Barrister Michael Shrimpton Obama born in Mombasa Kenya in 1960, CIA DNA testing confirms Obama Dunham grandparents not linked, Wikipedia scrubs Shrimpton profile, British intelligence files

Barrister Michael Shrimpton Obama born in Mombasa Kenya in 1960, CIA DNA testing confirms Obama Dunham grandparents not linked, Wikipedia scrubs Shrimpton profile, British intelligence files

“Why has Obama, since taking the White House, used Justice Department Attorneys, at taxpayer expense,  to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records?”…Citizen Wells

“Moore said he’s seen no convincing evidence that Obama is a “natural born citizen” and a lot of evidence that suggests he is not.”…Judge Roy Moore interview by WND

Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”…George Orwell, “1984″

I had to treat this story with skepticism.

Barrister Michael Shrimpton is real.

Are his claims?

His profile was scrubbed on Wikipedia.

From Birther Report February 25, 2014.
“Bombshell: British Intelligence Advisor Barrister Michael
Shrimpton; Obama Born In Kenya In 1960; CIA DNA Test”
“Shrimpton reported Obama’s purported mom was not pregnant in 1961 and that Obama was born in Kenya in 1960. He said Kenya was under British intelligence files and that Obama’s father ran guns for the Mau Mau. He then dropped a bombshell claiming the CIA did covert DNA testing on Obama at a fundraising dinner and the test came back with no match to the claimed grandparents.”

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Wikipedia scrubbed the Michael Shrimpton profile.

“User:Michael Shrimpton

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verify that “Michael Shrimpton” exists.”

From Wikipedia October 10, 2010.

“User:Michael Shrimpton

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Michael Shrimpton : A short resume

Michael Shrimpton is a barrister, called to the Bar in London 1983 and is a specialist in National Security and Constitutional Law, Strategic Intelligence
and Counter-Terrorism. He has wide ranging connections both in Western Intelligence agencies and amongst ex-Soviet Bloc agencies. Michael has earned respect in the intelligence community for his analysis of previously unacknowledged post WWII covert operations against the West by organisations based in Washington, Munich, Paris and Brussels and which are continuing in post 9-11.

He is Adjunct Professor of intelligence Studies, Department of National Security, Intelligence and Space Studies, American Military University, teaching intelligence subjects at Masters Degree level to inter alia serving intelligence officers. He has represented US and Israeli intelligence officers in law and has briefed staffers on the Senate select Committee on Intelligence and the Joint Congressional inquiry into 9-11, also addressing panels on terrorism in
Washington DC and Los Angeles.

His active assistance to Intelligence and Law Enforcement Agencies in the Global War on Terror has produced some notable success including the exposure of the Abu Graib “hood” photograph as a fake. His work in strategic intelligence takes him on regular trips to the Pentagon and he also met with senior advisors to the President of the Russian Federation in Moscow in November 2005. He participated in the Global Strategic Review conference in Geneva in 2005 and is a regular contributor at conferences such as Intelcon and the Intelligence Summit Washington DC February 2006.

Michael has a life-long interest in aviation which is informed by his knowledge of intelligence and defence affairs. His first solo was in 1979 on the
British aerospace Bulldog T MK 1 aircraft, University of Wales Air Squadron. He is an Honorary Life Member Bomber Command Association, member of the Air League, member of Friends of the Royal Air Force Museum and RAF Historical Society. He has flown in many types of classic aircraft including a DC-3 (ex-RAF Dakota), Auster MK6 and a Stearman biplane.

He has contributed to aviation by combining intelligence related materials with original analysis of the history of various aircraft types. Notably Michael
thinks he identified the covert programme of sabotage against de Havilland Comet airliners Yoke Peter and Yoke Uncle, which crashed in January and April 1954 off the Italian island of Elba (BOAC Flight 781) and in Stromboli (South African Airways Flight 201).

Michael also has other Defence interests and is a member of the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), the International Institute for Strategic Studies
(IISS), the Defence and Security Forum, London, Military Commentator Circle, London and the United States Naval Institute. This wide range of high-level
western defence, security and intelligence contacts has not only been of relevant to the War on Terror but has also taken him to some interesting locations.
In February 2006, Michael was flown to the nuclear powered aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (CVN-65) at sea in the North Atlantic as part of the US Navy’s
Distinguished Visitor Program. He completed his first arrested carrier landing and catapult take-off cycle. In June 2003 he was on the Israel / Lebanon
border when he came to within 50 yards of operational Hezbollah terrorists.

He has also travelled extensively by rail, is one of AMTRAK’s few UK Guest Rewards members having crossed Canada by train on the Canadian from Toronto to Vancouver and on the Alaska Railroad from Fairbanks to Anchorage. Some other journeys include the Orient Express from Paris to Istambul, the Frederick Chopin from Warsaw to Berlin, the Moscow Express from Moscow to Berlin via Minsk and Warsaw, the Alpine Express in New Zealand and the Brisbane Limited and Sunlander in Australia. He has driven many thousands of miles by car in the USA, visiting over 30 states, twice driving coast to coast.

Michael’s reputation is not restricted to the aviation, intelligence and defence communities. With extensive media experience, including live radio and
television, he has appeared on Tom Marr’s talkshow for WCBM Baltimore January 2004 and again in February 2006; on the John Batchelor Show; on BBC, ITV, Sky (UK), Danish, French, Italian, German, Swiss, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand television. He appeared in a CNN special on the sinking of the ARA General Belgrano for CNN’s Latin American service with a first appearance on Fox News March 2006. He was also Intelligence Consultant to BBC TV’s Spooks series, broadcast in the USA as MI5.”

More on Barrister Michael Shrimpton to come.

From David Icke May 3, 2012.


Michael Shrimpton was born on 9th March 1957 in the RAF Hospital, Ely, in Cambridgeshire, the son of an RAF fighter pilot and a former RAF nursing sister. Brought up in Australia, where his family emigrated after his father took up a second career as an Air Traffic Controller, Michael returned to England to study law in 1978.

He graduated with honours from the University of Wales in 1981 and was elected President of the Union of University College Cardiff the same year. He was called to the Bar by Gray’s Inn in 1983. Whilst at university he joined the RAFVR’s University of Wales Air Squadron, flying first solo in 1979 on the Bulldog T Mk. 1.

Originally a member of the Labour Party and a Parliamentary Candidate in 1987 he defected to the Tory Party on the issue of Europe in 1997. He has always been opposed to UK membership of the EU.

In 1999/2000 he represented the late General Pinochet in successful negotiations in Washington with inter alia the late Lt-Gen Vernon Walters, formerly Deputy Director of the CIA, ensuring the general’s return to Chile. After that he was increasingly drawn into the intelligence world, representing intelligence officers and providing analysis to governments and intelligence agencies.

After 9-11 he appeared on specialist counter-terrorism panels in Washington and LA with former general and flag officers. His analysis on the true pilot training of the 9-11 pilots has never been seriously challenged within INTELCOM. He assisted both Joint Congressional Inquiry into 9-11 and met with a member of the 9-11 Commission in Washington.

Michael has briefed staffers on the House Foreign Relations Committee and the Senate Intelligence Committee. He was a frequent visitor to the Pentagon in the Bush-Cheney years. He was a speaker at the inaugural Intelligence Conference (Intelcon) in 2005 and the Intelligence Summit in 2006, after which he was flown out to the USS Enterprise at sea by the US Navy, as part of their Distinguished Visitor Program. He is one of comparatively few British civilians to have completed a carrier landing and catapult take-off cycle from a US nuclear-powered aircraft carrier.

In 2006 he was appointed to the Adjunct Faculty of the American Military University, where he taught on the Masters in Strategic Intelligence Program. He has been a sometime member of the Royal United Services Institute, the Military Commentators Circle, the International Institute of Strategic Studies and Chatham House. He has published in the national security field and in 2010 took an 18 month sabbatical to write his ground-breaking intelligence text Spyhunter.

He has a wide range of defence and intelligence contacts. Although mostly concerned with intelligence analysis, teaching and writing Michael has popped up in the occasional hotspot, such as the West Bank, the Golan Heights and Israeli-Lebanese frontier. He has travelled widely, including Eastern Europe and has visited over 35 US states, including Alaska.”

192 responses to “Barrister Michael Shrimpton Obama born in Mombasa Kenya in 1960, CIA DNA testing confirms Obama Dunham grandparents not linked, Wikipedia scrubs Shrimpton profile, British intelligence files

  1. I remember reading that supposedly the CIA had proof that Obummer was not related to either of the supposed Grandparents taken from their DNA off restaurant drinking glasses. At the time there was speculation that perhaps it was because possibly their daughter, Stanley Ann Dunham, maybe was adopted. I think it was on Texas Darling that I read that at the beginning of his first term. Now, every thinking person knows Obummer is a complete fabrication and “we, the people” are in deep doo doo.

  2. Obot panic.
    smrstrauss responded already.

  3. “Obama is Born Again? Two Kenyan Hospitals Provide BC’s! Updated”

  4. From >>> November 8, 2012

    Michael Shrimpton at “Vetrans Today”:

    “There is actually very little evidential support for the Honolulu theory. The document the media refer to as a ‘birth certificate’ is nothing of the sort. It is an electronic facsimile, unsupported by matching Hawai’i file entries, which are sealed. I respectfully associate myself with the criticisms of this document by the forensic specialists who examined it at the behest of Arizona lawman Sheriff Joe Arpaio. It consists of multiple layers and appears to have been generated by software. It is not an original, nor even a photocopy of an original.

