June unemployment rate 7.6 percent?, Labor force participation rate down .3 percent past year, Part time workers up 322K, Discouraged workers up 206K over year, Employment up 195K in June???

June unemployment rate 7.6 percent?, Labor force participation rate down  .3 percent past year, Part time workers up 322K, Discouraged workers up 206K over year, Employment up 195K in June???

“North Carolina’s unemployment rate fell for the fourth consecutive month in May to 8.8 percent, but the slight drop was largely due to a shrinking labor force rather than the creation of new jobs, economists said.”…Raleigh News Observer June 21, 2013

“11.4%: What the U.S. unemployment rate would be if labor force participation were back to January 2008 levels.” …James Pethokoukis, American Enterprise Institute, June 2013

“the Times of the nineteenth of December had published the official forecasts of the output of various classes of consumption goods in the fourth quarter of 1983, which was also the sixth quarter of the Ninth Three-Year Plan. Today’s issue contained a statement of the actual output, from which it appeared that the forecasts were in every instance grossly wrong. Winston’s job was to rectify the original figures by making them agree with the later ones.”…George Orwell, “1984″


From the US Labor Department July 5, 2013.

Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 195,000 in June, and the
unemployment rate was unchanged at 7.6 percent, the U.S. Bureau of
Labor Statistics reported today. Employment rose in leisure and
hospitality, professional and business services, retail trade, health
care, and financial activities.

Household Survey Data

The number of unemployed persons, at 11.8 million, and the unemployment
rate, at 7.6 percent, were unchanged in June. Both measures have shown
little change since February. (See table A-1.)

Among the major worker groups, the unemployment rate for adult women
(6.8 percent) edged up in June, while the rates for adult men (7.0
percent), teenagers (24.0 percent), whites (6.6 percent), blacks (13.7
percent), and Hispanics (9.1 percent) showed little or no change. The
jobless rate for Asians was 5.0 percent (not seasonally adjusted), down
from 6.3 percent a year earlier. (See tables A-1, A-2, and A-3.)

In June, the number of long-term unemployed (those jobless for 27 weeks
or more) was essentially unchanged at 4.3 million. These individuals
accounted for 36.7 percent of the unemployed. Over the past 12 months,
the number of long-term unemployed has declined by 1.0 million. (See
table A-12.)

The civilian labor force participation rate, at 63.5 percent, and the
employment-population ratio, at 58.7 percent, changed little in June.
Over the year, the labor force participation rate is down by 0.3
percentage point. (See table A-1.)

The number of persons employed part time for economic reasons (sometimes
referred to as involuntary part-time workers) increased by 322,000 to 8.2
million in June. These individuals were working part time because their
hours had been cut back or because they were unable to find a full-time
job. (See table A-8.)

In June, 2.6 million persons were marginally attached to the labor force,
essentially unchanged from a year earlier. (The data are not seasonally
adjusted.) These individuals were not in the labor force, wanted and
were available for work, and had looked for a job sometime in the prior
12 months. They were not counted as unemployed because they had not
searched for work in the 4 weeks preceding the survey. (See table A-16.)

Among the marginally attached, there were 1.0 million discouraged
workers in June, an increase of 206,000 from a year earlier. (The data
are not seasonally adjusted.) Discouraged workers are persons not
currently looking for work because they believe no jobs are available
for them. The remaining 1.6 million persons marginally attached to the
labor force in June had not searched for work for reasons such as
school attendance or family responsibilities.”


You are being lied to and misled by the Obama Administration and mainstream media. Examine the numbers for yourself.

From Citizen Wells July 3, 2013.

Here is the report from the NC ESC, Employment Security Commission.

“Unemployment rates (not seasonally adjusted) increased in 87 of North Carolina’s counties in May, decreased in 12 and remained the same in one. All 14 of the State’s metro areas experienced rate increases.”


Compare the ESC report to the News Record article.

It appears to me and another well informed gentleman that I know, that since Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway purchased the News Record,  the reporting on jobs and the economy has been watered down.

From Citizen Wells June 29, 2013.

“The labor force participation rate in NC fell .1 percent in May. That fully accounted for the .1 percent drop in the unemployment rate.

It gets worse.

The NC Labor Force Participation Rate dropped 1 percent from January to May 2013.

It gets worse.

The NC Labor Force Participation Rate dropped 3.7 percent since the Democrats took control of both US houses of congress in 2007.

It gets worse.

The NC Employment to population rate dropped 6.1 percent since the Democrats took control of both US houses of congress in 2007.”



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  1. citizenwells

    once again,
    the numbers don’t add up.

  2. Citizenwells,
    LOL!! I was watching TV this AM when the numbers were announced and the liberal media was fawning on the economic recovery. I couldn’t help but think of you and your blog, that the truth of the numbers wouldn’t add up. Yes, you are correct, they don’t add up. Further, they demonstrate that fewer and fewer full time jobs are available. Welcome to the Part Time workers paridise, the US of A. This administration tells a different lie every months, but the work force particiaption doesn’t change.

