John B. Taylor house testimony February 11, 2014, Poor economic performance and job growth, Unemployment drop due to labor force dropouts, Failed Fed policies, Committee on Financial Services

John B. Taylor house testimony February 11, 2014, Poor economic performance and job growth, Unemployment drop due to labor force dropouts, Failed Fed policies, Committee on Financial Services

“11.4%: What the U.S. unemployment rate would be if labor force participation were back to January 2008 levels.” …James Pethokoukis, American Enterprise Institute, June 2013

“Nearly half of U.S. companies are reluctant to hire full-time employees because of the ACA. One in five firms indicates they are likely to hire fewer employees, and another one in 10 may lay off current employees in response to the law.

Other firms will shift toward part-time workers. More than 40 percent of CFOs say their companies will consider switching some jobs to less than 30 hours per week or targeting part-time workers for future employment.”…Duke University Fuqua School of Business December 11, 2013

“Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”…George Orwell, “1984″



From The Testimony Before The Committee on Financial Services United States House of Representatives February 11, 2014, John B. Taylor

“Monetary Policy and the State of the Economy”


“The Current Economic Situation

Recently released data indicate that the U.S. economy continues to underperform, with the recovery from the deep 2007-09 recession looking as disappointing as ever. Real GDP growth has been too slow to close the gap between real GDP and its pre-recession trend, even incorporating the temporary pickup near the end of last year.1 Job growth has been too slow to
raise employment relative the population, leaving the employment-to-population ratio below the recession low.2 While the unemployment rate has declined recently, much of the decline is due to an unusually large number of people dropping out of the labor force because of the weak recovery.3 It is good news that the inflation rate has averaged very close to the Fed’s 2 percent
goal during the past decade, but by any measure the performance of the real economy has deteriorated compared to the previous two decades.

I have argued that the main cause of the poor performance is a significant shift in economic policy away from what worked reasonably well in the decades before. Broadly speaking, monetary policy, regulatory policy, and fiscal policy each became more discretionary, more interventionist, and less predictable starting in the years leading up to the financial crisis and have largely remained in that mode.4

There is an obvious empirical correlation between this shift in economic policy and the poor economic performance. But it is more than a correlation: A significant body of economic research predicts that such a shift would result in poorer performance, a prediction that is confirmed by historical experiences from the 1970s to the 1980s and 1990s and by empirical studies of specific policy actions. Moreover, this “policy is the problem” explanation fits the
facts better than alternative views that there has been a secular stagnation due to a persistent decline in the normal real interest rate or that weak recoveries normally follow deep recessions.”
“Though the intention of the majority of those at the Fed in favor of the policies was to stimulate the economy, there is little evidence that the policy has helped economic growth or job growth. Growth has been less with the unconventional policies than the Fed originally forecast. In the year since QE3 gained full steam at the end of 2012, interest rates on long-term Treasuries and mortgage backed securities have risen rather than fallen as was the intent of the policy.
Before quantitative easing, from 2003 to 2008, the average spread between one year and ten year Treasury securities was 1.3%. During the three quantitative easing programs, from 2009 through 2013 the average spread was 2.4%. So it is very hard to establish that QE reduced spreads.”

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  1. “Scary 1929 market chart gains traction
    Opinion: If market follows the same script, trouble lies directly ahead”

  2. Story mentioned in comments on previous thread picked up by Drudge….in red letters:

    Ohio National Guard Training Envisions Right-Wing Terrorism

    ……Participants in the disaster drill located documents expressing the school employees’ “anti-government” sentiments, as well as a note identifying Pierce as the fictional right-wing terrorists’ leader.

    ONG’s 52nd Civil Support Unit participated in a similar drill involving left-wing terrorists with Athens County first responders last year; public officials apologized for that training the next day in response to complaints from local environmentalist groups.

    No apology to Ohioans who supported limited government and the Second Amendment appears to be forthcoming.

    Scioto County Emergency Management Agency director Kim Carver refused to comment, telling Media Trackers she was “not going to get into an Ohio Army National Guard issue that you have with them.”

  3. ORYR (Obama Release Your Records) website back up now…….

  4. ….and Ohio National Guard members might think a second time when they are ordered to kill members of their own family. I am betting that at least half of them point their weapons at their CO, and maybe even…..FIRE! but the order has a point of ORIGIN as well ……the governor of Ohio, and the governor of Ohio gets his orders from the CINC. end of story! But isn’t it amazing how many of the TWISTED minds are those of FEMALE LEADERS, most of whom think UP is DOWN, and couldn’t lead their way out of a wet paper bag.

  5. The first thing we hear from a elected leader,is a 10,000 word oratory,in which he says he is going to fix it all….by himself,and all of the illiterate followers swallow it hook ,line and sinker. Most of the time anything that an elected politician has to say amounts to an essay of inverted and otherwise meaningless jibberish. After all they ARE the MASTERS of WORD TWISTING,and WORDSMITHING, ALONG WITH BEING SO OVEREDUCATED,THAT THEY ARE TOTALLY stupid,AND MADE THAT WAY BY THEIR OWN TWISTED MENTALITY.


    Poverty and unemployment are at near-record levels, the economy is stalled, and a record 47 million Americans are on food stamps, yet aides for first lady Michelle Obama’s tweeted out a picture of her two dogs apparently dining at a table laid with crystal and china.

