Iran Deal Could Cause Nuclear Attack on US, Economics Minister Naftali Bennett warning, Bad deal gives Iran exactly what it wanted, Retains most significant parts of its nuclear program

Iran Deal Could Cause Nuclear Attack on US, Economics Minister Naftali Bennett warning, Bad deal gives Iran exactly what it wanted, Retains most significant parts of its nuclear program

“What was agreed last night in Geneva is not a historic agreement, it is a historic mistake,”…Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu

“We awoke this morning to a new reality. A reality in which a bad deal was signed with Iran. A very bad deal,”…Economics Minister Naftali Bennett 

“Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”…George Orwell, “1984″


I heard Economics Minister Naftali Bennett being interviewed recently. He impresses me as highly intelligent, articulate and reasonable.

From Arutz Sheva 7 November 24, 2013.

“Bennett Warns: Iran Deal Could Cause Nuclear Attack on US”

“In response to breaking news of deal between world powers, nuclear Iran, Bennett issues warning of long-term implications.”

“Economics Minister Naftali Bennett, who has been on a mission in the US over the past few weeks to prevent Sunday’sdeal between Western powers and a nuclear Iran, has released a scathing response to the breaking news.

“We awoke this morning to a new reality. A reality in which a bad deal was signed with Iran. A very bad deal,” Bennett stated on his Facebook page. “This bad deal gives Iran exactly what it wanted: a significant easing of the sanctions while retaining the most significant parts of its nuclear program.”

Bennett emphasized the long-term implications of the deal, stating that “if a nuclear suitcase blows up five years from now in New York or Madrid, it will be because of the deal that was signed this morning.”

The remarks provide a telling rebuttal to claims by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, an alleged moderate, that “Israel is only concerned about its own interests, and it does not think about the interests of the world.””

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51 responses to “Iran Deal Could Cause Nuclear Attack on US, Economics Minister Naftali Bennett warning, Bad deal gives Iran exactly what it wanted, Retains most significant parts of its nuclear program

  1. “The Times Of Israel is reporting that a team of negotiators led by White House adviser Valerie Jarrett has been conducting secret talks with Iran about it’s nuclear weapons program for the past year.
    The report states the deal submitted in Geneva earlier this month was a direct result of these secret year-long negotiations between teams headed by Jarrett and Iran’s Ali Akbar Salehi. That deal was ultimately rejected when France and Israel raised strong objections, and talks are expected to resume this Wednesday.”

  2. “In a move to push the Obamacare disaster off the front page, the Obama White House unleashed a barrage of publicity for what they are claiming to be a breakthrough deal with Iran regarding that rogue nation’s nuclear development program. The reality of the deal should be far less acceptable to anyone hoping for peace in the Middle East, or who remains fearful of a nation that has repeated over and over again its intent to wipe Israel from the face of the earth.”


    “An Israeli television network reported Sunday night that Valerie Jarrett, senior adviser to President Barack Obama, has been holding secret talks with the head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization, Ali Akbar Salehi, and that the international negotiations underway in Geneva are merely a “facade” covering up a deal whose terms have already been decided.

    The report on Israel’s Channel 10 quoted unnamed senior Israeli officials who said that the talks, which have reportedly been underway for a year, have been held in various Persian Gulf states.

    Exactly one year ago, the Israeli newspaper Ynet reported that Jarrett was beginning to communicate behind the scenes with representatives of Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.”

  4. “Up, is down”, litterally. Should the magnetic poles reverse, they’ll go the nieghborhood.

  5. “Pending Home Sales Collapse At Fastest Pace Since April 2011, Drop To December 2012 Levels”

    “Despite the downtick in rates for a month or two, the housing ‘recovery’ appears to have come to an end. This is the fifth consecutive monthly decline in pending home sales”

  6. “Iran nuclear deal: Saudi Arabia warns it will strike out on its own

    Saudi Arabia claims they were kept in the dark by Western allies over Iran nuclear deal and says it will strike out on its own”

    “We were lied to, things were hidden from us,” he said. “The problem is not with the deal struck in Geneva but how it was done.”


