Raghuveer Nayak sentencing Thursday January 23, 2014, Blagojevich Obama fundraiser, Convicted of bribery, 19 count indictment, Chicago pay to play politics

Raghuveer Nayak sentencing Thursday January 23, 2014, Blagojevich Obama fundraiser, Convicted of bribery, 19 count indictment, Chicago pay to play politics

Why did Patrick Fitzgerald and the US Justice Department wait until December 2008 to arrest Rod Blagojevich?”…Citizen Wells

“I believe I’m more pristine on Rezko than him.”…Rod Blagojevich

“There is enough corruption in Illinois so that all it takes is someone who is serious about finding it to uncover it. If a U.S. attorney is not finding corruption in Illinois, they’re not seriously looking for it.”…Northwestern Law Professor James Lindgren



From NBC Chicago January 23, 2014.

“Department of Justice spokesman Randall Samborn said Wednesday’s proceedings were part of a two-day evidentiary hearing. They’ll continue Thursday. Nayak may or may not be sentenced at the end of the day Thursday.

A Chicago-area businessman convicted of bribery was scheduled to learn Wednesday whether he’ll get time in jail for his role in the corruption scandal involving former Illinoig Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

Raghuveer Nayak wasn’t charged in the case of the now-imprisoned former governor but is alleged to have offered to raise $1 million for Blagojevich’s campaign if he named then-Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. to President Barack Obama’s old Senate seat.

A government court filing says the sentencing judge should consider those allegations, arguing that Nayak “corrupted the political process.””

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From Citizen Wells June 26, 2012.

“A longtime friend of U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.who was at the center of a Senate seat scandal that sent ex-Gov. Rod Blagojevich to prison was arrested Wednesday in his own federal fraud case, accused of bribing doctors to send patients to his surgical centers.

Raghuveer Nayak, a wealthy businessman and former campaign fundraiser for both politicians, was indicted on charges he secretly paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to physicians from 2000 to 2010 to have patients referred to Rogers Park One Day Surgery Center, Lakeshore Surgery Center and other Chicago-area facilities he owned.

The investigation of his businesses had hung over Nayak’s head for years, and his lawyer, Thomas McQueen, said the charges were not unexpected. “He knew this had never gone away,” McQueen said after the FBI arrested his client at Nayak’s Oak Brook home.”

“The indictment of Nayak is seen as one of the final offshoots of the sweeping federal investigation known as Operation Board Games, which in addition to Blagojevich led to convictions of fundraiser Antoin “Tony” Rezko, formerAld. Edward Vrdolyak, Republican power broker William Cellini and others. One of the final sentences in cases connected to that probe could be handed down as soon as next week, when political insider turned federal witness Stuart Levine is expected to learn his punishment.”

“Nayak’s businesses have over the years needed the approval of state regulators and auditors, and Nayak became a big campaign bundler and contributor, donating more than $779,000 to elected officials including Blagojevich, Attorney General Lisa Madigan and Obama from the late 1990s until his name surfaced in the Blagojevich scandal.”


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  1. The IRS is also in charge of collecting payments for usurpercare.
    Ted Cruz Demands Special Prosecutors for Obama’s IRS Targeting


  2. CW…..

    Please take my last comment out of moderation on your last blog…there are no bad words or any reason it should have gone into moderation in the first place……thank you……..

    WILLIAM., DEAN, and RAY…..
    .I left each of you a message in the last blog….if I doesn’t come out of moderation…I will cut and copy to this current blog…..

  3. Let m try this……..
    Again I couldn’t agree more with your last post…Isn’t it strange how Tom Clancy died? rumors are he was “wacked” just like Breirbart for knowing too much about the ONE…..No I haven’t seen Shadow Recruit, but I have been a Clancy fan for a long time…I will have to make an effort to find out where it’s playing…thanks

    Hi to my Tennessee friend…..you are probably right about the FED…..when you are 17.5 TRILLION dollars in the hole and still borrowing and spending money like a drunken sailor ( no offense to my friend oldsailor81 ) on a five day shore leave in Hong Kong……well you know the rest of the story….,and as you said, Tennesseans know how to survive…I agree because I too am a
    Tennessean by birth.

    No I haven’t read “Mary’s Mosaic”….but now that you have recommended it, I will go online to Amazon and see if I can find it…thanks, I will check it out.

    Speaking of Mary…..I have read a book called, “Dr. Mary’s Monkey”,,,,it’s the story of Dr. Mary Sherman, a well know cancer research doctor who lived in New Orleans in the 1960′s and used monkeys in her cancer research.

    She was murdered around the time Jim Garrison began his investigation into the JFK thing (which I’m not suppose to talk about any more on here).

    Anyway. Mary Sherman was tied into David Ferrie, a real shady and very seedy character who had long standing ties with the CIA.. Mary’s boss was David Oshner, another well know cancer doctor in New Orleans with ties to high up officials in our federal government.. Together, they ran a clandestine research operation that had a high voltage machine that would cause cancer cells to grow at an alarming rate….as a result, they created a “galloping cancer” which would kill within 28 days, now that’s fast !..They tested their “galloping cancer” out on unwilling and unknowing prisoners from the La. State Prison ….who had volunteered, not knowing exactly what they had volunteered for..