    Neither of the alleged places of birth has a record of Ann Dunham being admitted in the first week of August 1961, hospital admission records being something investigators have been calling for over four years. There are no supporting records from the attending physician, whose name was suppressed for some three years after the issue started to gain traction. There are issues over the numbering of the long form birth certificate produced, which does not appear to be in sequence. The relevant immigration records are sealed, something which troubled Sheriff Arpaio, an experienced lawman, and his investigating posse. I know some have challenged the sheriff’s good faith, but I see no reason to question it. He is a man of the highest integrity – we are not talking Thames Valley Police here.”

  5. All available evidence is that Obama is a fabrication, a construct, issued for a political purpose, funded by anti-american outside forces, and intertwined with our own intelligence apparatus, with an unknown, but likely sinister impetus . We are definitively in deep doo doo.

  6. Is the “groundwork” for the expose of OBAMA’s REAL IDENITY which is about to finally be revealed?

    If so, what will the American people and our system of laws do about this proven FRAUD?

    Can the American Republic stand after such a disclosure that has continued for over five years?

    What will be the fate of those who have aided in this gigantic scheme to overthrow our Republic?

    In the past 5 and one half years, this FRAUD has signed into law, hundreds of phony and illegal bills…will they be overturned or will they stand?

    The questions go on… and on…and on which surround the blatant exposure of this apparent attempt to bring down the Republic…but in reality, there is only one question that matters….

    or will we go as all other great nations have in the past because of hubris and stupidity ?

    These are questions that only the people of this great land can answer…but we have been in tough places before and have always come through the fire…perhaps, with God’s grace, we can come through once more…

    and if we do, we must make sure that now, and forever, the Republic will;


  7. This is the video that contains the bit about zero being born in Kenya.

    I have not watched the entire thing, but the parts that I did watch are hair raising. 25:00 to 34:00 is solid gold.

  8. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Justice John Jay, on
    July 25, 1787, wrote the following to George Washington:

    “Permit me to hint, whether it would be wise and seasonable to provide
    a strong check to the admission of Foreigners into the administration
    of our national Government; and to declare expressly that the commander
    in chief of the American army shall not be given to, nor devolve on any
    but a natural born citizen.”


    RMinNC, you will love what I just sent.

    Also, sorry about the kitty and Happy Birthday. I lost my darling saluki (to cancer) that we had been sleeping with for the last thirteen years, back in August. It still hurts.

  10. RAY….

    I have just finished a GREAT book…title: “Self-Portriot of a Scoundrel” …the story of Chauncey Holt….a CIA and Mafia asset who had dealing with the JFK killing….go to yesterdays blog on CW….I posted a long piece on the book….

    I think you would like this very much…

  11. RAY…
    Let me look that up for you…hold one

  12. “Reddit Censors Big Story About Government Manipulation and Disruption of the Internet”

    “The moderators at the giant r/news reddit (with over 2 million readers) repeatedly killed the Greenwald/Snowden story on government manipulation and disruption of the Internet … widely acknowledged to be one of the most important stories ever leaked by Snowden.”

    “This isn’t the first time Reddit moderators have been caught censoring:

    Censorship Costs Reddit Thousands of Readers
    Reddit Busted Censoring Alternative Media
    Biggest Social Media Sites Censor Alternative News”

  13. First Step to Impeachment: House Committee Holds Hearing on President’s Duty to Execute the Law
    Posted by Jim Hoft on Wednesday, February 26, 2014, 9:15 AM

    The House Judiciary Panel is holding a special hearing today to see if the president went over the line of the US Constitution to advance his agenda.

    You can watch live on CSPAN.

  14. RAY…

    Go to Feb. 25, 2:04pm for the post I just mentioned…here on CW’s site…

  15. i can’t find the link to the house special hearing by the judiciary panel on cspan…they aren’t showing anything like that

  16. OK “folks”, as zero likes to say, the real scoop starts at the 1:11:45 mark. That is one hour and eleven minutes and 45 seconds.

  17. Thanks RAY

    for your kind words about my kitty kat…it was my wife’s constant companion for over 15 years….a real loving little critter.

    I am now going to watch the video you posted….Shrimpton should know what he’s talking about…he has the credentials ….

  18. RMinNC,

    Yes, I saw your last couple of comments on Self-Portrait of a Scoundrel. I have it on my list. They don’t have it at my local store, so I have to order it.

    I just finished The Brilliand Disaster, by Jim Rasenbeger. It is on the Bay of Pigs. It is so very well written and a great read.

    I am just finishing up The Kennedy Curse, by Edward Klein. It is a short book (200 pages). Also a good read.

    I picked both of these up at Half Price Books, along with a couple of others.

  19. Ever since John Podesta came on board at the W.H. things have been happening to distract from ObamaCare. This is a good read:
    (Hint: There is a special political purpose for all the executive orders)

    Dick Morris: Obama’s secret strategy

  20. RMinNC,
    A couple of threads back I left you a message about Gov. Brewer’s cave-in in case you didn’t see it. (your prediction came true)

  21. I am once again calling for the immediate arrest of Barack Hussein Obama.

  22. CABBYAZ….

    Good afternoon my good friend in Arizona…..yes I read it,

    but you know didn’t take much to know what Brewer would do….she CAVED before…common sense told me she would CAVE again….

    I was just the first to state it…I guess…but there is no doubt in my mind that everyone was thinking the same thing……

  23. Uh, that should be Brilliant Disaster.

  24. RAY…..

    That book I recommend you read is a real page turner…..I have never gotten so much enjoyment in reading a book before…..

    Each page seemed like a surreal experience….either Holt was an extremely good crook or he had a great imagination…….the only problem with the imagination angle is that he had the documents to support his discussions….

    If someone don’t make a movie about this “scoundrel” …they are missing a best seller !

    ps…You can order it from

    I think I paid $17.00 for it and it has been worth every penny….I’m sure I will read sections over and over from time to time….as a reminder of just how corrupt our federal government can get.

  25. From today:

    “IN JUNE 2012, Justice John Roberts found the Constitution to be a document compelling subjugation of the Citizen to the Federal Leviathan, subjugation of individual rights to government’s rights, subjugation for all time and without recourse. Justice Roberts polluted the Constitution so thoroughly that a document expressly forbidding tyranny – and enshrining individual rights – was now a document indelibly justifying tyranny and damning individual rights to hell. ”
    I say JAIL Roberts along with Obama, or (whatever his name really is)


  27. far far far left lib nut job

    does the barrister have any real evidence? stop lathering at the mouth, let’s see the evidence, please.

  28. I guess this if from five years ago. I had the volume turned down too low.

    Mr. Far, Far, Far, Left Lib Nut Job…..

    Unlike other website of a Far Left nature, we strive to give equal time to all Nut Jobs regardless of race, creed, religion, color or national origin at this wonderful Far Right website….

  30. Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe has been given an extravagant One-Ton “Royal Throne” for his 90th birthday.

    State media report that the throne is gold and diamond-studded and covered with lion furs, crocodile and leopard skins, and has two huge claws at the end of each armrest. It was carved from a solid block of stone and took almost two years for three artists to create it. It is topped with a golden crest, and the back is cushioned with crocodile skin

    Now Obey will want one just like it….he may even stop eating his cherrios and pitch a sh*t-hissy fit until he get one of a much better quality.

  31. Hi folks. Just a small word of caution. As some of you know, I’m a student of the Bible Code. One encryption in the Torah strongly indicates Obama is the son of S. Dunham & Malcolm Little (X) and was born in Hawaii. There is not at this time a fool proof way of interpreting the encryptions, but the way this information comes up relative to a common matrix strongly suggests this interpretation. Shalom Aleichem.

  32. Another point: I think Shrimpton may be playing a dangerous game of bluff. He knows the birth certificate is fake but he is not giving us any proof of his assertions regarding Kenya and DNA testing. With his bluff he is trying to keep the birther issue alive and force someone’s hand. My 2 cents worth . . .

  33. February 26, 2014

    AT ORYR:

    “Citizen Wells reports: Barrister Michael Shrimpton Obama born in Mombasa Kenya in 1960, CIA DNA testing confirms Obama Dunham grandparents not linked, Wikipedia scrubs Shrimpton profile, British intelligence files”

  34. Dean M, et al.
    When Shrimpton recorded this, apparently in early 2008, he had no reason to provide evidence.
    Obama was running, he stated that he informed all parties & his audience did not ask for it.
    This was before Edwards was caught by the Enquirer & Gwatney’s murder.
    I am revisiting Bettina Vivianos testimony at the moment.
    Got it?

  35. DEAN M…

    I usually agree with you on all your points, or most of them…and I am a believer in the Holy Bible, however I will have to respectfully disagree with you on this one…..

    If the argument over Obama’s birth parents and place of birth was as simple as you have made it with the Bible Code….I seriously doubt he would be keeping everything about his past a “CLASSIFIED TOP SECRET”….

    If he were legally born in Hawaii to Stanley Dunham and Malcom X….I would think he would be proud of that heritage and would openly boast of it every chance he got……and most importantly, that would make him a “NATURAL BORN CITIZEN” and put all this debate over his past to rest……..

    No my friend….I think there are much more devious and evil motivation at work here…

    I do not know where he was born, or who his parents were….at this point, which is 5 and one-half years into this failed presidency, I might add…..NO ONE HAS THE ANSWERS TO THESE QUESTIONS…at least as we debate this point today…

    That may change early in March when Sheriff Joe releases his documentation…..which the whole world has been waiting a long time for on pins and needles.