    Heath care clause e978 look on right side of page legal exection

  8. “Report: Obama “Intends To Seek Iran’s Help In Solving Syrian Civil War,” Netanyahu “Extremely Angry” Over Nuke Deal…”

    Via Times of Israel:

    “Netanyahu is “extremely angry” over the terms of the deal, under which Iran will be allowed to continue low-level enrichment of uranium for at least the next six months, a Channel 2 report said. It quoted an unnamed senior official in Jerusalem, who stated: “In Geneva, [US President] Obama established Iran as a nuclear threshold state, and Israel, the prime minister has made clear, cannot live with Iran as a nuclear threshold state.” …”
    “Pathetic: Obama Calls Netanyahu To Tell Him He Will Consult With Him On Iran Now That The Deal Has Been Made…”
    ^^^ “Netanyahu is “extremely angry” ^^^

    How angry ?

    Angry enough to reveal to the world EVERYTHING you know about the US pResident ?

  9. November 25, 2013

    Kyle Drennen:

    “After Days Censoring ObamaCare Coverage, NBC Lets Chris Matthews Blame GOP for Failure”

    “After NBC refused to even mention ObamaCare since November 18, Saturday’s Today allowed left-wing MSNBC host Chris Matthews to actually blame Republicans for the program’s ongoing failures: “I think the acid test here is participation, not efficiency. It comes down to whether young people who are healthy are willing to join up….There’s a big scary thing, though, that if you look at all the criticism from the other side, from the Republican side, that’s discouraging people from joining up.”

    [video at link]

    After the appearance by Matthews, ObamaCare coverage again vanished from NBC’s airwaves throughout the rest of the weekend – and not a word about it on Monday’s Today.”

  10. James | November 25, 2013 at 10:28 am |

    “Up, is down”, litterally. Should the magnetic poles reverse, they’ll go the nieghborhood.
    That to me has been the more plausible explanation for places that have been formerly cold getting warmer while places formerly hot getting colder. The “warmers” group points only to spots getting warmer but fail to mention spots getting colder. And other than the greater gravitational pull of an active sun or the possibility of the unknown object “out there” that is causing gravitational pull on planets that also results in changes in our own atmosphere, the magnetic switching seems to show more evidence than any unproven man made influence that doesn’t take into account the opposing (or complimentary) changes in temps. as well as the other catastrophes in nature and weather changes also taking place in unusual manners.

  11. Egyptian Lawyers Name Obama As Morsi Co-Conspirator In International Criminal Court

  12. I see former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair saying the deal with Iran beats starting yet another war/conflict going on over there. Our military is so gutted we probably couldn’t have another conflict going on…but enabling our enemies is not the answer.

  13. Observer, If this should occur one major influence would be the influence on navigation equipment, north being south. Compass bearings gone awray. Birds flying north in winter? Lots going on with unexplained animal die-offs, birds and mammal. The Antartic Ice Cap increasing to record limits. Comets near-earth trajectory and even the Suns polar reversal. Hopefully, the big fella has it under control. God, bless, whew!!!!

  14. Top Democrats Are Also Assailing the Iran Deal

    An e-mail from Newsmax quotes John Bolton as saying that this deal was pushed by Obama to try to hold back Israel from an air attack on Iran. O fears that more than a nuclear Iran.
    Then, of course, we have learned that secret meetings between the U.S. and Iran have been going on for a year. Valerie Jarrett was the driving force, and the actual meeting Sunday was just the facade.
    In addition, this Iranian deal is being pushed hard and fast in order to take the focus off of O-Care. Doubtful that it will work.

  15. Bankrupt Obama-Funded Electric Car Company Fisker Sold To The Chinese, American Taxpayers Lose $139 Million…

    Last week, the government sold its $192 million Fisker loan to the newly formed Hybrid Technology — a group formed by Chinese billionaire Richard Li — for $25 million. After taking into account what the government was able to recover from Fisker, taxpayers were left with a $139 million bill for the failed automaker.

    Obama’s toys to play with bought for him with taxpayer hard earned money. I bet as a kid (where he is developmentally in all ways still stuck) he used to destroy other kids’ toys at the same time he demolished his own. His type cannot create anything…..only clap at the destruction of those who can.

  16. Source: Netanyahu Scolded Obama in Phone Call on Iran Deal

    or as Drudge headlined it:


  17. I don’t know why people are speaking of some future “death panels” when the “unaffordable no care” system, from its roll out is causing earlier deaths due to denial of treatment and detection of early sickness impossible since people simply are no longer covered or able to see actual doctors. The whole thing is one big killing, maiming, and disease spreading machine.