    “Bone appétit!,” the aides added to the insensitive tweet, using the language of France’s queen Marie Antoinette, who was executed by radicals in 1793.

    Read more:

  7. …..Everytime I look at TV,or read a newspaper, there is always the moronic,inverted,and (SOMETIMES PERVERTED) scripture written by mentally twisted reporters,and/or alleged NEWS ANCHORS. Case in point…..Mssssssssss. “no balls” @ a news network which has about a ZERO rating.

    Shirley Temple Black has passed away peacefully at the age of 85.
    “The Good Ship Lollipop” will sail no more.

    R.I.P….you made a good mark with your time on earth.

  9. ……and one day there will be a battle which will be LOST because of ineptitude,lack of will, and just plain stupidity on the part of the QUEERS,and FEMALES dressed up as soldiers, who think that being dressed up like a soldier MAKES THEM A SOLDIER. The subsequent trail of dead females, and queers will ultimately lead to a DIVISION of dead soldiers simply because the females and the queers FAILED in their mission, or in the case of the queers because they decided to finish their anal copulation before taking defensive action.

  10. You know this has to be happening in great numbers all over our country. Obama, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of this most cruel regime have blood on their hands now that only they are responsible for and could care less. If they have no response of the heart towards the millions of babies in the womb getting slaughtered via their policies then of course why should this such misery bother them? This is only one example of those who, in late stages of illnesses and who were being helped enormously via their former health care policies….going to the best hospitals; ability to see those specialists who are the only ones equipped to comprehend their medical histories and treat them properly, giving them hope….now have nowhere to turn as they are forbidden to continue their successful care:

    Brother: “Obamacare Killed My Sister”

    As far as we are concerned, Obamacare killed my little sister and left a good man a widower, and four children without their mother.

  11. RMINNC……..
    I was never a admirer of Shirley Temple. I was dragged to a couple of her movies when I was a kid,and even then found myself uninterested in her movies. I was always at the Durango Kid, or Johnny Mac Brown, horse manure,and gunpowder flickers. As I recall there was also Roy Rogers. Hell we didn’t even question why a SIX SHOOTER kept on firing long after 6 rounds were already gone. I nearly forgot Hop Along Cassidy. Then there was Captain Midnight, the Green Hornet,the Lone Ranger, Jack Armstrongetc on the radio.

  12. Observer…..
    The primary reason why people like Mssssssss.IMPORTANT,and the mentally twisted freaks that she hangs with,are the way they are is simply because everything that they are involved with IS THEIR OWN WAY OF LIFE, and in their case they DO PRACTICE WHAT THEY PREACH. UP is DOWN,and PERVERTED SEX, is their MAIN ATTRACTION. Then they try very hard to ram their way of life down the throats of other folks, because their twisted mentalities leads them to think that they are SUPERIOR to all other people therefore all others shpold do as they do.

  13. WHITE HOUSE DOGS WEAR JEWELRY As King and Queen Obama Flaunt Regal Power and Extravagance

    President Barack Obama and his wife First Lady Michelle Obama rubbed their royal attitudes in the noses of long-suffering Americans today.

    While King Obama was pronouncing, ”That’s the good thing as a President, I can do whatever I want”, Queen Obama sent out a photograph of the family dogs wearing jewels, seated at a table representing Tuesday’s state dinner in honor of President Francois Hollande of France. The photo was captioned, “Bone appétit!”

  14. Observer……
    If I was in Hollande’s position,and attended a state dinner with a POTUS who chose to bring his dogs to the table I would get up and unceremoniously,walk out of the dinner. Then I would verbally state that the POTUS is GOING TO THE DOGS. GOODAY!

  15. When or if Soetoro is ever prosecuted for his behavior,I will dance in joy,and spit on an effigy. I will laugh until I am hoarse, and I will again dance when I WATCH as the final penalty is exacted upon the BASTARD,and all who have supported him, and I will savor those moments…deliciously!

  16. Ann Coulter goes there (well, not really)….she really doesn’t keep up on things!! ….um, like all of the forensic evidence to begin with. Repub elitists believe that they have the ability to comfortably separate themselves ad infinitum from reality until….things get desperate and even then they only allow themselves to nibble around the edges…oh, to protect their ongoing cowardice and desire to look infallible in their former pronouncements. Someday may they choke on their purposeful gullible stupidity.

    Ann Coulter Goes There:

    If Obama Were Born In Another Country…

    Ann Coulter to Howie Carr: We’ve spent 7 years trying to persuade right-wingers, no, he really was born in Hawaii, we have his birth certificate, stop with the crazy conspiracy theories. But, lets just think- for a thought experiment, for a moment; If Obama were born in another country, had no love for this country, had set out to destroy America, what would he be doing differently? [.]

    They went on to discuss immigration reform where Coulter actually utters the blacklisted term; natural born Citizen:

  17. More of the same:

    Homeland Security to Purchase 141,000 Rounds of Sniper Ammo

    According to a solicitation posted on FedBizOpps, the federal agency is looking to procure 141,160 rounds of Hornady .308 Winchester 168gr A-MAX TAP ammunition.

    Such ammunition is sometimes retailed as “Zombie Max,” a marketing gimmick alluding to its power.