    Then of course, another main character in the book was Lee Oswarld, who acted kind of as a courier of the cancer rat cells, and a young girl from Florida by the name of Judith Very Baker, who was responsible for dissecting the live rats, cutting out the cancer growths, grinding them up in a kitchen blender and making a ‘cancer soup” which she gave to Dr. Mary for her experiments and additional work……

    Judith Very Baker is still alive today and has published her own book entitled, “Lee and Me”…which I have ordered…..I will post on that when I have completed it.

    ok, I better stop there….. or I will give the whole story of “Dr. Mary’s Monkey” away and you will have no need to read it…..but I will say,

    “Dr. Mary’s Monkey” was a real barn burning page turner….I didn’t put it down until I had finished it….if you choose to read it.., you won’t either.

    It could explain a lot of the cancer deaths which are now occurring with the “baby boomer” population. Read it, you won’t be disappointed.

  4. PROOF Obama Is A Member Of The Muslim Brotherhood


  5. CW…..thanks

  6. JAYJAY…….Good evening and tanks for the previous post you made….

    I DO NOT claim to be a “Truther”…..but I do seek the truth in all I say and do…

    If that makes me a Truther in some peoples minds, well then I guess I am a “Truther” and “so mot it be”,… but like you;.

    I too hate that “cop out” word. In fact I hate labels and tags of all kinds that are attached to people that are put there because they have certain knowledge, or information that does not conform to the standard “norm”….

    I refuse to walk the path of least resistance…..the path that is least traveled is more exciting, and quite when it concerns government, it is often more accurate.

    When you commented about the 19 Arabs with box cutters, I had to smile…I couldn’t agree with you more…..

    Stop and think about it for a moment…….if 19 non-English speaking goat-herding Arabs who just crawled out of some cave in the middle east can do that much damage and harm to America…we will surely be in some real deep doo-doo if those goat headers get serious with us, won’t we?

  7. DEAN…..

    I just read the back cover of Mary’s Mosaic…..and I will be ordering it tomorrow…

    Mary Myer was the wife of Cord Myer…who became the left hand man for Lyndon B Johnson…….Mary, of course was JFK’s lover when he took her from Cord…….

    I’m looking with great interest in reading that “juicy” tidbit book….

    Politics sure does make for some strange bed fellows, doesn’t it?…everybody sleeps with everybody, then tries to kill them….

  8. RMinNC — I wondered about Clancy’s death, too. Another interesting death is of a liberal supporter of Obama, an African-American named Manning Marable. He wrote a recent bio on Malcolm X. In one of the online interviews he mentions how Malcolm X was leaning towards Shia Islam just before he died, seeing himself as a martyr like Hussein, the founder of Shia Islam. Did he discover something about Malcolm X that connects with Obama? Who knows, but shortly after his book was published, he died. (They say he was undergoing a lung transplant or something like that.) Clancy, Breitbart, and now Fuddy, etc.–there’s quite a list of “convenient deaths.”

  9. DEAN….
    Someone has quite a pattern of unfortunate “accidental”…I tend to think “on purpose” deaths…

    One thing that can be taken from all this is…..If you want to live a long life, don’t go into politics.

  10. RAY….

    I’m sorry….I addressed my comments about ‘Mary’s Mosaic” to DEAN, and I should have addressed it too you……..

    Sorry about that.

  11. A “bring over” from last thread:

    GORDO | January 22, 2014 at 8:12 pm |

    Look at these images – Mohammed Subud:

    Scary isn’t it! Somewhere I saw pictures of Obama morphed into this Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo but can’t remember where. Remarkable resemblance but maybe for the darker skin tone. But the affect is definitely there at least.

  12. Where is Al Gore and all of his Global Warming freaks at now when we need him?….I’m freezing my A** off and I’m in the sunny south !!!…..

    Oh by the way, I just read on a national weather site there is a strong “possible” super storm due for Super Bowl Sunday that has the potential for being far bigger than the one we are in now…..

    Just thought everyone would like to know pearl of wisdom……

    Who is the idiot that is dumb enough to schedule a Super Bowl for a stadium in a northern state that does not have an indoor dome?……could it be the same idiot who was paid 29.5 million this year…for doing nothing?

    Looks like they may be playing to an empty stadium. They better have a good “road” crew to keep the markers clear…and each side will have three dog teams and three sleds…..officials will be on skis….booze will be permitted on site for medical emergencies.

    Don’t you just love it when they play football in crap like that !

  13. Yep!

  14. OBSERVER and GORDO……

    That sure looks like O’Bozo’s daddy to me…..I wish someone would finally claim the poor misguided, mentally unbalanced, fellow…

    It’s so sad, not to have a daddy.

  15. Damn….His daddy is prettier than he is !

  16. Ummmm….there are a whole mess of indictments ready to go IF in this country there was any kind of legitimate justice system left….so we are left with this:

    Dinesh D’Souza indicted for violating U.S. election law



    Conservative activist O’Keefe claims Cuomo targeting his group

    Conservative activist James O’Keefe is accusing New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration of targeting his group with document requests and a subpoena, claiming the Democratic governor’s recent comments critical of conservatives “aren’t simply words.”


  17. I just saw on ET tonight where Bruce Jenner has lost his “Adams Apple”, had the hair on his chest removed, and is getting ready to take the shots for a “sex change”…….he looks like a “little girly man” now.