    One of the main reasons I disagree with your assessment, I recall a statement that was made by Mike Zulu when he talked about “UNIVERSE SHATTERING EVIDENCE” about Obama and his background…..a union of Stanley Dunham and Malcom X would not rise to such a lofty level..

    The second thing would be, if Obama was the legal off spring of Stanley Dunham and Malcom X….then that would not be felony fraud…he would be a legal “natural born citizen” (well, we would still have his legal Indonesian adoption to contend with)… and as such be qualified to occupy the Oval office.

    I may be wrong on this one Dean…but I think it would be unwise to “bet the farm” on the Bible Code as you have deciphered it.

  36. citizenwells | February 26, 2014 at 10:36 am |

    “Obama is Born Again? Two Kenyan Hospitals Provide BC’s! Updated”
    CW…is there such a thing as a “Born Again Muslim”?…Obey will be the first !

  37. Michael Shrimpton contacted Orly Taitz a year ago trying to get some traction on this issue, as per her website.

  38. CW, I agree with your comment. This video was made when Obama was a US senator. I think his comments about Odinga and the recorded phone conversations with Obama are compelling. Also the disappearance of a full sister is intriguing. I remember the day after Madeline Dunham died I posted over at Texas Darling’s site that I hope they got DNA samples before she was cremated. The circumstances surrounding her illness, death, guarded media coverage and Obama’s total lack of bereavement were bizarre.

  39. After I finally found the link to the hearing this morning, it appears that congress is bearing down on Obama’s phone and pen! The very liberal professor, Jonathan Turley again expressed what O is doing is very dangerous. He even went so far as to say if he isnt stopped we will be in tryanny. Impeachment was mentioned but issues of “standing” by congress have to be overcome. Also any proceedings would be stopped by Reid. Looks like once again tyranny will have to stopped by WE THE PEOPLE.

  40. RMinNC & CW: I could be wrong. My interpretation of the Bible code could be wrong. Like you said, RMinNC, no one really knows or at least has presented any real proof of anything, to include Barrister Shrimpton. Am curious to know what you may come up with, CW on Bettina’s testimony . . .

  41. RMinNC : One more thing–the reason Obama might not want the truth to be known as to his paternity is it would hurt him politically to be campaigning as the secret illegimate son of Malcolm X. The persona he has created for himself he sees as more glamorous and charismatic, a role he can more easily use and fly in under the radar of public scrutiny.

  42. This could be one of the most important FACTS about the economy…

    One Simple Chart Shows How Ineffective the Obama Administration Is At Creating Jobs (Click to View)

  43. March is around the corner. I hope the promised info is released very soon. The time for excuses for not releasing it is really over. JMHO.

  44. February 26, 2014

    “WAIT!!! Obama REALLY, REALLY “WAS” born in Kenya?”

    Published on February 26, 2014

  45. far far far left lib nut job

    Mr. Far, Far, Far, Left Lib Nut Job…..

    Unlike other website of a Far Left nature, we strive to give equal time to all Nut Jobs regardless of race, creed, religion, color or national origin at this wonderful Far Right website….

    show me the money, is all i am asking, even ORLY TAITZ blew this “story” out of the water. Where is the evidence. I want to obutthole at the end of gallow’s noose as much as anyone else here. But don’t get your pubics in a lather because this guy is just spouting off, once again SHOW ME THE MONEY, honey !

  46. Thanks GORDO.

  47. W T F….did he just say?

  48. At “”:

    Tonight – beginning at 7 pm central.

    “Linda Jordan is a researcher out of Seattle Washington. In 2011 she ran the SSN Barack Obama used on his 2010 tax return through the government run E-Verify system and discovered that the SSN had been flagged with a Special Indicator Code for fraud. It was not Obama’s SSN. Since then she has continued to work to expose Obama’s use of forged identity documents. Fake ID he used to get on the ballot and in to the White House. She is the owner of We The People T.V. at

    Investigator Susan Daniels who discovered Obama is using a fake social security number.”

  49. February 26, 2014

    Sharon Rondeau:

    “Breaking: Report: British Barrister’s Claim Not Part of Cold Case Posse Investigation”

    “Tweet IS THE HOUSE OF CARDS COMING DOWN? — A video which has gone viral on the internet depicting British Barrister Michael Shrimpton stating that Obama was born in Kenya contains separate and distinct information from that which will be released in the near future by the Maricopa County, […]”

  50. Gordo,

    Thanks for the updates.

  51. far far far left nut job,

    Unlike the ORYR website, the owner has very little tolerance for foul language content and yes, he does, can and will ban. Just a heads up there.

    Most here are retired military, officers, Christians, professionals and a very close and tight knitted family that have know each other for many years. It would be wise (as a suggestion) not to simply waltz in as an outsider an begin rude antics. Intelligent discussions of course are always welcomed.

    Now back to your last comment whereby you claimed Dr. Orly dismissed this guy over a year ago, do you have the link to such discussions for review to post so that I may read them and her reasoning?

  52. Disregard on the Orly link, I found it.

    It appears highly, and I mean highly suspicious that that letter even derived from Barrister. As Orly clearly pointed out, she was being bombarded with Hoaxes from the Obots disinformation camp, mainly Foggy Inc., whom forged documents and sent them to her, claimed they were in government with information, and not, sent false and fake name of other ranking officials in order to perverse those in the know on the internet.

    This video is not new. So what is to say that anyone from the Obot camp didn’t pretend to be him and faked disinformation…Again? They knew Orly was gullible for ANY information on Obama, and yes she had been had so many times the Obots laughed about how easy she was to fool.

    Now with such a High Ranking official, whom by the way is not in the poor house, why would he want to extort money from Dr. Orly? Sounds like an Obot almost got money from Dr. Orly, and most importantly, Obots knew they could not send her British/CIA intelligence reports, but they did know Orly would fly off they handle and thus disclaim the guy as a fraud. Which is what they want, for everyone.

    So, show me the factual proof from Barrister that it was in fact himself, that he contacted Orly. Let’s start there, since you like facts, same as all of us. Prove to me, it was in fact him.


    The following poem was lifted from the book I have just finished reading entitled; “Self-Portrait of a Scoundrel” …the life story of a lifetime high ranking mobster and CIA asset, Chauncey Holt, who operated under 21 AKA’s in his lifetime and for the CIA and Mafia at the same time……

    The poem reflects what most of us at times in our life feel.

    by H..H. Messick

    The rains have ceased, the world is glad
    The sun shines bright, my soul is clad.
    In amused contempt as all about I find,
    Old jokes and new, and fools of every kind.
    And at them look with pleasure and this hope,
    That when all is said, I’m not such a dope.
    For this I know as we change and grow,
    The faster we walk, the slower we go.
    And when we arrive, O how sad to relate,
    We’re right where we started from; such is our fate.
    So some people sigh and say it’s confusing,
    But I laugh and repeat…life is amusing.

    I don’t know about anyone else on here, but I can surely relate to these words.

  54. RMinNC,

    Me too… 🙂

  55. WILLIAM…my good Tennessee friend…

    Reference your last post…good logic…

    But remember, it’s getting MIGHTY HOT FOR OBEY and his “Keystone Cops” right now…and the “Stan and Laurel OBATS” are out in force trying to cause confusion…..and the closer we get to March, the hotter it will get……

    So I just disregard those I do not trust on here…they can say whatever they please, it will not change my opinion in the least…..

  56. i have been here since day one too
    “So, show me the factual proof from Barrister that it was in fact himself, that he contacted Orly. Let’s start there, since you like facts, same as all of us. Prove to me, it was in fact him.”

    Orly has no reason to lie about this as far as I know.
    I think it is prudent to get the facts. He didn’t give them to Orly and he presents nothing substantial. He speaks as if he is telling the truth, but against the likes of the usurper , who is the master politician, he will need solid proof. A few more people coming forward verifying his “story” would help. Where is the CIA , where are the analytical reports. So far this could be nothing more than a red herring. And what if it doesn’t match the CCP findings? Then there is a REAL PROBLEM, wouldn’t you think? More muddying of the waters. And that plays to the obots hand.

    so show me the money, then start lathering at the mouth. Until then, put
    your caps back on your pens. There have been so many false reports on the usurper, false expectations, etc. This could be another. So show me the money.


    “Imperial Presidency” is not quite accurate.
    “Imperial” relates to empire or emperor.
    “Emperor” means “the male sovereign or supreme ruler of an empire”
    Presidency’s got nothing to do with an empire.
    One can see how Obama, who knows he is Constitutionally unqualified, has come to see himself as emperor.

    This should be our new vernacular, Emperor Obama, the supreme ruler of the empire.

    Now, how about an executive order canceling this year’s election cycle?

  58. da verg,

    I didn’t say Orly Lied. But every hoax in the world has been play on her, and she bought into each, including submitting them into a court of law, PRIOR to checking the source.

    Is this one any different? Show me the Facts, that she Verified this was in fact from him. Very simple.

    Otherwise, I could send a letter claiming I’m Putin, doesn’t mean it’s so. And surprised they haven’t done that one on her, yet.

  59. You are the one “Claiming” a Fact and have a conclusion based on it. I am asking you for “Proof” of it. Otherwise, quit getting knotted, and pull the pen out and show me you have that proof.

  60. De verg, far far far left wing nut, and whomever else.

    Here is the additional problem I have of those that do not research further to prove or disprove a hoax, then get wadded up and gut wrenched over something without verifying such.