  3. bob strauss

  4. BOB…..Vietnam had a lot of men like MSG Benavidez….take my word for it.
    Many, very many went unnoticed when it came to awards for bravery…
    Sergeant Benavidez was a very brave man and well deserving of the COM…

  5. July 5, 2013

    “Hollywood Producer Bettina Viviano: Scarred For Life Over Obama ID Fraud Issue; Clinton Friend Killed”


  6. Good Morning CW – It’s always the part-time increase reflected in U6 that the main-stream neglects to tell people.

  7. Seventy-two killed resisting gun confiscation in Boston!


    ……Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, and John Hancock, who have been identified as “ringleaders” of the extremist faction, remain at large.

  8. Sorry Zach, a hearty good morning to you!

  9. Good morning SueQ, Zack, CW et. al,

    A good Obama joke to start the day!

    A teacher asked her 6th grade class how many of them were Obama fans.

    Not really knowing what an Obama fan is, but wanting to be liked by the teacher, all the kids raised their hands except for Little Johnny…

    The teacher asked Little Johnny why he has decided to be different… again.
    Little Johnny said, “Because I’m not an Obama fan.”

    The teacher asked, “Why aren’t you a fan of Obama?”

    Johnny said, “Because I’m a Republican.”
    The teacher asked him why he’s a Republican.

    Little Johnny answered, “Well, my Mom’s a Republican and my Dad’s a Republican, so I’m a Republican.”

    Annoyed by this answer, the teacher asked, “If your mom was a moron and your dad was an idiot, what would that make you?”

    With a big smile, Little Johnny replied, “That would make me an Obama fan.”

  10. Good one!

  11. Shall we call this “Silly Saturday”? Everyone needs a good laugh…..


  12. How to avoid Obama drone strikes…………

  13. Smart kid WILLIAM…….

  14. citizenwells

    Good morning Zach, et al.

  15. Just a thought,

    Having listen to the interview with the Executive movie producer, and one that worked with Hillary during her campaign, I am somewhat taken aback of how the Clintons actually backed down with threats from the Obama Campaign!

    Allow me to put it differently. The Clintons themselves had many against them and were involved in “accidents”. So what? So what if Bill himself was threatened and that didn’t work? He is an Ex-President that happens to be surrounded by a life-time of Secret Service and life time protection for his family! This includes his daughter! I don’t think that’s the problem, the threats…

    I tend to believe the problem was George Soros. The structure of the liberal Socialist funds come from Soros and it was their future careers that was in question. The media not reporting the true rip-off of electors of Hillary for Obama is not surprising; the informed were aware of such, but the Blackout of the media was the cause.

  16. By the way,

    Their is not a single career Republican member of Congress that doesn’t know who George Soros is, his Communist influence in U.S. politics, and his Liberal support of said politicians. Yet they refuse to oust and expose him.

    Its absolutely sad that our politicians live in cowardly fear, yet claim they are leaders. Its pathetic!

  17. There,

    Sorry Nazi spelling police, 🙂

  18. Per Drones,

    Iran with their obsolete technology, was able to jam a drone and bring it down. Now I’m not a tech guru, but I am willing to bet that an App will be available soon for the American people that with the press of one Smart phone button, will jam and interfere with Drone capabilities.

    Anything that operates off of “Signals”, can be easily jammed. Perhaps I need to research creating App. LOL..

    The advertisement would be: Tired of U.S. Drones flying over your house spying on you? No problem, just download this jamming App and watch it hit the ground!

  19. p.s,

    For the NSA and others reading this blog, yes, I said that!

  20. Hahahaha!!! William!
    Go to work on that project, pronto! Others are probably already trying to perfect such a device. You could become a …….. (starts with “m” and ends with “e”) and lounge around the pool with your cool drinks the entire summer. Great!!!

  21. I vohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=c1Q1qzfL9rEte for this !!!

  22. sorry about that…let me try again

    I vote for this !!! TWICE

  23. William,

    I would like to invest in your drone app co. They are such pesky little things. How would you suggest that we dispose of them? I hate litter. 🙂

  24. IRS Official Lois Lerner Wants Immunity to Testify Before Congress

    On Tuesday, William W. Taylor III, attorney for Lois Lerner, the IRS official at the center of the Tea Party targeting scandal who invoked her Fifth amendment rights before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on May 22, set forward his client’s hard line conditions to return and testify openly before the committee.

    “They can obtain her testimony tomorrow by doing it the easy way … immunity. That’s the way to resolve all of this,” he told Politico.

    Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH), a member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee was unimpressed. “We hope she comes in and gives us the truth and answers questions. If that doesn’t happen, then you cross the next bridge (that sounds like Contempt of Congress charges to me). … If she says, ‘No, I’m going to come in and assert my Fifth Amendment rights again….it’d jail time……
    The ONLY reason Learner is DEMANDING Immunity is because she knows she is GUILTY as hell for her ILLEGAL activity at the IRS…..She is looking for an OUT for her MISCONDUCT by obeying illegal orders from the White House …here lately all of the people following orders from that location have gotten their tits hung in a wringer….

    I do not think her DEMANDS will work…and I do not think Congress will be impressed when she refuses to testify…..I think if she refuses to testify…she will be JAILED for Contempt of Congress….if not Congress has no power at all…just a paper tiger chasing it’s tail.