    “What makes the .308 ammunition so deadly is the long range capability of the round,” notes James Smith. “The ability is called ballistic coefficient, or the efficiency of a projectile in overcoming air resistance as it travels to its target. According to Speer Reloading Manual Number 13, the .308 165 grain has the highest coefficient of any hunting rifle.”

    The latest purchase further illustrates the fallacy of the DHS’ excuse that it is buying bullets in bulk in order to save money.

  18. Perhaps they also recognize that the dollar will be replaced by commodity
    currencies like guns, ammo and food, when anarchy descends.
    Gold, silver, paper and electronic IOU’s won’t be worth much until stability

  19. There are 8 levels of control that MUST be obtained before you are able to
    create a socialistic state. The first is the most important.

    1) Healthcare –
    Control healthcare and you control the people

    2) Poverty –
    Increase the Poverty level as high as possible, poor people are easier to
    control and will not fight back if you are providing everything for them
    to live.

    3) Debt –
    Increase the debt to an unsustainable level. That way you are able to
    increase taxes, and this will produce more poverty.

    4) Gun Control –
    Remove the ability to defend themselves from the Government. That way you
    are able to create a police state.

    5) Welfare –
    Take control of every aspect of their lives (Food, Housing, and Income)

    6) Education –
    Take control of what people read and listen to – take control of what
    children learn in school.

    7) Religion –
    Remove the belief in the God from the Government and schools

    8) Class Warfare –
    Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor. This will cause more
    discontent and it will be easier to take (Tax) the wealthy with the
    support of the poor.

    Now …give all that a little thought.
    Does any of this sound like what is happening to the United States?

  20. Rand Paul Suing President Obama

    The class-action lawsuit will be filed against Obama, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, Director of the National Security Agency Keith Alexander and FBI Director James Comey.

    The complaint? “I am filing a lawsuit against President Barack Obama because he has publicly refused to stop a clear and continuing violation of the 4th Amendment,” Paul said in a statement. “The Bill of Rights protects all citizens from general warrants. I expect this case to go all the way to the Supreme Court and I predict the American people will win.”

    Cuccinelli, acting as
    lead counsel, said he’s “excited” about the opportunity “to get the courts to affirm the rights protected by the 4th Amendment to the Constitution.”

    “We have assembled a legal team and we expect to be opposed by the vast resources of the federal government, yet I am optimistic that we will prevail, because we are seeking to protect a cornerstone of the Constitution,” added Cuccinelli, who was defeated in the Virginia governor’s race last fall by Terry McAuliffe.

  21. 7 Times Obama Did ‘Do Whatever I Want’ During His Presidency

    It doesn’t take long to find examples.

    Just yesterday, the President delayed implementation of Obamacare’s employer mandate for certain companies that meet certain conditions the administration suddenly made up. The law, of course, specifically orders those companies to provide coverage beginning this year.

    Last year, Obama had pushed back the deadline for all employers from 2014 to 2015.

    The administration has also waived work requirements in a congressionally-passed welfare program.

    When Congress declined (repeatedly) to pass the DREAM Act, the administration cited “prosecutorial discretion” when it instructed federal officials to stop enforcing federal immigration law against a certain group of people.

    In 2012, the Department of Justice announced that it would stop enforcing the Defense of Marriage Act or defending it from legal challenge, rather than asking lawmakers to repeal the law.

    The Department of Education offered waivers to large parts of the No Child Left Behind law, replacing them with Common Core standards that haven’t been passed by Congress.

    During his State of the Union address, Obama promised to use executive orders to go around Congress when he wants to.

    READ MORE……..

  22. WATCH Judge Jeanine’s Latest Obama-Slashing Opening Statement

  23. Barack Obama’s own cousin now says that Obama is destroying the country and is a betrayal of the constitution and “the idea of America itself”… Please SHARE:

    When the president’s own cousin can see through the slogans to what’s actually happening, then no one else has any excuse. Barack Obama is a corrupt and illegal politician. Period.

  24. Shirley Temple:

    “Shirley Temple Black (born Shirley Temple; April 23, 1928 – February 10, 2014) was an American film and television actress, singer, dancer and public servant, most famous as a child star in the 1930s. …

    Temple began her film career in 1932 at the age of three. In 1934, she found international fame in Bright Eyes, a feature film designed specifically for her talents. …”

    “Bright Eyes” – full movie

  25. Shirley Temple:

    Published on February 11, 2014

  26. Thornton Parsons

    Bob Strauss, I would like to use your 8 levels of control in an article. Do you mind if I do?

  27. February 11, 2014

    “Fox: Prosecutor Andrew McCarthy; The Case Has To Be Made For Obama Impeachment”

    bob68’s comment: “Neither Andrew or Megyn want to be told this, though I think they know. Here is why Obama ain’t gonna be impeached no matter what he does…and he of course realizes this is the reason he, “can do anything he wants to do”:

    When Congressional leadership, both parties and others also, especially in the cover-up, willingly allowed an ineligible identity fraud con-artist to become the putative president, they sealed the deal that they will never impeach or investigate Obama. That’s because what they did in 2008 and in the cover-up since then was and is treason at the highest level. Obama’s leverage to do anything he wants without fear of action by Congress is Congress willing participation in the biggest fraud in history.

