over the last forty years, the federal government has spent nearly $13 billion adding hundreds of thousands of acres to the federal estate.  In fact, an area larger than the size of Florida has been added to federal lands since John F. Kennedy was president.
    The more land the federal government owns, the more leeway it has to barter away to places like China.

  10. CabbyAZ……
    I have long believed that Soetoro and Putin are ON THE SAME PAGE,and in REALITY any loan to Ukraine will ultimately end up in Putin’s pocket anyway. I personally believe that the entire Crimea fiasco is really play acting,and Soetoro has arranged for it to happen. Remember the words from Soetoro’s mouth “Tell Vladimer that I will be more flexible after the election.” This tells me a couple of things… of which is he already knew the outcome of the coming US election(RIGGED), and it also says that he is in no way an enemy of Putin’s Rather Soetoro,probably has a secret HOMOSEXUAL fascination with Putin. Soetoro’s SICK, AND TWISTED mentality dictates in this sort of thing.

  11. Cabby AZ……
    I personally believe that based upon what I have learned about Soetoro,that there is some EXTREMELY sick, and otherwise convoluted stuff in his PERVERTED little mind,that would cause even the most HARDENED individual to wretch his gut. Little by little we are seeing exactly what his tiny mind is capable of, and what he actually worships. He is followed closely by Hariett Reed,who also has a sick twisted,and otherwise CRIMINAL mentality. “Birds of a FEATHER”………………

  12. CabbyAZ…….
    This fits hand and glove with what I learned a couple of years back regarding the collateral for the Chinese loan. I believe that the alleged loan collateral was huge parcels of land ranging from the Canadian border to the Gulf of Mexico,and from the Mississippi to the Pacific Coast. While it might be a bit early to say “See I TOLD YOU SO”, but it appears that the alleged WIND FARM (Chinese) is early manifestation of this. Keep in mind that this is nothing NEW. After Germany surrendered,and the Supermen were defeated, all that was left was LAND, most of which had bombed out buildings on it. Germany seized thousands of acres of land and used it as collateral for loans to rebuild. Germany had NOTHING ELSE.

  13. CabbyAZ Re 1:06 PM
    I may be wrong but isn’t the general area which the alleged 10,000,000 acre takes in and roughly centers over a very rich mining,and energy producing area. This could easily take in even your own home in Arizona. There is active copper,silver,and gold mining going on not very far away from you. BTW area 51 would probably be given to the Chinese as was the destroyer base at Long Beach. It too was closed and given to the Chinese so that they could use the huge drydock to service their container ships. ALL FOR FREE!

  14. cabbyaz | April 15, 2014 at 11:21 am |
    Who knows what is really being said in these private chit-chats? I doubt if there is any way for a U.S. citizen to get a transcript of the conversations. What is being promised? I smell a rat.
    What you smell, is a usurper.

    The office of President was not usurped so Obama could prove he is a great leader. Couple that with his affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood, his desire to weaken our military, and you can see why some people are greatly alarmed.

  15. I live in South Bend, Indiana and am SOOO glad that Indiana was the first state to get rid of Common Core in the schools. My kids are grown, so I’m not involved with schools now, but I’m happy that parents of other kids were able to get rid of it. If I remember correctly, it was forced onto the states when the giant stimulus bill said if you want some of this money, you have to sign onto Common Core. Such a waste of time and money.

  16. White House Insider Claims Barack Has Lost ‘All Control’ Over Mooching Michelle

  17. Interested Bystander

    Cabby commented:

    “I doubt if there is any way for a U.S. citizen to get a transcript of the conversations.”

    Well we could ask the NSA.

    I hear they are recording every phone call made in our Country.

  18. CW, and All,

    We knew this wasn’t over. Sheriff Mack says the Feds are planning a raid on the Bundy ranch.

    Please watch and spread the word!

  19. To compound the INJURY to the American people I have said many times that it is quite doubtful that Moochelle is even LEGALLY married to Soetoro. If he is still legally Barry Soetoro then if he was legally married to Moochelle, her surname would be Soetoro. If they use separate legal names then he is the first American POTUS to do so, and argueably the last American potus to do so. Yet the REALITY is they are NOT LEGALLY MARRIED,and as such Moochelle owes the American taxpayer a hell of a lot of cash. Yet all the DO GOODERS think Moochelle is so all good and wonderful. You do not need to even look closely where Moochelle is concerned to see through this person. I will say no more! But I too have eyes,and my vision is still near 20-20.

  20. One of the very last things that I think an American POTUS would want is the appearance of him not being legally married to the person he has brought with him to the WACKY HOUSE. But facts are facts, and he refuses to prove that his name is legally what he says it is.Since he refuses to prove the legality of his name then the question extends to the legality of his alleged marriage to Moochelle. Simple math 2-1= 1. Of course the do gooders think 2-1= 3.and UP is DOWN.

  21. Here is one to chew on……..If Obama’s alleged birth name was never legally re instated then how the hell can Mochelle LEGALLY possess the surname Obama. There is nothing that proves this as legal fact. There are NO CERTIFIED DOCUMENTS anywhere which prove either who he actually is ,or the legal validity of the marriage. Simple math,and simple logic.

  22. Interested Bystander

    Hey All,

    I believe oldsailor is correct.

    I believe Sotoro adopted Barry, changed his name (which would mean that Stanley would have had to change his birth certificate), and once he was sent back to Hawaii (does anyone know the reason Barry was sent back? was he being disruptive? I’ve not heard WHY he was sent back at the age of 10. Is it in his biography? I would think this would have been a huge change for Barry), started using the “Obama” name again without changing his BC back to Obama. Even then, Barry still would have been an Indonesian citizen.

    I have heard it argued that a parent couldn’t denounce citizenship, so the “Indonesia only recognizes ONE citizenship” doesn’t wash.

    I believe that when Barry became an Indonesian citizen, he lost ANY US citizenship he would have had.