    Like oldsailor81 says…..UP is DOWN………BLACK is WHITE, ………MALE is FEMALE……

    I think Jenner should have a talk with O’Bozo…..I have some advice for Jenner: Remember, once they ‘wack it off”…it won’t grow back !

  18. Well, I’ve created enough confusion for the night..

    .I guess I will see if I can find a good old cowboy movie that I haven’t seen (well maybe only 10 or 15 times).

    Good night all…God Bless and keep your powder dry, and as Roger’s Rangers use to say in the Revolutionary War, “Take no prisoners”….

  19. This matter re. the so-called latest on O’s daddy is suspect. If you compare the morphed images from Observer’s last link (Facebook) with this Wikipedia picture of the same person, you will see a difference in the shape of the face. It looks to me as though someone is trying to deceive. Why are we tempted to be so impressionable without more solid proof?


  20. Hey All,

    I know I am almost 100% of the time off topic, but I heard on the way home today on the radio that Planned Parenthood had released it’s 2013 annual report and it showed more than 327,000 abortions,

    So I came home and looked it up.


    You will have to download the pdf, but no need, I did and it states that Planned Parenthood provided 10,933,675 “services” and of those 327,166 were abortions.

    Their pie chart proudly shows that abortions are 3% of the services provided.

    Compared to 14,827 “murders” in this country in 2012, this 327,166 seems like a number we all should be alarmed at.

    I also suggest that the name should be changed from Planned Parenthood to Planned I DON’T WANT TO BE A Parenthood.

    This number sickens me.

    The other catagories of their services are:

    STI/STD Teasting and Treatment: 4,469,308
    which break down as follows:

    STI Tests, Women and Men 3,728,111
    Genital Warts (HPV) Treatments 42,933
    HIV Tests, Women and Men 697,680
    Other Treatments 584

    Contraception: 3,744,568
    which break down to this:

    Reversible Contraception Patients, Women** 2,129,855
    Emergency Contraception Kits 1,590,133
    Female Sterilization Procedures 821
    Vasectomy Patients 3,749

    1,590,133 “Emergency Kits”????

    Cancer Screening and Prevention: 1,121,580
    which break down like this:

    Pap Tests 492,365
    HPV Vaccinations 38,535
    Breast Exams/ Breast Care 549,804
    Colposcopy Procedures*** 37,683
    LOOP/LEEP Procedures*** 2,273
    Cryotherapy Procedures*** 920

    Other Women’s Health Services: 1,167,755
    which breaks down to this:

    Pregnancy Tests 1,148,249
    Prenatal Services 19,506

    Other Services: 123,308
    which break down to this:

    Family Practice Services, Women and Men**** 41,359
    Adoption Referrals to Other Agencies 2,197
    Urinary Tract Infections Treatments 52,947
    Other Procedures, Women and Men***** 26,805

    And we paid them 542 million in FY 2012 and probably more in 2013 and probably more this year.

    How much of this 542 million do you hear the Republicans saying they are willing to cut?

    327,166 SENSELESS murders, and they display it proudly in their annual report.

    UP is DOWN.

    I’m a firm believer that as long as it’s “legal”, a woman has the right to do whatever she wants with her body, but I don’t want to pay for it. Let HER foot this bill, and I say HER, because HE doesn’t have a say in the matter, unless SHE decides to keep the baby, and then HE has “obligations”.

  21. (VIDEO) Majority of Americans think Obama is Dishonest, Untrustworthy and Incompetent – [WATCH]


  22. I’d also like to comment this:

    Is it Frank Marshall Davis? Malcom X? Barack Sr? This new “person”? or WHO is Baby Barry’s daddy?

    I say we call Maury at 1-800-456-2879 and get to the bottom of this UNbelievable, REmarkable, UNimaginable tale of who’s Baby Barry’s daddy.

    On the next Maury!!!

  23. cabbyaz | January 23, 2014 at 7:55 pm |

    This matter re. the so-called latest on O’s daddy is suspect. If you compare the morphed images from Observer’s last link (Facebook) with this Wikipedia picture of the same person, you will see a difference in the shape of the face. It looks to me as though someone is trying to deceive. Why are we tempted to be so impressionable without more solid proof?
    …..I think I mentioned difference in skin color (not to mention the Afro type hair difference) and…..also put the emphasis on affect which is remarkably similar…so, not quite so “impressionable”….just more to add to the ongoing and sometimes comical lack of historical info with the guy.

    There are lots of images/pictures of this Subuh guy and in fact this one of Zero below (and there are lots even better with this chin effect for comparison) does have a lot in common in the expression with the one you provided of Subuh…it’s gotten to be a cottage industry with the various daddies! Ha!


    and the other guy in your link: http://www.starpulse.com/Notables/Obama,_Barack/gallery/ASG-021717/

  24. IB@ 8:06

    “I’m a firm believer that as long as it’s “legal”, a woman has the right to do whatever she wants with her body…”

    I agree! But she has NO RIGHT to tear another little human being limb to limb in the womb.

  25. Gordo, interesting comments at your link:


    Perhaps just “channeling”!!

