Amrish Mahajan Obama Rezko lot bank president barred from banking, FDIC receiver for Mutual Bank v Mahajan, Rita Rezko loan, Kenneth Conner whistleblower

Amrish Mahajan Obama Rezko lot bank president barred from banking, FDIC receiver for Mutual Bank v Mahajan, Rita Rezko loan, Kenneth Conner whistleblower

“Why wasn’t Rod Blagojevich, Governor of IL, prosecuted before Tony Rezko, a businessman?”…Citizen Wells

“Why was Tony Rezko’s sentencing delayed?”…Citizen Wells

“Why did Mutual Bank fire whistleblower Kenneth J Conner after he
challenged the appraisal on the land purchased by Rita Rezko, just
prior to the land sale to Obama?”…Citizen Wells

The FDIC lawsuit against Amrish Mahajan, et al is still alive.

Amrish Mahajan, the former president of Mutual Bank of Harvey, the bank that loaned Rita Rezko the money to buy the lot subsequently sold to the Obamas, has been barred from banking.

From Chicago Business July 1, 2013.

“Politically connected ex-Mutual Bank president barred from banking”

“Amrish Mahajan, former president of failed Mutual Bank of Harvey and a major fundraiser for imprisoned former Gov. Rod Blagojevich, has been barred from future participation in the banking industry under a newly released regulatory order.

Mr. Mahajan consented, without admitting or denying unsafe or unsound banking practices, to a May 1 order by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. prohibiting him from participating “in any manner” in the conduct of the affairs of any federally insured institution.

Until early 2009, Mr. Mahajan ran Mutual Bank of Harvey, one of the most active lenders to Indian-American-owned businesses in the Chicago area and an enthusiastic commercial real estate lender in Chicago and other markets around the country. The bank, which had $1.7 billion in assets at its peak, failed spectacularly in 2009, saddling the FDIC’s insurance fund with an estimated $917 million in losses, according to the latest FDIC account. That makes it the costliest Chicago-area bank failure since the beginning of 2009.

Mr. Mahajan is a defendant in an FDIC lawsuit against former officers and directors of Mutual Bank seeking $130 million in damages. That suit, filed in October 2011, is pending and in discovery.”

“Mutual Bank briefly entered the realm of national politics after news surfaced of the bank’s role in financing the purchase of a lot next to the home of then-U.S. Sen. Barack Obama. The Obama family bought part of the lot from the wife of Blagojevich fundraiser Tony Rezko after Mutual Bank lent her $500,000 to purchase the property. Mr. Rezko is in prison on charges of fraud, among other things.”

Read more:

Order to bar Amrish Mahajan from banking.

Read more about the Mahajan Obama Rezko connection here.

59 responses to “Amrish Mahajan Obama Rezko lot bank president barred from banking, FDIC receiver for Mutual Bank v Mahajan, Rita Rezko loan, Kenneth Conner whistleblower

  1. Good morning.

  2. “For all the endless talk of a recovery during the past five years, there is a very tangible reason why for most people this is nothing but spin, propaganda and lies: when one strips away the retroactively adjusted GDP, the seasonally adjusted (and politically mandated) counting of temp jobs, the constantly upward revised jobless claims, the Fed’s $4+ trillion balance sheet of course, and even the declining (yes, declining) real disposable income per capita, what one is left with is the lowest loan creation out of a recession (or depression) in history, and is at indexed levels last seen during the Lehman collapse over five years ago!”

  3. Good Morning, CW and all,
    Just having read through a long list of “impeachable offenses” on a petition I signed, I came over here muttering something like “Obama was mired in the cesspool of Chicago politics – that is all he knows – what more can we expect?” Then we are reminded again by CW on this thread how corrupt his past life truly was (is).

    Reflecting back on the months before the 2008 election, I remember receiving much info about his socialist/communist ties and background but little, if anything, about the Chicago connection.