    THAT in itself makes Obama INeligible.

    But there’s so much more that Obama has done that makes his story so much more unbelievable.

    The American people are so ignorant.

    It truely is embarrassing.

  23. Old Sailor:

    Judge Jones issued an injunction against the federal government interfering with the Hage family’s water rights and ordered it to grant a grazing permit in accordance with the “historical usages and preferences” in that area of Nevada. The judge said he was restricting the government’s “normal discretion” in “this extreme case because of the conspiracy…and the obvious continuing animus against Hage by” government officials. Two government employees were held in contempt by the judge for sending trespass notices to people who leased or sold cattle to the Hages in order to “pressure other parties not to do business with the Hages, and even to discourage or punish testimony in the” case. The judge referred them to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for “potential prosecution for obstruction of justice.” That is quite an indictment of the Interior Department and its employees.

    ranchers 1 BLM 0 🙂

  24. Common Core has been rejected by 5 states already and being replaced with another program.
    4 states didn’t adopt the program.

  25. O/T but two interesting things i heard over the weekend.

    Re: IRS scandal, Congressman John Mica (Fla) reported that among some of the Lois Lerner’s emails uncovered by the oversight committee, there was one (perhaps more) sent immediately after the 2012 election, congratulating Lerner on her efforts. I don’t think he mentioned the sender, but that surely indicates Lerner’s political goal and that others were certainly aware.

    A regular on Fox news and former speechwriter for GWB, stated that all speeches given by the Prez are sent to the OMB for clearance. The newly nominated Secretary for HHS is the head of OMB. Although she has only been there a year, O certainly gave lying speeches about healthcare during her tenure as head. How did the head of OMB allow this deceit in the speeches. That should be a disqualifier for Senate approval. Obviously she is another political hack. She, btw, is also the one responsible for the gov’t shutdowns during the budget drama.

  26. Ginger –am so glad to hear things are looking up. Your grandson may thrive in a new neighborhood.
    A start over. God bless.

  27. Oathkeepers are now officially involved,and the Michigan,and Kentucky Militias are on alert. If or when one of the BLM GOONS makes a mistake of shooting an innocent bystander there will be an escalating situation which will NOT END WELL. Mzzzzzzzzzz. Harriet Reed had better do some down to earth thinking before this gets out of hand, and his SNOTNOSED SON had better start RUNNING,or HIDING which in all probability is what he will do anyway.

  28. Jay Jay….
    I remembered the very public Hage incident,and wish to thank you for posting the basic particulars on the case. I believe that the ultimate settlement reached in that case($4.4 million dollars) in punitive damages,and another $4.4million in compensatory damages. has established the fact that the Hages were RIGHT,and therefore the Hage case does set PRECEDENT. This can be used in a fair court to prosecute anybody who has violated the rights of the ranchers where water access is concerned. The precedent has NEVER been challenged, and is still legally valid.

  29. If the BLM goons even set foot on any portion of the ranch without the sanction of a court, they could be shot dead, as violaters of the property owners legally established Constitutional rights. They have the legal right to self defense, no matter what level it escalates to. In addition I am sure that there will be lots of cameras rolling ….FOR THE RECORD. which can be used later at the trials of those who violated the Bundys’ the Bundys’ Constitutional rights. iF these people fired weapons at any member of the Bundy family then the charges become attempted murder. If they kill somebody the person who fired the weapon can be charged with first degree murder, and the planners of such an invasion also held and charged with murder as well….even Harriet Reed. She is not above the law.

  30. Everybody……KEEP THE CAMERAS ROLLING…ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING! THE OVEREDUCATED WORDSMITHS cannot twist a PICTURE,particulary one that is CERTIFIED. But I am sure they will try.

  31. IB Re 5:14 PM
    My thoughts exactly. Now all we have to do is find the smoking gun.! Even if we would find absolute proof of everything then the trick would be to find a federal judge with GONADS. Probably impossible ……yet that doesn’t mean that we should stop trying. If things get hairy enough there will be a few weak judges who will see a little further past the end of his/her nose,and will see a GARROTE hanging from a live oak,which is begging to be tightened around anybody’s neck. Does carry a dire visual message!

  32. When a gutless Federal judge sees the garrote up close he might get the message. That is when WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO POUNCE. I am sure that if a judge has taken the message of the garrote to heart he/she might decide that it is time to start upholding and dispensing the laws of our land, instead of making up “STANDING” bullshi#. Any Citizen of the US has STANDING in ANY COURT IN AMERICA, irregardless of what the WORDSMITHS have to say.

  33. Goodnight all have a beautiful day tomorrow! May good fortune come your way!

  34. Common Core is the fundamental transformation of your child’s brain.

  35. Has anyone answered the question of just who gave the order, after 21 years of doing nothing, for the Feds to arm and go in and start the terror around that ranch? The BLM is under the Dept. of the Interior….so what is the process of organizing such force as we’ve seen? Who made the request and what was the basis? Can the request/order with its reasons/basis be obtained….was it a court order and thus instigated by Holder at the order of Zero at the pleasure of the Chinese and their threats? Can this happen via the influence of the wishes of the Senate majority leader? So who is responsible for approving the Fed troops action? And again that question….after 21 years why such force now?

  36. JayJay and Old Sailor,
    Thanks for the informative posts about the Hage case! I just heard Mssss Reed, as you, Old Sailor, like to refer to, say with that sick smile on her face that we can’t have Americans violating the law. What about Mssss Reed, who is up to the eyeballs in corruption? (and her leader) The son, Rory, is certainly a “chip off the old block” , as we used to say.

  37. Observer | April 15, 2014 at 7:30 pm |
    Has anyone answered the question of just who gave the order, after 21 years of doing nothing, for the Feds to arm and go in and start the terror around that ranch?
    Great questions! It is strange that not long after the close associate of Reid became in charge of BLM (a matter of a few days if I recall correctly) that this offensive action was taken. Something doesn’t smell good in NV.