  26. Observer,
    Good observation about the pose of the two – Obama and this Subuh guy. There is similarity there. But I also see similarities between Malcolm X and O. You are absolutely right about a “cottage industry with the various daddies”! BTW, I was not referring to you when I used the word “impressionable”. Actually I ran into this stuff last night on another blog and was taken back by how quickly some people jumped onto the morphed sequence of pics and fell for it hook line and sinker without more in-depth investigation. It just could be that someone on the Obot side is playing with us.

  27. IB…….
    With respect to the Planned Parenthood Industry, it occurs to me that there are obviously millions of young females who want to PLAY. Unfortunately they DON’T SEEM TO LIKE THE CONSEQUENCES,and end up expecting the taxpayer to pick up the tab for the cost of an abortion. As long as the taxpayer is paying the cost,the snot nosed little TARTS will keep right on doing their thing. It seems that about all some of these littles girls think about is how many times they can get laid in a days time..Apparently MOM and DAD failed to tell them what would happen resultant of their promiscuous behavior.Between that and the F bomb that we now hear coming from their mouths,it seems clear that many of the little girls in our younger generations do not have any regard for moral behaviorand want to do little other than PLAY AND PAY.

  28. …….but the breakdown of the moral fabric in America is by no means only within the young females. It is equally as rampant among our young men,as well, out of which some become homosexual. That includes lesbian females as well. The alleged GAY crap has been glamorised by Hollywood to such an extent that as a result we see it increasing all around us. It is sickening to watch people of the same sex kissing each other……..and they do not care where they do their thing either. They seem to enjoy making ASSES of themselves.. In the 50s such public displays very often got them some real lumps. Now everybody just rationalises,by saying HO HUM,TO EACH HIS OWN. They don’t even seem to give a damn about their SLIMEY ,STINKING disease……somebody else will pay the cost!

  29. …….one thing is clear…..the moral fabric in America is nearly GONE. It seems as though as long as people have their DRUGS,their porn, their deviate sex,and the cost of it all is put upon the rest of the people it is fine with them. Their self respect seems to no longer exist. Then such people are allowed to become teachers and public school officials. We now see the various results of the teachings from their twisted minds…..what with giving condoms to KINDERGARTENERS to play with, and many of the teachers ,and athletic coaches,and church people either raping ,or sodomising youngsters………again it is clear that OUR ALLEGED SOCIETY IS IN the most serious decline ever.

  30. …..and the more people rationalise by simply saying HO HUM TO EACH HIS OWN….the WORSE the problem will become. Now we see the legalisation of gateway grugs. Boy is the legal drug stocks really going to the moon. If you make the right call on the right drug stock you could become a millionaire very quickly. It is becoming obvious that many more states are going to legalise POT also. Get in on the ground floor with the right stock and you can make millions. Forget MORALITY, it is LONG GONE.

  31. …..believe it or not there are now MARIJUANA stocks to buy. Most have been rated as STRONG BUY.

  32. ….then watch the cost of your AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE go through the roof. All policy holders will get to pay for the behavior of people like the MORON who calls himself BIEBER!

  33. Any marijuana grower who has his farms in the Washington State area, Oregon,or Northern California, because the climate is condusive for the growing of virtually all of the known variants of marijuana,as well as the engineered varieties as well. Then the stocks of the paraphenalia manufacturers is another way to play the marijuana legalisation. They too are STRONG BUYS. Hell if the younger people are boarding the train to oblivion, it will only be a matter of time thereafter until our entire population is puffing on a ROACH,grinning from ear to ear and babbling maniacally.

  34. ……good luck in your STOCK PICKS!

    BYE BYE ………..enjoy your ROACH! har har

  35. Good morning oldsailor81….my friend

    you are up early …..did they get that “pile up” on that interstate straightened out yet….I have seen it several times on tv…looks like it will take them some time to figure out the puzzle…….sunny and cold here in charlotte today….temp now at 10 degrees…..but warming up to about 15 today…..damn I thought this was suppose to be a warm place to live…..guess I will have to migrate to South America…


    NEW YORK – Two new, classified documents leaked by Egyptian security implicate President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton in the aiding and abetting of terrorists.
    The documents have been entered as evidence in the criminal trials of former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi and other top Muslim Brotherhood leaders, scheduled to begin next month in Cairo.
    —————————————————————————————————Can we extradite these low-life reprobate fugitives from the law to Egypt where they can stand trial for murder…..or at least take the case to the World Court for discussion?…

    In the least, let’s send Barky and that “old tush”, Hillary…..Bill says he’s too busy right now running after that young stuff in New York….and besides. he’s trying very hard to be the Director General of the UN next Year and can’t be bothered with what is happening in Egypt….he says that was Hillary’s bag of marbles, and he had nothing to do with that aborted amateurish coup…….

    One thing I can predict with complete accuracy is that this information and these charges against America’s alleged international criminals will never make the MAIN STREAM MEDIA in America……any bets?

    The month of March will be full of surprises…..Sheriff Joe finally has his coming out party which he says will be an “international affair”…then we will be having the TREASON trial in Egypt of Morsi…I’m sure without Obama, Hillary and Bill as witnesses for the defense, OR AS DEFENDANT’S ALSO……and only the good Lord knows what else will develop between now and MARCH…..

