NC July unemployment rate rises to 8.9 percent, Labor Force Participation Rate plummets 1.4 percent since Jan 2013, NC tied for third worst unemployment rate

NC July unemployment rate rises to 8.9 percent, Labor Force Participation Rate plummets 1.4 percent since Jan 2013, NC tied for third worst unemployment rate

“North Carolina’s unemployment rate fell for the fourth consecutive month in May to 8.8 percent, but the slight drop was largely due to a shrinking labor force rather than the creation of new jobs, economists said.”…Raleigh News Observer June 21, 2013

“11.4%: What the U.S. unemployment rate would be if labor force participation were back to January 2008 levels.” …James Pethokoukis, American Enterprise Institute, June 2013

“Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”…George Orwell, “1984″



From the Raleigh News Observer August 19, 2013.
“NC jobless rate rises in July to 8.9 percent”

“The unemployment rate in North Carolina inched higher in July, the first uptick in the closely watched economic indicator since January.

The state’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate rose one-tenth of a percentage point to 8.9 percent last month, according to data released Monday by the state Department of Commerce’s Labor and Economic Analysis Division.

“It was a disappointing month,” said Mekael Teshome, a PNC Financial Services Group economist.

Although the jobless rate was seven-tenths of a percentage point lower than it was a year ago, North Carolina’s unemployment rate is tied with Rhode Island for the third-worst in the nation. Only Illinois, at 9.2 percent, and Nevada, where the unemployment rate is 9.5 percent, have higher unemployment rates.

The national unemployment rate for July was 7.4 percent, an improvement from June’s 7.6 percent.

“I think we have a story of two North Carolinas,” Teshome said. “We have some really strong areas in the state – the Triangle area, Charlotte – but then other parts of the state are struggling to get back on their feet from the Great Recession. Overall, the state’s recovery has been pretty modest.”

Teshome said that the decline in the labor force by 12,208 workers was particularly disconcerting. The labor force encompasses workers who have a job plus unemployed workers who are actively seeking a job.

“When people are dropping out of the labor force, it’s a sign that they are less confident about their job prospects,” he said. “So people are discouraged and leaving the labor force.”

The labor force in July sunk to its lowest level since February 2012, said Allan Freyer, public policy analyst for the nonprofit N.C. Justice Center’s Budget and Tax Center.

“That shows we are going in the wrong direction,” Freyer said.”

Read more:
Now for the real news.

The Labor Force Participation Rate plummeted 1.4 percent From January to July 2013.

This is huge news.

Ask your local TV News or Newspaper why they are not reporting this.

Check it for yourself here:



48 responses to “NC July unemployment rate rises to 8.9 percent, Labor Force Participation Rate plummets 1.4 percent since Jan 2013, NC tied for third worst unemployment rate

  1. WH Not Disappointed Some Miami Dolphins Refuse to Attend Ceremony

    ( – The White House said Monday that it is not disappointed that some members of the 1972 Miami Dolphins have decided not to attend a White House ceremony Tuesday that honors them 41 years after they won the Super Bowl. “No. People are certainly allowed to make whatever decision they’d like to make on that,” White House principal deputy press secretary Josh Earnest said when asked whether the White House was disappointed that several members of the team won’t appear with President Barack Obama because of political differences.

    Hall of Famer Jim Langer told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, “We’ve got some real moral compass issues in Washington.” “I don’t want to be in a room with those people and pretend I’m having a good time. I can’t do that. If that [angers] people, so be it,” Langer said.

    Manny Fernandez told the paper, “I’ll just say my views are diametrically opposed to the President’s. “Enough said. Let’s leave it at that. I hope everyone enjoys the trip who goes,” Fernandez added.

    Bob Kuechenberg, a former offensive lineman for the Dolphins, said, “I want to be careful, because mom said if you have nothing good to say about someone, then don’t say anything.” “I don’t have anything good to say about someone,” Kuechenberg said. “I just don’t believe in this administration at all. So I don’t belong. Anyone on the left or the right has to respect one man’s opinion.” –

    DUNCAN, Okla.(by Krisi Eaton) — Prosecutors filed charges against three teenagers Tuesday after police said the boys randomly targeted an Australian baseball player as he jogged and shot him in the back, killing him, to avoid the boredom of an Oklahoma summer day.