    I sure hope she is held in contempt…she is such a smug bit*h….about 30 days in the slammer and she will sing like a lark !!!…or, give her 30 more days in the slammer..and keep giving her time until she comes clean….or she may suddenly have a heart attack…you know what i mean…the unexpected kind that so many people in government are having now days.

    Personally, if she’s guilty, as it appears she is, it would be to her advantage to unload what she knows …and do it real fast….otherwise she may be in more danger from the government than she can ever imagine……

    And just to think….the American Taxpayer are still paying for her EXTENDED LEAVE ( now into the second month) with pay from the IRS…plus she still has access to the IRS computer base…

    I bet she is busy as a little bee scrubbing her files…..

  25. William | July 6, 2013 at 10:42 am |

    Like Edward Snowden, George Soros was also a man without a country when he arrived in the U.S. in 1954 with 8 pieces of luggage. I don’t know why he lost his Hungarian citizenship. Anyone know?

    New York, Passenger Lists, 1820-1957
    Name: George Soros
    Arrival Date: 11 Sep 1956
    Ethnicity/ Nationality: Stateless
    Port of Departure: Southampton
    Port of Arrival: New York, New York
    Ship Name: United States
    Search Ship Database:

    Source Citation: Year: 1956; Arrival: New York, New York; Microfilm Serial: T715; Microfilm Roll: 8778; Line: 13; Page Number: 526.

  26. WILLIAM and JONAH……you ask about Soros…

    The Case of George Soros

    Early life

    George Soros was born in Hungary on August 12, 1930. According to his biography Soros was taught Esperanto language by his father who was a lawyer and doctor. It is important to notice that according to some sources Tivandar Soros [alias Teodoro Schwartz alias Teo Melas (search)] was a POW in Bolshevik Gulag in Siberia after the 1917 October Revolution as he probably somewhat participated in the opposition, but the sources are unclear about that. [Of course this would open a possibility to recruit such people – and cases have been known……]

    George Soros as a young man traded currencies on the black market during the Nazi occupation of Hungary. Soros lived there until 1946 when he left the country as it was under the Soviet occupation and he, without money and at age of 16, ended up in London, U.K. in 1947. According to claims Soros has made, he left his native Hungary because of the Soviet occupation.

    Well, well, well …….

    Simply said this must be explained to the American public because these facts are not possible to be true under any normal circumstances. Soros admits to trade currencies on black market but that was always punishable by death during the Nazi era in any occupied country. Also what is important is the allegation that Soros family collaborated with the Hungarian Nazi regime during the WW2.

    That would make the whole family [no doubt] a target of reprisals from the victims of the Nazi regime and the occupying Soviet forces would treat Soros’s family very harshly [most of the high level Nazi collaborators were hanged]. The only way out of this would be an agreement to co-operate with the GRU Soviet [Russian] military intelligence or perhaps also with the NKVD [later KGB] espionage.

    Young George was able to leave the country, he was able to make it through countless Red Army check points, without a passport that would be valid, without a Soviet approved permit to leave the country, without money and without any outside help.

    Soros was not only able to “pass through” these check points but he was able to cross the border to Austria, where the Red Army was also present at the time, and Soros was able to get through the Red Army check points in Austria and “defect” to the West all the way to London, U.K. Un-parallel achievement to go through some difficulties escaping the communist oppression, I know what I’m talking about. While stationed in berlin, I have gone through many of those Soviet Checkpoints….it isn’t easy even with the poperr papers.

    I don’t know how this Soros’s “life story” sounds to anybody but this is impossible to happen unless George had a permit and proper Soviet approved passport because if he was so brave to try to run these check points he would’ve been shot dead on a spot by the communists.

    His stay in the U.K. and his 1947 enrollment to London School of Economics, and to be able financially support himself during that time, with no mentioned help or financial backing, and to be able to graduate in 1952 at that young age

    This sounds like another RED we know who arrived in America around 1984, penny-less, and wound up in Harvard and suddendly was pushed to the top of the democrat party in 2004……

    Soros, after a brief period of working in financial services in U.K., was able to start his own financial institution. What an achievement again. No money at all from the beginning and after just a few years he’s got his own financial company. That requires starting capital, these ventures don’t come easy, these are not hamburger stands but virtual banks with lot of money inside – who supplied the money to Soros or has he won a huge jackpot in Britain ?
    George Soros is as RED as they come..

    .if your interested in the REST of THE STORY…say so and I will post it…it gets better…much better

    Now we know why Soro’s and Obama are such big buddies…”birds of a feather..flock together”..both are RED in thought and action.

  27. Here is a good article pertaining to the healthcare exchanges to be set up under the abominable Obamacare. Only seventeen states have agreed to set up their own healthcare exchanges, and these are struggling to be ready.

    The remaining thirty-three states have refused, so it is up to the feds to establish them, but the big problem is that no funds were appropriated for fed purposes. That is why Sebelius is out and about trying to shake down businesses, including insurance companies, ball teams, etc., which in itself is probably against the law. If enough people refuse to take part in these exchanges, the system is going to collapse of its own weight.

    Americans Can Stop ObamaCare By Targeting Its Achilles Heel
    …… the American people can drive a final stake through the heart of Barack Obama’s assault on freedom by simply refusing to sign up when the October 13th open enrollment period begins. Twila Brase of the Citizen’s Council for Health Freedom writes, “If you oppose Obamacare–49% of the public does–the Exchanges provide an opportunity. If not enough people enroll, the Exchanges will fail. If the Exchanges fail, Obamacare fails. Defend your freedom by refusing to enroll.”