    I wish that someone could somehow “follow the money” by doing an in-depth cash flow study on ObamaCare. Overall, money is flowing FROM Americans for their healthcare. We do know that around a billion of taxpayer money was “wasted” on setting up the gov’t. website, but the recipient(s) were Obama cronies. What are Americans receiving for it?
    Less healthcare, higher premiums, higher out-of-pocket costs, restricted doctors and healthcare facilities, etc., etc.!

    I believe that if a study could be made, it would reveal that the ultimate destination of this outward cash flow would be political paybacks and padding the pockets of Obama cronies. Of course, some will disappear via rampant waste/mistakes. We ain’t seen nuttin’ yet.

  4. First white guy who knocks someone out is charged with a hate crime while dozens of blacks go free when they knock out Jews and other whites. I know, I bitterly cling to my bible and guns and am a racist. So sue me.

  5. Interested Bystander

    Hey All,

    This is off topic but:

    I know Tina won’t like this but the facts are the facts. And not to pick on poor Tina, but she’s simply bought in to LIES.

    It just goes to show you that our personal liberties are being taken from us under FALSE rhetoric.

    I have stated for decades that business owners ought to be the ones who decide what goes on in their establishments.

    Many, many businesses have been forced to close or have lost significant revenue because of this false rhetoric.

    It’s like global warming, if you spew the rhetoric enough, people start believing it.

    And please don’t take my post wrong. It’s rather obvious that being in a smoke free room is “better” than being in a smoke filled room, however, the evidence shows that you are at no higher risk of getting anything because you are in a smoke filled room.

    This coming from an EX-smoker (almost a year and a half smoke free). I quit smoking for my OWN benefit, not because someone told me I had to quit.

  6. Hey All,

    I’d like to comment on something oldsailor posted in the last thread:

    “The elitists in the GOP have been trying to shove out true conservatives ever since I can remember, and that is at least over 50 years. They never give up.”

    The Democratic wing of the Republican Party has just about accomplished their mission.

    Next they’ll be telling us that a TRUE Conservative would never win a general election.

    I say give them a chance, we haven’t had a TRUE Conservative since Reagan, and he proved himself to be a SPENDER and not a cost controller. The reason I state this is because during Reagan, the treasury brought in twice as much at the end of his term as compared to the start of his term, BUT the deficits continued to grow.

  7. To expand on my last comment:

    Reagan wasn’t even supposed to win the primary.

    Then it was said that the he stood no chance against Carter.

    Reagan WON not only once, but twice, and the second time during the best recovery in US history.

    Reagan DID submit balanced budgets, but he still signed in to law the budgets or CRs that were passed which were NOT balanced.

    So the stage is set for 2015. The budget Obama signed while in Hawaii during a 4 million dollar vacation will be up sometime in early 2016, I believe. That sets up a confrontation during the Presidential primary (caucus) run up.

    A brilliant ploy by the Democrats to put the Republicans under the gun come 2016.

  8. Tina,

    The truth is they ALL should be charged with assault, or attempted murder.

    To be charged with a crime that is specific to circumstances, at least to me, is nonsence.

    A crime is a crime, no matter who or what the circumstances are.

    For example robbery is robbery, no matter whether a gun or knife or a candle is used to commit the crime.

  9. On another topic,

    I was discussing with a coworker about Obama’s eligibility.

    I suggested to him that the birth certificate issue is simply a smoke screen, because in my mind the REAL issue is that Obama was a dual citizen when he was born.

    I said that it’s like if you have a doberman and mate it with a labrador retriever.

    The puppy isn’t a doberman or a lab.

    It’s PART doberman and PART lab.

    NOT a pure breed.

    To be a Natural Born Citizen is pretty much the same thing, you MUST be PURE bred, and NOT mixed.

  10. And Lastly (for now anyway),

    I’m pretty much resigned to the fact that our government and it’s agencies are going to do whatever they want to do.

    Just look at Fast and Furious. NO answers have been forthcoming.