    *He didn’t give them to Orly and he presents nothing substantial.*

    This is a false assumption. Again, you are claiming you know the source email is a fact, without knowing it. And I doubt Orly does too.

    *He speaks as if he is telling the truth, but against the likes of the usurper*

    So again, I’ll ask. Why do you (or others) speak in the Quantitative terminology without facts?

    *And what if it doesn’t match the CCP findings? Then there is a REAL PROBLEM, wouldn’t you think?*

    Why would I be concerned with that? It has already been stated that this has absolutely nothing to do with the CCP investigations.

    *so show me the money, then start lathering at the mouth. Until then, put your caps back on your pens*

    Quite the contrary; it is not I that needs to show YOU the money; you need to show your facts (money) to me and everyone else. You are stating a factual claim in which you derived a conclusion, therefore, I get to ask you the questions of proof, not the other way around.

  61. Or,
    You can make a factual claim I am already aware of, that you do not know! Nor do you have proof of it, and neither did you verify it, hence, it’s your opinion and nothing more.

    Now that I can agree with you on.

  62. WILLIAM….

    Truth….Fact….Fiction…and plain damn Rumors ….these are all different things with different meaning …….some people just can’t make a distinction.

    Sometimes, it’s like arguing with a sign post isn’t it?

  63. RMinNC,

    Yep my Southern brother, it is. I don’t mine any of it, other than when someone claims for a fact that they know it came from them, without even checking. Manipulation is an Obot tool for disinformation, they use it well.

    Seems I’m about to have a personal meeting with other Tennessee buddy Jack in a moment. Helps with the exciting stress…. 🙂

  64. RMinNC,

    Brother, I’m going to send you an email or 2 tonight. Be on the watch for them ok.

  65. WILLIAM……

    As I said previously…..I just ignore it and it all sails over my head like a hot wind from an unknown source.

    Now you watch it with that fellow JACK…..he’s the tricky type and sneaky as hell….he will make you feel so nice and warm inside…then he lowers the hammer on you…..

    Headaches and quessie stomachs the next morning are a bitch !

    I’ll just stick with my Gray Goose thank you.


    Roger your last transmission…

  67. I still don’t believe Ann Soetoro is dead.

  68. Rosemary Woodhouse

    At this point. I don’t care who his “Baby Daddy” is, I just want him out! -unless, of course, it expedites his exit!

    What prompted me to post was HonorFirst’s reminiscence about the day after Madelyn’s death and how all of us reacted over at TDs site. That entire scenario truly was bizarre.

    As for Jan Brewer’s veto, of course anyone who has been around this corrupt minefield known as modern American politics knew she would cave!

    Keep up the great work. Between you and WTPOTUS……well, you’ve got to love those who have hung tough for six…going on seven years.

    Blessings. RW

  69. JayJay,

    Who knows. With so many lies out of Obama Inc. It’s difficult to dismiss anything.

  70. {{The House Judiciary Panel is holding a special hearing today to see if the president went over the line of the US Constitution to advance his agenda.}}

    Of which event in the 5 years are they referring? LOL!!
    {{{Obama is the son of S. Dunham & Malcolm Little (X) and was born in Hawaii.}}}

    Only if it was a home birth.
    {{ I think his comments about Odinga and the recorded phone conversations with Obama are compelling}}
    Why wasn’t he tried and convicted of treason then?/
    AND, I tried one day to find the articles submitted probably??? here in 2008 and had no success–they are all purged.
    Pictures, written accounts–everything!! 🙂
    I’ll never forget that picture of Paychobama on the platform with that man.
    Know what sold me on the Hi. forgery??
    The missing BC of that stillborn baby; what are the odds that one with a day or two difference date is missing??
    William, would that be Jack from Lynchburg??
    Funny. Have one for me too.
    You wouldn’t be from nNorthern Middle Tennessee, would you???

  71. Oh, William, I even have a suspicion that his grandmother is hidden away in the boonies!

  72. JayJay,

    I’m from Chattanooga.

  73. Or use to be rather…

  74. Put another way JayJay,

    I reside in Alabama now, but travel to Chattanooga often, other than when business travel holds me otherwise.

  75. Well, I’ll my Southern friends with this as I call it a night.

  76. WILLIAM…….

    Take a break and check your email…I have just discovered that Obama and Chris Christi were grade school chums…and I sent you the picture to prove it……
    enjoy and pass it on….

    have a good evening…the old war horse is off to bed …after a short Gray Goose w/tonic…..

  77. Rmin–I’d like to see that–because I really thought his entire childhood was created.

  78. Oh, okay William–I moved from a home 20 miles north of Nashville.
    57 years there and now in central, southern Ky.

  79. Article NOW at ORYR.
    Sharon Rondeau:

    “Breaking: Report: British Barrister’s Claim Not Part of Cold Case Posse Investigation”

    “Earlier on Wednesday, The Post & Email asked “Freedom Friday” host Carl Gallups, who has been close to the Cold Case Posse’s investigation, if the information imparted by Shrimpton is part of that which will be released next month, to which Gallups responded, “As far as I know this is not a part of the March announcement.”

    Zullo has stated that a “universe-shattering” announcement will be made soon, most likely next month. Radio show host and founder of has stated that members of Congress are now “working with” those seeking to expose the truth about the man occupying the White House.”

  80. Good morning CW, Gordo, et. al.

  81. Good morning William, et al.

  82. William wrote

    “Quite the contrary; it is not I that needs to show YOU the money; you need to show your facts (money) to me and everyone else”

    I am not the one claiming OBama failed a DNA test. If you have the proof let’s see it and quit spinning out people posts asking for proof. I don’t have any proof that says Obama failed a DNA test. Do you? Have you seen the analytical results? Has anyone else come forward to verify Shrimpton claims? Who is it?
    Stop getting in a lather, again I along with millions of others are saying show me the money. I am still waiting.

  83. good morning CW , nice to see you

  84. I would like to see Shrimpton subpoened to testify before a legitimate tribunal.

  85. btw all i have twitter @libnutjob
    i am the far left lib nut job
    check it out

  86. Good morning da verg.

  87. i would like to see Shrimpton provide more names and hard evidence that is IRREFUTABLE in a court of law.

  88. “Surprise jump in jobless claims”

    “The number of people applying for unemployment benefits rose last week to match the highest level of 2014, suggesting that progress in a gradually recovering U.S. labor market has slackened off.

    Initial jobless claims climbed 14,000 to a seasonally adjusted 348,000 in the week ended Feb. 22, the Labor Department said Thursday.”

    I am not surprised.
    Are you?

  89. WILLIAM….

    Did you check your email yet for that photo of Obey and Christi when they attended grade school together?

  90. Rosemary Woodhouse

    RMinNC, would you be kind enough to post the Zero/Fatso photo here? I am certain you probably have a reason not to or you would have done so already.

    I woke up still feeling hopeful, after years on cynicism regarding any so-called “straw that will break the dung heap camel’s back” revelation.

  91. “If I am right in my conclusion that President Obama was born in what is now Kenya (it was then the Coastal Protectorate) he cannot have been born to Ann Dunham, as there is no evidence she was in Kenya in 1960 or 1961. Since she is his route to US citizenship (a somewhat doubtful route at best, since his father was already married and the form of ceremony of marriage between Ann and Barack Hussein Senior was bigamous) birth in the Protectorate would also take down his US Citizenship. He has never naturalized and is not in my opinion a US Citizen by birth (jus soli) or descent (jus sanguini).”

    So says Micheal Shrimpton this a.m. on the website;
    Although I have no proof to support my opinion, I tend to agree with Mr. Shrimpton….I DO NOT think for one moment that Obama (or whatever his real name is) was born from the mother womb of Stanley Ann Dunham…..

    Has anyone noticed how Obama’s ‘white side of the family: is NEVER brought up, or seldom brought up, in any discussion? Is that by choice… chance… or intentional?

    I feel this Stanley Dunham thing has always been a concocted story by his political supporters and handlers to gain SYMPATHY.

    Now you must admit that you have to feel sorry for an “under aged young UNMARRIED white radical American female from Hawaii, who supposedly fells in love with an experienced married black semi-politician foreigner from Africa” …. this “pity-party” portrayal would gain 95% of the votes of the much needed American black population that have longed for a black president ever since Martin Luther King……think about that for a moment.

    But we all know, or should know by now, where sympathy lies in the English dictionary…it’s directly between syphilis and sh*t…..and sooner or later, if you don’t understand this, you will step right in the middle of it… if you decide to weave a web of deceit, which is the case here.

    I think Shrimpton may be on to something with his story, I’m not exactly sure of what, or why he comes forward now, but it may only tie into Sheriff Joe’s CRIMINAL nvestigation in a very minor way…time will tell..

    Please note I said…..CRIMINAL.

    If Sheriff Joe’s investigation is “UNIVERSE-SHATTERING”, and criminal, as it is being advertised by his Cold Case Posse, it will be much more than a simple announcement that Stanley Dunham IS NOT the birth mother of Barack Hussain Obama…..
    it will be “UNIVERSE-EARTH SHATTERING” and CRIMINAL…whatever the hell that means !!!

    Perhaps we will finally be provided proof positive that Obama has been cloned from the cells of Lenin…or Joe Stalin…or maybe Uncle Ho…or maybe he was just hatched from an oversized undetermined Egg.

    We are all anxiously awaiting the answer to that question.

    What say you friends?…….