  37. I’m not much of an Alex Jones fan…but he’s right on this one…

  38. RMinNC

    Don’t worry….the lame US (DemoRat Party) media will protect Obama and Hillary so we don’t have to worry about this getting out to the public.

  39. Givemeliberty.com. This does not work. shows up domain is available.

  40. sorry…

  41. giveusliberty.com


    This is the most idiotic thing I have ever heard…OBAMA is putting it in our face again…and he doesn’t give a damn if we like it or not, or if it’s true or not…he says what his “puppet masters” put on the teleprompter screen….

    Don’t you just love this idiot we have in the White House…this will be the COLDEST SOTU address in history….and that fool will be out pushing the sale of carbon credits for Al gore….here are the facts about global warming…take them… or leave them;

    Each of the following facts completely dispels the nonsense of global warming.

    1. Ice ages have been coming and going for eons.(thousands)
    2. The last 15 years have shown zero warming.
    3. Man produces less than 1/2 of 1 percent of C02 on the planet.
    4. It was warmer in the 15 century than it is now.
    5. The greatest warming in the 20th century was between 1935 and 1950.


    6. The planet MARS is experiencing an increase in warming RIGHT NOW…hum did we also cause that and can Obama and Al Gore capitalize on the warming of that planet? I don’t think the Martians will buy they BS.

    LIBERALS just can’t handle the facts….and their too damn dumb to understand it’s the SUN, STUPID that causes the warmth, or coldness of our planet.

  43. Sadly LIBERAL politicians think they are so powerful that they can tell mother nature how to behave. HAR HAR. While they rave ,foam at the mouth,and swear everything is getting warmer, mother nature just keeps making it get colder. I guess the only solution to the DRIVEL coming from the LUNATIC LEFT is for the FOAM ABOUT THEIR MOUTHS,to freeze solid and create a ICE MUZZLE on them. But in their lunacy they probably would try to say that all the freezing is a by product of global warming. Their TWISTED minds have only ONE TRACK

  44. The real lame brains are the “California Crazies”,and the overeducated snot nosed wordsmiths. When only 11 out of 50 recent college grads were able to pass an eigth grade SAT, such a failure rate makes a very clear statement. These are also the morally, mentally , spiritually, and physically weak people who collectively support the Maniac in the wackey house. But if you ask any one of them he/she will lay the 50 cent words on you hoping you will THINK they are BRILLIANT.

  45. and now……….Soetoro has been given the full latitude to impose Martial Law upon people,and hold them indefinitely without due process. When he attempts to impose his MORONIC martial law, there will be instant blow back,and his martial law will be rammed right up his. When the war begins the observation of ANY laws will come to an end,including MARTIAL LAW…..IN WAR THERE IS NO LAW,except that which exits the muzzle of a weapon.

    Here is just one thought…. What would you think if I told you that there are a number of ships bearing foreign flagging,which are in INTERNATIONAL WATER,and are floating munition factories,and armories. They are making fully automatic firearms which are far better quality than any of the US producers can build……and the quantity will soon be in the MILLIONS in the holds of these floating factories.. like tankers these ships are double hulled ships,and will be able to take on the best of the Aegis Destroyers.

  46. …………yet what most of us fear is that our DUMB ASS ALLEGED SOCIETY will WHINE,put their tail between their legs, and roll over like whipped dogs, and show what cowardly ,twisted morons they have become. Then they will have the audacity to blame everybody else as they witness the mass executions of their own siblings,fathers,and mothers. har har. At that point they will be in another EAST GERMANY, (under US MANAGEMENT).

  47. BTW………..as fast as the floating munition factories fill the holds of their ship they off load them into secret storage facilities, as containers destined for other ports. The coming war has been forseen for quite some time. Had it not been for French muskets in the Revolutionary war we probably would still be ruled by England.

  48. Observer………..
    Sheriff Arpaio will need a HELL of a lot more money than 3 million. You can be sure that he would become a PRIMARY TARGET of both the LAME STREAM MEDIA, and MSSSSSSSSSSS.SHULTZ…..and the MORONIC, DESPARATE lunatic left will spend MILLIONS to defeat Joe Arpaio. They will dream up lies that are designed to legally tie him up, financially,and legally for as long as it takes. That is ONE level of liberal LUNACY,the next higher play in their book is MURDER.

  49. ………..and if our sick minded,morally depraved,society doesn’t have the GONADS to even fight,the slimey perpetrators if even only to save themselves,then how it will all end is anybody’s guess. BTW any subsequent defense will also fail if it is staffed by the alleged FEMALE
    soldiers. ….simply because far to few have any real combat experience to begin with,and the rest will not have the stomach to gut an enemy soldier with a bayonet, or perhaps wouldn’t have the slightest idea how to do it to begin with.. and if the female soldier was to try to take out an enemy soldier with a bayonet are they prepared mentally to watch his guts spill out on the ground., all in a matter of milli seconds.

  50. ‘Top Secret’ Documents Implicate Obamas, Clintons – Walid Shoebat

    Shocking documents (screen shots at bottom of this post) by Egyptian security forces monitoring the movements of Malik Obama’s Islamic Da’wa Organization (IDO) and the father (Essam el-Haddad) of a former Clinton employee (Gehad El-Haddad) sheds further light on the nefarious dealings of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. These documents could implicate the Obamas and the Clintons as being complicit in endangering national security.