    Cancer Patient Dropped From Health Insurance Plan Because of Obamacare

    And what about those who can no longer travel outside their counties to the facilities and doctors who were treating their late stage cancers. The elderly will be scared to death of entering these new public hospitals for fear of not coming out alive….same thing happened in euthanasia “blessed” Netherlands. “Do no harm” ended with SCOTUS sanctioned abortion at any stage and it will carry over to others considered “punishments” to the culture when they become “useless”. Until abortions are banned in this country we will continue to feel a reality without God’s involvement.

  18. 68Truthseeker…..
    I also believe that notion. Soetoro is in fact ,and in reality a foreign operative who the LAME BRAINED supporters elected to the POTUS,because they liked his idea of FREE EVERYTHING. GUESS WHAT…..they are PAINFULLY discovering that the BASTARD lied to them. What is worse most people even those with only a half a brain could see through Soetoro’s CHARADE…..still they voted for him …har har now they are beginning to feel the results of their own STUPIDITY. It does my heart a lot of good to listen to the LIBS WHINE har har har

  19. November 25, 2013

    At 8 pm Central:

    “The ANDREA SHEA KING Show – Colin Flaherty”

    “Colin Flaherty is author of the book “White Girl Bleed A Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore It.”

    Tonight we’ll talk to him about the so-called “knock out game”.

    Dangerous “knockout” attacks on strangers are leading to arrests, more officers flooding the streets and more warnings for vigilance by an unsuspecting public.

    Perpetrators have dubbed the violent practice as the “knockout game,” in which young people try to randomly knock out strangers with one punch.

    Recent attacks in New York, New Haven, Conn., Washington, D.C. and suburban Philadelphia have raised concerns across the country. The violence is not new, though. In 2011, St. Louis had a rash of similar incidents, one of which led to the death of a Vietnamese immigrant.

    Some of the assaults are recorded and posted on social media by the attackers.

    Colin Flaherty joins us with his take on these so-called knock out games.”–colin-flaherty

  20. Now my suspicions have been confirmed. Msssssssssss.Jarrett has been secretly involved with the nuclear discussions for quite some time. Actually I had my suspicions very early on and shortly after the 2008 election. Even then it was clear that she holds allegiance to Iran,and would do almost anything to see Iran win,even worse, see Iran wipe Israel from the face of the earth. I am sure that if that were to actually happen she would enjoy the best orgasm of her life. In my view she is a culturally TWISTED individual. ….nor would it surprise me if she indulged herself in criminal activity.. You must remember that she has held very high positions even in the Mayor Daly regime. She knows what corruption is and how to perpetrate it. Do not be misled by the alleged female.

  21. Gordo……..
    Recently a 93 year old grandmother was attacked by a STINKING ASSED black punk,and knocked to the pavement. He made a serious mistake. She didn’t lose conciousness and she quickly pulled her weapon from her purse and shot the PUNK DEAD where he stood. The rest of his odorous friends RAN AWAY. She was completely JUSTIFIED, and hopefully we will begin to see more and more of the stinking ,mentally twisted punks reap their just desserts.

  22. The Iran deal is beyond deplorable. Is Obama the new Hitler? Why would any loyal American cut such a deal?

  23. USA Today responded to Oprah ‘s charge that America is racist with this question, would you want your daughter to marry Clarence Thomas or Chris Matthews. They implied Clarence Thomas would win hands down. I would be proud to have my daughter marry Clarence Thomas or Allen West. I’d disinherit her if she married Matthews. Oprah is a disgrace.

  24. Obama Administration to CLOSE EMBASSY AT VATICAN – Says It’s Unsafe

    If you diss Israel, well, you had better include the Catholics in the dissing…sorta go together like salt and pepper in the mind of “the One”. Probably never forgave JPII in his part in bringing down Zero’s beloved Soviet Communism. Another instance of “in your face” non-diplomacy.

  25. Good morning CW et al,

    It would be nice for Israel to release its recorded taped interception calls of Val speaking to Iran, as proof positive.

  26. Good morning William, Zach, et al.

  27. “Consumer Confidence Misses (Again), Tumbles To Lowest In 7 Months”

    “No matter what measure of confidence, sentiment, or animal spirits one uses, the consumer is not encouraged by the record-er and record-er highs in the US equity market. The Conference Board’s consumer confidence data missed for the 2nd month in a row – its biggest miss in 8 months”

  28. Mirrose………..
    Closing the embassy at the Vatican is clearly NOT anything born out of danger,rather it is still one more act by Soetoro in his ongoing assault against Christianity. Pure and SIMPLE. How much must he do before the IDIOTS ON EARTH see the truth,and ACT to correct it? So far all I hear and see is SNIVELLING little cowards, who are afraid to even hiccup in front of their peers. Our country is fast becoming a country of WHINERS, COWARDS,and unwashed bodies. Just keep it up and the condition of America will become even LESS than a third world country. Then you will have only your own STUPIDITY,and COWARDICE to blame .