    A few years ago there was quite a drive in my town to have the area designated as a “national scenic area.” Contacts were pushed on the two senators by some unwitting zealots here. We who were better informed by some patriots who had carefully studied the matter, could see the light of what this was leading to and what it would mean to the interests of ranchers in the surrounding areas, as well as to us homeowners.

    On the surface it sounded good, i.e., a beautiful scenic area would be put off limits to would-be ruthless developers, but the downside of more government land control was exceedingly ominous. We have a city council that can control, when it has a mind to, the projects of the developers. At least, D.C. is out of the picture, and it is up to home rule to determine development – at least for now.

  38. Nighty Night, oldsailor81. Loveya Old Salt!

  39. Illinois Cooking The Books For Common Core: HS Student Says Only Honors Students Were Chosen To Take Exam Used To Judge Program’s Efficiency…

    Sounds to me like a great course in how to rationalize bad behavior and ineptitude!!

    Recently I was “selected” to participate in a “test of the test” for the new Common Core state test (the PARCC) which is set to replace the PSAE in the state of Illinois. On paper, Common Core sounds like a good idea, asking a student to explain how they got the wrong answer to a math problem and if they can explain their answer giving them credit for their work; however, in the long term, this will only undermine the American education system. We all (I hope) have been taught that 2+2=4. Under Common Core, if a student answers with 5 instead of 4, and can explain their answer, the student will receive credit.

    School officials have said that Common Core is meant to drift towards the “how” and “why” questions instead of correct computation.

    On Tuesday, April 8, 2014, I took the PARCC test.

    The test administrator handed out the test booklets and answer documents. Once time began all the students started working on the test. The first part of the test banned the use of calculators. I did not mind this because I usually prefer to write down my work, so I was not overly concerned. Then I saw how the rest of the test was going to go. In order to find the answer to one of the problems I needed to know the square root of eleven (which is a prime number) and it rendered the problem unsolvable. […]

    There was evidence of score inflation as well (I will be brief). The only students selected to take this test in my high school were all honors students. No students from general studies were present. This is not derogatory towards the average students; I am simply stating the state is attempting to make Common Core look better than it actually is.

  40. Megyn Kelly is currently reporting on any link between Reid and Bundy ranch.

  41. Well, outside of the Chinese/Reid’s son connection it seems that Harry’s big donors are big land developers and Harry, getting ready to run for his position again, wants his backers to know that he can come through for them. Also, his son was beat out for governor by a Republican who is apparently Reid’s worst nightmare so Reid also wants to look tough like he’s still the head honcho in the state and in control of things to keep the political money coming in. With his own guy now in charge of BLM Reid’s donors are expecting the land grab to be a fait accompli.

  42. Observer | April 15, 2014 at 9:01 pm |

    Megyn Kelly is currently reporting on any link between Reid and Bundy ranch.
    Looks like “The Undertaker” Ried, is behind the whole turmoil over the grazing lands. Harry and his son Rory, are the only names being associated with the story here in NV. They are scum bags.

  43. WATCH: Harry Reid’s Son Wants To See Cliven Bundy Taken Down
    According to the younger Reid, Cliven Bundy is “not a victim and he’s not a hero.”

  44. And what a sickening symbiotic relationship between Reid and son:

    Rory Reid Says Cliven Bundy Should Be Prosecuted (Video)

    In December 2013 it was revealed Senate Majority leader Harry Reid personally pressured DHS on behalf of his son Rory’s casino project.

    It’s not the first time Harry Reid used his position to help out his son’s financial interests. In 2012 Reid helped out a Chinese firm that was represented by his son, Rory.

    * * * * * * * * *

    Today Rory Reid, son of Senator Harry Reid, told reporters today Cliven Bundy should be prosecuted.

    ……………….In December 2013 it was revealed Senate Majority leader Harry Reid personally pressured DHS on behalf of his son Rory’s casino project.

    It’s not the first time Harry Reid used his position to help out his son’s financial interests. In 2012 Reid helped out a Chinese firm that was represented by his son, Rory.

    * * * * * * * * *
    RORY REID, SON OF SEN. HARRY REID: We believe in a country in which we are subject to laws and you can’t just ignore the laws we don’t like. I think clearly if state and local prosecutors look at this more closely, they’re going to find that he broke the law and he should be prosecuted.

  45. They’re still at it:

    Ron Paul group to defy IRS

    Ron Paul’s nonprofit Campaign for Liberty will fight the Internal Revenue Service’s demand that it reveal its donor list to the agency, despite having already been fined for refusing to do so.

    “There is no legitimate reason for the IRS to know who donates to Campaign for Liberty,” Megan Stiles, the communications director at Campaign for Liberty, told the Washington Examiner in an email on Tuesday. “We believe the First Amendment is on our side as evidenced by cases such as NAACP v. Alabama and International Union UAW v. National Right to Work. Many 501(c)(4) organizations protect the privacy of their donors in the very same way as Campaign for Liberty. For some reason the IRS has now chosen to single out Campaign for Liberty for special attention. We plan to fight this all the way.”

    Ron Paul suggested that the group will refuse to pay the IRS fine in an fundraising email to supporters about the agency’s request for information.

    “Paying this outrageous extortionist fine — just to exercise our rights as American citizens to petition our government — may even be cheaper in the short run,” he wrote. “But it’ll just embolden an alphabet soup of other federal agencies to come after us.” Paul’s email said that the rule requiring that 501(c)(4)s list their donors is “rarely enforced.”