    Christopher Lane, 22, of Melbourne, died Friday along a tree-lined road on Duncan’s well-to-do north side. Two teenagers, 15- and 16-year-olds from the gritty part of the town, were charged with first-degree murder and ordered held without bond.

    A third, age 17, was accused of being an accessory after the fact and with driving a vehicle while a weapon was discharged. He said in open court “I pulled the trigger,” but the judge directed him to remain quiet and said Tuesday was not the day to discuss the facts of the case.

    The boy cried.

    His bond was set at $1 million.

    Police Chief Dan Ford has said the boys had the simplest of motives – overcoming a boring end to their summer vacation. Ford said in a variety of interviews that the 17-year-old had told officers that they were bored and killed Lane for “the fun of it.”

    Meanwhile, family and friends on two continents mourned Lane, who gave up pursuit of an Australian football career to pursue his passion for baseball, an American pastime. His girlfriend tearfully laid a cross at a streetside memorial in Duncan, while half a world away, an impromptu memorial grew at the home plate he protected as a catcher on his youth team…. (PLEASE NOTE THAT NO WHERE IN THIS ARTICLE DOES IT IDENTIFY THE “RACE” OF THE THREE TEENAGE KILLERS)…WHY?
    The answer to the questions posed at the start of this post can be summed up in one word….”BLACK”…..the three teenagers who shot this Austilian in the back, killing him, were BLACK…..that’s the reason no one wants to talk about this……that’s the reason it is called, “boredom” instead of “hate crime”…and it wasn’t as the killers said, “we just wanted to have some fun”….they were out to kill WHITEY…any whitey…..

    The black community seems to be breeding this attitude into their youths. An attitude of a lack of accountability for their actions, an excuse for their actions, and indifference for their behavior. And the white community is not calling their hand on this serious social problem…lets look at this case from the other side for a moment……..

    Question:…. What would have happened if it were three WHITE youths that had shot a black jogger in the back ? I think the answer to that question is obvious….. A MAJOR MEDIA CIRCUS !!!.

    The main stream media would have had a field day….Televisions would start cranking out the “racist line” and everyone would be ready to lynch the three white boys with or without a trial…..the circus would have gone on for at least four or five months with every dirty trick the media could crank out…..but now what have we got…..?

    A wimpy press without a voice…..a vocal black community that is unwilling to call out members of their OWN race for such senseless murders as this….and a silent white community that will be complacent in all that happened for fear of being called a racist for questioning and demanding justice for all…….

    We are living in a sick society where the minority is calling the shots on everything from street riots to murder, and everything in between, and the majority of white law abiding citizens are afraid to call it what it is for fear of being labeled a racist by race baiters like Sharpton, Jackson and Obama….

    Senseless murders by either race does not help improve the relationship between all races….when one race refuses to recognize the wrongs that it’s people are doing against individuals of a different race and refusing to hold their youth accountable for their actions…then there is little hope for improving the relations between the races regardless of the color of their skin….

    Whites are no better that blacks….blacks are no better than Hispanics… Hispanics are no better than anyone else…….we are all EQUAL under the laws of this nation and should be treated in that manner……no one race should get a PASS for their actions over another race………

    Until parents of all races see things in this light…then we can expect more of these things to happen in the future…and when we ignore them as a society because of the color of the criminal… then the intensity of the happenings will increase……that is human nature.

    What makes this case even worse is that it was a WHITE Australian who was murdered on an American street in Oklahoma. The Australian government is angry over this incident and rightly so……the former PM of Australia is calling for a tourist boycott to America over this senseless murder……..

    Personally…I hope he gets it !.

  3. I am wondering what the auto manufacturing industry is going to do when it realises that a lot of people are going to be telling them that they expect NOT TO BE FORCED to pay for the RETIRED workers HEALTHCARE cost which is usually reflected in the cost of a NEW VEHICLE. With a national healthcare system operated by the government a purchaser of a new vehicle should NOT HAVE to pay about $1700.00 extra for the vehicle. Tell them that if they want to sell you a new car they need to deduct the cost of the healthcare premium for the retired auto workers.