  29. Mirrose………….
    My choice of words in my foregoing comment is absolutely NOT an offense against you in any way. I deliberately write this way in the hope that the people that I outlined will also be a reader of the comment. It is aimed expressley at such people. The simple fact that you chose to post here at CW tells me a lot about you, and I encourage you to keep posting because what you have touched upon is certainly a very important issue in our culture. I enjoyed reading your comment.

  30. William…….
    While Israel might have taped call,or emails from Msssssssssss.IMPORTANT, I seriously doubt that anything she had to say which would incriminate her would be present in any such communications. She had a lot of practice in the Daly MOB in Chicago. But rest assurred SOONER OR LATER she WILL incriminate herself,and in so doing we only need to be very watchful of her,and understand what she is doing at all times. I have long said that she is a SNEAK whose allegiance is with Iran,and everybody needs to REMEMBER that fact.

  31. Principals say Common Core tests make little kids vomit, pee their pants

    Read more:

  32. William………
    …….above all NEVER turn your back to a SNEAK. They are the WORST FORM of humanity……..and even lower than COWARDS. Such people are also potential MURDERERS,and homosexuals as well. Unfortunately this is the exact sort of people who are being hired by the Federal government…every day!

  33. Sueq……….
    When I attended grade school America was in the DEPRESSION. Most people did NOT have the sort of resources,necessary to send their kids to either parochial,or private school. Most kids attended the PUBLIC Schools of the various cities across the US. In those days 2+2= 4 and that is the way it was taught. In the 1960s I watched my sons struggle with the alleged NEW MATH BULLSHI# which some body saw fit to include in the grade school curriculum. 2+X= 4. The kids had to solve for the unknown value. That is when the teaching of children began to go to HELL IN A HANDBASKET. In addition I personally read some of the unimportant tripe that they were being taught, and even then I questioned the intent of the educators.

  34. From Obamacare to Common Core, the liberal agenda makes everybody sick… or dead.

  35. Sueq………
    When I attended grade school it was a COUNTY Public School system which prevailed all through WW2,and up into the 1960s. Slowly but surely the schools systems in Indiana either went PRIVATE,or were integrated into the various City Public School systems. Then they started changing things around to junior high schools,etc. Personally I never saw anything wrong with 8 grades of elementary school,and 4 grades of high schools. During WW2 many of my teachers were NOT even licensed as such…they were largely FARMERs” wives who were much of the time in process of still attending teachers colleges themselves….yet they seem to have done a more than adequate job of teaching us kids.

  36. Sueq………
    As I recall it was my third grade music teacher who herself was a champion of the Battle Hymn of the Republic, and every chance she got the entire class sang at least one verse of it in class. I too eventually became enamored by it,…..not so much the music rather the words to it fascinated me bigtime. Somehow the music found it’s way to my very soul. I find myself angered by the sometimes twisted presentations of it by people who I have come to dislike for twisting such an important Hymn. It also angers me when somebody tries to apply a HIP HOP sort of cadence to The Star Spangled Banner. It is all the product of TWISTED MINDS.

  37. ” Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord……He is tramping out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored”. There is absolute beauty in these words. Isn’t it ironic that ABOLITION was something which was in the minds of a lot of folks in those times.

  38. When Julia Ward Howe wrote the words to the hymn she couldn’t have realised that the hymn would eventually become as important as America,or even the National Anthem itself.

  39. bye bye Have a great day! Godbless!

  40. November 26, 2013

    “Lib Media Claims Racist “Knockout Game” A Myth…”

    “Not true, in fact the “knockout game” has been going on for years and the media is just catching up now. You can pretty much guarantee if this involved whites knocking out blacks these same news outlets wouldn’t be calling it a myth.

    Via USA Today:

    A column on reports that while the game does exist, there is no hard data to support the notion that it is a growing trend that has reached epidemic levels. It also refutes the suggestion by some news organizations that some of the attacks have been racially motivated.”
    November 25, 2013

    “Knock this out: Media’s absurd claim on black mobs”

    “The “Knockout Game” – featured prominently on many Fox News shows last week along with other major media outlets – is just an urban myth, contends the New York Times.