  92. I told you all–I think his entire childhood is fabricated.
    Many say, but JayJay, there is a picture of Ann holding him at a fence>
    Yep, I have hundreds of pictures of me and other people’s children–I have nieces and nephews and great-nieces and great-nephews and operated a preschool/daycare for 4 years! I am NOT a mother!!!

    And it is so obvious all the pictures parading online are photo shopped.

  93. RMinNC — Muslims were being recruited during the Cold War by the CIA. Obama worked for Business International Corporation, a CIA front with strong Leftist leanings. The CIA paid for his Harvard education. The only entity capable of so thoroughly removing his personal records from public scrutiny is the CIA. Not only that, but also getting the media and Congress to go along, leaving the birther issue alone. I am skeptical of Shrimpton because of what he says about the CIA and DNA testing of Obama. As to his white relatives, Obama says in his book . . .

  94. (continued) Obama says in his book, DREAMS FROM MY FATHER, that at some point, following Malcolm X’s example, he would have to distance himself from his white relatives. I got the impression from DREAMS that his true father from whom the dreams come, is Malcolm X. This was supported by an Israeli online source, now defunct (I wonder why?) called ISRAEL INSIDER. I suspected their source was a former Mossad agent but I have no proof. There were just certain “hints” in the article–way back in 2008.

  95. Using “The Wayback Machine”:

    “Posted by Israel Insider on November 9, 2011 at 7:38pm”

    “Re-post in honor of Bari Shabazz z’l: Is Barack Obama the Secret Son of Malcolm X?”

  96. From >>> November 7, 2011

    “Is Putative President Barack Hussein Obama II Really Bari Shabazz, Fugitive from Justice For 21 Years Following An Auto Accident in Honolulu County, Hawaii on March 12, 1982?”

  97. RMinNC.

    “If I am right in my conclusion that President Obama was born in what is now Kenya (it was then the Coastal Protectorate) he cannot have been born to Ann Dunham, as there is no evidence she was in Kenya in 1960 or 1961. Since she is his route to US citizenship (a somewhat doubtful route at best, since his father was already married and the form of ceremony of marriage between Ann and Barack Hussein Senior was bigamous) birth in the Protectorate would also take down his US Citizenship. He has never naturalized and is not in my opinion a US Citizen by birth (jus soli) or descent (jus sanguini).”

    So says Micheal Shrimpton this a.m. on the website;

    Where did you find this? is for sale.

  98. Attorney General Holder was rushed to a hospital after experiencing shortness of breath. He appears to be okay now. Probably breathless from the realization of the sheer magnitude of his deception, along with Obama, that has been perpetrated and maintained against the American people.

  99. GORDO — Interesting you were able to pull that archive up. I seem to remember an article before that, but maybe I’m mistaken and have it confused with something else. Bottom line: We are being lied to and we really don’t know the truth about this man. Some kind of massive coverup and blackmail of the nation is going on.

  100. I tend to agree with Dean M’s reasoning. Shrimpton threw out some probabilities/possibilities and was certain, with the many in influential positions whom he assumed to be in the know, such material just had to invite the closest scrutiny and action….and here we are today. So far no material evidence permitted in the hands of anyone with the power to really do something with it. There was too much speculative discussion early on which invited the regime to scrub and obfuscate, not leaving much for future challenge. And re: the DNA toss out…frankly, beyond the father’s true identity Obama has most features in congruence with the reported mother, Stanley Ann, as well as similar “lazy eye” as her father. These were noted by other black groups also looking into his identity.

    There is a case for Malcolm X parentage that would have necessitated a separation as far as Kenya for the actual birth to keep that black icon from having his legend disgraced. To besmirch such a hero with such a revelation might not be the best approach in gaining that portion of the black vote. After all the reason X left Nation of Islam was allegedly the impurity of its leader whom he had held in high esteem. Meanwhile Obama has had to build up a whole other myth about himself and is forced to stick by it. With all the dysfunction in his family I think Obama looked more to the ideological influences/mentors within his own age group for his emotional formation, and they were all in opposition to anything of American patriotism, to say the least. I doubt if he’s really loyal to anyone other than the latest who promise him some monetary benefit/protection for being their puppet, even if only temporarily. You have to wonder where all of the huge amounts of $$ flowing into his various groups is being held for his future benefit. In this as in all cases….follow the money. Makes you think as well that his push for that Arab spring was merely to create the chaos necessary in the Middle East for Putin’s moves to create more energy control….his modus operandi/ ability to shut on or off energy in order to gain back his great hopes for the renewal of the Tsarist geopolitical hegemony.

  101. Gianni | February 27, 2014 at 12:38 pm |
    Holder having a panic attack??

  102. CW: So says Micheal Shrimpton this a.m. on the website;

    Where did you find this? is for sale.
    It’s Giveusliberty….the long Shrimpton quote mentioned in RMinNC’s comment may have been posted today there but with this mention below it:

    “Originally posted on Thursday, November 8th, 2012” | Posted by Michael Shrimpton

  103. RMinNC,

    I did, and that was simply too funny. Priceless…. I am thinking about making it my avatar.

  104. Da Verg,

    You are spinning the accusations that were made by you and questions of verification of your claims it what I asked for. I understand, you don’t have them. As for the CIA, MI6 or any others that may have information on Obama, or course I and all others would like them to come forward. But that wasn’t the topic.

  105. As far as posting under both names, I quickly figured that one out last night.


    We often joke around here at CW’s website….sometimes we have to in order to maintain our sanity…that heads-up to WILLIAM to check his email was a ” Joke photo” of a little black Buckwheat and Fatty Arbuckle sitting side by side on two orange crates with their dog “Buster” in between them……

    Sorry if that built your hopes up for a REAL identifying picture that would help solve the mystery of Obama…

    I can assure you however if any on here ever discover REAL proof of his existence….you will know of it….we have a real close knit family on here.

  107. WILLIAM…funnyeeee


  108. OBSERVER….

    If that site is for sale…it went up less than two minutes ago !!! I just visited it again…still there…

    I might say however there are two very close sites by this name… is ; giveusliberty!

    and the other is giveusliberty

    go to the last one….

  109. Shrimpton stuff is on giveusliberty…..the givemeliberty is the one up for sale.

  110. Lois Lerner Says She Will Testify Only If Granted Immunity Or Under Court Order

    Update to this story.

    Gee wonder why she wants immunity if there was “not a smidgen of corruption”, as Obama said?


    Sorry…that quote came from;

    It was made by Shrimpton on Thursday Nov. 8, 2013 and published at this website…..I apologize for giving the wrong site…..but as far as I’m concerned it’s just as valid today as it was on Nov 8, 2012.

  112. RMinNC,

    Almost sounds like the Triple Dog Dare….LOL.. 🙂 My favorite show of all times.

  113. Good old Trey:

    Trey Gowdy: I Get Tougher Questions At A Bojangles Drive-Thru Than NBC Asked Of Susan Rice

    Referring to NBC host David Gregory’s interview with Rice on Sunday’s “Meet the Press,” the outspoken Congressman said, “I get tougher questions in the Bojangles drive-thru than he asked her.”

  114. Rosemary Woodhouse

    I believe I have the Israeil Insider article bookmarked/copied. Have to check. This is one I pulled up right away.

  115. Yep William….”A triple Dog dare”….we are all waiting for that new avatar…lol

    It looks like I rekindled the fire under Obama’s a** with my post earlier this morning…GOOD !….we should all keep the fire burning bright as possible until the real truth comes out….

    As I have said, I do not know who birthed Obama…and I don’t think anyone else can say with any degree of certainty …and no one knows who his real “daddy” is either….but one thing we all know for sure:





  116. Rosemary Woodhouse

    No. Sorry. I recently deleted several bookmarks such as those pertaining to Journolist. There’s only so many bookmarks/copies one can keep. 🙄

  117. Rosemary Woodhouse | February 27, 2014 at 1:51 pm |

    I believe I have the Israeil Insider article bookmarked/copied. Have to check. This is one I pulled up right away.

    Ryan’s campaign (vs Obama) began to crumble on Monday following the release of embarrassing records from his divorce. In the records, his ex-wife, Boston Public actress Jeri Ryan, said her former husband took her to kinky sex clubs in Paris, New York and New Orleans.

    Unfortunately no mention of those “kinky sex clubs” attended by Zero were “discovered”.

  118. I assume that no one has found a reference to Shrimpton denying the authenticity of the video.


    N O P E…in fact all I have found is just the opposite.

  120. What gets me is the apparent collusion on such a broad scale. Why hasn’t there been someone, somewhere, breaking ranks? Snowden, a low level op is the closest thing we have, and even he might have been set up as a distraction. Conservative talk show radio just wants to kvetch about the same old stuff, never really getting to the heart of the matter: OBAMA IS HOLDING THE OFFICE BY SUBTERFUGE.

  121. Rosemary Woodhouse

    Observer, that’s because the slime that is anyone and everyone surrounding Obama thought of it first. They are (dare I used the now deemed racist term) “thugs”. We all know that Obama destroyed Jack Ryan by “leaking” his ***sealed*** divorce decree. Just as he destroyed the woman (name escapes me…so many names) who helped get him established in Chicago politics in the first place, but whom Team Obama also took down. Destroyed, not literally “took down”. With so many deaths……language must be precise.

  122. 1984 REDUX….


    I think the woman you are referring to in Chicago was Alice Palmer…..

  124. Rosemary,

    Another saved long article:
    Makes the case for Obama being a German sleeper agent!

    Is Obama the secret son of Malcolm X?