    Read more:

  28. RM,
    Yes, I’m interested. I’d like to know why Soros was listed as “stateless” on the 1956 passenger list. What kind of passport would a “stateless” person have? And I wonder what was in those 8 pieces of baggage. That’s a lot of baggage.

  29. Ted Cruz’s Father, Rafael Cruz, Delivers Epic Patriotic Speech: “If We Lose Our Freedoms Here, Where Are We Going To Go?”

  30. oldsailor 81

    Throughout the 1950s an International Monetary Black Market existed. In Japan for instance, it was so prevalent that whenever the US military scrip was change(usually without warning) these people would buy the scrip dollars for pennies on the dollar, then turn them in to the US exchange for full value. It was a WELL KNOWN racket, and many Japanese became quite well offas a result. Whenever the military was going to change the scrip,all military personell would be confined to their respective bases. The scrip was deliberately changed from time to time without warning because it really screwed up the black market.

  31. oldsailor 81

    The US NEVER announced when they were going to change the scrip, but they did it often,and very quickly, an if the Jap Black Market was not quick enough they lost their asses big time. When the scrip was about to be changed the only military personell allowed to be off the base was people involved with mail handling.But a few of them decided to try their hand at buying up scrip dollars exactly the way the Japs were doing. Unfortunately ALL of these enterprising people were caught and literally HUNG OUT TO DRY at their respective base stockades., while awaiting Courts Martial.

  32. oldsailor 81

    …………and that was primarily why the scrip was changed without notice. The US knew that if enough Japs LOST THEIR ASSES enough times that it would eventually bring the financial black market down. However I seriously doubt that the US FOOLED the Japs very long at all. Most of the Japs already knew when the scrip was going to change…..long before it actually was changed. There was an old saying in Japan……” If you do not know where your ship is going to be sent next, just ask a Jap” They seem to possess an information archive. I tried that just to see if it was just hot air or not,so I asked a local Jap where we were headeded he replied you are gointg to be assigned to Seattle Washington,and you are going to be ferrying re supply of the DEW LINE radar stations in the Aleutians,and at Barrow. Sure enough after our tour in Japan that was EXACTLY where we went.

  33. oldsailor 81

    MMSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Lois Lane thinks she is soooooooo IMPORTTTTTANT, that she is ABOVE the law. I am inclined to believe that a week or two in the GENERAL POPULATION of a US PRISON, for Contempt of Congress might provide her with a reason to COOPERATE,and tell where her instructions came from. The general population of a prison is NOT a very FOREGIVING ENTITY, and in addition contains a LOT OF PERVERTS. Of course there is an outside chance that she would soon be great friends with the alleged BUTCHES.

  34. Good morning CW et. al,

    Well, I finally figure it out! Does anyone know why Mexico doesn’t have an Olympic team?

    Because all those that can either Run, Jump or Swim are already here! 🙂

  35. P.s.,

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I am exhausted seeing this Airplane 24 hours per day, every channel of news.

  36. Well I will give you a little diversion William. I have some very good news. I was cleaning out my chicken coop yesterday, and found my favorite pair of reading glasses that I lost a couple of weeks ago. The bad news is they were well decorated.

    Good morning btw.

  37. SueQ,

    That is great news. Although decorated, perhaps the song – I can see clearly now – comes to play… 🙂

    ps., I need glasses, but keep putting it off.

  38. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    William | July 7, 2013 at 8:09 am |

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I am exhausted seeing this Airplane 24 hours per day, every channel of news.

    REMEMBER – 1 – RATING$, 2 – Cleavage & 3 – “ABSOLUTELY”

  39. With a little soap and water + bleach, yes, I can see clearly now. Thanks.

  40. So much stuff going on that we have no control over……….I mean really nasty stuff. And most of our representatives are unresponsive, (yet some are). The hymn “It is Well With My Soul” keeps playing over and over in my head. Today, I learned about the author of this beautiful hymn. He is quite remarkable. His name is Horatio Spafford, and he hails from Obama’s home town. His life’s story is very touching.

  41. John in Illinois

    SueQ, what “Hometown”are you referring to about Obama?
    You know for a fact where his actual hometown is located?

  42. Jonah,

    I think where I was going with the George Soro’s comments with his Billon’s of dollars influence in our politics, is the old saying that “Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Therefore, the Clintons willing to stay in power, bowed to the almighty dollar powerhouse of George Soro. For that S.O.B., to even be involved with having meetings between Hillary Clinton and Obama to influence her yield electors in 2 States that Obama had zero, is chilling and telling within itself. The Liberals idolize and follow him, and do as they are told. Clintons proved that.

    Worse, the Republicans are fully aware of this, and say nothing, nor expose.

  43. I know what your saying John. I’m speaking of Chicago, the one where Obama learned to be a community organizer. The one where he learned the art of deception. The one where he hung out in the gay bath houses. I have a suspicion of where he originally came from, but Chicago is what I meant. You are correct though.