  4. ……….I think it is about time that the POOR LITTLE AUTO WORKERS started depending upon themselves for getting their healthcare paid for. I can’t help wonder just how MANY POOR LITTLE AUTO WORKERS are going to be put on as PART TIME EMPLOYEES. HAR HAR, hell that is about all they have ever been. If a POOR LITTLE AUTO WORKER had to go to work in a COAL MINE he would soon discover that his auto assembly job was next to NOTHING, and he would learn what hard work really is.

  5. ……I am praying that the UAW starts living in reality,instead of their gluttonous MORE,MORE, MORE or we STRIKE. The best thing that could happen is that their auto manufacturer employer would close down let all of the m walk on a PERMANENT STRIKE, and the manufacturer move out of the US…….GO TO HELL UAW! The level of intelligence necessary for somebody to stand and shove a color bolt,into a color coded hole,and put a color coded nut on it with a color coded impact wrench,is not very high.,and would be classed as UNSKILLED LABOR just about anywhere in the US.

  6. BYE BYE ……have a great day! Godbless!

  7. August 20, 2013

    “Sean Hannity Battles Liberal Over Birther Issue; Ignores Felony Document Fraud”

    GaryW’s comments at ORYR:

    “This clip is maddening…the misstatements and misinformation is astounding…Hannity you should be ashamed of yourself.”

    “The conflation of citizen and natural born citizen is winning the day with the masses because no one will speak the truth or at the very least have an honest debate.

    Hey Hannity…the birth certificate is a forgery as is the selective service registration AND the fraud also has a bogus SSN!

    Hannity…you are a big part of the problem! You and your buddy, Levin.”

  8. RMinNC….I ‘think’ one of those guys that killed the Aussie was white. He looks white anyway. Also, one of the black guys has a white mom. Not sure how all this is going to play out but at least the drive by media has reported it, which is more than they have done in the past. It really shouldn’t matter the color of anyone’s skin, but of course, that’s what it all seems to boil down to lately. It’s a shame. I just hate all the division that is taking place in our great country lately.

  9. Thistle…….
    You can thank Soetoro,Jesse and Al,then add a little of the halfwit who made a movie wherein he kills all the WHITEYS,then brags about it on the internet. In reality he along with all like him are truly,,,,,,GARBAGE!

  10. Thistle…….
    The obverse side of this coin reflects the TOTAL NITWITS who elected the (ALLEGED) persons that are now running the country………INTO THE GROUND! They ALL think the persons who they elected are really COOL. Doesn’t say much for their intelligence either.

  11. Thistle……..
    I hate to be the bearer of BAD NEWS………This senseless sort of behavior is GOING TO CONTINUE,and without a doubt get a LOT WORSE. Soon the CRAZIES will be in FULL CONTROL OF OUR GOVERNMENT. ….then you will not even have the right to protect yourself or your family. Soon we will be communicating via carrier pigeon………..that is until DHS shoots them down for invading airspace which has been deemed ILLEGAL for them to enter. HAR HAR.

  12. The Muslim brothers are just like the Nazis in their thoughts and ideas. It is deeply troubling that Obama wants them in power. Here is a great article on the subject:

  13. …….and lastly if the WRONG PERSON observes a pigeon land on your property,you will be prosecuted for having carrier pigeons,and will likely be imprisoned for a lot of years,,,,,perhaps even the rest of your life. It can and if our so called leaders continue on their present course America will be sent back to the DARK AGES,and/or serfdom. Nothing to look forward to,inn any stretch of one’s imagination, and because so many Americans are now FUNCTIONING IDIOTS they will think that becoming SLAVES is really C-O-O-L, AS THE SNOTNOSED OVEREDUCATED WORDSMITHS WILL SAY.