  46. Biden: I Take My Grandchildren Anywhere They Want to Go Each Year and Stick Taxpayers with The Bill

  47. BREAKING: Tea Party Patriots Sues Obama IRS and Treasury for 501(c)4 Documents

    The Tea Party Patriots, the nation’s largest Tea Party organization, sued the IRS and US Treasury for documents on Lois Lerner and the Obama Administration’s secret planning to impose restrictions on citizens’ free speech.
    Via the Tea Party Patriots website:

    Tea Party Patriots today filed a lawsuit in US District Court for the District of Columbia against the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Department of Treasury, asking the court to force the release of documents shedding light on the agency’s proposal for burdensome regulations for 501c4 citizens groups, and the roles played by former IRS official Lois Lerner and other Administration officials in developing the regulations.

    “Americans deserve to know the truth about how the IRS is trying to deprive us and other citizens of our First Amendment rights to free speech. Citizens shouldn’t have to go to court to find out what sort of secret activities their government is up to,” said Tea Party Patriots Co-Founder Jenny Beth Martin.

  48. I really wish that at least 200,000,000 citizens would join the tea party lawsuit and refile it as a class action against the IRS. The greater the number of people involved the greater is the chances of success. Every 501c4 that was affected in any way should participate in the class action,and each should seek both punitive,and compensatory,damages in the amount of at least $100,000,000 each for every 501 effected by the deliberately adverse behavior of the IRS towards the 501 petitioners.

  49. Then after the class action is settled,then Congress needs to convene a Congressional Grand jury to deal with each of the perpetrators involved with the IRS scandal. Hopefully the entire Congress will get behind a Congressional Grand Jury, who will indict all who they find have perpetrated criminal acts against the American people who elected them.

  50. Observer…….
    During my adult life I have learned that those who make the MOST NOISE, are usually the ones who have the MOST TO HIDE. The REED family are no exceptions to this rule.

  51. Another day filled with disillusionment!!

    Report: FBI Visiting Gun Shops Looking For “People Talking About Big Government”

    The FBI is reportedly visiting fun shops looking for people talking about “big government.”
    InfoWars reported:

    FBI counterterrorism agents are visiting gun shops in South Carolina to investigate “suspicious purchases” made by people who talk about “big government,” according to a new report.

    Author Brandon Turbeville says he was approached by an individual who works in a Columbia, South Carolina gun shop to relate the story of how an FBI agent entered the store on Monday, showed his credentials, before proceeding to ask a series of stunning questions.

    Telling the gun store worker he was tasked with visiting all the firearms outlets in the local area to check on “suspicious purchases” for counterterrorism purposes, the agent then began discussing what in actual fact were “completely normal transactions,” such as, “paying with cash, purchasing long guns, and other similarly innocuous behavior.”

    The FBI agent then reportedly made a shocking remark that almost seems too chilling to believe.

    “If you see some Middle Eastern guy come in, you don’t have to be so worried about that. What we’re really looking for are people talking about being sovereign such as sovereign citizens or people talking about big government,” the agent reportedly stated.

    Before the agent left the store, he handed the employee a flyer which lists paying with cash, buying in bulk, along with other seemingly innocuous behavior as suspicious activity.

  52. citizenwells


    Let’s video the son of a bitches.

    Sorry for the insult to dogs.

  53. Only common sense….so it will go nowhere:

    GOP writes legislation to deny Eric Holder his salary

    A Republican congressman has introduced a bill that would stop government paychecks for officials who have been found in contempt of Congress — a move that seems designed in the short term to go after Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr.

    Read more:

  54. citizenwells | April 16, 2014 at 10:15 am |

    FBI = Holder

    So when the individual flashes his ID be sure to take down details…..the Alinsky approach can work both ways where one could just wind up feeling caught between the devil and that deep sea!

    They are hell bent on neutering any opposition….such big boys…..while collecting an over abundance of arms themselves. Sound more like Putin’s own.

  55. Here’s one for us! Now the EPA wants authority over streams on private property even when the water beds have been dry, in some cases for hundreds of years.
    More big government at work. (FBI, are you listening? – Observer – 9:49 am)
    Requested EPA authority over streams would ‘freeze’ economy


  56. I keep wondering why once a bunch of people, usually self anointed, get a label of an “agency”….esp. a Gov. agency….they suddenly in the minds of most take on a type of god like quality or authority. They lose individual conscience and some kind of bulk scapegoat takes form and thus no one is to blame. They cover for each other’s sins and actually become kind of a terrorist organization in that the individual feels threatened if he/she speaks up or disagrees with the lawlessness committed so easily. We’re in sort of a mafia type existence… go along with greater lawless grabs of power over individuals or you’re next.

  57. CabbyAZ……
    Here is one for you. You being a person who deals with numbers a lot during tax time,will probably see through this one pretty quick…… Yesterday Foxnews stated that the person who has taken Sebilius’s place has begun an audit of the accounts of every American who is receiving Social Security money. This is alleged to be happening because it was supposedly discovered that the calculations for both the COLA increases was incorrectly calculated,because recipients are receiving much more than they should be receiving. The flaw was allegedly in the original math used to calculate the amount people receive. She says the amount a recipient receives is supposed to be based upon the total amount paid into the trust during a persons working life. Allegedly they have been using the 10 best years instead of the total paid in. But this doesn’t wash because the total paid in would probably be more than the 10 best years… who is trying to BULLSHI# who? It sounds as though the new head honcho is barking up a tree that is about to fall……perhaps squarely on her stupid head. My question is why is she NOT EXAMINING people who have held and probably are still holding MULTIPLE SS numbers……like Soetoro. Oh thats right I forgot he is the person who she worships,who is so all good and wonderful. Classic example of another half wit in a position of power.

  58. So this seems to say that a slime who has contributed nothing into the SS fund, should technically RECEIVE NOTHING. But there is a minimum that such a person receives which as far as I know is still being given, even though that person has contributed not a penny to the fund. Then there are those who call the SS fund a PONZI SCHEME. It might be that NOW but it was originally concived and constructed as a master annuity. Which worked well until the SLIMES in the Federal government were allowed by Congress to make it part of the general fund….at which point it was then REPEATEDLY RAPED. and stolen from. Thanks to Lyndon Baines Johnson and his PANSY FRIENDS in Congress it is no longer what it was built to be. It would still be a viable entity had the LIBERAL SLIME POLITICIANS left it alone.