    Congress protects Obama to protect themselves and their, set in concrete, goal is to ride out Obama’s usurpation until the end of his presidency and hope he just fades away, leaving them untouched for their part in what, by then, will be the total destruction of America, but out of prison.

    The opposition to Obama never seems to go beyond still more talk. Not real effective.

    If the Repubs can’t manage to not regain control of the Senate in 2014 they will find another excuse for doing nothing about Obama, my guess is, “not enough time”. There are no “good guys” in Congress when it comes to actually stopping and reversing the damage being done by the coup.

    Congress protects Obama to protect themselves.”

  28. “The nice part about being POTUS is that I can do anything I want”. These words tell the story about Soetoro,and his TWISTED MENTALITY, and also proves that he has NO RESPECT for US Constitutional Law, and WILL violate the Constitution WHENEVER he CHOOSES,…… until SOMEBODY, or SOMETHING stops him cold. Tricky Dick resigned resultant of far lesser violations of the law.

  29. Even though Congress is now IMPOTENT the PEOPLE are NOT. The fourth branch of government needs to rise up and CLEAN HOUSE in DC, in accordance with the Declaration of independence.

  30. If Congress refuses to impeach it will send a very clear signal to PATRIOTS to take action. The temperature of what is going on is rising……! And soon the pot is going to boil over.

  31. I pray that Obama is removed soon. Giving the all-clear to raising the debt ceiling is te last straw!

  32. Thornton Parsons | February 11, 2014 at 10:28 pm |

    Bob Strauss, I would like to use your 8 levels of control in an article. Do you mind if I do?
    It’s OK by me, I shared them from a Facebook friend, and there was no link to there source.

  33. Good morning CW et. al,

    I have a question that many more historically intelligent people here know more than I do when it comes to this.

    When discussing the issues surrounding the over-reach of the Executive branch – in this case the Obamacare 27 delays by E.O. fiat, is the only recourse of Checks and Balances, whining and declaring “he can’t do that”? Sure, some will say impeachment or don’t sign a budget, but that is not ensuring checks and balances, as I would argue.

    It appears to me that Congress does have the Authority for a Judicial ruling or opinion, either in federal court or the SCOTUS. However, I cannot find any historical legal cases where this has been sought, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t. Surely there is authority in the Legislative branch to keep check on the Executive branch -via- the Judicial branch.

    Most cases I have reviewed recently are for example the recess appointment case. However, that spawned out of the private sector and went all the way up to the Supreme Court, not out of Congress. So if ever case must come from the private sector and only after harm, which takes years, what checks are in place to prevent tyranny?

    I’m sure there are some and confident that the Legislative branch does have the authority for either a ruling or opinion, I just don’t know what it is. Does anyone else?

  34. Good morning William, et al.

  35. WILLIAM…

    Your argument is a valid one….that is;if we had a government that followed our Constitution.

    As I see it, our elected representatives no longer give a “tinkers damn” about the Constitution, or the people who send them to Washington to follow it.

    We have a bunch of Nannies, from both parties, being lead by an Idiot who thinks him self to be an “Imperial Dictator”… I know of no other way to describe what is happening….

  36. RMINNC…..Re 9:42 AM
    Very well said sir, and also reflects my exact conclusions.
    It looks as though the brunt of the storm is going to pass slightly to the South of you. Batten the hatches,and rig the lifeline! Great drill!

  37. To support my last post…..

    $12,000 dollars for a dress that will be worn one time…..

    How many meals for the homeless would that have paid for? How many beds would that have provided for those who have none? How much good could that have done for those who have none?

    Hubris goes before pride…or so the old saying goes..

    Americans will soon be eating out of trashcans, but not “the MUCHee”…

    This is disgusting ! I have seen people eating out of trashcans many times in the Far East and it isn’t a pretty sight….for this “woman” to flaunt her un- deserving power and ill-gained wealth goes beyond the pale and far exceeds the hubris of that French whore, Queen Marie.

    History books tell of Marie and how that “lady” ignored the signs of her time by rubbing her position of power and wealth into the faces of the starving French people …..

    History may not repeat itself, but it damn sure can repeat the conditions leading to the causes for… “Maries to literally lose her head”……

    As the most famous Roman, Julius, was warned but ignored, “Beware the Ides of March”.

  38. Oldsailor81…good morning friend

    Our local weather people are saying we may get up to a foot of that white stuff……but it wouldn’t be the first time they have been wrong !

    Sorry for the double post on that video ….don’t know how that happened !

  39. Has anybody watched Pirro lately? To date she has NOT backed off of her criticism of Soetoro,and his goon squad.
    Has anybody found anything more regarding the presence of US Marshalls being along with Mssssssss.Fuddy. I personally believe that she was killed by one of them who had a mandate to act, and the weapon is probably lying at the bottom of the Pacific ocean not very far from where the plane went down

  40. FYI, in case you were also wondering……..
    Only 50 withdrew……!!??

    Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) is a United States, bipartisan coalition of over 1,000 mayors………….