  15. Tina………..
    Now you know exactly what I have known for DECADES with regard to Kristallnacht, and Spavoskey has it exactly right. Every word is exactly as I learned so long ago. I pray that CW will carry a copy of the entire Spavosky writing. You are now fully knowledgeable as to the direction which America is headed. No further words are necessary. “YA VE IS DER SUPERMEN” HAR HAR

  16. BYE BYE AGAIN………only came back because I had missed Tina’s comment earlier. I’m out of here till tomorrow. G’NITE

  17. August 20, 2013

    “Fox News: Hannity & Levin Declare Canadian-Born Cruz Eligible; Levin Questions Own Status”

    Some of CDR Kerchner’s comment at ORYR: “Levin is a major part of the problem. … these people are being disingenuous and pleading ignorance as a way of ducking the issue. All we constitutionalists want is a fair and open debate on the NBC issue in all the major media with experts on both sides of the issue allowed to make their case without being shouted down, hung up on, or called names and using Saul Alinsky type ridicule to try and silence people on this issue. But they won’t give us the platform in the major media because they know we are correct. We have the facts and truth on our side as to the founders and framers original intent as to the purpose and meaning of why the NBC clause was put into the Constitution. Both political parties want to ignore the true meaning of the NBC clause in the Constitution rather than properly amend the Constitution because they have not been able to do that to date despite trying several times over the last 10-20 years to redefine it or amend it out. …”

    Update – video excerpt:

  18. August 21, 2013

    “Ask A Birther: Message To Elspeth Reeve At Atlantic Wire; YES! Now Report Obama Forgeries”
    “CBS News Goes There: A Harbinger Of Birther Debates To Come; Demand Real Debate”

  19. THISTLE… 11:46pm

    You said, “I ‘think’ one of those guys that killed the Aussie was white. He looks white anyway. Also, one of the black guys has a white mom.”

    That as been DISPROVEN…there was NO white guy…there was a mulatto…a half and half…just like our pResident….

    .initially, the press tried to portray it like that, but the FACT is that there were 2 blacks and one half and half…….

    otherwise, you can bet your booty the press would be BLAMING the entire incident on the “white” guy…….and the other two black guys would walk.

    That’s the way things are done in our now, “politically correct” society.

  20. CITIZENWELLS………… have often wrote stories about high unemployment and articles related to our economy and money……….

    Like you, I have ofter wondered why we have such a non-moving workforce…I think the answer lies in this article I have just read on Drudge Report….
    Study:…….. Welfare pays more than work in most states

    Looking for a good paying job? Well, look no further.

    No, really, stop looking. In 35 states, welfare benefits pay more than a minimum wage job, according to a new study by the libertarian Cato Institute, and in 13 states welfare pays more than $15 per hour.

    “One of the single best ways to climb out of poverty is taking a job, but as long as welfare provides a better standard of living than an entry-level job, recipients will continue to choose it over work,” said Michael Tanney senior policy analyst and co-author of the study.

    Despite efforts to curb welfare spending, many welfare programs and benefits have continued to outpace the income that many workers can receive for working an entry-level job, which disincentivizes work, according to the study.

    “The current welfare system provides such a high level of benefits that it acts as a disincentive for work,” reads the study. “Welfare currently pays more than a minimum-wage job in 35 states, even after accounting for the Earned Income Tax Credit, and in 13 states it pays more than $15 per hour.”

    According to the study, the federal government funds 126 separate programs designed to support low-income earners. Seventy-two of these programs provide cash or in-kind benefits to recipients. This is on top of additional welfare programs operated by state and local governments.

    Welfare recipients in Hawaii get the most benefits, according to Tanner, at $29.13 per hour — or $60,590 pre-tax income annually. However, the state’s minimum wage is only $7.25 per hour, according to the Labor Department. Hawaiians on welfare also earn 167 percent of the median salary in the state, which is only $36,275.

    The District of Columbia, Massachusetts and Connecticut have the next more generous welfare benefits.

    D.C. welfare recipients can earn $24.43 per hour. In Massachusetts they can get $24.30 per hour. In Connecticut welfare recipients can receive $21.33 per hour.

    “If Congress and state legislatures are serious about reducing welfare dependence and rewarding work, they should consider strengthening welfare work requirements, removing exemptions, and narrowing the definition of work,” says the study.
    So now we know………welfare is paying more than you can make on a job….even the non-rocket economist can figure this one out !!!