  59. FOIA Documents Show Lois Lerner Was In Contact With DOJ About Prosecuting Conservative Tax-Exempt Groups…

    Former head of the IRS tax-exempt division Lois Lerner communicated with the Justice Department about the possibility of criminally prosecuting certain tax-exempt groups, new documents reveal.

    According to the conservative government accountability group Judicial Watch, email exchanges between Lerner and Nikole C. Flax, the Chief of Staff to then-Acting IRS Commissioner Steven T. Miller, reveal there were discussions about possible prosecution of tax-exempt groups that were believed to have “lied” about political activities.

    May 8, 2013: Lerner to Flax

    I got a call today from Richard Pilger Director Elections Crimes Branch at DOJ … He wanted to know who at IRS the DOJ folks [sic] could talk to about [Rhode Island Democratic Sen. Sheldon] Whitehouse idea at the hearing that DOJ could piece together false statement cases about applicants who “lied” on their 1024s — saying they weren’t planning on doing political activity, and then turning around and making large visible political expenditures. DOJ is feeling like it needs to respond, but want to talk to the right folks at IRS to see whether there are impediments from our side and what, if any damage this might do to IRS programs.

    I told him that sounded like we might need several folks from IRS …

    * May 9, 2013: Flax to Lerner

    I think we should do it — also need to include CI [Criminal Investigation Division], which we can help coordinate. Also, we need to reach out to FEC. Does it make sense to consider including them in this or keep it separate?

    Keep reading…

  60. Sadly the younger people haven’t the slightest idea what the SS originally was,and why it no longer exists as it was constructed, by a consortium of the old insurance companies that survived the depression. These people knew what was needed for social monetary help in old age. The SS system was NOT CONCEIVED to be a source of financial support in old age….rather it was conceived to be ONE LEG of a THREE LEGGED STOOL. Young people do not understand this premise. They think that SS should totally support a person in retirement. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it was NEVER intended to be what it has been turned into. It is entirely possible that the new HONCHO might well be right. If that is so,then a hell of a lot of seniors are soon going to see one hell of a lot of their income removed, and it could end up being in the neighborhood of at least 50% of what is now being received. If you are getting $1200.00 now you could easily be cut to $600.00. Just don’t think it can’t happen!!!!.

  61. But what applies to the goose,must also apply to the GANDER…….particularly the POLITICAL GANDERS.,and those who hold MULTIPLE SS numbers need to be PROSECUTED FOR Social Security FRAUD. Again if a SLIME POLITICIAN holds 18 SS numbers, then each one is an account,out of which even though not a penny has been paid in….will eventually pay out the primary amount probably a social determination would be at say $600.00 per month, that amount compounded by 18 comes to $10,800.00. per month. I would say that Soetoro,and Moochelle could easily exist off that figure even if they had no other income. After all they would be receiving $129,600.00 per year from SS alone. Hell that could be the college tuition for the KIDDIES, har har………and all at taxpayers expense.

  62. CabbyAZ……
    Here is one for you. You being a person who deals with numbers a lot during tax time,will probably see through this one pretty quick…… Yesterday Foxnews stated that the person who has taken Sebilius’s place has begun an audit of the accounts of every American who is receiving Social Security money…..
    Thanks for the news, Old Sailor. I had not heard that about the new head of HHS. Wow, it didn’t take her long to get in the “saddle”, and wouldn’t you know it – the first place she starts is to try to find a way to reduce our S.S. benefits. She previously headed up the W.H. Office of Management and Budget, I believe, during which time the W.H. never produced a budget. She is a Zero loyalist positively.

    As you are aware, I still work (just came through a very grueling season) and therefore have self-employment tax (S.S. and M/C) even at my age, as do any folks retirement age and above. That rate is 15.3%, so for fifteen years after age 65 I’ve been paying into the system. Do you think that these payments have increased my benefits one iota? NO. I recently checked into the matter, so if she attempts to find some way to reduce benefits, there are going to be a lot of very irate people.

    Doesn’t it seem as though this administration is doing everything it can to heckle and harass U.S. citizens? Understatement. Are they trying to goad us? As you say, start with the one in the W.H. who has multiple S.S. numbers and all of the illegals using stolen numbers. Then she might move into the area of vast sums of money paid out erroneously by both S.S. and IRS. They are always making “mistakes” involving tens of thousands of dollars. I need to cool down. 🙂

  63. Louie Gohmert: House Leadership Working With Soros to “Take-Out” Tea Party, Conservatives – Destroying Our Base

    I participated in a conference call last night (April 15, 2014) with Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX). Focus topics were Attorney General Eric Holder, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), amnesty and House leadership raising money to “take-out” the Tea Party. Well-covered by Patrick Howley at the Daily Caller is Holder’s “childish and lame” comments after he threatened Congressman Gohmert in questioning in a House judiciary committee meeting. ‘Threatened’ is my word, not Gohmert’s or Howley’s, but what else do you call it when the country’s Top Cop doesn’t like a line of questioning and says to a member of Congress, “You don’t want to go there buddy, you don’t want to go there,” and then blames Fast and Furious on the “gun lobby.” Below is the discussion of fundraising to attack Tea Parties and Conservatives. Later today, I’ll pass on what the Congressman said about the IRS, Eric Holder’s lawlessness and what we can do about it, and the House leadership’s “hell bent” determination to make it happen.


    Since so few are speaking out or doing much about lawlessness one can understand the prophecies about less than 1/3 of population left to start anew after God’s justice gets through with the world as we now know it!!

  64. Observer 1:38 pm
    You quote, “I think we should do it — also need to include CI [Criminal Investigation Division], which we can help coordinate. Also, we need to reach out to FEC. Does it make sense to consider including them in this or keep it separate?”