  44. It wouldn’t pay for me to be a politician, because I would end up like the late congressman Nick Begich. And all my fellow Congressman wouldn’t say a damn thing. That is how corrupt less than 500 people are within a 15 square mile radius. And this didn’t just happen in the last 10 years.

  45. SueQ,

    What kind of chickens do you have? I use to have some and built a chicken coop several years back, but couldn’t keep the Possums from killing them. so gave it up. I had 10 Road Island Reds. In less than 2 months, I had none.

    I don’t know why Possums kill chickens, they just do, but don’t eat them.

  46. William,

    They are called Silver Laced Wyandottes. They lay lots of eggs (more than I can eat, so I give a lot away). I keep them locked in a small run until a couple hours before sunset. Then I let them loose to graze. They absolutely love their freedom, (don’t we all?) but they naturally return to the coop when it gets dark. Then I lock them back in so predators don’t get them. I’m still learning, William. Only had them for 1 1/2 years. Perhaps there is someone here that is better to ask.

  47. Good Morning, All…..
    Reading here at CW’s is the way I start “waking up” with all of my cyber friends!
    Sue Q and William – Love hearing about the chickens and so glad that you found your glasses, albeit “decorated”, Sue. A city gal, nonetheless I had some farm experiences every summer while staying at my aunt’s home for several weeks. I loved to go out and mingle with the chickens – LOL – That’s where I learned first hand about “the pecking order”. They certainly are vocal. 🙂

    George Soros is one BAD DUDE with no moral principles or conscience. He was a traitor to his own people, the Jews, during WWII, I understand. His presence in the U.S. is deplorable. One time a number of years ago Bill O’Reilly interviewed him on The Factor, and any listener could see that Soros hates America and every vestige of what she has stood for since her founding. He openly vows to bring us down. He is evil personified. Yes, it’s little wonder that the PTB’s fear him and his money, which “talks”, you know. Double shame on those who allow him to continue and do not speak up.

  48. oldsailor 81

    All during WW2 one of my assignments was to see to it that there was adequate feed available for 10 laying leghorn hens. We had a White Rock rooster as well but the older he got the more agressive he became. He met the blade of the chicken guillotine. The White Rock in those days were the best fryers around. They had lots of meat on their bones. Barred Rock were next. They lay brown eggs. Some folks see a difference in brown eggs and white eggs. Yeah sure……hell thats easy…….the COLOR. We never had a possum problem,but we did have a problem for awhile from a Banty Rooster which lived down the road from us. I set a #5 trap for him.Voila.no more problem from him.

  49. oldsailor 81

    Glad to hear that you have finally gotten your carpet dried out. Nothing quite like a leaking water heater. Usually you have some advance warning for a few days…..but I guess God decided to apply the ACID TEST,and see how you react. I would be willing to bet that if you did not use any audible invective you might have been saying something like “OH FIDDLE FADDLE”.

    I have ong ago read about the history of George Soros. There was a lot of people who did not want him hear. But he was ablew to weangle his way in the back door. Among his virtues he is a world class bullshi##ER. Somebody commented about theeight bage he brought along were probably filled with STOLEN MONEY. He reflects everything that the Nazis stood for and so far as I am concerned ONE oif them. It would seem that if the US could deport a now peaceful auto worker they should be able to deport a real BASTARD.

  50. oldsailor 81

    Boy wouldn’t it be nice if I could train my fingers to hit the right keys. It might make my comments a lot easier to figure out………ohhhhhhh wellllll.!

  51. Doing fine, Oldsailor. Re your post at 10:54…………baked or fried banty rooster? Yumm.

  52. oldsailor 81

    Throughout my life I have always replaced my water heater after 20 years of service……especially when it was a gas fired Water heater. I replace the anti electrolisis rod after 10 years. The sales people will publish their propaganda that glass lined water heaters are good for 40 years. Maybe one or two out of a thousand might last 40 years,but I don’t like being the tester of that theorem. Far too expensive when you guess wrong!

  53. oldsailor 81

    The banty rooster sure was ambitious. He seemed to think that it was OPEN SEASON on our leghorn hens,and tried to turn as many of them intro CLUCKS as possible. So it became necessary to do whatever it took to stop his henhouse invasions. HAR HAR.

  54. oldsailor 81

    During the winter months back during WW2, I used to help care for about twenty horses that were owned by a guy who operated a riding stable. During the summer months he rented them out for one dollar each for about a one hour ride around the bridal path at a county park nearby. I could never figure out how he even made any money . These animals were real eating machines. I got real attached to a DAPPLED ROAN mare. I could halter ride on her back all day long ,and she was real docile. I used to curry her better than the rest of them. The horse really liked her back and shoulders curryed. She was a really pretty horse, but then ROANS are a pretty horse to begin with. I was a little over 14 years old then!

  55. Hi Oldsailor,

    I was just wondering if you enjoyed the meal….. the banty rooster, that is. It is a strange thing about chickens. They are cannibals. Yes, I’m not kidding! They LOVE hard boiled eggs and cooked chicken. I throw my leftovers out to them, and they are like avian hogs. There is nothing that they will not turn their noses up at.