    The NSA scandal, the IRS scandal, Benghazi, Lakin, Zimmerman, the Boston police officer, the lady from Washington State who Obama had stand behind him as a “success” story for the ACA, the DoJ as a whole, the allowing of our military personell to practice whatever religion they want too, as long as it’s NOT Christianity, and the list goes on and on.

    And the Democratic wing of the Repubican Party does NOTHING but tell us that going over the cliff at 60 MPH is better than going over the cliff at 100 MPH,

    Just a little clue to the Democratic wing of the Republican Party:

    At both speeds you STILL go over the cliff

  11. I.B.,

    As far as the smoking studies go, I fully agree with you and have known for quite some time that there was absolutely zero correlation between second hand smoke and others getting lung cancer because of it. Comparing it to global warming scams in order to control, tax and regulate individual choice was what it was all about.

    One tell-tell sign was when the government regulated non-smoking on Airplanes under the Commerce Clause, since Airplanes fly over State lines thus lands in the jurisdiction of the Federal Government. I remember specifically the people up in arms and upset about this and claiming that the Government will next start trying to regulate smoking within the States, their cities and towns, private businesses and eventually, peoples own homes.

    The Government declared that would never happen and was a conspiracy by paranoid citizens overacting. Well, guess what? LOL.. The rest is history. Once the camels nose is in the tent, expect the rest of it to follow. Hell, in some places, they made it illegal to smoke in your own car.

  12. Just to add I.B.,

    I remember in the past when most people were jumping on the band wagon of charging higher insurance rates for smokers and I stated then it was a bad idea. When asked why by many people, I said if they do, they will then go after “fat people”. They laughed at me during conversations and said – no way. It will never happen.

    Guess what “Fat People”… LOL.. Your weight and poor eating habits leads the death rate in the Country, and now you have to pay higher premiums. Don’t think the government will? Guess again.

  13. Next on the list?

    DNA analysis for future possible illnesses at birth in order to determine whether or not you are a high risk.

    About control? Nah….. never.

  14. I.B.,

    First, I cannot stand the RINO’s and the likes of Karl Rove, period. And agree, the last true conservative was Ronald Regan. However, his spending was not on the private sector, but rather on the military, unlike the democrats spending.

  15. I.B.,

    I never did explain to you why I suggested using George C. Scotts Scrooge did I?

  16. William,

    Welcome to the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

    At least it USED to be.

    Thanks for your input.

    I’m of the opinion that there will be a day in the NEAR future when you won’t be able to buy pop from a machine at your workplace.

    Only “good” food and drink will be allowed.

    It’s for your own good dontchaknow.

    Kind of like seat belt laws.

    They know what’s best for us.

  17. William,

    To be honest, ALL aspects of Government grew under Reagan. I agree that military spending was top on the list.

    And no you haven’t explained why you suggested George C Scott’s Scrooge.

    I figure because he comes across as mean, but really has a good heart.

    At least that’s my story as to why you suggested it. (and I’m sticking to it)

  18. How Hitler used Universal Healthcare in Holocaust

    The next time someone tells you Obamacare isn’t Fascist, then ask them to watch this video. Government should never control healthcare. Healthcare should never be used to “control people.”

  19. I.B.,

    I chose that specific scrooge with George C. Scott for a couple of reasons. First, I like George C. Scott as a actor, always a strong character. Also in this movie, he grows with strength pertaining to the past, present and the future. His reflections of life and all those surrounding him grew surmountable and he channeled that through his vast wealth of wisdom and knowledge.

    In many ways, he reminded me of you. 🙂

  20. I.B.,

    I think in 2015 under new regulation rules, all Pop at the machines in the workplace will be reduced from 12oz to 6oz, but still the same price. Additionally, we will only be allowed to purchase no more than 2 in a single 8 hour work day.

    In order to ensure this is not abused, (for our best health and to be equally fair) we will be required to purchase special slotted coins with cash not exceeding the cost of 2 – 6oz pops. Anyone caught “saving” them and purchasing more than 2-6oz pops, will be recorded via the spy cam on the soda pop machine and immediately called into HR and reported to their respective insurance for a premium hike.