  41. “Mortgage Applications Drop – Hover Near 19 Year Lows”

    “Despite being told by Bullard, Yellen (and numerous other Federal Reserve thinkers) that quantitative easing was aimed at improving the housing market, the data suggests that – somewhat predictably – it did very little for mom-and-pop organic real home-buyer but stoked speculation and fervor among fast-money cheap-funding ”

  42. GORDO | February 11, 2014 at 11:33 pm |
    You assessment is right on.
    I bet 50% were sent emails or letters detailing the entire coup.
    On record, documented.

  43. NOW ISN’T THIS A ROYAL BITCH…..Very interesting !

    Well it seems that Queen Elizbeth II is in the distant off spring bloodline of the illegitmate bastard Edward IV who’s mother was Queen at that time and couldn’t control her sexual urges… so she laid down with an archer while the King was off fighting a war….well from Edward IV on down the “royal line”, the ruling monarchs have all been FAKEs and imposters…..

    The real person who should be King of England today is a common working man in Aussy Land……by the name of Michael Hastings.

    Hummmmmm….I wonder; do we have any fakes and imposters who are ruling America today like a king and queen?

    I Came across this documentary from a few years back with Tony Robinson claiming the current Queen is not the rightful heir to the throne she sits on. Then he went on to prove it.

    Not only do these “illegal muppets” leach off of the rest of society but their so called divine right is a complete farce.

    All Royalty is a farce. Between the Vatican, the Royals, and the Obamas, most of the western world population is getting played like a pinball machine.

    Wake Up Folks……………Down With the Queen…Up With the Republic !

    That has a nice ring….The Republic of England.

  44. RMinNC,

    How’s the snow there?

  45. William……hello old friend.

    We have about 6 inches and its suppose to turn into sleet and ice later….these people don’t know how to cope with this white stuff…..but we are doing just fine…been doing a lot of reading.

    Many people south of here, about 350,000 they say, are without power.

    How about where you are?


    NO, I am not talking about that slob that’s up there now….

    I’m talking about Old Honest Abe….Mr. Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of these United States. and while I’m at it;

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY N—A CAT—-E STAP—–N M——Y…..MY MOTHER… who was born one year before the Spanish-American War (1897) and died in 1986…were she alive today, she would be 117 years young…a real southern lady.
    Happy Birthday Mom…

  47. I forgot….this should have been attached to my last post ! sorry bout that !

    Lincoln is the only one lately that has been deserving of these honors….

  48. Jonathan Turley on ‘dangerous’ expansion of Obama’s powers
    Constitutional attorney reacts to the shift of gravity in Washington

  49. This makes sense, let’s let the criminals run the asylum.
    Criminal Holder: Barring Felons from Voting ‘Too Unjust to Tolerate’

  50. Bob Strauss………..
    Here is just about the most absurd thing that I have ever heard. Now a FEW LIBERAL CRAZIES are bringing suit against ALL fast food restuarants because the twisted mentality of the CRAZIES think that it is the fault of the fast food providers that there is an epidemic of obesity in America. They are trying to allege that the fast food people have planned and conspired to get people hooked on EATING FAST FOOD. The complaintants are two (LESBIANS) who are ellegedly lawyers. This is about as insane as it gets!,and these two lesbians should just go back to eating their usual fare………each other!.

  51. The mentally twisted females are going to try to obtain a judgement against ALL of the fast food providers which would force the fast food people to contribute billions of their corporate earnings to ACA to help with handling all the claims filed by OBESE people. In reality there is a definite need for the obese to learn how to control their compulsive overeating addictions. Perhaps a little PSYCHOANALYSIS of such people would be a step in the right direction……but then that is REALITY……and the folks who live in fantasyland CAN’t face REALITY.

  52. Any judge who this is put before would have to be out of his mind to find against the fast food industry. First of all is the glaring fact that fast food accounts for a large portion of our GNP, and they have virtually UNLIMITED resources…..particularly McDonalds, and a couple of others…..and all of them are well experienced at handling IDIOTIC lawsuits against them. These two DIZZIES will have to learn the HARD WAY. No judge who is in his right mind will even hear such a case. This …..once again bears testimony as to what is happening to the mentality of so called Americans.

  53. Bye bye, Have a great day everybody!

  54. POST SCRIPT………
    * All of this has made me hungry;…..think I’ll go to McDonalds and get one of their big breakfasts. BTW I weigh 215 lbs, but I am NOT OBESE. Have a great day!

  55. Retail sales fell .4 % in January.

  56. “U.S. retail sales fell a seasonally adjusted 0.4% in January, the Commerce Department said Thursday.”

    “December retail sales were revised downward to show a 0.1% decrease instead of a 0.2% gain”

  57. “No Janet Yellen, The Economy Is Not “Getting Better””

    “On Tuesday, new Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen went before Congress and confidently declared that “the economic recovery gained greater traction in the second half of last year” and that “substantial progress has been made in restoring the economy to health”. This resulted in glowing headlines throughout the mainstream media such as this one from USA Today: “Yellen: Economy is improving at moderate pace”. Sadly, tens of millions of Americans are going to believe what the mainstream media is telling them. But it isn’t the truth. As you will see below, there are all sorts of signs that the economy is taking a turn for the worse.”

  58. Unemployment initial claims 339,000.

  59. “In the week ending February 8, the advance figure for seasonally adjusted initial claims was 339,000, an increase of 8,000 from the previous week’s unrevised figure of 331,000. The 4-week moving average was 336,750, an increase of 3,500 from the previous week’s revised average of 333,250.”