    But relatives and friends of three people in St. Louis who have died as a result of the “game” beg to differ. So would police there who have set up a special unit to investigate the crimes. And so would an author who has documented hundreds of such attacks nationwide.

    In St. Louis, the “game” has been blamed for at least three deaths, including this one: Seventy-two-year-old Hoang Nguyen was walking with his wife, Yen, when four “young people” attacked them. Yen described how one attacker pushed Hoang’s face to the side to make a “clear target for his fist.” Hoang was punched with such force that he fell and struck his head on the ground.

    Then the attacker turned on Yen, 59, hitting her so hard that the punch broke her eye socket. Yen then watched helplessly as her husband was kicked repeatedly. Hoang died later that day. A young, black male, 18-year-old Elex Murphy, is charged with first-degree murder.”

  41. oldsailor,

    What beautiful memories you have of your childhood. Many of us have similar ones, which makes it SO hard to watch the turn our country has taken.

    This is a very gentle medley of “Star Spangled Banner”, the “Battle Hymn of the Republic” and “God bless America”….acoustic. Enjoy.

  42. November 26, 2013

    Colin Flaherty:

    “Black Mob Violence: New Denials… and New Violence”

    “NBC News and the Associated Press want you to know there is no such thing as black mob violence. Especially in the hundreds of cases of Knockout Game now receiving so much attention in local and national media across the country.

    Ditto the Washington Post, ABC News and the Philadelphia Inquirer. And this weekend, the New York Times.

    The rules of the Knockout Game are simple: Gather a group of black people. Find a white person. An Asian will do. Punch them in the face until they are knocked out. Or dead. Or your arms get tired.

    If you relied on local and national news accounts, you would not know the violence has a racial component. But the video solves that problem.

    Many episodes of black mob violence and mayhem — including the Knockout Game — are recorded on video and posted on YouTube. Or Facebook. Or even bragged about on Twitter.

    But that does not matter much to NBC and AP. Heck, the New York Times says the Knockout Game is probably just an “urban legend.”

  43. MortimerGarfinkle

    The Saudi government representative told the The Telegraph that a comprehensive solution should lead to the “removal of all weapons of mass destruction, especially nuclear, from the Middle East and the Gulf”.

    Apparently, the goal of Obama, Jarrett, Iran and Saudi Arabia is to force Israel to give up its nuclear weapons and leave them impotent to protect themselves and determine their own destiny.

  44. Gordo……….
    I would be an advocate of Mr.HOTSHOT Murphy receiving a sentence ofr being punched out himself until he is DEAD. The BASTARD needs to SUFFER some real pain. Lets see how much of a BADASS he is. At this point it probably is only his stinking a$$. I want to hear him cryout in pain,I want to see the bastard writhe in pain…….he has it coming! he is a SLIMEY STINKING BASTARD. ,and these adjectives might be too good for him. AN EYE FOR AN EYE is the only thing such MORONS respect. It is about time we started dispensing justice with TEETH.

  45. Gordo………….
    I have been praying that somebody will start a group of modernday Vigilantes. We are at a point where the BLACK BASTARDS need to be made an example of……..and upon conviction they are rewarded with the SAME exact penalties which they imposed upon INNOCENT people, who are either permanently injured, or have died as a result of their MORONIC behavior. Hopefully more people will start carrying concealed weapons and have the guts to use them when it is clearly a necessity.

  46. …….and I really don’t give a damn what SHOVEL FACE Sharpton, or JACK off Jackson thinks, because they were both made in the same molds as the rest of the SLIME….and it is obvious that they both support the alleged KNOCKOUT GAME. It would not surprise me if Soetoro himself supports the alleged GAME .

  47. Gordo………
    I would dearly love seeing Netanyahu bvlow the whistle on Soetoro. I personally believe that if Netanyahu set his mind to it he could watch the USURPER be FORCEFULLY removed from the WACKEY HOUSE, and given a new apartment at Leavanworth……for an EXTENDED VISIT. I am certain that they have a number of PRESIDENTIAL SUITES available.( even a 6’x8′ PALACE). har har

  48. bye bye have a wonderful evening Godbless!

  49. “Obama Presses Republicans to Work With Him on Economy”

    “President Barack Obama accused Republicans in Congress of focusing on trying to damage him politically at the expense of programs and legislation that would help the U.S. economy.”

  50. Want to help the US Economy Obama?


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