    Notice: This page was copied from the IsraelInsider in order to preserve it’s availability on the internet. cannot confirm nor deny the information provided in this page. You will have to judge for yourself. Additional supporting information from other web sources is provided below the main article. Based on physical characteristics, the one thing that should be obvious to anyone is that this man is certainly not the son of Barack Obama Sr., as he claims.

  125. WILLIAM….or anyone……

    Has anyone heard from OLDSAILOR81 lately ? He hasn’t posted here in almost a week now……I wonder if he is sick or something….

  126. Does anyone DARE call FLOTUS a LIER?

  127. February 27, 2014

    Sharon Rondeau:

    “Who is Michael Shrimpton?”

    “Shrimpton is a columnist for Veterans Today and author of the book Spyhunter. At VT, he often writes about conspiracies, …

    “The Post & Email has attempted to contact Shrimpton via his public email address posted at VT. …”
    From >>> November 8, 2012

    Michael Shrimpton at “Vetrans Today”:

  128. Guess who? (negative article)

    Sign Outside Black Church In Harlem: “Obama Has Released The Homo Demons On The Black Man”…

    …….Manning, who shocked locals nearly three years ago with a series of anti-Obama messages, defended his controversial sign on Wednesday, saying homosexuality has swept across Harlem as the neighborhood becomes increasingly gentrified.

    “It’s an attempt to save the black family,” said Manning, who is black. “There is a major problem in the black family with the absence of black fathers, black husbands.”

    Rochelle Hill, who lives a block away from the church, said residents have tired of his messages, including one claiming Obama “Used Black Vote To Uncle Tom For Wall St.”

    Read more:

  129. The earliest ref to the Michael Shrimpton video that I found was in Feb 2010 on Google Video.
    It was later removed as were other videos.
    Apparently this was an obscure video with more relevance to the Brits.

  130. Pastor Manning is one of my favorite people. Love his irreverence toward Obama. Love his use of the First Amendment. They are sure selective in their outrage, though. Why didn’t the media cover his Obama-CIA trial from years ago? Come on, do more digging mainstream media. Manning has a lot more on Obama than simply this.

  131. Since Obie says ‘there is not a smidgen of corruption” in the IRS, he should feel confident in ordering Lois Lerner to fully cooperate with all investigations!
    The networks.. ok at least Fox.. should jump on this…

  132. Today, I just received an Audit on my tax return for 2012 back from the IRS. It puzzles me!!!

    They are questioning how many dependents I claimed on the return.

    I guess it was because of my response to the question: “List All

    I replied: 12 million illegal immigrants; 3 million crack heads; 42 million unemployed people on food stamps, 2 million criminals in over 243 prisons;
    Half of Mexico ; and 535 idiots in the U.S. House and Senate, and 1 useless President.

    Evidently, that was NOT an acceptable answer.

    posted at this afyternoon

  133. Rosemary Woodhouse

    RMinNC- Yes! Alice Palmer it is. Thank you.

    And Bwah-ha-ha re: photo. I was thinking what the heck….how on Earth did they know one another? Then again, the takeover/set up has been so intricately woven. And that’s where, IMO, we have to be careful to vet everything. But **I** certainly don’t need to state the obvious to y’all. Humor always helps! Thanks for the explanation.

    Off to read the article posted by Observer. Thanks for acknowledging me. I honor and respect all of you and the info presented here. The TRULY divine Miss M over at WTPOTUS mentioned CW and I realized I hadn’t visited in quite sometime. You’re another great crew with some excellent crossover.

  134. Rosemary Woodhouse

    And another BWAH re: Stasi/IRS audit. Except it isn’t really funny as they truly are targeting conservatives……again stating the obvious. THIS I know for a fact.

  135. still waiting

  136. Congressional investigators continue to dig into what was behind the September 11, 2012 terrorist attack on a United States consulate in Benghazi, Libya, where four Americans were killed.

    But despite unearthing some explosive findings, the researchers have missed one of the most shocking aspects of the incident, which was revealed in previous issues of AMERICAN FREE PRESS.

    The U.S. facility in Benghazi was central to an American program to collect weapons that had been used by rebels in the war against former Libyan leader Muammar Qadaffi.

    These arms were then being shipped to terrorists and fighters in Syria, who are battling the Syrian government led by President Bashar al-Assad.

    One especially interesting item that a bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee discovered was revealed during a hearing on January 15:

    Since the September 11 terrorist attack, 15 Libyan witnesses who have been cooperating with Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) investigators have been murdered.

    The report lacked details on who was behind these killings and noted that it was unclear whether the killings were related to the probe.

    As expected, neither report referenced the biggest bombshell of all—namely, that proof exists that seized Libyan weapons were being channeled from Benghazi to anti-Assad rebels in Syria.

    To present a broader perspective on the matter of 15 potential witnesses being eliminated, this reporter interviewed three leading researchers. First, on January 16 this writer contacted Dean Garrison, editor of the online news site “D.C. Clothesline.”

    “The reports are that these witnesses were killed, which tells me they were murdered,”

    Garrison stated. “You don’t have to look far to find a long list of convenient deaths related to both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

    My gut feeling is that some or all of these people were silenced so that they wouldn’t cooperate with the FBI.”

    On January 17, Tim Brown, founder of the conservative-based website “Freedom Outpost,” shared a similar view.
    “We have to face a reality,” said Brown.
    “When we talk about corruption in D.C., people like Hillary Clinton are willing to [kill] people.

    Witnesses in Benghazi are dying.

    Those in charge of this cover-up are leaving a trail of bodies in their wake.
    Is this the kind of people we want leading us?”

    The Washington Times columnist and radio talk show host Sara Marie Brenner offered this perspective:
    “In terms of the 15 dead witnesses, it appears that the Obama administration is getting rid of anyone

    who knew the full story in the weeks leading up to this attack in Benghazi.”

  137. Rosemary Woodhouse

    Observer- everything does seem to morph together (no pun intended) but I vaguely recall having read that information. The sentence that jumped out at me…….. “but “Proving Mombasa is not so easy, as NSIS in Nairobi are clamming up tight, [b] as are MI6 in London, who have the original Mombasa file and full details of the birth.”[/b]

  138. Malcolm X is indeed the actual father of the man who fraudulently presents as “Barack Hussein Obama II”. The mother was known at the time as Malcolm’s “Teenage Lover” [Jo] Ann Newman, of New York City.

    In Oct 2012, my colleague, Private Investigator Neil Sankey, formerly of Scotland Yard, connected Newman to FBI Most Wanted Fugitive Domestic Terrorist “Elizabeth Duke”, arrested 23 May 1985 and indicted along with six comrades in what became known as the Resistance Conspiracy Case.

    Since Oct 2012 I have been developing documentation that “Duke” is indeed the girl known as Newman – aka Obama’s mother.

    Amongst Duke’s accomplishments: the co-founding of May 19th Communist Organization; bombing of the Pentagon & Washington Naval Yard. She is an early-on comrade of Bill Ayers.

    Note that “Obama’s” Mom is not dead; and that “Stanley Ann Dunham” is a synthetic identity created to hide her criminal political past.

    Please see

    The hullabaloo about aka Obama’s birth certificate is rooted in the plain and simple fact that his family ‘narrative’ is as synthetic as his identity.

    His birth identity: Bari M. Shabazz.

    See also:

  139. Very interesting conversation. I’ve been wondering for the longest time what the thread might be that pulling on it would unravel the whole nine yards? It’s like the Grimm’s story, finding the right name, “Rumpelstiltskin.”

  140. Getting dizzy over this impeachment argument.

    Can a usurper who was never qualified or eligible to be President, qualify for impeachment?

    I argue that a simple arrest by ICE would suffice to remove the usurper, charge him with espionage, throw him in jail, deny bail due to flight risk.

  141. RMinNC,

    I can’t turn down a “Triple Dog Dare”…. 🙂

  142. Did you know that Obama and Chris Christy knew each other growing up!

    Who knew…

  143. Rosemary, so no one wants to give up any ammo that comes in handy for blackmailing the U.S. They probably enjoy his status as useful idiot for the rest of the world even though domestically he’s killing his own country. Can’t imagine Netanyahu via Mossad doesn’t have the info….also holding on for the right moment?

    ……But they also would have known about him before courtesy of his links to various groups and the patronage shown to him post university. It’s Mossad’s business to know everything about American politicians because of the US’ influence in the world and alliance with Israel. If Obama was born in Kenya then be assured Mossad will have the bureaucratic evidence on file.

    IF that Hawaiian birth registration is just that – a birth registered with Hawaii although Obama was born outside of Hawaii because for some time people could get their kids a Hawaiian birth certificate if they were born elsewhere (see The Obama Timeline on the net – google or yahoo it) – Mossad knows and has evidence. Why haven’t they come out and said anything? Because it’s more useful to them unsaid publicly.

    Mossad and through them the Israeli govt can use this and any dirt they’ve dug up on Obama (and there’s probably way more than just a ‘bit of blow’ and pot smoking). They don’t have to make it public. Using evidence of criminal actions and scandalous private doings is a standard practice in politics, in the entertainment industry, anywhere there is power and money at the significant levels.

    Don’t expect anything for real to come out of Obama’s posturing. Israel has everything it needs to know about him and will use it. If he isn’t entitled to be the President it will come out. Probably not during his presidency but the truth will come out as it always does about public figures.

    Could Obama be threatening Israel with assisting its neighbors in their plans for its annihilation?