    “The total number of people claiming benefits in all programs for the week ending January 25 was 3,524,188, an increase of 57,339 from the previous week.”

  60. Market Watch heading:

    “Surprise rise in jobless claims”

    Are you surprised?

  61. Did Clarice Feldman just say “Plamegate was a deliberate plot by Bush and pals to distract from Iraq”?

  62. We use to have a motto in the US Army Rangers that said,

    We have about six or seven inches of snow here in Charlotte now and light flurries every now and then…..this MINOR irritation has brought this city completely to it’s knees, something GOD has not been able to do….or at least, it appears that way .

    But it didn’t stop this old brown shoe Army Ranger today….Riley (that’s my English Plott hound) and I went for our usual walk at 8:30am looking for a place for Riley to do her business…..I gave her the Irish of Riley just to “p*ss off my English neighbors.

    Riley hasn’t ever seen snow like this before and she was kind of bewildered…her usual “pooping places” were covered and she had a difficult time figuring the problem out…but eventually she mastered the situation and did her business.

    In the meantime, I felt like that old Mountain Man, Jim Bridgers, out hunting “griz”…but there wasn’t a damn thing moving…no cars, no birds, no planes, not even my wife !

    Well so much for the “land of sky blue” and the sunny South Land this morning…if the situation changes, I will keep you informed…meanwhile

    KEEP YOUR POWDER DRY BOYS !…… we may need it.


    EASTHAMPTON, Mass. —An Easthampton middle school student, in a scene straight out of the movie “A Christmas Story” got their tongue stuck to a metal pole.

    Fire Chief David Mottor says firefighters responded to White Brook Middle School at about 8 a.m. Wednesday, when temperatures were well below freezing.

    Mottor tells The Republican (PAPER) that firefighters poured warm water on the student’s tongue, freeing it.

    The student was not injured.

    The student’s age and gender were not released.

    In the 1983 movie, a character named Flick gets his tongue stuck to a metal pole after being “triple-dog dared” to do so.

    Read more:
    KID…Your lesson for tomorrow is to review and give an oral report of Flick and “The Christmas Story”……got that?…and by the way, stay the hell away from medal pole with your tongue in the future…got that?

  64. Here is something worth taking a look at – written by an M.D.

    Exclusive: Dr. Lee Hieb’s phone call changes everything


  65. RMinNC,
    You stay warm and dry now! Very adventuresome of you to get out in the white stuff with your pooch. The East is really getting pounded.

  66. Cabbyaz…good morning and thanks for your concern…….

    I have my faithful Irish-English dog, Riley and my trusty standby, Captain Morgan (spiced rum) to keep me warm. With my wifey barking out “honey do” orders……


    My mother, God rest her Scotch-Irish soul, once said, “When it’s snowing big flakes and they are coming straight down then…the Angels are crying”…

    Well, if that’s true, I guess they are crying buckets of tears right now…big flakes and lots of the white stuff…..actually, it’s quite peaceful and very beautiful !

  67. p.s.
    And RARELY seen in the Southland !

  68. WELL NOW…Who would have ever ‘thunk”…..picture this;

    Hillary sitting in bed in the Delivery Room, somewhere in Little Rock Arkansas, with her hands defiantly up in the air, exclaiming very loudly and apparently annoyed , “AT THIS POINT IN TIME, WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE” ! …

    Now for the rest of the story that goes with this dramatic statement
    Chelsea is the biological daughter of Webb Hubbell and not Bill Clinton!

    Chelsea Clinton is the biological daughter of Webb Hubbell and not Bill Clinton? ….Oh, yes she is!

    With the 2016 Presidential election fast approaching, we now see the Hillary Clinton Campaign trying to get out in front of the many scandals she has been a part of to limit the damage by leaking out to certain news outlets that are sympathetic to her cause some of the truth of her scandals, such as White Water, File Gate, and last but not least Benghazi.

    Now, if you want to know all of the facts pertaining to Hillary’s many scandals, we at the Guerrilla Media Network have ROBERT MORROW, who is the best investigative journalist when it comes to the true Clinton files that the MSM will never tell you about Coming on the Pete Santilli Show this coming Presidents day Monday Feb 17 2014 at 11:00 am (PST) on the Guerrilla Media Network.

    In 2007 I, (Robert Morrow), had a conversation with then TIME reporter Karen Tumulty. I was calling her and asking why TIME was not covering all the dirty tactics and criminal private detective terror campaigns that the Clintons had long used to frighten Bill’s sex victims and former girlfriends into silence.

    Tumulty astoundingly told me “We are not going to re-litigate the 1990’s.”

    I then said to Tumulty, “well you do know that Chelsea is the biological daughter of Webb Hubbell and not Bill Clinton”?

    Tumulty’s response was interesting – she did not deny or challenge this blockbuster assertion but rather just seemed to confirm it by her awkward silence and accepting non denial.

    Years later I asked a longtime high level Republican operative “How long have you known that Chelsea was the biological daughter of Webb Hubbell?” He said since 1992. Then I asked “Why didn’t you use it in the 1992 presidential campaign?” His answer: “Because I was not running the 1992 campaign.”