    Anyone caught selling or trading their special pop coins will be criminally charged with a felony for illegally trading/selling Federal coinage own by the U.S. Government, and immediately terminated.

    For the best of their Health of course, and to be “equally fair” to all other U.S. Citizens.

  21. These are some of the terrorists the usurper has allowed into this country.
    ABC NEWS ADMITS: Obama, DHS Policy Dumped Bus Load of Islamic Terrorists into US

  22. “Rebel” Group Being Courted by Obama Conducted Joint Suicide Assault on Syrian Hospital with Al-Qaeda

  23. Egyptian Interior Ministry: Muslim Brotherhood Protest Leaders Will Be Executed …Hillary, Obama BFFs

  24. Bob Strauss……..Re 4:53PM
    ………..and the alleged leader of the Muslim Brotherhood along with them, then let his body hang in public,until it falls from rot. They call this PUBLIC EXAMPLE, for other WANNABES to consider.

  25. Bob Strauss…….
    Atthis point in time there is absolutely NO INCENTIVE for the CRIMINALS in the WACKY HOUSE to change their ways. Hell nobody has done anything meaningful in an attempt to stop them …so as much as I hate to tell you this the BS from the WACKY HOUSE will CONTINUE,and in all probability get much worse……so keep sitting on your duffs,and you will GET …….MORE WACKY HOUSE MANURE dumped squarely upon you. Hope everybody LIKES THE SMELL!

  26. oldsailor81 | December 27, 2013 at 5:23 pm |

    Bob Strauss……..Re 4:53PM
    ………..and the alleged leader of the Muslim Brotherhood along with them, then let his body hang in public,until it falls from rot. They call this PUBLIC EXAMPLE, for other WANNABES to consider.
    I’ll bet the usurper, and billary won’t show up in Egypt any time soon.
    Although, I wish they would.

  27. Thanks bob.
    I check the AL Supreme Court rulings each week.

  28. …….I believe that unless the criminals at the WACKY HOUSE are given REASON to change their ways nothing will happen…….but with a few decorations dangling from the limb of a liveoak tree VISUAL INCENTIVE might inspire at least the criminals who don’t wish to become ornaments themselves to change their ways. Juliani used the “carrot and stick” approach in cleaning out a few of the New York mafia families which a few of us might recall. I believe that success lies in how the “carrot is presented.

  29. Bob Strauss…………
    ……at least Egypt’s military has taken the iniative to rid themselves of a potential plague which would have taken Egypt back to the 4th Century. Some are looking at the Egyptian military crackdown,and subsequent declarations as Mubarek tactics. Sadly those who see it this way do not possess the mentality to realise that it MUST be this way until the public begins to understand why the military has done what it has done up to this point. If the Egyptian public fail to understand the reasons then there will NEVER be a democratic country evolve. If the Egyptian public was capable of REASON there probably would never have been a need for the military to take control in the first place. These people have been taught HATE sinc they were born,and all they have done since …is HATE.

  30. oldsailor81,
    This country is getting a first class education in what can happen when the communists get their way. Everything from an illegal usurper, being shoved down our throats, to falsification of documents by Nancy Pelousy, certifying the usurper is Constitutionally eligible, when he isn’t, and a Attorney General, who refuses to prosecute anything, unless it’s approved by the usurper.

    Now we’re stuck with two SCOTUS justices, that were nominated by a usurper, who isn’t even eligible to hold office to do so, along with every other federal judge he has appointed.

    This country will feel the affects of this dishonesty for a long time, unless a special prosecutor is appointed to clean up this mess, and reverse the damage done by this illegal RICO case.

  31. Bob Strauss…..
    With regard to “Soetoro,and Clint”, I would be betting the same as you.

  32. citizenwells | December 27, 2013 at 5:57 pm |

    Thanks bob.
    I check the AL Supreme Court rulings each week.
    I just wish these cases would move faster.

    Thanks for keeping hope alive.