  56. This is “the dark side” of raising chickens I suppose.

  57. oldsailor 81

    Far more important is the fact that in those days we had the FREEDOM to choose what we wanted to do at any given moment. If I wanted to go hunting, away I went. We lived in an old farmhouse on a gravel topped road. Only other houses around were farmers homes. As an eigth In those days there was no laws against kids working around machines,so I used to help out at my father’s printing plate company sometimes to earn a little extra money. Fifty cents per hour was the norm then.. In high school I used to set pins at a local bowling alley Collectively I managed to come up with enough to obtain another h half hour of flight instruction. Finally one day I discovered females,and my flying instruction came to a screeching halt. grader I started learning to fly airplanes. This usually happened on weekends. We lived within bicycle range of an airport, which sported THREE FLYING SERVICE COMPANIES. They bought a couple of surplus military PTs,and also owned some Piper J3 Cubs.. I had to earn a lot of bucks to even pay for a 30 minute dual instruction. It was $20.00 per half hour and it kept me broke. Of course there aren’t many good paying jobs around even in those days for a 14 year old.

  58. oldsailor 81

    TYPO sorry couldn’t see what I was typing, something going on with WORDPRESS. The continuity is screwed up ….so TAKE A GUESS!

  59. oldsailor 81

    Cabby AZ……….
    Watching Oreilly turns my gut sour,and makes me want to puke. I can’t stand the arrogant a##hole. The only people that I enjoy watching and listening to are Pirro,and Huckabee.

  60. Commentary Deroy Murdock, Fox News Contributor

    “DC Merits Declaration of Incompetence” 6 July 13
    As America celebrates this week’s anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, the federal government deserves a Declaration of Incompetence. Washington seems to get almost nothing right. Subjected to monarchic tyranny until 1776, America now suffers the abuses and usurpations of bureaucratic ineptitude.

    President Barack Obama’s signature achievement has become a scrawl. After three years of rehearsal, the Affordable Care Act, known as “Obamacare,” is not ready for prime time. On Tuesday, Team Obama postponed the employer mandate by one year, conveniently past the 2014 midterm elections.
    The Government Accountability Office reported in June that, among the federally facilitated exchanges in 34 states, “on average, about 85 percent of their total key activities” required by Oct. 1 “were not completed.”

    “Rate shock” is erupting, as the hilariously named Affordable Care Act proves a masterpiece of false advertising.

    Manhattan Institute scholar Avik Roy, M.D., compared existing health insurance with coverage planned for California. “For the typical 25-year-old nonsmoking Californian, Obamacare will drive premiums up by between 100 and 123 percent,” he explained in Forbes. For a male nonsmoker in California, “Obamacare will increase individual-market premiums by an average of 116 percent.”

    Accused spy Edward Snowden is America’s most wanted fugitive. So, surely, federal prosecutors filled their extradition papers with extra care.

    Hong Kong’s records listed Edward Joseph Snowden. However, Justice Department documents demanded Edward James Snowden and Edward J. Snowden. Washington also failed to include Snowden’s passport number or, for days, to invalidate his passport.

    These goofs kept Hong Kong from holding Snowden. So, off he flew to Moscow, in whose Sheremetyevo International Airport he now languishes.

    According to the House Judiciary Committee, the Justice Department’s inspector general “found that the number of known or suspected terrorists admitted to the Witness Security Program is unknown, that DOJ has lost track of two suspected terrorists in the program, and that critical national security information is not being shared with other agencies,” including the FBI. Such confirmed or assumed terrorists in witness protection, who previously were on the federal no-fly list, never had their new names added to it. Thus, “several known or suspected terrorists have been able to board commercial airplanes in the United States.”
    Meanwhile, in 2011, the Internal Revenue Service mailed 23,994 tax refunds totaling $46,378,040 to “unauthorized” aliens — all supposedly at the same Atlanta address. That year, according to a Treasury inspector general’s report cited by CNSNews.com, the IRS sent 2,507 refunds worth $10,395,874 to one address in Oxnard, Calif., and 2,408 such checks equal to $7,284,212 to an address in Raleigh, N.C.
    IRS agents spent some $108 million on official credit cards over the last two years. An internal audit showed that this bought “multiple lunches, dinners and related alcohol purchases” as well as “diet pills, romance novels, steaks, a smartphone and baby-related items, such as bottles, games and clothing.” One revenue officer’s taxpayer-funded card financed subscriptions to pornography websites.
    Even worse, the Washington Times editorialized, “The IRS didn’t bother to cancel credit cards of employees who quit or retired, meaning the party could continue long after the government ‘service’ ended.”

    The overarching problem here is a government that, at worst, hammers the freedoms and rights of the American people — witness what the IRS and Justice Department do with increasing relish. At best, Washington is so busy attempting everything (from fixing sugar prices to banning incandescent light bulbs to subsidizing bird-killing windmills) that it barely accomplishes anything.

    Hapless bureaucrats blunder upward. Among them, only serious criminals ever face accountability. Federal employees do pretty much what they please — for life.

    In a perfect world, Obama would take ownership of this massive federal enterprise and, at least, make it set priorities. But even that may ask too much of him. Sounding like the late, great free-market hero Milton Friedman, Obama’s consigliere David Axelrod recently got to the heart of the matter: “Part of being president is that there’s so much beneath you that you can’t know, because the government is so vast.”