  51. …….and that is the sort of fighting that you can expect when you are trying to save your own ass. You must be prepared to become an armed, and intelligent ANIMAL,and utilise anything which you find that can be used as a weapon. You might very well bye the farm,but then there is an equal chance that you will win the battle…..but that doesn’t mean you have won the war. It could become something which defies imagination, but when that happens you might want to know how,and when to IMPROVISE, and take the fight to the enemy.


    This paragraph in your post at 4:30pm, bears discussion…This was taken from the site you posted.

    “In short, Malik Obama’s prominent role as Executive Director of the IDO, at minimum, implicates his brother in a serious conflict of interest matter relative to national security. That Malik was given illegal tax-exempt status by LOIS LEARNER (my emphasis) may implicate his brother as an accessory to terror funding (this is why Lerner should be granted immunity for her testimony). So far, members of Congress who sit on such committees have shown no desire to do this”.

    One such Congressman – Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA) – has been well aware of the IRS scandal involving Malik Obama for several months and has called the charges “spot on”.
    ————————————————————————————————–From this paragraph, I think Ms. Learner is a PRIME candidate for a CARDIC failure problem….just like poor old Loretta Fuddy suffered….

    If I were Ms. Learner, I would be singing like a canary right now….loud and long…otherwise she might as well order her memorial flowers in advance.

  53. Bob Strauss……..
    Thanks for showing the details regardingthe SOS and the people who they were involved with prior. It would appear that Walid Shoebat has it right,when you take an objective look at what has happened thus far in the Morsi prosecution. I fully expect ALL of the MUSLIMs who are convicted will be put to death. Any people outside the brotherhood,but are supporters of Morsi should face prosecution in the WCC, as war criminals. If Shoebat possesses incriminating evidence that cannot be ignored, I would be praying that Sheriff Arpaio also is made privvy to it.

  54. RMINNC…….
    It might already be too late for LOIS LANE to say anything except recite the 5th. If she does she is going to ultimately fry as well…. that is unless some sick twisted politician offers her some sort of IMMUNITY. If she was the person who signed the OK to back off the BASTARDS and allow them tax free status then she needs to be fully prosecuted to the letter of the law. Where it concerns her I believe that she is prepared to go down with the ship without uttering a word. You only need to look into her STARING FACE,there is no evidence of remorse,and she is without a doubt cut from the same cloth as Hilis Clint.

  55. …..and my best guess is she to would ask “What difference does it make”. Such people in leadership roles should be forbidden in our government. They are too easily infuenced from above….after all the word “NO” is in their vocabulary,but has collected a lot of dust…….(GOLD DUST!)

  56. Bob Strauss………
    It would NOT surprise me if someday we discovered that Soetoro was one of the masterminds behind the WTC attack, which killed nearly 2400 people. In my gut this suspicion continues to wrankle.

  57. Oldsailor81….

    You might be right about Lois Lane…or Lois Learner… or whatever her name is……Usurperman’s girlfriend Friday ! She may be in too deep already.
    Oh well….scratch another supporter.

  58. It is ONE THING to execute a coupde etat over a government, but it is quite another to extend that coup de etat to FREE people who have grown up in freedom. A coupd de etat of a government alone would ultimately die simply because the majority of American people even those who are MORONS will value their freedom over an intrusive government. Even the IRON GRIP of Communist East Germany could not keep the East Germans from fleeing one or two at a time to West Germany. But sadly enough the DUMASSES in our society must feel what it is like to be dictated to. then they will scream bloody murder,but it will then be TOO LATE. They will get to live for quite a while in a Communist controlled state perhaps even the rest of their lives har har they will get exactly what they ask for…..hope they enjoy it all.

  59. RMINNC…
    Each day I sort of reflect upon what has occurred so far in our country,and there has been NOTHING GOOD happening for a very long time. Overall the US has become a seriously weakened country, worse yet is the fact that much of the weakness has been a direct product of our OWN people. This includes the leadership of our country. It is strangely similar to that of Europe in the late twenties,and the early thirties. Now we see a rising Nazi sort of government coming,yet everybody SITS ON THEIR ASSES and whine,insted of standing up and taking the country back. I was truly with the people of the tiny Republic of Honduras. They saw EARLY ON what was happening and their Military removed the criminal perpetrator from office IMMEDIATELY.. THREE CHEERS FOR the Honduras military HOORAY,HOORAY HOORAY…..and gusee what NOBODY HAS TRIED to do a COUP DE ETAT SINCE IN HONDURAS.

  60. NEW YORK – Two new, classifed documents leaked by Egyptian security implicate President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton in the aiding and abetting of terrorists.

    The documents have been entered as evidence in the criminal trials of former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi and other top Muslim Brotherhood leaders, scheduled to begin next month in Cairo.

    Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2014/01/obama-clintons-accused-in-egypt-of-aiding-terrorists/#7RQzYMY9hwHiQWiw.99

  61. BYE BYE ope everybody stays warm,it was 36 degrees in Anchorage AK,but damn it is zero here. Go figure!

  62. The usurper has taught them well.

    VIDEO: Black College Students Threaten Violence if Not Provided Free Tuition


  63. They will get a free education while in prison.

    VIDEO: Black College Students Threaten Violence if Not Provided Free Tuition



    Sounds like another round of Underground Weathemen are getting ready to hit the streets……maybe a weaker version.