    From what I’ve gleaned it is entirely illegal for one gubmint agency to be contacting another agency in matters like this. Oh, well, “at this point, what difference does it make?” Grrrrrr!!! We are witnessing what is heading for a complete collapse of our system of laws and governance. Anything goes nowadays, and Congress is impotent to do anything really effective against the breakdown. It will ultimately be up to we the people. I guess we’ve known that all along.

    In the midst of estimates that 15 to 20 percent of individuals aren’t paying or won’t continue to pay premiums under ObamaCare, there is an odd provision of the law. Once someone stops paying, the insurance company has to cover them for another 30 days. Worse for doctors and hospitals, they have to cover them for 60 days beyond that. That means doctors and hospitals will have to pay the costs.

    and this is what I’ve been saying from the start…..the product that you’re paying double for stinks compared to what went before:

    Health insurance does not mean health care – Dr. Joel Zinberg, associate clinical professor of surgery at the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, writing for City Journal: “But even for those enrollees paying premiums, having health insurance is not the same thing as getting good health care, or any health care. In fact, it doesn’t matter how many Americans obtain insurance under the ACA. Most will have difficulty finding a physician.”

  66. Yesterday Foxnews stated that the person who has taken Sebilius’s place has begun an audit of the accounts of every American who is receiving Social Security money

    First would be to audit the accounts of welfare bitches!!

  67. And then aid to the 152 countries!!! you know, the ones that would cut our throats if we didn’t have a gun behind every blade!!!

  68. ***Telling the gun store worker he was tasked with visiting all the firearms outlets in the local area to check on “suspicious purchases” for counterterrorism purposes, ***

    Be sure to tell about that suspicious transaction between Eric Holder and the Mexican drug cartels!!

  69. Regarding Harry Traitor fricking Reid and the Chinese solar company and the purchases of land in California and Idaho, everyone needs to read this speech.
    It is has parts that are chilling–like how to kill us with bio-weapons.
    It is long, and I just scanned to the parts about America, the west, and the U.S.

  70. Since Gov. bureaucrats and special interests have grabbed more playground the real “endangered species” is us!:

    As the accompanying map graphically demonstrates, there is a striking difference between the federal government’s claim to physical real estate in the states of East and the Midwest versus those of the West. In Maine, for instance, federal agencies occupy only 1.1 percent of the state’s land area; in New York it’s a mere 0.8 percent. The federal government claims only 1.8 percent of Indiana, 1.6 percent of Alabama, and 1.7 percent of Ohio. But in the Western states, the federal footprint covers from nearly one-third to over four-fifths of the area of the states.

    Here are the ugly facts of the federal government’s ownership of the lands in the Western states:

    Nevada: 84.5 percent
    Alaska: 69.1 percent
    Utah: 57.4 percent
    Oregon: 53.1 percent
    Idaho: 50.2 percent
    Arizona: 48.1 percent
    California: 45.3 percent
    Wyoming: 42.4 percent
    New Mexico: 41.8 percent
    Colorado: 36.6 percent
    Washington: 30.3 percent
    Montana: 29.9 percent

    These and many more relevant statistics can be found in Federal Real Property Report for Fiscal Year 2012 (the latest available) from the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). For instance, in addition to its enormous real estate portfolio, the U.S. Department of Interior (home to BLM, NPS, USFWS) boasts 43,554 buildings covering more than 107.1 million square feet. These agencies, together with the Forest Service, exercise an enormous — and harmful — impact on the economies, livelihoods, and politics of the Western states. And, contrary to the claims of the federal advocates, federal policies are also taking a devastating toll on the environment of the West, most especially as manifested in the destruction of millions of acres of national forests through mismanagement, which has led to immense insect infestations and super-nova wildfires.

  71. JayJay,
    You are on a roll today! Go girl!

  72. The more land owned by the U.S. government, the more capability there is to give it away to China, and others who want to take us over.

  73. Illinois Cooking The Books For Common Core: HS Student Says Only Honors Students Were Chosen To Take Exam Used To Judge Program’s Efficiency

    I see this differently, as a public school teacher.
    I see this effort as saying, see even our highest scoring and best students can’t understand this program. (I’m interpreting that even he expressed frustration during the test)
    So, let’s not adopt it again!!

  74. See, praise the Lord, this exposure of Bundy’s fight has brought this national land grab to the front for examination.

  75. I have acquired all my email contact’s phone numbers.
    I am sure all those involved in guarding and supporting the anti-government at Bundy’s have done the same thing.
    Why did I do that? Because with those numbers, guess how many states are represented?

    A lot.

    You participants here need to do that.

  76. Jay Jay…….
    Now you know why I am heavily involved in getting the attention of our VFW people. Of late the effort seems to be paying off. More, and more members are getting together,at CLUB NITES,and discussing the crap that is going on now,and several groups have even contacted other posts, some of which are out of state. I would say that I am elated with what is happening within the VFW rank & file. Anybody out there who is reading this…..FEEL FREE to get in contact with your nearest VFW Post and pass the word on to them and ask them to visit the CW website. Above all else work with them,and challenge them to take a look. Even if only one member responds it is ONE MEMBER who is upgrading his knowledge as to what is going on. If he takes what he reads seriously then there is a very strong liklihood that he will in turn contact friends,and peers. This is how it must keep moving.! If you are a member of VFW,or you know someone who is ask them if they would consider a visit to CW website……or you can pass the word along to them yourself,as to what is going on, right under their noses.

  77. AFTERSHOCK: BLM Destroyed Water Tanks, Shot Bundy Bulls, Ran Over Tortoise Dens (Video)

    Posted by Jim Hoft on Wednesday, April 16, 2014, 2:35 PM

    Bureau of Land Management officials destroyed water lines and water tanks belonging to the Cliven Bundy family. The feds also shot two prized bulls and ran over at least one endangered tortoise den.