  33. Bob Strauss……
    I would personally refer to the last two appoinees to the SCOTUS NOT AS JUSTICES, rather “INJUSTICES”. Neither has a mental parity with that of an ant.

  34. Bob Strauss……..
    Another very dangerous situation has grown out of the mess which we now are witness to. This is the MORE THAN OBVIOUS, and GROWING apathy of our young people. Many have sheepskins, which rightfully they should have never been given. When you have only 11 out of 50 so called college grads who were able to pass an EIGHTH GRADE LEVEL SAT there is a really serious problem within our so called colleges.

  35. This reporter will probably be audited by the IRS after she asks the usurper about his lie of the year. The usurper looks a little agitated.

  36. Dean M.,
    If you are around these days, the following certainly vindicates your opinion that Obama supports Iran over Saudi Arabia. This is the news being reported today, and at Obama’s presser last week he reaffirmed that he strongly resists talk of any sanctions by Congress against Iran. He is giving Iran a free pass to move ahead with their nuclear program.

    Iran nuclear chief: Country is pressing ahead with uranium enrichment

    Then we have this from the Saudis:

    Too often, Obama’s speeches and actions don’t match.
    “We are glad the Americans are here,” said Ahmed al-Ibrahim, an adviser to some of Saudi Arabia’s royals and officials, when I met with him recently, “but we fear that the president has lost credibility after Syria.”

    The Saudi official is referring to Obama’s “red line” vow of military action if the Syrian dictator Bashir Assad used chemical weapons against his own people. Assad did and Obama didn’t. Saudi officials were stunned.
    Next came the revelation earlier this year that Obama was secretly negotiating with Iran, the mortal enemy of both Israel and Saudi Arabia. Officials in both nations have told me that they simply don’t believe that the president can sweet-talk the mullahs out of the weapons they have coveted for years.
    “The bond of trust between America and Saudi Arabia has been broken in the Obama years,” al-Ibrahim said. “We feel we have been stabbed in the back by Obama.”

    Read more:

  37. Bob Strauss………
    With regard to the Alabama Supreme Court, I am NOT GOING TO HOLD MY BREATH because all the DOJ has to do is look at the justices with a frown, and the Alabama Supreme Court will become IMPOTENT. I will bet that everything will eventually be tossed out for made up reasons which will be said to be the law. har har

  38. CabbyAZ……
    I personally believe that Soetoro’s obvious support towards Iran is as dangerous to the US as it is to Israel…..perhaps even moreso. It is not really difficult to understand where his support for Iran has it’s roots. The roots are being nurtured by Soetoro’s IRANIAN ADVISOR. A hell of a lot of people had better wake up to what this alleged advisor REALLY IS.

  39. …….then after we have realised what MSSSSSSS.Jarrett really is, then take a strong look at who put her in that position. If your answer is people like Msssssssssssss.Pelosi, Ted Kennedy,and all the rest of the FOAMING AT THE MOUTH LIBERALS, who WANT A SOCIALIST form of GOVERNMENT. Kennedy of course is gone,but the rest are still present, and still KICKING their IDIOCY down the road.

  40. oldsailor81,
    I agree, the Alabama Supreme court can only issue a ruling affecting Alabama, but it could wake up a lot of fence sitters, to the point of making the ball roll a little faster.

    Their decision will probably stir the pot at SCOTUS, and SCOTUS will ultimately rule on the usurpers eligibility, and in less the usurpers picks on the court recuse themselves, we can guess the outcome.

  41. One last comment. Now we have the LIBERAL MEDIA pushing “CLINT” for POTUS. They are even making up phoney popularity poll figures. If Americans are really so stupid as to elect that nitwit to the POTUS then everybody had better begin praying ….in earnest. In many ways “CLINT’S” baggage is weighted in CRIMINAL behavior, and has been even in Arkansas. Sadly to few people even know about her bullshi# relating to Whitewater,Rose Law Firm, and the demise of Ron Brown, and possible involvement with 23 other mysterious deaths of people who KNEW TOO MUCH!