    Bill Ayers will be proud of these Afros, in fact he may have written their demands for them ( I doubt seriously that any of them can compose a sentence)…….

    lots of demands for FREEBIES I heard there….what about some demands from the WHITE students that also go attend classes there…Like “we demand that the university kick these freeloaders pricks out of our university if they can’t pay their bills like everyone else”…

    When is the WHITE people going to grow a set of gonads and put this black power crap to rest? What makes these idiots think they can have any special interest that any other students at the university of Michigan, ( including the white students) do not have?


    PHOENIX, Jan. 24 (UPI) —

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona’s Maricopa County said inmates who defaced American flags in their cells will be fed only bread and water for a week.

    The flags were placed in cells in November in a patriotism campaign by the sheriff, who accused some inmates of “tearing them, writing on them, stepping on them, throwing them in the toilet, trash or wherever they feel. It’s a disgrace,” CNN reported.

    In addition to the display of flags, the “Star Spangled Banner” is played over the jail intercom each morning and every evening inmates hear “God Bless America,” the report said.

    The flags were put in cells after Arpaio announced he would hire more veterans.

    He says more than 600 male and female veterans work for the sheriff’s department, which manages 8,000 inmates.
    Wouldn’t it be a hoot if, and when, they ever convict O’Bozo for TREASON they sent him to Phoenix and Sheriff Joe’s jail to serve his sentence…he could dress up in those pretty “pink panties” that Joes issues to his inmates and O’Bozo could have a lot of fun with all the male inmates…he could be the “Queen” of the place…….a “new body man” every day !…

    Eat your heart out Reggie Love !!!


  67. oldsailor81 | January 24, 2014 at 5:22 pm |
    Bob Strauss………
    It would NOT surprise me if someday we discovered that Soetoro was one of the masterminds behind the WTC attack, which killed nearly 2400 people. In my gut this suspicion continues to wrankle.
    As I recall there was an article a few years ago that revealed a relative of Moochelle owned the company that serviced the sprinkler system at the World Trade Center the day before the attack and the system had been turned off. Don’t remember where I read it but at the time I thought the suggestion that Obama would have been involved was preposterous. Anybody else recall the article?

  68. BREAKING: South Carolina House Votes 100-0 to Ban Drones


  69. As I recall there was an article a few years ago that revealed a relative of Moochelle owned the company that serviced the sprinkler system at the World Trade Center the day before the attack and the system had been turned off. Don’t remember where I read it but at the time I thought the suggestion that Obama would have been involved was preposterous. Anybody else recall the article?
    I remember the sprinkler system coincidence, but I wrote it of as clutter.

    I am more interested in seeing that the ineligible usurper is exposed for what he is, and is prosecuted for espionage.

    You have to be a Citizen to be a traitor.

  70. Philo-Publius

    I read an article tonight where the government says we should lower our heat to 57 degrees to save on energy costs. That most likely indicates at some point Obama will issue an Executive Order mandating it.

    Heck at 57 degrees there is no heat. Stock up on snow suits for the home or freeze while Obama gives his State of the Union Transformation speech.

  71. “Beware the ides of March” Soothsayer, Julius Caesar, Wm. Shakespeare

  72. The Stench of the Regime Is Thick: A List of Latest Conservative Targets

    1. IRS Targets Conservative groups – IRS auditor reaffirms that conservatives, not liberals, were targeted
    2. IRS Scandal – FBI Closes Case – Obama FBI Closed Case on IRS Targeting Scandal Before Interviewing Single One of 292 Targeted Groups


    From GiveusLiberty.com…..1/25/2014

    Now that the movie, “Captain Phillips” about the Maersk Alabama hijacking by Somali pirates is out, we need to inform the public about some facts of that event that haven’t been made public before.

    The following article of facts regarding the incident was written by Dr. John “Jack” Wheeler, a real honest to goodness hero.

    Dr. Wheeler was a man of honor: a West Point graduate, a Vietnam veteran, and the man who was the driving force behind financing the construction of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. He fought long and hard for the dignity and honor of the fallen Vietnam War soldiers.

    He served three presidents as an aide and advisor — Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush, for whom he was a special assistant to the Secretary of the Air Force and a military consultant.

    Jack Wheeler was a graduate student at the Harvard Business School when he was recruited to be an advisor to the president regarding military tactics. He was a man of integrity and served on the General Staff at the Pentagon.

    Shortly after writing this article, he was mysteriously murdered sometime between Dec. 28th and 31st in 2010 and his body was dumped in a dumpster in Newark , Delaware . Wheeler had homes in Washington , D.C. and New Castle , Del.

    Just like many others, Dr. Jack Wheeler paid the price for his honesty.Read his comments in part 2 below…it’s a barn-burner..

  74. PART TWO:

    ” All of us need to raise our glasses the highest to the Navy SEALs who popped those three Somali pirates. And I’m sure you want to hear the real story of what happened especially because there is a revoltingly opportunistic and cowardly side to it.