    They showed the den where the one bull was kept and there was absolutely no chance or evidence for it being any danger to anyone….apparently killed for no reason other than someone being out of control. Now will THAT such illicit activity be punished?

    FOX News reported:

    The federal agency that backed down over the weekend in a tense standoff with a Nevada rancher is being accused of leaving a trail of wreckage behind.

    Fox News toured the damage — allegedly caused by the Bureau of Land Management — which included holes in water tanks and destroyed water lines and fences. According to family friends, the bureau’s hired “cowboys” also killed two prize bulls.

    “They had total control of this land for one week, and look at the destruction they did in one week,” said Corey Houston, friend of rancher Cliven Bundy and his family. “So why would you trust somebody like that? And how does that show that they’re a better steward?”

    The BLM and other law enforcement officials backed down on Saturday in their effort to seize Bundy’s cattle, after hundreds of protesters, some armed, arrived to show support for the Bundy family. In the end, BLM officials left the scene amid concerns about safety, and no shots were fired.

    The dispute between the feds and the Bundy family has been going on for years; they say he owes more than $1.1 million in unpaid grazing fees — and long ago revoked his grazing rights over concern for a federally protected tortoise. They sent officials to round up his livestock following a pair of federal court orders last year giving the U.S. government the authority to impound the cattle.

  78. Observer…….
    ………and I am sure that you are sharp enough to know what the principle products are from these various states. Energy,and mining,and cattle is for the most part the dominant industries within those states. It is easy to see why SLIME like Harriet Reed,and Son are trying to grab everything they can,and they do not have any compunction whatsoever who they have to injure, or kill to grab someone’s property, or how much they have to lie to make people think UP is DOWN where logical reasoning is concerned. Sadly such people appeal to the MORONS among us… is the MORONS among us who BELIEVE what the SLIMEY politicians tell them. This is because such people do not have the mental capacity to realise they are being lied to. Instead they think people like Mzzzzzzz. Reed and son are C-O-O-L………”.YEAH…C-O-O-L, MAN!” …….and there is the favorite expression of the morons among us!

  79. If the BLM can PROVE that the FED legally owns the land then why the hell havn’t they shown the documents to attest to the ownership. They tried to cut off the water supplying the Hages, and it ended uyp costing the Department of the Interior,over 8 million dollars,when the Hages won their case in Federal court.

  80. ……but if the state really owns the land,and the BLM is only there to MANAGE the land then Bundy is exactly right,and he did pay the state for the grazing rights. If the BLM thinks that their presence on the range land gives the Federal government true ownership of the land then if the rights of the established precedent says that the FED has NO LEGAL RIGHT to do anything other than what it is tasked to do…..MANAGE only. They do not have the legal authority to round up Bundy’s cattle …much less shoot a confined bull to death. This also indicates that the federal judge who signed the court orders done so ILLEGALLY and he needs to be PROSECUTED VIGOROUSLY,and/or removed from the bench. If the BLM has POSTED SNIPERS around the property they have created a situation where the Bundy’s would be totally justified in shooting everyone of the people who are POINTING A LETHAL WEAPON AT them.

  81. Just read in the Reno Gazette Journal that Harry Reid is steaming mad and saying, “This is not over!” He wants Bundy prosecuted. I thought the Feds had backed off, but maybe only to regroup? I was on the verge of heading to Nevada with a friend who is as heavily armed as myself, but thought it unnecessary after the BLM Nazis seemed to have backed off. But now it looks like they did damage and are only waiting for the chance to do more harm? I hope not. I hope it’s just a lot of hot air from Reid’s lying skank mouth. If not, well, might be heading to Nevada afterall. At some point a line has to be drawn in the sand. Nevada has a lot of sand for a big wide line. This land grab thing needs to end. Obviously, things are heating up on a lot of fronts.

  82. Now is the time for the Bundys’ to bring suit against the BLM for compensatory damages in whatever amount is deemed appropriate to repair or replace the damaged or destroyed property. They would also be justified in sueing for punitive damages in the amount deemed appropriate for the shooting of the prized bull. Then as did the Hages file suit against the BLM for denying them the rights to graze and water their cattle, on STATE owned grazing range, for which he did pay the necessary fees. It is NOT Bundy’s fault if a SNOTNOSED CHILD along with his alleged father,think that the property is Federally owned, and are unleashing all sorts of attempts tro force the Bundys off their property. What is going on is exactly the same sort of stuff which a number of cheap little crooks have tried over the last couple of centuries. Most were caught and many were hung because they caused death in their attempts against landowners. It appears that the Bundy’s are the LEGAL owners of their land,and the FED is simply trying to STEAL it from them. Next we will probably see an attempt from trhe SLIMEY LITTLE CHILD to use “Iminent domain” against the Bundys. However he must PROVE JUSTIFICATION for the action which must also include LEGAL CONDEMNATION of the property. In short the snotnosed child will have a TIGER BY THE TAIL, when he commits.

  83. I personally believe that there are people out there who have EXTREMELY deep pockets,and will ultimately come to the aid of the Bundys. Perhaps even pay the alleged money owed, because they will be able to get it back later….with interest, but it will force the BLM off of the RANGE for the time being. Then the SLIMEY REED FAMILY will be forced to try something else. But I also want to offer a word of thanks to all of the people who chose to stand up against the BLM GOONS. It served notice upon all concerned that WE THE PEOPLE are getting our guts full of people like the REEDS. The next time they try it ,,,,it might not end very well. There are about another 150,000,000 people out there who are potential soldiers….OVERNIGHT. Has anybody ever heard of the Minutemen? If you havn’t then I suggest that you go back in time to 1776,and take a strong look around, and while there ask anybody what a Minute man is….because one might be standing right next to you.