  61. oldsailor 81

    The banty rooster which I spoke of also had talons about three inches long,and was always willing to show them to you if you got a little too close to him. Hence the use of the number 5 trap. Voila he fell for my chicken guillotine. Didn’t bother to bury him. I chose to leave him lay as a deterrent for any other stray roosters who might choose to try to get it on with our hens.

  62. oldsailor 81

    Your analogy of our ALLEGED government is pretty much the same as my own. I long ago summed it up with one word……USELESS.

  63. oldsailor 81

    FOR ALL!
    Once again our California counterparts are trying to say UP is DOWN. Regarding the Asiana airliner which lost it’s tail during an attempted landing. There were several people who stood looking at the lettering on the fuselage of the aircraft after it came to a rest,which is RIGHT SIDE UP, but the alleged witness told reporters that the aircraft cartwheeled and ended up upside down. Must be a new variety of WHACKY TOBACCY that they are smoking now. Makes everything turn into it’s OPPOSITE. In actuality if the empennage struck the seawall the aircraft would have been slammed to the ground and would have skidded until ithhe kinetic energy was spent and would have had no directional control whatsoever. It is possible that the only reason why it missed the 747 which was awaiting take off is the fact that there was probabllly still some friction from a semi collapsed landing gear which was probably twisted out of line and took the remainder of the aircraft in the direction it did.

  64. oldsailor 81

    ……in addition it was dragging an engine on it’s starboard side! Might have also effected it’s trajectory a little. The airplane is a FLY BY WIRE aircraft. So are many of our fighters. Pilots need to learn how to fly aircraft that are so controlled. You cannot FEEL the aircraft in the yoke. You move the yoke and the airplane moves from the signal from the flight computer. Some wittnesses said that the aircraft was descending at an alarming rate…..not like the other aircraft that had landed prior to the 777. This airplane lands at around 175knots which equates with about 200 MPH. Any slower than that would have generated a very steep angle of approach,and would have resulted in a HARD LANDING.

  65. oldsailor 81

    It seems that GOD was riding on that airplane. Only two people so far have lost their lives. But that is TWO too many. My guess is that they were in the empennage when it was separated from the fuselage.

  66. oldsailor 81

    At this point I tend to think that an erroneous signal was generated by the computer to reduce power, if the pilot had taken control from the inflight computer he would have been on VFR rules .The weather was excellent and would have supported such a move. If he for some unknown reason lost a substantil amount of his airspeed, early into his final approach might have caused him to settle at the steep angle of attack. A sudden reduction of power could have caused it. The only question then would be was it erroneously generated by a computer glitch ,or was it generated by a pilot who might have made an error.

  67. OldSailor,

    In my opinion friend, California is a picture perfect representation of Greece, both past and present – and all things that went wrong.

  68. oldsailor 81 | July 7, 2013 at 12:35 pm |
    Cabby AZ……….
    Watching Oreilly turns my gut sour,and makes me want to puke. I can’t stand the arrogant a##hole. The only people that I enjoy watching and listening to are Pirro,and Huckabee.
    Hi OldSailor,
    I agree 100% about O’Reilly and find him so full of himself that he is very obnoxious. The interview with George Soros occurred a number of years ago. I like Pirro and Huckabee, too. No wonder that O’Reilly has such high ratings – His program airs at least 3 times in 24 hours and sometimes 4.

    Love the rooster saga and also appreciate your vast knowledge about air flight, etc. I’ve thanked God so often today that the death rate was that low.

    My water problem resulted in a black mold situation and that required the near demolishing of a bathroom, the laundry area and, of course, the water closet, as well as part of a bedroom. All that is standing for the most part are the studs, so there is a lot of restoration to be done. I guess that God is teaching a new level of patience. 🙂 I’m sure it is needed.

  69. Per the Airplane in S.F., I personally don’t think foreign pilots are as skilled as they should be flying internationally. English is the recognized language, however, there are limited tests for foreign pilots to test at this level. Many have crashed due to such barriers, as well as a lack of understanding flight skills required.

    Pull up – pull – up!! Que? что? 무엇?

  70. OldSailor,

    I know I have told this teenage story more than once and most of you are aware of it, but is well worth the lessons and repeating.

    My father being a pilot and Viet-Nam vet flying fighter jets, an educated man, and a preachers boy; well, I was simply doomed growing up! As I have said before, I think I was the only Senior in High School that actually had a bed time!

    I also believe that I am of a few individual learning the lessons of not coming home drinking while under age when you father happens to be such pilot and owns airplanes . A lesson I will never forget.

    There is nothing worse than a 16 year old, drinking and with a hang-over, only a few hours later, to be in a piper doing barrel rolls, dives, 3 plus G’s pull ups, back flips, ect., only to allow banking for me to puke, that will teach a good lesson.

    He still laughs about it to this day… But I never came home that way again… LOL

  71. I’m not a pilot, but grew up around planes due to my father since I was in diapers. I will say one thing, to an unskilled pilot or even a passenger, the dessert can and does create a mirage, especially under the circumstances of moister and sun blare even in perfect conditions. It also has the ability to create micro bursts of wind that are very short and unpredictable. If its a downward micro burst, you will lose all lift to keep the airplane aloft and must throttle hard with nose up to attempt from colliding with the ground. I don’t know if this happened of course, but there are a couple of factors that are in play. Pilot error is only one part of it. And perhaps the largest part of it.