    I recommend everyone move to Hawaii, go on welfare and put that state into Chapter 13 before 2016 when Obama moves there and steals the rest of whatever is left of the state treasury.

  21. Will Obamacare Enforcers Appear on Your Doorstep?

    By David Catron on 8.19.13 @ 6:09AM

    HHS will spend $224 million in grants to pay for home inspection programs.

    If you’re already queasy about the role played by the IRS in assuring your compliance with Obamacare’s numerous mandates, you may need to lie down after reading this column. It turns out that our Beltway masters are not content with their new authority to peruse your tax returns and medical records. They will also authorize state agencies throughout the nation to send government inspectors to your house if a “home visit” is deemed appropriate pursuant to HHS guidelines ostensibly meant to “create social and physical environments that promote good health for all.”

    Read more:

    It’s for the children, don’t ya know.

    The HHS defines an “at risk” child as one who resides in a family that includes people who have served in the Armed Forces, pregnant women under the age of 21 (regardless of marital status), users of tobacco products, children with low student achievement, and a long list of other such miscreants.

    In a speech given by Tehani Al Gebali, who is an official of the Egyptian Supreme Court, she stated that Egypt HAS documented proof that Soetoro is aligned with the Al Quada terrorists. In a message translated by Walid Shoebat she said she hopes that Americans will soon realise the truth about Soetoro. It would appear that Egypt might be just ONE STEP away from taking their case to the world court,for WAR CRIMES being committed against Egyptian Christians. Coptic Christians are sufferring from their churches being burned to the ground by the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD.Radicals. Allegedly the supreme Egyptian Army Commandant has ordered all of the churches to be rebuilt BY THE aRMY..eVERYBODY…. TAKE A LONG LOOK AT THE WEBSITE WHICH tINA LINKED LAST NIGHT. tHE STORY is accurate. hOPEFULLY WE CAN ENCOURAGE cw TO POST THE ENTIRE STORY.

  23. CW……….
    Are you willing to get permission from the website to repost the entire story on this blog. Go to Tina’s comment @1:58 AM today. Go to the website that she linked. Read about KRISTALLNACHT,as told by a person who knows the truth,along with the Middle East involvement of Hitler.

  24. Here is one more little morsel to chew on…… is probable that any FIRST CLASS mail having an overseas address will be opened,read,and CENSORED if deemed necessary. We are AT THE END OF THE LINE FOLKS. If you continue to sit on your backside and do nothing you will PAY DEARLY,and so will YOUR FAMILY!

  25. Philo-Publius

    Another reason not to work or quit and let the gov’t take care of you.

    D.C. government program to subsidize pot for poor patients

  26. citizenwells

    “The Lessons of History: Kristallnacht in Egypt”

    “As the military (with the support of secular groups that don’t want an Islamist state) battles the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Americans argue over how to react, we should look back at history to understand why we should support the military as the lesser of two evils and hope for its success. Those who know the history of the Muslim Brotherhood and see the murderous attacks it has launched on the homes, businesses, schools, and churches of Coptic Christians, who represent about 10 percent of the population, will recognize that we have seen this type of behavior before.

    The Brotherhood is simply using the same tactics and ideology of the political party that it allied itself with in the 1930s and 40s: the Nazi Party. What is happening to the Coptic Christians being beaten, kidnapped, and killed all over Egypt is similar to what happened to Jews in Germany during Kristallnacht on November 9-10, 1938, when Jews were killed and beaten and their homes, stores, schools, and synagogues ransacked, looted, and demolished in Germany and Austria.”

  27. MortimerGarfinkle

    Oldsailor81, I think you underestimate the skill of the average UAW worker. You do realize they perform these task completely stoned out of their gourds don’t you? Now that takes real skill

  28. MortimerGarfinkle

    Thanks for posting the link to the “The Lessons of History: Kristallnacht in Egypt” story by Hans A. von Spakovsky. It’s an excellent article. The Obama administration has been supporting these modern-day Nazis in Egypt, Syria, and other places. People really should have insisted on full disclosure of Obama’s background before voting for him. His agenda for the Middle East and the world may be more frightening than people realize. The main stream media’s incompetence was on full display in 2008 and 2012. Obama wouldn’t have been let within a million miles of the US Government if it was known who he really is and what is true goals are.