    Often wonder if Arpaio ever talked to the “ready and willing” witness, early on, to the Commie grooming plan of “the one”, Tom Fife. Sent them his info….like:

    [audio src="" /]

  144. RMinNC,

    I haven’t heard from OldSailor either. I sent him an email last night, but no response.

  145. I thought Lerner, or however you spell her name, lost all chances at immunity when she said some very stupid things that defied legal counsel at her first hearing. Correct me if I am wrong, didn’t she lose any chance at immunity? Now it appears she is stonewalling, or attempting to do so. Again correct me if I am wrong. MAybe I am getting cornfused with Benhazi witness, or NRA witness, or AP witness , or Fast n furious witness, or maybe dodd frank, or was it the obamacare scandal? They are all running together like a never ending horror flick.

    WHEN WILL IT END ? awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww


    I enjoy your articles…

    I have followed your line of though concerning Obama for a long time now… has great merit I must admit…but it has also left a lot of unanswered questions. For example:

    1. How do you account for the auto accident which Beri Shabazz had in Hawaii? This has been well documented.
    The visible scars all over the back of his head lend themselves to your conclusions because a police report did list “a Bari Shabazz” who was involved in a terrible accident there and received a citation… which was not resolved until 2007…if my memory is correct.

    2. What is the connection and how did it develop between “Duke” Newman and the Dunham family (if there ever was a connection)…..or is all of the Dunham fairytale just that…a fairytale…….Was there ever a connection between Stanley Dunham and “Duke” Newman that we don’t know about, or have not heard about yet?

    3. Has anyone bothered to check and see if a Joanne “Duke” Newman ever visited or gave birth in Kenya In 1960/61 ? , or did she give birth to little Bari in the USA ….it was NYC ? where did little Bari grow up… NYC, Hawaii, or Indonesia ?

    4. Finally, if your private investigators can come up with this information…imagine what our federal government could have done with their vast intelligence gathering abilities……and most importantly, if our federal government knew of this hoax,,,,,why was this information suppressed from the people?

    5. May I also ask if you have had any contact with Sheriff Joe and his investigation…if so, can speak about this?

    p.s. Little Bari sure does look like a “chip off the old block”…then again, he also looks like many of those Indonesian people….also I might add: If your statements are true, then Obama is a “natural-born” citizen ,,,, if you disregard that Indonesian adoption…

    but one person he doesn’t look like (unless you are a blind person is. ….. Barack Hussain Obama Sr..

  147. February 27, 2014

    At “”:

    Tonight – beginning at 7 pm central.

    “Special Guest Surprise Arizona Tea Party”
    “Listen Live: Rep. Townsend Talks Sheriff Joe Obama ID Fraud Investigation; Tonight”

  148. Found this on Facebook, haven’t watched it yet, we’ll see if it’s new or the same video.

    British Intelligence Advisor Barrister Michael Shrimpton reported Obama’s purported mom was not pregnant in 1961 and that Obama was born in Kenya in 1960:

  149. Same video.

  150. This Movement To Protect Our Constitution Deserves Your Support

    Retired U.S. Army Col. Harry G Riley is spearheading Operation American Spring, scheduled to begin on May 16. If there was ever something to stand for, it’s the Constitution — and the future of your country, and your inalienable rights.

  151. There is one person who can tell us if Obama is the son of Stanley Ann Dunham. Hopefully the CCP will reveal the truth.

  152. BENGHAZI will not go away…..until the TRUTH is known

  153. JayJay | February 26, 2014 at 9:48 pm |

    You said:
    I still don’t believe Ann Soetoro is dead.

    Back in 08′ when the fraud started running for president it was said on several blogs that Barry had his mother and grand mother hidden out in a very large house built right on a cliff next to the ocean in Indonesia.

  154. Rosemary Woodhouse

    Correction Rosemary Woodhouse | February 27, 2014 at 5:44 pm |

    AND (not but) I vaguely recall reading that information.

    If Netanyahu had that intel wouldn’t it logically serve them better to come out with it? It’s not as if Obama has been an ally of Israel’s. He instigated the Arab Spring in nations that surround Israel. He has emboldened them all, Including trigger happy Iran. Think Iran isn’t going to use their nuclear power? WHY would Netanyahu not disclose the truth if he had the goods? What purpose would it serve Israel to do so? Wouldn’t they want to thwart the man who is ginning up war against them if they could?

    Again, the statement ““but “Proving Mombasa is not so easy, as NSIS in Nairobi are clamming up tight, [b] as are MI6 in London, who have the original Mombasa file and full details of the birth.”[/b]” very much in in line with the Shrimpton statement. Obviously.

    Martha Trowbridge- no offense intended, but your story is pure conjecture. I will even go so far as to say Obama bears more of a resemblance to X than he does to Obama Sr. . But, again, the rest of your story is conjecture. WHO is JoAnn Newman (other than Paul’s wife)? Where’s the beef? Where’s the proof? The waters are muddied enough. Again, no offense, but there are too many far reaching and, truth be told, far fetched claims floating around the interwebs. .We need to focus on FACTS. The closer we zero in on the truth, the less we need speculation/conjecture. Thank you for your anticipated understanding. Obviously, this is solely my opinion and potentially does not reflect the opinion of CW or anyone else at this site.

    II hope Old Salt is okay. I remember him as a regular here.

  155. i believe in miracles

    1 Jesus Turns Water into Wine 2:1-11
    2 Jesus Heals an Official’s Son 4:43-54
    3 Jesus Drives Out an Evil Spirit 1:21-27 4:31-36
    4 Jesus Heals Peter’s Mother-in-Law 8:14-15 1:29-31 4:38-39
    5 Jesus Heals Many Sick at Evening 8:16-17 1:32-34 4:40-41
    6 First Miraculous Catch of Fish 5:1-11
    7 Jesus Cleanses a Man With Leprosy 8:1-4 1:40-45 5:12-14
    8 Jesus Heals a Centurion’s Servant 8:5-13 7:1-10
    9 Jesus Heals a Paralytic 9:1-8 2:1-12 5:17-26
    10 Jesus Heals a Man’s Withered Hand 12:9-14 3:1-6 6:6-11
    11 Jesus Raises a Widow’s Son in Nain 7:11-17
    12 Jesus Calms a Storm 8:23-27 4:35-41 8:22-25
    13 Jesus Casts Demons into a Herd of Pigs 8:28-33 5:1-20 8:26-39
    14 Jesus Heals a Woman in the Crowd 9:20-22 5:25-34 8:42-48
    15 Jesus Raises Jairus’ Daughter to Life 9:18,
    23-26 5:21-24,
    35-43 8:40-42,
    16 Jesus Heals Two Blind Men 9:27-31
    17 Jesus Heals a Man Unable to Speak 9:32-34
    18 Jesus Heals an Invalid at Bethesda 5:1-15
    19 Jesus Feeds 5,000 14:13-21 6:30-44 9:10-17 6:1-15
    20 Jesus Walks on Water 14:22-33 6:45-52 6:16-21
    21 Jesus Heals Many Sick in Gennesaret 14:34-36 6:53-56
    22 Jesus Heals a Gentile Woman’s Demon-Possessed Daughter 15:21-28 7:24-30
    23 Jesus Heals a Deaf and Dumb Man 7:31-37
    24 Jesus Feeds 4,000 15:32-39 8:1-13
    25 Jesus Heals a Blind Man at Bethsaida 8:22-26
    26 Jesus Heals a Man Born Blind 9:1-12
    27 Jesus Heals a Boy with a Demon 17:14-20 9:14-29 9:37-43
    28 Miraculous Temple Tax in a Fish’s Mouth 17:24-27
    29 Jesus Heals a Blind, Mute Demoniac 12:22-23 11:14-23
    30 Jesus Heals a Crippled Woman 13:10-17
    31 Jesus Heals a Man With Dropsy on the Sabbath 14:1-6
    32 Jesus Cleanses Ten Lepers 17:11-19
    33 Jesus Raises Lazarus from the Dead 11:1-45
    34 Jesus Restores Sight to Bartimaeus 20:29-34 10:46-52 18:35-43
    35 Jesus Withers the Fig Tree 21:18:22 11:12-14
    36 Jesus Heals a Servant’s Severed Ear 22:50-51
    37 Second Miraculous Catch of Fish

  156. Far Left Lib Nut Job (@LibNutJob) | February 27, 2014 at 11:24 pm |

    Add to the above list that wonderful verse, Hebrews 13:8:

    “Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever.”

  157. Good morning CW,
    Good morning, NSA,

    This Florida Orthodontist Could Singlehandly Dismantle Obama’s Use of Executive Orders on ACA

    Emily Hulsey | On 27, Feb 2014
    Dr. Larry Kawa, an orthodontist from Boca Raton, Florida, is suing President Obama for changing the Affordable Care Act’s employer mandate without congressional approval. His case challenging the 29 executive orders that altered Obamacare is the only such case out there. It will be heard by the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit in Atlanta.

    Kawa spent $5,000 in legal fees last year to ensure that his business was in compliance with the law’s requirement that employers with 50 or more employees provide insurance to those employees after December 31, 2013. Obama then pushed the deadline back by two years, a move which Kawa claims was politically motivated and, more importantly, illegal.

    However, Kawa says he doesn’t want the government to reimburse him. Instead, he wants the court to nullify Obama’s executive orders:

    “I’m suing for the court to declare that the act of Congress (the Affordable Care Act) was real and not something the president can change at will,” he said.

  158. Thanks for the top billing Jonah.

  159. Good CW, et. al,

    I personally believe the Barrister videos are real of course. Now did he personally email Dr. Orly and did it originate from him personally or another email hoax from Obots? And did he personally attempt to “extort” money from her? That I have serious doubts about, for obvious reasons.