  72. Oh my Cabby, I didn’t realize the damage was so extensive! I hope you have another bathroom. Plus I hope you are still able to use your washer and dryer while the work is completed. No wonder you mentioned that you felt like you were camping out. Poor lady. So sorry.

  73. oldsailor 81

    William ………
    That is primarily why they have power still applied during the glide slope. If a sudden wqind sheer is encountered they might have a chance for recovery. But at an altitude of less than 200′ an aircraft of such weight is not going to recover, rather it will impact the ground in a HARD LANDING. When your glide slope is nearly vertical,you have no forward airspeed in such a case only God can intervene. And if your glide slope is nearly vertical there is a primary reason either you are under the influence of windsheer or you have lost power or you have STALLED. Why the aircraft landedshortwill be determined by the flightrecorders and perhaps a little sleuthing by the NSTB

  74. oldsailor 81

    At this point pinpointing the underlying cause of the hard landing may have a few facets to it. I agree that pilot error MIGHT have played a role but I keep thinking that something occurred during the initial stages of his final. Many of the pilots were using VFR to finish their landings. This is sort of like a ILS approach. But if he for some unknown reason lost power,it could have reduced his airspeed very quickly because he is using flaps and leading edge extenders to create the necessary lift at reduced airspeed. If he stalled or lost [power, or hit windsheer will be learned from the aairspeed from the PITOT tube.. A couple of years back an airliner crashed and in the course of examining the debris they discovered that the aircraft had recently been painted,and somebody forgot to remove the masking tape which covered the inlet of the PITOT tube .. I have a problem with that notion as well,because if the pitot tube was covered the MAIN AIRSPEED indicator would not have been operating either.If the pilot was so inept that he didn’t even look at his instrument panel,he should have never been licensed to fly any aircraft. That is why those instruments are there……to USE.

  75. Hold on……….
    What’s this all about???
    Obama has been rated the 5th best President ever.

    Of the total of 44 US Presidents: Obama rated 5th best president ever. I was just reading a Democratic publicity release that said, “…after a little more than 4 years, Obama has been rated the 5th best president ever.”

    The details:
    * Reagan, Lincoln, and 8 others tied for first,
    * 15 presidents tied for second,
    * 17 other presidents tied for third,
    * Jimmy Carter came in 4th, and
    * Obama fifth

  76. bob strauss

  77. oldsailor 81

    You know I have a tough time even understanding mold being in a house in Arizona. After all that is where retired airforce aircraft are taken because the climate is so dry that there is no deterioration to aircraft.That said in such a low humidity molds have a tough time existing. It seems like you would have a lot of DRY rot etc. We learn something new everyday. Sorry to haer that the damage was so extensive. Bet you are glad you had property insurance. They say that a very large percentage of property owners do not have any coverage whatsoever. To some extent the replacement cost of a structure has risen so high that the premium for adequate coverage is beyond the financial reach of a lot of seniors. We pay $600.00 per year for our dwelling coverage. A neighbor thinks that is really cheap.

  78. Hi Old Sailor,
    I always thought the same re. mold in AZ, but found differently. Yes, thank God for the insurance recovery. My property insurance costs $900 per year. ( based on replacement cost.)

    The washer and dryer had to be put in storage, but I’m making out. The biggest problem is that the clothes closet which I use the most was sealed off, and my frantic attempt to get out the things I would need ended up with having tops that don’t match bottoms, etc. I do have another bathroom and bedroom. I expect this all to drag out into the fall, but from hereon it should be in the upward direction. Thanks for your empathy!

  79. bob strauss

    The Obama Administration Is Dangerously Inept

    The condition of this administration would be funny if it wasn’t so dangerous to the life of our country. I have never seen a more corrupt or inept administration. Even Jimmy Carter’s automatons weren’t this bad. Add to that the vindictiveness of the government agencies like the IRS, NSA, and EPA, and you have a recipe for repression of the facts and the American people. Read more….


  80. oldsailor 81

    Bob Strauss………..Re 9:32 PM
    My feelings exactly. I too enjoy what they have to say at Western Journalism.com. I spend some of my computer time at that site.

  81. oldsailor 81

    YA gotta keep pluggin. Before long it will all be in the past. But yes it is really easy for seniors to become overwhelmed by such an event,and simply shut down,and become unable to make any logical decisions. I have seen that happen to a friend here in Fort Wayne. For some folks it takes a lot of fortitude to overcome the overwhelming effects of something like what you are going through. Then you find yorself dependent upon somebody else to effect repairs. Then you really start praying!

  82. Old Sailor, You so often give me a good chuckle!! You are so right about “being older”. Our nerves get frayed much more than when younger. I’ve had a good period of waiting – over five weeks – to get my bearings and plan exactly how and what to rehabilitate. The internet has been of great service, too.
    Fortunately, a younger man, who has been a good friend and has my interest at heart, is a skilled carpenter/contractor and is going to do the required work (with my secretly looking over his shoulder at all times – Hahaha).
    Having been independent during all of my adult years, I am not the typical old grandma type, even though this man says he considers me as his grandmother.
    He is a dear.

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