  29. Mortimer Garfinkle………
    Having once a long time ago been a MEMBER of UAW(Local 903) I am fully aware of their more than often inebriated state when they punched IN on the time clock. At one point it got so bad that the company threatened to have the contract rescinded. In spite of the best efforts of the company a few got past them. He was an operator of a automatic screw machine ( New Britain). These were an extremely touchy machine to operate,and even SOBER often the operators negligence caused a hell of a pile of spoiled pparts. The cost of scrapping bad parts is high and it reflects a huge loss for the year. The operator I was aluding to came to work drunk and within the first 10 mminutes of his shift he managed to WRECK the then $198,000.00 dollar machine.

  30. Interested Bystander

    Can someone please tell me what is our “national interest” in Egypt?

    I think we have “done” plenty for the Egyptian people already.

    Time to let them dook it out and let the best man win.

    When they attack Isreal, THAT’s when we have a “national interest” in Egypt, until then, let them clean house the way the PEOPLE decide.

    The problem is that the Soviets will see an opportunity.

    But really, IF the military rules with an iron fist, history shows us that the people will be disruptive and uncooperative and will win out in the long run.

    They have to learn that on their own.

  31. ……yet he was allowed to hide behind the shop stewards apron. The drunk should have been fired on the spot. I have friend who’s son is working at a union shop. His son has told his father that most of the time at least a quarter of the 128 man workforce are as stoned on drugs as they can get before they even clock in. The company has paid dearly for allowing the BS to go on. The rejected parts is a continuous pile about 9 feet high. These parts are largely sand cast aluminum castings which were not correctly placed in the holding fixture because the operator decided he didn’t need to use the electronic locating instruments.(height gage ,etc) each spoiled casting at the machining stage became a huge loss.. Yet nobody even tried to do anything to correct the problem.

  32. Interested Bystander

    Sorry, I misspelled Israel.

    My bad.

  33. Interested Bystander

    Hey All,

    All I can state is that Levin and Hannity are IGNORANT.

    The FACTS are out there, and yet they are INDOCTRINATING people in to believing that all you have to do is be BORN American and you can run for President.

    These guys get PAID to research this stuff, and investivate and they choose to go out there and tell the American people that simply being born American makes you a Natural Born Citizen.

    Heck, Levin believes he is a “constitutional scholar” or something, but yet he doesn’t know that to be a Natural Born Citizen you MUST be born on US soil, to parentS who are citizens of the United States.

    Wilkow is IGNORANT also.

    I’m just letting you all know, it’s INDOCTRINATION, plain and simple.

    Let’s do this, let’s challenge our educators to research this and study this and educate us on how the Founders felt about someone who had an allegiance to another Country becoming President.

    Citizens with a SOLE allegiance are Natural Born Citizens.

    Pretty cut and dry.

  34. Interested Bystander | August 21, 2013 at 4:36 pm |
    Hey All,

    All I can state is that Levin and Hannity are IGNORANT.
    Yes! YES! But I believe it is WILLFUL ignorance. Something or someone early on threatened them in such a way that they have avoided touching the subject when it comes to Obama’s ineligibility, but now that Cruz has come into the forefront, they feel obliged to SAY something. What they are saying we all know is dead wrong, and it makes them out to be fools. How long can they continue this charade?

  35. Interested Bystander

    Where is Obama’s outrage over the Australian Baseball player who was shot for “sport” in Oklahoma?

    Oh wait,

    Obama’s on vacation. Or are they back now?

    Sorry I asked

  36. Interested Bystander

    Why the media isn’t reporting the hypocrisy of this administration over race crimes.

    This poor Australian was here to become better at baseball, and was simply jogging down the street, and he gets shot in the back by a bunch of COWARDS who were trying to liven up a dull summer day.