  84. Here are some of the fronts:
    1. Benghazi
    2. Fast & Furious
    3. Solyndra scandal
    4. Obvious Voter Fraud
    5. Misuse of Executive Orders
    6. Attorney Gerneral’s Contempt of Congress
    7. IRS intimidation of Conservative groups
    8. Obamacare fiasco
    9. Middle East turmoil brought on by our State Dept
    10. Support of the Muslim Brotherhood
    11. BLM Land grab & Agenda 21
    12. False birth certificate posted for Obama
    13. Muslims placed in key postions involving national security
    14. Politically harming Israel while allowing Iran to develop nukes
    15. Opposing traditional marriage
    16. Allowing illegals to run unchecked
    17. Not securing our borders
    18. Promoting skyrocketing national debt
    19. Weakening our military
    20. Open homosexuals allowed in the military
    21. Refusal to enforce the law
    22. Changing the law by executive fiat
    23. Attempt to brainwash our kids with co-called Common Core
    24. Continued massive unemployment & living on a dole system
    25. Etc.
    This is just off the top of my head. But does our Constitution now hang by a thread? Enough already!

  85. Bye bye…… Need to take my blood pressure med. Have a great day everybody! You are all like family, and I purely enjoy every minute that I spend with all of you, each day.

  86. One of the reasons Bundy has given for desiring to pay grazing fees to the county over BLM is that the original agreement was that such fees were to be reciprocated through various services to be given to the ranchers to help them maintain their way of living. It was said that originally this worked out until BLM began “managing” ranchers out of business without offering services and thus were the ones to renege on the contract which was to benefit the ranchers for their paid fees. Thus it would seem that if there was a civil case before a jury such evidence of breaking of original contract by BLM while still demanding fees could stand in favor of Bundy. Bundy simply felt (and had every reason to believe from personal experience) that the local govt. would be able to offer those same promised services for paid fees over the unaccountable BLM. Also…..there is the case that for some 21 years such non-payment continued without any dire warning of such consequences while having the power to simply take the disagreement again to court for some spelled out measures for the future. It would then seem that BLM had forfeited any rights to enter into the situation in such a violent manner. Instead, suddenly, this aggressive action was taken without warning that shows more failure of management of the situation by the agency since Bundy spelled out his position a number of times. This is a runaway govt. that wants to make demands of citizens without any accountability for their own non-response or waste/damage.

    Someone mentioned that the bulls could bring around $2500 each.

  87. Dick Morris: Democrats Conspiring to Rig Electoral College, Law Passed in 9 States So Far

  88. .Here is some good information obtained by a well-respected, reliable journalist.

    BLM: We are Worried Cliven Bundy Might Have Prescriptive Rights & He Might Use that Defense in Court


  89. Dick Morris: Democrats Conspiring to Rig Electoral College, Law Passed in 9 States So Far

    Who gives a ****?? we all know now the electronic voting machines are seriously compromised!!!

  90. How can several counties vote 100% for one candidate? How fricking stupid does TPTB think we are??
    Scratch that–how stupid does TPTB think anti-Psychobamans are?

  91. bob strauss at 8:20 pm —

    “Dick Morris: Democrats Conspiring to Rig Electoral College, Law Passed in 9 States So Far”
    >>> From July 24th, 2010



  92. citizenwells

    Prescriptive easement.

  93. “Senator Lee Addresses Obama’s Forged Birth Certificate; Water Under Bridge?”

    “Lee was asked by resident Robert Weston why Congress hasn’t done anything about what Weston said was Obama’s failure to show proof of an authenticated birth certificate. Lee said there are different interpretations of the law and that many have questioned Obama’s citizenship, but his mother was a U.S. citizen, therefore making Obama one, and that is one interpretation.

    “He is the president and we have got to focus on who we elect next,” Lee said of the issue. …”

    >>> bob68’s comment: “It’s not the “dirt” on individual Congress members that keeps them protecting Obama from any action on his ineligibility and identity fraud, it’s the TREASON every last one of them committed when they sat on their cowardly, afraid of being called “racist”, overpaid lying asses and watched and did nothing to stop an unvetted, identity fraud con-artist from becoming the putative president. From that moment, when no one in Congress objected to the usurpation of the presidency, they all became guilty of treason at the highest possible level. It has only worsened since then as Congress refuses to do anything to stop Obama. No impeachment, no investigation, no matter how many blatant violations of the Constitution the regime commits. Congress doesn’t even react to being told by Barry…and Holder, that they are irrelevant and the regime will do whatever it pleases. WHY?, It’s because Congress will do…or not do, ANYTHING to keep Obama officially considered “legitimate” until he leaves the usurped presidency. They believe that is the only hope for getting away with treason for their part in the biggest fraud in history. If, like Senator Lee, they have to make absurd comments, considering we have an enemy of America in charge of her military and her nuclear weapons, they will make those comments in the desperate effort to not have to deal with the huge screw-up they allowed and abetted. Imagine members of Congress explaining to the loved ones of military personnel killed and wounded in combat why they allowed an enemy of America to send those loved ones into combat? That is just one of many things Congress will do anything not to have to deal with.
    Congress will do ANYTHING and say ANYTHING, no matter how stupid it sounds, to prevent themselves from being changed with the treason they committed in the act of allowing Obama’s usurpation. The inaction, lies, BS and obfuscation they have immersed themselves in to try to save their own sorry asses has dug them a hole they see no way out of except for more of the same.

    Congress protects Obama to protect themselves.”

  94. bob68’s comment.
    I disagree–I truly believe all not playing this game of ‘go along’ were threatened, blackmailed.
    You can NOT have 545 people accept this fraud. One would leave the herd.
    But not if their children or grandchildren were being threatened.
    The behavior of this administration and the deaths already prove this is very possible.

  95. Under oath; computer programmer tells all; October, 2000.
    How many elections were stolen??
    Feel better now about voting??
    Ohio presidential election was hacked; why not all states??

    Since this confession and testimony, I have read that the hacking is done remotely.

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