    I then asked “Would you say that most high level Republican and Democratic political operatives know that Chelsea is the biological daughter of Webb Hubbell?” This long time GOP operative said: “Yes.”

    Dave Martin, historian and political commentator known as “DC Dave” on the internet: “First, the evidence that Chelsea is Webb Hubbell’s daughter is strong and has been out there for quite a while. I first heard it from Chris Ruddy around 1994. He said it was all over Arkansas.”

    Chris Ruddy, a journalist and the owner of NewsMax, was a long time Clinton antagonist. Ruddy has now made some sort of a deal and has “gone over to the dark side” with the Clintons, to the puzzlement and dismay of his conservative friends who just shake their heads whenever Ruddy’s name comes up.

    Both Gennifer Flowers (privately to someone I know) and Larry Nichols (publicly) have both stated that Chelsea is the biological daughter of Webb Hubbell.

    Both Flowers (14 year affair) and Nichols were very close to Bill Clinton. Larry Nichols, a “truth teller” on the Clintons, has done a lot of very dirty, highly illegal and even violent things for the Clintons until he broke with them in 1988. Larry Nichols used to be best friends with Raymond Buddy Young, a certified Clinton goon who was head of the Arkansas state troopers under Bill.

    Read Here:
    Come to think about it…..Chelsea does look a little like old Arkansas Webb !

    But I only have this to say about this post……



    This doesn’t speak well for Hillary…or Bill….or Webb….or the Democrats !

  69. RMinNC,

    Now use that same knowledge and tactics that all the ranking congress people knew about it and did nothing, to the same principle of knowledge that Obama is not illegible to be President, and do nothing. Same thing.

    P.s. We got about 7 plus inches of snow in my neck of the woods. 🙂

  70. Cabby, (or anyone).

    Do we know for a fact, that Muslims are “exempt” from Obamacare?

  71. And not to leave old “Slick Willie” out of the picture…Here is something that perhaps most people didn’t know about our “dear 42nd President of the US”……this happened while Willie was still Governor of Arkansas…….

    Of all the things Bill Clinton has done in his life, the selling of HIV and Hepatitis C laced blood of Arkansas prison inmates to Canadians has to be near the top of the list.

    Over 20,000 Canadians were infected with Hepatitis C and a thousand more were infected with HIV, thanks to deadly tainted Arkansas prison blood. Prisoners sold their blood for $7 in scrip/ pint of blood; The state of Arkansas and Bill’s political friends marked it up and sold it for $50/pint of blood to blood brokers. That is called blood money.

    The bottom line is Bill and his Arkansas political cronies gave this program political protection long after it was discovered there were severe problems with the Arkansas prison blood program management in the mid 1980’s. Prisoners were not properly screened for diseases; some prisoners were not paid in cash but in drugs!; an inmate clerk was selling the “right to bleed” to fellow inmates who had been banned because they were already infected with Hepatitis B. [ , accessed on 8/24/13]

    It is a total nightmare and a living hell for the Canadian people infected with Hepatitis C and HIV. This tragedy was a combination of Bill’s incompetence and greed. The Arkansas prison plasma program finally ended in 1994, thank God.

    For more information look up “Blood Money” (12-24-98) and “Dumping Scandal: the Export of Bad Blood” (2-25-99) by Suzi Parker at
    And lets not forget about MENA Arkansas either……This little town was the center for all Cocaine Drug dealing in the US of A in the late 1980’s….remember that “daddy Bush”, George Herbert Walker Bush, was then president…and the CIA had to have a way to finance their war in central America…it was the original “Fast and Ferious”, guns in exchange for money and drugs….

    Barry Seals was a chief “mover and shaker” in this operation….but the Clinton’s got their fair share cut of the profits and drugs…. along with Bill’s brother, old dumb Roger….The “hit list” of people that were killed over this little side line is too long to mention here…..but Ole Barry bought the farm in a Mafia hit in New Orleans sometimes after MENA was exposed…..can’t leave any witnesses running around with “loose lips”.

  72. William,
    7 inches? Very fortunate you are. We got around 20 inches with another 4 to 6 predicted. I really didn’t know what I would do since I live on a private road, but an “angel” showed up here this morning and is getting it under control. I might be able to make it to 7-11 shortly. Even though I have food, there are certain creature comforts that I’ve become accustomed to. Should the “big event” hit, I will make do as we all will. Hope we will still have each others comfort and encouragement here at CW’s. Bless you.

  73. I think the “storm” has now passed us here in NC….it appears to be getting brighter outside and the snow appears to be melting from the doorsteps ….

    A snow plow just came up the major road outside our housing area…so I guess if necessary, we can hike out !

    Sorry to hear you got so much of the white stuff SUEQ…..stay hunkered down…hopefully it will pass soon.

  74. Thanks RM.

  75. Gloria Allred: Obama’s “No-Match” Letter From Social

    Security Likely Means He’s An Undocumented Worker

    By Linda Jordan | Birther Report


    According to the infamous attorney Gloria Allred a Notice of Mismatch letter from the Social Security Administration likely means that you are an undocumented worker and are not eligible to work in the United States.

    At least that’s what she believes when it comes to the housekeeper of former Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman.