    Why hasn’t Obama dispatched Holder to Oklahoma to see if this young man’s civil rights were violated, and to determine if this was a hate crime (it sure seems like it very well COULD be).

    Trayvon (from all of the evidence presented in court) CONFRONTED Zimmerman and punched him in the face.

    Where’s Al? Jesse? Clinton (he’s black ya know)? Obama? Maxine Waters? Pelosi? Reid?

    Crickets………chirp, chirp, chirp

  37. OldSailor,

    The irony here is if Egypt does release records and documents pertaining to Obama supporting the terrorists, we will see this Admin declare them to be fake fraudulent documents created out of thin air to support a particular person and political party to gain power.


  38. Sorry I meant Bernard Barton aka John Thomas…there is a llllottt missing from this article.

  39. August 21, 2013

    “Video: MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Declares Foreign-Born Person Natural Born Citizen”

    “Audio: Fox News’ The Five Talks Presidential Eligibility; Declares Foreign-Born Persons Eligible To Be POTUS”

  40. OldSailor: thanks for picking up the story that the Muslim Brothers are Nazi’s. We must never forget. My step-father is an old sailor too. He served as a radio operator in WWII on an attack cargo ship. He is in his 90’s now, and tells us often about the Nazi horrors.

  41. IB, I agree. Where is the outrage over the slain baseball player? Where are the protests? Where is Beyonce screaming that the life of a white baseball player isn’t worth anything? If Obama had a cousin couldn’t they look like him? The race hustlers are just that, racists themselves.

  42. August 21, 2013

    Colin Flaherty:


    “The murder of the Australian man in Oklahoma was horrific, but not unique. Or even rare.

    A similar episode of black mob violence happened just a few days ago in Memphis. And a few days before that in St. Paul. And before that in Burlington. And before that in Delaware, New Haven, Madison, Denver, Flint, Peoria, Springfield, Greensboro, Green Bay, and on and on and on.

    This is a long list with more than 500 cases of recent black mob violence in more than 100 cities, big and small, many on video – and all unreported as being part of an epidemic of black mob violence throughout America.

    “Beat Whitey Night,” for example: Two summers ago, black mobs beat and robbed dozens of patrons at the Iowa State Fair for three nights in a row. They also attacked police.

    Ever hear about it?

    Didn’t think so. That is because most editors are not comfortable with the words “black mob violence.” No matter that black mob violence exists plainly and exponentially out of proportion.”
    >>> From December 10, 2012

    “Jamie Foxx Jokes About Killing ‘All The White People’ In His New Movie”

    “Two weeks ago, Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx made national headlines when he called President Obama “Our lord and savior.”

    While hosting NBC’s Saturday Night Live this weekend, Foxx joked about how in his new film “Django Unchained,” “I kill all the white people in the movie. How great is that?””

  43. Tina………….
    Attack Cargo ships during WW2 were mostly standard C2S US Maritime commission hulls, which were either in process of being built ,or were already commissioned as Merchant freighters. All were Nationalised at the outset of WW2. I too served,although BRIEFLY on the USS Winston AKA 94. I was assigned TEMPORARY ACTIVE DUTY (TAD). It too was a C2S which was built by Federal Drydock and Shipbuilding, at Kearney NJ. It was commissioned in late 1942.

  44. Gordo………..
    With regard to Mr. Jamie Fox there is an awful lot to dislike about him. I personally think that such people are unable to live in REALITY, instead they create their own little fantasy worlds,and in his case he seems to have a murder fantasy set to film. I personally think that such people are basically psychopathic. The facial expressions on their faces tells a story about them.

  45. ……….and snotnosed kids pick up on such moronic films,and think that this is what they should do in the real world. Of course such youngsters don’t possess a significant enough mentality to allow them to sort out such fantasy from reality to begin with. The IQ of young people is steadily dropping, according to the SAT exams.

  46. William……..
    You are probably correct. If there is UNENLIGHTENED people listening to what is being said it is doubtful that even SWORN and CERTIFIED documents would not mean very much at all. But if there is a sworn complaint put in front of the HAGUE at least there such documents might carry much more authority.

  47. bye bye time to hit the hay for awhile. Godbless.

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