  42. Bob Strauss…….
    I am not convinced that there ARE any fence sitters. Either you support Soetoro,or you DO NOT. As long as there is a welfare crowd who are getting lots of freebies,now even FREE healthcare insurance,… the expense of honest taxpayers, there will be Soetoro SUPPORTERS, not fence sitters. As long as a so called judge sits in his nice $200,000.00 a year job, whether it is STATE or FEDERAL level, he is going to be mindful of his ultimate BOSS…..who signs the $200,000.00 pay authorisation. I think that if there are any fence sitters at all they are political aspirants who are simply waiting to see which side to pledge their allegiance to. We will probably know the outcome of the Alabama kettle until after the 2014 elections.

  43. Goodnight all…………..Have a great day! Godbless everyone!

  44. before I go away,in my last comment i omitted the word NOT which needs to be inserted We will probably..NOT…….know……..Sorry. Bye bye

  45. Apparently judges are putting their own welfare ahead of their oaths of office.

  46. December 27, 2013

    “True Colors: See Congressmen Who Continue To Deny Obama Birth Certificate Forgery”
    Sharon Rondeau – “The Post & Email”

    ” Exclusive: Congressmen Continue to Deny Issue of Obama Birth Certificate Forgery”

    “On Friday, Mike Volin of (WOBC) contacted The Post & Email to report that Rep. Paul Ryan issued a letter representing that the forgery of Obama’s long-form birth certificate posted on the White House website is authentic after having been provided a Sheriff’s Kit in one of his district offices last month.

    Last year, Ryan was Mitt Romney’s choice for vice president in the race against Obama and Joe Biden.

    … Fisher delivered a kit to Ryan’s Janesville, WI office, obtaining the signature of a staffer with a pledge that it would be given directly to Ryan, then did the same at the local office of Sen. Ron Johnson.

    Ryan’s letter reads as follows:

    [part of Ryan’s letter]:

    “… On April 27, 2011, in response to these criticisms, President Obama released the long form of his birth certificate, which was issued by the Hawaii State Department of Health.

    For your review, I have also included an electronic copy of the long form of the President’s birth certificate. I certainly understand the importance of this issue, and I hope you find the information useful.”
    bob68’s comment at ORYR: “The lengths these people will go to in order to deny the evidence and pretend Obama is legit indicates how much they fear the treason charges that are going to come with the full exposure of Obama’s usurpation and Congress complicity in the biggest fraud in history. They apparently think they can continue to lie, deceive and obfuscate for another 3 years and Barry will quietly go away as having been a real president, leaving the enormous damage to America intact and letting Congress off the hook for for the treason they have committed, and are still are committing.

    Would some members of Congress speak out if they were offered a “deal” to not be charged with treason when the charade ends……….and, should any of them be given that opportunity?”

  47. I.B.
    I like your comment “Democratic Wing of the Republican Party.”
    Perhaps this comment also makes sense “Republicans will “NOT” take on a fight unless they are sure that they can WIN.”

  48. hapnhal…………
    When Republican aspirants for elected office start growing some gonads,they might start winning elections. They need to use the LIBERAL strategy only take it to a much more intense level. At this point I can’t see anyone in the Republican party who I believe could successfully lead our country as POTUS. Nor do I see any potential leader within the Liberal, or moderate Demovrat party who doesn’t have either a CRIMINAL history,or is a very big BLOWHARD. Elect Clint and you will get even worse leadership than we already have…..which amounts to a LYING illegally elected usurper who in reality is not legally the POTUS.

  49. I can’t help wondering where the US would be had Gingrich been elected. Somehow I get a gut feeling that we might at least have a HOMEGROWN CITIZEN LEADER. But being POTUS requires a hell of a lot more than being a natural born citizen……it takes a BRAIN as well, and the person in possession of that brain knowing how to use it.

  50. Air Force Brat

    Oldsailor @11:47 a.m. — how about Trey Gowdy? He seems to be quite a firebrand, and (so far, anyway) to possess a solid spine.

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