    A Notice of Mismatch letter was sent to Whitman and her husband Dr. Griffith Harsh concerning their housekeeper Nicky Diaz Santillan. Allred was representing Santillan in a wrongful firing lawsuit against Whitman and Harsh when they fired Santillan after learning that she was in this country illegally.

    But at a Press Conference Allred argued that Whitman and her husband knew their housekeeper was likely an undocumented worker long before they fired her because the Social Security Administration sent a “nomatch” letter to them indicating discrepancies in the housekeeper’s name and [SSN] number.

    Allred said she could prove Harsh was aware of the SSA No Match letter because he had scribbled on the letter, “Nicky, please check this, thanks.”

    Barack Obama received a Notice of Mismatch letter from the Social Security Administration on August 17, 2011. Does that same letter mean that Obama is most likely an undocumented worker? Yes.


    Will This Prisoner Stop Obama?

    Keith Judd, the convict who ran for President, became somewhat of a celebrity after almost beating Obama in the 2012 West Virginia Democratic Primary. What wasn’t reported, however, was that after Obama won the presidential election, Judd filed a series of lawsuits detailing how Obama was illegally placed on the 2012 presidential ballot. One lawsuit, filed on May 9, 2013, is scheduled to be heard before a federal court in the next few months.

    And rumor has it that the Obama regime is extremely worried.

    However, Keith Judd—who has strangely been in prison since 1999 for a minor threat made against a local New Mexico college—may never make it out of prison alive.

    In December of 2013, Judd was mysteriously moved from a federal prison in Texas to the infamous Federal Transfer Center in Oklahoma City. This is the same prison that Kenneth Trentadue, the Oklahoma City bombing John Doe #2 lookalike, was murdered in.

  77. Webb Hubbell

    The real test–will Hillary let the daughter participate in a DNA test??

  78. JayJay……

    A short answer to your question…….NO

  79. In case anyone is interested there is a very good and informative debate on whether Snowden was justified to do what he did. Panel of debaters are Daniel Ellsberg (very impressive) and Snowden’s legal advisor, Ben Wizner, vs. Andrew McCarthy and James Woolsey.

    Long but I think worth it.

  80. Cruz, Lee Introduce Bill to Protect States’ Rights on Marriage

    To counter the Feds’ recent over-reach against the states re: benefits to “married” gays even in those states that don’t allow such.

  81. William | February 13, 2014 at 1:40 pm |
    Cabby, (or anyone).
    Do we know for a fact, that Muslims are “exempt” from Obamacare?

    HR3590 summary, only 49 pages…..

    The summary doesn’t specifically say Muslims, but it does say” individuals who object to health care coverage on religious grounds”. Take notice that the “individuals not lawfully present in the United States” are exempt.

    Subpart B: Eligibility Determinations
    Subtitle F: Shared Responsibility for Health Care – Part I: Individual Responsibility – (Sec. 1501, as modified by section 10106) Requires individuals to maintain minimal essential health care coverage beginning in 2014. Imposes a penalty for failure to maintain such coverage beginning in 2014, except for certain low-income individuals who cannot afford coverage, members of Indian tribes, and individuals who suffer hardship. Exempts from the coverage requirement individuals who object to health care.

    – – – Also the words “Requires the Secretary” (of HHS) appear 98 times and “Directs the Secretary” appears 64 times. “Authorizes the Secretary” appears 30 times. The law gives a tremendous amount of power to one individual, Kathleen Sebelius, who “serves only at the will of the President” and was NOT elected by We, the People.

    Obamacare is making determinations as to what taxes citizens are required to pay and then allows HHS to fritter away those taxpayers’ dollars. HHS has spent about a billion dollars on the obamacare website which with the approval of the Democrat Congress when they passed Obamacare in 2010. And billions are being spent on attempts to persuade young adults to sign up for Obamacare.

    Congress should control the purse strings but has it relinquished its Constitutional responsibility when it passed Obamacare and gave HHS unbridled spending?

  82. Officials in Connecticut Stunned by What Could Be a Massive, State-Wide Act of ‘Civil Disobedience’ by Gun Owners

    On Jan. 1, 2014, tens of thousands of defiant gun owners seemingly made the choice not to register their semi-automatic rifles with the state of Connecticut as required by a hastily-passed gun control law. By possessing unregistered so-called “assault rifles,” they all technically became guilty of committing Class D felonies overnight.

    Police had received 47,916 applications for “assault weapons certificates” and 21,000 incomplete applications as of Dec. 31, Lt. Paul Vance told The Courant.

    At roughly 50,000 applications, officials estimate that as little as 15 percent of the covered semi-automatic rifles have actually been registered with the state. “No one has anything close to definitive figures, but the most conservative estimates place the number of unregistered assault weapons well above 50,000, and perhaps as high as 350,000,” the report states.

    Keep reading…

  83. OBSERVER….

    Good for those citizens of Connecticut…..our Constitution says “We the People have a RIGHT to keep and bare arms”… doesn’t say that “we the people must register them with a thug police force” who will come later and take them….

    It’s funny how most of this illegal arms grab is happening in “LIBERAL STATES”…….come to North Carolina and try that crap.

  84. RMinNC.
    We are running a special on ass kicking this week.

  85. “Retail, jobs data show struggling economy”

    No kidding.
    Explain this to Yellen.

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