    For anyone to claim they ‘Know” it was him that did this to Dr. Orly, I only ask for the facts to prove it. Not a difficult concept.

  160. William,

    Where or why do you come up with the word extort? I didn’t see anything on Dr. Taitz’s site that indicated such.

    I thought she just said he was trying to get money to bribe the Kenyans.

    Any how, have a good day.

  161. William,

    Just for the record, I think Dr. Taitz has as much, if not more, creds than Shrimpton. She should be the one writing a book about spy hunting.

    She only does this as a side-line. She makes her living yanking teeth.


  162. Ray,

    First, that was the words expressed by someone else to me and others on more than 1 blog in an attempt to discredit Barrister as a fraud via his email to Dr. Orly. It wasn’t that Dr. Orly herself said this, only a few followers.

    It for this reason I asked if Dr. Orly, or anyone else, ever “verified” the email as a fact, that it came from Barrister, or if it was another email Obot hoax to Dr. Orly, as they are notorious for?

    In the email, that allegedly came Barrister to Dr. Orly, it was defined as extortion itself, as posted on Dr. Orly website which quotes: ” Further, Shrimpton was trying to get money from Taitz to bribe officials in Kenya.”

    That is the definition of “extortion”, and is an illegal act. I cannot for the life of me seeing someone such Barrister, attempting to something such as this so brazenly in an open email. Can you?

    Furthermore, If you believe that Dr. Orly has more Credentials than Barrister, Supreme court officials, Federal Judges, Seal team 6, CIA Directors, MI4 or MI6 heads, ect.. Than that is certainly your opinion and I don’t see any reason that should be a part of this discussion. But that’s up to you as it’s a fruitless argument to me. That is an entirely different discussion.

  163. Ray,

    I’ll put the extortion concept in a different way for you.

    Dr. Orly receives an open email from Supreme Court Justice Clarence, and declares he knows for a fact that Obama was not born in the U.S., but if she sends him personal money, he will pay off Kenyan officials to get her the proof.

    What are the changes that you actual believe it came from Supreme Court Justice Clarence? High? Or highly Suspicious as a hoax?

  164. Okay, I read here and don’t comment often. I like to know when the S**t is about to hit the fan. I am prepared for years–but still need to know how close this nation is to a total melt down.

    Let me say this topic, not you guys, is making me ill.
    I’m tired–5 years is long enough. Nothing will be done.
    We have been watching a political coup.
    Does that even matter??
    Even if a video uncovered Psychobama drowning infants in a tub of acid before cutting off their limbs and heads the stupid masses would still love their puppet.
    Ann Soetoro, whatever the truth is and not photo shopped and fabricated or a document creation of the CIA/FBI, is more than likely alive—she is probably tucked away in some remote country and why would that be?
    DNA, folks. DNA.

    “A nation can survive its fools and and even the ambitious but it
    cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable…
    The traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers
    rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself…
    He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to
    undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no
    longer resist. (Cicero)

  165. JayJay,

    DNA, to oust Obama, will Never, ever happen, nor is it necessary..

  166. I find comments protesting the application of DNA testing to aka Obama fascinating.

    As fascinating as The “Obama” Conspirators repetitive cries for “PROOF!”

    The ways of the wicked are marked by cleverness. David Irving, Hitler defender, “offered 1000 pounds to anyone who could find any written command from Hitler ordering the Holocaust.” [Pacepa & Rychlak]

  167. Martha,

    Exactly…. You are correct.

  168. And all the Orly followers, need to go back to Dr. Orly, and ask her: “Did you ever verify this email actually came from him”, or did you not…..

    Very easy question, and analysis.

  169. I should also add, “Prior” to spreading on her website, without “verifying” it? Check, Verify, then claim a high ranking government official verification of proof.

    But no… Over and Over again. Reason Obots pick on her as easy.

  170. William , you are spinning out. Orly is telling the truth. Orly , and no one else but you, are spinning this out to be something more than what it is. No one else is questioning whether Orly got this email or did not get this email from the right source. It appears a bit irregular to say the least that someone would send Orly this email awhile back knowing fully well that this story would be coming out now. Your reasoning if very faulty in my opinion and you are wasting your time on trying to make an issue out of a non issue.

    The fact remains that there is no iota of truth or fact backing up
    the claim. That is the story here, not whether or not the email sent ot orly was valid or not.

    Try to stay on topice and not spin out.

    I am still waiting for solid prood. Hey it’s one day and MARCH is here. Maybe the cold case posse will finally release their irrefutable evidence.

    I am still waiing. I have my popcorn and beer. I am watching the pre movie cartoons , I am waiitng for the main event to start. Meanwhile you are still out of the theater driving your car around and around the block looking for a place to park with your radio on really loud, missing all the free parking spots because the tin foil hat on your head keep falling off blocking your eye sight.

  171. Da Verg,

    If you think that video just now came out, then give me some of what you are drinking.

  172. And Da verg,

    I think we can both agree that neither of us is going to see this the same way, and probably best to move on to a different subject for the time being. Agreed?

  173. Da Verg,

    If you think that video just now came out, then give me some of what you are drinking.
    >>>still spinning out, i see, driving around the block looking for a place to park. I am inside the theater watching the previews, waiting for the main attraction. Unfortunately all I see is MAJOR INTERRUPTION. AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT (is it Eric Idle or John Cleese) ……..newsflash Putin and obama create crisis in Ukraine in order to deflect the cold case posse news. Oh crow , it looks like the CCP is going to have to delay some more and wait for more opportune time to release the irrefutable evidence that I, and millions of others, are anxiously awaiting.

  174. Ok Da Verg,

    If its a fight you wish with me, then you now have it.

  175. Rosemary stated:

    “Martha Trowbridge- no offense intended, but your story is pure conjecture. I will even go so far as to say Obama bears more of a resemblance to X than he does to Obama Sr. . But, again, the rest of your story is conjecture. WHO is JoAnn Newman (other than Paul’s wife)? Where’s the beef? Where’s the proof? The waters are muddied enough. Again, no offense, but there are too many far reaching and, truth be told, far fetched claims floating around the interwebs. .We need to focus on FACTS. The closer we zero in on the truth, the less we need speculation/conjecture. Thank you for your anticipated understanding.”

    You speak with great declaration. Do you intend to order me to cease and desist? How dare you!

    You accuse me of muddying the waters. To which waters do you refer? The waters ‘magically’ invented by The “Obama” Conspirators?

    As for focusing on FACTS, The “Obama” Conspirators are now relying solely upon their mass evidence destruction, and false evidence creation / placement to keep their Truth occluded. Happily for America, the work they did was poor quality and easily detected.

    And as for [Jo] Ann Newman, she is not Paul’s wife; your very citing this “Obama” Conspirator wisecracking diversion makes me sense you are one of them.

  176. Martha,

    Once again my friend, you are spot on!

  177. william , you started it, not me. >>>>>look at my pic>>>>look at me, William, look at me (flicks blinders in back room, with sunlight going in an out)

    chilli palmer>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>look

  178. Pingback: Obama arrest, Barrister Michael Shrimpton video timeline, Obama born in Mombasa Kenya?, CIA DNA testing?, Dunhams not grandparents?, Shrimpton testimony could lead to Obama arrest | Citizen WElls

  179. > His profile was scrubbed on Wikipedia.

    Nothing was “scrubbed” on Wikipedia. Whoever made the entry for Shrimpton made it on his *user* page instead of the proper content page (and since whoever did it wasn’t Shrimpton, it was deleted according to Wikipedia’s policy that only the person itself may edit its *user* page).

    If you don’t even understand how to create a proper Wikipedia article (it’s not really rocket science, y’know?), you probably shouldn’t throw around wild accusations.

  180. citizenwells

    Which part of the definition of scrub do you not understand?
    Some of the pertinent defs are to remove or cancel.

  181. Pingback: Michael Shrimpton trial delayed until after 2014 elections, Shrimpton Obama born in Mombasa Kenya, CIA collected DNA from Obama and grandparent, Shrimpton to subpoena CIA and British intelligence records on Obama | Citizen WElls

  182. Reblogged this on shaynroby and commented:
    Shayn Roby’s Take: Claims made by men such as Mr. Shrimpton could be put to rest if Barack Obama had ever introduced a physical copy of his birth certificate into evidence under sworn testimony that is was valid. He paid several lawyers to argue against having to do that. Those actions alone suggest that Michael Shrimpton may indeed be the downfall of the tangled web that has been woven by Barack Hussein Obama.

  183. citizenwells

    Obama paid more than several attorneys.
    We (taxpayers) paid numerous Justice Dept Attorneys to help Obama keep his records hidden.
    Then, of course, there is Obama’s pal Eric Holder, paid by taxpayers to engage in a plethora of illegal deeds.
    Robert Bauer paid by Obama and taxpayers to assist Obama.
    There are many more.

  184. citizenwells

    Just heard the apparently senile Tom Brokaw state that Edward Snowden should return to the US & plead his case before the courts.
    Wake up Brokaw!!!

  185. Margi Bingley

    Michael Shrimpton’s research into 9/11 this is one link:

    And another is: – buy her book ‘Where Did the Towers Go” and pay particular attention to the steel beams dustifying as the fall mid air. Also the 5 storey steel upright that screen shot by screen shot tilts to the side then does not fall, it does not ‘melt’ it floats away like 1,000s of flying ants. 

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