    Why, for example, did it take SEAL Team Six (aka DEVGRU, Navy Special Warfare Development Group) over 36 hours to get to the scene?
    Because President Obama refused to authorize the SEAL deployment for those 36 hours, during which the OSC – the on scene commander, Cmdr. Frank Castellano of the USS Bainbridge – repeatedly requested them.
    Cmdr. Castellano is a very, very mature and experienced commanding officer and is rock solid in his decisions.

    Once the SEALs arrived – parachuting from a C-17 into the ocean near the ship – Obama then imposed Rules of Engagement (ROE) specifying the SEALs could not do anything unless the life of the hostage, Captain Richard Phillips, was in “imminent” danger.

    Thus, when Capt. Phillips attempted to escape by jumping off the lifeboat into the ocean, the SEAL snipers had all four pirates (one later surrendered) sighted in and could have taken them out then and there – but they could not fire due to Obama’s ROE restrictions.

    When the SEALs approached the lifeboat in a RIB (rigid-hull inflatable boat) carrying supplies for Capt. Phillips and the pirates, the pirates fired upon them. Not only was no fire returned due to Obama’s ROE, but as the pirates were shooting at the RIB, SEAL snipers on the Bainbridge had them all dialed in. Again, no triggers were pulled due to the ROE
    Two specific rescue plans were developed by Cmdr. Castellano and the SEAL teams. Obama personally refused to authorize them.

    After the second refusal and days of dithering, Cmdr. Castellano decided he had the Operational Area and OSC authority to “solely determine risk to hostage” and did not require any further approval by the president. He took unilateral action on Sunday, April 12, 2009.

    Four hours later, the White House is informed that three pirates are dead and Capt. Phillips has been rescued unharmed. Then a White House press release was immediately issued, giving credit to the president for his “daring and decisive” behavior that resulted in such success.

    Obama has absolutely no military knowledge or experience whatsoever. He demanded decisional control over the entire hostage drama to the last detail. All actions required his personal approval. He dithered like a coward while the world laughed at our warships flummoxed by four illiterate teenagers with worn-out AKs in a lifeboat.

    Only when the Navy Commander decided to ignore his Pantywaist-in-Chief and take action and responsibility himself, were the incredible skills of the SEALs put into play.

    That Obama could cynically and opportunistically claim that his “bold” “calm” “tough” leadership was responsible should remind everyone that not a single action, not a single word of this man can be trusted. He is bereft of honesty and moral character. He is a complete Zero.

    The HFR raises a glass full of pride and gratitude to Navy Commander Frank Castellano, the Navy SEALs for their incredible competence, and our military. Let’s hold a Tea Party in their honor.

    What a low-life, lying, racist, Muslim, Marxist, Manchurian coward we have running our government. It is a disgrace to the office. Anybody reading to this point that voted for this worthless son of a bitch, step forward to show America how altogether stupid you really are!! ”
    For this statement of honest truth…Dr. Jack Wheeler gave his life.
    May he RIP, and with the honor he has so rightfully earned.

  75. OBAMA, if that’s his real name, is an ABSOLUTE DISGRACE….to the human race.


    Full of “sound and fury” signifying nothing.

  76. We all know O’Rilley landed an interview with Obama before the Super Bowl…and by now, we all know O’Rilley will ask only “powder puff” questions of Obama, most likely centered on Muchelle’s birthday bash…..
    Here are my questions for the fake Bill O’Rilley;

    ” Did you have to submit your questions to the White House for their “stamp of approval” before the interview is conducted?”
    “Did you have to get Val Jarrett’s personal approval before you could come inside the gates at the White House?”

    Those were a stupid questions on my part….of course he did…all those reporters who are granted access to the ONE do…otherwise Obama reads from his teleprompter.

  77. ‘Soldiers of Allah’

    Home Grown

    Jihad In Behalf of Muslims in America


  78. RMinNC — Obama is a pro-Iran Shiite Marxist Muslim. The question is how? How did such a one fly under the radar to become President? What kind of machine is backing him and keeping him in power? He even out maneuvered the Clintons. What kind of blackmail is going on?

    The only thing I can come up with is he was recruited when a student by the CIA during the Cold War. The CIA was recruiting Muslims at that time because it was thought we had common cause against the Soviets.

    The CIA gave him the identity he now goes by. The Company later paid for his Harvard education. He worked for Business International Corporation (a CIA front) and then launched his political career as a “community organizer” with international oil rich Muslim backing. American corporations, in bed with oil, have gone along.

    Our whole economy is petroleum dependent. Obama was seen as a Leftist but loyal American due to his CIA service. The elites and insiders, both Dems and GOP, have seen him in this manner. His “mistakes” are seen as misguided or overly ideological but that he could be a Manchurian plant for anti-American interests is denied. The Establishment doesn’t want to even consider this. It would unravel everything!

  79. The point I’m getting at with my previous post is Obama is really doing a good job according to his beliefs and ideology, which is to promote Islam and Marxist ideology. That is his religion. He is very skilled and very intelligent, play-acting and carrying out the method of Taqqia, dissimulation, for the greater glory of Islam and “social justice.” We are the “bad guys” with our guns and Bibles. He has played the Left and the Right and blackmailed everyone because our oil dependency and fear of racial strife.

  80. DEAM M…….
    I agree with everything you have said in your last two post…the problem is that many American’s are just too damn stupid to understand , or care, about how this MUSLIM is destroying our CHRISTIAN country.

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